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EPO: Software Patents Are Allowed, Just Say 'AI' in the Patent Applications and We'll Compel Examiners to Grant

QUORA: "What distinguishes AI and non-AI algorithms? Does the media just call every computer algorithm an AI nowadays?"

Campinos and Battistelli in 2011

Summary: Lawlessness at the EPO persists and the EPC has long been abandoned; the EPO continues to make it very clear that patent quality is viewed as a nuisance rather than goal and even abstract software patents get enshrined as presumably valid monopolies on algorithms

THE EPO again promotes software patents in Europe under the guise of "AI". It does this almost every day (more so since António Campinos came to the Office) and yesterday it wrote: "Over 350 experts from industry, academia, patent law firms and national patent offices attended the first-ever event on the impact of #artificialintelligence on the patent system. Here’s what they discussed:"

"Lawyers herein help the EPO's campaign for software patents 'dressed up' as "AI"."Notice the term "AIpatents"; they have a new euphemism or catchphrase. Benjamin Henrion has also just noticed this tweet which says "Patenting procedures relating to AI and Blockchain" at INPI in Lisbon by @EPOorg with some @OEPM_es attendees"

Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford and Dorothée Weber-Bruls (Jones Day) have just published "Patenting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Innovations in Europe" -- a paywalled post in which they tell us to call things "AI" for EPO examiners grant these (even though it is nonlegal if not illegal). The management of the EPO is instructing examiners to accept these buzzwords like a bible of 'the' Bible. As if "AI" means something special and doesn't go/date back to the very dawn of computer science...

Carpmaels & Ransford LLP has also just promoted software patents under the guise of "AI" in a propaganda site connected to corrupt Battistelli. The headline is "Can AI inventions be patented in Europe?"

Lawyers herein help the EPO's campaign for software patents 'dressed up' as "AI". There have been lots of pieces like these recently, as many as a dozen over the past week alone. These are self-promotional (marketing) pieces from law firms hoping to attract software/abstract patent applicants.

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