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Lozza, Who Had Already Been Arrested, Tried to Take Down the Site That Spoke About Lozza's Crimes (Committed Against That Site Too!)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Jan 22, 2024,
updated Jan 22, 2024

Of course this did not go well. Saboteurs and vandals quickly get identified by tactful webhosts. Smashing things or trying to get one's way by threatening/blackmailing webhosts is a terrible strategy.

Trashed Television Set

TODAY we finally begin showing failed and illegal takedown attempts against this site, even using impersonators and sockpuppets [1, 2].

Our readers deserve to know what crazy militants attempted to do last year. They try to hide it and hide themselves (as usual, same as 14 years ago).

Burst Water Main

Back in December we posted, with a healthy dose of humour, this reminder that "Screenshots of Web Pages (Relevant to One's Article) Are Not Copyright Infringing Anywhere in the World" (they don't like to be held accountable for what they did, so they try to frame the showing of evidence as a "copyright infringement").

Back in September when we finally upgraded the site (something we had planned and worked towards for years already) the webhost told me that it had received a report from the militant who does illegal things. I'll respond to that inline and conclude below.

It should be noted that Matthew Garrett did the same within less than 24 hours apart, so clearly they coordinated the timing. They did this together.

Here we go. First flunk:

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Start of Message =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Sun, 01 Oct 2023 09:21:13 +0100
Re: Copyright Infringement Notice

Copyright infringement? Seriously??? A screenshot of a Web page? Published by a victim of your hate crime, in an article explaining what you did to her?

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Copyright Infringement Notice

I am writing to submit a formal Copyright Infringement notice on behalf of myself, Britney Lozza, the copyright holder of certain images.

No, you uploaded an image of yourself to and now that people who suffered from your hate crimes point out that it exists you try to take down a whole site.

This is what this militant does not want people to see:

I have a good faith belief that my copyrighted material is being used without authorization on the following URLs hosted by [host]:

Those are screenshots of publicly available pages, created by the person in question.

These URLs contain images that infringe upon my copyrights. The copyrighted images in question were originally published by me on and profiles. I am the sole and exclusive owner of the copyright for these images, and they are protected under applicable copyright laws.

Nope. that's not how copyright laws work.

To establish my ownership of these copyrighted images, I have attached the following evidence to this notice:

A copy of the copyrighted images (if available) or a description of the images.
Proof of my copyright ownership, such as registration certificates or relevant publication dates on and

"Access Denied" and an image you uploaded. Neither of this proves anything with regards to "copyright ownership".

I respectfully request that [host] promptly remove or disable access to the infringing content on the specified URLs, as required by the DMCA. Additionally, I request that you provide me with written confirmation of the removal or disabling of the infringing content within 10 business days of receiving this notice.

This is not the first time Lozza the militant resorts to invalid DMCA experiments; this goes back 14 years ago. False DMCA invocation, in its own right, carries a liability. Need it be pointed our that DMCA, being a US thing, is hardly applicable to a British company and Canadian person?

I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this notice is accurate, and I am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Please contact me at if you require any further information or clarification regarding this notice.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Sincerely, Britney Lozza

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= End of Message =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Of course the harassment against the host (frivolous complaints, even using sockpuppet accounts) did not quite stop there. We'll show more in future weeks.

My wife Rianne said you can really see those people are not working (Lozza and Gulagboy, which is what she calls Matthew Garrett). "Wrong," she said last year, "their "job" is harassing people who do actual work and are productive members of society. That's what they do to "pass time"... committing crimes against people who have a decent life and ethics."

"Yes," a regular told ms, "I think Rianne said [so] mentioning the numbers too..."

There are even several cases with the police.

Well, taking requests from people who attack women and say "gas the Jews" would not look good for them, but 1) I was expecting them (Lozza and Gulagboy) to try something ;2) it shows they work together (see timing; more on that another day); 3) a case obvious fair use ("copyright" not valid in this context).

Of course I slept well through this whole time-wasting thing, as this is very weak a basis and totally invalid from a legal perspective. But I decided it merits coverage some months later. Those same people do the same to others. This needs to be exposed. It needs to stop.

Remember that the above came less than 24 hours apart from Matthew Garrett's strike attempts - a subject we'll also cover later in the year.

Matthew Garrett rallying criminals and nutcases would not be unprecedented. His marital partner does the same and got sued for it.

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