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Operation Mole — Part IX — Hobby or Personal Gain Foreseen (Reward for Attacking Free Software)?

Series parts:

  1. Operation Mole — Part I — The Person Working to Kill GNU and to Kill Linux From the Inside
  2. Operation Mole — Part II — The Evolution of Matthew J Garrett's Vast Army of Online Sockpuppets, Hiding Criminal Activities Behind the Tor Network
  3. Operation Mole — Part III — Sabotaging Communities and Defaming People, Just Like the Sabotage of Linux and Deliberate Distortion of 'Security' (Giving Control to Microsoft)
  4. Operation Mole — Part IV — Does Matthew J. Garrett's Antisemitism Tell Us Anything About His Motivation in Trying to Cancel Richard Stallman?
  5. Operation Mole — Part V — The Fall of a Man is a Woman (Matthew J Garrett Foolishly Unmasks Himself, Tying Himself to Crimes)
  6. Operation Mole — Part VI — The Same Criminals Who Have Abused Techrights Also Admit Doing This to Richard Stallman and the FSF (Even Right Now); There Are Connections to Microsoft, Too
  7. Operation Mole — Part VII — From 'Be Nice!' to Threats of Violence
  8. get banned completely (for impersonation and extremism)
  9. YOU ARE HERE ☞ Hobby or Personal Gain Foreseen (Reward for Attacking Free Software)?

Video download link | md5sum c2b1d177beccd6f6b4d09654bcd94922 Dissecting Online Abuse Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The symptomatic attacks on the Free software community reveal a much broader pattern of bottom-feeding, fabrication, impersonation, and slander (typically piggybacking the rogue, fact-free nature of social control media for brigading, blackmailing, and lynch-mobs/'cancel mobs'); if it's done for personal gain at some company, then the company too can be held legally accountable (but the connections are intentionally blurred)

TODAY we release another new video in a series that we started back in July. A lot has happened since then. The series will last until next year and will not be limited to Matthew J Garrett and his flunkies, who attack BSD and GNU/Linux users from the inside. Garrett is doing this even today. He is attacking RMS again, so Mr. Oliva must have struck a nerve. To Garrett, every man is a rapist. If not rapist, rape apologist. If not that, "justifying" rape. The mind of a sick, perverted, horny man. Projecting, as usual. But the toadies or flunkies of Garrett are even more rude and crude. They literally create entire blogs that are 100% fabrications by which to demonise people, yours truly included. I speak about this in the video above.

Those trolling tactics (it's an understatement to call them "trolling") will be further elaborated upon by my wife when she publishes her next part. We've seen those in their corporate-led form in the past, e.g. in the Linux Foundation (LF).

"They literally create entire blogs that are 100% fabrications by which to demonise people, yours truly included."As one reader of ours recently noted, a lot of new or casual readers might not realise that the LF does not promote Linux but instead promotes its members' corporate interests within the kernel as a project. Reminders of that are needed at intervals. We'll casually cover LF affairs. It is symptomatic.

People forget (or wish to ignore) the fact that much of Microsoft's boosting and attacks on FOSS are done by shills and AstroTurfers, our reader noted. "Microsoft no longer hires them directly but maintains enough distance for plausible deniability."

"The really disturbing (or disturbed) ones work for Microsoft and pay out of their own pockets," the reader concluded, alluding to Garrett, Miguel de Icaza and others. Actually, Miguel de Icaza became a millionaire two decades ago by attacking the Free software community and, unlike Garrett, he does not live in some forest without running water. Well, they profited or gained financially from serving Microsoft, but those attacks on the community took their toll on the mind (de Icaza disappeared after we had exposed a scandal implicating two close friends of his and Garrett keeps taunting us while admitting publicly that he has suffered burnout for 3 years already). Being vehemently disliked by a community of volunteers (who do all this for altruism, not 6-figure salaries) is no badge of honour. It begets guilt. Garrett already ponders going back to Ireland and ponders aloud what would have happened if he just stayed in biology, mutilating the bodies of pregnant animals (as he admits he did). You know what authorities say: based on public records, mass murderers typically precede the killing sprees by torturing (sometimes to death) animals. It's a psychological thing. Don't take the "axe" and "knife" references as mere jokes. We certainly don't.

"You know what authorities say: based on public records, mass murderers typically precede the killing sprees by torturing (sometimes to death) animals."On a more positive note, since the doxing by the Microsofters this site has grown a lot and the attacks on the site are backfiring or hitting back like a boomerang. This morning I assessed the now-offline defamation against me, based on copies I had saved (backups made to disk) in case I take legal action. Thankfully it seems like almost every harassment account or blog used against me got terminated (even without me asking). From what we can gather, the moderators apparently have a pretty good understanding of what's going on and are sympathetic towards me. They call that a campaign of harassment and remove the offending (fabrications) pages. The offenders also get banned completely (for impersonation and extremism).

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