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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 10th, 2008 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:10 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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_doug what’s the point in having the one protocol :) Nov 10 16:59
_doug that works across platforms .. Nov 10 16:59
_doug like that way, there wouldn’t be the virus/spam/malware infestation we are suffering through :) Nov 10 17:00
schestowitz Well, not good for shareholders.;-) Nov 10 17:00
_doug playing a shell game with the ever-changing standards .. :) Nov 10 17:00
schestowitz The Microsoft mentality says you can rape your market, pay the fines, then bribe some journalists to rewrite history and tell that Microsoft loves. Nov 10 17:00
schestowitz Wait, let me find something. Nov 10 17:01
schestowitz The sigmonster: http://seekingalpha.com/article/67555-micros… Nov 10 17:01
schestowitz [Shill/idiocy warning] Nov 10 17:01
schestowitz In my ‘mailbag’: “People figured out that M$ makes crap, it’s just taking years to find ways around all the tricks they pull.  The ringleader, Gates, got into politics around 1998-1999 about the time the company started to falter financially.  When he hopped off, it was obvious that Ballmer was to ride the company as it fell and milk it for what it was worth.” Nov 10 17:05
schestowitz “What has been unexpected is how long that ride has lasted.  In recent years, Gates stepped up further in political activities and apparent ambitions. As part of that it looks like there might be a campaign to pin Bill’s failures on Steve.” Nov 10 17:05
schestowitz “Some interesting things about the netbooks cutting into MS.  At some point either a system like Linux or an application like OpenOffice.org or a file format like OpenDocument is going to break either or both of MS’ monopolies.  When the monopoly is broken, so go the monopoly rents and the whole thing can deflate quickly.” Nov 10 17:05
schestowitz “One might argue, given the amount it deals with buying/selling its own stock, that this is already happening. What’s happening now is the first step, awareness that there are other viable options.” Nov 10 17:05
schestowitz “‘Microsoft is about as much a utility as a car manufacturer – sure, it’s tough in most areas to give up your vehicle, but nobody’s preventing you from going to a different company.’” What happens next is comparing the options to MS’ imitations and knowledge of out how bad the MS options really are becoming general knowledge again.” Nov 10 17:06
_doug Who’s ‘Dennis Byron’, sounds like the Bill O’ Reilly of the IT world .. Nov 10 17:08
schestowitz More like a Jack Thomson, only much smaller. Nov 10 17:08
_doug That blog entry is just so wrong on so many levels .. Nov 10 17:09
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_doug http://uk.youtube.com/watc… Nov 10 17:09
schestowitz http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?s… Nov 10 17:09
schestowitz “This seems to have seriously twisted someone’s neurons in a bunch, and here’s part of Dennis Byron’s response on Seeking Alpha:Linux was created by IBM, HP (HPQ) and other former IT systems monopolists that realized that Microsoft was taking their systems monopoly away from them. IBM, HP, Digital Equipment (now part of HP), etc. had banded together for this purpose in the early 1980s while Linus Torvalds..” Nov 10 17:10
_doug “de jure information technology standards such as the Open Document Format [ODF] suck and  .. total failure in the marketplace .. Eurocrats  .. shareholder value on standards .. European academics ..  dictate ..  hypocrites ..  Sun’s ..  the dirty tricks played by them in Massachusett ..” Nov 10 17:11
_doug Notice how he invokes the first rull of trolling: accuse vthe other fell of doing what you do, which is engage in dirty tricks .. Nov 10 17:12
_doug just another case of a paid-media-whor~1 :) Nov 10 17:13
schestowitz Being an analyst is not easy without selling out, _doug Nov 10 17:15
schestowitz “Analysts sell out – that’s their business model… But they are very concerned that they never look like they are selling out, so that makes them very prickly to work with.” < http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/upl… > Nov 10 17:15
_doug a commercial company trying to manipulate analysists .. :O who would have believed it .. Nov 10 17:17
_doug Do you have anything else on evangelism in the IT sector ? Nov 10 17:18
schestowitz Like *this* thing? Nov 10 17:19
_doug I read it .. perhaps you could put out an appeal on BN, any articles in the public domain on ‘evangelism in the IT sector’ .. Nov 10 17:21
schestowitz What do you mean? Nov 10 17:21
schestowitz Appeal for integrity? Nov 10 17:21
_doug ask people to do an online search for articles in the public domain Nov 10 17:22
_doug subject: evangelism in the IT sector, past and currrent … Nov 10 17:22
schestowitz http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=mozclient&am… Nov 10 17:22
schestowitz Result #1: Microsoft :-) Nov 10 17:22
schestowitz Where Shilling = “Evangelism” Nov 10 17:23
_doug thanks :0 Nov 10 17:23
schestowitz It’s almost as though Microsoft coined the term “Evangelism” Nov 10 17:23
schestowitz Ev- angel- ism Nov 10 17:23
schestowitz Nothing bad here. Just angels Nov 10 17:23
*harrytuttle has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Nov 10 17:24
schestowitz OMG. Look at the Google page. Nov 10 17:24
schestowitz It’s all Microsoft. Nov 10 17:24
trmanco ? Nov 10 17:24
schestowitz “Evangelist Profiles” : Nov 10 17:25
schestowitz http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-u… Nov 10 17:25
schestowitz http://www.zdnet.co.uk/talkback/0,100… Nov 10 17:25
schestowitz “Christophe Lauer — Web & RIA Evangelist, Microsoft France (NB: I’m not working at Microsoft Corp, nor in the Silverlight product group. All I mentionned is public data and information that everyone can verify)” Nov 10 17:25
schestowitz http://www.wired.com/techbiz/me… Nov 10 17:26
schestowitz “The author of the email, posted on ZDNet in a Talkback forum on the Microsoft antitrust trial, claimed her name was Michelle Bradley and that she had “retired” from Microsoft last week.” Nov 10 17:26
schestowitz ““A verbal memo [no email allowed] was passed around the MS campus encouraging MS employee’s to post to ZDNet articles like this one,” the email said.” Nov 10 17:26
schestowitz ““The theme is ‘Microsoft is responsible for all good things in computerdom.’ The government has no right to prevent MS from doing anything. Period. The ‘memo’ suggests we use fictional names and state and to identify ourselves as students,” the author claimed.” Nov 10 17:26
_doug NS innovates software Blueprints .. Nov 10 17:27
_doug http://www.codeplex.com/blueprints Nov 10 17:27
_doug is this a case of re-innovating the stuff, so as we’ll have to buy a new SDK :) Nov 10 17:28
schestowitz It has always been that way. Nov 10 17:30
_doug I can’t install blueprints without installing dotNET .. Nov 10 17:30
_doug :) Nov 10 17:30
schestowitz I can’t find a quote Nov 10 17:31
schestowitz Allchin said something like “the only thing we can beat Netscape is by copying all the features and making it part of Windows”. Nov 10 17:31
schestowitz I have similar ones, but not the MONEY QUOTE. Nov 10 17:31
_doug I wonder if these guys would know about evangelism at MS .. Nov 10 17:31
_doug http://msdn.microsoft.com… Nov 10 17:32
schestowitz Jim Allchin, Microsoft: “I do not feel we are going to win on our current path. We are not leveraging Windows from a marketing perspective and we are trying to copy Netscape and make IE into a platform. We do not use our strength — which is that we have an installed base of Windows and we have a strong OEM shipment channel for Windows.” Nov 10 17:32
_doug ‘**** is an Architect Evangelist’ Nov 10 17:32
schestowitz Evangelist: sit around pushing technologies. I.e. marketing. Nov 10 17:33
schestowitz Guerrilla marketing too? Nov 10 17:33
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/wp-cont… “”Ideally, use of the competing technology becomes associated with mental deficiency, as in, “he believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and OS/2.” Just keep rubbing it in, via the press, analysts, newsgroups, whatever. Make the complete failure of the competition’s technology part of the mythology of the computer industry.” Nov 10 17:33
_doug it’s tough having to be infallibile all the time :) Nov 10 17:33
_doug who said that ? Nov 10 17:34
_doug how can so many people work on something that, is basically, a pain, to actually use ? Nov 10 17:35
schestowitz Force from above? Nov 10 17:35
_doug someone cane in to the office and told me he hated working with computers, what he menat was he hated Windows :o Nov 10 17:35
schestowitz Unless he opens up his box or something.. Nov 10 17:36
schestowitz network caBLE^h^h^h^h^h^h Sometimes go wonky. Nov 10 17:36
_doug no .. he just hated his Windows computer .. Nov 10 17:37
schestowitz There is no such thing as “Windows computer.” There are computers and there is Windows (separate). Nov 10 17:41
schestowitz Thank goodness there are no overly tight bindings between those two (like Apple or TiVo). Nov 10 17:42
_doug as far as most of the world is concerned, NS invented computers, and the Microsoft Internet (explorer) Nov 10 17:42
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trmanco http://www.adriantry.com/try-ope… Nov 10 17:54
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 10 17:55
neighborlee hi all Nov 10 17:55
trmanco Hi Nov 10 17:56
neighborlee schestowitz, I got someone at ubuntu to give us a middle sollution to mono in ubuntu, only to be shot down angrily by directHEX…I feel its progress,,we both presently a   gentle offering , and came to reasonably conclusion we are both accepting, but that wasn’t good enough ;) Nov 10 17:56
neighborlee http://ubuntuforums.org/sh… Nov 10 17:56
schestowitz Hey Nov 10 17:56
neighborlee Kilon post , n ear bottom of that page is what Im referring to, where a middle ground was given..and I accepted it gladly…it just descended into anger from there ( not on my part) Nov 10 17:57
schestowitz trmanco: yes, I saw it a while ago and will post a link soon. Nov 10 17:57
neighborlee hi Nov 10 17:57
trmanco :-) Nov 10 17:57
schestowitz Kilon has MSN Nov 10 17:58
schestowitz Does he use Linux at all? Nov 10 17:58
trmanco http://marc.info/?l=linux-k… Nov 10 17:58
trmanco oh yeay Nov 10 17:58
trmanco Linux Nov 10 17:58
schestowitz Ubuntu will have installation options. Nov 10 17:59
schestowitz One for Gobuntu-like, open-source-only installation. Nov 10 17:59
schestowitz They should be also an option like “pick your poison” (or none) where you can tell Ubuntu “keep that Novell/Microsoft trap out of my hardware” Nov 10 18:00
schestowitz They already intend to have a framework for installation options, so why not take it further? Nov 10 18:00
neighborlee hmm had no idea about this framework idea Nov 10 18:01
neighborlee but thats great news,,and yea its a perfect fit..haha directHEX says apt can’t do it,,is he stonned :)) Nov 10 18:01
neighborlee there is no reason civilized people can’t talk about these things, without some of us getting anal Nov 10 18:02
schestowitz What they do not is like this… to use an analogy… Nov 10 18:02
neighborlee but thats ok..I dont know who Kilon represents if but himself,but at least its great that he even ‘saw’ a middle ground…I feel thats great progress. Nov 10 18:03
schestowitz They give you a sandwich with cucumbers and other things you don’t like and say you should just open it up and rmove them Nov 10 18:03
neighborlee yes Nov 10 18:03
schestowitz What you propose is an option to just be serve the same sandwich without the cucumber, which is well… infected by USPTO Nov 10 18:04
neighborlee yup Nov 10 18:04
trmanco https://launchpad.net/spre… Nov 10 18:09
schestowitz The E-mails to <ntsilas@microsoft.com> bounce no matter where it’s sent from Nov 10 18:09
schestowitz “<ntsilas@microsoft.com>: host     winse-6216-mail4.customer.frontbridge.com[] said: 550 5.7.1    <Your e-mail was rejected by an anti-spam content filter on gateway    ( Reasons for rejection may be: obscene language,    graphics, or spam-like characteristics. Removing these may let the e-mail    through the filter.> (in reply to end of DATA command)” Nov 10 18:09
schestowitz I’ll just have to file a formal complaint about Microsoft soon. Nov 10 18:09
trmanco :| Nov 10 18:10
trmanco how can your messages be considered spam or have obscene language? Nov 10 18:11
trmanco is the word “Mono” spam? or maybe it is an obscene word? Nov 10 18:11
neighborlee lol Nov 10 18:11
trmanco schestowitz, have you tried replacing Mono with M*no? Nov 10 18:12
neighborlee schestowitz, id be happy to try to send it myself if you like Nov 10 18:12
schestowitz trmanco: yes, it’s disease. (Mono) Nov 10 18:12
neighborlee indeed ;) Nov 10 18:12
trmanco LOL Nov 10 18:12
schestowitz *LOL* Mon*o Nov 10 18:12
schestowitz M0No v1agr4 Nov 10 18:13
trmanco Give it a try, you never know Nov 10 18:13
schestowitz Na… Nov 10 18:13
schestowitz I’ve spent enough time trying to mail the guy. Nov 10 18:13
trmanco so, what now? Nov 10 18:13
schestowitz neighborlee: wait, let me give you the appropriate post. Nov 10 18:13
neighborlee ok Nov 10 18:14
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/200… Nov 10 18:14
_doug schestowitz: what are you trying to send .. I can pass it on .. Nov 10 18:14
schestowitz Better yet.. Nov 10 18:15
schestowitz neighborlee: give him a phonecall. Ask him about Mono. Nov 10 18:15
schestowitz Report back maybe..? Nov 10 18:15
neighborlee sure Nov 10 18:15
schestowitz _doug: see the URL. It contains the message. Nov 10 18:15
schestowitz neighborlee: here’s the thing. Nov 10 18:15
schestowitz If we ask and ask and ask, then it’s all documented. Nov 10 18:16
neighborlee http://n3t.net/humor/motivation… < ha Nov 10 18:16
schestowitz If one day Microsoft attacks using Mono then we can use it against them. Nov 10 18:16
neighborlee   f riend showed me and I thought it was worth a laugh Nov 10 18:16
schestowitz Saying we expressed concerns and asked Microsoft for ‘protection’ Nov 10 18:16
schestowitz If they ignore us, then sod them. Nov 10 18:16
neighborlee :) Nov 10 18:16
_doug Craft Brewer Standardizes on Microsoft Technologies “The company was using a Novell-based networking and e-mail system” Nov 10 18:20
_doug http://whitepapers.techrepublic.com…. Nov 10 18:20
schestowitz I saw a video Nov 10 18:22
_doug Brighton adopts MS infrastructure .. “The project .. sees the council move away from its Lotus Notes e-mail system and Novell network technology” Nov 10 18:22
_doug http://www.itweb.co.za/sections/computing… Nov 10 18:22
schestowitz They must have been drunk when they signed up with this duo Nov 10 18:22
schestowitz Yes, they lost Brighton. Nov 10 18:22
schestowitz Wasn’t that 203 weeks ago? Nov 10 18:22
schestowitz *2-3 Nov 10 18:22
neighborlee schestowitz, sent Nov 10 18:23
schestowitz Brighton to Mrs Novell: “We like your husband better” Nov 10 18:23
schestowitz neighborlee: thanks,. Nov 10 18:23
neighborlee my pleasure. Nov 10 18:23
_doug is Novell aware that MS is stealing their lunch ? Nov 10 18:24
schestowitz Yes Nov 10 18:26
neighborlee :) Nov 10 18:26
schestowitz Don’t worry. Nov 10 18:26
schestowitz Hovsepian has got a good layer of *ahem* fat on him… he doesn’t need lunch. Nov 10 18:26
_doug Koenig is approved for CompTIA Learning Alliance Nov 10 18:27
_doug http://www.pressport.co.uk/pressroom/koenig/pre… Nov 10 18:27
_doug Koenig is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions. Nov 10 18:27
schestowitz RonH and Steve0: “Your steal my lunch” Steve0 to RonH : “don’t worry. We’ll do what we did with McBride… I’ll pay you later. Got your bonuses yet?” Nov 10 18:27
schestowitz Bear in mind that Novell does down like kamikaze and RonH gets bonuses. It’s like with the banks… Nov 10 18:28
schestowitz Darl McBride got extra money as well when SCO went up in flames.. Nov 10 18:28
schestowitz _doug: yes, I think I saw that. Nov 10 18:29
schestowitz Let me see again… Novell was mentioned, IIRC Nov 10 18:29
schestowitz “Novell and Microsoft Office Specialist Exams.” Nov 10 18:29
schestowitz Yes, I covered that one. Nov 10 18:29
_doug Sun Chooses Microsoft Over Google Nov 10 18:38
_doug http://www.itproportal.com/articles/2008/… Nov 10 18:38
twitter Allchin said some choice things about Vista being a screw up and buying a Mac for himself too. He retired the day Vista shipped.  So much for his “strong OEM shipment channel” which is washing down the drain with Vista. Nov 10 18:38
schestowitz :-) Nov 10 18:39
schestowitz Allchin’s E-mail were already leaked at the time, IIRC. Nov 10 18:39
schestowitz “I would use a Mac… we must rise to the challenge of Linux etc.” Nov 10 18:39
neighborlee yes if I had the extra moola atm, I would dump vista and get a intel mac, no doubt about it..have my cake and eat it too ;) Nov 10 18:39
neighborlee software challenged no doubt at least initially but I would adapt o_0 Nov 10 18:40
_doug “Dell is reportedly ditching plans to launch its digital music player tied to online entertainment software before Christmas” Nov 10 18:40
_doug http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11/10… Nov 10 18:40
schestowitz Hubrissoft exploits Sun… Nov 10 18:40
schestowitz _doug: what’s up with Mirosoft’s entertainment products? Nov 10 18:41
schestowitz Worth checking up on it. Nov 10 18:41
schestowitz It seems dead… and H-P dumped it about a year ago. Nov 10 18:41
schestowitz Seems as dead as Zune. Nov 10 18:41
schestowitz The division loses hundreds of $millions Nov 10 18:41
schestowitz Post-book-cooking it seems like nothing there is conspicuous though. Nov 10 18:41
_doug “After just four months in charge of web TV joint venture Project Kangaroo, ex-BBC tech chief Ashley Highfield has quit for a new job at Microsoft UK” Nov 10 18:41
neighborlee yeah zune is d ef. dead you just dont hear anythign about it Nov 10 18:41
_doug http://www.theregister.co.uk/20… Nov 10 18:41
schestowitz WHAT????????// Nov 10 18:42
schestowitz Shaley? Nov 10 18:42
schestowitz Ashley? Nov 10 18:42
schestowitz SOB! Nov 10 18:42
schestowitz Hasn’t he worked for Microsoft FOR YEARS? Nov 10 18:43
_doug “U.S. judge orders Apple executive to stop work” Nov 10 18:44
_doug http://www.reuters.com/article/marke… Nov 10 18:44
_doug subvert from within :) Nov 10 18:45
_doug “Confused BBC tech chief: Only 600 Linux users visit our website” Nov 10 18:45
_doug http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/11/0… Nov 10 18:45
schestowitz Yes Nov 10 18:45
schestowitz I’m going to do a post about it in BN Nov 10 18:45
schestowitz He needs tagging like Peter Galli Nov 10 18:46
schestowitz They work for Microsoft from the outside and then get hired Nov 10 18:46
schestowitz Next up you know what…? Nov 10 18:47
schestowitz Alex Brown to be hired by Microsoft. Nov 10 18:47
_doug lets not get personal, attack the policys not the man … Nov 10 18:47
schestowitz But first he ‘ll ned to finish ruining ODF and hijacking it with Jesper Stochom. Nov 10 18:47
schestowitz *holm Nov 10 18:47
schestowitz OK, but the policy is the work of a person. Nov 10 18:48
_doug The business sector here don’t want the BBC to be too sucessfull online .. Nov 10 18:48
schestowitz COmpanies *are* just people. Nov 10 18:48
_doug would much prefer it be in the control of the more efficent market :) Nov 10 18:48
_doug I see the BBC being enthused to sell off the online section … to Murdoc ? Nov 10 18:49
schestowitz *glup* Nov 10 18:50
schestowitz Project Fossil. Nov 10 18:50
_doug Of course what would make the iPlayer sewrvice really take of is if the Beebe sold thewir own set-top-box or Digital media player .. aka the Tivo .. Nov 10 18:51
_doug IPTV .. a license to print money !!!!! Nov 10 18:52
schestowitz Yes Nov 10 18:52
_doug Where can I get one of these ? Nov 10 18:53
_doug http://uk.youtube.com/wa… Nov 10 18:53
_doug why isn’t there a scramble to be first-to-market ? Nov 10 18:53
schestowitz Some companies preload it. Nov 10 18:55
_doug BT raises Kangaroo VoD issues to Competition Commission .. Nov 10 18:55
_doug http://www.nma.co.uk/Logon/Res… Nov 10 18:55
trmanco http://www.fsf.org/news/esp-bilski Nov 10 18:55
schestowitz Just needs some marketing. Like Apple’s selling of semi-functional stuff using ads with hands and silly music Nov 10 18:55
_doug ” Project Kangaroo, the joint video venture between BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4, is to be delayed until mid-January 2009.   The Competition Commission has pushed back the inquiry date while it ‘awaits important information on details of the joint venture, which are.” Nov 10 18:55
schestowitz Good find (re: Microsoft’s Kangaroo) Nov 10 18:56
schestowitz Will they replace Ashley with another Microsoft cronyism pupet? Nov 10 18:56
_doug I guess that’s why I can’t buy one in the high street .. only the fully IP protected WMP one .. Nov 10 18:56
schestowitz In the BBC, the Erik Huggers puppet (former Microsoft exec) was put in place of Ashley Nov 10 18:56
schestowitz And they still absorb some more Microsoft execs. The BBC is totally tainted now. I’m glad I gave away my TV. Nov 10 18:57
_doug Why is BT so upset, it isn’t as if it was going into the IPTV business itself. In fact Kangeroo would be good for business? Nov 10 18:57
_doug ‘raises serious competition concerns’ ?? stalking horse ??? Nov 10 18:58
schestowitz They haven’t good optical fibres yet. Nov 10 18:58
schestowitz BTW Nov 10 18:58
_doug “BT: Kangaroo will distort competition” Nov 10 18:59
schestowitz The EU Commission launches a BBC probe/action last week. Nov 10 18:59
schestowitz Can’t recall the nature of it all. Nov 10 18:59
schestowitz Could this be related? Nov 10 18:59
_doug Like how, how will Kangeroo prevent other players entering  the market ? Nov 10 18:59
_doug naw, just all co-incidences Nov 10 19:00
_doug :) Nov 10 19:00
schestowitz I sometimes get told that Microsoft’s chance for survival lies in the ability to put cronies that sort it out as a political movement that enters the Whitehouse, FCC, DOJ, etc. Nov 10 19:00
schestowitz Look what they did to ISO… Nov 10 19:00
_doug BT said there was “a very real likelihood” that .. they would be able “very materially” to reduce competition .. ts submission echoes concerns outlined by Virgin Media” Nov 10 19:00
_doug Funny how everyone is for the free market as long as it only means themselves :) Nov 10 19:01
schestowitz Yes Nov 10 19:01
schestowitz The system doesn’t work. Nov 10 19:01
schestowitz Because it was ‘extended’ to have new laws. Nov 10 19:01
twitter republocrat free market, free to own slaves Nov 10 19:01
_doug “very real concerns regarding the reduced incentives of the Kangaroo parties to supply their content to competing retail providers on terms that will enable the latter to compete effectively at the retail level” Nov 10 19:02
schestowitz There’s the importance of constitution/magna carta/whatever. Nov 10 19:02
trmanco http://www.linux-watch.com/news… Nov 10 19:02
schestowitz You need to have some seminal principles. Nov 10 19:02
_doug This is a huge story, wonder why it isn’t being reported on the tellie :) Nov 10 19:02
trmanco “Microsoft pre-announces a product years before it will ship. Then, people who have built careers supporting Microsoft’s products — whether IT staff or journalists — slavishly salivate, as if on cue. Purchase decisions are deferred, per recommendations of the trade press. “ Nov 10 19:02
schestowitz Watch what the copyrights cartel does with ACTA now. Nov 10 19:02
schestowitz They can stop you and search you without warrants. And what for? Nov 10 19:02
_doug “BT’s own on-demand service BT Vision has attracted more than 280,000 subscribers since its launch at the end of 2006″ Nov 10 19:02
_doug I stand corrected .. Nov 10 19:02
twitter for being within 100 miles of the “border” like 90% of all Americans are. Nov 10 19:03
schestowitz Good one from Henry Kingman Nov 10 19:03
schestowitz I’ll read it later. Nov 10 19:03
schestowitz It was the same with Vista Nov 10 19:03
twitter gotta control immigration and copyright. Nov 10 19:03
_doug Did BT think up this one on thewir own, or did someone drop a hint .. Nov 10 19:03
schestowitz That said it would nail Linux in the coffin. *LOL* Very much the oppossite. Nov 10 19:03
schestowitz Microsoft started throwing XP (!!!!!!!!!) for Free because Vista is killing Microsoft. Nov 10 19:04
twitter the coffin they built was their own. Nov 10 19:04
_doug Isn’t BT a monopoly, after all it owns its own tubes .. Nov 10 19:04
_doug “Online video service Joost has hit out at the proposed Kangaroo on-demand servic” Nov 10 19:05
_doug “Michael Grade has lashed out at the Office of Fair Trading’s (OFT) decision to refer proposed video-on-demand service Kangaroo to the UK competition authorities” Nov 10 19:05
_doug http://www.c21media.net/news/detai… Nov 10 19:05
_doug those f*****s are going to sabatage IPTV in the UK, all for short-term gain .. Nov 10 19:06
schestowitz Yes, Nov 10 19:06
schestowitz All just a tube (pun) of interests. Nov 10 19:07
schestowitz He who has more lobbyisys redefines the ‘rules’ Nov 10 19:07
schestowitz The way it is gravitates towards conflict. Nov 10 19:07
_doug “The firm, behind the BT Vision IPTV service, has claimed that Kangaroo would “very likely” reduce competition in the UK VoD space” Nov 10 19:07
_doug I wonder who exactly this firm is ? Nov 10 19:08
_doug “The BT Vision Box, technically known as STB (Set-Top Box) is a rebranded Philips DIT9719 operating Microsoft Mediaroom software,” Nov 10 19:09
_doug case-closed © Nov 10 19:09
_doug “Microsoft Corp. and telecommunications leader BT announced they are bringing together the next-generation TV service” Nov 10 19:12
_doug http://www.xbox.com/en-US/… Nov 10 19:12
schestowitz Haha. Well, they too are close. Nov 10 19:16
schestowitz But they have that ‘open source’ pretense subdomain now. Nov 10 19:17
trmanco http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&m=1… Nov 10 19:33
trmanco wrong link Nov 10 19:33
trmanco http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&m… Nov 10 19:33
trmanco Linux Nov 10 19:33
_doug Ballmer: Google’s Android is financially unsound .. Nov 10 19:34
_doug http://news.zdnet.com/2424-959… Nov 10 19:34
_doug “They can hire smart guys, hire a lot of people, blah dee blah dee blah, but you know they start out way behind in a certain sense,” Nov 10 19:35
_doug “Google doesn’t exactly bubble to the top of the list of the top competitors we’ve got going in mobile. They might some day. But right now…” Nov 10 19:35
trmanco :O Nov 10 19:36
trmanco onother kernel version Nov 10 19:36
trmanco Linux Nov 10 19:36
trmanco http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&a… Nov 10 19:37
schestowitz Oh, 2.6.26? Nov 10 19:37
trmanco http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&… Nov 10 19:37
schestowitz 2.27.5 came out a couple of days ago Nov 10 19:37
trmanco wrong lnk again Nov 10 19:37
trmanco yes Nov 10 19:37
schestowitz But it’s not important. Nov 10 19:37
schestowitz Just maintenance/bugfix releases Nov 10 19:38
trmanco today came out * 26.8 and * 25.20 Nov 10 19:38
trmanco yes Nov 10 19:38
trmanco it always fixes a couple of bugs Nov 10 19:38
_doug Zimbra denied boot at NS sponcered EduCause conference .. Nov 10 19:38
_doug http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_… Nov 10 19:38
schestowitz “Matt – I love your columns and would like to contact you directly for feedback on some issues. Is there a way to reach you? please respond pderringer@comcast.net. thanks!” Nov 10 19:41
schestowitz She doesn’t have him mail? Nov 10 19:41
schestowitz Watch open source man (yes, at APPLE): Matt Asay <mjasay@mac.com> Nov 10 19:41
schestowitz How ironic. Mac people ‘representing’ FOSS? Nov 10 19:41
trmanco lol Nov 10 19:42
schestowitz It’s an embarrassment. Nov 10 19:42
trmanco yes it is Nov 10 19:42
schestowitz And today he carries on with the “I can’t use Linux” posts: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3… Nov 10 19:43
MinceR he’s drooling about usability even though his great idols don’t have the faintest clue about usability Nov 10 19:47
MinceR the button order specified by the apple HIG are a testament to that Nov 10 19:48
MinceR s/are/is/ Nov 10 19:48
schestowitz Usability is a funny word… like innovation Nov 10 19:50
schestowitz Usability=what I’m most used to (sometimes) Nov 10 19:50
schestowitz Productive interfaces are another thing. “Start” to “shut down”… yes, that’s usable. Nov 10 19:50
MinceR i thought that was “intuitive” Nov 10 19:51
MinceR (“what i’m used to”) Nov 10 19:51
MinceR but you’re right, people use “usable” for that too Nov 10 19:51
schestowitz People like Asay don’t just use a Non-Free platform but the /APPS/ they run on it are proprietary too. And yet they crow about open source. The hypocrisy there is /damaging/ to our identity in the FOSS world. Nov 10 19:52
schestowitz It’s like Microsoft’s Apache-based Web sites, only opposite. Nov 10 19:53
schestowitz “Have you been a victim of personal data loss? It seems that you are not alone, as some 280 million people around the world are reported to have found themselves in the same position during the last three years.” < http://www.itwire.com/content/v… > Nov 10 20:03
_doug Shouldn’t the suppler of the computer imdemnify me against this event .. ? Nov 10 20:05
schestowitz “In my neck of the woods alone, the UK government has recently suffered high profile data loss incidents such as a data stick with personal details of all 84,000 prisoners in the UK going missing. Not forgetting the infamous loss of bank details concerning some 25 million citizens earlier in the year.” Nov 10 20:05
_doug “mistakes are made in the transportation, if you like the communication of information.” Nov 10 20:06
schestowitz Bergi ranting for attention again? http://beranger.org/index.php?page=diary&amp… Nov 10 20:08
schestowitz “Fuck you, Sun Microsystems, and fuck you, OpenOffice.org!” Nov 10 20:08
MinceR fuck them indeed. Nov 10 20:09
_doug I was annoyed .. that some distros .. don’t support JFS .. Nov 10 20:11
_doug Why don’t he use Qparted .. Nov 10 20:12
_doug http://qtparted.sourceforge.net/ Nov 10 20:12
MinceR why not use ext3 :> Nov 10 20:12
_doug “I thought I should better stop blogging about the current megacrap pile of Linux distroshit” Nov 10 20:14
*libervisco_ (n=libervis@78-1-171-111.adsl.net.t-com.hr) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 10 20:14
_doug sounds like a Linux fan .. Nov 10 20:14
_doug http://beranger.org/ Nov 10 20:14
*libervisco has quit (Nick collision from services.) Nov 10 20:15
*libervisco_ is now known as libervisco Nov 10 20:15
_doug Generally if you stick to the online update for the particular distro, it works .. Nov 10 20:16
_doug doesn’t he know this is meant to be fun .. Nov 10 20:18
_doug He should try and compile mpeg4ip from source .. now that was interesting .. Nov 10 20:18
_doug mpeg4ip.sourceforge.net Nov 10 20:18
schestowitz http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2… “So, the Government can’t quite find the huge sum of £1.8 million to help concretely exploited and vulnerable women, and yet *can* somehow find the odd £19 billion to pay for ID cards that will be used to combat –terrorism illegal immigration identity fraud benefit fraud– littering….” Nov 10 20:19
*yuhong (n=chatzill@pool-71-188-245-175.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 10 20:44
yuhong Don’t forget that if AMD wasn’t a second source to Intel back in 1981, that AMD wouldn’t exist now. Nov 10 20:44
_doug Apple iPhone SDK Agreement .. Nov 10 20:44
_doug “Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Apple hereby grants You during the Term, Nov 10 20:44
_doug a limited, non-exclusive, personal, revocable, non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to” Nov 10 20:44
_doug “Apple retains all rights, title, and interest in and to the SDK and any Updates it may make Nov 10 20:45
_doug available to You under this Agreement.” Nov 10 20:45
_doug “You agree that all pre-release versions of the SDK (including pre-release Documentation) will be Nov 10 20:46
_doug deemed ‘Apple Confidential Information’.” Nov 10 20:46
schestowitz Maybe they get into a new business model… :-S Nov 10 20:47
schestowitz Netbooks eat into Microsoft revenues : http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/… Nov 10 20:48
yuhong Don’t forget that if AMD wasn’t a second source to Intel back in 1981, that AMD wouldn’t exist now. Nov 10 20:48
schestowitz Microsoft loves to pretend that it’s harming Linux, but it’s really harming itself with the dumping. Linux pushed it to the limit and brings it closer to (or deeper into)  debt. Nov 10 20:48
schestowitz yuhong: who talked about AMD? Nov 10 20:48
yuhong In a blog article, you talked about AMD and Intel. Nov 10 20:49
yuhong Briefly. Nov 10 20:50
yuhong Yep, Intel and AMD are another mess altogether. Nov 10 20:51
*_doug has quit () Nov 10 20:52
*yuhong has quit (“ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]“) Nov 10 20:54
schestowitz [ Bill Gates' New Career?  Patent Troll For Nathan Myhrvold?] <http://techdirt.com/articles/2008110… > What to do when your company is sinking…. only months after a so-called departure Nov 10 20:59
schestowitz NComputing +Wipro+Microsoft (with Will Poole of Microsoft in the board): “The company has partnership with NIIT, Redington, HCL, Acer, Wipro and Microsoft and expect to grow at a faster rate even in the slow economy, Mr Dukker said. – PTI” < http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/… > Nov 10 21:05
schestowitz Nortel Reports Loss, Plans Layoffs < http://www.pcworld.com/article/153… > Nov 10 21:07
schestowitz How quickly a govt. can screw an entire country with corruption and spur a domino effect… Nov 10 21:09
schestowitz Earlier we talked about DSG and Vista’s fault.. http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2… “According to the Sunday Times, DSGi, which owns PC World and Currys in the UK and has a number of well-known electrical store brands throughout Europe, is in the process of selling off its loss-making Electro World division.” Nov 10 21:20
schestowitz Michael Dell sells you some s**t you don’t need < http://www.theregister.co.uk/20… > “With IT on the chopping block at a lot of shops, Dell is trying to convince customers that the way out of their troubles is to buy more Dell computers. “ Nov 10 21:22
schestowitz Plasmon plc sheds staff as investor bails out < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11… > Nov 10 21:23
trmanco oh what a nice thing to say… -> http://escolas.internet.gov.pt/ Nov 10 21:25
schestowitz gates is becoming a patent troll. Gates joins ex-Microsoft CTO to register patents < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/1… > Nov 10 21:26
trmanco “Lamentamos, mas a versão do seu browser, Firefox 3.0, não dispõe Nov 10 21:27
trmanco das funcionalidades necessárias para a correcta visualização e Nov 10 21:27
trmanco navegação neste site.” Nov 10 21:27
schestowitz trmanco: have you complained yet? I spoofed header (IE) as still can’t get anywhere. Nov 10 21:27
schestowitz Maybe ActiveX rubbish. Netscape suggests otherwise. Nov 10 21:27
trmanco schestowitz, yes if you spoof the header you can enter the site Nov 10 21:27
trmanco the site doesn’t have anything that would break Firefox Nov 10 21:28
schestowitz “…covered by Microsoft’s Open Specification Promise (OSP), concerns remain that Microsoft can unilaterally update the terms.” Nov 10 21:28
trmanco more here -> http://conversasdobruno… Nov 10 21:28
schestowitz Nathan Myhrvold : “Intellectual property is the next software.”< Nov 10 21:28
trmanco there is no contact on the webiste that I can see with *my browser* Nov 10 21:29
schestowitz trmanco: you should complain if it’s possible. Nov 10 21:29
*_doug (n=configna@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 10 21:30
trmanco I will try to find an email somewhere and I will discuss it with Bruno and we will try to write a formal email to *them* Nov 10 21:30
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/… “1,300 heads will roll” Nov 10 21:32
schestowitz _doug: check this… Nov 10 21:32
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/20… http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/1… Nov 10 21:32
schestowitz It’s a good thing that we prepared for Microsoft going into full ‘patent troll’ mode. Can Halliburton  help? ;-) http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11/… Nov 10 21:33
_doug “A number of these patents are assigned to Searete LLC, which has the same Bellevue address as IV” Nov 10 21:37
_doug Searete patent authorization rights .. Nov 10 21:41
_doug http://www.freshpatents.com/Authorization-rights-for-sub… Nov 10 21:41
_doug “IV has established a number of shell companies, often with fanciful literary names such as Steinbeck Cannery|” Nov 10 21:42
_doug “Television recorder having a removable hard disk drive” Nov 10 21:42
_doug http://www.patentgenius.com/assig… Nov 10 21:42
schestowitz I’m writing about it now. Nov 10 21:44
schestowitz I saw it coming some weeks back. Nov 10 21:44
schestowitz Chris (Linonut) said it was probably a patent-trolling firm in the making. Nov 10 21:44
schestowitz He was right. Maybe he saw something in GL to add substance to the claim. Nov 10 21:44
_doug Dickens Coal patent URL link-modifying .. Nov 10 21:44
_doug http://www.freepatentsonline.com/y2… Nov 10 21:44
_doug http://tinyurl.com/5prjlz Good Grief !!!! Nov 10 21:46
schestowitz The broader the patent, the more valuable it becomes. Nov 10 21:48
schestowitz Apropos, the studier the examiners, the more damage they do. Nov 10 21:48
schestowitz Most people won’t take this to court and challenge it with prior art. It’s too expensive. Nov 10 21:49
_doug Injectable controlled release fluid delivery system” | United States Patent Application 20080140057 | Inventors: Gates; William H. Nov 10 21:49
schestowitz They already ruined the economy. Let them kill the industry too. Long live patent trolls? Nov 10 21:49
schestowitz “fluid delivery system” Nov 10 21:49
schestowitz See Masnick article. Nov 10 21:49
schestowitz Maybe he and Nathan thought about it while consuming fluids in some restaurants. The lawyers took note. Nov 10 21:50
schestowitz These people are mentality disturbed if they are to believe that any word coming out of their month is gold and should also be rewarded for. Nov 10 21:50
schestowitz They have some other mad people in Microsoft research who want to capture video of a person’s entire life. Nov 10 21:51
_doug “the present application constitutes a continuation-in-part of U.S. patent application Ser. No ..” Nov 10 21:51
schestowitz Here we are in an economy where people choose $300 PCs cause that’s what they can afford. Nov 10 21:51
_doug that’s 17 continuation-in-parts .. Nov 10 21:52
schestowitz Over at Seattle, $15000 Table-sized PCs and life-documenting camera equipment are conceived. Nov 10 21:52
schestowitz We live in Planet Earth and they think they live in Starship Enterrpsie. Nov 10 21:52
schestowitz *Enterprise Nov 10 21:52
schestowitz BTW, I did a quick  post about you mate Ashley: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/1… Nov 10 21:54
_doug haaa …. Nov 10 21:54
_doug Asw usual Roy, you tend to over-state your case Nov 10 21:55
schestowitz Where prcisely? Nov 10 21:56
_doug “Ashley Highfield to Finally Get Paid by His Masters”, poor Ashley, I feel sorry for him already … Nov 10 21:56
schestowitz That’s the site’s flavour. Nov 10 21:56
schestowitz Love it or leave it.;-) ;-) Nov 10 21:56
_doug You hurt peoples feelings :( Nov 10 21:57
schestowitz Subject: No more SJVN stories for me.  < http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.p… > Nov 10 21:57
schestowitz _doug: how do these people  think they make others fell? :-| Nov 10 21:58
schestowitz Carla has begun wasting some Linux-Today real estate with security news that’s not about Linux. Example: Researchers Hijack Storm Worm to Track Profits < http://voices.washingtonpost.com/securityfi… > Nov 10 22:01
schestowitz WIntrolls in Linux-Today: http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_st… Nov 10 22:02
*trmanco has quit (“I just hit the close button :)”) Nov 10 22:04
_doug “Ethics, morals top workplace-skills wish lists of IT exec” Nov 10 22:06
_doug http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.d… Nov 10 22:06
_doug Who paid who tp type this BS .. Nov 10 22:06
_doug to type Nov 10 22:06
schestowitz Let me see. Nov 10 22:07
schestowitz Give me 2 mins to do one about Searete. Nov 10 22:07
schestowitz ” IT leaders are still hungry to recruit .Net programmers…” Nov 10 22:07
schestowitz Thomas Hoffman? Never heard of him… Nov 10 22:08
_doug how about an exec applying for a gov grant to hire people and hiring on cheap H1B labor instead Nov 10 22:08
_doug “Many IT executives are concerned about stories they have heard of staffers doing “unethical things,”” Nov 10 22:08
schestowitz Not this chap… http://www.cs.brown.edu/~th/ Nov 10 22:08
_doug No, the only people you have to be scared of is the accounts people .. Nov 10 22:09
_doug they’re the once who sign the cheques and forge compliance documents .. :) Nov 10 22:09
_doug “To me, this is the price of entry into my [IT] department,” agreed Paul Major, CIO at The Aspen Skiing Co” Nov 10 22:10
_doug Yea, keep our skies safe from unethical IT staff :) Nov 10 22:10
_doug What *is* this BS doing in a computer mag .. Nov 10 22:10
_doug How about the PHP leaning on the IT staff to lie to a customer just to get the contract? Nov 10 22:11
schestowitz http://www.computerworld.com.au/a… Nov 10 22:12
_doug “Major .. does a “gut check” of the applicants based on how they’re dressed and how they present themselves” Nov 10 22:12
_doug What a putz … Nov 10 22:12
schestowitz Yup Nov 10 22:12
_doug “Mike Close ..  said that gauging the moral fiber of job applicants has long been a consistent part of the yogurt maker’s vetting process” Nov 10 22:12
schestowitz When I did more articles I stood out a bit Nov 10 22:12
_doug How about, must like Yogurt .. :) Nov 10 22:12
schestowitz But only the boring and taited people like Enderle deserve this s*. The press is dying anyway. Nov 10 22:13
schestowitz Worry not because these mags are losing presence and it’s easy to see this. Nov 10 22:13
_doug “Among the other findings .. was an anticipated increase .. to sending IT work offshore, from 3.3% this year to a projected 5.6% in 2009″ Nov 10 22:13
_doug Do they have ethics in India, at 50p and hour ? Nov 10 22:13
schestowitz There is a pattern here (similar theme): http://www.computerworld.com.au/autho… Nov 10 22:14
_doug ‘the pipeline for qualified IT job candidates in the U.S. “isn’t adequate to fill the demand,”‘ Nov 10 22:14
schestowitz Haha. Nov 10 22:14
_doug nonsense, you just don’t want to pay them .. Nov 10 22:14
schestowitz Gates would love that disinfo Nov 10 22:14
schestowitz He was already proven wrong (lies). Nov 10 22:14
_doug gtg .. Nov 10 22:14
schestowitz And the Visa scheme reportedly become a /fraud/ Nov 10 22:14
*_doug has quit () Nov 10 22:15
schestowitz The new rules for calculating Windows ship dates [...] “Case in point: Windows 7. Microsoft officials have been insisting for the past year-plus that early 2010 is the intended ship target. The only problem: That’s not what company representatives have been telling customers, OEM partners and a select few others. Certain individuals are expecting Windows 7 in 2009 “ Nov 10 22:20
schestowitz From http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1706 about Microsoft’s “freezing the market” tactics Nov 10 22:20
twitter was just reading that. Nov 10 22:21
schestowitz This related tp… Nov 10 22:21
twitter Ed Bott got one of the “loaner machines” at PDC http://blogs.zdnet.com/Bott/?p=575 Nov 10 22:21
schestowitz http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS79551… “During my 13-year career as a compu-journalist, I have seen the pattern over and over. Microsoft pre-announces a product years before it will ship. Then, people who have built careers supporting Microsoft’s products — whether IT staff or journalists — slavishly salivate, as if on cue. Purchase decisions are deferred, per recommendations of the trade press. “ Nov 10 22:21
twitter thanks Nov 10 22:21
schestowitz “Next, the product is delayed. Purchase decisions are further deferred. Nothing can sway the devotion of the true Microsoft believers. And they think Linux “fanboys” are partisan! Then, finally delivered, the Microsoft OS utterly fails to live up to its hype. And, the Microsoft ecosystem rejoices, secure in the knowledge that their help will still be needed to make Microsoft products usable.” Nov 10 22:21
schestowitz You should spread this essay. it’s very good Nov 10 22:22
twitter That’s the review of Ubuntu on EEEPC? Nov 10 22:22
schestowitz It’s a Viasta deja vu to me as well. Nov 10 22:22
schestowitz Predictions of doom and gloom for Linux… because of a product that does not exist and reviewed only by Microsoft and bribed shills. Nov 10 22:22
twitter Slashdot rejected that one from me. Nov 10 22:23
schestowitz Earlier today, InfoWeek joined the “Windows 7 will kill” party. That’s why I don’t like DIsnformationWeek. Nov 10 22:23
twitter I’m trying to list the big promises and hype for Windows 7. Nov 10 22:23
twitter You have the InfoWeek story link handy? Nov 10 22:24
schestowitz And shilling. Nov 10 22:24
schestowitz Yes, I can find it. Hold on.. Nov 10 22:24
schestowitz Can’t find it now. Nov 10 22:25
twitter The promises aimed at freezing the market and keeping people off GNU/Linux are the worst.  Those are the ones I’d like to catalog the most. Nov 10 22:25
twitter Things like, It’s going to run on Nebooks, it’s going to be out for Christmas next year, so on and so forth. Nov 10 22:25
schestowitz I didn’t want to link to it anyway. it’s part of a “yes men” thing that reminds me of Lyons/Enderle/MS bloggers rotuine. Nov 10 22:26
schestowitz Yes, they try to discourage netbook makers too… making them seem like Linux is a dead end. It’s one of the reasons they spent huge efforts hijacking OLPC and then letting it  rot while making a media charade about “why Linux can’t make it” Nov 10 22:27
schestowitz http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/articl… Nov 10 22:28
schestowitz The Slog Showcase” (commission by Microsoft Corpoation (C)2007) Nov 10 22:29
schestowitz *commissioned Nov 10 22:29
twitter bbl Nov 10 22:32
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MShbKCXPr4 “[PJ: This is illustrative of what Cory Doctorow wrote about, that most people don’t know how copyright law works, and they don’t intend to infringe even while doing so by following what they think are ethical rules of fairness. So, who wants to send this girl a threatening takedown letter for honoring her great grandfather with this video? I double dare you.” Nov 10 22:35
schestowitz Re: Highfield joins Microsoft after just four months at Project Kangaroo “[PJ: Raise your hand if you're surprised. This was the guy who said the BBC had only 600 Linux users when there were 97,600 or more. He should fit it very well.] (from news picks too) Nov 10 22:37
schestowitz http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20081109 Nov 10 22:38
schestowitz Windows 7: faster or just smarter?  “It’s tempting to see this as a bit of a con. They’ve sped up the front end so it feels like you’re getting more done, but in terms of real productivity it’s no better than Vista.” < http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2008/11/10/w… > Nov 10 22:41
schestowitz Corruption makes depression. Earnings alert: Nortel earnings sink < http://news.cnet.com/Earnings-alert-Nortel-e… >; http://news.cnet.com/tech-layoffs/?part=rss&… ( Tech layoffs: The scorecard ) Nov 10 23:09
schestowitz “Some jobs appear recession-proof” < http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/c… >. A mate of mine has both his parents working at the train station and since people drive less, their sector is blooming. It’s understaffed. Nov 10 23:17
schestowitz The “D” word….: “Illinoisans who want to stay employed during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression should look to health care, technology or teaching.” Nov 10 23:17
schestowitz http://news.zdnet.com/2424-9595_22-247339.html “The technology industry can play a major role in tackling global disease and battling climate change, according to the executive director of Google.org, Larry Brilliant.” Nov 10 23:18
schestowitz Look WHO’s talking: End the open source obsession with Microsoft < http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=3070 > From Dana Blankenhorn… blaming everyone but HIM. Nov 10 23:27
schestowitz www.danablankenhorn.com is down. I need him E-mail addy….. Nov 10 23:31
MinceR gn Nov 10 23:44
schestowitz Another Apple failure? http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/… Nov 10 23:55
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    Bribery goes a very long way when it comes to the megalomaniac who pays the media to portray him as the world's most generous person

  26. Windows Ransomware Must Not be Unspeakable When People Die in Large Numbers Due to That (and Windows Has Intentional Back Doors)

    Loss of electronic patient records, ransom and downtime among the severe consequences of deploying Microsoft inside hospitals; yet the media rarely names the real culprit (manslaughter charges theoretically possible) and nobody gets punished except those who offer real solutions

  27. IRC Proceedings: Saturday, May 30, 2020

    IRC logs for Saturday, May 30, 2020

  28. Burning the House That Richard Stallman (RMS) Built: An Open Letter to GNU Maintainers Who Opposed RMS

    An open letter to people who petitioned RMS to step down and who outsource GNU projects to Microsoft (GitHub)

  29. Links 30/5/2020: Godot Editor Under Web Browsers, Alpine Linux 3.12.0 and EasyOS 2.3

    Links for the day

  30. EPO's Illegal Patents and Massive Corruption Go Unnoticed by Corporate Media and Sites That Cover Patent News

    Very major corruption scandals still emerge in Europe's second-largest institution and illegal patents get granted as well as promoted; somehow, perhaps miraculously, this no longer seems to bother anybody in the media (corruption and radical policies have been gradually 'normalised')

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