IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 4th, 2008 – Part 1

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MinceR gn Dec 04 00:12
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schestowitz Mandriva’s CEO about the layoffs: http://blog.mandriva.com/2008/12/03/ne… Dec 04 00:17
schestowitz http://news.zdnet.co.uk/leader/0,10000… “Yet as the code is released on Microsoft’s CodePlex pages under the GPL 3.0-compatible Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), it’s as good a piece of official Microsoft open source as you’ll find.” Dec 04 00:19
schestowitz Microsoft is already polluting the space with its E.E.E. licence Dec 04 00:20
schestowitz ESR rebuts MS/Novell apologist: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=658 Dec 04 00:23
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schestowitz More Mandriva: http://artipc10.vub.ac.be/serendipity/archi… Dec 04 01:15
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Omar87 Hello everyone? Dec 04 03:20
twitter hello Dec 04 03:21
Omar87 schestowitz: Have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP-Kv4fnuGQ Dec 04 03:21
Omar87 Microsoft Surface does not stand a bit of a chance now. :) Dec 04 03:21
Omar87 Also, this Simpson’s episode represents some good facts about how Microsoft and Apple treat their customers as cows whom they milk their money out of. :) Dec 04 03:26
Omar87 http://tv.spreadit.org/the-simpsons-sea… Dec 04 03:26
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MinceR oh hai Dec 04 08:49
schestowitz Morning. Dec 04 08:49
kentma hi Dec 04 09:02
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macabe Hi Roy. On yesterday’s http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/03/no… may have a typo. Dec 04 11:15
macabe 1. Novell recently shut down some offices across office. Dec 04 11:15
macabe should office be Europe? Dec 04 11:16
schestowitz Yes, thanks. Dec 04 11:16
schestowitz I’ll fix it. Dec 04 11:16
Eruaran hai all Dec 04 11:18
Eruaran Its malware week this week Dec 04 11:18
schestowitz Not anti-pirate day? Dec 04 11:18
Eruaran Mostly malware services all week Dec 04 11:18
schestowitz AKA “the day to sob for poor Microsoft”? Dec 04 11:18
Eruaran we make a lot of money on such weeks Dec 04 11:18
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Eruaran We had one noob Dec 04 11:19
Eruaran Who wanted his Linux partition removed Dec 04 11:19
Eruaran He’ll regret that Dec 04 11:19
Eruaran hehe Dec 04 11:19
Eruaran Because its MALWARE WEEK Dec 04 11:20
Eruaran :P Dec 04 11:20
schestowitz Malware creates job. Dec 04 11:20
schestowitz Microsoft should register the domain. Malwarecreatesjobs.com Dec 04 11:20
Eruaran It certainly created a lot of jobs this week Dec 04 11:20
kentma what’s a “malware week”?  is it a special offer or something like that? Dec 04 11:20
Eruaran Its a week when you notice a sudden influx of crippled Windows systems infested with malware Dec 04 11:21
schestowitz Botnet are apparently at an all-time high Dec 04 11:34
schestowitz Economy is weak -> crooks need more cybercrime. Dec 04 11:34
_doug what’s the current malware called ? Dec 04 11:39
macabe If it gets worse, would Lessig’s prediction of iPatroit act go into effect? Dec 04 11:39
Eruaran _doug: all the usual suspects are pretty common Dec 04 11:46
Eruaran “Smart Antivirus 2009″ Dec 04 11:46
schestowitz macabe: yes, I read about that. Dec 04 11:49
macabe Seems kind of ripe if cybercrime hits even higher to use that as an excuse and given the current trend of “moving target accountability” not to lay it squarely where it belongs – “Microsoft” Dec 04 11:54
macabe MS is the real door for cybercrimes. Anti-virus, anti-malware are just “warm and fuzzy” snakeoil. Dec 04 11:56
Eruaran “Mail app has this really annoying bug” Dec 04 11:59
Eruaran “subfolders can’t be dragged/dropped back to the root dir…” Dec 04 11:59
Eruaran Microsoft created users like this Dec 04 12:00
schestowitz Hehe. Dec 04 12:01
Eruaran A generation of retarded users. Dec 04 12:01
schestowitz Bug #1:  market share Dec 04 12:01
schestowitz Bug “freedom”: unassigned Dec 04 12:02
MinceR apple might have had a hand in it too. Dec 04 12:03
_doug ot: someone just told me their laptop got wiped out from a virus. The thing is, they are tech savy and use current AV and an online AV service .. and still got hit … !!! Dec 04 12:05
Eruaran I told a customer today after she asked why viruses and spyware were such a problem Dec 04 12:06
Eruaran I told her straight, “With regard to security, Microsoft has left Windows users high and dry” Dec 04 12:06
Eruaran “they don’t care” Dec 04 12:06
schestowitz “Our products just aren’t engineered for security.” –Brian Valentine, Microsoft executive Dec 04 12:08
schestowitz http://www.infoworld.com/articles/hn/xml/02/0… Dec 04 12:08
Eruaran I tried to explain to someone the difference between Windows, with antivirus products and Linux in security. Dec 04 12:08
Eruaran “Imagine you walk up to a house… the front door is locked. There is an intercom. You press the button and a voice answers, “who the hell are you ?”” Dec 04 12:09
Eruaran So you tell them your name Dec 04 12:09
kentma schestowitz: listen to you and yours podcast on Radio 4 – it’s all about people being stung for downloading which they didn’t do… Dec 04 12:10
Eruaran You get no response Dec 04 12:10
Eruaran Then you remember your friend said he created an account for you with a username and password Dec 04 12:10
Eruaran you pull out a piece of paper Dec 04 12:10
Eruaran you press the button again Dec 04 12:10
Eruaran “who the hell are you ?” Dec 04 12:10
_doug ot: a slashdotter wonders why Linux won’t boot from an external hotswappable USB harddrive, that’s mapped into a ‘Logical Volume’ with the internal harddrive .. :) Dec 04 12:11
Eruaran “John Citizen, password: ub3r1337n355″ Dec 04 12:11
Eruaran The door magically opens Dec 04 12:11
Eruaran You go in Dec 04 12:11
Eruaran You’re in the foyer now Dec 04 12:11
Eruaran All the doors are locked Dec 04 12:12
Eruaran One door has your name on it Dec 04 12:12
Eruaran you find its the only one that opens Dec 04 12:12
kentma Eruaran: you seem to have most of the ingredients for a traditional adventure game here… but with just the one story line :-) Dec 04 12:12
Eruaran hehe Dec 04 12:12
Eruaran So, there’s basic GNU/Linux security Dec 04 12:13
Eruaran Now, you go to another house Dec 04 12:13
Eruaran The Windows house Dec 04 12:13
Eruaran You notice the front door is wide open Dec 04 12:13
schestowitz In through the windows Dec 04 12:13
schestowitz Prophetic name Dec 04 12:13
Eruaran You stand at the door and say, “hello ?” Dec 04 12:13
schestowitz Break windows to break in Dec 04 12:13
Eruaran And you here someone say, “oh hey, come on in !” Dec 04 12:13
Eruaran So you walk in Dec 04 12:13
Eruaran There’s a guy sitting on the couch drinking a beer Dec 04 12:14
Eruaran You inform him the front door is wide open Dec 04 12:14
Eruaran He says, “no worries, I got fantastic security, I got Norton 360″ Dec 04 12:14
Eruaran You look back at the open front door Dec 04 12:14
Eruaran And notice a big yellow thing that looks like a lock hanging from the door, with flashing lights and popups on a screen saying the latest updates have been installed Dec 04 12:15
Eruaran You say, “um… but the front door is wide open” Dec 04 12:15
Eruaran I usually tell a shortened version of that story Dec 04 12:16
Eruaran So the average user gets it Dec 04 12:16
Eruaran No one who is serious about security uses Windows. Dec 04 12:17
Eruaran That, or their an idiot. Dec 04 12:17
Eruaran *they’re Dec 04 12:17
Eruaran cartoon from OSnews Dec 04 12:20
Eruaran “twitter does not make you relevant” Dec 04 12:20
Eruaran Thinking about writing a twitter message… Writing a twitter message… Sending twitter message… “I’m making tea” Dec 04 12:21
schestowitz Twitter was weird when used by executives. Dec 04 12:22
schestowitz Writing some very irrelevant things. Dec 04 12:22
Eruaran I’m not using my twitter widget till the thing that makes plasma crash is fixed Dec 04 12:24
MinceR “I’m writing a twitter message!” Dec 04 12:24
Eruaran then I shall update twice daily with meaninless drivel Dec 04 12:24
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_doug twitter, myspace etc .. i don’t have the time or energy to engage … Dec 04 12:50
_doug facebook .. yaagedia yaaagedeia .. inane drivle … Dec 04 12:51
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schestowitz The Microsoft/Novell fanboys are bombarding today Dec 04 13:03
schestowitz They even defend what ISO did. *snigger* Dec 04 13:03
macabe What’s with the fly? His behavior is like a striker inside a bell. He has no point. Dec 04 13:09
schestowitz It’s eet Dec 04 13:14
schestowitz Big Novell booster (not just in BN) Dec 04 13:14
schestowitz Big blow: China Fund: Banks in West Are Risky Bets < http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1228269308641… > Dec 04 13:23
schestowitz Microsoft seems to be shoving up very old bogus studies via ‘journalists’: http://www.itwire.com/content/v… Dec 04 13:39
schestowitz The only explanation for this is probably some push from behind the scene with reused FUD against F/OSS Dec 04 13:40
Eruaran “Dell manufactures computer components in accordance with the customer’s purchase order and requests. That included the operating system.” Dec 04 13:40
Eruaran Maybe I should give Dell a call Dec 04 13:40
schestowitz Where’s that from? Dec 04 13:40
Eruaran http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340… Dec 04 13:41
Eruaran Maybe I should give them a call and quote their own words to them Dec 04 13:42
Eruaran Then ask for Linux on the good hardware Dec 04 13:42
Eruaran Instead of the extreme low end stuff only Dec 04 13:42
schestowitz What ideally should happen is a national investigation. Dec 04 13:43
schestowitz There’s this affair that’s collusionary with people pointing fingers at everyone else. Dec 04 13:43
Eruaran BenQ has asked us for feedback on its systems its releasing next February Dec 04 13:43
schestowitz “it’s the customer!” Dec 04 13:43
schestowitz “No, it’s Intel” Dec 04 13:43
schestowitz “But Vista’s fat” Dec 04 13:44
schestowitz “No, it’s Dell’s choice” Dec 04 13:44
schestowitz “Kempin said he would make us ‘do the delicate dance’” Dec 04 13:44
schestowitz “They said they would ‘whack’ us for suing Linux” Dec 04 13:44
schestowitz “We need to margins” Dec 04 13:44
schestowitz “If we didn’t ‘recommend’ Vista, we’d be out of business” Dec 04 13:45
Eruaran System76 doesn’t recommend Vista Dec 04 13:45
schestowitz Well, good luck to the, Dec 04 13:45
schestowitz Microsoft and its cronies try to corner disobedient shops and people. Dec 04 13:45
schestowitz Just as they did with Quinn and MA Dec 04 13:45
schestowitz Or the blackmail allegations in Kenya Dec 04 13:46
schestowitz Be assimilated or be out of business. Dec 04 13:46
Eruaran They did a signed in blood backroom deal to make BenQ behave Dec 04 13:46
Eruaran It must have been late, because they haven’t even changed the packaging Dec 04 13:46
schestowitz I think I’m gonna dump OSNews Dec 04 13:47
schestowitz That Thom guy has become some kind of a Microsoft marketing guy Dec 04 13:47
Eruaran The box has the picture of the BenQ Joybook Lite U101 sporting a destkop that clearly is not Windows Dec 04 13:47
schestowitz It’s sickening, I can’t watch. http://www.osnews.com/story/20586/Debating_… Dec 04 13:47
Eruaran But the unit inside has XP on it… Dec 04 13:47
schestowitz Others complain too. Dec 04 13:47
schestowitz Their feeds are filled with vapourware from Microsoft versus contemporary Linux stuff. Dec 04 13:48
schestowitz They said they would stock Linux Dec 04 13:48
schestowitz http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS…  “BenQ and Italian mobile carrier TIM announced the availability of a MID with both WiFi and HSDPA mobile networking. Running Red Flag’s Midinux Linux  distro, the BenQ S6 Mobile Internet Device (MID) is equipped with an 800MHz Intel Atom processor and 4.8-inch WVGA touchscreen. “ Dec 04 13:51
schestowitz http://www.computerworld.com/action/… (BenQ to launch Linux ultramobile device in Q2) Dec 04 13:51
schestowitz hese included a Linux-based device from BenQ < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/…  > Dec 04 13:51
schestowitz Geez. IDG is pushing lots of vapourware too now. it’s horrible. Have they run out of /real/ products to cover Dec 04 13:53
Eruaran BenQ are releasing desktop systems in Febuary Dec 04 13:54
Eruaran I forget what they are called Dec 04 13:54
Eruaran They will run Windows XP and Linux Dec 04 13:55
Eruaran two categories, two models in each category Dec 04 13:55
Eruaran one windows and one linux Dec 04 13:55
Eruaran The linux one doesn’t get a proper hard drive Dec 04 13:56
schestowitz SSD? Dec 04 13:58
Eruaran yes Dec 04 13:58
Eruaran They are kind of iMac like things, the computer is in the monitor… so you have a monitor/pc, keyboard, mouse. Dec 04 13:59
schestowitz Windows doesn’t do SSD (not well) Dec 04 13:59
schestowitz So it might not be malevolent. Dec 04 13:59
Eruaran They are basically aimed at that market segment who just want to surf the web and check emails Dec 04 13:59
schestowitz But Microsoft tries to destroy commodities like Web standards. Dec 04 14:00
Eruaran The Linux model is cheaper Dec 04 14:00
Eruaran I don’t have details yet as to what distro they might be using Dec 04 14:01
Eruaran Maybe something they’re already using Dec 04 14:02
Eruaran Looks like it has a KDE desktop Dec 04 14:02
schestowitz 4? Dec 04 14:02
Eruaran No Dec 04 14:02
Eruaran Not yet at least Dec 04 14:02
Eruaran 4.2 would be awesome though Dec 04 14:03
Eruaran But I don’t think so Dec 04 14:03
Eruaran timeframe wont permit Dec 04 14:03
Eruaran BenQ are resonably conservative Dec 04 14:03
schestowitz http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2008/12/03/sprint-lo… (Sprint Lobbyist Declares Net Neutrality Support) Dec 04 14:04
schestowitz KDE4 needs users. Dec 04 14:04
Eruaran KDE 4.2 comes out end of January… We know BenQ fairly well… It would take them at least another 6 months to ship anything with KDE 4.2 Dec 04 14:04
schestowitz But KDE3 isn’t going away (support and all…) Dec 04 14:04
schestowitz Microsoft will put sticks in the wheels. Dec 04 14:05
Eruaran Or 4.x… It would have to be something they were planning well ahead of time Dec 04 14:05
schestowitz Trying to propagate the perception that laptops and PCs won’t survive with Linux. Dec 04 14:05
Eruaran They might have a good look when 4.2 comes out and then start planning after that Dec 04 14:05
schestowitz They did lots of this before and now that Linux kills their revenues they get more corrupt about it Dec 04 14:06
Eruaran We foster grassroots support Dec 04 14:06
Eruaran We have customers who have switched to Linux and they are very happy, we have not had a single person come back saying they want to go back to Windows Dec 04 14:07
Eruaran You have to do things right Dec 04 14:07
Eruaran Before a customer leaves with a new Linux system, I run them through the basics and point them in the right direction Dec 04 14:08
Eruaran that makes a world of difference Dec 04 14:08
Eruaran The only support call we’ve had from a Linux user was this: Dec 04 14:09
Eruaran “do you know if I can import my old Outlook Express emails into Evolution ?” Dec 04 14:09
Eruaran =D Dec 04 14:10
schestowitz MSBBC propganda: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/techno… Dec 04 14:11
schestowitz “Oh!! The children (watch the photo)!!!” Dec 04 14:11
schestowitz It’s ro protect the children. Dec 04 14:11
schestowitz Not for political reasons… oh , no… that will never happen. *rolls eyes* Dec 04 14:12
schestowitz Disgusting. People should take it to the streets. Dec 04 14:12
Eruaran yes Dec 04 14:12
Eruaran Australians are too apathetic though Dec 04 14:12
schestowitz ‘”This would see the government establishing a blacklist of websites it deems harmful and ISPs providing a clean feed of the internet,” said Mr Morton. ‘ Dec 04 14:12
schestowitz Hmmmmmm… I wonder what sites these might be? Dec 04 14:12
schestowitz Can’t the government give people free firewall/filter software? Dec 04 14:13
Eruaran infowars dot com Dec 04 14:13
Eruaran :P Dec 04 14:13
schestowitz “Countries like Britain, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand have all implemented similar filtering systems, but they are all voluntary and not government-mandated.” Dec 04 14:13
schestowitz Hehe… forget about sites like that (which I don’t read) Dec 04 14:13
schestowitz If it’s not approved by the government, then you’re likely to get search results with ‘safe’ sites like microsoft.com and msbbc.com Dec 04 14:14
schestowitz Sites that will market this system as something that “protects the children” Dec 04 14:14
schestowitz “”The only countries that really do have a widespread technological filtering or censorship regime are China, Iran and Saudi Arabia,” said Colin Jacobs from Electronic Frontiers Australia, a group that represents online users’ rights.” Dec 04 14:15
schestowitz So, China, Iran Saudi, Arabia… and Australia Dec 04 14:15
schestowitz But if it’s “them!” (the Socviets/Russian/Muslims) then it’s very wrong! Dec 04 14:15
schestowitz Croatia web arrests spark furore < http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/eu… > Dec 04 14:18
schestowitz Here we go. Freedom is speech is only permitted when it echoes the propaganda shown on TV and broadcasted in radio. Dec 04 14:19
schestowitz ‘He said “no-one should be detained or arrested in Croatia for expressing different views”. ‘ Dec 04 14:20
schestowitz The Galli shill again: “The new tools were outlined in a blog posting by Peter Galli, a Microsoft senior open source community manager.” < http://www.pcworld.com/article/15490… > Dec 04 14:21
Eruaran Yes, Microsoft would love to “manage” the open source community Dec 04 14:22
schestowitz People whose aim is to stop competition and restore monopolies using words like <strike>”defending Christian values” and “stability in the region”</strike> “interoperability” Dec 04 14:22
schestowitz Microsoft is like Bush Dec 04 14:22
schestowitz Eruaran: Galli used to be a reporter, attacking FOSS via eWeek Dec 04 14:23
schestowitz Now he’s paid by Microsoft Dec 04 14:23
Eruaran yep Dec 04 14:24
schestowitz They have lots of these cronies around. Dec 04 14:24
schestowitz We need to expose them Dec 04 14:24
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Eruaran I’m down with that Dec 04 14:25
schestowitz Entellium Files Bankruptcy, Intuit Eyeing Assets < http://www.pcworld.com/article/15490… > Dec 04 14:25
schestowitz Hey, _doug Dec 04 14:25
schestowitz Microsoft has some new propaganda tactics. Dec 04 14:25
schestowitz http://www.noooxml.org/forum/t-110491/fail:… Dec 04 14:25
Eruaran Ah, Microsoft “innovation” Dec 04 14:25
schestowitz What the Reg sez: “<p>Microsoft has today released a <strong>plug-in for Firefox that allows Open XML documents to be viewed</strong> within the popular open source browser.” Dec 04 14:25
_doug_ hi there .. Dec 04 14:25
Eruaran hi _doug_ Dec 04 14:25
schestowitz The reality: “Interoperability solutions announced today translate Open XML documents to a Web page (HTML) allowing readability on Web-friendly browsers such as Firefox,…” Dec 04 14:25
schestowitz “Viewed” is now viewed Dec 04 14:26
schestowitz Viewed means it gets exported to something different Dec 04 14:26
schestowitz But the media charade goes on unabted Dec 04 14:26
schestowitz Does the UN have a commando unit to crack down on white-collar crime? Dec 04 14:27
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/article/154920/… (Adobe Says It Will Cut 600 Jobs, Lowers Revenue Guidance) Dec 04 14:27
schestowitz Don’t worry. Microsoft is laying off people too. Dec 04 14:27
Eruaran Hopefully the ‘netbook’ trend will spread to desktops Dec 04 14:30
Eruaran Where people buy low priced slimmed down systems that just do the basics because thats all they want and need Dec 04 14:31
Eruaran And ‘nettops’ will further erode Microsoft’s profits Dec 04 14:31
_doug_ brb .. Dec 04 14:32
*_doug_ has quit () Dec 04 14:32
PetoKraus god save the queen Dec 04 14:32
PetoKraus (@ beranger) Dec 04 14:32
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Omar87 Hello there, fellow freedom fighter! :-) Dec 04 14:47
Omar87 fighters** Dec 04 14:47
schestowitz Hey Dec 04 14:48
schestowitz There’s a big discussion about your blog Dec 04 14:48
Omar87 My blog? Dec 04 14:49
schestowitz http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/brow… Dec 04 14:49
schestowitz Lots of Microsoft trolls there, though. Dec 04 14:50
Omar87 Kool! Thanks man! :D Dec 04 14:50
Omar87 Who cares about those morons? Let ‘em go bang their brains against the wall! -_- Dec 04 14:51
Omar87 Or let ‘em go jump off a bridge and die.. whatever.. :-) Dec 04 14:52
schestowitz It’s different Dec 04 14:52
schestowitz .They are pro-Microsoft Dec 04 14:52
schestowitz The fact that they are pro-Mono serves as a clue Dec 04 14:52
schestowitz Mono helps .NET and therefore helps Microsoft Dec 04 14:53
Omar87 Exactly. :) Dec 04 14:53
Omar87 And there’s also fact that keep re-re-re-re-re-…-re-proving itself over the decades, that Microsoft won’t ever do, or participate in anything just because it benefits the community. Dec 04 14:55
Omar87 keeps* Dec 04 14:55
schestowitz Maybe Microsoft needs to EEE(xtinguish) one more thing for people to wake up Dec 04 14:57
trmanco http://digg.com/tech_news/35_Days_Agai… Dec 04 14:58
Omar87 Yeah, man. Dec 04 14:58
Omar87 And this stupid Trauch idiot, what the hell was his mind made out of..? lollipop?? Dec 04 15:00
trmanco http://www.linuxhaxor.net/2008/12/04/firefox-nightly-… Dec 04 15:00
Omar87 The facts he’s asking for are tremendously uncountable! Dec 04 15:01
Omar87 How about when they stabbed netscape in the back? How about when they stabbed Gary Kildall in the back?? Dec 04 15:02
Omar87 And the list goes on and on and on and on…. Dec 04 15:02
Eruaran Gary Kildall should have sued way back when. Dec 04 15:04
Eruaran He would have won and the world would be different today. Dec 04 15:04
Omar87 Eruaran: unfortunately, this is so true. Poor Gary Kildall, his bones might have turned into Petroleum by now.. -_- Dec 04 15:12
schestowitz Digg has some bug Dec 04 15:16
schestowitz I registered  a coment in that page. Dec 04 15:16
schestowitz It didn’t show up and I forgot to copy the text before posting. Dec 04 15:17
schestowitz Ah well… Dec 04 15:17
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trmanco looool Dec 04 15:29
trmanco do you know where the silverlight link on MSN links to? Dec 04 15:29
schestowitz Where? Dec 04 15:29
schestowitz I am writing about it ATM Dec 04 15:30
schestowitz (Moonblight) Dec 04 15:30
*confignak (n=configna@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 04 15:30
trmanco it pushes you to the Moonlight site Dec 04 15:30
trmanco http://www.microsoft.com/s… Dec 04 15:30
trmanco try it out for yourself Dec 04 15:30
schestowitz Yuck Dec 04 15:31
Omar87 schestowitz: What’s Gary Killdal’s quote about Bill Gate again? And can you provide a link to where you found it so I can make sure my comming post is well documented, please? Dec 04 15:31
schestowitz mcirosoft.com is SOOOOO slow Dec 04 15:31
schestowitz I wonder if it’s O/S rleated Dec 04 15:31
trmanco it could have been worse Dec 04 15:31
schestowitz Pingdom recently showed that ms.com is slow too. Dec 04 15:31
trmanco oh that… Dec 04 15:31
schestowitz It doesn’t redirect me Dec 04 15:32
schestowitz JS is enabled Dec 04 15:32
trmanco that is a website feature, the slowness Dec 04 15:32
trmanco it doesn’t? Dec 04 15:32
schestowitz “He [Bill Gates] is divisive. He is manipulative. He is a user. He has taken much from me and the industry.” Dec 04 15:32
trmanco weird, it does here for some reason Dec 04 15:32
trmanco this link -> http://go.microsoft.com/fwlin… Dec 04 15:32
schestowitz Oh Dec 04 15:33
schestowitz I see now. Dec 04 15:33
trmanco you have to click on that “Click to install” button Dec 04 15:33
schestowitz It links to another Microsoft site Dec 04 15:33
schestowitz The turncoats Web site Dec 04 15:33
schestowitz me, 251 Commonwealth Av, Boston, 02116, United States http://toolbar.netcraft.com/site_repo… Dec 04 15:33
trmanco :| Dec 04 15:33
schestowitz OMG! Dec 04 15:33
trmanco yes Dec 04 15:34
schestowitz Savvis 3300 Regency Parkway Cary NC US 2751164.14.94.188unknownApache/2.0.50 Fedora Dec 04 15:34
trmanco it link to go mono Dec 04 15:34
schestowitz FEDORA!! Dec 04 15:34
trmanco here -> http://go-mono.com/moonlight/ Dec 04 15:34
trmanco lol Dec 04 15:34
schestowitz That’s worth a post, methinks Dec 04 15:34
trmanco it probably more stabel then suse at this moment :-P Dec 04 15:34
schestowitz Novell: Powered by Red Hat Dec 04 15:34
trmanco stable* Dec 04 15:34
trmanco oh Dec 04 15:34
trmanco and another thing Dec 04 15:35
trmanco AOL’s webmail dosen’t depend on Silvy does it? Dec 04 15:35
Omar87 schestowitz: I’m posting a reply to that pathetic guy Mike Trausch. Dec 04 15:35
Omar87 schestowitz: Just to emphasize this sort of blind trolling. Dec 04 15:36
trmanco from microsoft’s website “Once you have Silverlight installed, you will have access to some of the richest and most engaging experiences on the Web, from the Hard Rock Café Memorabilia site, to AOL’s Webmail, to Renault’s presentation of the Laguna Coupé. Dec 04 15:36
trmanco Dec 04 15:36
Omar87 schestowitz: Posting it on my Blog of course. Dec 04 15:36
schestowitz Omar87: he’s not a troll. Dec 04 15:38
confignak schest: BG is a giant of the industry, there would be no GUI desktop, email, web or the Internet if it wasn’t for him .. :O Dec 04 15:38
schestowitz Microsoft is doing reverse-marketing, sort of. Dec 04 15:38
schestowitz Word processor too. Dec 04 15:39
schestowitz Microsoft also invented the iPod Dec 04 15:39
schestowitz And it insists that Google is successful thanks to Microsoft. Dec 04 15:39
confignak Well, yea SteveJ went forward in time and copied it from the Zoon .. Dec 04 15:39
confignak “just because you have a good idea, doesn’t mean it belongs to you” Dec 04 15:40
schestowitz I think I should abandon this thread: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/03/n… Dec 04 15:40
schestowitz There’s nothing there but the ‘Microsoft line’ Dec 04 15:40
schestowitz The more you spread, the more MS propaganda is echoed in return Dec 04 15:41
schestowitz confignak: it wasn’t even a good idea Dec 04 15:41
schestowitz Think what already existed at the time. Dec 04 15:41
confignak What pisses me off is how the legend is being endlessly repeated on the InterTUBES .. Dec 04 15:42
trmanco ooo Dec 04 15:43
trmanco looks like carrying a copy of Linux is illegal now Dec 04 15:44
schestowitz confignak: that’s what revisionist shills are for. Dec 04 15:44
schestowitz This includes sites like the BBC Dec 04 15:44
Eruaran Not even the name “Zune” is original Dec 04 15:45
Eruaran Zune is an object-oriented GUI toolkit. Dec 04 15:45
trmanco and this troll doesn’t even know the meaning of “hack” and “crack”, what a nut… Dec 04 15:45
Omar87 Simply asking someone else to build the technology, stabbing him and the back when he’s done, then stealing his job and bribing all the evidence of the crime away.. It’s just that simple: http://inventors.about.com/library/w… Dec 04 15:45
confignak Why is this not true ? Dec 04 15:46
confignak “Spyglass licensed the technology and trademarks from NCSA for producing their own web browser but never used any of the NCSA Mosaic source code” Dec 04 15:46
confignak http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NC… Dec 04 15:46
trmanco meh, I’m not even going to reply to this idiot, *plonk* Dec 04 15:46
schestowitz Vista = medical software. Dec 04 15:47
schestowitz They got threatened for stomping on the name Fiji Dec 04 15:48
schestowitz They’ll ruin the holiness of the number 7 too Dec 04 15:48
schestowitz trmanco: which one? Dec 04 15:48
trmanco flat Dec 04 15:49
trmanco you know the rest Dec 04 15:49
schestowitz He’s change name again. Dec 04 15:50
schestowitz *he’ll Dec 04 15:50
confignak “And through Windows NT, you can see it throughout the design. In a weak sense, it is a form of Unix”, bg 1996 Dec 04 15:50
schestowitz “better UNIX than UNIX” Dec 04 15:50
trmanco I will plonk him again Dec 04 15:50
schestowitz It was vapourware and copycat Dec 04 15:50
schestowitz Mass marketing counts as first appearance though. It can easily deceive. Dec 04 15:51
schestowitz I wish I could plonk over and over. Dec 04 15:51
schestowitz Make a patent on a NG clients that allows you to plonk multiple time. Dec 04 15:51
trmanco lol Dec 04 15:51
trmanco I hate patents, why would a do that? Dec 04 15:51
schestowitz *time. Microsoft had some STUPID invention around 2005 where you can STOMP to delete SPAM Dec 04 15:52
schestowitz INNOVA~1 Dec 04 15:52
schestowitz How about getting rid of those 320,000,000 Windows-running zombies that spew SPAM instead? Dec 04 15:52
trmanco start first by removing there own msn zombies Dec 04 15:52
*neighborlee_ (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 04 15:54
trmanco I love hacking SQL code, it is simple and clean, I’m a complete newbie, I just know the basics Dec 04 15:54
twitter Q:  “_doug: what’s the current malware called ?”  A:  Vista Dec 04 15:55
trmanco Virus [pling] [spling] transmission architecture Dec 04 15:56
confignak twitter: check out this chick with brains over on Twitter http://twitter.com/giagia Dec 04 15:58
confignak :) Dec 04 15:58
trmanco VISTA -> Virus Infection and Spyware Transmission Architecture Dec 04 15:58
confignak In the beginning was the word, but before the word was the op-code .. :) Dec 04 15:59
confignak ‘_doug’ is stuck .. can’t get rid of :O Dec 04 15:59
confignak schest: what the name of that Yahoo patent again, the onbe everyone wants ? Dec 04 16:02
confignak 361 patent .. Dec 04 16:04
confignak nick-nack .. Dec 04 16:10
confignak hola ! Dec 04 16:10
confignak hasta luego … Dec 04 16:11
*confignak has quit () Dec 04 16:11
schestowitz chown Yahoo aol Dec 04 16:12
Omar87 schestowitz: http://omarsdaydreams.blogspot.com/2008/12… Dec 04 16:29
Omar87 What do you guys think? Dec 04 16:29
Omar87 LOL, this was like an blogging exercise. :) Dec 04 16:31
*schestowitz looks Dec 04 16:43
schestowitz Michael is not a troll, but he’s ignoring Microsoft’s history Dec 04 16:45
Omar87 schestowitz: so what are your suggested corrections? Dec 04 16:47
Omar87 schestowitz: I sound a little bit aggressive in this post, right? :D Dec 04 16:48
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