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Matthew J Garrett

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As shameless proponent of Microsoft, UEFI 'secure' boot (i.e. Microsoft monopoly) and a serial defamer of innocent people (including Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman) Mr. Garrett earned himself a lot of attention. He is part of Free Software-Hostile Militants|a militant online collective that leverages Tor to do illegal things and he also spent years stalking the Techrights IRC network to harass people and promote terrible drugs.


Mr. Garrett uses sock-puppets (disposable accounts) to seed discord and abuse networks of communication. We've documented such schizophrenic and vandalistic behaviour.

Hate Crimes

  • Hateful Conduct, Extreme Racism, and Violent Language by Matthew J. Garrett (mjg59)
  • Rianne Schestowitz: Hate Crimes by Matthew J. Garrett (mjg59) Committed Against Me Online

  • Doxxing/Doxing

  • Meme: 'DrAxe' Targeting People Inside Sirius Open Source

  • Attacks on Free Speech and Free Press

  • Meme: Brute With an Axe Making Tacit Threats (and Fails to Understand the Rule of Law, As Usual)
  • Free Speech Rejected by Opponents of Free Software

  • Online (Electronic) Slander

    Defamation/libel comes routinely from this serial defamer (with a long history; the partner even got sued for it).

  • Professional Troll Matthew Garrett Spreads Libel, Defamation and Slander *[About the Free Software Community to Entertain Microsoft and Friends
  • The Corporate ‘Cancel Culture’ Industry — Part II: People Who Defamed Linus Torvalds Say Torvalds Was “Grateful” for It
  • Another Campaign of Mass Defamation by Matthew J Garrett
  • Meme: The Axe-Wielding Puppetmaster
  • Matthew J. Garrett and the Collaborators
  • Meme: Attacking Your Colleagues and Calling Them 'Rape Apologists' (They're Not) Gives You 'Sadness' and an 'Emotional Rollercoaster'

  • Netiquette Violations

  • Meme: Split Personality
  • The Matthew J Garrett Muppet Show (or Countless IRC Sockpuppets)
  • The Tor Project's Leadership Has Changed. It's Now Run by People Who Misuse Tor to Commit Crimes and Cover Up Crimes.
  • The Tor Network Becomes Less of a Nuisance to Us (After Complaints of Misuse Connected to Tor Staff)
  • Matthew J Garrett is Irrelevant But Still Dangerous to Himself and Those Around Him
  • Rianne Schestowitz: Matthew J. Garrett Busted. He Has Been Using Vile Sockpuppets to Attack Techrights for a Year.

  • Mobbing

  • Codes of Conduct Ruin Free Software Projects
  • Meme: Dr. Axe Intimidating IRC Networks, Sites and Groups That Criticise Microsoft
  • Meme: Hatchet Job Gone Wrong
  • Rianne Schestowitz: Dissecting the Minds of the Mobsters

  • Intolerance

    Overt Racism

  • Meme: The Fake ‘Anti-Racist’ Who Lives in a Whites-Only Area
  • Upcoming Series: Matthew J Garrett, the Person Behind the Mask

  • Homophobia

  • Matthew Garrett Denies Being Sock-Puppet Who Makes Jokes About AIDS, Bestiality, and Necrophilia
  • Meme: Homophobia Disguised as 'Social Justice Warrior'

  • Transphobia

  • Matthew Garrett Admits Being a Transphobic Adult Before Choosing to Weaponise This to Defame and Then ‘Cancel’ People Who Aren’t Transphobic

  • Antisemitism

    Sooner or later the mask falls...

  • Matthew J. Garrett's Repertoire: When Trolling Becomes Antisemitism and Hate Crimes, Misusing the Tor Network to Break the Law
  • Rianne Schestowitz: Matthew J. Garrett Shifting From 'Adopt a Code of Conduct' to 'Gas the Jews'

  • Ableism



  • Meme: Poor-Shaming by Matthew J Garrett Won't End Well

  • Drug Abuse

  • Meme: ‘High’ Security: Matthew J Garrett ‘Coding’ Microsoft’s ‘Secure’ Boot
  • Meme: You Cannot Nourish Yourself With Cocaine, DrAxe Matt

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Matthew Garrett’s Employer, Aurora, is Nearly Valueless and Looking to be Acquired by Microsoft
  • Looking Down. Down, Down It Goes… (Penny Stock)
  • Matthew Garrett’s Employer, Aurora Innovation, Continues to Burn Down Through Debt and Lack of Marketable Products
  • Microsoft is Trying to Hire (Read: Pay Salaries to) Matthew Garrett

  • Risk of Violence

  • Matthew Garrett Appointed to Debian Technical Committee Nearly 17 Years After Saying Debian Made Him Want to Stab the Volunteers Working on it. (And Himself.)
  • From ‘Punch a Nazi’ to ‘Punch a Debian Volunteer’ (or Even Stab)
  • Meme: Social Justice Warriors Don't Behave This Way
  • Meme: Axe-murdering for Fun and Profit
  • Matthew Garrett, Who Said He Wanted to Stab Debian Developers, is Working for Microsoft Inside Linux (to Remove Users’ Freedom)
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Matthew J. Garrett Calls Himself Dr. Axe and Dr. Knife, Fetishises Threats of Violence and Objectifies Women
  • Meme: DrAxe: Grooming Myself for Berkeley With Help From Isis
  • Sane People Don't Write Homepages Like These

  • Sociopathy

  • Corporate Troll Matthew “GAFAM” Garrett Complains About Computer Devices Called “Master/Slave” While Using Slave Labor
  • Pluton Proponents Working for Plutocracy (and Pentagon Agenda)
  • The Three Microsoft Stooges

  • Pathological Lying

  • “The True Hypocrite is the One Who Ceases to Perceive His Deception, the One Who Lies With Sincerity.”
  • Meme: The Man Lies, the Shirt Lies As Well
  • Meme: Matthew J. Garrett Was Teaching in Berkeley, Not Committing Abuses Online
  • A Poem For The Social Justice Warrior Wannabes

  • Technical Sabotage

    Lies About 'Security' (Microsoft Taking Control From Users)

  • Matthew Garrett’s Twitter Log Shows Exactly Why We Need to Give Security Theater the Boot
  • UEFI Firmware Vulnerable to Malware Implants; Worse Than “Legacy BIOS” Ever Was

  • Vandalism

    You cannot boot your own system. Thanks, Microsoft.

  • Stallman Was Right About ‘Secure’ Boot (Matthew Garrett’s Work Now Used to Prevent Users Adopting New Ubuntu Releases/Derivatives)
  • Meme: It Was Only a Matter of Time All Along
  • Karma or Hubris? Is #TorvaldsWasRight a Thing Now?
  • Meme: Dr. Axe, Securing Linux for Microsoft
  • Rianne Schestowitz: Poetry for Microsoft Lunatics on the Run

  • Entryism

  • The ‘Gulagboy’ Matthew Garrett is Once Again Defending Criminals
  • Hypocrite Forks the Linux Kernel Because of Cultural Characteristics That He Himself is Guilty of

  • Free Software Foundation

  • UEFI ‘Secure Boot’ is Just a Security Mess, as Techrights Predicted All Along, and FSF Should Not Have Given That Award
  • Garrett a Microsoft Apologist
  • My Disagreement With the FSF Over UEFI ‘Secure Boot’

  • Monopoly

  • Advertising and Legitimising Microsoft Control of Linux
  • Bill Gates’ Evil Prophecy: Blocking GNU/Linux From New PCs

  • Misogyny

  • Meme: Matthew J Garrett Sexually Harassing Women Online
  • Matthew Garrett “Collaborator” and “Conference Pervert”
  • A Debian Developer’s View of Matthew J Garrett
  • Rianne Schestowitz: A Woman’s View of a Dangerous Person, ‘Dr. Axe’ Matthew J. Garrett
  • Matthew J. Garrett, the Serial Liar Who Keeps Abusing Me Online
  • Rianne Schestowitz: The Underworld of Brandon/Britney Lozza, the Online Bulldog of Matthew J. Garrett
  • The Puppetmaster and the Lapdogs: How Abusive Outlaws Attack Women and GNU/Linux Communities

  • Special Series

    This series is a long report documenting years of abuse, including nearly a year of CoC violations, hate crimes, slander, and doxing by Garrett.

  • Operation Mole — Part I — The Person Working to Kill GNU and to Kill Linux From the Inside
  • Operation Mole — Part II — The Evolution of Matthew J Garrett’s Vast Army of Online Sockpuppets, Hiding Criminal Activities Behind the Tor Network
  • Operation Mole — Part III — Sabotaging Communities and Defaming People, Just Like the Sabotage of Linux and Deliberate Distortion of 'Security' (Giving Control to Microsoft)
  • Operation Mole — Part IV — Does Matthew J. Garrett's Antisemitism Tell Us Anything About His Motivation in Trying to Cancel Richard Stallman?
  • Operation Mole — Part V — The Fall of a Man is a Woman (Matthew J Garrett Foolishly Unmasks Himself, Tying Himself to Crimes)
  • Operation Mole — Part VI — The Same Criminals Who Have Abused Techrights Also Admit Doing This to Richard Stallman and the FSF (Even Right Now); There Are Connections to Microsoft, Too
  • Operation Mole — Part VII — From 'Be Nice!' to Threats of Violence
  • Operation Mole — Part VIII — Even Libera.Chat Has Gotten Sick of the Illegal Behaviour of 'Team Axe' (Microsoft Boosters K-Lined Last Night)
  • Operation Mole — Part IX — Hobby or Personal Gain Foreseen (Reward for Attacking Free Software)?