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Microsoft's Kevin Turner Apparently Still in Charge of Anti-GNU/Linux Strategies

Summary: Kevin Turner seems to be closely involved in Microsoft's attempt to derail migrations to GNU/Linux (using outright lies and subversive tactics that break competition rules)

MICROSOFT'S attempt to bribe users away from GNU/Linux were mentioned here very recently due to a new Microsoft job ad [1, 2]. It looks like EDGI and even the Microsoft boosters talked about it (but only after it had been exposed, possibly as means of "damage control"/spin).

The job ad says: "If you’re looking for a new role where you’ll focus on one of the biggest issues that is top of mind for KT and Steve B..."

“Turner lied about GNU/Linux market share (for a verifiable fact) and other figures of market share (he was personally blasted by IBM for it).”Those "biggest issues" are GNU/Linux and Free software, not Apple of course (the hype company). Microsoft has made that clear many times over the years. "Steve B" is obviously Steve Ballmer, but "Who is 'KT'" was the question someone has just asked me. That would probably be Kevin Turner. We have good record of his anti-GNU/Linux activities.

Here is our more comprehensive post about Kevin Turner's acts against GNU/Linux and Free software, not just the fact that he's getting rid of Microsoft shares.

Turner lied about GNU/Linux market share (for a verifiable fact) as well as other figures of market share (he was personally blasted by IBM for it*). He is being quoted rather blindly by the Microsoft crowd, which constantly belittles the market share of GNU/Linux on the desktop.

Change is brewing in Italy right now, as we pointed out yesterday. The original (seminal) report is probably this one from Reuters, but for future record, here is a more complete list of news articles on the subject:

Those who buy a computer in most countries with Windows and do not accept the terms of licensing have to pay for the unused license(s). The procedure is complicated and inconsistent. In Italy, a group forming a collective complaint seeks to bring order to this chaos.

Microsoft is still a vehemently anti-GNU/Linux company. Those who deny it are simply not paying attention (or pay too much of their attention to Microsoft PR). ____ * In IBM's complaints too, Ballmer is listed alongside Turner as a perpetrator, which is why legal action ought to be taken.

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