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After intervention from Elliott Associates Novell's patents were passed to Microsoft, Apple, et al. in a consortium known as CPTN. Here are posts about CPTN.


  • Apple, Microsoft, Oracle (CPTN) and the Latest Patent Hoard Against Android/Linux
  • CPTN (Microsoft, Apple, Oracle) Attack on Android Faces New Setbacks
  • Microsoft Mole Failed to Sell Phones, Managed to Pass Patents to Microsoft’s Patent Trolls

  • 2011

  • CPTN Members Oracle, Apple, and Microsoft Still Attack Linux With Software Patents
  • Microsoft Patent Cartel (CPTN) Dodges German Federal Cartel Office
  • OIN is Very Different From CPTN and UNIX Risk is Revisited
  • Apple’s Anti-Linux Patent Lawsuits Give Another Reason for Concern Over CPTN
  • SCO, CPTN, and UNIX
  • Free Software Foundation’s Statement on Microsoft/Novell/CPTN Patent Attack Against Software Freedom
  • OSI President: Microsoft Florian is Spouting Nonsense (About CPTN/Microsoft-Novell Patents)
  • Microsoft-run Patent Cartel Retreats Following Formal Complaint, But Why? (Updated)
  • OSI and FSF Unite in Face of Common Enemy CPTN/Microsoft
  • In Defence of OIN and Android
  • Microsoft Uses Novell Patents to Not Only Threaten But Also Daemonise Google

  • 2010

  • CPTN Shows Microsoft Becoming a Patent Agitator Like Kodak, Whose Time is Long Gone
  • New Details Surface About Novell/Microsoft/AttachMSFT Deal