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Miguel de Icaza

Miguel de Icaza is an ardent and longtime Microsoft proponent who worked in Xamarin on projects such as Mono. Eventually Microsoft rewarded him with a high-profile job, as almost everybody had expected.

We wrote about him in many articles such as the following (starting with most recent).

Update (2016): Miguel de Icaza has, unsurprisingly, joined Microsoft and received a lot of money (millions) from the company in the process.

Update (2021): Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icaza are no longer friend. Nat Friedman has in fact been eliminated.


  • ”Miguel de Icaza may be gone, but the walls and bars of proprietary software he helped create remain, for now. Dismantling them is up to us.“
  • The GitHub Fallout? Miguel de Icaza is Out!

  • 2021

  • Teaser: Don’t Worry, Miguel, the Press Will Never Find Out… (About Nat Friedman)
  • Teaser: Microsoft GitHub: Miguel de Icaza’s “HOLY SHIT”
  • Teaser: Miguel de Icaza on CEO of Microsoft GitHub
  • Teaser: What Miguel de Icaza Really Thinks of the CEO of Microsoft GitHub

  • 2020

  • Miguel de Icaza Came to Bruce Perens/Debian (“Permission to Use Debian's Resources”) Just Months After His Job Interview at Microsoft

  • 2014

  • Miguel ‘Advocates’ GNU/Linux by Bashing it Again
  • Miguel de Icaza and Xamarin Become More Tightly Integrated With Microsoft

  • 2013

  • Microsoft Has Taken Over Mono Development, With Miguel de Icaza’s Consent
  • Microsoft MVP Miguel de Icaza Finally Quits GNU/Linux; Even He Does Not Want Vista 8, Samsung Dumps Vista 8 Tablets

  • 2012

  • Miguel de Icaza on Microsoft ‘Embrace and Extend’ of JavaScript
  • Xamarin and Miguel de Icaza Help Microsoft

  • 2011

  • Not News: Miguel de Icaza is Working for Microsoft
  • Techrights Was Right About Mono Being Open Core, Now Miguel de Icaza Admits It
  • Funding Behind Xamarin is Microsoft MVP Miguel de Icaza; Fresh Concerns About Attachmate
  • Why Microsoft’s Guy Miguel de Icaza Pushes for C# at Apple, Which is Not Successful
  • Miguel de Icaza is at Microsoft, Attacking Ubuntu GNU/Linux
  • Ostracise Miguel de Icaza Like Stephen Elop Should Have Been Ostracised From Nokia
  • Miguel de Icaza Helps Show He is an Enemy of GNU/Linux

  • 2010

  • Microsoft MVP Miguel de Icaza Does Not Know What Will Happen to Mono
  • Mono is for Microsoft and Microsoft F# Loves Miguel de Icaza
  • Miguel de Icaza Was Wrong About Silverlight and .NET
  • Is Miguel de Icaza Preparing for a Career at Microsoft?
  • SD Times Removes Miguel de Icaza’s Admission That Mono Has Patent Problems and de Icaza Mocks Jeremy Allison
  • Microsoft MVP de Icaza: Microsoft “Shot the .NET Ecosystem in the Foot” Because of Patent Threats
  • Señor de Icaza Meets Other Microsoft MVPs
  • Former Microsoft Employees and Boosters Call Microsoft MVP Miguel de Icaza and Other Microsoft Apologists “Most Powerful Voices” in Open Source
  • Microsoft MVP Miguel de Icaza Leaves CodePlex Foundation Board
  • Alex Brown, Miguel de Icaza, and Full-time Microsoft Employee Smear ODF Again
  • New Opinions on Mono, Miguel de Icaza, and the “Windows Stratagem”
  • Miguel de Icaza Groomed by Microsoft with MVP Award

  • 2009

  • Miguel de Icaza: “We Have Removed All of the GPL Code” (MonoDevelop)
  • Novell’s de Icaza on VMware’s Potential GNU/Linux Distribution
  • Miguel de Icaza Compares Richard Stallman to George Bush
  • Groklaw Groks Mono, Miguel de Icaza, Microsoft, and More
  • Miguel de Icaza “is Basically a Traitor to the Free Software Community,” Says Richard Stallman
  • Miguel de Icaza Joins Microsoft

  • 2008

  • Quick Mention: Miguel de Icaza Loves .NET, Dislikes GNU GPL