Bonum Certa Men Certa

Restoration of Pace


Summary: Idle time is over as Internet service is up to speed and news starts rushing in

WE are gradually returning to normality as wired connectivity is up (although a few issues were encountered with it earlier today). BT will issue compensation for the problems it caused and the new connection will permit considerably higher upload speeds, which ought to help with TechBytes. I've also sorted out the monitors such that they are 4,000 pixels wide, all combined, just like it was in 2007-2009.

Logging of the IRC channels was done by our server administrator, Tracy, and complete logs will be published at a later point when more urgent issues subside. In the mean time, during the coming days, a little bit of old news will appear in the daily links. This may be a nuisance to those who follow other sites with GNU/Linux and Free/open source software news, but the intention here is to ensure proper coverage (at least by mention) of missed items. If a lot of today's links digests constitute reruns or belated announcements, then be sure to check things out after the weekend (I will be away in London today and tomorrow, then catch up with the very latest).

"As promised earlier this month, greater emphasis will be put on concepts and not brands."Our IRC channels have been thriving in recent months, especially with the return of some brilliant members. We also have a following in sites such as and Twitter, having attempted to expand to other medium types as opposed to staying the same like "Linux Today" did (they appear to have some internal difficulties, which they will hopefully resolve because everyone needs them).

As promised earlier this month, greater emphasis will be put on concepts and not brands. There are already many brands in the Linux world, including WebOS and Android (which are decreasingly participatory, much less than Ubuntu for example). They have their own plans and their own promotion methods, so we need not help them. They don't need the help. Instead, we should attempt to remove barriers that harm everyone (collectively), software patents for example.

Server load is very high at the moment, so it's nice to be back. Thanks to all those who support us by active involvement, for example Eduardo Landaver who built the Spanish portal of Techrights. As we keep broadening our reach and focusing a bit more, meaning in terms of scope (departing a bit from pure politics for instance), we hope to have more impact and offer to our readers a platform in which they can make a positive difference. If you have relevant essays that you want published here, please mail them over or come to discuss this in the IRC channels. If we can sort of 'outsource' authorship, then we can post a lot more, leading to POV pluralism too.

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