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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: October 20th, 2008 - Part 1


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twitterWhy is it that people say Mac is most usable?Oct 20 01:09
twitterThey are stable enough but I miss a lot of features when I use them.  Multiple desktops, KDE network integration, etc.Oct 20 01:10
twitter-h on the command line.Oct 20 01:11
schestowitzWhat /is/ usable? To whom?Oct 20 01:11
schestowitz"Usability" is marketing hype to some... like "innovation"Oct 20 01:11
twitterSure.  I liked that article you pointed to, no free software UI is broken, ever.Oct 20 01:13
schestowitzWhich article? URL?Oct 20 01:13
twitterCan't put my finger on it, I just remember the contents and conclusion.  It was about a deep trolling method aimed at free software projects.Oct 20 01:14
twitterTrolls come in and complain about the UI, usually to make it more like some commercial piece of crap.Oct 20 01:15
schestowitzOh, I know which article.Oct 20 01:15
twitterThis wastes a lot of developer time.  Simply considering the issue is a waste. ... I thought you would remember.Oct 20 01:15
twitter:)Oct 20 01:15
schestowitz'Handbook' example... "it's not usable..."Oct 20 01:15
twitterFinally, when they get their way, they turn around and laugh, "Ha, we screwed you.  You have confused your long time users, wasted your time and not gained any market share."Oct 20 01:16
twitterThey said GIMP had been screwed this way before.Oct 20 01:17
schestowitzThey could demand assimilation to other programs like Photoshop and then get users into a legal mess for copycatting.Oct 20 01:18
schestowitz"Waaaa waaahhh! The UI is different. Make it like <app name>... that's the 'correct' GUI"Oct 20 01:18
twitter" 'Internetpol,' an international organization empowered to target and root out cybercrime anywhere in the world"  ha haOct 20 01:24
twitterThey can start in Redmond.Oct 20 01:24
twitter 20 01:25
twitter 20 01:25
twitterroot out the cyber terrorist/GNU Developers with extreme prejudiceOct 20 01:26
schestowitzThey should start with those 320,000,000 zombie PCs running Windows.Oct 20 01:29
schestowitzThat ought to reduce SPAM, phishing, DDOS attacks, attacks via proxies, intrusion, data theft, etc.Oct 20 01:29
schestowitzThey should assign those fund to the FSF insead. Blobby sofwtare failed miserably. An overhaul comes from the bottom (of the stack), but they try to {blame the Internet}^TMOct 20 01:30
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twitterthat's about the size of it.Oct 20 02:10
twitterdon't forget to blame "hacker tools" and GNU/Linux, those things make M$ look bad.Oct 20 02:11
twitterOnly terrorists, child molesters and thieves want their privacy.  hang them all.Oct 20 02:12
twitterESR predicted as much two or four years ago.Oct 20 02:12
schestowitzYeah.. well.. people who understand computing just happen not to use Windows.Oct 20 02:12
schestowitzA lot of hackers use Free software, but that doesn't mean that Windows locks them in a safety net.Oct 20 02:13
twittercrackers use binblows.Oct 20 02:13
schestowitzThat's like banning or blaming Colt rifles for killing people.Oct 20 02:13
schestowitztwitter: they use Windows botnets.Oct 20 02:14
schestowitzMany crackers themselves don't use Windows.Oct 20 02:14
twitterno, low level spammers do indeed use Winblows.Oct 20 02:14
schestowitzI think eBay said so, but it't the wrong approach to address this.Oct 20 02:14
schestowitzIt's not the tools they use, it's their knowledge. They could use the same tools on Windows, but they know better.Oct 20 02:14
twitterThere have been several articles about this on slashdot.  Most of the people involved don't know shit, they just use the tools given to them.Oct 20 02:15
schestowitzI'm referring to mot_masters_, not nets.Oct 20 02:15
twitterThey really don't know better.Oct 20 02:15
schestowitzThe kids who are botmasters are another matter.Oct 20 02:15
twitterI'm talking about the average bot master.  It takes zero skill.Oct 20 02:16
schestowitzSome 15 year olds are given tools to controls botnets of millions sometimes.Oct 20 02:16
twitterThey have GUI kits to start off.Oct 20 02:16
dsmith_helloOct 20 02:16
twitterYou don't think those 15 year old kids will give up their gaming rigs do you?Oct 20 02:16
dsmith_whats wrong with freespire?Oct 20 02:17
dsmith_someone just asked meOct 20 02:17
twitterdon't knowOct 20 02:17
twitteris that what's left of lindows?Oct 20 02:17
schestowitzFreespire is Xandros.Oct 20 02:17
schestowitzIt's part of the Microsoft cartelOct 20 02:17
dsmith_didn;t it derive from linspire?Oct 20 02:18
schestowitzYes.Oct 20 02:18
schestowitzWhich had a ptent liability.Oct 20 02:18
schestowitzAlso some agreements on Live search.Oct 20 02:18
dsmith_I said " freespire/linspire is like suse linux and opensuse"Oct 20 02:18
schestowitzIt's also not Free (the name is deceiving.Oct 20 02:18
twitterOh, crap.  "gives users the choice of including proprietary codecs, drivers and applications"Oct 20 02:18
twitter 20 02:19
schestowitz 20 02:19
twitterThat's like giving you the choice of heroine addiction.Oct 20 02:19
schestowitzIt sucks anyway: 20 02:19
schestowitzWhoever can use Freespire can also use its ascendant... Ubuntu or Debian.Oct 20 02:20
twitterOf course it sucks.  Nvidia, M$, and all the other non free software makers hate free software.Oct 20 02:20
schestowitzXandros uses Debian, so I don't know or remember if part of the deal (acquisition) was moving the codebase to Debian.Oct 20 02:20
twitterI've used Xandros and did not like it.  It was supposed to be useful in a Windoze network but all of the useful features are available in Debian.Oct 20 02:21
twitterIf your friend needs a quick and dirty install, they can use Mepis or Ubuntu.Oct 20 02:22
dsmith_okOct 20 02:23
dsmith_i had her using mintOct 20 02:23
twitterDon't know mint.Oct 20 02:23
dsmith_linux mintOct 20 02:24
twitterMepis and Ubuntu are not as stable or free as Debian but they work.Oct 20 02:24
dsmith_she's complaining that her usb stick is not recognized now.. hehOct 20 02:24
dsmith_i can deal with ubuntu... I am currently using KubuntuOct 20 02:24
schestowitzMandriva is good.Oct 20 02:25
twitterMy wife uses Mepis, because it's easy for me to install.  I've never seen a USB stick problem.Oct 20 02:25
schestowitzUse 2008.1Oct 20 02:25
schestowitzKDE...Oct 20 02:25
schestowitz 20 02:25
schestowitz 20 02:26
twitter"Old hardware" ha ha.Oct 20 02:27
twitterI just upgraded my NAT box to a 10 year old Slot Athlon.Oct 20 02:27
twitterThe K6/2 machine lost a network card and I decided it was not worth fixing.Oct 20 02:28
twitterAfter making that choice, I  moved the content hard drives and was up and running in an hour or so.  It was hard to fit all of the drives in the box.Oct 20 02:29
schestowitzIt's 3:30AM here. I'll catch you guys tomorrow.Oct 20 02:30
twitternight night.Oct 20 02:30
schestowitzI posted many links in BNOct 20 02:30
twittercool, I'll catch them tomorrow.Oct 20 02:30
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schestowitzMarkets are up today, but the fat cats are still to be subsidized by victims of their corruption. "[R]ather than resorting to this sort of top-down approach that gives money to irresponsible lenders, how about a bottom-up approach that has potential to be both a short term and a long term fix."Oct 20 08:35
schestowitzOMG. That Dennis Byron is nuts: 20 08:47
MinceRhailOct 20 08:50
schestowitz...What.!??Oct 20 08:57
schestowitz "As a faithful Mormon ("Latter-day Saint"), I resolutely abide by the "don'ts" of the Word of Wisdom. I don't drink alcohol, coffee, or tea. (No, Diet Coke is not against the Word of Wisdom. If it were, most of my sisters-in-law would be driving Ferraris down the Highway to Hell. :-) )"Oct 20 08:57
schestowitzI heard about mormons in Novell, but...Oct 20 08:58
schestowitzI guess it doesn't mean much though. 20 09:01
schestowitz"Nevertheless, the term is also often used to refer to fundamentalist groups who continue to practice plural marriage,[6] a practice that the LDS Church officially abandoned in 1890.[7][8] These groups, while numerically much smaller than the LDS Church, continue to use the term "Mormon" and claim to represent "true Mormonism" as taught and practiced by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, though this is rejected by members of the LDS COct 20 09:01
schestowitzhurch. These same offshoots have different teachings than the LDS church in order to follow what they believe was taught by the same early leaders."Oct 20 09:01
schestowitzCNET's anti-Linux: "Gassee? The guy who almost help drive Apple into the ground?"Oct 20 09:08
schestowitz"Forget Microsoft and Gassee! Let's talk about the poor writing! Did you see all the typos and bad grammar? Get real CNet... you need to have someone proofread these articles before publishing them... or maybe that isn't important to you guys anymore!"Oct 20 09:08
schestowitzReport: Yahoo plans cost-cutting moves, layoffs < >Oct 20 09:09
schestowitzThis one smalls like an advert fro filtering software (at best) and Web censorship (at worst), just like the stuff they deploy in Australia: 20 09:19
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schestowitz "Can anyone show me an article which explains why the failure of some banks (private companies) in Iceland causes the state of Iceland to owe money? I have heard that banks in other countries are refusing to convert the Icelandic kronor; why is that?"Oct 20 10:04
schestowitzFinally he comments on this corruption... "Wall Street banks, just bailed out with 700 billion, are planning to pay 1/10 of that money to their staff."Oct 20 10:06
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schestowitzRidiculous also: 'Reckless' bankers should get asbos .. 20 10:12
schestowitz "But this is precisely the reason why ASBOs are an unjust system and must be abolished. In effect, ASBOs replace rule of law with a system of imprisonment for whatever the authorities do not like. Such a vague law may occasionally be used in a way that implements justice, such as telling bankers they will be jailed if they continue their recklessneOct 20 10:13
schestowitzss."Oct 20 10:13
schestowitz Open Source Government? < > "In September, he closed his fund and returned money to his investors, stating that the risk of a bank collapse, which would be hell for hedge funds, was too high: "While we concede there are additional opportunities in this episode of crisis and uncertainty, we have concluded that those opportunities are far outweighed by the risks attendant in the use of theOct 20 10:17
schestowitz over-the-counter derivatives market.""Oct 20 10:17
schestowitz"The err...interesting moment came when he delivered a bizarre, audience-inappropriate, Neo-Marxist stoner rant of a goodbye letter to his investors, calling for things like hemp legalization and government meritocracies, discussing the obvious insanity of illegal marijuana in a Bud Light world, and declaring  capitalism dead.  "Oct 20 10:17
schestowitz"..." (clearly forgetting that Adam Smith was Scottish) and said Linux's open-source model was the way to governmental enlightenment..."Oct 20 10:18
schestowitz "The only positive result of America invading Iraq was that it persuaded China to go open-source," Dryden enthuses. "Now China has slashed the price of laptop computers by 90 per cent by making them without an operating system, which you can download for free off the net."Oct 20 10:22
schestowitz"According to this version of the future, Google and other open-source advocates will eventually crush proprietary companies like Apple and Microsoft unless they, too, see the light."Oct 20 10:22
schestowitz : The party's over for Iceland, the island that tried to buy the worldOct 20 10:42
schestowitzOxymoron: New Linux-based Flash Video Encoding Solution Released by Helps Clients Build Video Hosing Websites  < >Oct 20 10:45
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schestowitzAlex is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to condemn the site: (it's like a broken telephone)Oct 20 11:38
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kentma1schestowitz: it's the paid-troll thing again, isn't it?Oct 20 12:11
schestowitzI don't know. I doubt it.Oct 20 12:11
kentma1you think he's doing it for free?Oct 20 12:13
schestowitzThat's what baffles me.Oct 20 12:14
kentma1why would he bother?  Nah, he's got some commercial interest.Oct 20 12:21
kentma1It just might not be obvious what it is.Oct 20 12:21
schestowitzI think I know though.Oct 20 12:22
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kentma1Um?Oct 20 12:22
schestowitzI prefer not to talk about people, but let's face it: Alex took a Novell project that was abandoned after Novell had signed a deal.Oct 20 12:22
schestowitzHe denies it has something to do with competition vs Mirosoft.Oct 20 12:22
kentma1haha!  daft b*gger...Oct 20 12:23
schestowitzNow... it seems like he no longer works on the project, but I don't think he has any daytime job, either.Oct 20 12:23
schestowitzHe lives in the same city as me.Oct 20 12:23
kentma1well, if he's prepared to self-delude that much, there's little point taking his words all that seriously.  Is he hoping that Novell will take him on?Oct 20 12:23
schestowitzI don't know what his interests are, but he does a lot of research to discredit the site.Oct 20 12:23
schestowitzI mean, he pulls a lot of links that take a long time to find and replies within minutes.Oct 20 12:24
schestowitzSome days I reckon he spends hours not helping the site but just throwing slime at it.Oct 20 12:24
schestowitzkentma1: that's what I reckoned.Oct 20 12:24
schestowitzMaybe he tries to market himself that way.Oct 20 12:24
kentma1It's not all that likely to work, but you never know.Oct 20 12:25
schestowitzHi, harrytuttle.Oct 20 12:25
schestowitzkentma1: he started posting here after I had mentioned his project (Bongo)Oct 20 12:25
schestowitzThere are others like himOct 20 12:25
schestowitz.They act in self interest.Oct 20 12:25
schestowitzDan O'Brian, for example, is refusing to say the company he works for, but it's to do with Mono (at some level). So he's slamming the site to defend Mono.Oct 20 12:26
kentma1It might be better if he could prove that mono is not infected, rather than try to criticise those who find problems.Oct 20 12:27
schestowitzIt's not possible.Oct 20 12:28
schestowitzThey refuse to acknowledge Microsoft has bad behaviour.Oct 20 12:28
schestowitzThey treat Microsoft almost like a cuddly peer in Free software production.Oct 20 12:29
kentma1The whole situation is very broken.Oct 20 12:30
schestowitzThey lull people into a risky sleep. Novell too... which makes it dangerous. It brings a 'guest' to open source scenes: Microsoft.Oct 20 12:32
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PetoKraushehe, i love Steve JobsOct 20 15:09
PetoKrausthat firewire thing is brilliant. He's completely correct... if the standard is deprecated, don't use it, move on to new technology (Win32 anyone?)Oct 20 15:09
MinceRif.Oct 20 15:10
PetoKrauswell, but he has a point...Oct 20 15:10
schestowitzWhere did he say this?Oct 20 15:10
PetoKraus 20 15:10
PetoKraushe didn't say it per se, but it's strongly impliedOct 20 15:10
MinceRjobs is always in a rush to deprecate technologiesOct 20 15:10
schestowitzWhy don't they ignores MOOX then (aka .doc restructured)?Oct 20 15:10
schestowitzAnswer: Apple is still a slave of Microsoft (since the late 90s)Oct 20 15:11
PetoKrauswell, but they are at least moving forwardOct 20 15:11
MinceRhe omitted the floppy before there was a replacement for it, for exampltOct 20 15:11
MinceRs/lt/le/Oct 20 15:11
MinceRthey're stumbling around randomlyOct 20 15:11
schestowitzThere was some PR thingie this morning about Apple 'getting greener'Oct 20 15:11
MinceRbut then again, never send a bunch of marketers to make engineering decisions.Oct 20 15:11
PetoKrauswell yesOct 20 15:12
schestowitzWell, I guess throwing away old technology is being 'green'... assuming you buy a green-tinted eMac.Oct 20 15:12
PetoKrausi'd never buy mac myselfOct 20 15:12
MinceRi'd never buy any crApple productOct 20 15:12
PetoKrausbut since there are loads of fanbois...Oct 20 15:12
PetoKrausit actually MOVES the technology towards new thingsOct 20 15:12
MinceRhardlyOct 20 15:12
schestowitzThey don't adopt Apple. they embrace it.Oct 20 15:12
MinceRthose fanboys aren't engineers eitherOct 20 15:13
schestowitzHad it been free (in the ownership sense), that would make more sense.Oct 20 15:13
MinceRand there isn't a lot of themOct 20 15:13
PetoKrausyes, but they eat what's given to themOct 20 15:13
schestowitziBrick?Oct 20 15:13
PetoKrausie, technology gets adoptedOct 20 15:13
schestowitzI don't know if it'll be called that.Oct 20 15:13
PetoKrausanyway, you can still buy the old macbook...Oct 20 15:14
schestowitzBut they have some "brick"-branded product coming... reportedly.Oct 20 15:14
MinceRthey had to co-opt the nameOct 20 15:14
schestowitzPetoKraus: not many good distros run on PPCOct 20 15:14
MinceRiphones bricked themselves too often ;)Oct 20 15:14
schestowitzThen again, you could compile your Gentoo on it.Oct 20 15:14
PetoKrausschestowitz: it's amd64Oct 20 15:14
PetoKrauscore 2 duo, is the old macbookOct 20 15:14
schestowitzPetoKraus: Apple does 64 bit? *LOL*Oct 20 15:15
PetoKrauswell yesOct 20 15:15
schestowitzCan you get a 64-bit version?Oct 20 15:15
PetoKrausmac os is purely 64bit, last time i checkedOct 20 15:15
PetoKraus*mac os XOct 20 15:15
schestowitzOh.Oct 20 15:15
MinceRthe firewire issue is merely an attempt to get the poorer fanboys to buy the mbp tooOct 20 15:15
PetoKrausit has this virtual sandbox to run older applications - like a chostOct 20 15:15
PetoKraus*chrootOct 20 15:15
PetoKrausMinceR: yes, i'd say so, but i don't think it'll hurt anyone (important.)Oct 20 15:16
MinceRof courseOct 20 15:16
MinceRnobody important buys crApple productsOct 20 15:16
PetoKrausyes, that's what i am sayingOct 20 15:17
PetoKrausthough the technology gets adoptedOct 20 15:17
schestowitzMaybe if the management had changed...Oct 20 15:18
*_Doug (i=c3c24bd1@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 20 15:27
schestowitzHey, _Doug, what's up?Oct 20 15:28
schestowitzGL has been quiet recently. Few comments...Oct 20 15:28
_Doug?Oct 20 15:28
schestowitz "0.54 (2.26%)" (was down 3.5% some minutes ago)Oct 20 15:28
_DougPowel endorses Obama .. game over ?Oct 20 15:29
schestowitzOh, it shows none of the symbols. Microsoft is down anyway.Oct 20 15:29
_Doug"Linux was created by IBM, HP (HPQ) and other former IT systems monopolists that realized that Microsoft was taking their systems monopoly away from them"Oct 20 15:29
_Doug 20 15:29
_Doug:)Oct 20 15:30
schestowitzMicrosoft was sort of crashing earlier  today. Down 3.5% at the beginning of the trading day, despite the fact that Wall Street as a whole is up and in spite of Microsoft's massive buybacks.Oct 20 15:30
MinceRlolOct 20 15:30
schestowitz_Doug: yes.Oct 20 15:30
schestowitzSeen my comment there?Oct 20 15:30
_Dougwait a mo ..Oct 20 15:30
schestowitzI blogged it too. PJ did most of the work discrediting the cretin, but she doesn't seem to know about his history.Oct 20 15:30
schestowitzThe man run a SERIES of posts descrediting BoycottNovell.Oct 20 15:30
schestowitzI never actually read it, but it's weird or amusing that he would go out of his way to slime-attack BNOct 20 15:31
_Dougfix your href ray ...Oct 20 15:32
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schestowitzI followed up, _Doug Oct 20 15:37
schestowitzHey, neighborlee Oct 20 15:37
neighborleehi thereOct 20 15:37
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twitter:) 20 16:07
schestowitz*LOL* Thanks.Oct 20 16:12
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schestowitzMaybe he'll do a campaign against you now.Oct 20 16:13
schestowitzHe's obsessed maybe: 20 16:14
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trmanco 20 16:18
trmanco 20 16:18
schestowitzThe war of copyleft sharing: 20 16:20
schestowitzOh no!! "If that wasn’t enough, Jeff has also had his main storage drive crash on him and lost most of the material he had, which means all his website material is gone. He’s addressing the fans to send him whatever artwork and songs they have so he can rebuild from scratch."Oct 20 16:21
schestowitzMake backups! Many. Always.Oct 20 16:21
trmancololOct 20 16:21
trmancoSh*t happensOct 20 16:21
*trmanco sniffs the linkOct 20 16:22
schestowitztrmanco: these codes are just good behind glass and on the wallOct 20 16:22
schestowitzIn reality, megacorps supersede these regulations.Oct 20 16:22
trmancoyes I guess soOct 20 16:23
schestowitzI've just put up a video which talks about combative movements against sharing: 20 16:23
*trmanco downloadsOct 20 16:23
schestowitzYahoo to announce layoffs tomorrow : 20 16:24
schestowitzThey must be looking at Moglen as though he's not a  socialist but some kind of a neo-communist, at least among a crowd of well-brainwashed people who lust for money and exploitation.Oct 20 16:24
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schestowitzRed Hat is seeing business up. Elsewhere: Reducing Staff By 25% < >Oct 20 16:28
*zoobab ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 20 16:31
schestowitzWhile people worry about their cars and job: 20 16:44
schestowitz 20 16:45
twitterIck, flash.  RMS has been following the water issue for a while, especially the privatization of public water supplies.Oct 20 16:46
schestowitz'public water'Oct 20 16:46
schestowitzWhat the heck does that mean? How long before there's "public air"?Oct 20 16:46
twitterIt means giving Coke control of tax payer built pipes.Oct 20 16:47
schestowitzIs that the kill Coke thing?Oct 20 16:48
schestowitz*killer coke?Oct 20 16:48
schestowitzThe idea of owning natural resources like water is criminal to the max and related to intellectual monopolies. Get your dose of oxygen today for a special discount... or die. This used to be just a joke.Oct 20 16:49
twitterNo, the killer coke thing also follows murder for land and that kind of thing.Oct 20 16:49
twitterCoke is just one of many companies that want to own water.Oct 20 16:50
twitterI met someone who thought it was a good thing in the UK because government was so corrupt there anyway.Oct 20 16:50
schestowitz 20 16:50
schestowitz""It is too soon to expect this during this week's quarterly results, but within the next quarter, as the impact to reduced global PC sales becomes apparent, we should be ready to announce some major overhead reduction (e.g., not towels but rather less butts for said towels to dry - win-win). And remember: you cut once and you cut deep. Incremental pain is unhealthy and all that you're doing is poisoning your teams and setting up aOct 20 16:50
schestowitz huge round of bad attrition once things turn around.Oct 20 16:50
schestowitz""  Microsoft report on ThursdayOct 20 16:51
twitterdeath spiral.Oct 20 16:51
twitter"recession proof" LMAOOct 20 16:51
schestowitzWell, as they approach debt, there might be increased pressure for layoffs.Oct 20 16:52
schestowitzThey've already bent backwards to deny freezing the hires and spendings, trying to limits scope of this leak.Oct 20 16:52
schestowitzMind you, Novell can expect its coupon 'kill Red Hat' money to reach an end as well. Microsoft is still using its money to "F* kill"^TM companies rather than develop products. Now it's attacking companies like Red Hat and Google (also using corruption in Congress)Oct 20 16:53
twitter" those ready to move on to a new position are stuck because there is no where to go and, even worse, those who have already gone through an interview loop are having their offers frozen out"  Kinda sucks that they destroyed all their competitors now?  Ha ha.Oct 20 16:54
schestowitzWell, my sister and her husband have good jobs -- for now. The next few years might not be pleasant, but there you go. Years of corruption have piled up and soon we'll pay the price.Oct 20 16:57
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twitterCircuit City goes down. 20 16:58
twitterBlame Vista.Oct 20 16:58
twitterChannel stuffing.Oct 20 16:59
twitterBye bye, retailers, bye bye M$ Monopoly.Oct 20 16:59
schestowitzCompUSA was mentioned earlier. I'll post a link about it later.Oct 20 17:00
schestowitzTop seller in many places is/includes Linux sub-notebooks.Oct 20 17:00
schestowitzTo be honest, I doubt many people buy computers at all.Oct 20 17:00
schestowitzAnd don't tell me about the IDC fluff. :-) They are corrupt, with track records.Oct 20 17:01
twitterVista and the upgrade cycle was supposed to fix that.  Retailers have been licking their chops for years but it did not happen.Oct 20 17:01
*mib_xyiepe has quit (Client Quit)Oct 20 17:01
twitterNo one is buying computers but that's nothing new over the last two years.Oct 20 17:01
twitterMost of them are running really broken old XP systems.Oct 20 17:02
schestowitzStallman said something interesting earlier about ASBOs, which El Reg covers now < >. They should start punishing corrupt bankers before they turn to script kiddies.Oct 20 17:02
twitterYou have to wonder how many retailers like CompUSA would still be around if they were not M$ Partners.Oct 20 17:03
schestowitzSky joins the Microsoft cronies at the BBC (Erik Hugges at al): 20 17:03
schestowitzTBH, it's gratifying to see those who relied on predatory price-fixing  (mainly The Great Wintel Collusion) dying because of this debt-inflated cartel. They should have done something different... like Nintendo.Oct 20 17:05
twitterPawns.  The game is far from won.Oct 20 17:09
schestowitzIf Microsoft lays people off, it might be harmful. Someone I know refers to this as "toxic waste". Microsoft  interests will then percolate onto other companies from the bottom. Just watch what's happening to the MSBBC: 20 17:11
schestowitz"As unemployment looks set to soar in the months ahead, quangocrat and soon to be outgoing head of Ofcom Lord David Currie appears to have discovered a cunning plan to find jobs for tens of thousands. The time for regulating the internet is nigh – and Ofcom could be the body to do it."Oct 20 17:12
schestowitz 20 17:12
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Oct 20 17:13
*_Doug (n=_Doug) has joined #boycottnovellOct 20 17:13
schestowitz_Doug will like this: Vive la Dépression! < >Oct 20 17:15
schestowitzIDG: sky if falling, proof still unavailable: 20 17:17
_Doughi there ..Oct 20 17:18
schestowitzWhoa! Look at the chart at the bottom of 20 17:18
_Doug"Modern operating systems are flawed by design, including OpenBSD."Oct 20 17:19
_DougHaaa ..Oct 20 17:20
schestowitz_Doug: he should show /where/.Oct 20 17:20
_Doug"Berkeley sockets (also known as the BSD socket API) originated with the 4.2BSD Unix operating system"Oct 20 17:20
_Doug 20 17:20
_Doug"the root cause of the current crisis is"Oct 20 17:22
_DougI thought it was people shorting their own stock :)Oct 20 17:22
schestowitz "Got that? After one of the worst economic crises in recent history, caused by pyramids of non-existent wealth being constructed on totally fictitious financial instruments, they now want to use "intellectual property" as "collateral" in commerce - that is, more totally ficitious financial istruments to create another pyramid of non-existent wealth."Oct 20 17:23
schestowitzIntellectual monopolies! Gotta respect them.Oct 20 17:23
_DougI'll trade you some of my rocks for your intellectual property protection ?Oct 20 17:23
_DouggtgOct 20 17:24
*_Doug has quit ()Oct 20 17:24
*zoobab has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Oct 20 17:39
*zoobab ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 20 17:41
trmanco 20 17:42
trmancoOn October 14th, The US Patent Office granted Microsoft a patent to new technology that automatically censors unwanted speech, either by automatically producing a beep or otherwise distorting it to make the sounds inaudible.Oct 20 17:42
trmanco 20 17:42
schestowitz "It's not entirely clear where Microsoft's interest in this technology lies. But such a move could be looked upon favourably by the Chinese government, which consistently attempts to censor much of the web."Oct 20 17:57
schestowitzMicrosoft: "but... but... there's is a MARKET for the suppression of freedom. Big Money!!111"Oct 20 17:58

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