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Must be Terrifying to Microsoft: After the Release of Vista 11 the Market Share of Windows Still Goes Down

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Summary: Contrary to what the corporate (read: bribed and controlled) media might try to tell us, or unlike false impressions it might be giving audiences*, Vista 11 is a complete disaster and its adoption must be really pathetic (possibly worst for any release of Windows, ever)

THIS is particularly amusing to me. For a little bit of background see the following:

Last month: After Billions Spent on Marketing, With Vista 11 Hype and Vapourware, No Real Gains for Windows

Last summer: In May 2021 Windows Market Share Falls Sharply to Just 28%, Whereas GNU/Linux Climbs to 2.31% in Desktops/Laptops

Windows dyingStatCounter now shows that Microsoft's Windows market share in desktops/laptops actually decreased from September to October and then again in November. A month or more after the release of a massively hyped-up Vista 11 -- with tons of money spent on spammy marketing (paid-for puff pieces) -- Windows gained not even a fraction in terms of market share. Will Microsoft blame hardware shortages? It's very unusual for Microsoft to stay so silent/mum for so long after a major release. They know the numbers and they know what's going on because they spy on every single Internet-connected PC with Windows installed on it. Based on this, Norway's GNU/Linux share is now estimated at over 10%, as we noted some weeks ago (it has improved since) and considering Microsoft's irrelevance in mobile and rapid death in the server space we find it hard to believe that Microsoft excels at anything except defrauding its shareholders, e.g. by rebranding everything as "Azure" in order to fake growth (and artificially inflating the market valuation to fictional numbers). Microsoft will likely panic and may distribute a bunch of freebies to sites like Phoronix, which will then cover Microsoft proprietary software that almost nobody uses (Microsoft is Googlebombing the word/name "Linux" to promote its fake 'Linux'). Faking "success" doesn't mean money; it inevitably means financial bubbles and overwhelming risk misdirected to gullible shareholders. Can't wait for the bubble to burst and everything to implode, at long last, just like GitHub. ____ * Here's a new example that's blatantly lying. Posted by IDG (China, Microsoft-funded nevertheless), it's trying to pretend that Vista 11 is some sort of security gain. But "Vista 11 is no more than a vehicle for universal deployment of TPM," an associate of ours remarked this morning, so "if the article were serious about protection, then GNU/Linux would be offered instead." Of course IDG is not being paid to promote software freedom but to attack it. They constantly demonise things that are actually secure.

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