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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 2nd, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:24 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz CNET BSing to MS Jan 02 15:28
schestowitz “Oh, and we almost forgot Microsoft. Not initially enthusiastic about the Netbook market because of its XP-centric nature, Microsoft seems to have also gotten the Netbook religion with Windows 7 which will be ready for Netbooks from day one. ” http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924_3-1… Jan 02 15:28
schestowitz No, they will have a special crippled and poor variant some time maybe in 2010 Jan 02 15:28
schestowitz More vapourware, and peddling of this vapourware from Microsoft’s ‘pet’ publication Jan 02 15:29
schestowitz ‘Microsoft may cut 15,000 jobs this month’ < http://www.indianexpress.com/news/microsoft-… > Jan 02 15:30
schestowitz The Times wrote about this also Jan 02 15:30
MinceR XP-centric? is CNet living under a rock or something? Jan 02 15:48
schestowitz Of course. Jan 02 15:50
schestowitz SweatyB is quite a rock. Jan 02 15:50
MinceR moar liek a bag of lard and sweat, amirite? Jan 02 15:51
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Axz schestowitz, http://www.blogpirate.org/2009/01/02… Jan 02 16:12
schestowitz Is this blog not plagiarism? Jan 02 16:16
schestowitz Someone warned me yesterday. Jan 02 16:16
schestowitz Let me check Jan 02 16:16
Axz sorry plagiarism? Jan 02 16:18
Axz oh Jan 02 16:18
Axz well i’m very interested in source you got that from :D Jan 02 16:19
Axz Anyhow its own written content Jan 02 16:21
schestowitz Yeah, did you see the person who came to IRC yesterday? Jan 02 16:23
schestowitz Someone was not happy about that Web site Jan 02 16:23
Axz Its one of my authors Jan 02 16:24
Axz he was confused about 2th comment on the blog Jan 02 16:24
schestowitz *LOL* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh8j2-1XgAA&amp… Jan 02 16:27
schestowitz Oh, I see… Jan 02 16:27
Axz lol indeed Jan 02 16:28
Axz that dog is gonna pwn tony hawk Jan 02 16:29
schestowitz Tony Dog Jan 02 16:35
schestowitz Vice-President of  ANSOL just sent me this: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/… Jan 02 16:36
schestowitz Analyst Says Microsoft Should Lay Off 10 Percent < http://www.crn.com/software/212700128 > Jan 02 16:47
schestowitz I’m accumulating evidence, that’s all. Jan 02 16:48
schestowitz http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/micros… I ask:: According to http://arstechnica.com/journals/thumbs.ar… and http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/… , you may have committed inside-trading. Is this true? Jan 02 16:51
schestowitz “I know what you did last summer’ :-) Jan 02 16:52
schestowitz ELEKS Software becomes an MS lackey: http://www.pr.com/press-release/123800 Jan 02 16:56
schestowitz Hehe. Mitchell Ashley does not quite tell in this article that he’s one of the boosters of Microsoft and he’s trying to deny layoffs. http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article… Jan 02 17:02
schestowitz Is Going Private the Best Option for a Post-Yang Yahoo? < http://seekingalpha.com/article/112517-… > Jan 02 17:02
schestowitz The Gralla shill is of course at it as well: http://blogs.computerworld.com/this… Jan 02 17:05
schestowitz “However, the donation of software should be removed from this list entirely, or at least replaced with the cost value. The marginal cost of the additional copies of each piece of donated software is mere pennies, but they claim hundreds of dollars. This is akin to stealing from taxpayers, as these are deductible as charitable donations and decrease their tax liability.” Jan 02 17:10
schestowitz “Assuming Microsoft uses the retail value of the donated software in tallying up its donations, I totally agree with Bellingman. Joseph, do you know which value Microsoft used (retail or cost-of-goods)? I assume the IRS tells them which value to use, but using the retail value seems pretty lame.” Jan 02 17:11
schestowitz http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/micr… Jan 02 17:12
schestowitz That’s the best ref so far: http://www.financialexpress.com/news/microsoft… Jan 02 17:20
schestowitz I found 8 more to append for compelling evidence later Jan 02 17:20
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schestowitz SOS — ‘Save Our Stocks’ < http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1230… > Signs of what’s  called “failed state (or market” Jan 02 17:36
schestowitz For the third day in a row today, BN gets almost 10,000 visits/day. Crazy. Jan 02 17:39
twitter You’ve got news worth reading. Jan 02 17:40
schestowitz I hope. Jan 02 17:40
schestowitz I’ve seen 3 articles so far that show Microsoft ridiculing UK broadband. Here is one: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/dec/… Jan 02 17:41
schestowitz Wow. Read the comment here! http://www.infoworld.com/art… Jan 02 17:44
schestowitz One person (at least) makes the mistakes of assuming FOSS didn’t hurt Microsoft. No… Windows XP sold for $5 was just something they decided was the right cost… ‘NOTHING’ to do with GNUi/Linux…. yeah, sure.. Jan 02 17:45
MinceR i don’t see any comments Jan 02 17:45
schestowitz JS enabled Jan 02 17:45
MinceR indeed Jan 02 17:45
schestowitz I missed it as well, for many months Jan 02 17:45
twitter That’s funny, M$ themselves admitted to pricing pressure on Netbooks as a reason for lower profits. Jan 02 17:45
schestowitz I never saw any comments for months and I thought the site was abandoned Jan 02 17:46
MinceR well, i guess it’s trying to do something nasty that i’ve disabled Jan 02 17:46
twitter Their PR bunnies lie for them. Jan 02 17:46
schestowitz Then I enabled JS and voila! Jan 02 17:46
MinceR or it just doesn’t like opera Jan 02 17:46
schestowitz twitter: they must. SEC filings. Jan 02 17:46
schestowitz If they hadn’t explained a decline in revenue, they could be sued. Jan 02 17:46
MinceR works in ff Jan 02 17:46
MinceR so this isn’t a webpage actually Jan 02 17:46
schestowitz They usually love accusing the “pirates” (those who fight Linux with $0 Windows) Jan 02 17:46
MinceR just like google fail and google maps aren’t webapps Jan 02 17:46
schestowitz Read the comment at the top Jan 02 17:47
schestowitz Few people dare to say this in a big site, but I wholeheartedly agree. Jan 02 17:47
schestowitz Some professors do too. Jan 02 17:47
schestowitz In fact, to many execs, crimes have become a way of life, a ‘norm’. They see nothing wrong with running a business on a bubble. Jan 02 17:48
twitter Yeah, but the bubble is popped and M$ does not have another 5 years, let alone decades to decline. Jan 02 17:50
twitter 10 to 15% job cuts will seal the deal.  There’s no way they will be able to get out of the Vista hole. Jan 02 17:50
schestowitz New slogan: Jan 02 17:51
schestowitz “Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP): even a KIDDO can do it” http://arstechnica.com/journals/microsoft.ars/2… Jan 02 17:51
twitter That cert and a buck might buy you a soda pop. Jan 02 17:52
schestowitz twitter: not true. They’ll kill the losing products first Jan 02 17:52
schestowitz This means that core products like Office and Windows will stay; stuff like Zune might have to get the axes after this generation Jan 02 17:52
twitter Yeah, but their chief asset is gone.  None will see them as immortal. Jan 02 17:52
schestowitz Microsoft Certified Professional… don’t people move /AWAY/ from Microsoft? Who would need people who /memorised/ menu items? Jan 02 17:53
twitter Without long term credibility, people will look to alternatives like GNU/Linux that are not going anywere. Jan 02 17:53
schestowitz 9 year old kids whose solution is to reboot the PC by press the power button or following some friendly balloons as they reinstall the OS. Jan 02 17:54
schestowitz *pressing Jan 02 17:54
twitter Most of M$’s customers grudgingly accept what vendors push because they think corruption works and that M$ will be around forever.  They think they will never really have a choice. Jan 02 17:56
twitter A sick M$ will convince them to look elsewhere before M$ tanks. Jan 02 17:56
Axz yeps ^ Jan 02 17:57
MinceR who would need people who memorise menu items anyway? Jan 02 17:57
twitter M$ says it’s an important job skill. Jan 02 17:58
twitter The less money M$ has, the faster their monopoly will fail. Jan 02 17:59
Axz naah its matter of time the monopoly will fail anyhow Jan 02 18:00
Axz usage of Ubuntu is increased badly but in good sin Jan 02 18:00
twitter Sure, but the death spiral goes faster, it’s positive feedback. Jan 02 18:00
twitter Without money, M$ can’t bribe the press, FUD, advertise or even pretend to have new things. Jan 02 18:01
schestowitz MinceR: teachers Jan 02 18:02
schestowitz Teach the kids how to find menu items. Call it “computer classes” Jan 02 18:03
schestowitz I’m updating a post about the layoffs. Few minutes… Jan 02 18:03
twitter here’s a funny.  Real users, real reviews http://www.informationweek.com/news/wi… Jan 02 18:06
twitter At this point, I take any positive reviews as astroturf. Jan 02 18:07
twitter Kennedy spilled the beans on Vista 7 long ago. Jan 02 18:07
twitter Net Applications has another bogus stat, but the direction is right.  http://www.computerworld.com/action/art… Jan 02 18:10
twitter It is not uncommon for US Universities have Winblows use at less than 75%. Jan 02 18:11
twitter a 21% Vista use is laughable. Jan 02 18:12
schestowitz I’ve just updated http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/02/1500… . See if you spot typos in the update Jan 02 18:12
*schestowitz on phone Jan 02 18:12
twitter Why do people quote Net Applications? Jan 02 18:12
twitter pumping up the invincibility myth http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archi… Jan 02 18:18
twitter Dave Methvin, totally clueless. Jan 02 18:20
*schestowitz back Jan 02 18:39
tessier_ So has anyone actually been laid off from MS yet? Jan 02 18:39
schestowitz twitter: yes, I saw that too. Net Applications… I try to avoid these articles or omit the part that mentions it. They give credibility to it by citing it withoit looking at /methods/ Jan 02 18:39
schestowitz tessier: yes Jan 02 18:39
schestowitz Wait.. Jan 02 18:39
schestowitz See links at the bottom of: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/02/150… Jan 02 18:40
schestowitz Razorfish and FAST sacked some. They are MS subsidiaries (acquired by MS) Jan 02 18:40
schestowitz There are also contractors of MS that got sacked or whose contract was not renewed. No official word on that yet, but former employees seem to be talking about it. Jan 02 18:41
schestowitz twitter: foresaw this issue: “The president of Guyana has asked police to investigate who is impersonating him on Facebook, the social networking website.” < http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/ameri… > Jan 02 18:50
schestowitz Linpus OOo version criticism @ http://robertogaloppini.net/2009/01/02/ope… Jan 02 19:00
schestowitz Semiconductor Sales Dropped More Sharply in November < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156258/semicondu… > Jan 02 19:09
schestowitz This is bad news to any software that’s resource greedy. The purchases of new hardware has taken a very sharp decline. Jan 02 19:10
schestowitz Another one; Rumor: Microsoft to Cut 15,000 Employees this Month < http://www.dailytech.com/Rumor+Microsoft+… > Jan 02 19:13
twitter US manufacturing, lowest since 1948.  http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206010… Jan 02 19:15
schestowitz “The figures “confirm a sharp contraction in global investment, output and trade activity, consistent with the deepest global recession since at least the early 1980s,” said Lena Komileva, head of market economics in London at Tullet Prebon Plc.” Jan 02 19:16
schestowitz I see the latest Net Applications BS Jan 02 19:16
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/07/0… Jan 02 19:17
twitter It can get worse.  In some places it’s raining rockets and unemployment hits 80% in concentration camp.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle… Jan 02 19:20
schestowitz Yes, it’s atrocious. Why can’t they just live in peace? Jan 02 19:24
MinceR “Can’t we all just get along?” Jan 02 19:25
schestowitz RMS writes a lot about it.. not as much about the deaths in Africa though, but he does occasionally mention it. Jan 02 19:25
schestowitz MinceR: more market share, territories, etc. Jan 02 19:25
twitter RMS blames Israeli extremists because they have all the power and intentionally provoke.  Real peace happened nearly ten years ago, but was destroyed by assassination and intentional provocation that’s been repeated since. Jan 02 19:26
schestowitz Yes. Jan 02 19:27
schestowitz tessier would bed to differ Jan 02 19:28
tessier_ RMS, being Jewish by birth but atheist by choice, is an interesting take. Jan 02 19:28
twitter Police stations are targeted, but it’s not the first time. They have nothing and zero ability to keep public order, much less hunt down rocket makers. Jan 02 19:28
tessier_ schestowitz: I’m not sure I would beg to differ or not. Although I do think Omar is quite far off in left field on this issue. :) Jan 02 19:29
schestowitz Yes Jan 02 19:29
schestowitz He blogged about it last night Jan 02 19:29
schestowitz I read his blog, so I saw it. Jan 02 19:29
schestowitz The UN needs to intervene properly Jan 02 19:29
tessier_ He seemed to want to play up the number of Israeli’s killed by Hamas missiles for some reason. But then he wanted to say that these unguided missiles somehow were hitting only military people and not civilians like he accuses Israel of doing. Jan 02 19:30
schestowitz They should have done this also before the ‘war’ -in- ON Iraq Jan 02 19:30
twitter People who try to help have been beaten and assassinated. Jan 02 19:30
tessier_ But if the experience of the US is any example it is much more likely that Hamas is indiscriminantly targeting civilians simply due to the technology they have: unguided missiles. Whereas Israel has laser guided bombs to drop exactly where they want them. Jan 02 19:30
schestowitz What about bystanders? Jan 02 19:31
tessier_ The experience of the US also suggests that this stuff is freakin’ expensive and in limited supply. We only have so many laser guided bombs and Israel has even fewer. Jan 02 19:31
twitter Israel refuses to make peace. Jan 02 19:31
schestowitz If you can kill 10 criminals and one kid, should you launch? Jan 02 19:31
tessier_ Bystanders may easily be killed but they are not the target. And the killing of bystanders has been greatly diminished by the use of laser guided bombs. Jan 02 19:31
tessier_ schestowitz: If you have prior knowledge? Then no. Jan 02 19:31
tessier_ schestowitz: But in many cases they don’t. Jan 02 19:31
schestowitz twitter: probably more to do with methods Jan 02 19:31
schestowitz Truce would work better Jan 02 19:32
schestowitz Not targeted assassinations Jan 02 19:32
twitter It is impossible to drop a bomb on Gaza without killing innocents.  It’s a concentration camp. Jan 02 19:32
schestowitz In Iraq, they only invite more insurgents this way Jan 02 19:32
schestowitz So what are they achieving anyway? Just more resentment. Jan 02 19:32
tessier_ schestowitz: The number of insurgents in Iraq seems to be decreasing. Jan 02 19:32
twitter People want justice.  Assassinations are the way people treat wolves and other pests. Jan 02 19:32
schestowitz tessier: I didn’t know that. Jan 02 19:33
tessier_ Not that I’m in any way in favor of how the US has been dealing with Iraq. Jan 02 19:33
schestowitz They need to find the source of the issues and listen Jan 02 19:33
neighborlee I think people tend to fear thus not believe what they dont yet understand ;)..I fear god ( cause I dont want to be dupped into believing in tooth fairy) thus I dont believe..its easier than having to have faith in that which our senses yet are able to percieve or for which our intellect is yet albe to comprhend,,we have come a long ways as a species, but have  god knows how far to go, so we sell ourselves very short having such sh Jan 02 19:33
neighborlee ort sided views ;) Jan 02 19:33
schestowitz Not take down those who protest the issues. Jan 02 19:33
tessier_ schestowitz: How do you deal with those who say their religion is the only one and they will kill you if you don’t agree? Jan 02 19:33
twitter Straw man. Jan 02 19:34
schestowitz Yeah. Jan 02 19:34
schestowitz That’s hardly the case here. Jan 02 19:34
tessier_ I’ve never met a jew who didn’t respect my choice in religion. Can’t say the same for Muslims. Although I know they aren’t all like that having dated a very nice Muslim. Of course her parents weren’t happy that she was dating a heathen. :) Jan 02 19:34
neighborlee you deal by agreeing to disagree if even if means 30/70 or 70/30..over time as peace and trust prevail 5050 , and eventually 100 will prevail ;) Jan 02 19:34
twitter Racism. Jan 02 19:35
tessier_ schestowitz: Here being where? Hamas in Gaza or Al Qaeda in Iraq? Because Al Qaeda in Iraq has made their position very clear. Jan 02 19:35
schestowitz Why? Jan 02 19:36
schestowitz What drives to this? Jan 02 19:36
schestowitz Sometimes you need to explore what leads people to this. Jan 02 19:36
schestowitz And sometimes the reasons are legitimate Jan 02 19:36
schestowitz For exampe.. Jan 02 19:36
twitter People in West Bank settlements have made themselves very clear too, but they don’t represent any elected government. Jan 02 19:36
schestowitz People don’t ‘doubt’ Microsoft because they have the ‘unmicrosoft’ religion. Jan 02 19:36
schestowitz They witnessed things. Jan 02 19:37
schestowitz They were injured, in the business sense. Jan 02 19:37
tessier_ schestowitz: Have you seen “The Road to 9/11″? Very good history of how all of this extremism came about. Jan 02 19:37
tessier_ schestowitz: The reasons are legitimate? Or it’s a straw man? You can’t have both. Jan 02 19:38
twitter Your straw man is not real.  There are plenty of real wrongs to worry about.  Theft, racism, ethnic cleansing and real terror. Jan 02 19:39
schestowitz tessier: I haven’t watched that, no. Jan 02 19:41
twitter I’ve read that Palestine and Lebanon were some of the most liberal societies in the middle east and that Hammas and Hezbolla were created to undermine Yasser Arrafat. Jan 02 19:41
tessier_ schestowitz: Highly recommended. I think you would like it. Jan 02 19:41
tessier_ Wish my DVD drive weren’t acting up so I could rip it. Jan 02 19:42
schestowitz Is it on the Tube? Jan 02 19:42
tessier_ Not afaik Jan 02 19:42
twitter I have a memorex external DVD and highly recommend it.  400 Mbit Firewire and USB2.  If the drive dies, I can put another one in the case. Jan 02 19:43
schestowitz My exposition of MS trolls gets some feedback: “Your exposure here will also help to expose this fraud and reduce his worth with his employer. Victory is assured when he receives his pink slip. “ Jan 02 19:44
schestowitz “What gets me is how these Microsoft paid astroturfers are all such ugly people.  You’d think they could find someone who could be a polite troll, or at least not descend to the depths of flatfish or the ugliness of Hadron. “ Jan 02 19:44
schestowitz “Their trolling would be more effective if they were well behaved, doesn’t Microsoft know that?  But the ugliness that we see must be coming from above, just as Abu Ghraib followed directly from Rumsfeld. They’re not only ugly, they’re a bunch of cowards…” Jan 02 19:44
schestowitz Some other Web sites were equally concerned by the astroturfers and now they have material with which to make convictions. Jan 02 19:45
twitter Let’s hope they are in the 15% to be fired.  I have my doubts, FUD is a core M$ function. Jan 02 19:45
tessier_ Do we even know the real name of flatfish? Jan 02 19:46
schestowitz The US govt. does that same :-) Jan 02 19:46
schestowitz Brainwash and mindshare games. Jan 02 19:46
schestowitz Coverage of the mildde east is probably biased too. Jan 02 19:46
schestowitz China for sure. Jan 02 19:46
schestowitz tessier: yes, it’s Gary Stewart. Did you not see my post this morning? Jan 02 19:47
tessier_ no, I haven’t looked today Jan 02 19:47
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/02/gar… Jan 02 19:47
twitter The details of tyranny are always worse than honest people can imagine. Jan 02 19:47
schestowitz I posted it there too… and he does not even deny. http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.lin… Jan 02 19:47
twitter http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stori… Jan 02 19:48
schestowitz If he attacked you, then  keep this in mind… maybe there will be a class action against Microsoft one day. Jan 02 19:48
twitter http://images.mirror.co.uk/upl/m4/dec2008/… Jan 02 19:49
twitter Saw the picture last night.  Read the flatfish story this morning. Jan 02 19:51
twitter :) Jan 02 19:51
schestowitz There’s more on the way. Jan 02 19:52
schestowitz Pedants’ point: Jan 02 19:52
schestowitz “I notice how you write about “Linux” and the “Linux kernel” interchangeably as if they’re the same thing.  I know that it’s never your intent to spread confusion, but literally “Linux kernel” can either mean: – “Linux, the kernel” or – “the kernel of Linux” – which is a confusion often exploited by those who want to avoid giving credit to GNU as in “GNU/Linux”.  Please think about it.” Jan 02 19:52
schestowitz Blech. Moderation @ http://ostatic.com/blog/desktop-android… Jan 02 19:58
schestowitz “Be aware that you feed a friend of Ballmer whose opinions are up for sale. http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/23/rob-en… http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/11/rob-en… Also see: “Rob Enderle: Putting the ‘Anal’ in ‘Analyst’” Jan 02 19:58
schestowitz http://daringfireba… Jan 02 19:58
schestowitz These are not the people you want to reference. They are what Microsoft has particular names for, and none of that is “analyst”.” Jan 02 19:58
schestowitz It’s amazing that some people still don’t know who he is or what he is. Jan 02 19:59
schestowitz AMD Shanghai Opteron CPUs On Linux < http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&amp… > Jan 02 20:09
MinceR http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/20… Jan 02 20:10
schestowitz Bruce forged: http://www.schneier.com/blog/archiv… Jan 02 20:13
schestowitz MinceR: who’s that character supposed to be? The patents-obsessed goon is Gates, not Sweaty Jan 02 20:14
MinceR some guy from NCSoft, perhaps Jan 02 20:15
MinceR uh, some guy who _sued_ NCSoft Jan 02 20:15
MinceR probably a patent troll Jan 02 20:15
MinceR the strip isn’t about m$, but it’s about sw patents Jan 02 20:16
schestowitz I read that too quickly. Jan 02 20:16
MinceR (the creators are pretty stupid btw, but they make a nice comic) Jan 02 20:16
schestowitz Could be Raymond Niro Jan 02 20:16
schestowitz But the real Ray Niro is very ugly, worse than the cartoon. Jan 02 20:16
MinceR (they’re otherwise all to quick to drool over shoddy m$ and crApple products and berate people for actually wanting to keep some civil rights when the big companies want to take them away) Jan 02 20:17
schestowitz He compensated for his appearance by being an ass. http://www.engr.pitt.edu/alumni/spring0… Jan 02 20:17
MinceR the strip is about http://games.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid… Jan 02 20:18
schestowitz http://www.law.com/jsp/article.jsp?id=1153299926232 Jan 02 20:19
schestowitz “When the letters didn’t get an immediate response, Niro sued 50 companies for patent infringement. Most of the defendants, major companies like Boeing, Clorox and BMW, settled immediately.” Jan 02 20:20
schestowitz Can people be jailed for being useless to humanity? Jan 02 20:20
schestowitz Why You Should Delete Your MySpace Account < http://rinf.com/alt-news/contributions/why-yo… Why You Should Delete Your MySpace Account > “I realize that a free/libre/open source internet is still possible, but it will require us to stop supporting corporate websites such as myspace.” Jan 02 20:21
MinceR if they could, we’d have turned most of the planet into a jail already Jan 02 20:25
schestowitz Community service can help Jan 02 20:28
schestowitz Give the broom to Nathan Myhrvold and the dustbin to Carl Icahn :-) Jan 02 20:29
MinceR if we could force SweatyBeast into work that serves the community, that would be nice Jan 02 20:29
schestowitz Subjugation is very common Jan 02 20:29
schestowitz Over 90% of the population seems to be in wave slavery Jan 02 20:29
MinceR though i’m not sure if he could ever produce the value consumed by keeping him in work and under control Jan 02 20:30
schestowitz Merely hired to serves someone else, making hi//her rich. We are taught at school that this is normal and acceptable. Jan 02 20:30
schestowitz MinceR: there are jobs where there are no throwable objects within reach. Jan 02 20:31
MinceR he still needs to be kept from escaping Jan 02 20:31
schestowitz Not really. Jan 02 20:31
schestowitz it’s no Hannibal Jan 02 20:31
schestowitz It can still be educated or tamed. Just watch the deposition videos Jan 02 20:32
MinceR he’d probably hop away if noone were to watch Jan 02 20:32
schestowitz Ballmer must have gone through one some days/weeks ago Jan 02 20:32
schestowitz And then there’s the scared Gates bobbing back and forth because he’s busted doing the crime and he knows it. Jan 02 20:32
schestowitz So he no longer raised his voice like he did in other tapes Jan 02 20:32
MinceR was he busted already? Jan 02 20:33
schestowitz Yes Jan 02 20:33
schestowitz But he’s rich in in the US of A if you are rich, then you are abive the law Jan 02 20:33
MinceR oh. Jan 02 20:33
schestowitz You can buy your freedom.. out of prison Jan 02 20:33
schestowitz Even as a teenager arrested for speeding. Jan 02 20:33
schestowitz http://www.winajuda.ig.com.br/wp-content/… Jan 02 20:34
schestowitz In BN, 82.3 % of the reader so far this month use Firefox Jan 02 20:52
schestowitz MSIE @ 7.6 % Jan 02 20:52
schestowitz *readers Jan 02 20:52
schestowitz Lenovo ‘planning’ to slash 200 jobs <  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0…> Jan 02 20:53
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/02/lenovo_… “The mag said that Lenovo, which acquired IBM’s struggling PC unit for $1.25bn – as well as an assumption of debt – in 2005, plans to announce a major restructuring plan on 8 January that will include a management reshuffle.” The BBC has an article about unemployment in Chian. Jan 02 20:53
schestowitz They are doing something wrong…  how can you spend about $1500 per laptop for kids??? “The Department for Children, Schools and Families has given Norfolk County Council £310,000 to purchase laptops for more than 400 children.” http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/02/ki… Jan 02 20:55
schestowitz Bono knifes Steve Jobs < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/208/… > Jan 02 20:56
MinceR rich people can spend any amount of money on anything :> Jan 02 20:56
MinceR did jobs survive? Jan 02 20:57
schestowitz Nick Farrell provokes Apple fans, as he does on an almost daily basis: “IN WHAT will be a battle between the world’s smuggest giants, popular beat combo artist Bono is funding an outfit that will knife his old chum and Apple messiah Steve Jobs in the back.” Jan 02 20:57
MinceR Jan 02 20:58
schestowitz Jobs, like Arnold Steroidsnegger can afford to buy new bodyparts to serve his people in California (where Apple is) Jan 02 20:58
MinceR lol Jan 02 20:58
MinceR i mind the republicanism more than the steroids Jan 02 20:58
schestowitz Yes, that too Jan 02 20:59
schestowitz He has a new advert here. Jan 02 20:59
schestowitz They promote California. Jan 02 20:59
MinceR anyway, i hope that after this, Palm will finally release ALP devices. Jan 02 20:59
schestowitz “Board meeting” is among the slogans (surfboarding, skateboards, etc.) Jan 02 20:59
MinceR Garnet can hardly compete with windows mobile… Jan 02 20:59
schestowitz Nova? Jan 02 20:59
schestowitz Windows Mobile is not the one to compete with Jan 02 21:00
schestowitz It’s a dud, maybe dead-to-be Jan 02 21:00
MinceR it’s one of the things to compete with Jan 02 21:00
MinceR what’s nova? Jan 02 21:00
schestowitz Androd, Crackberry and Jesusphone are the ones to beat. Jan 02 21:00
schestowitz Nova = Palm’s Linux-based O/S (to be released in 2009H1) Jan 02 21:00
MinceR i thought that was ALP Jan 02 21:00
schestowitz ACCESS? Jan 02 21:01
schestowitz No. Jan 02 21:01
MinceR jesusphone doesn’t even compete in the same category Jan 02 21:01
MinceR yes, Access Linux Platform Jan 02 21:01
schestowitz No. Jan 02 21:01
schestowitz Separate, AFAIK. Jan 02 21:01
MinceR and android and crackberry just aren’t open enough Jan 02 21:01
schestowitz They compete as they they are stuck in 2005 Jan 02 21:01
MinceR well, Nova is probably good enough then Jan 02 21:01
schestowitz Everyone moves on, Palm still competes with the world in 2005… but in 2009 Jan 02 21:01
MinceR who moves on? Jan 02 21:01
schestowitz I just need it to read my data, that’s all. And run my apps Jan 02 21:02
MinceR we’re still stuck with wm, symbian, iphone and palm os 5 Jan 02 21:02
schestowitz Technology moves on Jan 02 21:02
MinceR they all suck Jan 02 21:02
schestowitz LiMo, OHA. Jan 02 21:02
MinceR and there’s android which could be something but turned out to suck Jan 02 21:02
schestowitz It’s OK Jan 02 21:02
MinceR and the other linux-based mobile os-es have mostly yet to arrive Jan 02 21:02
schestowitz A friend of mine has one and he loves it Jan 02 21:02
MinceR FreeRunner is still pretty much just a dev phone Jan 02 21:02
schestowitz He wants to program for it Jan 02 21:03
MinceR well then he’s locked into java Jan 02 21:03
schestowitz But he can’t tell the difference between an OS and P/L. Jan 02 21:03
MinceR better enjoy it Jan 02 21:03
*tessier_ has a freerunner Jan 02 21:03
schestowitz He’s a rugby player Jan 02 21:03
tessier_ I need to update to the latest OS Jan 02 21:03
MinceR 221020 <@schestowitz> But he can’t tell the difference between an OS and P/L. Jan 02 21:03
MinceR neither could google Jan 02 21:03
tessier_ I’m still not using mine on a daily basis. I need to switch over to it. Jan 02 21:03
schestowitz Heh. Jan 02 21:03
tessier_ I got mine in July or so and it was pretty unusable for anything but dev. Jan 02 21:03
schestowitz tessier: Freerunner has Android Jan 02 21:04
MinceR but why bother with it? freerunner also has OpenMoko :) Jan 02 21:04
tessier_ MinceR: But OpenMoko isn’t exactly usable. Jan 02 21:04
tessier_ My phone is important. If work calls I gotta answer. I can’t have a dead phone because the power management sucks or whatever. Jan 02 21:04
MinceR and android isn’t exactly open. Jan 02 21:04
tessier_ I currently carry a Motorola Z9. It’s technically Linux but even more closed than Android. Jan 02 21:05
MinceR so i’ll wait Jan 02 21:05
tessier_ Tons of Java etc. Jan 02 21:05
tessier_ MinceR: I can’t wait. I need a working phone. Jan 02 21:05
MinceR i have one already Jan 02 21:05
tessier_ Although I have high hopes for openmoko. Jan 02 21:05
MinceR a qtek 9100 Jan 02 21:05
tessier_ MinceR: openmoko? Jan 02 21:05
tessier_ oh Jan 02 21:05
MinceR it isn’t open but it mostly works Jan 02 21:05
schestowitz Mostly.. Jan 02 21:05
tessier_ You would rather run a non-open but working phone than a mostly open but working android? Jan 02 21:05
MinceR well, for a phone, it’s good enough Jan 02 21:05
MinceR sorry, wm5 is more open than android Jan 02 21:06
MinceR i can run native apps Jan 02 21:06
MinceR android can’t Jan 02 21:06
schestowitz Shopping for apps Jan 02 21:06
MinceR i can program in several languages; for android, there’s only java Jan 02 21:06
schestowitz Pay per bit Jan 02 21:06
schestowitz Pay per call Jan 02 21:06
MinceR i don’t pay for apps :> Jan 02 21:06
tessier_ I look forward to being able to program in python on openmoko Jan 02 21:06
tessier_ It needs some good games too. Jan 02 21:07
tessier_ And I wish they didn’t call it openmoko. Moko means booger in spanish so I feel really dumb saying “open booger” all the time. Jan 02 21:07
schestowitz *LOL* Jan 02 21:17
MinceR lol Jan 02 21:21
schestowitz I think Linpus renamed to Linplus Jan 02 21:23
MinceR that’s an improvement Jan 02 21:28
twitter Google’s phone is not free.  According to FSF, they Tivo’d it.  You can look at the source code and port it to another phone, but no substantive changes can be made to the Google phone. Jan 02 21:28
twitter Better to use OpenMoko if your phone company allows, otherwise keep your data off the phone network. Jan 02 21:29
MinceR the G1 dev phone is, though Jan 02 21:29
schestowitz http://blog.cacert.org/2009/01/356.html Jan 02 21:30
twitter ” how can you spend about $1500 per laptop for kids?” Administrative costs.  $1,100 to purchase and distribute and inventory each $400 laptop. Jan 02 21:31
twitter With numbers like that, free software is compatible with graft. Jan 02 21:31
schestowitz RMS transcript (new): http://nb.inode.co.nz/articles/rmsrn… Jan 02 21:31
schestowitz Way to say “happy new year”: http://www.cogspace.com/blog/?p=23 (Happy Birthday, Gregorian Calendar!) Jan 02 21:32
schestowitz So the Earth completed another 365.something circles round itself and ’round the Sun. And meanwhile on Earth, homo sapients build hydrogen bombs that matter a lot more  :-o Jan 02 21:36
MinceR 365.2425 Jan 02 21:42
MinceR (365.2425 rotations around its own axis, 1 trip around the Sun) Jan 02 21:43
schestowitz What happens with the leftover (leap years and all)? Jan 02 21:43
schestowitz I used to remember this, but there’s an adjustment every now and then, no? We learned this at school. Jan 02 21:44
MinceR we keep the length of years inaccurately Jan 02 21:44
MinceR at 365 days for a while Jan 02 21:44
MinceR then we fix it by a leap year Jan 02 21:44
schestowitz Yes, what happens to the fragment though? Jan 02 21:44
schestowitz And after the leap year? Jan 02 21:44
MinceR then we start over Jan 02 21:44
schestowitz But you have ‘carry’, Jan 02 21:45
schestowitz So at some stage, winter can become summer and vice versa Jan 02 21:45
MinceR the length of the actual path travelled by the earth during our “year” is a bit shorter than a full ellipse during normal years Jan 02 21:45
MinceR and a bit longer during a leap year Jan 02 21:45
MinceR so it balances out Jan 02 21:45
schestowitz Exactly to the dot? Jan 02 21:46
MinceR well, probably not Jan 02 21:46
MinceR when the error grows too big, we’ll probably change the calendar again Jan 02 21:46
schestowitz Heh. Jan 02 21:47
MinceR (look up Gregorian calendar about that) Jan 02 21:47
schestowitz “Magic” year? Jan 02 21:47
schestowitz With February 20th? Jan 02 21:47
schestowitz 30th Jan 02 21:47
MinceR i think we’d change the rules of what’s a leap year Jan 02 21:47
MinceR and that will fix it over time Jan 02 21:47
schestowitz I thin there’s already a rule for this. Jan 02 21:47
schestowitz IIRC Jan 02 21:47
MinceR there are rules, yes Jan 02 21:48
MinceR but our measurement of how long a real year is might be inaccurate Jan 02 21:48
schestowitz Like daylight savings time? Jan 02 21:48
MinceR also, it’s probably changing Jan 02 21:48
schestowitz Where Dubya can just declare changes? Jan 02 21:48
MinceR iirc there are rules like if the year is divisible by 4, it’s a leap year but if it’s also divisible by some other number, it isn’t Jan 02 21:49
MinceR but if it’s also divisible by yet another number then it is a leap year anyway Jan 02 21:49
MinceR i doubt Dubya could do it alone Jan 02 21:49
MinceR DST is a national thing, the calendar isn’t Jan 02 21:49
schestowitz Well, cycles are universal Jan 02 21:50
schestowitz The decimal system is not Jan 02 21:51
twitter “the G1 dev phone is, though”  If the phone people end up with is not free, you might as well code for Windows Mobile.  It’s better not to help people who would enslave you. Jan 02 22:15
MinceR iirc anyone can buy the dev phone, too Jan 02 22:15
MinceR but i agree on the mainstream version being closed being a bad thing Jan 02 22:16
schestowitz Like RHEL? Jan 02 22:17
MinceR i mean tivoized Jan 02 22:18
MinceR i don’t know how closed RHEL is Jan 02 22:18
schestowitz Doesn’t Google use some GPLv3ed stuff? Jan 02 22:19
schestowitz They might be in violation Jan 02 22:20
MinceR as long as they don’t publish it in any form, only run it, they can’t be in violation Jan 02 22:26
MinceR oh, you mean on android? Jan 02 22:26
*plukazz (n=lucas@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 02 22:26
MinceR afaik they’ve kept GPL to the kernel and published all their kernel patches to upstream Jan 02 22:26
MinceR and the java stuff is their own mess Jan 02 22:27
*plukazz (n=lucas@ has left #boycottnovell (“Ex-Chat”) Jan 02 22:29
twitter Every US phone that’s locked like a TIvo is a GPL3 violation.  Phone companies have an uncomfortable choice to make.  They can give their users freedom or restrict themselves to a small shrinking GPL2 codebase and community. Jan 02 22:29
MinceR oh, that issue Jan 02 22:32
MinceR but is there GPLv3 code in the kernel already? Jan 02 22:32
MinceR i mean, GPLv3-only code Jan 02 22:32
twitter I don’t know and it does not matter.  They need userland stuff too, but what’s important is that people don’t want their work to be Tivoised. Jan 02 22:33
twitter Sooner or later, even Torvalds will get that and move to GPL3 Jan 02 22:34
MinceR they have their own userland, don’t they? Jan 02 22:34
twitter Well sure, but it’s expensive for them and they want to use free software for the same reasons we all do. Jan 02 22:34
twitter As more software goes GPL3, phone companies have to cooperate. Jan 02 22:35
MinceR as it stands, i don’t know if they use GPLv3-only code Jan 02 22:35
tessier_ twitter: I hope he can move to gplv3 but so many different people own code in the kernel that the case can be made that you must get permission from every single one of them (thousands) to gplv3 it. Jan 02 22:51
tessier_ twitter: And there will be obstinate holdouts. Jan 02 22:52
MinceR moving important parts could be enough to break tivoization by itself Jan 02 22:53
MinceR hm, i’m wrong about that Jan 02 22:53
MinceR v3 is incompatible with v2 Jan 02 22:53
MinceR well, anyway, the code of the holdouts could be rewritten Jan 02 22:53
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Jan 02 22:54
twitter No, you are right but userland will make tivoisation impractical before the kernel does. Jan 02 22:54
*PetoKraus (n=pk@host-77-247-224-25.isper.sk) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 02 22:54
MinceR how’s gnu userland doing in switching to v3? Jan 02 22:54
tessier_ GNU requires everyone sign over their contributions to the FSF Jan 02 22:55
tessier_ So GNU owns all of the code and it is easily relicensed. Jan 02 22:55
MinceR ic Jan 02 22:55
twitter Other projects are going GPL3 too. Jan 02 22:55
tessier_ MinceR: The majority of the kernel would have to be rewritten. Especially since it is hard to really tell who owns what. Jan 02 22:56
PetoKraus time for herd Jan 02 22:57
PetoKraus seriously Jan 02 22:57
twitter All that sounds like a lot of work for something that’s not really a threat. Jan 02 22:59
twitter A far smaller project would be to rewrite OpenSSH, but why bother when it’s already free software? Jan 02 22:59
PetoKraus cause herd is better design Jan 02 22:59
PetoKraus ;) Jan 02 22:59
PetoKraus it just happens to be not working :P Jan 02 23:00
twitter Don’t let me keep you from your fun.  :) Jan 02 23:00
MinceR tessier_: i think git knows what part was written by whom Jan 02 23:00
MinceR git blame Jan 02 23:00
tessier_ Bit git has only been used recently. Jan 02 23:00
tessier_ But Jan 02 23:00
MinceR they’ve imported the repo of a similar vcs though Jan 02 23:00
tessier_ With a lot of detective work and email archives and version control it might be possible. Jan 02 23:00
PetoKraus twitter: what do you mean Jan 02 23:00
tessier_ They used bitkeeper for a while before git Jan 02 23:01
tessier_ Not sure what was used before bitkeepr Jan 02 23:01
MinceR iirc git was written to read bitkeeper’s repo Jan 02 23:01
PetoKraus twitter: it IS fun :) just imagine the beautiful clusterfuck possibilites!!! Jan 02 23:01
MinceR i’d prefer hurd too Jan 02 23:01
twitter Please work on Hurd if that’s what you enjoy. Jan 02 23:01
MinceR but it needs to mature Jan 02 23:01
PetoKraus it needs to work :) Jan 02 23:01
twitter Debian has a working implementation.  Last time I looked it was not “production ready” Jan 02 23:02
PetoKraus yes. and the hardware support will be a bit poor Jan 02 23:03
twitter How to stay happy is a stupid world http://techdirt.com/articles/200… Jan 02 23:05
twitter Like RMS said, “I’m always happy when I’m protesting.” Jan 02 23:07
*Roy_B (i=3023@nyx3.nyx.net) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 02 23:09
twitter It’s upgrade time.  That’s always cheery. Jan 02 23:09
schestowitz Hey, Roy_B Jan 02 23:12
Roy_B Hey Jan 02 23:13
schestowitz HURD could reuse lots of bits from Linux Jan 02 23:13
schestowitz But some can’t be relicenced as GPLv3 Jan 02 23:13
schestowitz Where they can’t, they can be rewritten. Jan 02 23:13
schestowitz And stuff be fit to the message-passing model Jan 02 23:13
tessier_ I’ve been using Linux for 15 years and so far I’ve never heard anything good about HURD. Jan 02 23:16
tessier_ It’s message passing etc but lots of other OS’s have come and gone in the time that HURD has been just around the corner. Jan 02 23:16
PetoKraus yeah Jan 02 23:16
twitter here’s a funny for the AlexH heckler http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01… Jan 02 23:16
PetoKraus it’s mainly just… that last GNU piece. nonconformism and stuff Jan 02 23:17
schestowitz Message-passing is slow; Linux is stable; why would anyone want it on a server? Jan 02 23:18
schestowitz twitter: yes, I saw that. The hecklers try to threaten us with libel and “horrible things will happen” all the time. Jan 02 23:18
twitter Hmm, I missed the threats. Jan 02 23:19
schestowitz The stalker of yours. Jan 02 23:19
twitter Oh yeah, they have been ugly lately. Jan 02 23:20
twitter Nothing new there. Jan 02 23:20
twitter With the take down of Technocrat and slow down at GL, they have more time for BN and Slashdot. Jan 02 23:21
twitter Slashdot has been nasty, as almost all holidays are.  The trolls don’t take vacations. Jan 02 23:21
schestowitz Take down? Jan 02 23:22
schestowitz It was not passive. Jan 02 23:22
Roy_B AFAIK, Perens decided to quit — that’s all Jan 02 23:23
twitter He got creeped out by the trolls. Jan 02 23:23
Roy_B He somehow wanted to make a business out of it. Jan 02 23:23
twitter He wanted it to pay for editors to make better content. Jan 02 23:24
schestowitz Trolls? Jan 02 23:24
schestowitz Did he say this? Jan 02 23:24
Roy_B Like LWN, I suppose, which is really a good site. Jan 02 23:24
schestowitz I saw some comments in /,. Jan 02 23:24
Roy_B I have the impression he didn’t give it enough time to work or maybe it was just bad timing. Jan 02 23:25
tessier_ http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/0… Jan 02 23:25
twitter His message said, “Certain elements of the community that developed here, unfortunately, creep me out.” Jan 02 23:25
tessier_ Sad but interesting story. Jan 02 23:25
tessier_ schestowitz: You saw it in comments on /.? Wow, it must be true. ;) Jan 02 23:26
twitter My usual stalkers had the nerve to say that I was responsible.  Funny isn’t it? Jan 02 23:26
Roy_B OK, but that’s a little hard to believe.  He’s been around long enough. Jan 02 23:26
twitter The story was true, I cut and pasted it from technocrat.net Jan 02 23:27
twitter It’s hard to tell, I did not see Perens comment on it. Jan 02 23:27
schestowitz twitter: someone said something that I pasted here. Jan 02 23:28
Roy_B Has he ever read COLA and seen what goes on there? Jan 02 23:28
tessier_ I don’t know why anyone reads COLA. I don’t know why I ever read it. Jan 02 23:29
Roy_B That would either freak him out immediately or steel him up. Jan 02 23:29
Roy_B True … Jan 02 23:29
twitter Until he says anything else, I’ll accept his main reasons, ” This has happened because the site never achieved the ability to financially sustain its editorial staff and system expenses with its revenues.” Jan 02 23:29
Roy_B Could be just a victim of the economy, just bad timing. Jan 02 23:30
schestowitz Roy_B: it’s a moving target Jan 02 23:30
schestowitz You go somewhere else, they chase you there. Jan 02 23:30
twitter That or that he did not give it enough attention or business method. Jan 02 23:30
schestowitz Trust me, they are assigned to just cause trouble. Jan 02 23:30
schestowitz They are not only in COLA. Jan 02 23:31
schestowitz They do the same things in other sites with mutiple accounts even. Jan 02 23:31
schestowitz I just got this message 30 mins ago: Jan 02 23:31
Roy_B I can’t see any other reason someone would keep at it for 10 years. Jan 02 23:31
schestowitz “If you are wondering about their ruthlessness, I think it is planned that way.  It reminds me of organised crime, they get paid to do a job, and that job is to prevent any progress of any other product. “ Jan 02 23:31
twitter M$ trolls are everywhere.  A friend of mine compared them to the Gestapo.  I recoiled at the time. Jan 02 23:31
schestowitz “The more dirty, the less it is suspected.  It is all about money, and there are no rules except that one company wins, no ifs, no ands, no buts.  It is a win at all costs type philosophy.” Jan 02 23:31
schestowitz “IMHO, it is a deliberately engineered that way. This is why they tried to get Roy expelled from school, Mark’s employer to take punitive measures, ad nauseum.” Jan 02 23:32
schestowitz “This is why it is important for none of them to know the exacting specifics of one’s employment.  It would not surprise me if someone had already contacted Plateau Telephone in Clovis.  (I left them in November 2005, it would do them no good.) “ Jan 02 23:32
schestowitz People have their stlakers there too Jan 02 23:32
Roy_B Sounds familiar – like the TE rules … Jan 02 23:33
schestowitz yes! Jan 02 23:34
schestowitz But they don’t end in COLA Jan 02 23:34
schestowitz Where the people exist and communicate, the trolls shalt roam Jan 02 23:35
twitter Well, all of my classmates have gotten jobs in the last year and so have many of next class. Jan 02 23:35
Roy_B I remember one from about 10 years ago.  There was a Web site called “Boycott Microsoft”. Jan 02 23:35
Roy_B It was by Mitch Stone.  One day he gets a call from someone at a Jan 02 23:35
twitter I did better than many of those people and can’t explain how more than a dozen good interviews have failed to land me a job. Jan 02 23:35
Roy_B Microsoft branch office who wants to discuss the Web site. Jan 02 23:35
Roy_B The caller eveidently thought the site was put up by an employee without Jan 02 23:36
Roy_B authorisation. Jan 02 23:36
Roy_B But he found out otherwise. Jan 02 23:36
twitter I’ve seen evidence of my communications being monitored and know how easy it would be to fuck up any kind of job application. Jan 02 23:36
schestowitz Roy_B: it’s almost shut down Jan 02 23:37
schestowitz This was discussed in IRC Jan 02 23:37
schestowitz he sort of moved but the links broke Jan 02 23:37
schestowitz It just gives 404s now. Jan 02 23:37
Roy_B Too bad Jan 02 23:37
Roy_B It was pretty dated.  Hopefully there’s still the Wayback machine. Jan 02 23:38
schestowitz Yes, it is. Jan 02 23:38
schestowitz It still exists Jan 02 23:38
schestowitz But the links to it broke Jan 02 23:38
twitter The fact of the matter is the M$ works to destroy individuals all around the world. Jan 02 23:44
twitter If you write bad things about them, they will come for you. Jan 02 23:45
schestowitz Duh Jan 02 23:45
schestowitz There are example Jan 02 23:45
schestowitz *s Jan 02 23:45
schestowitz See the comments in the TE item Jan 02 23:45
schestowitz Some people from New Zealand spoke Jan 02 23:46
schestowitz Microsoft smeared behind the scene (hush hush) Jan 02 23:46
twitter Well, that makes them very evil. Jan 02 23:47
twitter A global menace that should be eliminated. Jan 02 23:47
schestowitz I got some E-mails from large companies. They might use this. Jan 02 23:48
twitter I hope they do.  As an individual, there’s no way for me to trace back what’s been done. Jan 02 23:49
schestowitz Conversely (sort of), this might restraint Microsoft’s actions. Their tactics are now known and therefore shallow Jan 02 23:49
twitter They should be punished for what they have done. Jan 02 23:49
twitter on a happier note, I discovered the kio-apt package the other day.  It rocks. Jan 02 23:53
schestowitz Is this verifiable? (CFR) http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=NxMayaeHd6I&NR=1 Jan 02 23:53
twitter looking Jan 02 23:54
schestowitz I’m not entirely familiar with the noise and the signal. Jan 02 23:55
twitter 79 kbs, slow Cox, slow Jan 02 23:55
schestowitz I sure find it curious that an editor sort of refuses to publish Microsoft criticism where it is obvious and newsworthy Jan 02 23:56
schestowitz Either obedience, bias, or cowardice are to blame Jan 02 23:56
schestowitz Appointments in media favour conformity. Jan 02 23:56
twitter Cowardice is a mistake, M$ will eliminate it’s opposition no matter what they do. Jan 02 23:56
twitter You can’t appease them, ever. Jan 02 23:57
schestowitz That’s not the nature of such a business. Jan 02 23:58
schestowitz But the problems come from higher abive Jan 02 23:58
schestowitz Lack of regulation for starters Jan 02 23:58
schestowitz Those above Microsoft need Microsoft for the back doors in Windows Jan 02 23:58
schestowitz They also need this money Hoovers that keep the Helpless and Divided(E) with MS/NSA binaries. Jan 02 23:59
Roy_B Seems pretty credible to me.  BTW, there’s a Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_on_F… Jan 02 23:59
schestowitz So be sure, the US government will boost Apple and MS by all means possible. Jan 02 23:59
schestowitz The American Government seems to be calling it “information wars” Jan 02 23:59
twitter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carol_Quigley Jan 02 23:59
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  18. A Concise Manifesto For Freedom-Respecting Internet

    An informal list of considerations to make when reshaping the Internet to better serve people, not a few corporations that are mostly military contractors subsidised by the American taxpayers

  19. Freenode.net Becomes a 'Reddit Clone' and Freenode IRC is Back to Old Configurations After Flushing Down Decades' Worth of User/Channel Data and Locking/Shutting Out Longtime Users

    Freenode is having another go; after “chits” and “jobs” (among many other ideas) have clearly failed, and following the change of daemon (resulting in massive loss of data and even security issues associated with impersonation) as well as pointless rebrand as “Joseon”, the domain Freenode.net becomes something completely different and the IRC network reopens to all

  20. Jack Dorsey's Decision is a Wake-up Call: Social Control Media is Just a Toxic Bubble

    The state of the World Wide Web (reliability, preservation, accessibility, compatibility etc.) was worsened a lot more than a decade ago; with social control media that’s nowadays just a pile of JavaScript programs we’re basically seeing the Web gradually turning into another Adobe Flash (but this time they tell us it’s a “standard”), exacerbating an already-oversized ‘bubble economy’ where companies operate at a loss while claiming to be worth hundreds of billions (USD) and generally serve imperialistic objectives by means of manipulation like surveillance, selective curation, and censorship

  21. IRC Proceedings: Monday, November 29, 2021

    IRC logs for Monday, November 29, 2021

  22. Links 29/11/2021: NuTyX 21.10.5 and CrossOver 21.1.0

    Links for the day

  23. This Apt Has Super Dumbass Powers. Linus Sebastian and Pop_OS!

    Guest post by Ryan, reprinted with permission

  24. [Meme] Trying to Appease Provocateurs and Borderline Trolls

    GNU/Linux isn’t just a clone of Microsoft Windows and it oughtn’t be a clone of Microsoft Windows, either; some people set themselves up for failure, maybe by intention

  25. Centralised Git Hosting Has a Business Model Which is Hostile Towards Developers' Interests (in Microsoft's Case, It's an Attack on Reciprocal Licensing and Persistent Manipulation)

    Spying, censoring, and abusing projects/developers/users are among the perks Microsoft found in GitHub; the E.E.E.-styled takeover is being misused for perception manipulation and even racism, so projects really need to take control of their hosting (outsourcing is risky and very expensive in the long run)

  26. Links 29/11/2021: FWUPD's 'Best Known Configuration' and Glimpse at OpenZFS 3.0

    Links for the day

  27. President Biden Wants to Put Microsofter in Charge of the Patent Office, Soon to Penalise Patent Applicants Who Don't Use Microsoft's Proprietary Formats

    The tradition of GAFAM or GIAFAM inside the USPTO carries on (e.g. Kappos and Lee; Kappos lobbies for Microsoft and IBM, whereas Lee now works for Amazon/Bezos after a career at Google); it's hard to believe anymore that the USPTO exists to serve innovators rather than aggressive monopolists, shielding their territory by patent threats (lawsuits or worse aggression) and cross-licensing that's akin to a cartel

  28. Microsoft GitHub Exposé — Part VIII — Mr. Graveley's Long Career Serving Microsoft's Agenda (Before Hiring by Microsoft to Work on GitHub's GPL Violations Machine)

    Balabhadra (Alex) Graveley was promoting .NET (or Mono) since his young days; his current job at Microsoft is consistent with past harms to GNU/Linux, basically pushing undesirable (except to Microsoft) things to GNU/Linux users; Tomboy used to be the main reason for distro ISOs to include Mono

  29. Dr. Andy Farnell on Teaching Cybersecurity in an Age of 'Fake Security'

    By Dr. Andy Farnell

  30. IRC Proceedings: Sunday, November 28, 2021

    IRC logs for Sunday, November 28, 2021

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