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Windows is Dying, Based on my Conversations With Microsoft Windows Staff

Posted in Microsoft, Vista 10, Windows at 8:37 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: The arrival of Vista 10 heralds the continuation of a trend that Vista 8 cemented, namely an inevitable demise of Microsoft’s common carrier (and formerly cash cow), Windows

THE PAST WEEK has been rather informative as I personally came to discover that Microsoft had shrunk (whilst obviously hiding this from the public and the media). Dedicated “Microsoft” buildings have been ‘folded’ into shared buildings, personal offices became shared offices, and there is generally great fear of Google, with operating systems like ChromeOS and Android (Chromebooks now outsell Windows laptops). Recognition of the end of Microsoft is now acceptable even within Microsoft itself (the staff).

Microsoft is very upset when the media speaks about numbers regarding Vista 10, based on what I have learned. Microsoft is nervous because these are lies, perpetuated at times by overzealous boosters. The numbers that are out there put greater pressure on Microsoft to meet expectations because the true numbers are vastly lower than stated in the media. Low-cost ‘upgrades’ and (almost) forced ‘upgrades’ just aren’t enough. People from Microsoft say to me that Microsoft, for a change, does not want to share Windows numbers. Vista 10 is seemingly the exception. Suddenly the company wants secrecy and silence. There is nothing to brag about.

People who work for Microsoft tell me that Vista 10 has had serious stability issues (hence the frequent mega-patches) and even Microsoft boosters speak about these issues right now. Mary Jo Foley makes it look like a negative story (especially the headline), but it ends up coming across more like a bait/advertisement. Robert Pogson says this is “Why Everyone Should Hate M$ And Their Desktop OS”. In another very recent rant, Ken Starks says: “And as far as them having the right not to install the uploaded file if they have automatic updates turned off, then Microsoft is nothing less than a burglar, jimmying a back door to gain entrance. In my world, even according to current law, Microsoft is committing a criminal act.”

This rant from Mr. Starks is about Microsoft force-feeding users of Windows the Vista 10 ‘upgrade’. This happened (based on timing of reports) just over a month after the release, probably because Microsoft realised people were massively rejecting Vista 10. Breaking the law probably seems like the lesser risk to Microsoft given these harsh circumstances. Nobody wants the common carrier. If Windows dies, Microsoft will collapse very quickly.

Over the past week I saw some people ranting about Windows RT, which is destined to be abandoned by Microsoft very soon. This possibly last update of the system disappoints users, who have already been ranting to me about performance issues, among other, far more severe issues. It’s a disaster.

Windows is in a state of crisis and the empire of Windows collapses pretty fast, largely due to counterparts with their growing development environments, including those which target the Web/browser and mobile devices (only iOS and Android).

Ask people who actually work on Windows (developing it) what they think about the future of Windows — or lack thereof — to better understand where the world is heading. It’s sunset for Windows and, consequently, for Microsoft too. All they have is momentum/inertia and this too is running out.

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  1. Michael said,

    September 21, 2015 at 6:55 pm


    Windows is dying. LOL!

    I guess that means Ubuntu, Mint, PCLOS, and every other desktop Linux distro is already beyond dead. I mean, really, what possible criteria could lead to the idea Windows is “dying” without you saying every single desktop Linux distro is still born?

    Also: you keep going gone about VISTA. That was released in 2006! Since then there have been several versions of Windows. Do try to keep up to at least things from this decade!

    Neel Gupta Reply:

    Windows in 2008, over 95% online usage.
    Windows in 2015, below 50% online usage.
    & Android will soon overtake Windows 7 online usage.

    If you don’t get the “Vista 10″ slang,
    Vista 10 = Windows NT 10 = Windows 10

    I foresaw the death of Windows when MS launched Windows RT (ARM) as an edition of Windows 8 (x86-64).

    Michael Reply:

    Windows is primarily a desktop OS – and desktop usage has gone down. That does not imply Windows is “dying”. But, hey, if you think it is, why not make a prediction as to when MS will stop making it?

    1 year?
    2 years?
    5 years?

    Be as specific as you can be so you can be mocked for your error later. :)

    Neel Gupta Reply:

    It was 17 years of Windows, until Microsoft took the ‘U-turn’ of Windows RT. I expect in another 17 years, Windows will have a negligible online usage percentage.
    That is, if Microsoft dosen’t make any drastic changes to it’s competitiveness like releasing GNU/Windows or cancelling Secure Boot OEM requirement, then before year 2040, combined Windows market share will be less than 2%.

    As of now, Microsoft is surviving by using patent lawsuits.

    Michael Reply:

    So not really dying… OK.

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    As of now, Microsoft is surviving by using patent lawsuits.

    These lawsuits don’t even bring in much income (secret numbers). They are just an effort to impede zero-cost distribution of affordable competitors like Chrome OS and Android. These are a FUD/deterrence tactics.

    Michael Reply:

    Can you explain why you think MS or other companies should give away their property for free and not seek to have others pay for the use of it?

    Neel Gupta Reply:

    Personally, I don’t believe in the idea of knowledge as property. Knowledge should be shared freely, rather than bought and sold.
    As for ‘theft’ of knowledge, laws against Plagiarism and Trademark infringement are enough. This world has no need for Copyright or Patent.

    The Idea of IP was developed solely for control of knowledge, and evolved into a method for rich countries to benefit from poor countries. Now only the mega-corporations are benefiting from IP, and the common authors, singers, engineers are becoming poorer.

    For a more detailed history of IP see…

    Michael Reply:

    I do not believe in Communism where personal property is forced into communal hands.

    Stallman pushes this with some forms of property – though not all. But for those forms of property he is pushing Communist ideals.

    Do not get me wrong – I know some use the term “Communist” as the boogie-man. Not I. I am just noting I do not agree with him on this.

    Neel Gupta Reply:

    Difference between the Real World and the Virtual (unreal) World:

    Real world: When you share Personal Property, such as your clothes or house, you have less of your property to use.

    Virtual World: When you share Virtual Property, such as a mp3, eBook, or architecture design, you still get to keep your Virtual property.

    Note that the Virtual Property is NOT “forced into communal hands” as you still have your Virtual Property, and you are still the singer/author/engineer of the Virtual Property.

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    Monopolists and their lawyers misuse language to attribute physical properties/attributes to ideas which they try to “own”. http://www.slated.org/the_right_to_own_knowledge

    Michael Reply:

    I did not misuse any language nor imply in any way that if you share an MP3 you do not also get to keep a copy.

    If someone steals your identity you ALSO still get to keep it. It is still wrong. If you give someone the rights to use your software WITHOUT sharing it and they do you have still done wrong. If you publish a book called “Larry Pottter” which is the exact same as “Harry Potter” but with a few names changed, you STILL are doing wrong, even though you have not taken a single physical copy of the book from anyone.

    But Stallman DOES want to take some forms of property and push them into communal hands. By force. That is his ideal.

    To his credit he does not do much to push that. Instead he has the choice of the GPL (or different GPLs if you wish to see it that way). I am fine with that. I respect the GPL and have no problem with it as a choice (it is a great choice… though the pre-amble is filled with gibberish nonsense so I am happy there are licenses which have the same IP protection without his gibberish).

    But to deny Stallman is pushing the idea of some forms of property into communal hands merely demonstrates you do not understand what Stallman wants. More than that, Neel and Roy, you have shown that you wish that was not the case or wish to hide his true desires.

    Michael Reply:

    As far as the “slang” – it is not an excuse for his ignorance on the product line up. Vista was released in 2006 and is not the current product. He has no clue what he is talking about.

    Seriously, he talks like in grade school insults and then wants to be taken seriously. Nope. If he wants to be seen as a legitimate source of information he has to grow up. HAS TO.

    His current inability makes those of us who actually do advocate Linux look bad.

    TheNetherlander Reply:

    This is “doctor” (my ass) Roy Schetsowitz, a guy so far out of touch with reality he must be doing crack cocaine daily. Seriously, this guy made stories up about Bill Gates (hilariously stupid ones at that), encouraged a guy who wished DEATH upon Novell and Microsoft employees and also attempted to get a guy out of his job due to a disagreement, and still believes Wintel is dying. I mean, seriously, who can take this dumbarse even remotely serious? It’s like staring into the abyss… nothing of value there.

    Michael Reply:

    While I agree with much of what you say of him, I prefer a more friendly tone.

    On his defense: he almost surely will NOT delete your messages. As far as I know he has never deleted any of mine. He lies and exaggerates and makes things up, but he allows others to post fact-based refutations and does not remove them. He even allows links. For example, I was on his show at on point and he made a number of errors in his comments about Linux and the competition. He left the show up. Here is a link to it with my commentary:


    Once I posted the evidence of his errors he did rescind an invitation for me to return, but it is his show and his right.

  2. Neel Gupta said,

    September 22, 2015 at 1:19 am


    Wintel’s enforcement of UEFI Secure Boot left me only two choices: ChromeBook or Puri.sm (both ships with CoreBoot)
    I went for the cheaper Pixel 2.

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