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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: October 20th, 2008 - Part 2


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twitterThe M$ Toxic effect only works while M$ is strong.  It will be better when the company fails and it's ideas are repudiated.Oct 20 18:02
twitterThose who don't retire will learn a new song and dance, one far less harmful to society at large.Oct 20 18:02
schestowitzPredictable but big news: Motorola Joins Google Android Craze < >Oct 20 18:03
twitter"Mixed source" is more of the same M$ has thrived on forever.Oct 20 18:03
twitterI'm getting sick of reading about M$ employees with "their heart in the right place."  Bruce Perens said this a few months back too.  It's wrong.Oct 20 18:04
schestowitzThey lie.Oct 20 18:04
schestowitzThe management is clearly planning to crush Free sofwtare.Oct 20 18:05
schestowitzThey want to turn it into something else like mixes source... like Windows... with a 'stolen' BS TCP/IP stack.Oct 20 18:05
trmancoHas anybody seen the new mac ad?Oct 20 18:05
schestowitz*BSD, not BSOct 20 18:05
trmancoit is funnyOct 20 18:05
twitterand outlaw everything elseOct 20 18:05
trmancoAutomatic censorship of audio data for broadcastOct 20 18:05
trmancooopOct 20 18:05
trmanco 20 18:05
twittergoing to lookOct 20 18:06
twitterwhy not?Oct 20 18:06
schestowitzWell, they exert a lot of control... over the govtOct 20 18:06
schestowitzDon't forget how they all warned the govy that FOSS is "communism"Oct 20 18:06
trmancoadvertising, advertising, advertising, advertising ... Windows Vista ... advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising ... Windows VistaOct 20 18:06
twittercommunism, terrorism all thatOct 20 18:06
trmancoohOct 20 18:07
trmancoit is "fix vista"Oct 20 18:07
schestowitzAnd a threat to America... Allchin, Ballmer and the group are no better than Bush and Cheney... and they are determined to destroy and exploit the IT industry for gains.Oct 20 18:07
schestowitzThe key issue being the use of this power overseas too.. back door and all.Oct 20 18:07
twitterMakes spying easier.Oct 20 18:08
twitterThere's no way the rest of the world will go for it.Oct 20 18:08
schestowitzIf they have enough insiders, they can.Oct 20 18:09
schestowitzJust watch how Sarko is controlled (bribed?) by Hollywood, its French equivalents and Microsoft.Oct 20 18:09
twitterM$ does not have enough money to buy that kind of influence everywhere.  They are being bled white.  When it's all over, it's over.Oct 20 18:09
schestowitzPolitics is a global thing. Fortunately, Microsoft is losing influence, so that gives room for others to corrupt politics.Oct 20 18:10
schestowitzWhat's needed is a more robust system. It was too ripe for abuse (still is) and the economy is finally collapsing as a result... people living based on inexistent wealth.Oct 20 18:10
twitterNo, the wealth was real.  It has simply been concentrated.Oct 20 18:11
schestowitzThat Mac ad is brilliant.Oct 20 18:11
twitterThe means of concentration were imaginary.Oct 20 18:12
twitterMac ad is funny.Oct 20 18:12
trmancololOct 20 18:12
schestowitzLet me find something.Oct 20 18:12
trmancoit certainly is :-POct 20 18:12
schestowitzHere: 20 18:12
schestowitzHe's MAD.Oct 20 18:13
schestowitzForget Windows, forget developers.... just brainwash.Oct 20 18:13
trmancololOct 20 18:14
trmancowho invests on a company with that guy on the lead?Oct 20 18:15
twittergreedy foolsOct 20 18:15
twitterThat was more than a year ago.Oct 20 18:15
twitterwowOct 20 18:15
twitterart follows realityOct 20 18:15
schestowitz 20 18:17
schestowitz 20 18:17
schestowitz"Toshiba and SanDisk announced Monday that their joint flash memory-manufacturing ventures are being restructured. As a result, Toshiba will gain a larger ownership stake, while SanDisk will reduce costs." 20 18:22
schestowitzNokia patent a**holes are porting Qt to that patents/DRM magnet called Symbian (Nokia Enriches Application Development With Qt for S60 ) < >Oct 20 18:27
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schestowitzNumber of IT venture deals falls to 10-year low < >. Tim Bray: "Times are Tough €· Yep, but this is still an interesting place to work. €¶" < >Oct 20 18:33
trmanco 20 18:42
trmancohere is another hilarious videoOct 20 18:42
schestowitzThe quality of Ziff/Gates posts is 'improving'... 20 18:43
schestowitzJust flames.Oct 20 18:43
trmancothe videos?Oct 20 18:43
schestowitz*LOL*Oct 20 18:43
schestowitzNo, the post from the pseudonym.Oct 20 18:43
trmancooh okOct 20 18:44
twitterthe new PC Guy advertisement <>Oct 20 18:47
twitterit's true <>Oct 20 18:48
twitterwoops, wrong conversation.Oct 20 18:48
schestowitzAnother good video in a new post: Krazy monkey video clip on page.Oct 20 18:49
schestowitzRecent:Oct 20 18:49
schestowitzFive reasons to fire BallmerOct 20 18:49
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| 1) The Vista Technology Flop. Technically, Vista was crap.Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz|Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| [...]Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz|Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| 2) The Vista Business Failure: Microsoft has managed to sell junk before butOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| this time it had set itself an impossible job.Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz|Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| [...]Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz|Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| 3) The Yahoo Fiasco: If Microsoft had pulled off the hostile takeover ofOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| Yahoo...Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz|Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| [...]Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz|Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| 4) The Fall of Microsoft Office. Remember when Microsoft was talking up howOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| great the initial sales of Office 2007 were? A year later, in Microsoft'sOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| third quarter results, we see that Office's operating income has dropped fromOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| $3.4 billion, to $3.1 billion.Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz|Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| [...]Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz|Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| 5) Who doesn't love you baby? The stock market that's who. Today, Microsoft'sOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| stock is wobbling just over $28. The 52-week high was $37.50. What do youOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| think will happen to Microsoft's stock when Bill officially retires? It won'tOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| be pretty.Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz`----Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz 20 18:49
schestowitzDoes Ballmer Need To Go?Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| Microsoft’s dramatic decision this weekend to withdraw its offer for YahooOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| and not pursue a hostile bid raises a whole host of questions. What happensOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| to Yahoo now? What happens to Microsoft? Or is this just a tactic to driveOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| down the price of Yahoo’s shares so that Microsoft can go hostile with aOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| lower offer? And if the deal really is dead, does Steve Ballmer need to startOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| looking for a new job?Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz`----Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz 20 18:49
schestowitzHey! Ho! Time for Ballmer to Go?Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz| The investment community likes Steve Ballmer. He's competent, aggressive andOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| occasionally crazy. He's been at Microsoft's helm for eight years, duringOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| which time the technology landscape has drastically changed several timesOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| over. And although Microsoft hasn't always kept up, it has remainedOct 20 18:49
schestowitz| ridiculously profitable.Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz`----Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz 20 18:49
schestowitzMake the wrong choice on Yahoo, and Ballmer couOct 20 18:49
twitterSad about Nokia.  I like their phone hardware.Oct 20 18:49
schestowitzOops.Oct 20 18:49
schestowitz 20 18:50
MinceRmicrosoft needs to go, not ballmerOct 20 18:53
twittertrue, Ballmer has been true to M$'s core philosophy.Oct 20 18:53
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twitterhe's just not been as good at selling itOct 20 18:53
schestowitzMinceR: only when Microsoft goes, so will the Don.Oct 20 18:54
schestowitzIt's the embodiment of merciless rule and destruction of surroundings by that son-of-a-banker.Oct 20 18:54
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twitterWindoze, preferred by banks 9 to 1.Oct 20 18:59
schestowitzMore from the FUDsters at Black *uck Sofwtare: (founder is a Microsofter)Oct 20 18:59
schestowitzBanks: "you get what you pay for. Cheap is bad. Let's all just live in debt and give ourselves insane bonuses."Oct 20 19:00
twitter"Black Duckâ„¢ Protex" sounds like a condom.Oct 20 19:02
twitterreading the article, it looks intentionalOct 20 19:02
twitter"Protecting you while you rape free software"Oct 20 19:03
twitterYep, FUD FUD FUDOct 20 19:04
schestowitzThey also 'stole' a database from Palamida.Oct 20 19:10
schestowitzClassic Microsoft behaviour (stealing things without attribution), only it was Doug Levin at the time (he quit the company since).Oct 20 19:11
schestowitzRecession? Naa.. assuming you don't vend lock-in:  Optaros Responds to Increasing Demand in United Kingdom, Announces London Office Success < >Oct 20 19:17
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schestowitzzoobab: is this < > rigged? Oct 20 19:36
trmanco 20 19:43
schestowitzYes, [H]omer wrote about it.Oct 20 19:44
schestowitzIt's the 'funny buttons' that make you feel like you're in control.Oct 20 19:44
schestowitzI'm trying to find it < >... not this one..Oct 20 19:46
twitterNovell breaks $5 again on low volume trading. 20 19:46
twitterfools and money, soon parted.Oct 20 19:47
schestowitzI can't find it.Oct 20 19:47
twitterwow, M$ granted themselves permission to share anything about you for whatever reason.Oct 20 19:49
twitter" "Microsoft may disclose personal information about you ...   to protect the personal safety of Microsoft employees"Oct 20 19:49
twitterJob security is personal safety, no?Oct 20 19:50
twitterThis goes for anyone's system, including your ISP.Oct 20 19:51
schestowitzThat's one reason never to log into Windows.. not on any computer.Oct 20 19:51
schestowitzJust part of {surveillance society}^TM. Servers (Web) too are an issue and NoScirpt is NotEnough.Oct 20 19:52
twitterIf your ISP is using Winblows to do it's work, M$ has access to all of your records to "protect" itself from your criticism.  There is nothing you can do to avoid this besides encrypting your email and using TOR.Oct 20 19:57
twitterGood luck getting your relatives to encrypt their email.Oct 20 19:57
schestowitzISPs use Windows? Doubtful. Not many.Oct 20 19:58
twitterOn their employee's desktops, where the reports land?  Probable.Oct 20 19:59
twitterThat's also the place where they flip the switches.Oct 20 19:59
twitterWhen the guy who runs my LUG group stops using a Winblows desktop and Slashdot is all GNU/Linux, I'll start to think my ISP may not be owned by M$.Oct 20 20:00
schestowitzCheck out [H]omer's host name.Oct 20 20:03
schestowitzI ought to have made my private Wikis https, not just p/w protected.Oct 20 20:04
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trmanco 20 20:32
schestowitzPaul Kill befriending Microsoft 'Patent Terrorists' (Sun term): (I knew there was something about Krill)Oct 20 20:33
schestowitzThey let Microsoft spew out more FUDOct 20 20:33
twitterFUD or damage control?  LookingOct 20 20:35
trmanco 20 20:37
twitterDamage control, aimed squarely at BN, " it is hard to envision that an agreement in which two industry leaders agree to set their differences aside and collaborate could be viewed as divisive,"Oct 20 20:37
twitterNovell, an industry leader, LOL.Oct 20 20:38
schestowitztwitter: I haven't read it yet.Oct 20 20:38
twitterThere's lots more, I'm on it.Oct 20 20:38
schestowitzEither way, they expose the Microsoft FUD by giving it a place and room. It's IDG (IDC), which is funded by Microsoft but not only Microsoft of course.Oct 20 20:39
schestowitzAnd Paul Krill, as I last stressed about 1 week ago, has been greased up by the Monopolist of Redmond.Oct 20 20:39
schestowitzWorth finding out if he visited them or something, not that I have a particular reason to believe this.Oct 20 20:39
schestowitzNovell, an industry  follower (in Mono, OOXML), by CHOICE.Oct 20 20:40
schestowitzThanks, twitter. Pick out the good bits.Oct 20 20:40
twitterHe's printing Gutierrez's opinion, but yeah it's a shame he's acting like a press release rather than a journalist.Oct 20 20:40
schestowitzIf he asks no hard question, then he totally just gives the podium.Oct 20 20:41
twitterPodium of odium.Oct 20 20:41
schestowitzKind of like Zemlin and Hovsepian.. and their MP3 puppet show (I think there was no Ogg)Oct 20 20:41
schestowitzKrill must ask him /hard/ question.Oct 20 20:41
schestowitzFrom Ina Friedshill at CNET you'd epxect nothing better.Oct 20 20:42
schestowitzS/he just sccks up to Microsoft for "access" (that what May Jo Foley calls it) to Ballmer Oct 20 20:42
twitterHe flips around a Perens concept to claim all commercial companies must be non free companies.  Trying to paint people who value freedom as extremistsOct 20 20:43
schestowitzThose who criticise Microsoft (Microsoft keeps dossiers, remember?) are being published by Microsoft, its mediators (press/advertising companies) and "buddies" that  Microsoft assigns to them.Oct 20 20:43
twitter"The truth is that today we're all mixed source companies. Every company that traditionally comes from an open source background has over time moved to the middle after realizing that in addition to the open source foundation, they also need proprietary offerings that will differentiate their services from others and therefore will enable them to build a viable business."Oct 20 20:43
twittertruth?Oct 20 20:43
schestowitzIt's a scary PR world that Microsoft surrounds itself by... including all the shilling it always does _THROUGH_ agencies... and articles it plants.Oct 20 20:44
schestowitzNoOct 20 20:44
twitterThe Red Hat JBoss troll is used.Oct 20 20:44
schestowitzIt's part of the "proprietary is inevttable" [pitchOct 20 20:44
schestowitz"There is no better choice..." etc. same strategy as Windows.... "don't look elsewhere ... all software is bad, insecure... Macs sucks... Linux is all command-like and commie...etc."Oct 20 20:45
schestowitzWhich troll?Oct 20 20:45
schestowitzMarc Fluery is too friendly with Microsoft.Oct 20 20:46
twitterIt's a lie to say that JBoss makes Red Hat a non free software company like M$.Oct 20 20:46
schestowitzI tried to show him smoking guns, but he's just back to his XBox and other stupid money games. He's helpless.Oct 20 20:46
schestowitztwitter: anything to say "they are equally evil.Oct 20 20:46
schestowitz"Apple is evil..." "Google is monopolistic"...Oct 20 20:47
twitterto his credit, Krill tries to get M$ to specify any single patent.  Asks three times or so.Oct 20 20:47
schestowitz"Red Hat is proprietary"Oct 20 20:47
schestowitzRemember: the felon tries to describe the surroundings as "equally evil" or "equally corrupt"Oct 20 20:47
schestowitzAsk people who evade tax and they'll say "everyone's doing it"Oct 20 20:47
twitterAsked which patents M$ will enfoce and against who he says, " no, those conversations are business conversations that we tend not to divulge."Oct 20 20:47
twitterEmpty HandOct 20 20:48
twitterKrill asked three times. ha ha.Oct 20 20:48
schestowitzTranslation: bulldogs will be bulldogs... and talk bulsh*tOct 20 20:48
twitteryeah, this article is all about damage control.  more RAND bullshit and talk about what a great business M$ is doing selling licenses for patents.Oct 20 20:50
twitterIf giving companies hundreds of millions of dollars to say, "I agree" is a good business.Oct 20 20:50
schestowitzThey corrupt politicians.Oct 20 20:51
twitterthere's some non committal talk about joining the Eclipse foundation.Oct 20 20:51
schestowitzIn the EU, they have the BSA proxy running around trying to shove the RAND stuff down the law's throat.Oct 20 20:52
schestowitzTo me, what Microsoft does it felony.Oct 20 20:52
schestowitzThey decide on new rules and then use legalised bribery (AKA lobbying) to make it so.Oct 20 20:52
twitterI think it's funny they pretend the Novell deal was anything but a big fat bribe or buy out.  He's saying it's RAND and good business.Oct 20 20:52
schestowitzLaw must not be bought. It leads to total suppression.Oct 20 20:52
schestowitzThese people like and spin.Oct 20 20:53
schestowitzThey know very well what they do.Oct 20 20:53
schestowitzIt's like with Novell and "it's not a patent deal" chorus. It's a lies and they knew it.Oct 20 20:53
schestowitzIt's almost as though, at least at the time, Novell pases a memo saying that nobody is allowed to talk about the patents as purpose of the deal.Oct 20 20:53
schestowitzAnd Ian Bruce blew it about 6 weeks ago (he's new in the job) when he said the truth that's treason at Novell.Oct 20 20:54
twitterKrill asked about GPL but dropped the ball accepting an Open Source answer for future M$ works.Oct 20 20:55
schestowitzGavin Clarke is doing the MS boostijng routine... again!  *sigh* 20 20:55
twitterMore of the same, "M$ is more open now"Oct 20 20:55
schestowitz"Google Netherlands has agreed to hand over the IP addresses of a Gmail user in an alleged spy case." 20 20:55
schestowitzGovts love the CLOUD.Oct 20 20:56
schestowitz"Gmail user in an alleged spy case" As RMS wrote this morning, "terrorist" these days sometimes just means "dissident".Oct 20 20:56
twitterGutierrez repeats some of the usual Novell growth lie.Oct 20 20:57
twitter"[Novell]  grew over 38 percent between 2006 and 2007 in the Linux market.  They were the commercial vendor that grew the fastest in that segment."Oct 20 20:57
schestowitzPerens: "    I think mostly they’d like to dilute “Open Source” to mean any code with source code. This is important to them because it’s the rights connected to Open Source that scare Microsoft (and others). If you can call it Open Source when there isn’t even the right to compile the code, or to use the information you get from reading it, customers don’t have a reason to ask for it any longer."Oct 20 20:57
schestowitz"Their publicity agencies are here on Slashdot pumping that angle every day. " 20 20:57
schestowitzBull(Oct 20 20:58
schestowitzNovell is shrinking.Oct 20 20:58
schestowitzOnly SUSE, which accounts for less than 10% of its biz, grew a bit.Oct 20 20:58
schestowitzOverall, Novell is living off the funneling of money from Microsoft, which then tried to use it as an IPR role modelOct 20 20:59
twitterRed Hat grew more.Oct 20 20:59
schestowitzLook what happened to Linspire -- it's dead.Oct 20 20:59
twitterThey repeat the Silverlight and mono lies, say it's M$ technology on Linux.Oct 20 20:59
schestowitzXandros? One-trick pony (ASUS only uses a derivative and probably pays them nothing)Oct 20 20:59
schestowitzRed Hat's absolute numbers are vastly higher than Novell'sOct 20 21:00
schestowitzIt's not about %Oct 20 21:00
schestowitzHours ago (Matt Asay): "This is the same Microsoft that aggressively went after Red Hat in 2006 through a patent agreement with Novell, and subsequently dumped over $350 million into Novell in 2007 to fuel its attempt to kill Red Hat." 20 21:01
twitterRed Hat has both better market share and growth, from what I've read.  Novell says exactly the opposite, but is probably lying.Oct 20 21:01
schestowitzNovell is a marketing a$$Oct 20 21:01
schestowitzBut that has always been the caseOct 20 21:01
schestowitzThey are vain. 20 21:01
twitterGutierrez acts like there is already OOXML/ODF "interoperabillity"Oct 20 21:02
schestowitzThere's noneOct 20 21:02
schestowitzNobody implements OOXML, either.Oct 20 21:02
schestowitzNo-one ever will.Oct 20 21:02
schestowitzThe whole thing there is a big lie, which is why the MS/Novell deal is in many ways like the SCO sagaOct 20 21:03
schestowitzI can foresee this mess going on for years to come... Microsoft clinging onto Novell as just a vassal to cause harm to FOSS>Oct 20 21:03
schestowitzAnd people like cj , Miguel, AlexH and so on will assist Microsoft.Oct 20 21:03
twitterThe interview drifts off into the seemingly unrelated subject of piracy.Oct 20 21:03
schestowitzSteinman got promoted at Novell. There's 'Microsoftification' at Novell, which otherwise is becoming a fossil.Oct 20 21:04
twitterG. Associates "piracy" with organized crime and says we need moar better laws.Oct 20 21:04
schestowitzPiracyOct 20 21:04
schestowitz?Oct 20 21:04
schestowitzI thought that was dead, except for in some areas in Africa.Oct 20 21:04
schestowitzMaybe around China you still have some boats looted, but still...Oct 20 21:05
twitterHe's looking for more laws to fuck free softwareOct 20 21:05
schestowitzIf Microsoft plans to stop piracy, it needs to invest in more canon and TNT R&D.Oct 20 21:05
twitterM$ needs government protection alright.Oct 20 21:05
schestowitztwitter: of course. They also interfere with national procurement policies.Oct 20 21:06
schestowitzHere in the UK they break competition rule AFAIK, by using MoUs.Oct 20 21:06
schestowitzThe only pirate (raping theiving person) is Microsoft.Oct 20 21:06
schestowitzAsk distinguished people like Giddal who were looted.Oct 20 21:06
trmanco 20 21:06
schestowitzGary Kildall: "He [Bill Gates] is divisive. He is manipulative. He is a user. He has taken much from me and the industry."Oct 20 21:07
twitterOverall, there's nothing new in the Krill article.  It's damage control and a repeat of past lies all in one place.Oct 20 21:07
schestowitz*spelling issue noted :-)Oct 20 21:07
schestowitzThanks, trmanco Oct 20 21:07
schestowitzI am adding this to the list and will post them later.Oct 20 21:07
trmanconpOct 20 21:07
twitterKrill is a willing participant in this lie.Oct 20 21:07
schestowitzYesOct 20 21:08
schestowitzThere should be a media embargo on companies that slander others.Oct 20 21:08
neighborleehoneslty I think we should bring up fedora more often as a 'leader' in combating entrusion of FOSS by patents,,and not only boyottnovell, but ubuntu as well since they are fostering mono's endorsementOct 20 21:08
schestowitzMicrosoft can be fined for slander based on German law, I think.Oct 20 21:08
schestowitzSCO was fined.Oct 20 21:08
schestowitzneighborlee: yes.Oct 20 21:09
schestowitzI thought about doing an open letter with copies sent to Mark and Paul F.Oct 20 21:09
neighborleekewlOct 20 21:09
schestowitzBut I'm waiting to hear from Microsoft.Oct 20 21:09
schestowitzI suppose you saw our E-mails to them.Oct 20 21:09
neighborleenopeOct 20 21:09
neighborleebeen busy lately ;0-Oct 20 21:09
schestowitz (context in links)Oct 20 21:10
neighborlee:))Oct 20 21:12
schestowitzI look forward to filing compalints.Oct 20 21:13
schestowitz*typoOct 20 21:13
neighborleeindeed ;)Oct 20 21:13
schestowitzSearch engines are crawling BN very heavily these days... like 1GB per day.Oct 20 21:21
twitterblock M$'s engine.Oct 20 21:24
twitterthey will manipulate the results anywayOct 20 21:24
twitterWhat my wife thinks of Steve Ballmer's, "Advertisers x3!" - "ballmer looks like a hyperactive hot dog, like of you take a weenie and throw it around the kitchen"Oct 20 21:26
schestowitztwitter: it's Yahoo that Sluprs(TM) the most.Oct 20 21:27
schestowitzMore than Google and MSN combined.Oct 20 21:27
schestowitzHe's barking like a chiwawa dog. Show it the shoe and off it runs.. away.Oct 20 21:28
schestowitzWe used to have XML site maps to manage crawling, but after about a year and a half the host enabled MEMLIMIT, so it didn't scale anymore... so no more site maps at all... not anymore.Oct 20 21:32
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Oct 20 21:47
MinceRgnOct 20 22:00
schestowitzgnOct 20 22:01
PetoKrausoh manOct 20 23:26
PetoKrausi got so crossOct 20 23:27
PetoKrausthis "This Is Not an Invitation To Rape Me" campaign is so stupidOct 20 23:27
PetoKrausit's like saying "Coca-Cola is sold in red bottles."Oct 20 23:27
schestowitzWhere?Oct 20 23:27
PetoKraus 20 23:28
PetoKrausit's the most stupid advertisign campaign since Seinfield & GatesOct 20 23:29
PetoKrausthey made couple of photos and sticked this "motto" on themOct 20 23:30
PetoKrauswanting to create "controversy" and "discussion" about something, where should be no discussion at allOct 20 23:30
PetoKrausrapists should be shot. period.Oct 20 23:30
PetoKrausi guess this motto would be much more striking. I guess I'll suggest it.Oct 20 23:31
schestowitzI can't get whois for it.Oct 20 23:32
schestowitz     Domain name:Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz 20 23:33
schestowitz Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz     Registrant:Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz         Eileen MaitlandOct 20 23:33
schestowitz Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz     Registrant type:Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz         UK Registered CharityOct 20 23:33
schestowitz Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz     Registrant's address:Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz         Tara House, 46 Bath StreetOct 20 23:33
schestowitz         GlasgowOct 20 23:33
schestowitz         StrathclydeOct 20 23:33
schestowitz         G2 1HGOct 20 23:33
schestowitz         GBOct 20 23:33
schestowitz Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz     Registrar:Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz         GX Networks Ltd t/a [Tag = 123-REG]Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz         URL: 20 23:33
schestowitz Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz     Relevant dates:Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz         Registered on: 04-Jun-2007Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz         Renewal date:  04-Jun-2009Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz     Registration status:Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz         Registered until renewal date.Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz     Name servers:Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz 20 23:33
schestowitz 20 23:33
schestowitz Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz     WHOIS lookup made at 00:39:08 21-Oct-2008Oct 20 23:33
schestowitz===============Oct 20 23:34
schestowitzI love the part about "Registered Charity"Oct 20 23:34
PetoKrausalrightOct 20 23:34
PetoKrausi'll send her a mailOct 20 23:34
schestowitzHow did you find it?Oct 20 23:34
PetoKrauswell, i found it in our student unionOct 20 23:35
PetoKrausas a article in newsOct 20 23:35
PetoKrauslike a "grand idea"Oct 20 23:35
PetoKrauswell, obviously, stating obvious things is REALLY gonna HELPOct 20 23:35
PetoKrausand then friend joins the groupOct 20 23:35
schestowitzMaybe it's like when "bad" means "good"Oct 20 23:35
PetoKrausand I see all this people talking "rape is bad rape is bad"Oct 20 23:35
schestowitzOr when rape means "make love"Oct 20 23:36
PetoKrausand i am like, alright, we KNOW that rape is bad, the problem is, THEY DONTOct 20 23:36
schestowitzOr "grill" means "face"Oct 20 23:36
schestowitzAnd hacker means "bad guy"Oct 20 23:36
PetoKrausso, my inner troll needed food.Oct 20 23:36
schestowitzAnd "bad guy" means "cool guy"Oct 20 23:36
PetoKraus:)Oct 20 23:36
schestowitzAnd "sabotage" is a "Coll Thing"^TMOct 20 23:36
PetoKrauswait waitOct 20 23:36
PetoKrausterrorismOct 20 23:37
PetoKraus(TM)Oct 20 23:37
schestowitzAh, that ... not so much...Oct 20 23:37
schestowitzYou can't joke about terrorism.Oct 20 23:37
schestowitzSay the T word in the airport and you'll be thrown into Security Theatre.Oct 20 23:37
PetoKrausit's like "you can't say politically incorrect things"Oct 20 23:37
schestowitzThey might even steal your toothpaste.Oct 20 23:38
PetoKraus:D yes. I watched fight club yesterdayOct 20 23:38
schestowitzExplosive toothpaste, of course.Oct 20 23:38
PetoKrauslike, 24 hours ago, exactlyOct 20 23:38
schestowitzI saw it was I was 18Oct 20 23:38
schestowitzWeird one.Oct 20 23:38
PetoKrausyes. Though I pirated craploads of data last month. My address is... well, you probably already know, RIAA.Oct 20 23:39
schestowitzThere's goof legit stuff out there.Oct 20 23:40
schestowitz*goodOct 20 23:40
PetoKrausheheOct 20 23:40
schestowitzIn fact, it's more gratifying to artists who make their stuff available.Oct 20 23:40
schestowitzThink about it.Oct 20 23:40
schestowitzArtists want exposure.Oct 20 23:40
schestowitzLabels want $$. They don't give a drek about art.Oct 20 23:40
PetoKrausoh man: this fits so muchOct 20 23:41
PetoKrausi guess to prove my point, i am just gonna use that phrase everywhereOct 20 23:43
PetoKrausyou know, it's not an invitation to a rape, so, fuck it! (tm)Oct 20 23:43
schestowitzLaptops in bed?Oct 20 23:44
schestowitzSainsbury's=surveillance.Oct 20 23:47
schestowitzI'm doing some shopping ATM and apart from the price hikes I can see items I bought at the local shops showing up in the  online shop as part of 'customisation'. The only way to have privacy is to withdraw cash and buy staff 'anonymously'.This surveillance is sold to customers as a 'feature' and then resold to marketing firms.Oct 20 23:50
schestowitzIt's like in the Truman show (the film). Suddenly your bank knows what brand of cereal you like and travel agents know your bank balance, so they can jack up the prices provided you can pay for it.Oct 20 23:51
PetoKrausalright, i need to take few hours napOct 20 23:57

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