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MinceR 11 00:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post objectAug 11 00:31
scientesugggh, GNUCash is kinda brokenAug 11 00:39
scientescause when you use multiple currencies it counts exenses against the current exchange rateAug 11 00:40
scientesinstead of the rate when the sale happenedAug 11 00:40
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MinceR 11 01:34
---MinceR gives voice to pidgin_logAug 11 01:34
MinceR 11 01:42
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DaemonFC[m]I'm free to discuss my case more now.Aug 11 02:05
DaemonFC[m]I made a plea deal with the prosecutor.Aug 11 02:05
DaemonFC[m]They dropped one of the aggravated assault with deadly weapon charges and converted the other into a disorderly conduct.Aug 11 02:05
DaemonFC[m]I agreed to the minimum sentence the court could impose. Supervision.Aug 11 02:05
DaemonFC[m]12 months of Supervision and a fine.Aug 11 02:06
DaemonFC[m]The first 4 months are monitored by Probation and will involve all the stuff you'd expect. Checking in, random drug tests. Nothing that's that big of a deal.Aug 11 02:06
scientesexcept that probation is for-profitAug 11 02:06
scientesagain, you need to get out of the statesAug 11 02:07
DaemonFC[m]I have to prove that I'm going to see my psychiatrist and filling my medication.Aug 11 02:07
scientesit is a crazy landAug 11 02:07
scientesthere was no caseAug 11 02:07
scientesas there was no proofAug 11 02:07
DaemonFC[m]Then we go back to court on December 9th and if I'm not in violation of probation, they convert the rest to unsupervised supervision. Aug 11 02:07
scientesthat just means you have to pay for jack shitAug 11 02:07
scientesand the idea that you have to pay for something that is required is bullshitAug 11 02:08
DaemonFC[m]Pretty much.Aug 11 02:08
scientesits a fineAug 11 02:08
scientesnot a feeAug 11 02:08
scientestotal nonsenseAug 11 02:08
DaemonFC[m]The idea is that you're a criminal.Aug 11 02:08
DaemonFC[m]The court has done you a "favor" by letting you stay out of jail and proving that you'll behave.Aug 11 02:08
scientesif they want you to be a slave they should sentence you to hard laborAug 11 02:08
scientesexcept that in the US labor never makes money Aug 11 02:08
DaemonFC[m]And you have to pay for a probation officer to watch you.Aug 11 02:09
scientesits just a giant boon-doggleAug 11 02:09
MinceRthe state is a giant boondoggleAug 11 02:09
DaemonFC[m]Yeah. Probation means you owe the state money.Aug 11 02:09
scienteslike in Texas the prisoners make Victoria's SecretAug 11 02:09
DaemonFC[m]Jail means the state has to pay money to put you somewhere.Aug 11 02:09
DaemonFC[m]So they haven't done you a favor. They've done themselves a favor.Aug 11 02:09
scientesDaemonFC[m], except the GULAGs were actually profitableAug 11 02:09
scientesI'm not saying they were great, but at least they were self-sufficientAug 11 02:09
DaemonFC[m]They don't want to spend money to put low level offenders in jail. Especially if they will pay money to stay out of jail. And who wouldn't?Aug 11 02:10
scientesits just about which makes them more moneyAug 11 02:10
scientesas in, gives them excuse to bilk the public moreAug 11 02:11
DaemonFC[m]I said, "Well, it'll do I guess. I'm not going to smile in a probation photo.".Aug 11 02:11
DaemonFC[m]Hmm, messages not being sent.Aug 11 02:13
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DaemonFC[m]They asked me what would happen if they drug tested me yesterday.Aug 11 02:20
DaemonFC[m]I said they'd waste some of their time and then I'd go home.Aug 11 02:20
---MinceR gives voice to rianne__Aug 11 02:27
DaemonFC[m]A lot of people get their probation violated by just outright stupidity.Aug 11 02:38
DaemonFC[m]My mom's ex husband's (Gonad) son-in-law went into a bar to cash his paycheck.Aug 11 02:39
DaemonFC[m]And someone saw him and reported him to his probation officer, and he went to jail.Aug 11 02:39
DaemonFC[m]After he was in jail, my step-sister went "Well, what were the chances that someone would see him in there?".Aug 11 02:40
DaemonFC[m]In a town of 17,000 people.Aug 11 02:40
DaemonFC[m]When all of the bars are in a row one block away from the court.Aug 11 02:40
DaemonFC[m]I suppose people also get themselves in trouble posting pictures of themselves checked into a bar on Facebook or something.Aug 11 02:40
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cubexyzschestowitz, part of Gary Kildall's memoirs can be seen here:Aug 11 02:54
cubexyz 11 02:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gary Kildall Memoir Available to DownloadAug 11 02:54
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---MinceR gives voice to MrGreenFriendAug 11 03:06
MrGreenFriendhey, i'm trying to access freenode via Tor, with HexChat, using  ECDSA-NIST256P-CHALLENGEAug 11 03:23
MrGreenFrienddoes anyone know how to do that?Aug 11 03:23
MrGreenFriend 11 03:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Connecting to freenode - freenodeAug 11 03:23
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schestowitzMrGreenFriend: any idea when Eric might send additional material? Readers are asking for the next parts of the series.Aug 11 04:30
schestowitzcubexyz: I saw him mentioned the other dayAug 11 04:31
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schestowitzmaybe this is why you're bringing him up again?Aug 11 04:31
cubexyzyeah I see you posted the same thing :)Aug 11 04:32
cubexyzdidn't even realizeAug 11 04:32
schestowitzI didAug 11 04:32
schestowitzdo you follow daily links?Aug 11 04:32
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cubexyzsometimes I grep the irclogs for certain thingsAug 11 04:32
schestowitzwe do loads of heavily lifting around thatAug 11 04:32
schestowitzto make the WWW more accessibleAug 11 04:32
MrGreenFriendschestowitz, not sure. i think he is busy with personal stuffAug 11 04:33
schestowitzcubexyz: thanks, good... I still post the logs, but periodically when it's quiet: August, xmas, EasterAug 11 04:33
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: yes, that's what I thoughtAug 11 04:33
MrGreenFriendwhat is the link for the logs?Aug 11 04:33
schestowitzdon't pressure him, it's not urgent at allAug 11 04:34
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: wait...Aug 11 04:34
cubexyzI think techrights-2018.log is still updatingAug 11 04:34
schestowitz 11 04:34
schestowitz 11 04:34
cubexyzguess I should change the filenameAug 11 04:34
-->TechrightsBot-tr (~TR@ has joined #techrightsAug 11 04:35
schestowitzOld: 11 04:35
cubexyzoh yeah you got tons of info thereAug 11 04:35
schestowitzI see we started 2008Aug 11 04:35
schestowitzBravo to MinceR for staying such a dedicated regular for so many yearsAug 11 04:36
cubexyzis that when techrights started, 2008?Aug 11 04:36
schestowitzDaemonFC[m] has also been here for ages, cubexyz... Slated (Keith) helped initial setupAug 11 04:36
schestowitzcubexyz: no, 2006Aug 11 04:37
schestowitzbut the channels (IRC) came later onAug 11 04:37
schestowitzI was a doctoral student at the time and had a machine at the log running there just for logging, IIRCAug 11 04:37
schestowitzI still have many, many dreams about those days (going back to that lab to check the IRC stuff is all set up)Aug 11 04:38
cubexyzI first noticed linux in the tech schools appearing in 1994Aug 11 04:39
schestowitzdays ago at the gym I tried tracing back our first use of the term openwashingAug 11 04:39
schestowitzto verify it was use who coined it (first)Aug 11 04:39
schestowitzcubexyz: that's when Linux Journal startedAug 11 04:40
cubexyzthe whole Linux/IRC/Community thing could have started much earlier than it didAug 11 04:40
schestowitz1994: wget " 11 04:40
cubexyzat least for me personallyAug 11 04:40
schestowitzI have a script to download their whole site...Aug 11 04:40
schestowitzu=.3Aug 11 04:40
schestowitzsleep $u ; wget ""Aug 11 04:41
schestowitzsleep $u ; wget ""Aug 11 04:41
schestowitzsleep $u ; wget ""Aug 11 04:41
schestowitzsleep $u ; wget ""Aug 11 04:41
schestowitzOn it goes, 12500 or so URLsAug 11 04:41
cubexyzcan't remember when I first started with IRC.. it was in the 1990's sometimeAug 11 04:41
schestowitzI first used IRC in 1994 or 1995Aug 11 04:41
cubexyzah but did you talk about linux on irc in 1994? :)Aug 11 04:41
schestowitzI used a dial-up modemAug 11 04:41
schestowitzI didn't know about GNU or about Linux until years laterAug 11 04:42
schestowitzI was about 12 anywayAug 11 04:42
cubexyz1994 was when Linux really started to catch onAug 11 04:43
schestowitzDidn't even know I'd live IRC 24/7 for 12 yearsAug 11 04:43
cubexyzxrubik was 1994, I remember thatAug 11 04:43
schestowitzLinux now goes into a different phase -- one that started years backAug 11 04:43
schestowitz(and it's not a good phase)Aug 11 04:43
schestowitzI think it's too late to change this until a new wave startsAug 11 04:44
schestowitzlike a post-FSF FSFAug 11 04:44
cubexyzit's morphed into TVs, Android devices, etcAug 11 04:44
schestowitzThey aren't keeping upAug 11 04:44
schestowitzlistening devices, 'smart' things', 'cloud'Aug 11 04:44
cubexyzDid I mention I was selling FreeBSD in 1995?Aug 11 04:45
schestowitzno, not that I can recallAug 11 04:45
cubexyzso I did try even then to get people off windozeAug 11 04:45
schestowitzMy friend from school told me about Linux firstAug 11 04:45
schestowitzhe experimented with it, he was very geekyAug 11 04:45
schestowitzI was properly introduced to it by a Finnish exchange student who became my friend when I started university, aged 18Aug 11 04:46
schestowitzJukkaAug 11 04:46
schestowitzAhonen IIRCAug 11 04:46
cubexyz 11 04:46
cubexyzstill in the shrink wrap :-/Aug 11 04:47
cubexyzunsold copiesAug 11 04:47
schestowitz(useless fact: the other side of techrights and rtuxmachines is nowadays done in northern Finland)Aug 11 04:47
schestowitzBSD missed the boatAug 11 04:47
schestowitzand they too, while valuing freedom, rarely speak about freedomAug 11 04:47
schestowitzthere's a growing push to fork Linux in DisaporaAug 11 04:48
schestowitzWe have lots of chats there, with Alex Oliva as candidate to leadAug 11 04:48
schestowitzbut to get vendors to supply drivers etc. would not be easyAug 11 04:48
schestowitzesp. under gplv3 termsAug 11 04:48
cubexyzBSD is pretty importantAug 11 04:49
schestowitzit isAug 11 04:49
schestowitzbut...Aug 11 04:49
schestowitzif you break down the issues we now have..Aug 11 04:49
schestowitz(depending on one's POV)Aug 11 04:49
schestowitzBSD cannot offer a solution, likely a regressionAug 11 04:50
schestowitzBSD would be easier than Linux to exploit for bad agenda like spying and DRMAug 11 04:50
cubexyzLinux/Android is where the action is now, but BIND, TCP/IP stack, vi, sendmail, all that came from BSDAug 11 04:50
schestowitztuxmachines also covers BSD, but Guix and Hurd likely have more promise, just not momentum. There's also gnunetAug 11 04:51
schestowitzcubexyz: also sshAug 11 04:51
schestowitzbsd is good at the security side of things, typically, wherever minimalism and encryption areAug 11 04:52
schestowitzoh, BTW, cubexyz...Aug 11 04:53
schestowitzwife and I thinking of taking a ferry to Belfast this month, we never visited IrelandAug 11 04:53
cubexyzhmmm, a bit surprising... you're pretty closeAug 11 04:54
cubexyzI don't think I ever visited england/scotland Aug 11 04:54
cubexyzaside from going to an airport then on to North AmericaAug 11 04:55
schestowitzit's 8 hours by ferry from LiverpoolAug 11 04:55
schestowitzI promised not to fly more than once per two yearsAug 11 04:55
schestowitz(environment)Aug 11 04:55
cubexyzI'm not positive Tatu did ssh on BSD, but maybe he didAug 11 04:56
schestowitzTatu?Aug 11 04:57
cubexyzI think there was an early fork... which led to opensshAug 11 04:57
cubexyzTatu Ylonen, sorry about the lack of proper accentsAug 11 04:57
schestowitznever heard of him tbhAug 11 04:57
cubexyzthe inventor of ssh :)Aug 11 04:58
schestowitzdoes one need do 'invent' it?Aug 11 04:58
schestowitzSurely there's LOADS of prior artAug 11 04:58
cubexyzok, he went from rsh to sshAug 11 04:59
cubexyzyes, trueAug 11 04:59
schestowitzI meanAug 11 04:59
schestowitzit's a feature addition thingAug 11 04:59
schestowitzport forwarding, tunnels, X Aug 11 04:59
schestowitzalso forwarding of keysAug 11 04:59
cubexyzhe did invent the ssh protocol, which is significantAug 11 05:00
schestowitzthe basic concept is that of secure passage of commands over terminal sessionsAug 11 05:00
schestowitzthe word "invent" seems glorifiedAug 11 05:00
schestowitz(as it usually is)Aug 11 05:00
cubexyzit's not even that oldAug 11 05:02
schestowitzby that definition, so many people were inventors for extending something that had existedAug 11 05:03
cubexyzeven in 1995 I don't think I ever used sshAug 11 05:03
schestowitzI found out about it in 2000Aug 11 05:03
cubexyzhe's tjssh on twitterAug 11 05:05
schestowitzheh. TwitterAug 11 05:05
schestowitzI only access once a day now to check repliesAug 11 05:06
schestowitzI hope people treat is as a relic, like some do GitHubAug 11 05:06
cubexyzthere was some warning from him in 2017 about linux malware via sshAug 11 05:06
schestowitzfor FOSS these sites need to perishAug 11 05:06
schestowitzcentralised and proprietaryAug 11 05:06
cubexyzI never use twitter :)Aug 11 05:06
schestowitzdon'tAug 11 05:06
schestowitzI always tell people, don'tAug 11 05:06
schestowitzit seems to be dying anywayAug 11 05:06
schestowitzthey turned to ads and spying to make a profitAug 11 05:07
schestowitzfor over a decade only lossesAug 11 05:07
schestowitzand now they just try to make a little profit while driving the old timers awayAug 11 05:07
schestowitzthey cut off the APIsAug 11 05:07
schestowitzWhy you don't see the old style of tweets showing in this IRC channel anymore, kaniini wrote a bot for pleroma insteadAug 11 05:07
schestowitzthere's LOTS more they do wrong this yearAug 11 05:08
MrGreenFriendwhat is best twitter alternative?  here is a list 11 05:08
schestowitz 11 05:08
kaniiniactually the bot works with any activitypub serverAug 11 05:08
kaniininot just pleroma :)Aug 11 05:08
---schestowitz gives voice to TechrightsBot-trAug 11 05:08
kaniinifor example, we could make it follow mastodon users.Aug 11 05:08
schestowitzkaniini: even better!Aug 11 05:08
schestowitzkaniini: zoobab might soon joins pleroma or similarAug 11 05:09
kaniinior GNU Social users, once GNU Social speaks activitypub (not holding my breath)Aug 11 05:09
schestowitzhe's the best anti-swpats activistAug 11 05:09
schestowitzI hope all the geeks will leave twitter, eventualluyAug 11 05:09
kaniiniapparently there is an activitypub module for GNU Social now, but GNU Social maintainer is too busy not caringAug 11 05:09
schestowitzpeople are there, in Twitter, only for particular users (to be followed) anywayAug 11 05:09
kaniinii guess when all software drops OStatus for it's numerous security flaws, they may careAug 11 05:10
schestowitzXRevan86 said last week something about dumping xml somewhereAug 11 05:11
schestowitzand prior to that cutting off gnu social instances?Aug 11 05:11
schestowitzthe IRC channels here used to have bots for identica/statusnetAug 11 05:11
schestowitzuntil Evan moved to pump.ioAug 11 05:11
schestowitzI still have the code on the server, but it would not accomplish anything anymore... since almost 8 years agoAug 11 05:12
schestowitzEven Twitter keeps breaking its >own< APIsAug 11 05:14
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-->MrGreenFriend (~MrGreenFr@gateway/tor-sasl/mrgreenfriend) has joined #techrightsAug 11 05:15
cubexyzchromebooks were 21% of all laptop sales, so I heardAug 11 05:19
cubexyzso it's not like Linux is going awayAug 11 05:19
cubexyzI realize it's not a proper linux, but still...Aug 11 05:20
cubexyzLinux is really a DIY OS anywaysAug 11 05:20
cubexyzit's not like people love win10Aug 11 05:20
cubexyzpeople are always asking for alternativesAug 11 05:21
schestowitzcubexyz: yes, but that tells you what the problem isAug 11 05:21
schestowitzor rather, where industry takes the 'cons0000mer"Aug 11 05:21
MrGreenFriendcubexyz, is it still impossible to wipe chromeOS & install another distro?  last i read, u couldnt do thatAug 11 05:21
schestowitzchromebooks= DRM Aug 11 05:21
schestowitz 11 05:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Research Into Who’s Putting DRM Inside Linux | TechrightsAug 11 05:21
cubexyzMrGreenFriend, I did via croutonAug 11 05:21
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: you need to swap the bootloaderAug 11 05:22
cubexyzso I used bothAug 11 05:22
schestowitzseaBIOSAug 11 05:22
schestowitzand on some laptops you need to open the body, voiding the warranty etc.Aug 11 05:22
cubexyzif you're really keen you can corebootize any motherboard :)Aug 11 05:22
MrGreenFriendcubexyz, so u no longer have ChromeOS installed?  (i thought u could only run a 2nd distro, alongside... but that was a while ago- i read that)Aug 11 05:22
schestowitzcubexyz: cruoton is not the sameAug 11 05:22
cubexyzyou have to be really determined thoughAug 11 05:22
kaniiniafter you install SeaBIOS you can actually install anything you wantAug 11 05:23
kaniinilinux, freebsd, even windowsAug 11 05:23
schestowitzalso, in the classic 2gb ram chromebooks chromeOS becomes a big performance overheadAug 11 05:23
cubexyzyeah, don't use 2 gigs, it's just not enough for chromeosAug 11 05:23
schestowitzso get two of themAug 11 05:23
schestowitzconnect over synergyAug 11 05:24
schestowitzchromebooks are very cheapAug 11 05:24
cubexyzseabios is just the 16-bit BIOS partAug 11 05:24
cubexyzyou don't even need seabios for the 32-bit OSesAug 11 05:25
cubexyzyou need the coreboot/libreboot partAug 11 05:25
kaniiniyou need seabios to boot OSes that don't support corebootAug 11 05:25
cubexyzwell sureAug 11 05:25
kaniinilike freebsd or windowsAug 11 05:25
MrGreenFriendschestowitz, thx, that is what i was asking. cool , looks like seaBIOS lets u "nuke & pave"  ;) 11 05:26
kaniinimy laptop is corebooted but it just boots straight into grubAug 11 05:26
cubexyzI mean you might want freedos or something as wellAug 11 05:27
cubexyzor AROS :)Aug 11 05:27
schestowitzMrGreenFriend:  you can recycle old chromebooks that are unused (no longer supported) this weekAug 11 05:27
schestowitz*wayAug 11 05:27
schestowitznot weekAug 11 05:27
cubexyzI don't really like any laptop 100%Aug 11 05:28
cubexyzbut chromebooks are OKAug 11 05:28
schestowitzPutting something like Mint on them, redistributing these to poor students etc.Aug 11 05:28
cubexyzyeah I see now that freebsd used the BIOS for some thingsAug 11 05:31
cubexyzdidn't realize thatAug 11 05:31
MrGreenFriendschestowitz, looks like the support is for 6.5 years: "The 6.5 years starts when the first device on the platform is released" 11 05:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Auto Update policy - Google Chrome Enterprise HelpAug 11 05:33
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schestowitzMrGreenFriend: longer than I thoughtAug 11 05:34
MrGreenFriendi'm not into chromebooks at all.  but i know Schools buy tons of them.  i recently saw a good Eben Moglen talk about this.  how he helps schools in Africa install GNU/Linux.  some pretty funny quotes, do u guys know what video i'm talking about? link?Aug 11 05:35
cubexyzin computerland, no one supports anything for longAug 11 05:36
MrGreenFriendschestowitz, yeh, that chromeOS link has the exact expiration date of every chromebook model,  to the exact month  ;)Aug 11 05:36
cubexyzhrmmm, my oldest chromebook is the HP 14 I wonder when that expiresAug 11 05:38
MrGreenFriendPavilion Chromebook 14Feb 2018Aug 11 05:39
MrGreenFriendChromebook 14Jun 2019Aug 11 05:39
MrGreenFriendChromebook 14 G3Oct 2019Aug 11 05:39
MrGreenFriendChromebook 14 G4Sep 2021Aug 11 05:39
MrGreenFriendChromebook 14 G5Nov 2023Aug 11 05:39
MrGreenFriendChromebook 14A G5Jun 2025   Chromebook x360 14Jun 2024Aug 11 05:39
cubexyzcome on google, at least give me 10 yearsAug 11 05:41
MrGreenFriendcubexyz, why not install another distro on it?Aug 11 05:42
MrGreenFriendlike one that is supported Forever  ;)Aug 11 05:43
cubexyzyes if it stays with me then sureAug 11 05:44
cubexyzbut the older ones went to other family membersAug 11 05:44
MrGreenFriendit is your job to teach ur family other distros  ;)Aug 11 05:45
schestowitzthe chromebooks may still work as laptopAug 11 05:45
schestowitzjust wife the bios and put something else on itAug 11 05:45
schestowitzrecycling opportunity right thereAug 11 05:45
schestowitzsome distros sort of mimic chromeosAug 11 05:46
schestowitzdoes anyone remember cloudOS?Aug 11 05:46
MrGreenFriendwhat is so good about chromeOS, anyway?Aug 11 05:46
schestowitznot this one 11 05:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-HP launches Cloud OS for Moonshot and other HP systems | PCWorldAug 11 05:46
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: it's good for GoogleAug 11 05:46
schestowitznot for the userAug 11 05:46
cubexyzit's not that chromeos is all that greatAug 11 05:46
schestowitzso there are subsidiesAug 11 05:46
cubexyzchromebook is just an inexpensive non-Microsoft computerAug 11 05:47
schestowitzexactlyAug 11 05:47
MrGreenFriendyeh, subsidies.. Getting discount is the only good thing about it.  Then Nuke & Pave  ;)  Aug 11 05:47
cubexyzASUS did that Google TV thingAug 11 05:49
cubexyzthere are other examplesAug 11 05:49
schestowitzit's designed to keep people 'around' GoogleAug 11 05:49
schestowitzfeeding data to this one single GAFAM bornAug 11 05:49
schestowitzborgAug 11 05:50
schestowitzafaik, if you use crutons nothing gets relayed through Google, they just control the system with unsupervised system updatesAug 11 05:50
cubexyzin the pass there was that Hitachi BeOS computerAug 11 05:50
cubexyzso I do try to check things outAug 11 05:50
cubexyzs/pass/past/Aug 11 05:50
cubexyzyou can see how things get strangled in infancy Aug 11 05:51
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-->MrGreenFriend (~MrGreenFr@gateway/tor-sasl/mrgreenfriend) has joined #techrightsAug 11 06:03
schestowitzPerhaps we can take techrights to the 'next level' by making daily links partly a purifier of news in this age of noise, spam, and 5MB to read a 5-paragraph article.Aug 11 06:04
schestowitz 11 06:04
schestowitzwe already have some pieces in place for this...Aug 11 06:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux is Not Winning, It’s Changing (or Being Changed) | TechrightsAug 11 06:04
cubexyzoh yeah now I remember... the other option was buying these barebone computers without an OSAug 11 06:05
cubexyzMSI Cubi, ASUS Vivomini, Intel NUC, Gigabyte Brix, Zotac ZBOX and Shuttle miniAug 11 06:05
cubexyzif I remember rightAug 11 06:05
MrGreenFriendschestowitz, wow that is a pretty depressing article.. i think we can start by convincing cubexyz  to wipe ChromeOS off of his chromebook  ;)Aug 11 06:09
schestowitzit's not the forremost threatAug 11 06:10
MrGreenFriendschestowitz,  i have some other topics for u, if u ever need more ideas  ;)Aug 11 06:10
schestowitzfirst of all, chromeos is based on egntoo gnu linuxAug 11 06:10
schestowitzsecond, he doesn't relay data through googleAug 11 06:10
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: yes, by all meansAug 11 06:11
schestowitzplease pass them onAug 11 06:11
schestowitzwe decided 1.5 months ago to do more articles and less "tweets" etc.Aug 11 06:11
schestowitz 11 06:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tweets Are Not Journalism But Succinct Unverified Hearsay; Time to Treat Them Accordingly | TechrightsAug 11 06:11
schestowitzclient having ddos attacks at the moment Aug 11 06:12
schestowitzlikely from iranian gov./militaryAug 11 06:12
schestowitzthey use cloudflare for protectionAug 11 06:12
schestowitzand I need to log into that nasty company's site, CFAug 11 06:12
MrGreenFriendschestowitz,  quotes of 'experts' saying that WhatsApp,(and other closed-source apps) are E2EE.   -- what is the correct term, anyway?  "closed source E2EE", "Purported E2EE", "Pinky Swear Encryption", etc??Aug 11 06:13
schestowitzah, that....Aug 11 06:14
schestowitzI post short things about itAug 11 06:14
schestowitzthere's not much to do a long article aboutAug 11 06:14
kaniiniat one time whatsapp was audited as being E2EE, but now facebook claims they can read the messages for 'advertising'Aug 11 06:14
schestowitzyou know FB has the  'private' ketsAug 11 06:14
kaniinithat may happen on the device itself thoughAug 11 06:14
schestowitz*kaysAug 11 06:14
schestowitz*keysAug 11 06:14
schestowitzFBI never complained about Facebook because it gets what it wants from themAug 11 06:15
schestowitzthey distort the word LinuxAug 11 06:15
schestowitz(e.g. WSL, i.e. Vista10)Aug 11 06:15
schestowitznow e2e means "only facebook (or other PRISM giant) can read it"Aug 11 06:15
MrGreenFriendit will be very interesting to have those quotes, when WhatsApp backdoor is leaked/discovered (because technically, it is still possible that WA is E2EE,  we just dont know either way, right?)Aug 11 06:16
schestowitzFOSS means proprietary software + openwashing (we threw some library on Microsoft ShitHub)Aug 11 06:16
schestowitzkaniini: I read that after the audit they released a .0.1 version with the back doors addedAug 11 06:17
MrGreenFriendit is still important to keep the real definitions, rather than have them misappropriatedAug 11 06:17
schestowitzso what's audited isn't what's distributed, e.g. as Android binary blobbAug 11 06:17
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: is there much to say about that really? A leak to that effect would be nice, then you can at least present a 'smoking gun'Aug 11 06:18
MrGreenFriendschestowitz,  my point is to narrow it down, to who calls it the correct term.  "purported E2EE" or something simlilarAug 11 06:19
MrGreenFriendschestowitz,  similar to ur 11 06:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Free Software Credibility Index | TechrightsAug 11 06:20
MrGreenFriendbut ur right , it is not a 'big' story, at least until the is a 'smoking gun'Aug 11 06:21
schestowitzthe ddos from iran continuesAug 11 06:28
schestowitzhad to use CF for that site, not my choice... :Aug 11 06:28
schestowitzWhen turned off, Attack Mode has multiple restrictions levels for access. Medium seems to work OK.Aug 11 06:28
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: ok, back from a work chore...Aug 11 06:30
schestowitz(sorry, got distracted)Aug 11 06:30
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: can hardly think of how this is to be turned into more than a paragraph without being repetitive unless new material lands on our lapAug 11 06:31
MrGreenFriendschestowitz, what do u think is the best term for closed-source E2EE?Aug 11 06:32
schestowitz(we try to publish unique things, no point doing articles like "Mint X released", "Sailfish OS looks for developers" etc. when you can just link to the original and add a few remarks, which aren't even corrective. That's what Tux Machines is for.Aug 11 06:32
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: I use some terms for theseAug 11 06:32
schestowitzbut not directly the concept as a wholeAug 11 06:33
schestowitzthere's "bug doors"Aug 11 06:33
schestowitzthere's also PRISMwareAug 11 06:33
schestowitzpseudo-encryptionAug 11 06:33
schestowitzthere are also strands and themes like:Aug 11 06:33
schestowitzmaking it look like an accident, preparing the excuses in advanceAug 11 06:34
schestowitzusing cipher cult figures like Merlin (?) for faked endorsementAug 11 06:34
schestowitzlike FB used StamosAug 11 06:34
MrGreenFriendi like the term "Pinky Swear Encryption"Aug 11 06:36
MrGreenFriendor "Pinky Promise Encryption"Aug 11 06:38
schestowitzincident at workAug 11 06:39
schestowitz"Aug 11 06:39
schestowitzNo need to relay the codes to us, we can get these directly as well, as we just did. :-)Aug 11 06:39
schestowitzWe monitor the site closely 24/7 (all year long) and we detect these downtimes within a minute or two, so we can enable restrictive access requirements upon need/demand. Yesterday it took a while to assure ourselves it had been caused by DDOS attacks, whereupon we took the action of 'outsourcing' verification to the CDN, Cloudflare. It uses an extra step to weed out abusive (automated) page requests.Aug 11 06:39
schestowitzKind regards,Aug 11 06:39
schestowitz--Aug 11 06:39
schestowitzDr. Roy SchestowitzAug 11 06:39
schestowitz"Aug 11 06:39
schestowitzyou can really see there how cloudflare helps the US ArmyAug 11 06:40
schestowitzAgainst the Iranian Army or whateverAug 11 06:40
schestowitzso imperialisticAug 11 06:40
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: we rarely cover privacy except in daily links (picks)Aug 11 06:40
schestowitzin recent years we did about 10,000 articles on patentsAug 11 06:41
schestowitzuntil Alice effect killed software patents around 2017 or 2018Aug 11 06:41
schestowitzCoons and Tillis won't bring them back, they try this every summer for 3 years nowAug 11 06:41
schestowitzSo now the EPO is the main problemAug 11 06:41
schestowitzLinux Foundation became a BIG, BIG topic this yearAug 11 06:42
schestowitzas we got some whispers from insiders and were able to expose the gory stuffAug 11 06:42
schestowitzLF is now in 'damage control' mode, they lost all legitimacy with the community (maybe not Big Corporate sponsors)Aug 11 06:42
MrGreenFriendwtf, i just found this... doesn't make sense.  if the OS has all the dependencies, then WhatsApp should run correctly 11 06:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | WhatsApp FAQ - Rooted phones and custom ROMsAug 11 06:43
schestowitzWhatsApp runs correctly when it runs for PRISMAug 11 06:46
schestowitz 11 06:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Skype is Spy Campaign - TechrightsAug 11 06:46
schestowitzSkype was added to PRISM shortly after Microsoft had bought itAug 11 06:47
schestowitzA year before Snowden leaks 11 06:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft is Breaking the Law by Giving Skype Data to Private Firms, Getting People’s Data (e.g. Web History) Through Facebook | TechrightsAug 11 06:47
schestowitzalso 11 06:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New Reports Confirm That Microsoft Skype is Spying on Users, Sharing Personal Data | TechrightsAug 11 06:47
schestowitz 11 06:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Skype in Microsoft’s Hands Gives NSA Access to International Phonecalls | TechrightsAug 11 06:47
schestowitz 11 06:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Skype Interception Campaign | TechrightsAug 11 06:47
schestowitz2011: 11 06:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft is Listening to Everyone | TechrightsAug 11 06:48
schestowitzyou can generalise this to include FB/WhatsAppAug 11 06:48
schestowitz 11 06:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | All Your Communications Belong to Microsoft | TechrightsAug 11 06:48
schestowitz 11 06:48
schestowitz 11 06:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Resolving timed out after 10521 milliseconds ( status 0 @ )Aug 11 06:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | When Microsoft Tracks Identities and Conversations | TechrightsAug 11 06:48
schestowitzBTW, MrGreenFriend, Jacob Appelbaum and many others linked to this wiki pageAug 11 06:49
schestowitz"This page has been accessed 93,817 times."Aug 11 06:49
schestowitzwe do terabytes per month nowAug 11 06:50
schestowitzthis morning a client at work has a DDOS issueAug 11 06:50
schestowitzit exposes violations in IranAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:43] <schestowitz> my general position is that war would be horrendous and must be avoidedAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> At the same time, highlighting human rights abuses in Iran - as in any country - is also importantAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> seems they don't want sites to broadcast these abuses, fearing it could manufacture consent for warAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz>  traffic level for the past 24 hours: Aug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> Unique VisitorsAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> 20,825Aug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> Total RequestsAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> 896,183Aug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> Percent CachedAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> 89.35%Aug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> Total Data ServedAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> 40 GBAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> Data CachedAug 11 06:51
schestowitz[06:44] <schestowitz> (I won't name the site)Aug 11 06:51
schestowitz 11 06:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@sonoble: What an odd write up about the @linuxfoundation I know Jim pays himself an immense amount o… 11 06:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights--> | The Zemlins Are Closer to Apple and Microsoft Than to Linux | TechrightsAug 11 06:52
schestowitz"What an odd write up about the @linuxfoundation … I know Jim pays himself an immense amount of money, but the rest doesn't make a lot of sense."Aug 11 06:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@sonoble: What an odd write up about the @linuxfoundation I know Jim pays himself an immense amount o… 11 06:52
schestowitz 11 06:52
schestowitz"And thus preserve the history of Linux Journal."Aug 11 06:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-LXer: Hopefully they will allow the site to be archived: Linux Journal Ceases Publication: An Awkward GoodbyeAug 11 06:53
schestowitz"Aug 11 06:53
schestowitzJust noticing, odd placement for your comment. That is, not linked to the story of Linux Journal's closing. Aug 11 06:53
schestowitzFrom what I have seen, the reason they are trying to keep the site up for a few weeks is to give those archiving a chance to complete the task. Others are hoping a white knight will appear and save the site, not the publication they are not that bereft from reality. Aug 11 06:53
schestowitzPerhaps Bob, could move this thread to the proper story.Aug 11 06:53
schestowitz"Aug 11 06:53
schestowitz"The thread has been moved."Aug 11 06:53
MrGreenFriendwhat is Jacob Appelbaum doing now?  iirc, he was going back to school for Math PhD or something?Aug 11 06:56
schestowitzyeahAug 11 06:57
schestowitzkeeping head lowAug 11 06:57
schestowitzhe tried making a twitter comebackAug 11 06:57
schestowitzdidn't workAug 11 06:57
schestowitzhe also has been branded sexual predatorAug 11 06:58
schestowitzso all the key foundations and org ostracise himAug 11 06:58
schestowitzEFF, FPF, Debian, Tor...Aug 11 06:58
schestowitzjust bring up the subject won't helpAug 11 07:02
schestowitzas it would only remind people of the accusations, which are inaccurate and mostly anonymousAug 11 07:02
schestowitzJen Robinson, Assange's lawyers, asked me to not bring up how tabloid tried to smear herAug 11 07:02
schestowitzand it merely reminded people of these smear, so I think it's equally applicable to JakeAug 11 07:03
schestowitzthe b33f:Aug 11 07:03
schestowitz1. don't bring up things that tell something to people who might not know about those things otherwise (when those things are badAug 11 07:03
schestowitz2. better to refute without linking; if someone demands the link, send it to that person aloneAug 11 07:04
schestowitz3. rebuttals can feed trollsAug 11 07:04
schestowitz(if not with traffic then it feeds their messageAug 11 07:04
schestowitzand this, in turn, encourages more of the same)Aug 11 07:04
schestowitz[18:40] <schestowitz> 11 07:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@brianfagioli: @schestowitz It’s a different thing entirely. Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies on Earth. They can co… 11 07:05
schestowitz[18:40] [Notice] -TechrightsBN to #boycottnovell- @brianfagioli: @schestowitz It’s a different thing entirely. Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies on Earth. They can co… 11 07:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@brianfagioli: @schestowitz It’s a different thing entirely. Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies on Earth. They can co… 11 07:05
schestowitz[18:40] [Notice] -TechrightsBN to #boycottnovell- @brianfagioli: @schestowitz It’s a different thing entirely. Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies on Earth. They can co… 11 07:05
schestowitz[18:40] <schestowitz> "It’s a different thing entirely. Microsoft is one of the most valuable companies on Earth. They can continue MSDN mag going forever even at a loss if they want. They are choosing to end MSDN mag. The Linux Journal folks are making no such choice. They are being forced to close."Aug 11 07:05
schestowitz[18:40] <schestowitz> Complete and utter illogical nonsense.Aug 11 07:05
schestowitz^^ latest exampleAug 11 07:05
schestowitzhe called GNU/Linux user names...Aug 11 07:05
schestowitzPhoronix did something similarAug 11 07:05
schestowitzyesterday BetaNews did a piece about that tooAug 11 07:05
schestowitzsaying Linux sucks etc.Aug 11 07:06
schestowitzbecause of that RAM thing from Phoronix/ArtemAug 11 07:06
schestowitzthey didn't bother comparing it to other OSesAug 11 07:06
schestowitzThey're 'junk food" journalismAug 11 07:06
schestowitzIn Fagilo's case, it seems like garbage in, garbage out thing... he looks like he eats loads of junk foodAug 11 07:07
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-->libertybox ( has joined #techrightsAug 11 07:31
-->acer-box__ ( has joined #techrightsAug 11 07:31
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-->acer-box__ (~acer-box@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #techrightsAug 11 07:31
cubexyzheh hehAug 11 07:31
cubexyzlinux isn't junkAug 11 07:31
cubexyzI keep all my old 2.2, 2.4 kernels thoughAug 11 07:32
cubexyzstill learning new things about themAug 11 07:32
schestowitz     Games today:Aug 11 07:34
schestowitz August 11  14:00  Leicester City     ? - ?  Wolverhampton WanderersAug 11 07:34
schestowitz August 11  14:00  Newcastle United   ? - ?  Arsenal                Aug 11 07:34
schestowitz August 11  16:30  Manchester United  ? - ?  Chelsea  Aug 11 07:34
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cubexyzstill learning new things about kde 3.5.10 for that matterAug 11 07:34
schestowitzI guess old RHEL with 10 year support backports stillAug 11 07:34
schestowitzLinux 2.6.x, maybe even 2.4.x stillAug 11 07:34
cubexyzhmmm, 2.2 is good for small memory computersAug 11 07:35
schestowitzdoes anyone still patch it?Aug 11 07:35
schestowitzmaybe for unconnected machines it's OKAug 11 07:35
cubexyzgood questionAug 11 07:36
schestowitz"won't be something big [and] professional like gnu" and then it gets more bloated than anything gnuAug 11 07:36
cubexyzI'm having some trouble with the networking on old games, it's a real botherAug 11 07:37
cubexyznormally I wouldn go into the 2.2 kernelAug 11 07:37
cubexyzwouldn'tAug 11 07:38
cubexyzjust run it on very old hardware... retro computingAug 11 07:38
cubexyzbl3 was 2.2.26Aug 11 07:41
cubexyzzaurus was 2.4.6Aug 11 07:41
cubexyzfc1 was 2.4.22 Aug 11 07:42
cubexyzdarkstar was a slackware derivative.. that was the first linux I sawAug 11 07:43
cubexyzI'd have no problem running bl3 on the internetAug 11 07:46
cubexyzI just wouldn't do anything important on itAug 11 07:46
cubexyzyou can imagine how painful surfing the net would be anywaysAug 11 07:47
schestowitzhas jzemlin not tweeted for about a month?Aug 11 07:55
schestowitzhe blocked even tuxmachines :-) 11 07:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | jzemlin (@jzemlin) on TwitterAug 11 07:56
schestowitz"You’re blocked"Aug 11 07:56
schestowitz 11 07:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@GamerGeekNews: @MichellBasler @tuxmachines I'm a similar age and similar experience through school, except we had BBC's and eventu… 11 07:57
schestowitz"Aug 11 07:57
schestowitzI'm a similar age and similar experience through school, except we had BBC's and eventually Atari St's before I picked up Pascal at collegeAug 11 07:57
schestowitzI've been working with stats, analysis, and machine learning software since, Linux for fun Aug 11 07:57
schestowitz1Aug 11 07:57
schestowitz1Aug 11 07:57
schestowitz"Aug 11 07:57
schestowitz 11 07:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@MichellBasler: @GamerGeekNews @tuxmachines Oh wow! I had the Atari when it first came out as a home console. We got Pac-Man and a Pac-Man t shirt 😂Aug 11 07:57
schestowitz 11 07:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@GamerGeekNews: @MichellBasler I love @tuxmachines and learn heaps from the posts there 😁Aug 11 07:58
MrGreenFriend 11 08:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Foundation Director runs...Mac OS?! : linuxAug 11 08:14
MrGreenFriendschestowitz, is this really true that Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation Director, runs MacOS?Aug 11 08:15
schestowitzworse:Aug 11 08:17
schestowitzalong with hypePadAug 11 08:17
schestowitzno indication any of this has changed sinceAug 11 08:18
schestowitzhe'd be the first to signal a change (id he had initiated any)Aug 11 08:18
schestowitzMany of his colleagues use Windows 11 08:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Foundation Apparently Celebrates Sysadmin Day With a Microsoft Windows Site! | TechrightsAug 11 08:18
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MrGreenFriendi was at a pretty big Linux[LUG] event, and one of the speakers brought up a MacBook.  People started yelling.  The FIRST words out of his mouth were, "Hey, don't worry-- i'm running Linux.  I just like the Mac hardware"  and he showed us it was obviously Linux. -- if he was really running MacOS; he would have been boo'd/heckled offstage, for sure.Aug 11 09:05
schestowitzkaniini: viera is offlineAug 11 09:07
schestowitz[Sunday, August 11, 2019] [04:13:00 AM] |Quit| viera (~viera@2602:ffdb:100:1:fc89:b1ff:fe87:426e) has left this server (*.net *.split).Aug 11 09:08
schestowitznetsplitAug 11 09:08
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-->viera (~viera@2602:ffdb:100:1:fc89:b1ff:fe87:426e) has joined #techrightsAug 11 09:09
schestowitzkaniini: thanks mate!!Aug 11 09:09
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: KDE Development: Usability & Productivity, Kate and Krita []Aug 11 09:21
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today's howtos []Aug 11 09:33
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #DragonFly 5.6.2 tagged []Aug 11 09:37
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: What has to happen with Unix virtual memory when you have no swap space []Aug 11 09:42
MrGreenFriendhere is good video on Linux  RAM Compression -- zswap -- z3fold. 11 09:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Allocators for Compressed Pages: In-depth Comparison with z3fold in Focus - Vitaly Wool, Consultant - YouTubeAug 11 09:56
schestowitzwe need compressed web pages, MrGreenFriendAug 11 09:58
schestowitz 11 09:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Techrights Coding Projects: Making the Web Light Again | TechrightsAug 11 09:58
MrGreenFriendzswap with  lz4+z3fold  really does help a lot.Aug 11 09:59
MrGreenFriendcheck what is installed on ur system:   grep -R . /sys/module/zswap/parameters; sudo dmesg|grep  zswap; sudo grep -R . /sys/kernel/debug/zswapAug 11 10:00
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: The Best Accessories to Get for Your Raspberry Pi 4 []Aug 11 10:06
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #GNU Radio #freesw []Aug 11 10:14
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: GNOME: GNOME Shell & Mutter, Gnome MPV (Celluloid), Savestates Manager []Aug 11 10:19
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: 11 10:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ » Blog Archive » I Never Had a Machine With More Than 2GB of RAM. But Phoronix Portrays GNU/Linux as Sucking on Memory Management.Aug 11 10:20
schestowitzsome more comments in 11 10:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | I Never Had a Machine With More Than 2GB of RAM. But Phoronix Portrays GNU/Linux as Sucking on Memory Management. | Tux MachinesAug 11 10:20
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Huawei launches smart TV running on HarmonyOS []Aug 11 10:24
MrGreenFriendschestowitz, yeh, i read both those before.  there are also 16 pages of comments here: 11 10:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Yes, Linux Does Bad In Low RAM / Memory Pressure Situations On The Desktop - Phoronix ForumsAug 11 10:38
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Graphics: X.Org Server and Compression Benchmark []Aug 11 10:40
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Federico Mena-Quintero: On responsible vulnerability disclosure []Aug 11 10:48
schestowitzMrGreenFriend: I saw these when there were 80 commentsAug 11 10:49
schestowitzpoor phoronixAug 11 10:49
schestowitzslow news monthAug 11 10:49
schestowitzso a headline with a generalisation and bad grammarAug 11 10:50
MrGreenFriendreading them now.  the main article is silly because he didn't compare it to Windows/Mac.  However, Linux can always be improved, so i like to be positive.  e.g.  u can check ur runnin services here, and disable ones u don't need:  systemctl --type service --state runningAug 11 10:51
MrGreenFriend 11 10:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Cleaning Up Your Linux Startup Process | | The source for Linux informationAug 11 10:51
MrGreenFriendi disabled these:   sudo systemctl disable minidlna virtualbox postfix glances cups cups-browsed  --nowAug 11 10:53
MrGreenFriendi masked (stronger than 'disable')these:  sudo systemctl mask pppd-dns.service  ModemManager.service --nowAug 11 10:55
MrGreenFriendalso, helpful, but misleading because the 'times' here are not necessarily slowing your boot down. e.g. they could be waiting for another service to finish.  $  systemd-analyze blameAug 11 10:59
schestowitzyeah, seems misguided perhapsAug 11 11:00
schestowitzI don't suppose it's polling for these services all the time but on demandAug 11 11:00
schestowitz(but it's systemd, so never assume good coding... over a million lines of code)Aug 11 11:01
MrGreenFriend 11 11:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | startup - How do I improve boot speed? - Ask UbuntuAug 11 11:03
MrGreenFriendfunny SystemD GIF  :) 11 11:04
schestowitz> "techrights and similar/related articles"Aug 11 11:12
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: really comparing low memory presure between OS you get into many different effects.Aug 11 11:12
schestowitz> Aug 11 11:12
schestowitz> want to add this as a subforum to my forum, unless you take issue with that for some reason.Aug 11 11:12
schestowitz> Aug 11 11:12
schestowitz> 11 11:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | free media allianceAug 11 11:12
schestowitzGo for it. Sounds good.Aug 11 11:12
oiaohmOne of the worse things you can do to Linux kernel is run without swap.Aug 11 11:13
oiaohmLinux kernel for particular data structures depends on pushing the structure to swap to relocate it in memory/defrag it.Aug 11 11:13
schestowitzdepends how much RAM you haveAug 11 11:13
oiaohmNoAug 11 11:13
schestowitzI have seen swapless systemsAug 11 11:14
oiaohmamount of ram makes no different.Aug 11 11:14
schestowitzoh, I seeAug 11 11:14
schestowitzyes, defraggingAug 11 11:14
oiaohmSooner or latter the system will stall out due to structure fragmentation.Aug 11 11:14
schestowitzI think I saw paging even when memory usage was minimal Aug 11 11:14
MrGreenFriendhere is a list of packages u can optionally remove: 11 11:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Extra/simplify-ubuntu at master · terminalforlife/Extra · GitHubAug 11 11:14
oiaohmIf you don't have swap.Aug 11 11:14
oiaohmLike you might have like 16 megs of ram base swap.  That will keep the Linux kernel happy.Aug 11 11:15
oiaohmWith all preferences set that nothing else uses it.Aug 11 11:15
oiaohmBasically the Linux kernel need some swap.   If your applications need it that another matter.Aug 11 11:16
schestowitzthat explains some  things I sawAug 11 11:16
MrGreenFriendoiaohm, yeh, running without swap is silly.  i would never even try it.  another reason the article is dumbAug 11 11:17
oiaohmReally the plains with the Linux kernel is at some point to fix the structure handling in kernel memory that it does not need swap.Aug 11 11:18
oiaohmBut that does not exist yet.Aug 11 11:18
oiaohmfreebsd and bsd kernels like that you techically can run without swap because they don't have the structure fragmentation problem.Aug 11 11:18
oiaohmNot like freebsd instant OOM killer is fun either.Aug 11 11:19
oiaohmReally the idea that disabling swap on Linux makes the problem appear sooner is not exactly true it make the problem of Linux kernel cannot defrag particular structures without swap turn up normally before memory presure problems.Aug 11 11:20
schestowitz> 11 11:22
schestowitz> 11 11:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Eric Lundgren Case and Similar High-Profile Plea ‘Bargains’ (Aaron Swartz and Marcus Hutchins) | TechrightsAug 11 11:22
schestowitz> Aug 11 11:22
schestowitz> 11 11:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft’s Legal Attacks on Eric Lundgren Demonstrate There’s No ‘New’ Microsoft Except a Super-Vicious, Law-Twisting Thug | TechrightsAug 11 11:22
schestowitz> Aug 11 11:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft Windows Puts Recyclers Like Eric Lundgren in Prison and Patients Six Feet Under the Ground | TechrightsAug 11 11:22
schestowitz> 11 11:22
schestowitz> Aug 11 11:22
schestowitz> 11 11:22
schestowitz> Aug 11 11:22
schestowitz> 11 11:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft Put an Innocent, Heroic Man in Prison. Then Microsoft Ran Away. | TechrightsAug 11 11:22
schestowitz> Aug 11 11:22
schestowitz> 11 11:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft Being Microsoft, Bullying Everyone Who Reduces Microsoft’s Profits | TechrightsAug 11 11:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft’s War on the Right to Repair (One’s Own Computers) Makes Lundgren an ‘Enemy’ to Microsoft | TechrightsAug 11 11:22
schestowitzwaiting for more material to carry onAug 11 11:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Damage Control Mode: Satya Nadella Fleeing Lundgren After Realising What Microsoft Had Done | TechrightsAug 11 11:23
oiaohmschestowitz: part of that Eric Lundgren case is why you don't want to end up in a trademark court.Aug 11 11:29
oiaohmVery limited defence options and horrible excessive punishments.Aug 11 11:30
MrGreenFriendoiaohm, what the downside to a higher 'max_pool_percent' in Zswap?  the default is only 20% Why so low? 11 11:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Zswap - ArchWikiAug 11 11:34
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: zswap has is problems.   Remember you are compressing waht you are storing in zswap so a swap thrash between zwap and ram can possiblely eat you out of CPU processing time.Aug 11 11:36
oiaohmJust processing zswap.Aug 11 11:36
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: so right workloads you can go a lot higher with zswap but the wrong workload you really will not be wanting more than 20% zswap.Aug 11 11:37
MrGreenFriendhuh, i though LZ4 on modern CPU's is superrrrr fast?Aug 11 11:37
schestowitz 11 11:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Linux Journal has shut down - YouTubeAug 11 11:37
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oiaohmMrGreenFriend:  Its not quite as fast as you would think.   compress 780 MB/s decompress  4970 MB/s for L4 vs 13700 MB/s  in raw memory.  Remember you have just burned though a lot of cpu time.Aug 11 11:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GitHub - lz4/lz4: Extremely Fast Compression algorithmAug 11 11:41
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: you also have to put this head to head with having a swap partition on a pcie 4.0 nvme 5000MB/s read 4400MB write.Aug 11 11:42
oiaohmYes zswap helps when your storage media is slow.Aug 11 11:42
-->amarsh04 (~amarsh04@ has joined #techrightsAug 11 11:44
oiaohmschestowitz:  This here gets into the horrible fact that when you go into trademark law fair usage defence basically vaporises.Aug 11 11:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Against Fair Use: The Case for a Genericness Defense in Expressive Trademark Uses - Iowa Law Review - The University of Iowa College of LawAug 11 11:45
oiaohmYou want to be done for patent or copyright infringement.  Patent you have prior art arguement to attempt to defend self.   Copyright you have fair usage defence.   Trademark you are basically screwed.Aug 11 11:46
oiaohmTrademark only arguement is that it is not a trademark.Aug 11 11:46
MrGreenFriendoiaohm> Yes zswap helps when your storage media is slow."  awww, yes, that makes sense.  I don't have SSD, so that's why it made such a big difference for me!Aug 11 11:47
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: you have remember ram is still a lot faster than zswap.Aug 11 11:47
oiaohmand a lot less cpu burning.Aug 11 11:47
oiaohmIts a trade off between speeds here.Aug 11 11:48
MrGreenFriendoiaohm,  yeh, for NVME, zswap makes less sense.  thanks for explaining  :)Aug 11 11:48
oiaohmI did have a few ram drives at one point they were great giving a old machine a very fast 4 G swap partition.Aug 11 11:48
oiaohmWhen you had those zswap was also pointless.Aug 11 11:49
*MrGreenFriend is still waiting a little bit longer for computer prices to drop, before upgrading :)Aug 11 11:49
oiaohmNVME depends on what one if zswap makes sense or not.Aug 11 11:49
oiaohmSome are not great in the performance department.  Heck some really cheap NVME are not really good at storing your data either.Aug 11 11:50
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: I am also lining up to upgrade.    I am most likely going to have 3 to 4 machines to build for self.Aug 11 11:54
MrGreenFriendoiaohm, u mean the QLC?  some reviews say they are great, others say they are garbage.hahah what do u think about this drive? 2TB NVME $185 11 11:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 2TB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) SSDPEKNW020T8X1 - Newegg.comAug 11 11:54
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: have not played with them enough to really have a solid option.Aug 11 11:56
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: I have been using a lot of AData as builds recently have been price senstive.Aug 11 11:57
oiaohmMrGreenFriend:,5955-2.html   The Adata for the price is really not bad.Aug 11 12:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 1TB Performance Results - Adata XPG SX8200 Pro Review: Go Pro on a BudgetAug 11 12:00
oiaohmMrGreenFriend:,5955.html  Looking at this page the 200 TBW(terabytes written rating of the 660p is a little low.Aug 11 12:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Adata XPG SX8200 Pro Review: Go Pro on a Budget - Tom's HardwareAug 11 12:10
MrGreenFriendoiaohm, for game loading times', what is the bottleneck? CPU, GPU, RAM?  because it is not the SSD, as that chart shows (SATA MX500 is right up there with NVME) ^Aug 11 12:10
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: that ADATA at 640 TBW I class as scraping bottom of barrel.   Corsair  and Samsung are all over the 1000TBW.Aug 11 12:11
oiaohmthose intel 660p are only 200TBW.Aug 11 12:11
oiaohmTo be correct me at bottom of barrel would be using WD Black 1TB at 600TBW.Aug 11 12:12
oiaohmSame with some of the lower samsungs.Aug 11 12:13
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: you have to remember a lot of games were optimised for slower hdd stuff.   So their IO bottleneck has always been limited.Aug 11 12:14
MrGreenFriendoiaohm, yeh, i think intel 660p, is the only QLC in that test, right?Aug 11 12:14
oiaohmI have not dug deep into ram types.Aug 11 12:15
oiaohmReally being a 200TBW rating in a 600TBW or better market kind of explains why I have not any.Aug 11 12:16
oiaohmAlso explains why people say they seam to wear down in performance sooner.Aug 11 12:16
oiaohmThat kind of expected when the item is rated to be rewritten somewhere betwene 1/3 to 1/7 of everything good.Aug 11 12:17
MrGreenFriendoiaohm: what happens when u reach the TBW?  do u lose ur data?   or are simply not able to write anymore (i think i read this)?Aug 11 12:19
XRevan86schestowitz: Mastodon dropped OStatus, and in the process also Atom for some reason.Aug 11 12:20
MrGreenFriendso, if TBW just means u can't write anymore, that is not that bad... by that time SSD's will be way cheaper :)Aug 11 12:20
oiaohmMrGreenFriend:  Please note the adata drive I have been using is Micron storage with a different vendor controller.  So the storage chips are basically intel.Aug 11 12:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-TechInsights memory technology update from IEDM18 | TechInsightsAug 11 12:21
oiaohmThe controller is not.Aug 11 12:21
XRevan86kaniini: They're working on it. Not fast enough?Aug 11 12:22
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: TBW has an effect how agressive the wearleveling has to be.   Lower the TBW value the worse the  durablity of the storage.   So more likely to hit performace degrade sooner due to wear leveling around degraded cells.Aug 11 12:23
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: and the fact Adata can do 640TBW using micron products there is no reason why Intel branded product could not have been 640 TBW as well.Aug 11 12:25
MrGreenFriendoiaohm: or maybe,  intel is more honest in the TBW rating, than Adata... ;)Aug 11 12:26
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: no Intel decide to put that QLC stuff in their offered hardware.  Adata went with the 64 bit layered chips instead.Aug 11 12:26
oiaohmBasically Intel has not put the best chips they have on off to use in their branded product.Aug 11 12:27
MrGreenFriendoiaohm: oh, whoops, of courseAug 11 12:27
oiaohmOpps 64 layered instaed.Aug 11 12:28
MrGreenFriendoiaohm:  so QLC doesnt actually lose data, right?Aug 11 12:29
oiaohmMrGreenFriend:  its about silcon usage.Aug 11 12:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | QLC NANDAug 11 12:30
oiaohmMrGreenFriend:    No both products are QLC I got that wrong.   ADATA and the Intel offering.   The difference is in the controller LDPC error correction< bitAug 11 12:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Looking Forward - The Silicon Motion SM2262EN SSD Controller Preview: Good And Bad AmplifiedAug 11 12:37
oiaohmQLC due to packing more bits into same cell data loss is a higher risk so how to repair from that is kind of important.Aug 11 12:39
MrGreenFriendhuh, the Adada is TLC: " Micron’s 64L 3D TLC, Adata’s SX8200 Pro is nearly identical to the SX8200 and GAMMIX S11 we reviewed previously, except this time around the SSD comes armed with the new SMI SM2262EN controller that is a significant upgrade over the previous-gen SM2262.",5955.htmlAug 11 12:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Adata XPG SX8200 Pro Review: Go Pro on a Budget - Tom's HardwareAug 11 12:40
oiaohmBeing TLC would also explain the higher durablity.Aug 11 12:42
oiaohm3 bit per cell vs 4 bits per cell.Aug 11 12:42
MrGreenFriend"2nd Gen 64-layer 3D TLC " 11 12:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB 3D NAND PCIe NVMe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 Internal Solid State Drive (ASX8200PNP-1TT-C) - Newegg.comAug 11 12:43
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: roughy the same price using TLC instead of QLC.   And that option you have 3 times the durablity.Aug 11 12:46
oiaohmThe storage chips are both made by intel.Aug 11 12:46
oiaohmPlease note the durablity increase as the number of chips used increased.   So biggest NVMe you can buy is normally a target.Aug 11 12:48
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: The best programs and tools for students []Aug 11 12:48
MrGreenFriendgood news, computers are getting faster/cheaper  ;) 11 12:49
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: if the cells are storing 1, 2,3 or 4 bits that is normally decided by the choosen controller chip.Aug 11 12:49
oiaohmas well as if the silicon can take it.Aug 11 12:50
oiaohmSo running TLC in silicon made for QLC will work well.Aug 11 12:50
oiaohmBasically intel own branded product is basically too greedy saving on silicon usage.Aug 11 12:50
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-->MrGreenFriend (~MrGreenFr@gateway/tor-sasl/mrgreenfriend) has joined #techrightsAug 11 12:55
psydroidI have a 512 GB Intel 600p in my laptop as my primary SSD and won't upgrade until a 1 TB 760p hits €100, hopefully sometime next yearAug 11 12:56
MrGreenFriendoiaohm> MrGreenFriend: roughy the same price using TLC instead of QLC"  Huh? Nope. 2x as expensive:  1TB: TLC $185. QLC $95 11 12:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 3D2, QLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) SSDPEKNW010T8X1 - Newegg.comAug 11 12:57
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: when you are thinking lifespan.Aug 11 12:59
MrGreenFriendpsydroid: that's the spirit!  ;)Aug 11 13:01
oiaohmMrGreenFriend:  AUD $168.00 for the QLC and  $225.00 for the TLC.   Also its not like double.its 65 dollars more for tripple the durability.   Aug 11 13:11
oiaohmMrGreenFriend: that is for where I am.Aug 11 13:11
MrGreenFriendis that because of taxes?Aug 11 13:12
oiaohmPart low AUD dollar at the moment.Aug 11 13:12
oiaohmPart taxs and part differences in shipping.Aug 11 13:12
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schestowitzXRevan86: ok, sounds like a major regression (why break something that already works?)Aug 11 13:46
XRevan86schestowitz: kaniini disagrees.Aug 11 13:46
XRevan86if you mean OStatusAug 11 13:47
XRevan86if you mean Atom, then I don't know what they were thinkingAug 11 13:47
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: China: Baidu, Huawei and HarmonyOS []Aug 11 14:49
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Purism and e Foundation take on the smartphone duopoly []Aug 11 15:22
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Programming: Git Alligator, Jenkins World, Python and Perl []Aug 11 16:15
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: PostgreSQL: When open-source gets serious []Aug 11 16:18
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Events: GitLab Commit, foss-north, Vintage Computer Festival West 2019 and DebConf in Brazil []Aug 11 16:31
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today's howtos []Aug 11 18:59
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: System76 Preparing To Roll Out Their First Coreboot-Enabled Laptop []Aug 11 19:05
MinceR 11 19:10
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Today in Techrights []Aug 11 19:29
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Kernel: Linux 5.4, Linux 4.4 & 4.9 Kernels Get Back-Ported SWAPGS Protection, Better Fscrypt Coming []Aug 11 19:47
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Graphics: Vulkan 1.1.118, Wev for Wayland []Aug 11 19:51
kaniiniXRevan86: this is precisely why i don't like the GNU Social crowdAug 11 19:54
kaniiniy'all a bit too obsessed with freedom 0 (which even stallman says that interpretation is wrong)Aug 11 19:54
kaniinilike i'm not going to shed any tears over the gab community missing out on my shitpostsAug 11 19:55
kaniinisorryAug 11 19:55
kaniinithey literally masturbate about shooting up all the black people in walmart and post nazi memes all dayAug 11 19:55
schestowitzthey doAug 11 19:55
kaniinii've interacted enough with gab to draw some reasonable conclusions about itAug 11 19:55
schestowitznot all, but it gets worse over timeAug 11 19:55
schestowitzit has already shadowed or mirrored Daily StormerAug 11 19:56
kaniinii mean, other than spam instances, gab is the only one blocked on pleroma.siteAug 11 19:56
kaniinii was considering unblocking them, but it hasn't gotten any betterAug 11 19:56
kaniinilolAug 11 19:56
schestowitzviolent posts are not quite freedom 0Aug 11 19:56
schestowitz 11 19:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Violence is Not Free Speech and Laws Exist Against Violence | TechrightsAug 11 19:57
XRevan86kaniini: The way I see it, RMS talked about it from a legal standpoint. Like, would software stop being free if it introduces something that prevents the user from doing something. And no, it would not.Aug 11 19:58
XRevan86kaniini: If we're jumping to the Tusky/Fedilab controversy.Aug 11 19:58
kaniinino i mean in generalAug 11 19:59
kaniiniremoving violent content (and the users which generate it) is something historically supported by stallmanAug 11 19:59
XRevan86kaniini: We're all a little too obsessed. It's tiresome, to be honest.Aug 11 19:59
kaniinibecause obviously if you don't you get a cesspool like gabAug 11 19:59
kaniinii meanAug 11 19:59
kaniinii'm not obsessedAug 11 19:59
kaniinii block gab, i go on with my lifeAug 11 19:59
XRevan86kaniini: I didn't mean us two specifically %)Aug 11 20:00
kaniiniit is just irritating to hear people defend an obvious cesspoolAug 11 20:00
XRevan86kaniini: stuff like thatAug 11 20:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Bálint 🎭: "hatespeech-friendly clients, blocking," - x0r.beAug 11 20:00
kaniinilikeAug 11 20:00
kaniiniyeah but that's mastodonAug 11 20:00
kaniinimastodon people are always LARPing tbhAug 11 20:00
XRevan86kaniini: What does that mean?Aug 11 20:00
kaniinilive action role playingAug 11 20:00
kaniinii'm saying they protest too much ;)Aug 11 20:01
kaniinii mean all you have to do is connect to gab streaming endpoint and you can see for yourself it's mostly nazisAug 11 20:01
kaniinithis should be an open and shut case lolAug 11 20:01
XRevan86kaniini: I just call it the Warden syndome.Aug 11 20:01
kaniinilike i'm not big on blocking instancesAug 11 20:02
kaniinibut seriouslyAug 11 20:02
kaniinifuck gab lolAug 11 20:02
schestowitzgab in 2017 isn't 2018'sAug 11 20:03
schestowitzI imagine this year's is even worse as people like me would not post there anymore, leaving just more of the nazis to infest it completelyAug 11 20:03
schestowitzeven their tech section was full of nazi stuffAug 11 20:03
schestowitzhighly voted, even if clearly offtopicAug 11 20:04
schestowitzThe Rapist and Criminal invested MINDS to the White House but not GabAug 11 20:04
XRevan86kaniini: Yes, I think you're position on that is fairly level headed. Hence why I casted you, hoping you're spread that :)Aug 11 20:04
schestowitzEven the Orange nazis found it too much for his tasteAug 11 20:04
XRevan86* you'llAug 11 20:04
schestowitz*invited I mean, not investedAug 11 20:05
schestowitzgab is full of endorsement of violence against minoritiesAug 11 20:05
schestowitzderelicts centralAug 11 20:06
kaniinii mean, if we federated with gabAug 11 20:06
kaniiniwe would just get death threats from their users most likelyAug 11 20:07
kaniiniso what is even the point lolAug 11 20:07
schestowitzyou soros shill, kaniini ;-)Aug 11 20:08
kaniiniwell my mother is jewishAug 11 20:08
kaniinisoAug 11 20:08
kaniinii mean, i guessAug 11 20:08
XRevan86kaniini: About Tusky: my opinion is that with software the user is *always* king, no exceptions.Aug 11 20:08
schestowitzkaniini: so they'd call you the k word, not kaniiniAug 11 20:09
-->mmu_man ( has joined #techrightsAug 11 20:09
kaniinischestowitz: some of the alt-righters already doAug 11 20:09
*kaniini shrugsAug 11 20:09
kaniinisays more about them than me :)Aug 11 20:09
XRevan86kaniini: And it is the free software principle that the user should be king, so in that way I find anti-features violating the spirit of the freedom zero. There.Aug 11 20:09
kaniiniXRevan86: i mean, i agree in principle, but i also agree with the tusky devs being able to say "fuck gab" if they wantAug 11 20:09
schestowitzthey sign theirs with a torture deviceAug 11 20:09
kaniiniand besides, you can just change a config fileAug 11 20:10
kaniiniand gab is unblockedAug 11 20:10
XRevan86kaniini: They can, yes. And I can passively disagree %).Aug 11 20:11
kaniinii guess what i am saying is, i actually believe in free speech (and not the 'free for some, but not you' kind the alt-right advertise)Aug 11 20:11
kaniiniit does not matter to me either wayAug 11 20:11
kaniinii don't use gab, i have no interest in using gabAug 11 20:11
kaniiniand i like tusky as a clientAug 11 20:11
kaniiniso i will continue to use tusky and continue to help them get grantsAug 11 20:12
XRevan86kaniini: But okay, what if the user is locked-in by Android? How would they access the config file?Aug 11 20:12
kaniinithere are apps on the play store that let you modify said config filesAug 11 20:12
kaniiniit is not hardAug 11 20:12
kaniiniplus you can just sideload it with the modified config file if it matters that muchAug 11 20:12
XRevan86kaniini: Are you sure? They're supposed to have their own user:groupAug 11 20:13
kaniiniyes i am sureAug 11 20:13
kaniinithey create a new package and sideload itAug 11 20:13
XRevan86kaniini: Ah, a separate .apkAug 11 20:13
XRevan86That's a "they should suffer" kind of deal either way. Not very king-like.Aug 11 20:15
-->gde33 ( has joined #techrightsAug 11 20:15
*schestowitz even as a free speech absolutist seen gab from the inside; it incites mass murder (people there explicitly do)Aug 11 20:17
XRevan86> aha alright, I had no experience, you have itAug 11 20:20
XRevan86kaniini: That's exactly what I was trying to convey to him. So mission accomplished :)Aug 11 20:20
XRevan86kaniini: "The GNU social crowd" is unspooked.Aug 11 20:27
kaniinii meanAug 11 20:28
kaniinilike i saidAug 11 20:28
kaniinii see myself as a free speech absolutistAug 11 20:28
kaniinibut i'm not under any allusionsAug 11 20:28
kaniiniyou can't have true free speech when people are just dumping spam and hateAug 11 20:28
kaniinitrue free speech means everyone is welcome to say their pieceAug 11 20:29
kaniinion gab if you say that black lives matter you get death threatsAug 11 20:29
kaniinithats not free speechAug 11 20:29
kaniinito have a free commons, you have to have some basic ground rulesAug 11 20:29
XRevan86kaniini: I agree. What I mean is that "the GNU social crowd" hasn't had a need to realise this. Bad actors never cared about us.Aug 11 20:31
scientesit will never work well on the internetAug 11 20:32
XRevan86And even though ldavg is relatively big, it managed to even stay under the radar of most instance-blockers.Aug 11 20:32
scientesunless you just stay off the radarAug 11 20:32
kaniinilike i mean, on my instance, there are people with political views much different than my ownAug 11 20:32
kaniiniand its fineAug 11 20:32
kaniinibecause they act like adultsAug 11 20:32
scientesthese things can't hapen over such an inpersonal and unprivate realm eitherAug 11 20:32
kaniinithey're not likeAug 11 20:32
scientesyou are not going to convince people to be tolerant over the internetAug 11 20:32
scientes^^^^^^^^^^^^^Aug 11 20:32
kaniinithere are even *gasp* conservatives on my instanceAug 11 20:32
scienteskaniini, its usually more like "fuck up these hajjis"Aug 11 20:33
scientesand BTW, Hajj is right nowAug 11 20:33
kaniiniwhatever you know what i meanAug 11 20:33
kaniinipeople on gab talk like thisAug 11 20:33
kaniinialmost all traffic on their streaming is like thisAug 11 20:33
scientesthat is the slang that came out of the Iraq War IIAug 11 20:33
scientesIraq-US war IIAug 11 20:33
scientes 11 20:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Hajj LIVE | Makkah Live | Mina & Muzdalifah Live | Makkah Eid Live | Hajj 2019 Live | Makkah 2019 - YouTubeAug 11 20:34
scientestry getting around that thing 7 times in that crowd!Aug 11 20:35
scientesand this is the middle of the nightAug 11 20:35
kaniinianyway, back to spending my sunday not dealing with fedi bullshitAug 11 20:35
XRevan86kaniini: About instance-blockers… how many instances do you know have blocked yours?Aug 11 20:36
XRevan86kaniini: Because I've a few people that would block for less.Aug 11 20:36
XRevan86* I've seenAug 11 20:36
scientesbut "social media" is very anti-socialAug 11 20:36
kaniinias far as i know, there's only a handful of blocks on mineAug 11 20:36
scientesI think people should just go outsideAug 11 20:36
kaniiniall from mastodon side of networkAug 11 20:36
XRevan86On Mastodon, of course %)Aug 11 20:36
kaniinithe wifi at this airbnb is trashAug 11 20:37
XRevan86kaniini: "anyway, back to spending my sunday not dealing with fedi bullshit" – okay, I'm done myself.Aug 11 20:37
XRevan86kaniini: I feel anxious for no apparent reason.Aug 11 20:38
scienteskaniini, AirBNB let the host cancel on me twice, after I paid, and let the host re-list the days that were sold to meAug 11 20:38
scientestwo different hostsAug 11 20:38
<--mmu_man has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)Aug 11 20:39
scientesXRevan86, they are out to get youAug 11 20:39
scientesXRevan86, all of themAug 11 20:39
XRevan86*grandpa talk* I remember times when I was proud to be part of this little federated network.Aug 11 20:39
---MinceR gives voice to gde33Aug 11 20:39
scientesseriously I think blogs is the best modelAug 11 20:39
scientesand you can list pictures if you wantAug 11 20:40
scientesbut if you don't have something to say, perhaps you shouldn't say anything at allAug 11 20:40
XRevan86scientes: I actually don't.Aug 11 20:42
XRevan86That's why I have 3210 notices in total for 6 years.Aug 11 20:42
scientesnotices?Aug 11 20:42
XRevan86scientes: postsAug 11 20:42
XRevan86commentsAug 11 20:43
scientesI would probably be more productive if I didn't compulsively do IRCAug 11 20:44
scientesbut otherwise I've removed all the crap social network stuffAug 11 20:45
scientesI also got tired of Facebook and Linked-In not forwarding the message to you when they e-mail you telling you you got a messageAug 11 20:45
scientesseriously?Aug 11 20:45
scientesthey really are THAT evilAug 11 20:45
scientesif a recruiter sends you a message on Lined-In then they will forward it to youAug 11 20:46
scientesif there a way I can just turn all messaging off?Aug 11 20:46
XRevan86Most of my communication just happens on XMPP (including IRC through a transport).Aug 11 20:46
scientesI stopped using XMPP when all the providers stopped federatingAug 11 20:47
scientesit isn't that great of a protocol eitherAug 11 20:47
*XRevan86 never cared for crappy providers like Google, Yandex, Facebook or VK anyway.Aug 11 20:48
XRevan86scientes: It's fairly robust and extensible.Aug 11 20:48
scientesbut it doesn't support OTRAug 11 20:49
XRevan86scientes: Everything supports OTR.Aug 11 20:50
XRevan86and nothing supports OTRAug 11 20:50
XRevan86OTR is protocol-agnostic.Aug 11 20:50
scientestrueAug 11 20:50
razielle_tzuthere are OTR plugins for lots of xmpp clients plus a few have it natively...Aug 11 20:51
razielle_tzumore have it natively than require a pluginAug 11 20:52
XRevan86scientes: If you want native E2EE, then & 11 20:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | XEP-0384: OMEMO EncryptionAug 11 20:52
XRevan86scientes: Unlike with OTR, they work fine with multiple devices.Aug 11 20:55
XRevan86"it isn't that great of a protocol either" – so isn't, say, SQLAug 11 20:59
XRevan86scientes: For some reason all attempts to re-invent SQL for all intents and purposes failed miserably.Aug 11 21:00
XRevan86scientes: XMPP has a similiar fate.Aug 11 21:00
scientesI like IRCAug 11 21:00
scientesis serves my use-casesAug 11 21:01
scientesXMPP has a pretty similar set of featuresAug 11 21:01
XRevan86scientes: Maybe if you have a bouncerAug 11 21:01
scientesI doAug 11 21:02
XRevan86scientes: Exactly.Aug 11 21:02
XRevan86You have to have a shim between you and IRC to make yourself comfortable here.Aug 11 21:02
XRevan86Not exactly on par with XMPP.Aug 11 21:02
scientesoh I CAug 11 21:03
XRevan86> XMPP has a pretty similar set of featuresAug 11 21:03
XRevan86So not true at all.Aug 11 21:03
XRevan86Yes, I sent one message, the transport splitted it in two.Aug 11 21:03
XRevan86I wonder why it did that…Aug 11 21:03
scienteswell maybe i should set up ejabberd againAug 11 21:03
scientesoh man , work gets me downAug 11 21:04
scientesespecially stupid things, like endianness issues and other stuff I don't want to think aboutAug 11 21:05
scienteson friday I spent like 4 hours figuring out that differn't proprocessor defines meant that a struct was differn't sizes in differn't placesAug 11 21:05
XRevan86On the downside of XMPP compared to IRC, there are no "networks". In this way multi-user chats are weaker.Aug 11 21:06
scientesoh that's how they got my dataAug 11 21:06
scientesit was whatsapp sharing data with facebookAug 11 21:07
XRevan86facebook shared data with facebook?Aug 11 21:07
XRevan86What were they thinking %)Aug 11 21:07
scientesi just couldn't figure out how they figured out somethingAug 11 21:07
scientesbut in South America you have to use WhatsApp, because they are corrupt with the telecomsAug 11 21:07
XRevan86doesn't facebook know that facebook is nasty and cannot be trusted with data?Aug 11 21:08
scientesand there is a $1.30/month deal where you only get Facebook+WhatsApp on your phoneAug 11 21:08
XRevan86scientes: "have to"?Aug 11 21:09
scientesif you want to communicate with all those usersAug 11 21:09
scientesyou can also call them (AT&T bell system), but they can't call youAug 11 21:09
XRevan86scientes: I would've called themAug 11 21:09
DaemonFC[m]WhatsApp is more reliable than Sprint's voice network.Aug 11 21:10
DaemonFC[m]So I use it quite often.Aug 11 21:10
XRevan86and told them "you greedy baboons, install Gentoo^W Wire or something"Aug 11 21:10
scientesyes, WhatsApp also has good international call qualityAug 11 21:10
DaemonFC[m]For a little while, I really have no rights.Aug 11 21:10
scientesbut yeah I'm going to try WireAug 11 21:10
DaemonFC[m]As long as a cop or probation officer knows you're on probation, you can't refuse to allow them to search your home or car.Aug 11 21:10
DaemonFC[m]Or anything else, for that matter.Aug 11 21:11
scientesDaemonFC[m], no, the police still aren't suppose to searchAug 11 21:11
DaemonFC[m]Like a computer or your phone.Aug 11 21:11
scientesbut again, the US is a lawless placeAug 11 21:11
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, well, they can get your probation officer out there to go on a fishing expedition because a condition of supervised release is that you can't refuse to allow them to search you.Aug 11 21:12
DaemonFC[m]And anything they uncover when they do is admissible in court, whether they were specifically looking for that or not.Aug 11 21:12
XRevan86"the US is a lawless place" – the true meaning of those rUsSiA hats :DAug 11 21:12
XRevan86* capsAug 11 21:12
scientes rUsSiA hatAug 11 21:12
scienteslawlAug 11 21:12
DaemonFC[m]I just have to get through the next year and I go back to more or less where I was at before.Aug 11 21:12
scientesI mean, its quite peacefulAug 11 21:13
scientesbut that's only while the money flowsAug 11 21:13
XRevan86scientes: You must've seen them, schestowitz posted it numerous times.Aug 11 21:13
DaemonFC[m]If I don't give them any reason to suspect me, it only creates more work for them to come out here to bother me.Aug 11 21:13
DaemonFC[m]That means that I must never miss a check-in, must never be in trouble with the police/government for any reason, and must never fail a drug/alcohol screening.Aug 11 21:13
DaemonFC[m]Provided I do all that, I don't think that they'll bother me too much.Aug 11 21:14
scientesheh 11 21:14
DaemonFC[m]I've been on probation before and they didn't even bother to drug screen me, although they could have at any time.Aug 11 21:14
XRevan86scientes: Not this one.Aug 11 21:14
scientesthis one 11 21:14
XRevan86yes :)Aug 11 21:14
scientesbut i found the other one while looking, and it was funnyAug 11 21:14
DaemonFC[m]The short version of this is definitely don't drink and don't use drugs while they're watching you. Most people figure they'll get away with it, and they're wrong.Aug 11 21:15
DaemonFC[m]A lot of people on probation literally go drinking in a bar sitting next to the probation department.Aug 11 21:15
DaemonFC[m]I mean, people are dumb.Aug 11 21:15
XRevan86scientes: There'a a lot of this kind of humour in Russian patriot circles.Aug 11 21:15
scientesDaemonFC[m], you can still drink unless the judge specifically said you can'tAug 11 21:15
scientesXRevan86, for a while it was all over Reddit (which I don't use anymore)Aug 11 21:16
scientesI think its because they were paid to post that type of stuffAug 11 21:16
DaemonFC[m]The probation officer said I couldn't, but my probation forms say that I can drink unless the box saying I can't is checked, and it isn't checked.Aug 11 21:16
DaemonFC[m]They did prohibit me from having a firearm.Aug 11 21:16
XRevan86scientes: In Russia it's just playing toughAug 11 21:17
DaemonFC[m]Which is against the constitution, but then again, when has the government ever felt obligated by something as small as the constitution?Aug 11 21:17
XRevan86"They think we meddled? We meddled! YEAAAH"Aug 11 21:17
DaemonFC[m]If the government does pretend to be obligated by the constitution, it finds ways to work around the constitution.Aug 11 21:17
XRevan86 11 21:17
DaemonFC[m]Like getting some court to reinterpret the constitution in such a way that it means something that it doesn't.Aug 11 21:17
scientesDaemonFC[m], so is Eldred v. AshcroftAug 11 21:17
scientesand that is the actual constitutionAug 11 21:18
scientesnot that flibby-flabby after-though that was tagged on laterAug 11 21:18
scientesXRevan86, that is very similar to the US opinion of WWIIAug 11 21:19
XRevan86scientes: But you get what's implied?Aug 11 21:19
scientesoooooooooo1Aug 11 21:19
-->mmu_man ( has joined #techrightsAug 11 21:19
scientesyeah but the Greeks had that tooAug 11 21:19
scientesand again, very similar in the USAug 11 21:19
XRevan86We had them (our enemies) then, we'll have them again.Aug 11 21:19
XRevan86The way I see, compensating our complete and total powerlessness with tough talk.Aug 11 21:21
scientesI wouldn't characterize Russia as powerlessAug 11 21:22
scientesmaybe the peon of RussiaAug 11 21:22
XRevan86scientes: I mostly mean a Russian individual.Aug 11 21:22
scientesahhhAug 11 21:22
XRevan86scientes: And Russia is not nearly as powerful as it tries to pose itself, outwards and inwards.Aug 11 21:23
scientesXRevan86, same could be said of the US.....Aug 11 21:23
XRevan86scientes: Remember what happened in Achinsk?Aug 11 21:23
XRevan86it happened again!Aug 11 21:24
scientesexplosion?Aug 11 21:24
scientes> August 2019Aug 11 21:24
scientesdamn wikipedia is fastAug 11 21:24
scientesI think RT Spanish reported on that oneAug 11 21:25
XRevan86scientes: Yes, artillery stuff.Aug 11 21:25
XRevan86scientes: Did they mention the second time? August 9th?Aug 11 21:26
MinceR11 221709 <+DaemonFC[m]> Which is against the constitution, but then again, when has the government ever felt obligated by something as small as the constitution?Aug 11 21:26
MinceR 11 21:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Constitution-Free Zone | American Civil Liberties UnionAug 11 21:26
MinceR11 221743 <+XRevan86> 11 21:27
XRevan86scientes: And I am not even mentioning what happened in the Archangelskaya oblast'Aug 11 21:27
MinceRoh yes, one flavor of socialism vs another flavor of socialismAug 11 21:27
MinceRand the nazis won in the endAug 11 21:27
XRevan86 thisAug 11 21:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ :: Новое ЧП с погибшими на объекте Минобороны: в Архангельской области при испытании реактивной установки произошел взрывAug 11 21:28
scientesyeah but what about the tianjin explosion?Aug 11 21:29
scientes 11 21:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-* EXPLOSIÓN EN CHINA MUERTOS Y HERIDOS* video del 2015 - YouTubeAug 11 21:29
scienteshaha, these guys sound like IdiocracyAug 11 21:29
scientes> Of the 173 fatalities, 104 were firefighters. Aug 11 21:31
scientesof course that could just mean they are horrible at counting non-firefighter deathsAug 11 21:31
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: The idea is that since you agreed to go on supervision, you agreed to waive your constitutional rights to refuse a search to get out of jail time.Aug 11 21:33
DaemonFC[m]Which is a form of coercion, but that doesn't mean anything to these people.Aug 11 21:33
MinceRthe state is all about coercion, all the timeAug 11 21:33
DaemonFC[m]I also had to waive my presumption of innocence, right to trial, and other things.Aug 11 21:33
MinceRthat's how they get you to pay taxesAug 11 21:34
scientesMinceR, well that is kinda the definition of a nation stateAug 11 21:34
MinceR(audio:important) 11 21:34
MinceRnation states suck especiallyAug 11 21:34
DaemonFC[m]The "or else" part is "We proceed to trial and let the state make up what actually happened and then we punish you more severely for making us put you in a kangaroo court.".Aug 11 21:35
MinceRthey take coercion, this whole "social contract" scam, and put nationalism on topAug 11 21:35
MinceRpeople claim the state works, so i'd like to know which one doesAug 11 21:35
DaemonFC[m]Trial doesn't mean a hell of a lot. Theoretically, they make the state prove to like 95% certainty, that there was no other reasonable explanation of what happened.Aug 11 21:35
MinceRcertainly not any of the EU/EEA/EFTA members, nor the USA, nor any of the dictatorshipsAug 11 21:36
DaemonFC[m]Which is probably why 99% of bench trials in some Illinois counties end with a conviction.Aug 11 21:36
DaemonFC[m]These are truly the statistics you'd expect out of Russia and China.Aug 11 21:36
scientesMinceR, well duh, psychiatrists are sham doctors, everyone knows that except those paid to not know thatAug 11 21:36
scientesand my grand-father was a psychiatrist heheAug 11 21:37
DaemonFC[m]Out of 67 bench trials one month in St. Claire County, 66 ended in convictions.Aug 11 21:37
DaemonFC[m]The judge doesn't seem to be entertaining the idea that innocence is possible. Aug 11 21:37
DaemonFC[m]I'm sure that with stats like that, any competent attorney there would demand a jury.Aug 11 21:37
scientesactually, its more just like most doctors are out to steal from youAug 11 21:37
DaemonFC[m]You could hardly do worse than trial by judge with numbers like that.Aug 11 21:37
scientesits hard to get a real doctorAug 11 21:37
DaemonFC[m]The system is obviously railroading criminal defendants in Illinois through sham proceedings designed to send them to prison, or whatever else the state wants to do with them.Aug 11 21:38
DaemonFC[m]Which means that it would be wise to avoid all contact with the police, just to be sure, if at all possible.Aug 11 21:38
MinceRand in prison, they can work for the cronies of the stateAug 11 21:39
scientesmembers of the police also rarely have friends that are not policeAug 11 21:39
DaemonFC[m]The only hope you do have if you are accused of something is to make your confession as valuable to the prosecutor as possible in order to get the charges reduced to something less horrible. Aug 11 21:39
scientesso they become a military cast that is capable of overturning the government, but incapable of doing anything sensibleAug 11 21:40
DaemonFC[m]Probation officers are pretty awful to deal with, in general, but you can make your sentence far easier by just telling them what they want to hear and nothing more.Aug 11 21:40
DaemonFC[m]It's best to assume that if you start talking about details of your life that are not in a short reply to the question they asked, that they're going to create a bigger problem for you.Aug 11 21:41
---MinceR gives voice to mmu_manAug 11 21:43
MinceR 11 21:44
DaemonFC[m]I generally only admit to things that are hopeless to deny.Aug 11 21:44
DaemonFC[m]For example, if I was stopped by the police and they ran my driver's license, I would be scrambling to tell the probation officer before the deadline.Aug 11 21:45
XRevan86scientes: I don't want to live in PRCAug 11 21:45
scientesboom boomAug 11 21:46
MinceRvengaboysAug 11 21:48
-->phebus (~phebus@fsf/member/phebus) has joined #techrightsAug 11 22:08
MinceR(audio:unimportant) 11 22:18
---MinceR gives voice to phebusAug 11 22:18
XRevan86MinceR: security through obscurity would be putting a curtain thereAug 11 22:21
MinceR:>Aug 11 22:23
XRevan86scientes: You can also check out 11 22:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | All rooms - Christopher MuclumbusAug 11 22:42
MinceR 11 22:48
XRevan86One can only fit the ball with one's feet. That's why it's called soccer.Aug 11 22:49
MinceRlolAug 11 22:51
XRevan86* hitAug 11 22:51
MinceRlike they say in the name of a xonotic/nexuiz map, "succer_socks"Aug 11 22:51
XRevan86Is it a good map?Aug 11 22:55
MinceRdunnoAug 11 22:56
MinceRi haven't played much nexballAug 11 22:56

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