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schestowitz>75% for Google UK: 07 07:33
schestowitz : "I Feel Much Safer Now. Hurray! Osama Bin Laden's driver has been convicted by a totally impartial jury of, umm, US military officers. Next week we have the trial of the woman who cooked his soup, while I understand the CIA are pursuing a very reliable lead on the whereabouts of his local dry cleaner."Aug 07 08:20
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benJImanHeh 07 10:11
schestowitzDo you find it funny. Novell is supporting it.Aug 07 10:12
schestowitzI see some ex-Microsoft seniors replying to this post. Well, the Commission is already probing Microsoft abuses with Silverlight. Many companies complained a year and a half ago.Aug 07 10:16
kentma1 - anyone seen this?Aug 07 10:26
schestowitzCool. Well, it's a chicken-and-egg trap. How can they harvest enough data to start off with. Same issue for Wikia.Aug 07 10:26
kentma1They reckon that they already have the data, my question would be, are their servers big enough for a really high load?Aug 07 10:27
schestowitzNaa. They'd need to store (and index) like a trillion pages. It's important to keep Google humble. It has become a gateway to information and Microsoft already steaks results for self gain.Aug 07 10:28
schestowitzI noticed yesterday that Microsoft goes for Iowa with its large datacentre/s because of tax breaks. In a previous post I covered this serious issue that's Microsoft's games around taxation.Aug 07 10:29
kentma1they have 121,617,892,992 web pagesAug 07 10:29
kentma1not bad...Aug 07 10:29
schestowitzThat's a lot. Indexes can be big too, require time to update and also require proximity to the user (for speed).Aug 07 10:30
schestowitzI once thought about doing a second PhD on semantic search engines.Aug 07 10:31
kentma1interesting subject, for sure.Aug 07 10:31
schestowitzThat's basically part of the reason for I metProf.  Ian Horrocks at the time to discuss this.Aug 07 10:31
schestowitzMicrosoft bought Powerset, which does exactly the same thing. More or less.Aug 07 10:31
kentma1Unfortunately, I suspect that our understanding of linguistics is insufficient, yet, to make the perfect interface.Aug 07 10:36
schestowitzYou can approximate.Aug 07 10:38
schestowitzJust spotted this: 07 10:38
kentma1On search:  Absolutely, but my point was that the critical part is the user interface, and our linguistics understanding is probably yet too poor to fix that.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't try, of course, but the interface is, to my mind, more critical than the back-end in this case.Aug 07 10:39
kentma1Hey, you're getting headlines almost daily now!Aug 07 10:39
schestowitzI don't know. Well, there are some people in FSDaily that appreciate the site. I've just noticed that Carla Schroder was told off for linking to the linuxhaters blog.Aug 07 10:41
schestowitzbenJIman: do you know 'Tallken'?Aug 07 10:42
benJImanNo.Aug 07 10:43
schestowitzAre you reporting to OpenSUSE people?Aug 07 10:44
benJImanHow do you mean?Aug 07 10:48
schestowitzMy mistake, I guess. I thought you were in the Opensuse IRC channel/s. Never mind.Aug 07 10:50
benJImanI am.Aug 07 10:50
schestowitzOh. Do you talk there about the site and about this channel?Aug 07 10:50
benJImanSometimes.Aug 07 10:51
schestowitzCritically, right?Aug 07 10:51
benJImanWe sometimes discuss your articles. There has been less interesting recently tbh.Aug 07 10:52
kentma1benJIman: so what's more interesting at the moment?Aug 07 10:56
benJImankentma1: More interesting than boycottnovell?Aug 07 11:00
kentma1benJIman: yes...Aug 07 11:00
benJImanLots of things. I'm not aware of anything quite in the same genre.Aug 07 11:02
schestowitzbenJIman: have some developers considers disengaging from the covenant?Aug 07 11:02
benJImanschestowitz: The developers are not engaged with the covenant in the first place.Aug 07 11:03
kentma1umm, firefox 3 just crashed on me.Aug 07 11:06
kentma16 days and 30 tabs over 5 windows shouldn't be a problem, should it?Aug 07 11:07
schestowitzFirefox crashes on me once in a few weeks. It's open all the time. Flash can be an issue sometimes. It's a blob. Quality control does not apply to it.Aug 07 11:10
schestowitzEarlier today I sent back an E-mail to Cringely about Microsoft. I think I'll reuse the message and post it to BN now.Aug 07 11:11
kentma1I've just seen the article on Xbox360 vs PS3 textures.Aug 07 11:26
schestowitzMicrosoft could drop the price of the 360 to just $200. It bets the farm on it.Aug 07 11:28
kentma1Having backed the wrong high-density optical storage, though, is a major problem.  It's already looking dated, with Carmac talking about needing 3 DVDs for textures, whereas blu-ray can do it in one disk - that sort of thing will change purchasing decisions.Aug 07 11:30
kentma1Maybe a US$20bn buyback is the best bet after all.Aug 07 11:31
schestowitzDRM aside, some day that Vista's bloat is due to lots of stock art and crufy they have added XP for shallow 'added value' ... perception.Aug 07 11:31
schestowitz*sayAug 07 11:31
schestowitz*cruft (damn, I should proofread)Aug 07 11:32
schestowitzre bubacks: just posted this a minute ago: 07 11:32
kentma1some day?Aug 07 11:32
schestowitz"Some say". It's a typo.Aug 07 11:32
kentma1aha - understood it now.Aug 07 11:33
kentma1XP is too old and dated to take on current generation linux distros.  XP is what, 6-7 years old now, and really just a face-lift for 2k/NT5 anyway, which puts it at 8 years old.Aug 07 11:36
kentma1In the epochs of software development, that puts XP as something like Devonian or Mississipian in the paleozoic era!Aug 07 11:37
schestowitzKDE4 is impressive. It's not mature yet, though. 3.5.x is very solid.Aug 07 11:37
kentma1Debian stable might be considered to be Cretaceous in the MesozoicAug 07 11:37
kentma1Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian Unstable are probably Quaternary in the Cenozoic.Aug 07 11:38
kentma1And KDE4 is still going through some kind of Darwinian process :-)Aug 07 11:38
schestowitzOS X is the challenge for Free desktops to beat. Cocoa is a nice coating for just another Free system and people judge by looks.Aug 07 11:38
kentma1As I've mooted many times in cola, that Microsoft would abandon Windows after Vista, the Midori project rather confirms this.  This leaves the field wide-open for Linux, with OSX probably taking the cream at the top, as Apple have always done in their "B&O of computing" position.Aug 07 11:40
schestowitzB&O?Aug 07 11:40
kentma1Bang and Olufsen.  They sell exceptionally attractive hifi, phones, televisions, videos, dvd players, loudspeakers and so on, at phenomenally high prices.  Like a Bristol car, say.Aug 07 11:41
schestowitzHow mature is Singularity, I wonder. Over a year ago, after the Novell deal had been signed, I imagined they would consider BSD (they won't tolerate GPL in Linux).Aug 07 11:41
kentma1Microsoft will not be able to write a business case for it internally.Aug 07 11:42
kentma1How will they make money from an OS?Aug 07 11:42
kentma1If they were smarter, they'd port office, exchange, mssql, iis and anything else they could onto Linux and sell it to CIOs who could then claim they were doing open-source whilst sticking with Microsoft.Aug 07 11:43
kentma1The value disappeared from Windows long ago.Aug 07 11:43
schestowitzI'm not sure.Aug 07 11:46
schestowitzThe thinking there (and I'm not alone in thinking this) is that a licensing company is a better route and the only way to stay profitable.Aug 07 11:47
kentma1For MS?  But that's what they are, and have been for all of their existence.Aug 07 12:01
schestowitzNovell enables this. They have begun establishing a funnel for Linux tax. SCO craved for it, too. Hovsepian is just being Microsoft's doll here.Aug 07 12:07
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schestowitzHi, libervisco.Aug 07 12:34
liberviscoHi schestowitzAug 07 12:34
liberviscoJust commented on the story about moonlightAug 07 12:34
schestowitzThanks. Let me see.Aug 07 12:35
schestowitzWas it just now?Aug 07 12:36
liberviscoyeahAug 07 12:36
schestowitzOh, I see. It's in the queue. I'll approve it.Aug 07 12:37
liberviscoThanks :)Aug 07 12:38
schestowitzHave you seen Alan Lord's post? The comments there are interesting.Aug 07 12:39
schestowitz 07 12:39
liberviscooh, not yetAug 07 12:40
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moparxhey libervisco. ltns :)Aug 07 14:37
schestowitzI spot some /NET boosting here. Hmm... Makes me think of the days Microsoft was caught gaming public opinion (even polls) against Java.Aug 07 14:42
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schestowitz "Stop copying 2001 Windows. That's not where the usability action is," Sutor said during his afternoon keynote.Aug 07 17:33
schestowitzSomeone has just mailed me this saying: "IBM is telling de Icaza to back the f* off"Aug 07 17:33
SeveredCrossWait, what?Aug 07 17:51
SeveredCrossI don't even see how you could ever draw that sort of conclusion from that press release.Aug 07 17:51
schestowitzI've also left a commet here seconds ago: 07 17:51
schestowitzIt's a presentation, I think, not a press release.Aug 07 17:52
schestowitzBesides, Sutor hates Mono for a fact. He blogged about it several times and I warned him about Mono many tiems.Aug 07 17:52
SeveredCrossAlso, that comment is what many would call a troll.Aug 07 17:52
SeveredCrossBaseless allegation, no fact, no substance, nothing.Aug 07 17:53
schestowitzIt's true. Well, it contains two typos in one sentence.Aug 07 17:53
schestowitzI'll add some URLs to back this, I guess.Aug 07 17:53
schestowitzOkay. He replied and I posted: "Okay, other than the two typos ("matters what it says"), I probably ought to less impulsively back this with examples. Firstly, Microsoft funds CompTIA, which then participated in the abuse of ISO and push for OOXML. Van Der Beld now lobbies at CompTIA for Microsoft's interests and he used to be at ECMA where he did the same thing (on Microsoft's payroll pretty much). CompTIA did a lot more for OOXMLAug 07 17:58
schestowitz, it attacked Stallman, attacked the GPL, and did so many other things over the years. It even praised Internet Explorer, believe it or not...Aug 07 17:58
schestowitzCOmpTIA is money driven. Microsoft feeds it. The same goes for ACT."Aug 07 17:58
kentma1arggh!  converted main debian server to UTF-8 only, got updated versions of pretty much everything to support it, found out how to set the gterm to "utf-8" the ubuntu client machine... thought all was well, and then...Aug 07 18:22
kentma1Guess what?  At some point in the past, I'd installed an slrn in /usr/local/bin, and completely forgotten about it!Aug 07 18:23
schestowitzI use UTF-8. That would resolve encoding issues in digests.Aug 07 18:23
kentma1I thought I had - today's was looking fine, but slrn munged it due to being on old version, not the nice shiny new one in /usr/bin.Aug 07 18:24
schestowitzBTW, BN was flaky this morning. Lots os visitors because the Mono Pandora box has been reopened by Alan and others.Aug 07 18:24
kentma1well, can't complain about interest, really!#Aug 07 18:25
schestowitzWell, there's lots going on, so I'm almost burning out. E-mails and some bad news about software patents.Aug 07 18:27
kentma1keep it coming, Roy, you're doing an excellent job!Aug 07 18:27
schestowitzI'll just sleep less.Aug 07 18:27
kentma1:-)Aug 07 18:28
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 07 18:44
schestowitz*sigh* Finally it's all over. Less to keep track of now...Aug 07 19:01
schestowitzPerens reckons it might be the last one: 07 19:02
schestowitzkentma1: BT slams bandwidth brakes on all subscribers ( ).Aug 07 19:15
*Tallken has quit ("Ex-Chat")Aug 07 19:40
schestowitzFT emits FUD: 07 19:53
schestowitzThese writer only use what supports their hypothesis. See the chart in Vista: DOA in the Enterprise (Linux exceeds even Macs)Aug 07 19:54
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twitter:)Aug 07 20:22
schestowitzHey, twitter.Aug 07 20:23
schestowitzAre you the twitter who  leaves comments under that nick?Aug 07 20:23
twitterhello, yes I am.Aug 07 20:23
schestowitzThat last one was good. I wish it was possible to do more advocacy in the site. It just seems more urgent to counter the bigger issues.Aug 07 20:24
twitterThanks, I had fun with the story.Aug 07 20:25
twitterI also like your IRC tool.Aug 07 20:26
schestowitzIt's imported from a service.Aug 07 20:26
schestowitzI have heaps of new stuff about Microsoft trying to steal FOSS again.Aug 07 20:27
schestowitzThere's also a new  swpatent assault in India. I can hopefully post about it tonight.Aug 07 20:27
twitterI look forward to that.Aug 07 20:28
twitterIs there anythign I can look up for you?Aug 07 20:28
schestowitzYes please, hold on.Aug 07 20:28
schestowitzI need to find out if Microsoft is making active attempts to enter the OSI at the moment (board level). The video was revealing and others suspect the same.Aug 07 20:30
schestowitzEarlier I saw the OSA in the same stage (some Dennis Byron nutter)... well, with Microsoft, IIRC. OSA has pushed away Microsoft for ages, but Microsoft persisted. The members of the OSA were angry but Microsoft kept waving its money.Aug 07 20:31
twitterWhat video are you talking about?Aug 07 20:34
schestowitzIt was in Here is a reference: . Last week's (Well, days old) post from Michael where he talked about "what Microsoft can do for OSS" struck a nerve. It's almost like "make a promise".Aug 07 20:35
*libervisco has quit ("Ideas are bullet proof.")Aug 07 21:05
twitterBruce Perens predicted M$ joining the OSI board back in MarchAug 07 21:32
twitter 07 21:32
twitterI consider that authoritative.Aug 07 21:32
twitterWhen you say Michael's post, do you mean this 07 21:33
twitter?Aug 07 21:33
schestowitzThanks. Yes, I was going to mention Bruce's warning.Aug 07 21:36
schestowitzAnd yes... that's the past I talked about. Maybe asking Micheal would be handy, but I doubt he would say a thing.Aug 07 21:37
ZiggyFishfound the article you were looking forAug 07 22:20
ZiggyFishBorland fights big brain suck ( 07 22:20
schestowitzOh, thanks a million!Aug 07 22:23
ZiggyFishnp, (dogpile is a good serbice ;))Aug 07 22:24
ZiggyFish*seviceAug 07 22:24
schestowitz:-) Well, I haven't used it since 2004, I think. Their name is a bit of a repellent, isn't it?Aug 07 22:26
ZiggyFishyeah, but when you need to find something that is not in google, I go thereAug 07 22:27
schestowitzThere's another one that's apparently gone. A professor sent this to me an hour ago.Aug 07 22:41
schestowitzI needed an article about 1998 MSFT losses. He wrote: "That would be "Share and Share Unalike" from the Economist, yet another article which appears to have been withdrawn during the last year. "Aug 07 22:42
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