Bonum Certa Men Certa

Gallery of Patent Law Firms That Still Lie, Still Promote Illegal Agenda, and Casually Game the Media to Mischievously Shape Perceptions

Falsehoods as "legal advice"

Benedikt Dellen/Hogan Lovells: Is your CTGT patent portfolio ready for the UPC? Something which neither exists nor can legally exist; Home of the most vicious UPC lobbyists, who actively craft ways to break the law; IF

Benedikt Dellen/Hogan Lovells: Is your CTGT patent portfolio ready for the UPC? Scattering the same stuff everywhere possible for googlebombing purposes

Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP - John MacKenzie and Alannah O'Hara: Unified Patent Court - winners and losers?; us lawyers; everyone else; In 2014 you said 2015. Every year it's 'next year'...

Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP - John MacKenzie and Alannah O'Hara: Unified Patent Court - winners and losers?; Conflict of interest; No, as this is speculative. based on ongoing lobbying

Olga Bezzubova, Thomas Bouvet, Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford, Gerd Jaekel ,Ping Li , Alastair McCulloch, Christian Paul, Lamberto Schiona and Dorothée Weber-Bruls:  European Union: The New Unitary Patent And Unified Patent Kangaroo Court: Speculative as it's still illegal; Based on who? You and your lobbyists?

Olga Bezzubova, Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford, Ping Li and Dorothée Weber-Bruls: Germany: Pocket Guide To The Unitary Patent And Unified Patent Court; Premature; Which does not exist;  No, there's no  certainty as it is not legal

HGF Ltd: How will the UPC come into force? Loaded question. WILL it come into force? UPC lobbyism; Hold on! It does not even exist!

Lexology/HGF Ltd: How do the EPC and UPC interact: EPO routinely violates it, so does it matter?; UPC violates laws, constitutions, and conventions, such as Vienna Convention and European Patent Convention (EPC); Trying to justify the illegal; UPC is bad for Europe and bad for its economy

HGF Ltd: What is the Unified Patent Court?: Patently FALSE! An illegal tribunal envisioned by patent profiteers

HGF Ltd: What is the Unified Patent Court?: They keep conflating SPCs with UPC; Lobbying and lying; Profit

HGF Ltd: How do I opt-out of the UPC? You cannot even opt IN! Because it does not exist! Litigation profiteer, bad advice tolerated when it is profitable

Bird & Bird LLP - Mikko Nurmisto: To opt-out or not? The UPC will change the rules of the game in the European patent field possibly as soon as next fall: Litigation bullies notorious for years of UPC lies and lobbying; FALSE!; Distortion; Totally false, wishful thinking; You cannot opt in and out of things that do not exist

Bardehle Pagenberg: IP Quick Tip: The costs of a unitary patent: OUR profits; None even exist! No, there is no such option

Bardehle Pagenberg: IP Quick Tip: The costs of a unitary patent:  People in suits won't lie to you, even if it's a firm that firmly lobbies for software patents, which are illegal

JUVE/Amy Sandys: Taylor Wessing grows Benelux offering in response to UPC: Sponsored by UPC lobbyists, disclosure missing; Spent years publishing complete lies for UPC, never held accountable for publishing disinformation; Which neither exists nor is legal; You wish

Response to last weekend's post:

Taylor Wessing pushing for more litigation via the UPC, of whom Lehne helped them a lot by being a biased rapporteur in the European Parliament, all of that for profit and in total impunity


Four years ago in the football context I saw that Lehne is really always pro-IP. He'd have same views without TaylorWessing job.

World Intellectual Property Review: WATCH: UPC enters the endgame: Well, it's noit legal, so...

James Nurton: Some practical questions about the UPC | Managing Intellectual Property: More than SIX YEARS AGO!

Mondaq/Laura Orlando/Herbert Smith Freehills: European Union: Interest From Pharma Businesses Worldwide In Europe-Wide Enforcement Via The UPC; Big Pharma are our clients; Mostly US; Suing Europe; Monopolies; Weasel term of patents

This was also my understanding of the origin of the EPO's new approach to adaptation of the description. If this explanation is true, then it is deeply troubling in many ways. Firstly, all of the relevant discussions and decisions took place behind closed doors, and without the knowledge of the (broader) EPO user community. This is outrageous, especially when the change in practice is so substantial (and consequential for applicants). Secondly, it is simply not within the EPO's remit to police how national courts conduct their assessments of claim scope. Ensuring that descriptions do not contain statements that flatly contradict the claims is one thing. However, it is quite something else to insist upon the insertion of statements that effectively serve as disclaimers. The former practice does not tie the hands of the national courts, whereas the latter practice does (and does so by design). Thirdly, whilst a harmonious approach is desirable, we have to remember that, despite various ratifications of the UPCA, the national laws governing infringement have still not been harmonised. The national courts are therefore fully entitled to reach their own decisions regarding infringement. Neither the EPO nor any other national court can or should have any say over this. This is because, when it comes to interpreting Article 69 EPC and its Protocol, no decision of the EPO, or of any national court, is in any way binding on any (other) national court. Fourthly, if the problem identified was a 'rogue' court, then the most appropriate solution would have been dialogue with that court. This would have been infinitely preferable to a 'solution' that deprives patentees of their rights, and effectively renders otiose Article 2 of the Protocol. I can understand that there may not have been any questionable motivations behind the EPO's actions here. However, I think that it is well past time that the EPO recognises that it has not hit upon the best solution to this problem, and engages in good faith with the user community to identify a more acceptable (and legally justifiable) solution.

Summary: Another roundup of the past week's lies (or responses to the lies) from Team UPC; it has become rather absurd and to make matters worse António Campinos is posting similar lies (and advocacy of unlawful agenda) in the EPO's official Web site

TODAY, as on most Sundays, we've taken a look at -- and stock of -- the habitual lying or the shameless self-promotion from Unified Patent Court (UPC) pushers, also known as Team UPC. What we have here is a bunch of global litigation profiteers scheming to alter the law in an unconstitutional fashion for personal gain, under the false guise of "unity" or "harmonisation". They're looking to lower the quality of patents (not in compliance with the EPC, either) and -- inter alia -- to usher in European software patents in spite of national policies. They are in essence doing to courts what they have done to the patent office with kakistocrats like Benoît Battistelli.

The goal here is not justice. The goal here is not to make Europe more competitive. It is exactly the opposite, but they're paying the media to play along and to harm science, local businesses, and Europe at large. Just because they stand to personally benefit... if their own wishlist becomes de facto law (that's not even legal).

Europe needs to better mobilise and antagonise the conspiracy of these patent zealots. Unlike those lobbyists, we're not coordinating and they rely on apathy, ignorance, a lack of resistance (the disinformation shown above contributes to this).

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