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twitterBill Gates, 1995, " Browsing the Web, you find almost no Microsoft file formats. After 10 hours of browsing, I had not seen a single Word .DOC, AVI file, Windows .EXE (other than content viewers), or other Microsoft file format."  We will be back to that soon enough. 31 01:04
schestowitzXAMLOct 31 01:04
schestowitz.NETOct 31 01:04
schestowitzI should write about this tonight, but it's getting late.Oct 31 01:04
twitterTake it easy, I thought it would amuse everyone.  Here's more:Oct 31 01:05
twitter" Acrobat and Quicktime are popular on the network because they are cross platform and the readers are free. Once a format gets established it is extremely difficult for another format to come along and even become equally popular."Oct 31 01:05
twitter" One scary possibility being discussed by Internet fans is whether they should get together and create something far less expensive than a PC which is powerful enough for Web browsing."Oct 31 01:07
twitterHe held that off for 15 years.  :-(Oct 31 01:07
schestowitzIt's not as profitable.Oct 31 01:08
schestowitzIntel too. That also puts them face-to-face with ARM (scary!)Oct 31 01:08
twitterGates mentioned alternatives at the time.  They must have been crushed.Oct 31 01:09
twitterThis one is funny too, " Nathan and Pete will lead the Applications and Content group to figure out how to make money providing applications and content for the Internet. This will protect our Office asset and grow our Office, Consumer, and MSN businesses."Oct 31 01:09
twitter15 years later and that's still a loser for them.Oct 31 01:10
twittergo forth and astroturf, " I believe the Internet will become our most important promotional vehicle and paying people to include links to our home pages will be a worthwhile way to spend advertising dollars."Oct 31 01:11
schestowitzYes, they exploited that. They also spread disinfo blogs.Oct 31 01:12
twitterIt's funny how he saw the internet as something to use and abuse.  He talks about cramming it full of non free file formats, charging for information and astroturfing all to promote his bottom line.Oct 31 01:15
twitterHe mentioned education and communications in the first paragraph, but $$$ was all he really saw.  The crushing of OLPC is just what you would expect.Oct 31 01:16
schestowitzYour stalker is still traveling in BNOct 31 01:16
schestowitz (in other Web sites too)Oct 31 01:17
schestowitzI'm being stalked by these creatures now. They associate me with some Slashdot sh*te. Oct 31 01:17
twitterThey have used names very close to twitter to try to stick some really vile stuff on me too.Oct 31 01:18
schestowitzI had that done to me many times.Oct 31 01:19
twitterThe magnitude of their actions only proves the depravity of the trolls and their paymaster.Oct 31 01:19
schestowitzIn USENET and Digg.Oct 31 01:19
schestowitzAlso linux.comOct 31 01:19
schestowitzAnd you can't escape them because if you relocate, so to speak, they move with you to newer places.Oct 31 01:19
twitterThey did not gain any traction in the BRLUG.Oct 31 01:20
schestowitzThey need you to shut up. You know and share too much.Oct 31 01:20
twitterM$ won't be around much longer.Oct 31 01:21
twitterIf they really did get away with accounting fraud back in the 90's, they are still doing it today.Oct 31 01:22
twitterThe Vista failure has hit their bottom line and it threatens their Office revenues.Oct 31 01:22
schestowitzOffice is hard to charge for now.Oct 31 01:23
twitter  :)Oct 31 01:24
schestowitzEarlier today I found this:,ch...Oct 31 01:24
twitterThat just about wraps them up.Oct 31 01:25
schestowitzFTA: "Evermore attributes the increased consumer interest in its office  productivity offering to a backlash against Microsoft's aggressive "black screen" anti-piracy feature that the company launched on October 21st."Oct 31 01:25
schestowitzKeep the Vista failurelog going.Oct 31 01:25
schestowitzBill Gates: "Microsoft has had clear competitors in the past. It’s a good thing we have museums to document that."Oct 31 01:26
schestowitzMe: "Microsoft has had a past. It’s a good thing we have museums to document that."Oct 31 01:26
twitterSure.  The failure log has been fun.Oct 31 01:26
schestowitzSlashdot understands there's a Slog against you.Oct 31 01:27
schestowitzIt would seem so based on editors' picksOct 31 01:27
schestowitzThe Microsoft Munchkins in USENET know you too. It's like they are part of the same squad.Oct 31 01:28
twitterIt's kind of hard to miss the slog.  My little brother was amazed by the effort thrown at me.  He had a good laugh about it.Oct 31 01:30
twitterWe can be sure the same people spend all of their time trolling the same lists.Oct 31 01:30
twitterI think one of the reasons they have focused so much attention on me is that I've told them and proved to them that they can't shut me up.Oct 31 01:31
twitterThey want to show the world that they can scrub the internet clean.Oct 31 01:31
twitterThat's probably a personal thing for the PR agency.  If they can't they get fired.Oct 31 01:32
twitterThem being fired would make the world a better place.Oct 31 01:33
schestowitzSame here.Oct 31 01:33
schestowitzMy littlebrother noticed the libel. Things like "sex changes" and other crazy things...Oct 31 01:34
schestowitzThe European Union has a new law (since around May) to illegalise these activities.Oct 31 01:35
twitterGood for you.Oct 31 01:35
twitterI hope they trace this stuff back to it's source.Oct 31 01:35
schestowitzThere might be class action one day. People write about it.Oct 31 01:36
twitterThere's a just cause and lots of loot to grab.  I'm sure several ambitious lawyers are working on it already.Oct 31 01:38
schestowitzA Microsoft Slur in the OOXML Saga -- Did I Tell You or Did I Tell You? - Updated < >Oct 31 01:39
schestowitz"Remember I told you I've noticed that people who don't support Microsoft's  agenda end up the victim of smear campaigns? "Oct 31 01:39
schestowitzGive it time and the likes of Edelman and W-E will be driven to the ground (bankruptcy) through lawsuits. In a sensible order, these people should get the chair (not Ballmer's, the one you plug to the wall).Oct 31 01:40
twitterCool.  I'll go look at it.  Here's a funny story about the type of people we are dealing with, 31 01:44
schestowitzBack in the days... When "hacker" did not mean "cracker" and sharing stuff was a Good Thing(R).Oct 31 01:46
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twitterbed time for me.Oct 31 02:46
MinceRgeekingsOct 31 07:03
*ml2mst (i=5265d384@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 31 09:57
ml2mstSchestowitz: are you online?Oct 31 10:00
schestowitzYesOct 31 10:02
schestowitzWhat's up?Oct 31 10:02
ml2mstSchewstowitz: Are you OK?Oct 31 10:03
schestowitzYes, why?Oct 31 10:03
schestowitz[why would I not be?]Oct 31 10:03
ml2mstSchestowitz: fine, well because of the Jan Stedenhouder BSOct 31 10:03
ml2mstSchestowitz: I'll take fully responcability for "leaking" the Microsoft NL stuffOct 31 10:04
schestowitzI'm used to disagreements. Jan is not a problem.Oct 31 10:05
schestowitzHe commented before and he's not hostile.Oct 31 10:06
ml2mstSchestowitz: I'm using the webinterface to the BN IRC, so I dont have spellchecking, meaning my "English" is very crappy ATMOct 31 10:06
schestowitzThat's the same hereOct 31 10:07
ml2mstSchestowitz: nice to know Roy, Jan is _not_ the Microsoft Evangelist, I wrote aboutOct 31 10:07
schestowitzSpellchecking and allOct 31 10:07
schestowitzAlthough I started to proofread BN posts properly, so there are fewer typos there.Oct 31 10:08
schestowitzJan is far from a Microsoft evangelist. he's pro-Linux and an activist too to an extent.Oct 31 10:08
schestowitzhe wrote to the office that's responsible for procurement/policies.Oct 31 10:08
ml2mstOh, I had no clue who Jan is anyway.Oct 31 10:09
ml2mstSo Jan is _not_ a Microsoft Evangelist?Oct 31 10:10
ml2mstIn that case, I must have missintepreted his comments.Oct 31 10:10
schestowitzNo.Oct 31 10:11
schestowitzHe's got a site.Oct 31 10:12
schestowitz 31 10:12
ml2mstOh, darn stupid me, now I remember, he writes a lot on LivreOct 31 10:12
schestowitzHe sometimes writes about OpenSUSE, so he's not always happy with stuff I post.Oct 31 10:12
ml2mstLivre is the main Dutch "Open Source" site...Oct 31 10:13
schestowitzYes.Oct 31 10:14
schestowitzThey wrote to me asking to write articles for them. THat was over a year ago. :-)Oct 31 10:15
ml2mstHowever he wrote in the comments, that "Free Software Activists" took part in the "MS Foot on the table" sessions (I doubt it, FSA's will _never_ sell out)Oct 31 10:16
ml2mstOh, I never noticed, but I read such a lot of your articles that I pretty much missed those on LivreOct 31 10:18
schestowitzI'm doing a quick and long post about Vista.Oct 31 10:19
ml2mst* pretty much LIKELY *Oct 31 10:19
schestowitzit's reassuring to see how quickly Microsoft stagnates.Oct 31 10:19
schestowitzIt rested on its Windows laurels for too long.Oct 31 10:19
ml2mstUch Vista :-( have you seenI  the screenshots of Windows 7 I posted in COLA yesterday?Oct 31 10:20
ml2mstMore copycat It's KDE on Windows.Oct 31 10:21
ml2mstGreat INNOVA~1Oct 31 10:21
schestowitzOh, I saw other people saying that it's like KDEOct 31 10:26
schestowitzNot copy, in-spir-ation.Oct 31 10:26
schestowitzBut those screenshots are just selective selling point intended to "freeze the market" (to borrow Microsoft's own words).Oct 31 10:27
ml2mstYeppers, the same old story...Oct 31 10:27
schestowitzGive me 3 minutes and I'll give you the URLOct 31 10:28
schestowitzOK, done: 31 10:35
schestowitzJan responds: 31 10:35
ml2mstthanks ;-)Oct 31 10:36
schestowitzIt has been several months, so "That Makes It OK"^TMOct 31 10:38
ml2mstLOL: iTunes 8 to Vista: Give Me a B, an S, an OD :-DOct 31 10:41
schestowitzBeen like this for ages. No wonder people steer away from the V-wordOct 31 10:43
MinceR 31 10:48
schestowitz12-18 months, maybe thanks to the economy < >; Sun doused with red ink in Q1 < >Oct 31 10:50
schestowitz"This issue may occur if the path of the executable file for the service contains spaces."  Not a problem... just arbitrarily decide that Program File is PROGRA~1. Intuitive, ain't it?Oct 31 10:52
MinceR:)Oct 31 10:52
schestowitz*Files, not "File". It's the same with silly mounting as devices (drives as alphabet).Oct 31 10:53
schestowitzExxon deniers: 31 10:54
schestowitzDon't Buy The Open Source DRM Hype < >Oct 31 10:57
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ml2mstSchestowitz: I've read the latest respond of Jan as well as yours. I'll go down to the store to buy some Shabbes Whine for tonight. I will respond if I'm backOct 31 11:06
ml2mstCU l8ter ;-)Oct 31 11:06
schestowitzStaff cuts at Microsoft: Microsoft's Razorfish cuts NYC staff < >Oct 31 11:06
MinceRi don't think "open source" and "DRM" contradict each other -- after all, open source DRM is no more futile than any other form of DRMOct 31 11:09
MinceRthe user gets the keys and the data anywayOct 31 11:09
schestowitzWell, the DRM may work, but...Oct 31 11:12
schestowitzIt's enough for one witty user to break the locks and then spread the data. Trying to control knowledge is like trying to 'steal' oxygen to sell it in bottles.Oct 31 11:13
MinceRwell, that's DRMOct 31 11:13
MinceRa costly way of inconveniencing legal users while not really hampering warezOct 31 11:14
MinceRbbl, lunchOct 31 11:14
schestowitzThis one sure brings memories: "Allen was diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin's disease in 1983, three years before Microsoft went public." < >Oct 31 11:14
schestowitzSweatyB and BillG plotted to take over his fortune in case he dies, or something along those lines. He found out about it and left the company for Pinky and the Gates.Oct 31 11:15
MinceR:)Oct 31 11:51
*libervisco has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Oct 31 11:57
schestowitzml2mst: *LOL*Oct 31 12:08
ml2mstSchestowitz: Thanks for the new link and Sorry, because I did not respond for such a long time.Oct 31 12:10
ml2mstI responded to Jan: 31 12:11
schestowitzYes, I saw that.Oct 31 12:11
schestowitzI have no idea who that cyberphonix person is, but he's twisting my headlines to make them quite repellent and zealous.Oct 31 12:11
schestowitzHe got banned from Digg for those headlines. His comments are even more obscene.Oct 31 12:12
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ml2mstSchestowitz: *LOL* the *Free Coffee* already made me laugh this morning just like the NOMO picOct 31 12:19
ml2mstSchestowitz: I made a Mono-free spin off of Ubuntu GNU/Linux, inspired by your NOMO pic.Oct 31 12:20
schestowitz:-)Oct 31 12:22
schestowitzCanonical should now acquire your company along with the 'IP' for removing the IP infection.Oct 31 12:23
schestowitzIT&T jobs fall off a cliff, graduates hit hardest < >Oct 31 12:23
schestowitzHaha. I don't like to be visited from private/"secret" forums! < >Oct 31 12:27
ml2mstI don't have a company, I'm only a "hobbyist". I do volunteer work in a psychiatric instituteOct 31 12:28
ml2mstIn my spare time I help people solving their computer "problems" and hope they will take the wise choice to use Free Software ;-)Oct 31 12:29
schestowitzMajority of States Now in Recession < >Oct 31 12:38
schestowitzIt seems like is deleting comments.Oct 31 13:33
schestowitzA comment I saw earlier is no longer there.Oct 31 13:34
schestowitzI think it was maybe deleted because it contained a URL. Ah well...Oct 31 13:34
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twitterThey should be delete BB.Oct 31 14:09
schestowitzMicrosoft Jack on Linux (don't use it): 31 14:16
schestowitz "3,000 Jobs To Go"Oct 31 14:21
schestowitzGood move: WabiSabiLabi may close 0day auction site < >Oct 31 14:28
schestowitzThe Inquirer has a nice image in the sidebar today... "MAKER OF EXPLODING BATTERIES, Sony has been at it again and forced another product recall." < >Oct 31 14:31
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schestowitzMac virus: 31 14:36
twitterThanks for all the Vista failure links this morning.  The iPod story was really worth reporting.  Happy Halloween. 31 14:37
twitterBSoD for the few people who have not given up on Vista.Oct 31 14:37
schestowitzBallmer's kids.Oct 31 14:39
schestowitzHere's the younger one: 31 14:40
schestowitzBT collapses. "BT issued a surprise profit warning this morning and saw its share price tumble by almost a fifth as a result." < >; 3PAR reverts to a loss < .Oct 31 14:41
twitterGood Halloween pic.  I heard that kid was a big Mac user.  When he grows up, he'll use GNU/Linux.Oct 31 14:43
schestowitz 31 14:48
twitterMac virus is funny.Oct 31 14:49
schestowitz\Microsoft Mojave codename is back, sez Mary Jo. Oh dear.Oct 31 14:50
schestowitz "Without much fanfare, developers of Ubuntu Linux have delivered the latest version of the open source operating system" ....     **Without much fanfare?** ORLY?Oct 31 14:52
schestowitzHow's Ubuntu 8.10: 31 14:56
twitterWell, not that much fanfare.  Shuttleworth promised me a ride in the space shuttle with Madonna and the Rolling Stones if only I'd say good things about Ubuntu.Oct 31 14:57
twitterHow about you?Oct 31 14:57
twitterSix months ago, he had much better parties.Oct 31 14:57
twitter:-D jokeOct 31 14:58
schestowitz It's nothing to do with open source. AOL should be ashamed of itself for misusing and diluting terms that used to mean something.Oct 31 14:59
twitterReally, most of the fanfare I saw was negative comments Front Paged by Slashdot.  I'm not sure what Canonical did to celebrate.Oct 31 14:59
twitterTime Warner ashamed?  Never.Oct 31 15:00
schestowitztwitter: yes, there was more hype 6 months ago.Oct 31 15:00
schestowitzThe hype leads to resentment. He can tone it down and do well regardless.Oct 31 15:00
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 31 15:00
EruaranhelloOct 31 15:00
twitterOh, really I did not notice that hype either.Oct 31 15:01
schestowitzHowdy, Eruaran.Oct 31 15:01
Eruaranhello schestowitzOct 31 15:01
schestowitzHow's it down south? Sunny and warm?Oct 31 15:01
twitterUbuntu attention seems to come as much from the Wintel press as anywhere else, it's odd.Oct 31 15:02
schestowitzAustralia has the highest saturation of SharePoint silliness it turns out...Oct 31 15:02
Eruaranit was warm yesterday, rain todayOct 31 15:02
schestowitzAustralia, the UK, and the US are still on a mission to empower the Vole.Oct 31 15:02
EruaranI'm trying out Kubuntu 8.10 atmOct 31 15:02
schestowitzMandriva 2009 is good for KDE4 experience.Oct 31 15:03
schestowitzI've been reading good things about KDE4 recently. It's coming along. KDE 3.1 was quite solid though (I used it for almost 4 years), so it must be taking longer for KDE4 to matureOct 31 15:04
Eruaranthis is very niceOct 31 15:05
schestowitztwitter: look at front page of < >. The whole page combined contained more comments in the attack on BN then everything else combined. They gained from disreputing others.Oct 31 15:06
Eruaranthe desktop really hits you when you first  see itOct 31 15:06
schestowitzTo be fair, I wrote my share of criticisms of, Slashdot and SourceForge (primarily because of Microsoft money that they happily receive)Oct 31 15:06
Eruaranscreenshots on web pages dont really do kubuntu's new desktop justiceOct 31 15:07
schestowitzI don't mess about with KDE so much anymore, so KDE4 can't disrupt much.Oct 31 15:07
schestowitzA good desktop runs the apps and stays out of the way, much like the kernel/O/S.Oct 31 15:08
Eruaranthis feels nice and solidOct 31 15:08
schestowitz*LOL* 31 15:11
schestowitzThat's why I don't buy from Dell.Oct 31 15:11
EruaranThe new Adept is much improvedOct 31 15:12
twitterI don't think gained much from BB's smear.  I think they got handed their ass in those comments and disreputed themselves.Oct 31 15:13
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_Dougvirus steals 500,000 online bank accounts ..Oct 31 15:16
_Doug 31 15:16
Eruaranoh... I clicked on this icon I hadn't seen before next to the systrayOct 31 15:17
schestowitzOnly half a million?Oct 31 15:17
Eruaranit brought the Dashboard upOct 31 15:17
Eruaran:POct 31 15:17
schestowitzDashboard?Oct 31 15:17
EruaranPlasma DashboardOct 31 15:17
schestowitzI really need to pop in a Live CD at some stage.Oct 31 15:18
EruaranThere's discoverability for youOct 31 15:18
EruaranI discovered that by accidentOct 31 15:18
Eruaran:POct 31 15:18
schestowitzI was going to do that for a KDE4 review. I planned to publish a review, but the publication now runs MS ads, so I said sod it.Oct 31 15:18
_Dougthe only sure way of staying safe is to restore from a hidden partition at boot ..Oct 31 15:18
schestowitzIBM is working on something.Oct 31 15:19
twitterhere's another bank job 31 15:19
EruaranI learned about getting encryption keys from RAM this weekOct 31 15:19
schestowitzThe other day I read something about a USB device for bank access. Maybe Linux based (speculative)Oct 31 15:19
EruaranIf you cool RAM it will retain material for up to 12 minutesOct 31 15:20
schestowitz"Since then, Mr Brady said, more than 270,000 banking accounts and 240,000 credit and debit cards have been compromised from hundreds of thousands of financial institutions in countries including the US, UK, Australia and Poland. "Oct 31 15:20
schestowitz_Doug: we all pay for this, you know?Oct 31 15:20
_DougUbuntu out performs Vista ..Oct 31 15:20
_Doug 31 15:20
schestowitzWe share the burden of the loss and the labour required.Oct 31 15:20
schestowitzThe only gainers are the crooks.Oct 31 15:20
schestowitzIt's true that Microsoft makes jobs... for crooks.Oct 31 15:21
_Dougfinances houses: you pay *us* to fix our own borked online commerce systemOct 31 15:21
_Doughow long did chip+pin take to compromise ?Oct 31 15:22
schestowitzHah.Oct 31 15:22
schestowitzIt /looks/ sophisticated though.Oct 31 15:22
_Dougby reading the RF given off by the keyboard ...Oct 31 15:22
schestowitzIf it looks smart, it doesn't make it so. If you feel secure, it doesn't mean you are.Oct 31 15:22
EruaranThe Dell website failsOct 31 15:23
EruaranI went there yesterdayOct 31 15:23
Eruaranjust to check things outOct 31 15:23
_Doughave the banks give away embedded devices for online transactions only .. one of those customised Linux boxes ?Oct 31 15:23
schestowitzEruaran: Dell is at least trying.Oct 31 15:24
Eruarandid a search for "Ubuntu" to see what search results I'd getOct 31 15:24
twitterNice to see positive reporting for Ubuntu.Oct 31 15:24
schestowitzI'll do a quick post about it later but be polite about it.Oct 31 15:24
EruaranThe first system that came up was a Vostro notebook with UbuntuOct 31 15:24
EruaranSo naturally I clicked the linkOct 31 15:24
EruaranIt comes with VistaOct 31 15:24
schestowitzNone in stock?Oct 31 15:24
EruaranAnd there is no option to choose UbuntuOct 31 15:24
EruaranFAILOct 31 15:24
schestowitzYou ought to tell them.Oct 31 15:25
EruaranI didOct 31 15:25
schestowitz 31 15:26
_Dougcommon strategy to eliminate botnets ..Oct 31 15:26
_Doug 31 15:26
twitterM$TF and the Dow average are going in opposite directions again today.  M$ down, Dow up.Oct 31 15:27
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Oct 31 15:27
schestowitzDell has just been sued for discrimination against women. Maybe we can sue them for discriminating against choice. ;-)Oct 31 15:27
_Doug"User education is critical because antimalware systems usually aren't able to detect which machines have been infected with malware until long after the malware has spread to a significant number of computers"Oct 31 15:27
schestowitzComputers or Winputers?Oct 31 15:27
EruaranIt was rubbish, you get a Vostro notebook put in front of you like "hey we got these with Ubuntu", then when you click the link its, "you can have Vista or umm Vista".Oct 31 15:28
twitterHoly Crap!!!!  http://www-cs-faculty.stanf...Oct 31 15:34
twitterGood thing I don't have any money.Oct 31 15:35
schestowitzI think the "Holy crap" is that Don writes a page about it.Oct 31 15:36
schestowitzI read his site very throughly in the past and he doesn't update it... except in such extreme cases.Oct 31 15:37
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 31 15:37
twitterI did not know things were that bad.Oct 31 15:40
schestowitzSoon you'll have people paying in gold, oil, rocks, and food. /sarcasmOct 31 15:40
schestowitz"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." --Albert EinsteinOct 31 15:41
twitterNo, the US Federal government recently closed up all the Gold banks.  Kept the assets for themselves too.Oct 31 15:41
schestowitzWell, they give us other things... DRM, DMCA, ACTA..Oct 31 15:44
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 31 15:50
*Eruaran has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 31 15:56
PetoKrausfedora benchmark is outOct 31 16:14
schestowitzYes, seen it and will post a link later.Oct 31 16:18
schestowitzIt's good to see that Ubuntu's illness is not 'infectious', so to speak.Oct 31 16:19
schestowitz"So, say, doesn't you pneumonia go upstream? Hey, here, try this patch."Oct 31 16:19
PetoKrausbut honestlyOct 31 16:30
PetoKrausthe performance IS decreasingOct 31 16:30
PetoKrausjust not so dramaticallyOct 31 16:30
PetoKrausi THINK the CFQ as a default scheduler wasn't wise choice... but... IANAKDOct 31 16:31
schestowitzWhy would it *not* decrease?Oct 31 16:34
schestowitzThe codebase grows. Complexity is increased, but performance should degrade gracefully (i.e. not like Vista).Oct 31 16:34
_Doughey schest: what's the current state of SCO ..Oct 31 16:50
_Dougthe Judge threw out most of their case ..Oct 31 16:50
_Dougwhere's the link on Groklaw .. I can't find it ..Oct 31 16:50
schestowitzI could find the link, but basically, for SCO, it's all about finding more money now.Oct 31 16:51
_Dougnot the bankrupt bits, but their main claimsOct 31 16:51
schestowitzUNIX copyrights?Oct 31 16:52
_Dougre all your LInux is copied fron us ..Oct 31 16:52
schestowitzYou'll need to ask PJOct 31 16:52
_DougI'm asking you schest: never minf I found it ..Oct 31 16:53
_Doug 31 16:53
_DougmindOct 31 16:53
_Dougsomeone asked be to explain the SCO case ..Oct 31 16:55
_Douga little bit too much detail ..Oct 31 16:55
schestowitzGroklaw should do a book when it's overOct 31 16:55
twitter 31 17:00
twitterWhat to make of this?Oct 31 17:00
_Doug"This, quite clearly, is not a competitor to BBC iPlayer. It surfaces a lot of BBC content that is already available, but you won't see Doctor Who, or Dragons' Den on there anytime soon"Oct 31 17:07
_Douglets be nice to the Open Source fans ..Oct 31 17:07
_DougI'm in fovor of peopel paying for their content, but if DRM is wrong, what's a suitable replacement ?Oct 31 17:08
_DougHow about a YOutube type service where you pay for view and when others copy/view your stuff .. wether own content or mashups ?Oct 31 17:09
_DougI type twenty microseconds into the future .. :)Oct 31 17:09
schestowitz_Doug: they don't need DRMOct 31 17:10
schestowitzThey already shot themselves in the footOct 31 17:10
schestowitzThey made the very same content available as Flash streams after being publicly blasted.Oct 31 17:11
schestowitzAs long as they have Erik Huggers (of Microsoft) in leadership, they will punch Microsoft's #1 rival under the belt.Oct 31 17:11
schestowitzThat's why they need to can a lot of their management, which comes from what some consider a 'cult' -- one that separates based on what software you use rather than rely on STANDARDS.Oct 31 17:12
twitter"I'm in fovor of peopel paying for their content, but if DRM is wrong, what's a suitable replacement ?"  It's like paytards, you want to laugh at them but you should not.Oct 31 17:26
twitterBBC content is paid for by taxes before it's made.Oct 31 17:26
twitterHow others make their living is not my concern, as long as they don't try to make me a slave to do it.Oct 31 17:27
twitterBusinesses that can't survive software freedom don't deserve to exist.Oct 31 17:27
schestowitzWell, the BBC is not a normal business.Oct 31 17:29
schestowitzEither way, they cause inconvenience to honest people. Why should videos 'expire'? (hint: that's the real purpose of DRM.. to sell stuff over and over again)Oct 31 17:30
schestowitzIn case you didn't know, the videos go "proof!" after a few days. Talk about waste in society!!!Oct 31 17:30
schestowitzThe videos can easily be ripped and passed on by the 'bad guys' anyway.Oct 31 17:30
twitterSales for some, control for others.  Memory hole and restrictions on who can comment are the core of DRM.Oct 31 17:31
schestowitzScheme/conspiracy plan: find excuse to control access to media file ("pirates? perfect!"), then limit how honest people access their content and how much they need to /BUY/.Oct 31 17:31
twitterThey want to remain in control of the public mind.Oct 31 17:32
schestowitzI'm still ripping my old CDs. It's my right.Oct 31 17:32
schestowitzThe Mafiaa insists on taking such rights away, because they can... and it's more profitable.Oct 31 17:32
twitterThat's good, but you still can't share them without being punished.Oct 31 17:32
twitterYou can't use them to make a political point either.Oct 31 17:33
schestowitzOne of my CDs was so badly scratched that it took 2 days to rip, rather than a few minutes. At least it's saved now.Oct 31 17:33
schestowitzDoctorow:  they take you r rights way and sell them back to you (the rights)Oct 31 17:33
twitterManipulating the public with familiar works is something only the rich and powerful have rights to.Oct 31 17:34
twitterDeciding what's familiar is something else broadcasters have power over.Oct 31 17:34
twitterThey can set the tone for the day as easily as changing playlists.Oct 31 17:35
twitterThat is enormous power.Oct 31 17:35
schestowitzOr market iTunes.Oct 31 17:35
schestowitzMy wish is to have 'mainstream' media perish or bypassedOct 31 17:36
schestowitzMore media companies are already dying, which leaves control to 'the people'Oct 31 17:36
schestowitzThat said, companies exploit this and plan AstroTurf blogs.Oct 31 17:36
schestowitzThere is then the need to identify TRUSTED blogsOct 31 17:36
twitterThere seems to be hope. 31 17:36
schestowitzAnd the likes of BB to shoot them down because he doesn't agree with the message.Oct 31 17:36
schestowitzHe defends Novell BTW.Oct 31 17:37
twitterbeware trust lists, they channel control back to choke points.Oct 31 17:37
schestowitzWhen will air-bands (oxygen) be up for /sale/ too?Oct 31 17:37
schestowitzOr thoughts?Oct 31 17:37
schestowitzThat's already happening (Bilski is one example). Thoughts "you can't own".Oct 31 17:38
*ml2mst (i=5265d384@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 31 17:41
ml2msttwitter: are you here?Oct 31 17:41
twitteryesOct 31 17:45
twitterwhat can I do for you? :)Oct 31 17:46
ml2msttwitter: thank you for your commentOct 31 17:46
ml2msttwitter: I think Jan Stedenhouder is a liarOct 31 17:46
twitterYou are welcome, but I'm sorry to hear that.  I don't know Jan.Oct 31 17:47
ml2msttwitter: he runs the #1 "Open Source" website in the NetherlandsOct 31 17:47
ml2msttwitter: but he invited Microsoft Employees to his siteOct 31 17:48
ml2msttwitter: no *real* Free Software Activist in the Netherlands takes him and his site serious any longerOct 31 17:49
schestowitzml2mst: when did you find out about it?Oct 31 17:50
schestowitzHe helps their malicious assimilation, whereby they try to kill Linux by grabbing FOSS to Windows (where it can easily be killed or suppressed by Microsoft)Oct 31 17:50
schestowitzSusan Linton (TuxMachines) has linked to Jan's Web site for years.Oct 31 17:50
ml2mstSchestowitz: ages ago. I submitted outdated information, because as a Free Software Activist I was ashamed about it.Oct 31 17:51
schestowitzI know that Jan is also a BSD fan, so maybe he's pro-Freedom in the free-to-proprietarise sense, as wellOct 31 17:51
ml2mstSchestowitz: I was afraid the COLA trolls might use it against us and use it as sort of a "victory"Oct 31 17:52
ml2msttwitter: I know you from the BN IRC logs and read your shlashdot journalsOct 31 17:54
twittercoolOct 31 17:55
schestowitzI tried to confront Canonical's approach to proprietary software before and got  burned. I passed the word around anyway... 31 17:55
twitternice to have you hereOct 31 17:55
schestowitzI got an E-mail of interest. :-)Oct 31 17:55
ml2msttwitter: nice  to have you here too. I know *you are OK* ;-)Oct 31 17:56
schestowitzThe Microsoft AstroTurf hates him, so...Oct 31 17:58
ml2mstSchestowitz: say what? the MS AstroTurf(tm) hates Stedenhouder, or what?Oct 31 17:59
twitterNo one is going to mistake me for a M$ employee.Oct 31 17:59
twitterThe astroturf hates twitter, not Jan.Oct 31 18:00
twitterSo ml2mst, where do you live?Oct 31 18:00
ml2msttwitter: in Maastricht (the South of) the Netherlands (Holland)Oct 31 18:01
ml2msttwitter: sorry, here is my homepage: http://ml2mst.googlepages.comOct 31 18:02
twitterThere has been some interesting Louisiana, Netherlands flood control cooperation, but I think it's something people use for nice vacations.Oct 31 18:02
ml2msttwitter: includes all the information about me (I've got nothing to hide) :-)Oct 31 18:03
twitterThat might be the way to go.  The bad guys always find out who you are, so the protection offered is partial.  They look stupid trying to smear you AND prove you are some guy named "twitter" on a web forum.Oct 31 18:06
twitterBut smear they do ... 31 18:07
ml2msttwitter: tell me something :-DOct 31 18:09
ml2msttwitter: like every Free Software Activist I am used to smear campainsOct 31 18:10
twitterHave you documented it?Oct 31 18:11
ml2msttwitter: I am #1 to the Anti Free Software Troll's "Linux Idiots" blogspot, because I am the only one they have a "jucy" story to tell aboutOct 31 18:12
ml2mst (I guess)Oct 31 18:12
schestowitztwitter: yes, they smear himOct 31 18:16
twitterOh I'm sorry.Oct 31 18:16
schestowitzNasty vulgat things. personal attacks. Attempts to silence advocates.Oct 31 18:16
schestowitz*vulgarOct 31 18:16
twitterWho runs this "linux idiots" site?Oct 31 18:16
ml2msttwitter: probably Gary StewartOct 31 18:17
ml2mstSchestowitz: indeed, but one gets used to these smear campains in time ;-)Oct 31 18:18
ml2msttwitter: the Gary Stewart (Flatfish) guy is really sick, he attacked Schestowitz over and over again. Really FilthyOct 31 18:20
twitterNot to get into your business, but I don't trust anything on that stupid page.  What "jucy" story do they think they have over you?Oct 31 18:20
PetoKrausfucking graphsOct 31 18:20
PetoKrauswhy can't they do SANE graph creator in OOO?Oct 31 18:21
twitteruse gnumericOct 31 18:21
PetoKrausis it SO fucking HARD to use one range as X axis, and other range as Y axis?Oct 31 18:21
twitternoOct 31 18:21
PetoKrausit doesn't fucking let me change the scaling! FFS!Oct 31 18:23
PetoKrausoh GODOct 31 18:23
ml2msttwitter: according to the Linux Idiots blogspot, I am a "Homosexual  who exposes his homosexuality all over the Net"Oct 31 18:23
schestowitzThat's Gary, no?Oct 31 18:24
schestowitzGary is very confused about his sexes though.Oct 31 18:24
schestowitzAnyway, enough about people..Oct 31 18:24
trmanco*LOL*Oct 31 18:25
twitterThat's it?  Not very "jucy"Oct 31 18:25
ml2msttwitter: *LOL* that's the best Gary can do :-)Oct 31 18:26
PetoKrausfucking hellOct 31 18:26
PetoKrauswhy can't it plot graphs correctly? why?Oct 31 18:27
schestowitzPetoKraus: worked well for me.Oct 31 18:27
schestowitz2.4Oct 31 18:27
PetoKrausthis is 3.0Oct 31 18:27
PetoKrausand i've got data range like thisOct 31 18:27
PetoKrausvalues 2,3,4,4.5,5,6,7 on x axis, and their corresponding values on y axisOct 31 18:27
schestowitzBill Gates, FOCUS Magazine, 1995: "No! If you really think there's a bug you should report a bug. Maybe you're not using it properly. Have you ever considered that?"Oct 31 18:27
schestowitzGates: "Let's face it, the average computer user has the brain of a Spider Monkey."Oct 31 18:28
PetoKrausbloody fucking hellOct 31 18:28
schestowitzGates: "Since when has the world of computer software design been about what people want? This is a simple question of evolution. The day is quickly coming when every knee will bow down to a silicon fist, and you will all beg your binary gods for mercy."Oct 31 18:28
PetoKrausyou have to click on the data rangeOct 31 18:28
twitterdon't have 3.0, can't check.Oct 31 18:29
PetoKrausand select option "add X values range" which is on some ridiculously hidden tabOct 31 18:29
twitterdo you use OO regularly?Oct 31 18:29
PetoKrausnoOct 31 18:30
PetoKrauswell, i use it for text processingOct 31 18:30
PetoKrausthis is the first graph i do hereOct 31 18:30
PetoKrauslast year i was using Ms OFFiceOct 31 18:30
twitterLike I said, try gnumeric.  If you have a lot of data to graph, check out gnuplot.Oct 31 18:32
twitterM$ Office leaves you with a lot of bad habits.  Gnumeric is a good halfway house.Oct 31 18:34
PetoKraushmm, it's quite sweetOct 31 18:35
PetoKraushow do i insert mju, though?Oct 31 18:35
twittermju?Oct 31 18:35
twittermojo?Oct 31 18:36
twitterhere's all about gnuplot: 31 18:37
ml2mstWow, "Gnome Office" is great IMHO, I use Abiword for Hebrew documents.Oct 31 18:37
twitterYes, it all works very well.  I hope they don't waste a lot of time porting it all to mono.Oct 31 18:38
ml2mstMono is a Virus :-(Oct 31 18:38
PetoKrauswhat's the gnome office counterpart for writer?Oct 31 18:39
PetoKrausabiword?Oct 31 18:39
PetoKrauscause gnumeric is sweetOct 31 18:39
schestowitztwitter brought some Slashdot/MS lice to BN: 31 18:39
twitteryou knew them already.Oct 31 18:40
schestowitz"them"/Oct 31 18:40
schestowitz"them"?Oct 31 18:40
ml2mstPetroKraus: yes Abiword, it's a fully functional and neat wordprocessorOct 31 18:40
schestowitzI don't even who's who and what's what. Your nymshifting doesn't help.Oct 31 18:41
schestowitzI didn't even realise that /. imposes limits on accounts. I always have just one account, despite that endless libel.Oct 31 18:41
ml2mstSchestowitz: who is nymshifting?Oct 31 18:42
schestowitzMicrosoft: So cool, it invented Apple, too < >Oct 31 18:43
schestowitzml2mst: twitter does.Oct 31 18:43
schestowitzI told him not to fight the Munchkins using their techniques. He calls for trouble that way.Oct 31 18:44
MinceRwell, micro$oft and crApple are two of a kind.Oct 31 18:44
schestowitzThat's why I don't reply to trolls either. it leads to insult and that's just what they want to descend to. I just kf them instead.Oct 31 18:44
ml2mstSchestowitz: indeed, so sad, I think he's a nice guy, but his nymshifting makes him unreliableOct 31 18:45
MinceRlol @ the bullshit asay spews about crAppleOct 31 18:45
MinceR"killer products", my assOct 31 18:45
schestowitzMinceR: maybe they'll join forces one day (like Novell) and do a tag-team act against Freedom. They already did some in the late 90s and continue to this dfateOct 31 18:45
MinceRmaybe they'll go down togetherOct 31 18:45
schestowitzIt always amuses me how polarised (t/w Microsoft) Apple fans can be, refusing to acknowledge that Apple is still a bit of a MS puppet.Oct 31 18:46
MinceRit would certainly spare us of the threat of having to fight another microsoft after defeating the first one.Oct 31 18:46
schestowitzMinceR: it's embarrassing that Asay is seen as a spokesman for open source. He's an Apple fan.Oct 31 18:46
MinceRindeedOct 31 18:46
schestowitzDo as I say, don't so as I do.Oct 31 18:46
schestowitz"Buy Alfresco"Oct 31 18:47
schestowitz"Please!"Oct 31 18:47
_DougThat Mitchell and Webb Look .. on intellectual property rights ..Oct 31 18:50
_Doug 31 18:50
_DougSee the bit after 6:21 ..Oct 31 18:51
twitterml2mst, I use multiple accounts on Slashdot because the trolls have mod bombed me to oblivion.  I usually have more than one or two things to say a day.Oct 31 18:52
schestowitzWTF??Oct 31 18:53
schestowitzbrainwash disguised as a joke.Oct 31 18:53
twitterwhat?Oct 31 18:53
schestowitzWatch the videoOct 31 18:53
schestowitzBBC 2Oct 31 18:53
_Dougis satire ..Oct 31 18:53
schestowitzI knowOct 31 18:54
_Dougvery funny the bit on the baord game based on someones IP ..Oct 31 18:54
schestowitzThat's what I said disguised as humourOct 31 18:54
schestowitzThe message is still penetratedOct 31 18:54
ml2msttwitter: I am attacked by anti Linux trolls as well so is Schestowitz, [H]omer and Kentma it's no reaso tho nymshiftOct 31 18:54
_Dougslashdot is mostly free adverts .. apart from the paid for ones ..Oct 31 18:55
twitterRoy knows who I am.  So does Slashdot.  As far as it goes, I'm honest.Oct 31 18:55
twitterI've done it to get around troll censorship.Oct 31 18:55
_Douga free two week evaluation of a wireless headset ..Oct 31 18:56
_DougoooeeeeeOct 31 18:56
_Doug!Oct 31 18:56
ml2msttwitter: No matter how many nyms you have, the Wintrolls will attack you anywayOct 31 18:56
MinceRgetting a new nym might delay their attack thoughOct 31 18:56
twitterOf course they do.  They also watch my traffic and know my new accounts within a day or two.Oct 31 18:56
_Dougbreaking news: Morris Worm Turning 20 ..Oct 31 18:57
_Doug 31 18:57
twitterTheir attacks on me because of it are pure hypocrisyOct 31 18:57
ml2msttwitter: using multiple nyms only makes it hard to find your articlesOct 31 18:57
twitterYes, that's true.  This is why I mostly publish as twitter.Oct 31 18:58
twitterI comment as others as required.Oct 31 18:58
twitterThere have been several interesting stories today but I could not comment at all as twitter.Oct 31 18:58
twitterI'd been minding my journal yesterday, so twitter was out of posts.  Was I supposed to not participate?Oct 31 18:59
twitterShould I let them censor me?Oct 31 18:59
twitterRoy thinks I should just quit the site.  I'm not willing to give them that.Oct 31 18:59
ml2msttwitter: stay cool, I know you are OK...Oct 31 19:00
schestowitz_Doug: Slashdot falls in terms of popularity.Oct 31 19:00
twitterI'm cool, I just like to explain things.Oct 31 19:00
schestowitzThe ads-ticle don't help and there are many sites -- no, TONS of site -- out there for one to read. Slahshdot isn't good for my bl00d pressure. :-)Oct 31 19:01
twitterThere is some satisfaction in beating the trolls at their own game with as many handicaps as I have.  I only use one IP address, they use botnets.Oct 31 19:02
schestowitztwitter: if you leave, they'll follow you.Oct 31 19:03
twitterSo I might as well stay.Oct 31 19:03
schestowitzIf you leave to GL, PJ will police them ("throw their fannies over the fence" as she says).Oct 31 19:03
schestowitzThey already follow you to BNOct 31 19:03
twitterI'm sorry about that.  You might start to throw fannies over fences too.Oct 31 19:04
ml2msttwitter: you don't have to explain anything to me. I am a "COLA regular"Oct 31 19:05
schestowitzJOHN MARKOFF, NYT: "Microsoft Introduces Windows 7, Ending Vista Brand" Don't let them escape the VISTA name. Call ti VISTA 7.Oct 31 19:05
schestowitztwitter: no need yet. They have bursts, but most of the days are trolls-free.Oct 31 19:06
schestowitzAlex Hudson, for example, is /not/ a troll.Oct 31 19:06
twitterAlexH?Oct 31 19:07
schestowitzVista. Vista 7. VISTA SEVEN. "Businesses that plan on skipping Vista to move directly from XP to Windows 7 could face application-compatibility headaches. "Oct 31 19:07
trmancololOct 31 19:07
schestowitzIt's another Vista all over again.Oct 31 19:07
twitter"It is Vista, Austin"Oct 31 19:08
trmancoCrapware!! Crapware!! Crapware!!Oct 31 19:08
schestowitz 31 19:08
twitter"Hmmm, nutty"Oct 31 19:08
schestowitz"Overall, I'm extremely disappointed with Windows 7. Far from atoning for Vista's sins, Windows 7 simply carries them forward, visiting them upon yet another generation."Oct 31 19:08
twitterYeah, I saw that one.  "coat of paint"Oct 31 19:08
twitterPeople know that it's still Vista.Oct 31 19:08
schestowitzMaybe they can capture another 1% under the VISTA umbrella (trap) using one billion dollars in adverts.Oct 31 19:09
ml2mstWhat? are we discussing Windows 7 (Vista with a KDE4 rip off)?Oct 31 19:09
schestowitzThat is, before hearsay overcomes the brainwash and Vista 7 gets the "unfit for use" stampOct 31 19:09
schestowitzml2mst: it's Vista 7, not Windows 7. :-)Oct 31 19:09
twitterhearsay?  The oops article is hands on use.Oct 31 19:10
schestowitzIt's a whole different monster. Vista is a mare, Windows is a pony. GNU/Linux is the horse.Oct 31 19:10
schestowitzMac OS X is a Trojan one.Oct 31 19:10
twitterI doubt businesses that skipped Vista are about to move to Vista 7Oct 31 19:12
schestowitzMicrosoft’s cloud push: Too little too late on purpose? < > ; Is The Cloud The End Of Microsoft? < >Oct 31 19:12
schestowitztwitter: they should wait for Vista 98. Oct 31 19:12
twitterof Vista MEOct 31 19:12
schestowitzNo, Vista 98 second edition is better.Oct 31 19:13
twitterThe trolls have set up a lot of mind share for "2.0" I like throwing the negativity back at them by calling it Vista 2.0Oct 31 19:13
twitterSo many names, all the same shit code.Oct 31 19:14
ml2mstI tried Vista and it really sucksOct 31 19:14
schestowitzPDC: Brand expert knocks Windows 7 name ..."It lacks credibility and reeks of 'consensus,'" he wrote on his blog then. < >Oct 31 19:15
schestowitzME3 or 7apourware is what I called it months ago.Oct 31 19:15
ml2mstIt (obviously) collects data thus booting it takes *ages*Oct 31 19:16
ml2mstVista collects User Data in files: \User\NTUSERXXXOct 31 19:20
ml2mstUnfortunately Vista can't open these files (no permissions) so I opened these files in Midnight Commander (GNU/Linux)Oct 31 19:21
schestowitzThese files are not for /you/Oct 31 19:21
schestowitzit's for Microsoft and the police forces.Oct 31 19:22
twitterwere they plain text or obfuscated?Oct 31 19:22
ml2mstAnd the data in those NTUSER files are binary (encripted)Oct 31 19:22
schestowitzYour operating system is merely installed on a host (trap), which is, among other things, servings as a surveillance boxOct 31 19:22
ml2mstShestowitz: correctOct 31 19:23
twitterThe EULA gave them that permission a long time ago.  Vista brought the mechanisms and they really do suck.Oct 31 19:23
schestowitzWith law enforcement getting spoiled with all those anti features, it'll be interesting to see how they cope with Free software getting popular.Just watch how MSBBC tried to shove DRM down everyone's threat, _at their own expense_.Oct 31 19:23
ml2msttwitter: no, they are encyptedOct 31 19:23
ml2mst* encrypted *Oct 31 19:24
twitterThese obvious reporting mechanisms destroy M$'s credibility.Oct 31 19:25
twitterThey have always claimed, "We'd never do that to you" when making you agree to having it done.Oct 31 19:25
schestowitzGNU/Linux users are still viewed by governments as having something to hide and the authorities try to sell the "if I have nothing to hide, then I can be tracked" mentality.  It's their form of Solidarity.Oct 31 19:25
schestowitztwitter: not ttue. Not entirely.Oct 31 19:26
schestowitzGates: "Since when has the world of computer software design been about what people want? This is a simple question of evolution. The day is quickly coming when every knee will bow down to a silicon fist, and you will all beg your binary gods for mercy."Oct 31 19:26
schestowitzGates had the banking of the Bush administration too.Oct 31 19:26
schestowitzThe data that's collected is known to be stolen and also misused by curious 'detectives''Oct 31 19:26
twitterThe sales people lie about it, as is documented in the SLOG.DOCOct 31 19:27
schestowitzThis thing is run by people, not necessarily gentlemen. They get people unaccustomed to watching eyes and humiliation.Oct 31 19:27
twitterI once had a conversation with the head of LSU's networking.  He was unaware of the power granted to M$ by the EULA.  His second did not bother to lie about it but said, "they don't have a mechanism to enforce this."Oct 31 19:29
twitterThat's not true anymore.  Vista, and XP before it had encrypted communications back to M$.Oct 31 19:29
twitterThe indexing is now so obvious that it eats performance.Oct 31 19:29
twitterThat and all of their crazy checks.Oct 31 19:30
schestowitzHDD indexing cannot be disabled, IIRCOct 31 19:31
schestowitzIt's used for forensics. There was a good articles about it last year.,Oct 31 19:31
twitterWhat, ten times a second Vista checks line voltages for fluctuations that indicate you might have plugged a recording device into your computer?  It's nuts.Oct 31 19:31
schestowitzProfessional sites wrote about how antifeatures are being marketed as beneficial to the users.Oct 31 19:31
schestowitzLet us have CCTV. It "makes you safer" (it's not)Oct 31 19:31
schestowitzLet's 'protect' the content with DRM (translation: let's protect and increase our revenue)Oct 31 19:32
twitterThey can't do any of it with free software, ha ha.Oct 31 19:33
twitterThe answer to "don't worry about us spying on your insignificant life" is similar to the answer to "why do you want source code?"Oct 31 19:34
twitterI might not be worried about government agents spying on me, but I am worried about them spying on people like Code Pink, death penalty opponents, etc.Oct 31 19:35
twitterI benefit when others have their freedom and privacy.Oct 31 19:35
twitterThey can do things on my behalf, even if I'm lazy.Oct 31 19:36
twitterWithout freedom and privacy, those people can be identified and harassed.Oct 31 19:36
schestowitzMicrosoft has dossiers.Oct 31 19:37
twitterI'm sure mine is thick.Oct 31 19:38
twitterA private investigator told me my name "kept popping up" at the FBIOct 31 19:39
twitterHere's some real bad news   one in five mortgage holders are upside down.Oct 31 19:39
twitterPeople who lose their job are screwed twice like that.Oct 31 19:41
schestowitzAP: Microsoft says next Windows won't be as annoying < >  1. "Microsoft Sez"  2. "Not as Annoying"Oct 31 19:41
ml2mstSchestowitz: you are right, Microsoft keeps dossiers of everyone who posts on Usenet as wellOct 31 19:41
schestowitzHow can they find out posters home addresses?Oct 31 19:41
schestowitzAnd always leaked from some dev/null/Oct 31 19:42
twitterIP addresses and buddies at your ISPOct 31 19:42
ml2mstI was very surprised to find my own dossierOct 31 19:42
schestowitztwitter: I'm not sure they have IPsOct 31 19:42
twitterthey can watch the traffic at the ISPOct 31 19:42
twitterDeep Packet Inspection.Oct 31 19:42
schestowitzml2mst: dossier?Oct 31 19:42
twitterhow did you find it?Oct 31 19:43
schestowitzYay! "Windows Rights Management Services" < >Oct 31 19:44
ml2mstI don't remember, but I found a complete dossier of all my postings on Usenet by MicrosoftOct 31 19:44
schestowitzMAFIAA INNOVA~1... for the user? Not so much..Oct 31 19:44
ml2mstIt scared the hell out of me, because usually I'm not quit friendly at MSOct 31 19:45
schestowitzPaul Krill again... MS 'open source' perception-boosting 31 19:46
twitterHa ha.  One of my Slashdot trolls once posted up a huge collection of links to my posts.  I thanked him for being so organized.Oct 31 19:47
schestowitzCo-founded Microsoft Office Live jumped ship!Oct 31 19:48
twitterThey read everything I post.  Occasionally they taunt me with details that could only have come from monitoring my email.Oct 31 19:48
schestowitzco-founder of it, Luis J. Salazar  < >Oct 31 19:48
twitterVista 7 is already hosed.  They are going to miss yet another Christmas greed season.Oct 31 19:50
schestowitzXBox is the killer this time around.Oct 31 19:51
twitterThey put out XP in 2001.  It did better than Vista did but not well.  Their cash started to run out in 2003.Oct 31 19:51
schestowitzThey lose money when selling it (dumping it rather) and they are a distant third most of the time)Oct 31 19:52
twitterXBox?  WII and PS3 are going to kick their ass.Oct 31 19:52
trmanco 31 19:52
schestowitzCash issues (buybacks) began in 2006 after Longhon development collapseOct 31 19:52
schestowitzThey hurt for new products that are profitable.Oct 31 19:52
schestowitzZune is near the grave.Oct 31 19:52
ml2msttwitter: *LOL* yes I know, they are (some way or the other) addicted to their "enemies"Oct 31 19:53
schestowitztrmanco: seen it earlier. Coming from Ed Molzen, it means something good. He's often critical.Oct 31 19:53
twitterTheir stalking is obviously a commercial effort.Oct 31 19:53
trmancocoolOct 31 19:54
twitterWindows Rights Management Service, RMS.  Stallman must really hate that.Oct 31 19:54
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellOct 31 19:54
MinceRlolOct 31 19:54
MinceRit's probably intentionalOct 31 19:54
schestowitzYesOct 31 19:54
schestowitzI saw it last week.Oct 31 19:55
schestowitzThey have things like "Microsoft RMS" among the headlines.Oct 31 19:55
schestowitzI gave an example here in IRCOct 31 19:55
schestowitzemacs.NET is coming alsoOct 31 19:55
schestowitzPoor Microsoft... Yahoo Gains Internet Search Share; Microsoft Loses < >. Again, despite cashbacks and referrer spammingOct 31 19:56
trmancow00tOct 31 19:56
trmancoemacs.NET?Oct 31 19:56
twitterThe last article you pointed too looks like FUD for Blackberry.Oct 31 19:56
twitterDon't trust your secrets in your people's pockets.  Bad people can steal them.  Put them on your save and cure deskflop instead.Oct 31 19:57
twitterdroolOct 31 19:57
MinceRkind of makes sense after microsoft linuxOct 31 19:57
MinceR(though they don't dare call it that yet)Oct 31 19:58
twitteryetOct 31 19:59
twitterDow is up for the day, M$ is down for the day.  Another 2.8% difference.Oct 31 19:59
MinceRmaybe they will once only one of {suse, turbolinux, xandros} existsOct 31 20:00
MinceR(presuming linspire is already dead)Oct 31 20:01
ml2mstMinceR: SUSE is an extremely popular distributionOct 31 20:03
MinceRthen it might get to be the survivor that gets renamed to its true name, microsoft linux.Oct 31 20:04
schestowitz:-(Oct 31 20:04
ml2mstMinceR: true :-)Oct 31 20:04
schestowitzAt least it'll make it easier to explain to people what SUSE is and why it's to be avoided.Oct 31 20:05
MinceRtill then, i'll just call it microsoft linux, suse edition.Oct 31 20:05
schestowitzBlacklisted by Microsoft! < >Oct 31 20:06
schestowitzThat's one for a post.Oct 31 20:06
schestowitzSee he didn't praise the Lord (Microsoft), so they kick him out for bad publicityOct 31 20:07
schestowitzSee control of the press in ACTION.Oct 31 20:07
schestowitzPunishment and Reward, just like Mary Jo told me.Oct 31 20:07
schestowitz"Oct. 9, 2008 -- A short while later, I get my first hit. It seems that the whole mess started when the Windows Server team made the mistake of inviting yours truly to an event hosted by the Windows Client team. Apparently, the folks on the Server team were unaware of my decidedly negative views towards Vista, and when the Client folks found out they had invited Randall C. Kennedy -– a.k.a. Vista's most vocal and effective criticOct 31 20:09
schestowitz -– to their special, "for fanbois only" (nice photos, Paul) shindig, they went ballistic."Oct 31 20:09
schestowitz"But it doesn't stop there. The "official" explanation for my blacklisting and subsequent "dis-invitation" is that I somehow "violated the non-disclosure agreement" for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta by publishing benchmark results before the update was released."Oct 31 20:09
schestowitzUnderstatement: At Least Microsoft Admits We're in a Recession < >Oct 31 20:11
_DougMicrosoft stalks Apple ..Oct 31 20:12
_Doug 31 20:12
_Doug"It's a friggin booth where you can record your own I'm a PC video," he said. "This is outside the Apple Store, Bullring, Birmingham, England."Oct 31 20:12
_DougWindows: Life without Walls ..Oct 31 20:14
trmanco 31 20:14
MinceR(flash) (video) (audio) 31 20:14
trmanco"Noda cited a 2.8 times increase in Javascript speed according to Sony's own benchmarks. Takase believes PS3's Javascript performance, while not up to the level of Google Chrome, beats Internet Explorer 7. "Oct 31 20:14
MinceR(dunno if i've pasted this before)Oct 31 20:14
MinceR(or anyone else)Oct 31 20:14
trmancoMinceR, seen it already :-POct 31 20:15
trmancodon't remember anyone pasting it here thoOct 31 20:15
schestowitzMS JACK: Can Microsoft be a mobile hero? < >Oct 31 20:15
schestowitzJust watch the headlineOct 31 20:15
schestowitzMicrosoft Jack: Microsoft is my heroOct 31 20:16
schestowitzWhat's the takeaway from the Sony article?Oct 31 20:17
twitterWow!  " it appears that someone high up on the Client Team (Steve?) really doesn't like me. I mean, really, truly loathes me. And it's not just your run-of-the-mill frustration with a journalist who picks on them. This thing is personal, and the executive in question is allowing his or her personal feelings to spill over into the company's handling of formal press relations with InfoWorld."Oct 31 20:19
schestowitzIs this an exact quote?Oct 31 20:27
trmancoschestowitz, just this "Takase believes PS3's Javascript performance, while not up to the level of Google Chrome, beats Internet Explorer 7."Oct 31 20:27
schestowitzI'm going to do the best I can to spread this story about infoWorld and MS bans.Oct 31 20:31
schestowitzAnother classic example of media control. and a good future reference.Oct 31 20:31
schestowitzIt's B-a-a-a-a-ack... Microsoft drops more new codenames, including another ‘Mojave’ < >Oct 31 20:32
MinceRMojave7?Oct 31 20:33
schestowitzMojave *is* 7 :-)Oct 31 20:35
schestowitzVista with a new name.Oct 31 20:35
schestowitzKill boosting XAML again: 31 20:36
schestowitzOops. I meant "Krill".Oct 31 20:36
*ml2mst (i=5265d384@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #boycottnovellOct 31 20:37
schestowitzMicrosoft + Police Nation = <HEART> Microsoft: Police e-crime unit 'giant step forward' < >Oct 31 20:43
schestowitzThey also give them special mechanisms that act a a back door to Windows. This was confirmed by Microsoft and Gartner Shillgroup.Oct 31 20:43
*_Doug has quit ()Oct 31 20:47
schestowitz "So much for the whole "seamless transition" promise to Vista users. I can only hope that things get better before RTM or even the official beta launch. But, frankly, even at an M3 revision level, this sort of incompatibility nuttiness simply shouldn't exist -- not for an OS that is just a lipstick tube away from its piggish predecessor."Oct 31 20:47
schestowitz "Shen said HDD-based netbooks amount to 70 per cent of the total number of such machines shipped. Windows XP is ahead of Linux by the same percentage he added."Oct 31 21:07
schestowitzKind of Corruption and Briberies might be acquired next week.... Fujitsu Said to Be Close to Buying Siemens Venture (Update1)  < >Oct 31 21:10
schestowitz "Rachel Rosmarin, a technology reporter for Forbes, has written about Apple's mobile efforts, citing both credible sources and noise from such vacuous blurb experts as Rob Enderle. Few facts are available yet, but that doesn't mean there are no clues to examine."Oct 31 21:18
schestowitzOpen Source fakers (Intel): Intel and Asus collaborate on open source 'dream' PC hardware < >. Collaboration alone on ideas doesn't mean open source (code)Oct 31 21:29
twitterYes, that was a cut and paste quote.Oct 31 21:50
schestowitzI E-mailed it around.Oct 31 21:51
twitterI've quoted Kennedy twice in the Vista Failure log,  November 2007 and May 2008.Oct 31 21:57
twitterThere was nothing amazing there.  He noticed Vista was power hungry and that it would be better to wait for Windows 7.Oct 31 21:58
twitterNow that he's got Windows 7, he says it sucks too.  The poor guy need GNU/Linux or a Mac.Oct 31 21:59
schestowitzHe tried UbuntuOct 31 21:59
schestowitzSlammed it like MAD.Oct 31 21:59
schestowitzWas trolling, got slammed in the comments.Oct 31 21:59
schestowitzThen Brian proffitt fed him and regretted it. Long story. But he wrote some good reviews too.Oct 31 22:00
MinceRthen he needs a mac... oh wait, nobody needs a mac. those people are too stupid to use a computer anyway.Oct 31 22:00
schestowitzHe tested some VMs and also Mandriva USB (2008/2008.1), IIRC. It was decent.Oct 31 22:00
twitterVMs seem to be the guy's thing.Oct 31 22:00
twitterThat's what pissed him off with Windows 7.Oct 31 22:01
twitterI wonder if his Ubuntu was run from a VM.Oct 31 22:02
twitterSabotage.Oct 31 22:02
schestowitzJust got: "Hi, Roy, Someone with modpoints sure wants to keep the topic of open standards out of the view of the public: "Oct 31 22:02
schestowitzI said the same about the BBC.Oct 31 22:02
schestowitz /.=trashedOct 31 22:03
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Oct 31 22:04
twitterHere he is ranting about APCI. 31 22:10
schestowitzACPI? 31 22:11
twitterHe's right about that, it is a common problem.  The trolling bit is that he does not recognize that XP and Vista don't work with it either.Oct 31 22:11
twitterACPI, some kind of designed to kill Linux power management.Oct 31 22:12
twitterdetails of development and aftermath here 31 22:12
twitterI've had ACPI kind of sort of work with Thinkpads and a Dell.  If I can, I always go back to APM which works.Oct 31 22:13
twitterThis is a BIOS issue that won't be solved as long as Intel is dominant.  Alternate platforms with free BIOS will work much better.Oct 31 22:15
twitterTime to go trick or treating.  :-DOct 31 22:16
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 31 22:17
*dsmith_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 31 22:20
schestowitzLinux Shipping (in Stealth Mode) on More Desktops < > "A friend of the family (who works in IT, no less) recently purchased an ASUS Eee desktop box that runs XP and has a Linux quick boot configuration. I heard quite a bit about how one of the saving graces of that machine was that XP boots in five seconds flat."Oct 31 22:21
schestowitz"However, he wasn't convinced it was Linux (not XP) he was seeing in this case until he was pointed to some further documentation."Oct 31 22:21
schestowitz "    On Tuesday October 28, CodeWeavers gave away 650,000 downloads of its software, valued at $45 million. It expanded its customer base by 400 percent. Some call it a success; others call it a disaster. The company is hereby officially canceling its challenge for fear it will go out of business."Oct 31 22:24
schestowitz"650,000 free giveaways may translate into many more repeat customers down the road. Who knows?"Oct 31 22:25

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