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Novell's Zonker Slammed for Lying About Microsoft/Novell Deal

Open Microsoft with Zonker

Summary: Novell is lying about the treasonous patent deal (more than ever before) just 3 years after signing it

SOME days ago we wrote about Novell's "PR tourism" in London. Novell's Joe Brockmeier acquired some free publicity when he told lies to Glyn Moody, Richard Hillesley, Jason Stamper, Cliff Saran, and Peter Judge. The Source has done a great job exposing the lies that Brockmeier had been telling. To quote some portions:

First, this paragraph implies that Eben Moglen supported the Microsoft/Novell deal – flatly untrue, but perhaps we can just chalk this up to the author’s word choice.

Second is the direct quote though that states Mr. Moglen approved of the Microsoft/Novell deal, which is a very strange word choice indeed for the man who co-authored the GPLv3 and positioned it explicitly as a method to “kill the Microsoft Novell deal“.


This is a clear distortion that Novell has constantly trotted out. They used the same sort of misdirection on the now-removed OpenSUSE Novell Microsoft FAQ, where they selectively quoted RMS...

This is a prime example of the dishonesty of Novell apologists and mouthpieces. There’s a lot more that could be said about this one bit, but let’s move on.


The implication of this quote – that Novell has somehow brought Microsoft to Jesus over Linux – is laughable in the extreme. Novell has done nothing but serve Microsoft’s best interests since the Microsoft/Novell deal.

Then again, this is Novell... a bunch of revisionists/liars, who always find ways of spinning and paying the right people to voice their spin rather than the truth. Novell is very much like Microsoft in that regard.

"It is in Novell's interest - selfish interest, I will admit - to advance-remove whatever those inhibitors be to the advancement of Linux and open source."

--John Dragoon, Novell

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