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Microsoft in Vietnam

Techrights covered Microsoft's behind-the-scenes negotiations and lobbying in Vietnam, owing primarily to Cablegate.


  • Bill Gates’ ‘Foundation’ is Lobbying Vietnam’s Leadership to Derail Migration to Software Freedom, Puts Money Together With Microsoft

  • 2011

  • Cablegate: Microsoft Rushes Vietnam to Get Rid of Open Source, Including FOSS Policy
  • Cablegate: US Sees Microsoft as Helping to Impose Intellectual Monopolies in Vietnam
  • Microsoft Strikes Back In Vietnam (Leaked)
  • Cablegate: In Vietnam, BSA+IDC+Microsoft Assure Microsoft Lock-in in Exchange for Indoctrination

  • 2014

  • Indian FOSS Policy Still Focused on Free/Libre Software, But in Vietnam the Population Sprayed by ‘Agent Microsoft’

  • 2023

  • GNU/Linux Market Share Has Doubled Since Last Summer, According to Survey (in Vietnam, 2 Out of 3 Clients Now Use Linux)
  • Vietnam's and Other Nations' Adoption of GNU/Linux in an Age of Rotting Financial Systems and Corporate Administrations