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MICROSOFT Still the ENEMY of Linux and FOSS, But Somebody Has Very Selective Memory and Weak Critical Skills

Video download link | md5sum 3d6a356296d1b7b02c9ff788cdd1170a Nick Experiments With False Narratives Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The latest video of "Nick" misleads on what Microsoft means to GNU/Linux users and Free software developers; I respond to some weak or false premises

THE video above was published in response to this one (embedded ads). It was entitled "MICROSOFT isn't the ENEMY of Linux and FOSS anymore, but it's no friend either..." (hence the title of the response)

"My own thoughts are sort of 'superimposed' above; it's one step away from calling people who oppose Microsoft "enemies" or "haters". He uses the word "hate" to trivialise the victims' angst."On the Web, when one woos advertising opportunities, one develops a sixth sense for corporate acceptance (or acceptance from corporate shills like those who signed the petition against Richard Stallman, including "The Linux Experiment"/Nick above, pretending to be a whole organisation!).

Last night Nick published a rather provocative video arguing that Microsoft isn't the enemy or something to that effect (whilst insiting that RMS is the enemy, based on a big bunch of lies)

As one person put it: "How can a non-idiot become so detached from reality without being on the take? Holy shit, it's right there in the title... What a tool || fool he is."

"Nick's video was disappointing but not as bad as it initially looked," the person said after actually watching it, "however not good, just disappointing. It is clickbait but that does not stop him from expressing troubling statements and glossing over problems. Like I said, it is very disappointing."

My own thoughts are sort of 'superimposed' above; it's one step away from calling people who oppose Microsoft "enemies" or "haters". He uses the word "hate" to trivialise the victims' angst.

The person we spoke to last night says "he seems to soft-pedal the 1990s while glossing over the 1980s. He tries to spin the behaviors as past actions and not ongoing, continued attacks against everyone and everything. At least he almost called them out over OOXML but missed out a key point that no one -- not even Microsoft -- uses it. And he bullshits on WSL, overstating its capabilities. The kernel 'contributions' are mistaken for help rather than dumping crap Microsoft-oriented code. He observes, correctly, that Microsoft aims to control now via the "cloud". He misses the core of the problem with GitHub. Microsoft Co-pilot, unlike his claim, is a copyright infringing service. Definitely not his best video. He's off badly in each segment."

A meme: YouTube! Microsoft revisionism

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