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Phoronix Deletes Pages About Allegedly Criminal Behaviour by Brandon Lozza 14 Years Afterwards (There Must Have Been Threats Sent to Take Those Pages Down)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Jan 11, 2024

The "Ontario Criminal" (as we casually call Lozza in IRC) is trying to delete the past


NOT to our surprise, Lozza sent messages to Phoronix (no other reasonable explanation) to wipe out evidence of what happened 14 years ago. We've thankfully backed up those pages because Lozza has been - and still is - engaging in criminal activity against my wife and I. Here are some of the pages in question [1, 2] (notice that as of days ago they're removed).

So after this censorship we'll rely on local copies [1, 2, 3, 4], which are not just legal but also essential to retain (we have no "right to be forgotten" over here and nobody is exempted from accountability).

Here are some highlights:

Several months ago, I received an email from Mr. Lozza in connection with a site I run. I requested, and received, his permission to republish his email, which I did.

Mr. Lozza subsequently decided that he didn't want me to publish his email after all. Since "the horse was out of the gate" at that point, and since I had taken his permission to be sincere and freely given, I refused.

Mr. Lozza then sent my ISP what he imagined was a DMCA complaint. I responded to it (while in Tokyo on business, at 3 in the morning), and no further action was taken.

Mr. Lozza then somehow came into possession of a photograph of me which I had only published on Facebook, through circumstances which remain unclear. He defaced it and republished it, and I was obliged to serve a DMCA complaint on him, and the photograph was taken down. No counter-notification was provided. During this period, Mr. Lozza expressed his intention to use the photograph in a "comic strip" he had in mind.

Mr. Lozza then provided my ISP with a second, this time closer-to-correct, DMCA infringement notice regarding his email. I complied with the terms of the act and filed a counter-notification, stating in detail my reasoning in believing that Mr. Lozza's claim was erroneous, and took the material down for 14 business days, during which time Mr. Lozza was obligated to either institute actual legal action, or forfeit his claim. He took no action, and the material went back up.

Since that time, Mr. Lozza has used the IDs "ender2070" (now deleted) and "boycottlefty" to harass and defame me, sending messages claiming that I'm a drug addict and a pedophile.

Further, he carried through with his previous intention and put up a blog at with a defamatory "comic strip" titled "Mono Rangers", in which he not only infringed the copyright of the same photograph which had been at issue earlier, but a second photograph (taken by professional James Duncan Davidson, and?as with my photos, with a clear "All rights reserved" copyright notice attached) of me, both defaced, and again suggesting that I was a drug addict.

I was again obliged to provide him with a DMCA infringement notice, this time via, and again, the photos were taken down. No counter-notification was filed. Mr. Lozza however, maintains a public copy of this defamatory and infringing "comic strip" on a server which he describes as being "in Soviet Russia".

Now, Mr. Lozza is an ongoing participant in direct harassment of myself here, and via his web site and via defamatory emails to various third-parties whose email addresses he's collected from various press releases related to my employment, as well being as a participant in the criminal harassment of my family.

That's my side of the story. What's yours, Mr. Lozza?


The judge will have a hard time finding the word "irrevocable" in any of the permission you were given. He won't need to, Trust Me On This.

I guess if your legal counsel is guiding you this closely, then you must have also been acting under advice of your attorney when you made public claims that I was a drug addict, a pedophile, a pornographer, a cannibal, etc., right?

Misuse of DMCA and false accusations (like calling people "pedophiles" without any evidence whatsoever) is a pattern from Lozza. We'll show some newer examples this year. Not much has changed in 14 years; nothing at all. Defamatory attack sites are also still a thing.

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