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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: October 23rd, 2008 - Part 1


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pombat42i look at it from the pov that i am using whatever my contract allows. if they change that i either accept it or move onOct 23 00:00
pombat42i think most user feel the sameOct 23 00:00
MinceR020244 < pombat42> Mybe i am simplistic but i feel if you buy it you own itOct 23 00:05
MinceRwell, apple certainly doesn't feel that wayOct 23 00:05
schestowitzApple is much like Microsoft. There's ownership and there's /control/.Oct 23 00:10
schestowitzApple and Microsoft give you none, but if you have h/w as part of the product, then you have partial ownership, not control. Free software always gives both control and ownershipOct 23 00:11
schestowitzMahalo feels economic pressure, lays off 10 percent of staff: 23 00:47
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schestowitzIs Amazon censoring anti-DRM reviews? : 23 09:17
schestowitzDutch court convicts teens for stealing pixels : 23 09:19
schestowitzNo Mac-based UMPCs coming: Jobs: The IPhone Is Apple's Netbook < >Oct 23 09:26
schestowitzWindows botnets and the collapse: How cybercriminals profit from stock declines < >Oct 23 09:27
schestowitzNet patent could stifle standards effort : 23 09:45
schestowitzSo this is where Bishop landed: 23 09:46
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schestowitzApple Netbook-clone spotted on Web?  : 23 10:19
MinceRr4wrOct 23 10:19
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_DougLinux on the IBM baby mainframe ..Oct 23 12:08
_Doug 23 12:08
_DougI guess the SCO~1 case isn't affecting their Linux business ?Oct 23 12:09
schestowitzSCO on mainframes?Oct 23 12:11
schestowitzMainframes are an IBM business monopoly...Oct 23 12:11
schestowitzWhy would IBM touch SCOX?Oct 23 12:11
schestowitzCracking4Kids (Windows zombies galore): 23 12:14
schestowitz "Of course, terrorists and strangers preying on our children are two of the things that cause the most fear in people. Put them together, and there's no limit to what sorts of laws you can get passed."Oct 23 12:15
_DougWhat OS did Cracking4Kids crack ?Oct 23 12:16
schestowitzThe easy one. it has back doors 'features'.Oct 23 12:16
schestowitzMind you, Gartner and Microsoft have already admitted that they put back doors in Windows.Oct 23 12:16
_Doug"According to Levy, there was child pornography on Goldstein's computer, but he was not charged in connection with this"Oct 23 12:17
_Dougplead guilty are we'll do you for kiddie porn .. must have copped a plea ..Oct 23 12:17
schestowitzYes, I saw that. Apprently that's just minor [sic]Oct 23 12:17
schestowitz[pun], not [sic]Oct 23 12:18
schestowitzSee the Schneier article in that contextOct 23 12:18
_Doug"Walker .. operated a large botnet network "Oct 23 12:19
_Douglike .. who is responciple for enabling such botnets ?Oct 23 12:19
schestowitz"Documents Show Tobacco Industry Conspired Against Airline Smoking Ban" .. "An analysis of tobacco industry documents published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) tells how the German cigarette industry worked to stop Lufthansa, the flagship airline of Germany, from banning smoking on its domestic flights in the early 1990s. " 23 12:19
schestowitzRMS writes that they conspired to bring cigarette vending machines close to kids.Oct 23 12:20
schestowitzBastards.Oct 23 12:20
_Dougbotnet: a large aggregrate of compromised Windows desktop PCs ..Oct 23 12:20
schestowitzWFT? (Gnu): We’re Not Red, We’re Not Blue - We’re Gnu < >Oct 23 12:21
schestowitz_Doug: 23 12:22
schestowitzThe writer has an interesting story behind it. Apparently in some forum his name was used to threaten PJ, but it wasn't really him... violent threats, IIRC.Oct 23 12:22
_Doug'interesting story' what exactly .. got a url ?Oct 23 12:25
schestowitzWhat 4?Oct 23 12:26
_Doughow to eliminate botnets: disable the click-and-install feeture of Windows+Internet ExplorerOct 23 12:27
_Dougwhat 4: well you mentioned this, you peaked my curiosityOct 23 12:27
schestowitz_Doug: you don't need IE intervention.Oct 23 12:28
schestowitzYou could grab Vista by just crafting a TCP/IP packet, for instance.Oct 23 12:28
_DougCampana: There are a lot of very smart people doing very bad things"Oct 23 12:28
schestowitz_Doug: it's from memory, can't get URLs or E-mails without some extensive digging.Oct 23 12:29
_DougNo, just a bunch of script kiddies and the Windows API ..Oct 23 12:29
schestowitzHahOct 23 12:29
_Dougthe root cause of the botnet infestation: Windows + Internet Explorer ...Oct 23 12:29
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schestowitzMaybe they could use other means though.Oct 23 12:34
_Dougwhy bother, when it's easier to use the most convienent ..Oct 23 12:36
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schestowitzOther browsers inherit similar problems (on Windows).Oct 23 12:47
_Dougwell .. yea .. but IE has so many hooks .. or I should say parts of IE are so buried in the OS that a bug in IE is a lot more sevier that any other browser ..Oct 23 12:48
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schestowitzPeople still log in as Admin, right?Oct 23 12:56
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schestowitzMac Users Soon to Enjoy the Sounds of Banshee < >Oct 23 13:08
schestowitzMore Mono poison for the people.Oct 23 13:09
schestowitz "Microsoft is in the process of applying for a wide-ranging patent that covers a variety of functions related to its .Net initiative."Oct 23 13:09
neighborlee , interesting page, liniked into from: < directhex last post a few weeks ago here, of course mentions in a no mono thread that btw here is the latest version of mono LOL...what a swell person, whom on the former url I showed cleary seems to be talking M$ smack as if he 'works' me anyway thats how it seemsOct 23 13:12
schestowitzThe mono boosters mention directhex a lot.Oct 23 13:17
schestowitzWhat do you know about it/him/her?Oct 23 13:17
schestowitzI saw this page before, BTW.Oct 23 13:18
schestowitzThere are some Microsoft people helping with Mono, mind you.Oct 23 13:18
twitter , " The banshee,...usually seen as an omen of death...."Oct 23 13:18
schestowitz"About directhex Biography    Key member in the Microsoft conspiracy"Oct 23 13:19
schestowitz 23 13:19
schestowitzThere's a lot of this 'joke' kicking around in the Mono campOct 23 13:19
schestowitz "Following my post about RMS's doubts about clouds, Stan D. Freeman has kindly pointed me towards the growing kerfuffle over iGoogle's new format in the US, and how everyone is now redefining themselves as Brits (sounds a good move to me)."Oct 23 13:19
schestowitz 23 13:21
neighborleeschestowitz, what I know for sure is that though they speak of  'fud' bashers, when you see their parties own comments, the fud is ususally much worse...when they fear their position in   trouble they are the ones that usually resort to colorful adjectivesOct 23 13:24
neighborleethats all thats left ;)Oct 23 13:25
neighborleewhen their views are shown to be less than honorable , thas all they have left to throw out there, kinda like the current political campaign by someone whom I wont mention here, but you might know them ;)Oct 23 13:26
schestowitzI'd like to know more about the level (and ways) to which Microsoft helps Mono.Oct 23 13:27
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twitterThe tobacco industry is nasty and aggressive.  The story of the "quit smoking" campaign is worse, used as a way to put ads in kids faces.Oct 23 13:27
neighborleeI think we know enough honestly..its just a matter of getting the word out sufficiently so everyone knows :)Oct 23 13:27
twitteryou can't get the word out if you don't have it well documentedOct 23 13:28
schestowitzneighborlee: I need more evidence.Oct 23 13:28
schestowitzI know that cj is this channel is part of the Mono-ers and he's a Microsoft consultantOct 23 13:28
twitterBN has done a good job of collecting evidence and tying a lot of it togetherOct 23 13:28
neighborleesame with beer, alcohol, yadda..its all the same ;)Oct 23 13:28
schestowitzI also know that Miguel works  quite closely with Microsoft.Oct 23 13:29
twitterpeople want it easy to digest too, they don't have all day to read everythingOct 23 13:29
schestowitzThey could be helping us drink the Apple juice that's just poison.Oct 23 13:29
neighborleesuch things are glamorized...alochol, game violence its all the same..glorified for the same of the pocketbooks of those whom produce it....same for some hollywood endeavors ;)Oct 23 13:29
neighborleetwitter, yupOct 23 13:29
schestowitzAlcohol in films... always showing people that have a good time.Oct 23 13:30
neighborleeyesOct 23 13:30
schestowitzThere is a campaign in the UK which is helpful though.Oct 23 13:30
neighborleeand on billboards, commercialsOct 23 13:30
schestowitzIt shows drunk people injuring and embarrasing themselves.Oct 23 13:31
schestowitz"Stop alcohol" means "alcohol is 'bad'... but legal"... bad as in "bad boy"... as in "good"Oct 23 13:31
twitterout of sight is out of mind for those things, no advertising is better.  Self loathing is a significant component of alcoholism, those ads are aimed at drunks.Oct 23 13:34
schestowitzI dunno... for starters, the glorification of partying g with drinks should end... instead, consumption of alcohol can be ridiculed. Not that I don't drink BTW.Oct 23 13:36
neighborleehehOct 23 13:41
neighborleeI do as well..but only ( unless out with friends, with these days is extremely rare, im too busy working and making non violent games ;))Oct 23 13:41
neighborleemosty I drink during supper, the typical 8 oz or less ( usualy less) which is supposedly good for our cardio ;)Oct 23 13:42
schestowitz : I've often lamented how few schools in the UK use free software, and how difficult it is to break the lock that Microsoft has on the entire educational system. The pathetic state here is highlighted by contrast with Russia, which is making amazing strides in rolling out open source to schools.Oct 23 13:42
schestowitzneighborlee: that cardio fluff is disputed.Oct 23 13:43
neighborleeyesOct 23 13:43
neighborleeitalians do seeem to live a tad longer though so maybe not ;0-0Oct 23 13:43
schestowitz 23 13:44
schestowitzIt's like those surveys that say married man live longerOct 23 13:44
schestowitzIt's reversing the logic for self-fulfilling propheciesOct 23 13:44
schestowitzTo say that a person who is not healthy is less likely to get married is more accurate then "if you get married, you live longer."Oct 23 13:45
twitterHa!  Don't let the wife and kids drive you to drinking!Oct 23 13:45
schestowitzThe same goes for similar studies about mormons with multiple wives. They just happen to be 'heads of the herd'Oct 23 13:45
neighborlee 23 13:46
schestowitzAlcohol: the legalised addictive drug. There must be historical reasons too.Oct 23 13:46
neighborleeDrinking red wine might help you live longer as well. How do we know? Italian scientists fed fish resveratrol and found the little swimmers lived up to 60 percent longer. < interesting ;)lolOct 23 13:46
twitterthat's not wineOct 23 13:47
schestowitzWine advert as a 'study'?Oct 23 13:47
schestowitzWho funded it? :-0 :-)Oct 23 13:47
schestowitzWatch what Lessig says about carb recommendations: 23 13:47
schestowitzShort story: the results were aggressively subverted by corruption, so people are being told lies by their government.Oct 23 13:48
schestowitzsudo apt-get install wine && wine; && die();Oct 23 13:49
neighborleehttp://www.universityofcalifornia... < this is probably a much better source ;)Oct 23 13:50
schestowitzCalifornia relies on wine sales.Oct 23 13:51
schestowitzPossibly funded.Oct 23 13:51
neighborleeThe study was funded in part with grants from the National Institutes of Health National Research Service Award (NIH NRSA) and from the National Center for Research Resources of the National Institutes of Health for the General Clinical Research Center at UC San Diego.Oct 23 13:51
schestowitz"San Diego"Oct 23 13:52
schestowitz 23 13:52
neighborlee < this is how many wineries exist in its not just SanDiego :)Oct 23 14:00
schestowitzWhat day exactly are the elections, but more importantly, when will the results come?Oct 23 14:00
neighborlee11/4Oct 23 14:00
schestowitzI'll do some blog posts day beforehand.Oct 23 14:00
neighborleetrickling in now, as voters voteOct 23 14:00
neighborleemccain is losing badly atm,at least according to pollsOct 23 14:00
schestowitzGood.Oct 23 14:00
neighborleejudging by his robocalls he  should be losingOct 23 14:01
neighborleethat and the whole ayers mess..calling obama a terroist..who is he kidding :)Oct 23 14:01
schestowitz 23 14:01
schestowitz 23 14:03
schestowitz "While listening to the Transforming Education Panel at the Microsoft ICT for Development Conference, I was struck by how much this conference is a direct result of the hype around One Laptop Per Child."Oct 23 14:07
neighborleeyeah that was a mess too ;00-Oct 23 14:08
neighborleeanother instance of m$ meddlingOct 23 14:09
schestowitzNew CC-licensed album (also ogg): 23 14:13
schestowitzI'm still ripping all my CDs these daysOct 23 14:13
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schestowitz.The new business mode: 23 14:14
schestowitzOne click, full album. Totally legal, makes the MAFIAA scared.Oct 23 14:14
schestowitzAnd this is how they make $$: 23 14:15
neighborlee < my post.Oct 23 14:18
neighborleeat endOct 23 14:18
neighborleewhat kind of group are they ;0-Oct 23 14:19
neighborleevery kewl though that they have OGG there ;))Oct 23 14:20
schestowitz 23 14:21
schestowitzBeware an enemy bearing gifts: "I wonder if by "mixed source" and releasing some of their old stuff to the open source community, they mean to somehow taint the open source community with their code in hopes that it will make it into some release and strengthen their claims of IP ownership?"Oct 23 14:21
schestowitzGlyn Moody: "It's already happening. Look at Mono, which is based on .NET's structures."Oct 23 14:21
schestowitzEl Perro Loco: "I have always seen Mono as a *very bad thing*. In my opinion, it is as close to treason as it can be. I try to keep my machines Mono-free."Oct 23 14:22
schestowitz"If thought can corrupt language, then language can also corrupt thought." -- Orwell Oct 23 14:22
schestowitzneighborlee: it's metal by the way. Not my cup of tea.Oct 23 14:24
neighborleeICKOct 23 14:24
neighborleenor mine.Oct 23 14:24
*neighborlee is a HUGE Carpenters fan : 23 14:24
schestowitzIt makes me annoyed.Oct 23 14:24
neighborleehehOct 23 14:24
schestowitzSame here, but 'cause of my sister.Oct 23 14:24
neighborleeahhhhOct 23 14:24
neighborleea man..speaking of is almost around the doesn't get alot better than karens voice at christmas ;)Oct 23 14:25
schestowitz 23 14:28
schestowitz"No less than Bill Gates himself said in a recent Fortune article that Microsoft competes better against in China when there's piracy than when there isn't. So, Microsoft actively looks the other way as people pirate its software."Oct 23 14:28
schestowitz"It builds its market share that way, and lets people get used to the idea of having Windows at a certain price. Then, Microsoft decides one day that it just won't do, and it shows up on people's computers to harass them into buying its product." Oct 23 14:28
neighborleejust use linux ;)heh..trouble is linux sometimes its its own worse enemyOct 23 14:38
neighborleejust use linux ;)heh..trouble is linux sometimes is its own worse enemyOct 23 14:39
schestowitzNovell is not Linux. ;-) It's less than 10% Linux.Oct 23 14:39
neighborleeyupOct 23 14:40
schestowitzMicrosoft rushes out emergency Windows update : 23 14:40
schestowitzThis relates to a discussion I had with _doug some hours ago.Oct 23 14:40
schestowitzHe mentioned IE and I told him that.. well... from The Reg: "Microsoft is about to issue an emergency security update to plug a vulnerability which could allow an internet worm to be spread via a computer without the user doing anything.Oct 23 14:40
schestowitzThis flaw could make a lot more zombies very quickly.Oct 23 14:41
schestowitzHaha. And it happens on the very same day as the financial report... not good, Microsoft, not good... 23 14:42
schestowitz "In May Microsoft moved to appease its critics and reassure regulators by proclaiming that Office 2007 SP2 will support rival file format OpenDocument Format (ODF) 1.1 used by openistas such as IBM and Sun Microsystems.Oct 23 14:43
schestowitz"Oct 23 14:43
neighborleeEEEEEEEEEEkOct 23 14:44
neighborleepatch isn't out yet EEEEEEEKOct 23 14:44
neighborlee2 hours 10 minutes to goOct 23 14:45
neighborleesevere for XP, only 'importan't for vista GEZ ;))Oct 23 14:45
neighborleemaybe this is their way of getting people to upgrade to vista..'more secure' ? hehOct 23 14:46
schestowitz:-)Oct 23 14:46
neighborleehey is anyone here a lawyer ;)Oct 23 14:46
schestowitzWell, maybe..Oct 23 14:46
neighborleewell I need one.. LOLOct 23 14:46
schestowitzMaybe it's cause nobody uses Vista, so it's not at risk.Oct 23 14:46
neighborleenot for criminal not one of those guys..this is  civilOct 23 14:46
schestowitzAre we talking about Ballmer again?Oct 23 14:47
neighborleelol yeah that could be :))Oct 23 14:47
neighborleelawyer not balmer.Oct 23 14:47
schestowitzWhoa. Big number: < Seagate earnings slump 83% >Oct 23 14:48
schestowitzThey are Linux hostile, so good riddance.Oct 23 14:48
schestowitzAlthough my two Seagate external hard-drives work fine now with a new kernel.Oct 23 14:48
schestowitzPolice state receding? Speed cams ditched in Wiltshire < > over a hundred comments so far.Oct 23 14:49
neighborleecrap..and I have a seagate drive o_0Oct 23 14:50
neighborlee:)Oct 23 14:50
schestowitzNo patches for you anymore.Oct 23 14:50
schestowitzThe former one I had to formar recently. It had Microsoft software out of the box (NTFS)Oct 23 14:51
schestowitzSeagate Freeagent Pro: hardware that comes with proprietary software : 23 14:51
twitterfreeagent?  funny name for a free software assassin.Oct 23 14:53
neighborleeI wonder how macosX handles virus' that environment as safe as linux or more safe or whatOct 23 14:54
neighborleetwitter, lol yeahOct 23 14:54
neighborleeschestowitz, ah ok..well atm I have no external prob. going this route instead as its cheaper: 23 14:55
neighborleemy seagate is internalOct 23 14:55
schestowitzFreeHotmanOct 23 14:55
schestowitzFreeHitmanOct 23 14:55
schestowitzThe Seagate Sharpshoot series.Oct 23 14:55
neighborleelolOct 23 14:55
schestowitzWhat's this obsession in LinuxInsider with Wikis? This has gone on for years... and Second Life too... 23 14:59
schestowitzThey also appear to be buying many articles rather they write and publish their own, so they might be dying (budget problems or staffing shortage)Oct 23 14:59
twitterI've had good luck with iomega external drives, but I ext3 them right away with cfdisk or fdisk.Oct 23 15:00
twitteriomega is what it should be, a simple usb or firewire to PATA adaptor.Oct 23 15:01
schestowitz*LOL* "Bork File Encryption program. " (in < >)Oct 23 15:01
schestowitzIomega is EMC nowOct 23 15:01
schestowitzMicrosoft puppets and Puppet of the Year 2008Oct 23 15:01
schestowitzThey have their own Linux O/S though.Oct 23 15:02
twitterThat enclosure looks exactly like my smaller iomega drive.Oct 23 15:02
twitterM$ puppet?  Oh no!Oct 23 15:02
twitterEbay is your friend.Oct 23 15:03
schestowitzThis is important: Persony Releases No Download Web Conferencing Solution for Mac, Windows and Linux < > One missing piece was often this time of software in GNU/LinuxOct 23 15:04
schestowitzI had a little argument with 451 Group when they locked out GNU/Linux from their Webcast.sOct 23 15:04
schestowitzStocks Turn Higher After Wednesday's Plunge ... 23 15:06
twitterthis should fix that, 23 15:08
neighborleeindeedOct 23 15:08
schestowitzBlech. < >"An uninvited guest showed up at dinnertime for some Pennsylvania families last week: a robotic telephone message informing them that Barack Obama had associated with a terrorist."Oct 23 15:09
schestowitzLMS (last minute slime)Oct 23 15:09
twitterrobo calls, most people hang up on them.Oct 23 15:09
schestowitzLet me post a video in BNOct 23 15:09
neighborleetwitter, most likely yesOct 23 15:10
neighborleetwitter, I got one from mccain camp myself few days ago..hung up quickly LOLOct 23 15:10
neighborleeI had to take a shower after o_0Oct 23 15:10
neighborleeewwwwwww ;)Oct 23 15:10
twitterI hang up on all robocallsOct 23 15:10
neighborlee:)Oct 23 15:10
twitterthey used to be against the law.Oct 23 15:11
schestowitzOh no.Oct 23 15:11
schestowitzThis tools < > seems to be broken (hopefully not for good), so I can't produce Oggs.Oct 23 15:12
schestowitzI can't even get PyTube (404sOct 23 15:14
schestowitz 23 15:17
schestowitzI found Oct 23 15:19
twitter??? what did do for you?Oct 23 15:19
schestowitz 23 15:20
schestowitzIt enables you to download the FLVs to make the Oggs.Oct 23 15:20
schestowitzReaders are upset if I just post Flash.Oct 23 15:20
twitteruse clive to get the flv and ffmpeg2ogg to get ogv, that should work.  Let me try one.Oct 23 15:21
schestowitzclive?Oct 23 15:22
schestowitzURL/Oct 23 15:22
twitterffmpeg2theora, typoOct 23 15:22
twitterclive is debian package that downloads youtubeOct 23 15:22
schestowitzThat's what I thought. I need it for MandrivaOct 23 15:22
twitterdon't know.  The youtube-dl script for Mepis I tried yesterday did not work.Oct 23 15:23
schestowitzGoogle might change 'API's sometimes.Oct 23 15:24
schestowitzThis is why PyTube broke on my machine at work,Oct 23 15:24
schestowitzIf onyl Google made it possible to watch as OggOct 23 15:24
schestowitzIn fact, someone should lobby for it.Oct 23 15:24
schestowitzThey can produce Oggs on the fly and then deliver it in YouTube, even iwht ads if they preferOct 23 15:24
schestowitzBut as it stands, they serve binary/undocumented stuff... not good for a Web companyOct 23 15:25
twitterogg support is a big deal for a lot of peopleOct 23 15:25
twitterBoingboing is doing everything it can to get it, for example.Oct 23 15:26
twitterHere's clive, 23 15:26
schestowitztwitter: thanks. I'll use the Web thing for now. It's slower this way though.Oct 23 15:27
schestowitzWith clive I could script the whole pipeline..Oct 23 15:27
twitterYou might even add a right click item to your browser, "download and theora this trash"Oct 23 15:30
twitterdid I misspell flash?Oct 23 15:30
schestowitzNoOct 23 15:31
schestowitzVideos posted.. front page < >Oct 23 15:38
*epictetus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 23 15:39
epictetusHi guysOct 23 15:39
neighborleehiOct 23 15:39
schestowitzRoss is back to posting Novell ads in YoutTube: 23 15:40
schestowitzhey, epictetus Oct 23 15:40
epictetusso you guys are anti-novell here?Oct 23 15:40
neighborleeyesOct 23 15:40
epictetusI was watching some of the Mac ads on TV attacking VistaOct 23 15:42
epictetusand was thinking how cool it would be if there were an ad for Ubuntu or something tooOct 23 15:42
schestowitzI posted one this morning: 23 15:43
neighborleeepictetus, trueOct 23 15:43
neighborleeI dont think enough realize what ubuntu is standing for  , so yeah thats a good ideaOct 23 15:43
epictetusI think between Windows getting worse (between spyware and vista basically making the WinPC a nightmare platform) and Ubuntu getting better this might be a great time for linux to finally make that home user/desktop breakthroughOct 23 15:47
neighborleebake sale video is hillarious ;)Oct 23 15:47
epictetusMore windows software works on Wine than Vista :)Oct 23 15:48
neighborleelolOct 23 15:49
neighborleeif I go linux completely ill be using wine somewhat leary of it but oh well o_0Oct 23 15:50
epictetusI use a vmware virtual machine with XP :(Oct 23 15:50
neighborleewont work for meOct 23 15:51
neighborleeI gotta have 3d acceleration.Oct 23 15:51
twitterRoss must be reading BN and did not want to look, "shy"Oct 23 15:51
twitterIf you have 3d acceleration, wine should have 3d accelerationOct 23 15:52
neighborleeno i meant virtual osOct 23 15:52
neighborleewine is fineOct 23 15:52
twitterI'm not sure about thatOct 23 15:52
neighborleeI amOct 23 15:53
neighborleefrom horses mouth, in form of nvidia dudeOct 23 15:53
twittervirtual box?Oct 23 15:53
neighborleeany of themOct 23 15:53
neighborleeunless something haz changed recentlyOct 23 15:53
twitterdon't know, I don't have or care for 3d accelerationOct 23 15:53
neighborleeahOct 23 15:54
epictetusi've found that wine is very good for mainstream-ish stuff (i.e. just running excel), but then when you have to add some obscure third-party statistics plugins to excel, those won't workOct 23 15:54
neighborleeyeahOct 23 15:54
epictetusalthough i havent tried it recentlyOct 23 15:54
epictetus09:42 < epictetus> Hey man can you nslookup these sites for me I am not sure if it is a dns or apache problemOct 23 15:54
epictetus09:42 < [> I must protest.Oct 23 15:54
epictetuswhoopsOct 23 15:54
epictetusaccidental cutpasteOct 23 15:54
twitterthose don't work well with excel either, upgrade train wrecks everything in the non free world sooner or laterOct 23 15:54
epictetusyeah that's trueOct 23 15:55
twitterBetter to avoid excelOct 23 15:55
epictetusa lot of stuff like that (stattools, minitab, solver, etc) doesn't work in 2007 yet and/or has weird cross-compatibility issuesOct 23 15:55
epictetusdecision treeOct 23 15:55
twitteryou can get a lot of those things in gnumeric nowOct 23 15:56
twittergnumeric is about 1/100th the drag excel is.Oct 23 15:56
neighborleeonly thing I realy need is quicken like and msaccess im not really sure I trust wine to my important data...gnucash maybe for quicken..not sure yet about msaccessOct 23 15:59
*kentma has quit ("Leaving.")Oct 23 15:59
schestowitz : Sony Cuts Financial Outlook on Weak Economy, Strong YenOct 23 16:02
schestowitzI'm sure if this is an article or an advert. The author's name is very unfamiliar.. 23 16:03
twitterok, ffmpeg2theora works for the flv I tried.Oct 23 16:03
twitterffmpeg2theora -v5 CtrlAltDelthehistory.flvOct 23 16:03
twitterInput #0, flv, from 'CtrlAltDelthehistory.flv':Oct 23 16:03
twitter  Duration: 00:01:15.0, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 80 kb/sOct 23 16:03
twitter    Stream #0.0: Video: flv, yuv420p, 290x224 [PAR 0:1 DAR 0:1], 30.00 tb(r)Oct 23 16:03
twitter    Stream #0.1: Audio: mp3, 22050 Hz, mono, 80 kb/sOct 23 16:03
twitter  Resize: 290x224Oct 23 16:03
twitter      0:01:15.00 audio: 30kbps video: 135kbps, time elapsed: 00:00:14Oct 23 16:03
twitterLooks like the original.Oct 23 16:04
twitteroriginal was 2.5 MB, theora is 1.5MBOct 23 16:04
schestowitzA lot of Windows boxes will go into emergency reboot today: 23 16:05

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