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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: October 23rd, 2008 - Part 2


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twitterthe 14 seconds was using AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+Oct 23 16:05
schestowitzReboot or be a zombie... not intervention by the user needed.Oct 23 16:05
twitterLOL, like they are not already zombies.Oct 23 16:06
schestowitzWell, most are not.Oct 23 16:07
schestowitzAlmost half though.Oct 23 16:07
twitterHow do you really know?Oct 23 16:07
schestowitzUSA Today had some studyOct 23 16:07
twitterThere's really no difference between the owned half and the other half, so I don't see why compromise rates are not over 90%Oct 23 16:10
twitterPeople who think they can keep themselves free with various non free voodoo are crazy.Oct 23 16:11
twitterTheir first answer is to get a hardware firewall, aka a machine that's not running Windows.Oct 23 16:12
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schestowitzLet me find something funny.Oct 23 16:12
schestowitzGot it: Oct 23 16:12
schestowitz 23 16:13
schestowitz"SHINTO FAITHFUL are dragging their computers and gadgets into the local | shrine in a bid to protect them from viruses and Trojan horses.  At Tokyo's Kanda-Myojin Shinto shrine, priests are using centuries-old  ceremonies to ask the gods for help and protection for computers."Oct 23 16:13
schestowitzLinus: "I am your God"Oct 23 16:14
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twitterhmmm, I've taken my kids to the local shrine and had water sprinkled on them.  they made me promise to bring them back to the shrine and told me that it would make them better people.Oct 23 16:15
twitterthey made it clear that the actions were symbolicOct 23 16:16
neighborleeshrine ?Oct 23 16:16
twitteraka churchOct 23 16:16
PetoKraushehe, today I saw two weird things :)Oct 23 16:16
schestowitzI'm going to surf the Web in IE for a while. PRAY for me.Oct 23 16:16
PetoKrausfirst one was Java applet we used at schoolOct 23 16:16
neighborleetwitter, ahOct 23 16:16
neighborleeschestowitz, LOLOct 23 16:17
schestowitz.NET is finnier.Oct 23 16:17
PetoKraus"written by blabla using Gnu Public License"Oct 23 16:17
PetoKrausand the second oneOct 23 16:17
PetoKrausman, Excel is shite. I don't know which version was this, but it got my gradient wrongOct 23 16:17
twitterI wonder if the shinto people have to promise to teach their computers software freedomOct 23 16:17
schestowitzPetoKraus: Excel can't do maths, so be careful.Oct 23 16:19
twitterI know that the cult of M$ includes many, many symbolic acts.Oct 23 16:19
schestowitztwitter: Novell has mormons though.Oct 23 16:20
schestowitzSomeone I know was rejected a job at Microsoft because they say he didn't have the "Microsoft religion"Oct 23 16:20
schestowitzThere's also this about "Jihad"... from Microsoft: 23 16:20
twitterM$ has tried to infect every job with that kind of requirement.Oct 23 16:21
twitterIt's called "Identification with mission"Oct 23 16:21
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schestowitzIt's just being polar.Oct 23 16:23
twitterBusiness week, Forbes are enough to create management fads like that and they are very M$ friendly.Oct 23 16:23
twitterEvery big dumb company has a string of these kinds of questions they ask people.Oct 23 16:24
twitter"Respect for IP" comes up a lot.Oct 23 16:24
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twitterM$ has tremendous influence through these channels and aims to make life hard for people who don't share their religion.Oct 23 16:25
redds2socMan the US markets are diving again.  NOVL down to around 4.20 and RHT down under $12 a share.Oct 23 16:25
schestowitzYesOct 23 16:26
schestowitzI was going to write about this in a moment.Oct 23 16:26
PetoKrausthey won't stopOct 23 16:26
twitterThat was quick.Oct 23 16:26
schestowitzThe whole series of interviews about mixed source and "anti-piracy day" is relatedOct 23 16:26
schestowitzIt's part of the IPR propagandaOct 23 16:26
schestowitzMicrosoft raves about this type of "educatiuon" in its SEC filings (not just now)Oct 23 16:26
schestowitzThis will be a 'war' between monopolists through 'ownership' of 'knowledge' and those who just keep the status quo, not just those looking for Freedom (digital sense)Oct 23 16:27
schestowitzredds2soc: you haven't seen nothing yet. :-)Oct 23 16:27
schestowitzWait until the MS report.Oct 23 16:27
twitterThe FSF has good answers if you read enough.  The average Slashdot nerd is liable to be screwed.Oct 23 16:27
schestowitztwitter: I'm not alone in thinking this.Oct 23 16:28
schestowitzI receive validity by other people who are familiar with this, so I can cite them tor corroboration, which I will.Oct 23 16:28
twitterGood.Oct 23 16:28
redds2socSchestowitz:  I know, it's going to get worse!!!!Oct 23 16:28
schestowitzBad new to the Charity Killer (Intel): 23 16:28
twitterWe need to work on freedom.Oct 23 16:29
schestowitzredds2soc: as Red Hat's CEO put it, out of the rubble, Free software will emerge.Oct 23 16:29
schestowitzThe pillars are falling on corrupt Caesars that that built intellectual empires.Oct 23 16:29
twitterSure it will, unless M$ makes some kind of crazy laws.Oct 23 16:29
schestowitzThey try to contaminate freedomOct 23 16:30
schestowitz"Mixed source"Oct 23 16:30
schestowitzNovell helps them!!Oct 23 16:30
schestowitzIt's part of their attempt to revive digital suppression through public confusion.Oct 23 16:30
schestowitzBTW, I sent PJ that link to the Meeks patent.Oct 23 16:30
schestowitzUnder pressure, he blogged about it. Novellers are still part of the patent problem. Soft patents even...Oct 23 16:31
twitterPatents are their business model now.Oct 23 16:31
schestowitzNot yetOct 23 16:32
schestowitzThey prepareOct 23 16:32
twitterWithout software patents and licensing fees, all they have is extra costs.Oct 23 16:32
schestowitzMyhrvold and those other inetllectual gangster are abound.Oct 23 16:32
schestowitz.Oct 23 16:32
schestowitzI was amused to see Glyn referring in Linux Journal  to Microsoft using words like "Mafia-like"Oct 23 16:32
redds2socSchestowitz: Yeah I read the article.  My fear is the only big name who can weather a storm like this is MS.Oct 23 16:32
schestowitzHe has no mercy on them anymore, not even in the literature.Oct 23 16:32
twitterFree software companies will do better, they sell services people will continue to need.Oct 23 16:33
twitterM$ will flunk, no one needs their "products"Oct 23 16:34
schestowitzredds2soc: I saw some Microsoft critics fearing for its wealthOct 23 16:34
schestowitzThere are other companies to watch out for like IBM and Apple.Oct 23 16:35
redds2socTwitter: Not so sure.  The service model gets expensive.  The has quotes about how Oracle's support of RH is cheaper than RH's own support model.  When budgets get cut, support gets cut with it.Oct 23 16:35
schestowitzThey have an undeserved "underdog" reputation, but they have some monopolies and they suppress, digitally. DRM and all...Oct 23 16:35
redds2socSchestowitz: Could be MS is too big.  I won't deny that.Oct 23 16:36
schestowitzredds2soc: there might be layoffs, but not yetOct 23 16:36
redds2socTwitter: You don't have large market share if no one needs or wants your products.Oct 23 16:37
schestowitzThey already shut down some parts that are peripheralOct 23 16:37
schestowitzE.g. Ensemble StudiosOct 23 16:37
redds2socIt'Oct 23 16:37
twitterMonopolies don't answer market demand, they work by excluding market demand and choice.Oct 23 16:38
redds2socIt's an interesting problem.  Economic downturn could prove fruitful for FLOSS and Linux but how the support is handled could make a lot of difference.Oct 23 16:38
twitterM$'s failure will eliminate competitive barriers.Oct 23 16:39
schestowitzDevelopers of Free software work for free too... many of them.Oct 23 16:39
twitterThat's a good thing for everyone, free and non free.Oct 23 16:39
schestowitzIn KDE, the last time I checked, 70% of the commuters are volunteers.Oct 23 16:39
twitterThe economics of free software are overwhelming.   You get tremendous value instantly without obligation.Oct 23 16:40
twitterWhen you make changes to you like, there's no cost to sharing those changes.Oct 23 16:40
redds2socSchestowitz: Some do.  Eventually people need money and while they may do this as a hobby and for free now, if the job market tightens up someone is going to want to get paid.Oct 23 16:40
redds2socCan't live on the fact that I make contributions to KDE at no charge.Oct 23 16:41
twitterMost programmers make their money making things work.  It would be easier if their tools were free and they don't get a penny for choosing non free tools.Oct 23 16:41
schestowitzredds2soc: yes, I thought about the same two-edged sword. A dilemma really.Oct 23 16:42
twitterYou will eventually get a job.  Free software is useful to that job no matter what it is.Oct 23 16:42
schestowitzSome KDE developers provide consulting, I think. I am aware of some.Oct 23 16:42
twitterRMS has not had a job since 1984.Oct 23 16:43
schestowitzIf all works well, business will be pressured (for cash) by Microsoft and then seek help migration to GNU/Linux. That makes employment for people who build it.Oct 23 16:43
schestowitztwitter: some people paid him for emacs features.Oct 23 16:43
twitterHe's made his living developing and advocating free software all that time.Oct 23 16:43
twitterThat's 25 years of honest earnings.Oct 23 16:44
redds2socYou don't think RMS gets paid for his speeches and time?  I don't know but I would think there is some money there.Oct 23 16:44
schestowitzLinus was p[aid by Transmesa just to do his kernel.Oct 23 16:44
schestowitzredds2soc: yes, there is.Oct 23 16:44
schestowitzBut at the same time, he promotes freedomOct 23 16:44
twitterYou don't have to step on freedom to make a living.Oct 23 16:44
schestowitz"There is nothing wrong with making money as long as you  respects other people's freedom"Oct 23 16:44
redds2socYes he does promote freedom I will say that:)Oct 23 16:45
schestowitzOr, as he once said: "there is nothing wrong with making money and I'm not unhappy when I make some money" (from memory)Oct 23 16:45
schestowitzSome people make money out of abuse or aggravation of others.Oct 23 16:45
schestowitzHe would call that "subjugation"Oct 23 16:45
schestowitzWe mustn't assume that this is the only way for commerce to operate (exploitation)Oct 23 16:46
redds2socYes I do agree.  I just worry that with all the troubles going on that budgets get cut, and people with very little knowledge take the lead and MS wins.Oct 23 16:46
schestowitzBut RMS can't turns the world upside-down overnight.Oct 23 16:46
schestowitzIn some countries, ethics are so strong that if you deviate from the ethical, you get /whacked'Oct 23 16:46
schestowitzIn today's Republican-dominated 'justice' state, if you commit fraud and you have money, you can pay bail and get back to biznizOct 23 16:47
redds2socLOLOct 23 16:47
redds2socUnfortunately I gotta run off to work now.  This has been fun I'll try to pop on more often.Oct 23 16:48
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schestowitzNOVL down over 6% today: 23 17:02
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twitterThis will help, 23 17:18
twitterabout fucking time.Oct 23 17:18
twitter"There are more than 10,000 foreclosures a day"  an increase of 71% over last year, which was already bad.Oct 23 17:20
twitter3 million a year losing their homes.Oct 23 17:20
schestowitzThat's a lot.Oct 23 17:21
schestowitzTent cities...Oct 23 17:21
twitterblight, crime, breakdown.Oct 23 17:21
schestowitzI just got an E-mail about it from a cousin in Floria... he votes McCain. :-OOOOct 23 17:21
twitterMobs have already started to form around evictions.Oct 23 17:22
schestowitz"Since July 24th , when I exited the stock market,  my portfolio (which I still track daily) has declined 41%. If it gets much worse, I may move from Money Market Funds to a well-capitalized bank, but not yet. I am happy not to be drowning in misery like investors that stayed the course, but I have mixed feelings. "Oct 23 17:22
schestowitz"The country and the rest of the world are suffering and there is no relief in sight. The depth of the problem is in multi-trillion dollars, in fact, nobody knows the true amount. Government can only offer support funds for a limited time, I hate to think what happens when that support ends."Oct 23 17:22
schestowitzWell, he has been Republican for years. *gasp* voted Bush even.Oct 23 17:23
twitterThe estimated size of predatory loans was roughly 1/4 the value of the US stock market.Oct 23 17:23
schestowitzYes. Everything is happening very fast now.Oct 23 17:24
schestowitzRealisation. Oct 23 17:24
schestowitzThe EC should force change: 23 17:24
twitterRefinancing these loans on reasonable terms would have fixed the problem a year ago.Oct 23 17:25
twitterNow you understand why Bush threatened martial law.Oct 23 17:25
twitterStart throwing people out of their houses an you will have a real breakdown of authority.Oct 23 17:26
schestowitzIn Japan, according to something I read the other day, communism is rising. Eeeeck.Oct 23 17:28
neighborleeLOL, yeah like socialism remarks about obama, its just laughable ;)Oct 23 17:29
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schestowitzI see the brainwash taking its toll.Oct 23 17:31
schestowitz"I think Obama and the democrats think they can sustain the economy by spending their way out of this mess. WRONG!"Oct 23 17:31
schestowitz"I feel McCain is underestimated because of his poor communication skills; nevertheless,  I am voting for him. I do not trust Obama in the office of president. He’s smart, but devious in my opinion. I shall never forgive his 20-year religious association with the evil Rev. Wright – his self-declared mentor. Give me a break!"Oct 23 17:32
twitterYes, brainwash.  The answer proposed is regulation.Oct 23 17:37
schestowitzIf they spread enough filth and 'seed' it, then people spread it further.Oct 23 17:37
schestowitzThen they find reasons to dislike someone whom they have no reason to dislike.Oct 23 17:37
schestowitzAnyway, I told him to vote Nader as a compromise. ;-)Oct 23 17:38
twitterIt's dangerous.  They are so corrupt that the smears they throw lend credibility to real radicals.Oct 23 17:38
schestowitzYes, anti-Blacks in particular.Oct 23 17:39
twitterAs RMS put it, big publishers are shrill because they are losing.Oct 23 17:41
twitterMost people don't know or trust alternate media yet.Oct 23 17:41
schestowitzMicrosoft does not help (not just Microsoft)Oct 23 17:42
schestowitzThey bribe bloggers and all, turning them into the equiv. of the 'big' sites.Oct 23 17:42
twitterThe market collapse is going to make people even angrier, their life savings have been lost.Oct 23 17:42
schestowitzCapture they mind and preach to them about transparency and freedom.Oct 23 17:43
schestowitz*theirOct 23 17:43
schestowitzPeople don't want change until they are hurt and upset.Oct 23 17:43
twitterBut then again, both candidates have talked about retirement and health care as "entitlements" that we might have to give upOct 23 17:43
twitterBroadcast must break down for the right messages to get out.Oct 23 17:45
twitterHere's more about that "emergency" patch. 23 17:46
twitterbotnets gone wild.Oct 23 17:46
twitterYou have to expect the bad guys have known this for years.Oct 23 17:47
schestowitzMSFT almost at $20.xx now. Report could make it a make or break thingOct 23 17:47
twitterThey will have to lie.Oct 23 17:47
schestowitzYesOct 23 17:47
schestowitzBut investors are not dumbOct 23 17:47
schestowitzThey did realise they they lied in Apr and JulOct 23 17:47
schestowitzThe stock sank.Oct 23 17:48
schestowitzMSFT could fall below $20 today. Could.Oct 23 17:48
twitterNeed moar lie.Oct 23 17:48
twitterIt's all about advertisers, advertisers, advertisers, baby.Oct 23 17:49
schestowitzWhat time is the report?Oct 23 17:49
twitterafter markets closeOct 23 17:49
twitterof courseOct 23 17:49
schestowitzI am waiting to see if NOVL touches $4.00 today. It was $4.12. I want to grab a screenieOct 23 17:49
twitterSweaty B is busy "fixing" the report.Oct 23 17:50
schestowitzThe chair-fixing comes later.Oct 23 17:51
schestowitz What do you reckon? Some think it's another patent troll in the making.Oct 23 17:53
*schestowitz just decided on skipping the gym today. Too much to catch up with.Oct 23 17:54
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schestowitzbblOct 23 18:41
twitter 23 18:48
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trmanco 23 18:59
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PetoKrausdunno if you saw it, but 23 19:54
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twitterSweatyB finished his report.  It's Glowing 23 20:29
twitterIt says they got their .48 per share.  You have to wonder how real it is.Oct 23 20:37
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schestowitz*LOL* "In soviet russia, government controls microsoft."Oct 23 21:25
schestowitzHehe. Good YouTube video. "INNOVA~1"Oct 23 21:28
schestowitztwitter: just seen it. Microsoft bought a lot of companies, so revenue is only expected to be aggregated. I'd love to see the 'profit' because the press release says nothing about it. I'll catch up with this tomorrow. ;-)Oct 23 21:29
schestowitzzoobab: your server is acting up.Oct 23 21:33
schestowitz505 and no stylesheet on another occasion.Oct 23 21:34
schestowitz 23 21:34
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schestowitzHey, check out the avatar of the guy with this new video (hours ago): 23 22:05
schestowitz "The company is, essentially, printing money."Oct 23 22:10
schestowitz"We still need to see the breakdown by division, though. That's a heck of a lot more interesting."Oct 23 22:10
schestowitzCharity Killer turns FUD Machine to iPhone: 23 22:12
schestowitz How am I going to live in 2009? < >  ""Not where the debian community survives in the MicroSoft world, but where MicroSoft survives in the debian community world."Oct 23 22:15
tessier_ New windows exploit and associated worm. yeay! More spam!Oct 23 22:30
schestowitzNo user intervention necessary.Oct 23 22:31
tessier_I like the windows logo with the bullet holes in itOct 23 22:32
schestowitzBallmer was sweating *bullets*  todayOct 23 22:34
schestowitz Zombie PCs: ‘Time to infection is less than five minutes’Oct 23 22:35
schestowitzSo let's say I'm a  bank, OK? I have a fully-patched/updated AV software, firewall, and data of thousands of customers. Now Microsoft tells me that without me doing anything I get get hijacked and have all this data leaked within  minutes; and no patch is available yet.** And** it's it's being exploited in the wild already. Oh joy.Oct 23 22:37
tessier_I honestly can't recall the last time I ever had to upgrade my Linux box in a hurry for fear of getting owned.Oct 23 22:46
schestowitzSun co-founder Bechtolsheim makes start-up move < >Oct 23 22:47
schestowitzWas: (changed headline) "Is Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolshiem leaving or not?"Oct 23 22:47
schestowitz"The company, which has been battered by competition and slowing demand from financial customers, has struggled for nearly a decade with financial issues. The current economic crisis has only exacerbated the situation. In another sign of trouble, Sun's largest shareholder, Southeastern Asset Management, upped its stake this week and has taken a more aggressive attitude toward its investment."Oct 23 22:48
schestowitzMo wonder Tim Bray is "scared" (he works for Sun)Oct 23 22:48
schestowitz*LOL* Surface price inflated further now. "$13,500 even with the discount." Just in time for an economic depression. Get a beta version of Vista on a table for just 13 grands.Oct 23 22:50
schestowitz*Grand!Oct 23 22:50
schestowitzVideo site lays off 11 : 23 22:51
tessier_And people say nobody is attacking Linux.Oct 23 22:52
schestowitz"Microsoft profits are  down WRT Windows. " That's good news.Oct 23 22:53
tessier_But I get portscans and brute force attacks on ssh and people looking for php app exploits all day long.Oct 23 22:53
schestowitztessier: Linux is dominant on servers.Oct 23 22:53
tessier_schestowitz: From from obscene amounts of money to merely ludicrous?Oct 23 22:53
tessier_schestowitz: Indeed it is.Oct 23 22:53
schestowitzIf someone wanted a botnet, then Linux servers would be ideal, no?Oct 23 22:53
tessier_Yep. Lots of cpu and bandwidth.Oct 23 22:53
schestowitzHold on.Oct 23 22:54 had 11 employees? I thought it was just one dude running in his spare time.Oct 23 22:54
schestowitzI love this recent one:Oct 23 22:54
schestowitz"Forty percent of servers run Windows, 60 percent run Linux," he [Steve Ballmer]said. "How are we doing? Forty is less than 60, so I don't like it. ... We have some work to do." 23 22:54
schestowitzSurface was going to due.Oct 23 22:55
schestowitzBach wanted t kill it, but Gates had a 'dream', so he didn't allow this (source: CNET). And now they have a $15000 table without userbase (so expect no ISVs and development) at times of a slump. Well done...Oct 23 22:56
schestowitzOh great. Botnets now ruin another industry...   Click Fraud at 16 Percent as Scammers Resort to Botnets < > (more money to criminals, less to honest people, thanks to Windows zombies)Oct 23 22:59
schestowitzUK speed bumpers...  Broadband users reach their limit < 23 23:12
schestowitzARM is coming... sub-notebooks with Linux... and Windows won't run on ARM.,... "While Microsoft has not produced an ARM-compatible version of its mainstream Windows operating system, the chip architecture is supported by Windows CE, multiple Linux distributions and a version of Apple's OS X."Oct 23 23:25
twitterWinCE, what a joke.Oct 23 23:27
twitterIt's funny that no one describes M$ the way they describe Sun, a company that's "struggled" for a decade.Oct 23 23:28
schestowitzThey actually tried this on some Intel netbooks (wince)Oct 23 23:28
twitterWinblows sucks in it's full incarnation.  Who wants a limited version of it?Oct 23 23:29
schestowitztwitter: I'll post about Microsoft's results on Saturday. I've already discovered the things they hide. I need to summarise it well though. I'll figure something out. What we have now is a press release followed by Wintel press that was told by Microsoft's agencies what to type and publish.Oct 23 23:29
twitterbetter reports always come after more thoughtOct 23 23:30
twitterWhat would be interesting to see is their numbers over the last ten years or so as a graph.Oct 23 23:31
schestowitzBlack eye Thursday: "After speaking with Microsoft earlier today, I strongly suggest that users understand the importance of this update and begin emergency patching procedures immediately."Oct 23 23:31
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schestowitzFunny that I call it Black eye in the morning before these reports came.Oct 23 23:31
twitterha haOct 23 23:31
schestowitztwitter: WHAT number? *That's* the Q.Oct 23 23:32
twitterfinancial numbers, assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses and profit.Oct 23 23:32
schestowitzNumber of dollars in savings? Number of acquired companies? Number of newly-hired  employees? Number of successful businesses? Number of contract renewals?Oct 23 23:32
twitterI'm not interested in the number of employees, just money.Oct 23 23:33
schestowitzThey are fixated on revenue because they buy and buy and buy many companies for billions, adding their revenue to Microsoft'sOct 23 23:33
twitterbut their cash reserves have gone to zeroOct 23 23:33
schestowitzBank account meanwhile is going down to $0Oct 23 23:33
schestowitzYou beat me to it.Oct 23 23:34
twitterA nice little graph with the numbers they like to crow about would show the picture better than the numbers.Oct 23 23:34
schestowitzAcuisitions are a convenient mechnism (trick) for converting cash (liquid) into an illusion of rising profit/revenue. Artificial growth...Oct 23 23:35
schestowitzThey had $60 billion in the bank some years agoOct 23 23:36
schestowitzAnd the stock was higher.Oct 23 23:36
twitterThey claim a 2% rise in profits, but those can be had by raping companies acquired.  Fire the current employees and take the revenues before discontinuing the bought company's products after a few years of inactivity.Oct 23 23:36
schestowitz : Microsoft market cap drops below $200 billionOct 23 23:36
schestowitzWhat they essentially did is lump in those $60bn into their reports, to be shown as 'profit'Oct 23 23:36
twitterDoes anyone have the raw numbers of do I have to dig through their crappy reports myself?Oct 23 23:37
schestowitzThe stock too is keeping 'stable' at the expense of cash reserves.Oct 23 23:37
schestowitzAnd who know how much /real/ (overall) profit they make.Oct 23 23:37
schestowitzThey claim earning of $4.xbnOct 23 23:37
twitterthat's why a graph with their declining cash reserves would be nice to haveOct 23 23:37
schestowitzRight? So, at the same period their savings layer of fat can have $10 billion depleted from it. It's a bucket gameOct 23 23:38
schestowitzThey rely on past glory, much like Sun and Novell (they have some cash sitting around, or so they say)Oct 23 23:38
schestowitzThe market cap says a lot more, overall. IIRC, Microsoft lost over $100,000,000,000  in value so far this yearOct 23 23:39
twitterWhat you say makes sense and it would make a nice graph.  The graph should point to zero next year.Oct 23 23:39
schestowitztwitter: you can get the figures from YahooOct 23 23:39
schestowitzI can get you the buybacks figures.Oct 23 23:39
twittercool.Oct 23 23:39
schestowitzParish had a nice chart to depict the bucket gameOct 23 23:39
schestowitzIt's a lot like the sub-prime mortgages.Oct 23 23:39
schestowitzImaginary prospective wealth.Oct 23 23:40
twitterParish's stuff is old.Oct 23 23:40
schestowitzThough in Microsoft's case, they are still profitable.Oct 23 23:40
schestowitzI think.Oct 23 23:40
twitterThey burned trough $60 billion in cash and lost stock value.  How's that profitable?Oct 23 23:42
schestowitz 'Seattle-based TechFlash says the new company will be “a vehicle to coordinate the software mogul’s work on his business and philanthropic endeavors.”' I don't like the sound of that.Oct 23 23:42
twitterfunny he'd mix the two like he did with his foundationOct 23 23:42
schestowitztwitter: they can claim to have more assets, I guess, but market cap contradicts.Oct 23 23:42
schestowitzYes.Oct 23 23:42
twitterwhere do I find M$ numbers on yahoo?Oct 23 23:43
schestowitzI wrote about this 2 hours ago (BN FP)Oct 23 23:43
schestowitzFollow the link on the anchor "pet charity"Oct 23 23:43
schestowitzAnd never say anything bad about the Gates FUNDation in Slashdot. The shills will attack you like hyenas.Oct 23 23:43
twitter 23 23:43
twitterThe shills already attack me like hyenas.Oct 23 23:44
twitterThey complain that I won't "die" no matter what they do.Oct 23 23:44
twitterha haOct 23 23:44
schestowitz 23 23:47
schestowitzThis lousy site for a hundred million??? 23 23:47
*moparx has quit ("leaving")Oct 23 23:47
schestowitz Woman arrested for killing virtual reality husband : 23 23:49
schestowitzEarlier there was kid who get arrested for 'stealing' virtual goods.Oct 23 23:49
schestowitzThis is why the law is broken. People out there are stealing, killing, corrupting the entire system and leads to Depression 2.0 and the police is going after people who cheat in computer games (polygon worlds). I check the datestamp, but fail to find "Apr 1"Oct 23 23:50
twittergotta love kgetOct 23 23:50
twitterHere's some of the M$ junk, in crap formats of course 23 23:50
schestowitzThey could be doing what FAST was doing.Oct 23 23:51
twitterlosing money and lying about it?Oct 23 23:52
schestowitzPump up your brand using an illusion/perception of wealth you don't have, get customers this way and carry on pumping the company this wayOct 23 23:52
schestowitzJust a coat of pain on an old car.. 23 23:52
schestowitz EU blocks airport 'virtual strip search' :   Just because you /fell/ more secure doesn't mean you /are/ more secure. More waste of money and more public humiliation...Oct 23 23:53
schestowitzBash Admin just let it be. It's more corrupt[ible*]Oct 23 23:54
twitterOh crap.  All their stuff from the last two year is in their crap xml format.Oct 23 23:56
twitterIt might be easier to get the numbers out of a pdf.Oct 23 23:56
schestowitzThey sometimes use wmv to prevent access from non-proprietary platforms.Oct 23 23:56
schestowitzOr that's what some people claim. Especially the stuff that needs to be public, but not so easily accessible.Oct 23 23:57
twitterThe fewer rights you have, the less secure you are.  Prisons are violent.Oct 23 23:57
schestowitzIs it true that 3 million Americans lose their current home?Oct 23 23:58
twitterI don't know.Oct 23 23:58
twitterPalast has said "Millions" and I extrapolated from the current rate of 10,000 per day.Oct 23 23:59

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