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Boycott SUSE (and ‘Open’ SUSE) for Colluding in Microsoft’s Extortion of GNU/Linux

Posted in Microsoft, Novell, OpenSUSE at 8:42 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Reminder of why SUSE needs to be shunned, even if it comes with the “Open” marketing label

MICROSOFT GETS away with racketeering (so far) by bribing SUSE to do as Microsoft pleases and now that the release of OpenSUSE is imminent and Microsoft’s vandalism of GNU/Linux continues we wish to stress again that it would be wise to avoid any form of SUSE (including the new OpenSUSE) and suggest to others that they do the same. SUSE needs to quite simply perish and disappear. The longer it sticks around, the more legitimacy Microsoft’s extortionate claims against GNU/Linux will have. It’s just Microsoft tax, which comes at the expense of real GNU/Linux players such as Debian or RHEL. The news is full of evidence of that all the time.

It is paid SUSE staff which keeps looking for free testers. Do not give them the privilege. Do not participate and do not download OpenSUSE. To quote Jos (‘community’ manager, appointed by Attachmate/Novell for a cheque):

Currently, we run the test suites of the OBS, osc and osc2 code-bases and publish their results to a newly created mailing list, obs-tests@opensuse.org.

.org, but belonging as a trademark too to SUSE, which is partly funded by Microsoft for Microsoft's benefit and welfare. Do not be misled by PR. It's not a community project.

Bill Gates and SUSE

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  1. Michael said,

    November 12, 2011 at 7:59 pm


    Choice is good.

    Unless it is a choice that you do not like. Then choice is bad.

    Amazing double standards your cult has.

    twitter Reply:

    It’s not a choice, it’s aggression. Microsoft’s work with Novell and Suse are designed to mislead, harm and tax the gnu/linux world. If Microsoft wanted to cooperate with the world, they would release their own software under free licenses rather than considering secrets something that gives them power over others.

    You are a troll because you know this but continue to waste reader’s time with malicious bullshit. Your comments are designed to mislead in a way that harms the reputation of Roy and Techrights. You are here to defend and promote Microsoft.

    Michael Reply:

    If Microsoft wanted to cooperate with the world, they would release their own software under free licenses rather than considering secrets something that gives them power over others.

    And that is your real problem: that they do not give away their software. For free. You want them to give you something for free. They will not so you whine. You do not have a right to other’s property. Welcome to the adult world.

    twitter Reply:

    No, it’s about freedom, not cost. I want my software freedom and resent Microsoft’s many attempts to screw me out of it. Suse is an extension of Microsoft’s patent extortion racket. If you want to change the subject, I can also talk about Microsoft’s efforts to sabotage hardware (also look up the Windows 8 logo program), but I don’t think you are interested in an honest conversation.

    You are trolling. When Techrights reports Microsoft’s abuses, you show up and claim Techrights is a hypocritical aggressor. Your continued presence and malice mostly goes to show that Microsoft has the resources to harass Techrights 24/7.

    Michael Reply:

    You are free to use or not use SUSE as you wish. So, no, this has nothing to do with freedom as you are already free.

    As far as MS’s attempt to sabotage hardware, this is a nothing more than a paranoid rant. MS is doing nothing to prevent anyone from selling any hardware they want. They are saying if you want to sell hardware with their OS you have to meet their criteria. There is nothing wrong with this.

    And in response to my noting the FUD on this site you claim I am incorrect and even call me names – but you offer no *evidence* and provide no *reason* to show where I am incorrect.

    twitter Reply:

    As a member of Roy’s “cult” I’m insulted by your intentional stupidity and hypocrisy. Suse is a harmful choice that people should avoid. There is no double standard in telling people this and you know it.

    Michael Reply:

    Ah, repetition of platitudes without support.

    I get it: you think choice is bad. Or choice is good – as long as people agree with your choice.

    You are a part of the Linux distro culling committee, and people should only use distros you have not culled.

  2. Mikko said,

    November 13, 2011 at 5:41 pm


    michael trolling as usual

    Michael Reply:

    If you disagree with me that is fine – but your name calling only serves to put you in a bad light.

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