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Springtime is Next, Here's What We Plan for March and April

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Feb 21, 2024

A cute little fox squirrel is sitting on a tree branch eating.

THIS site - and capsule - has thrived so far this year and we have plenty of leaked information that we aim to publish no more than once per day (throttling things down means giving readers sufficient time to digest and to potentially share). This month and next month we expect to publish something unique about EPO abuses every day.

With speculative/preliminary/gossip-based reports about expected mass layoffs next month at Microsoft (yes, it's happening again and again) we'll be keeping our sights on tidbits and look out for sources. There are always some disgruntled insiders speaking about impending, ongoing, or recent layoffs.

Last year we resumed GNU/Linux advocacy, after we had done a lot of this more than a decade ago. It's important to remind ourselves of the progress made because the Linux Foundation will never do this. Just yesterday the Foundation once again littered with shameless spam. Those people care about nothing except their salaries. They do not even use Linux!

Aside from EPO, Microsoft layoffs and GNU/Linux advocacy we'll have recurring themes, such as efforts to censor this site, technical articles about the Web, and various memes that seem to amuse readers because humour can get points across rather efficiently.

Fox Squirrel Lying On Bird Feeder

Some time later this year we'll take another look at the pension fraud my colleagues and I were subjected to. This matter is far from settled.

A few weeks ago we started posting Gemini (and Gopher) links separately, more or less like we had done before dumping WordPress. Some people aren't interested in Gemini, so grouping HTTP/S links with Gemini (and Gopher) may be impractical. We always try to refine Daily Links and ease 'consumption' of the information.

On another note...

Springtime is always nice here in Manchester (no irregular incidents; it tends to be calm and flowery), so we'll hopefully be productive enough to exceed a dozen (12) new pages/articles per day. Our IRC network is a lot more on-topic than last year. We tackled some longstanding issues there.

Remember that sharing is caring. But don't share with people who actively look to harm you. Sharing with malicious actors is hurting oneself.

As always, we value freedom of the press, freedom of information, and freedom of speech. They're under attack not only in Russia but also right here in the UK.

"Everybody is connected to everybody else, all data that can be shared will be shared will be shared: get used to it."

--Eben Moglen

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