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Free Software-Hostile Militants Created Fictional and Defamatory Blogs About Me. It Turns Out They Wrote About Themselves, Projecting Their Own Abusive Behaviour.

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Oct 30, 2023,
updated Oct 30, 2023

Fake blog, harassment every day (no, this person or 'author' does not exist and it's pure fabrication):

Fake blog about women

TODAY is Monday, the day we might choose to go back in time and explain the abuse and crimes my family and I have endured this past year. We will try to do our very best to cover this every Monday, and Monday only, so as to avoid being distracted; the saboteurs and criminals aim for (at least) time-wasting or emotional fatigue. We have more important things to cover than this, but as I explained last night, the same saboteurs also aim at other people, even some high-profile people like Prof. Moglen (comparing him to a wife murderer), so it seems important to explain what those saboteurs are up to.

The image at the top is a screenshot. And yes, of course I've kept copies of all those things. It's valuable if or when I sue them (more on that later). It seems like it's actually a story about the authors themselves (see "Things That People Who Attack Techrights Write and Then Delete (Because They Describe and Do Illegal Things") rather than anything about me. The Free software-hostile militants do this to other people too; it's like a full-time job for them and maybe that's what it is. Some of them were pursued to work for Microsoft, some applied for a job at Microsoft (they've admitted this openly).

Anyway, their other actions have been registered by numerous victims. It's being handled by the police here and yes, it's still open, investigated, the subject of active pursuits. They're being watched, they know it, and thus they "toned it down a bit", hoping that earlier actions will be forgotten. Their past actions too are being scrutinised.

What we have here isn't satire or parody; these people are connecting me to "Hitler" and "Unabomber", describing my alleged fondness of them and creating sockpuppets using my name (to "legitimise" these defamatory pieces), adding my photos to these sockpuppet accounts, and so on, echoing the same false messages in the Fediverse and elsewhere (sites like Hacker News or Lemmy), trying to connect with people who know me online and have known me for years/decades, conning them into thinking it was me going insane.

The people who do this are not random people; they're hiding behind VPNs and Tor, just to make it harder for the police to progress with solid investigations. Cops aren't fond of criminals, more so criminals who try to hide everything.

To be clear, this kind of behaviour isn't unprecedented. The 'ISIS/Gulagboy' defamation machine (already have a history of being sued for defamation) is connected to this, and moreover it is rallying all sorts of crazies (clinically autistic) as online mobs or flunkies/toadies while working in tandem to abuse "targets" like Prof. Moglen. We'll write a lot more about this in the future.

Meanwhile, consider what they're doing to me and my family for the 'crime' of promoting Free software.

Harassment blog posts falsely associating me with Nazis:

Fake blog about nazis

Fake blog about Hitler

Harassment blog posts falsely associating me with crime (pure fabrications with my personal photos added to them without permission):

Fake blog about crime

Fake blog about fake crime

Fake blog about Unabomber

More fake allegations of me having a child (I don't) and having absconded:

Fake blog about Jobs

Fake blog about fiction

Complete fabrications. They even tried to drag my wife (using her photos) into these fabrications.

More ad hominem lies (spread through social control media sites, sometimes using fake accounts bearing my own name!):

Fake blog about strip clubs

There's even more, the above is just a sample. This was spammed into our IRC network, even through mass-messaging/spamming everyone directly (and harassing my wife there with morbid sexual messages).

Of course I kept the entire thing (copies) as evidence for when or if I sue the perpetrators of these lies. Gulagboy and his ilk are broke (cannot even afford a plumber!), so it would be strategically unwise to sue for damages.

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