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Microsoft Alleged to Have Tricked People Into Switching to Bing, Using a Rogue Site

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Summary: Rogue site harms people's computers by installing "a toolbar and chang[ing] their search provider and home page to Bing."

Included in the logs just posted is a story we only posted in daily links due to lack of time. The short story is that Microsoft is in the midst of another Bong [sic] scandal and shortly after it was revealed Microsoft retreated from it:

Is Facebook’s third largest advertiser really a site that tries to trick people into switching to Bing? Apparently not. Still, Bing’s not happy with the tactics and is ending its relationship with the publisher. The site,, now appears to have gone down. But earlier today, it was suggesting that people needed a plug-in to use it — one that would install a toolbar and change their search provider and home page to Bing. The site had allowed people to create baby characters....OK, I have some more answers from Bing. Make-My-Baby was an affiliate of Zugo....Bing also confirmed that it continues to have a relationship with Zugo. That also means that all the people who had their pages changed by Make-My-Baby will continue to get redirected to the benefit of both Zugo and Bing, as best I can tell, despite the fact that they were obtained in a way that Bing disagrees with.

Our readers did not all buy Microsoft's story and to quote last night's conversation about it:

DaemonFCI guess they got sick of all the "Why doesn't Last.FM work?" posts22:32
oiaohmDon't worry its normally only temp.  MinceR22:33
oiaohmFirst stage create more jobs than what is required.22:34
oiaohmSecond stage restruct the departments because they are  too expensive.22:34
oiaohmThird stage sacked too many todo the jobs.22:34
oiaohmthen return to first stage.22:35
oiaohmThis is kinda a never ending goverment cycle.22:35
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oiaohm"first time the FCC has ever allowed discrimination on the Internet"  Boy people have short memories.22:36
oiaohmComputserv anyone.22:36
MinceRCompuServe isn't internet, afaik22:37
oiaohmIt was a wrapper over the internet that was used to restrict access.22:37
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twitterRead Write web notices that a toolbar scam is part of Bing market share gain. _is_a_bing_affilia.php22:41
TechrightsBot-trTitle:  Facebook's 3rd Biggest Advertiser is (Allegedly) a Bing Affiliate Scam (With Updates)  .::. Size~: 74.46 KB22:41
twitterThat and the forced default on cell phones, new computers inflicted with Windows, etc.22:42
oiaohmtwitter: Problem is I cannot see who is behind that.22:43
MinceRit's m$22:44
twitteryou really can't tell where hundreds of thousands of dollars for a scam comes from?22:44
MinceRthey're still struggling to get people to use bìng22:44
twitterno one would put up that kind of money on their own.22:44
twitterIt had to come from Microsoft.22:44
MinceRthey used to pay people to make them use whatever bìng happened to be called at the time22:45
MinceRthis is a different approach to the same goal22:45
oiaohmI have not looked close enough at that.22:45
oiaohmto check if the 3rd biggest has hidden any other back doors.22:46
twitterthis one hides in the fine print and the usual "you need a plugin to do this"22:46
oiaohmExactly what else is in the plugin twitter22:46
twitterthey are obvious frauds, ohm.22:46
oiaohmI know they are frauds22:46
oiaohmBut are they are bot net master as well.22:46
twitterso there's no telling what kind of malware they push22:47
oiaohmReally the total mix of malware will give us a better clue who they are.22:47
twitterjust like there's no telling what Microsoft sends back to themselves via Vista and Windows 7 encrypted communications22:48
twitterIt's someone who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote Bing.  They might also be a bot herder but that is irrelevant and the Bing issue is proved.22:49
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twitterMicrosoft disowned them, as they do all of their scape goats.22:49
DaemonFCCompuserve was an AOL-type service, walled garden22:50
DaemonFCthey both added internet access later22:50
DaemonFCthen AOL bought Compuserve22:50
DaemonFCfor a while, the Compuserve browser was based on Gecko, not IE/Trident22:50
DaemonFCI think it went back to IE though22:50
DaemonFCthere was a beta version of AOL that used Gecko22:51
oiaohmAOL netscape22:51
twitterMicrosoft Software, so bad the company has to pay people to use it.22:51
DaemonFCno, the AOL client22:51
DaemonFCthere was a beta you had to be invited to22:51
DaemonFCit used Gecko as the AOL browser's renderer22:51
twitterAOL bought Netscape, it was unnatural for them to not use the browser.22:52
oiaohmWhen AOL bought netscape they did a hybred.22:52
oiaohmGecko trident22:52
DaemonFCthey never really used Netscape much22:52
oiaohmIn the AOL browser and in netscape22:52
oiaohmWhat was basically the same thing.22:52
twitterIt was gone in the blink of an eye, then they fired the developers.22:52
DaemonFCthe Windows version uses IE/Trident and the Mac version uses Webkit22:53
DaemonFCway back when, they used their own rendering engine though22:53
twitterDaemonFC, uses AOL on Mac?  Wow!22:53
DaemonFCyes, it has Topspeed Technology to make my 56k modem go VROOM22:54
DaemonFCuh huh22:54
MinceRthat can't be good for the modem :>22:54
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twitterhave fun with the Bing news.  That search engine is not going anywhere soon.22:55
<-- twitter has left this channel.22:55
* DaemonFC throws a Winmodem at Mincer22:55
* MinceR parries it with a BFS22:55
[Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [boycottnovell/@boycottnovell] Another Software Company’s CEO (Named Steve) Expected to Leave #microsoft #ballmer #xbox #kin22:57
[Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [schestowitz/@schestowitz] Another Software Company’s CEO (Named Steve) Expected to Leave #microsoft #ballmer #xbox #kin #vista22:57
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Another Software Company’s CEO (Named Steve) Expected to Leave | Techrights .::. Size~: 94.89 KB22:57
oiaohm  I guess you have both seen this.22:57
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Another Software Company’s CEO (Named Steve) Expected to Leave | Techrights .::. Size~: 94.89 KB22:57
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Phoronix] ULatencyD Enters The Linux World .::. Size~: 16.74 KB22:57
MinceRoh, according to "How Does This Work?", it could be independent of m$22:57
MinceRsince it benefits Zugo as well22:58
MinceRvia affiliate commissions22:58
oiaohmMinceR: link22:58
MinceRsame article22:59
MinceR( _advertiser_is_a_bing_affilia.php )22:59
TechrightsBot-trTitle:  Facebook's 3rd Biggest Advertiser is (Allegedly) a Bing Affiliate Scam (With Updates)  .::. Size~: 74.46 KB22:59
MinceRthere's a sidebar titled "How Does This Work?" on that page23:00

So what do you think? Innocent or damage control?

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