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Re: summary of non-free/contrib policy

> The enormous disadvantage is that we have two definitions of free:
> DFSG-free and free-to-distribute.  The second definition is vague and
> ill-defined.  As we learned when writing the DFSG, freeness is a very
> hard concept to define.

So, why do we stuck only to these sections - main/contrib/non-free/non-us?

As far as I understand, we have the following package gradation in

1) export restricted (regardless of DFSG-complience, etc) - non-us/
2) DFSG-compliant, consistent - main/
3) DFSG-compliant, depend on non-DFSG-compliant   
4) non-DFSG-compliant, freely distributable
5) non-DFSG-compliant, not freely distributable

Wouldn't it be more logical instead of voting on where to draw
contrib/non-free line (between 3 and 4 OR 4 and 5) just create one more

Alex Y.

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