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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Mar 02, 2024

Library At Trinity College

Updated This Past Day

  1. Scaleway launches hosted RISC-V servers for 15.99 Euros per month
    I didn’t try the Scaleway RISC-V server myself, but Bret Weber did and he reported his experience setting up an instance with Ubuntu 23.10 (GNU/Linux 5.10.113+ riscv64) and ran several benchmarks
  2. KDE Releases Plasma 6 for Mobile Devices with Revamped Homescreen
    KDE Plasma Mobile 6 is now available for mobile devices based on the latest KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment series and bringing new features and improvements.
  3. Open Hardware: Name that Ware and Birthday of Raspberry Pi
    Some hacker-friendly wares
  4. 20,000 Pages in the New Site [original]
    milestone again
  5. HDMI Forum to AMD: No, you can’t make an open source HDMI 2.1 driver
    Any Linux user trying to send the highest-resolution images to a display at the fastest frame rate is out of luck for the foreseeable future
  6. today's howtos
    many more howtos for the day
  7. Windows Falls Below 13% Market Share in Africa, Barely Has Any Country With Majority [original]
    Windows being the main "loser" (Android growing at its expense)


  8. today's leftovers
    SUSE, KDE, and more
  9. Microsoft Clashing With Atlanta After Landgrab, Fabio Alessandro Locati Outsources to Microsoft
    Some Microsoft news
  10. Fedora: Overview, Announcing Flock 2024, and Fedora-Based Qubes Selling Hardware
    Some Fedora related news
  11. Programming Leftovers
    Including a Mozilla report for email
  12. Devices/Embedded: Chromebooks, Arduino, ESP32, Fairphone, and More
    a plethora of stories about hardware
  13. Security and Windows TCO
    some highlights and 3 Windows TCO examples
  14. Applications: FOSS Weekly, Feature Flagging, Orchestration, woofV, CoffeeScript Static Site Generators
    Some FOSS news and focus on software applications
  15. today's howtos
    only a handful more for now
  16. Serpent OS End of February Update
    This update came a little later in the month
  17. Toolbx is a release blocker for Fedora 39 onwards
    One very important thing that we did behind the scenes was to make Toolbx a release blocker for Fedora 39 and onwards
  18. Android Leftovers
    Google wants to make Android 15 more resilient to WebView crashes
  19. Canonical Has Given Launchpad’s Homepage a Facelift
    Next time you stop by you’ll notice it has a new look
  20. Android Leftovers
    New Android games: The best from February 2024
  21. Stable kernels: Linux 6.7.7, Linux 6.6.19, Linux 6.1.80, Linux 5.15.150, Linux 5.10.211, Linux 5.4.270, and Linux 4.19.308
    I'm announcing the release of the 6.7.7 kernel
  22. Programming Leftovers
    Programming with focus on R
  23. today's leftovers
    half a dozen misc. links
  24. Fedora/IBM/Red Hat Leftovers
    Some news from the Red Hat 'camp'
  25. Security Leftovers
    Security stories, Linux focus
  26. PostgreSQL on SLES 15, Pgpool-II 4.5.1, 4.4.6, 4.3.9, 4.2.16 and 4.1.19
    some postgres news
  27. Armbian 24.2 Adds Xiaomi Mi 10, Orange Pi Zero 3, and ASUS Tinker Edge R Support
    The Armbian community informs today about the availability of Armbian 24.2, codenamed Kereru, as the latest stable release of this Debian/Ubuntu-based distribution for ARM hardware.
  28. New Articles About PCLinuxOS in The PCLinuxOS Magazine
    PCLinuxOS content/stories
  29. today's howtos
    lots of howtos for this morning
  30. FSF-EEE, Productivity, Coding, and More
    today's leftovers
  31. Windows TCO Leftovers
    Windows TCO examples from the news
  32. today's howtos
    half a dozen howtos
  33. Red Hat Corporate Puff Pieces and Microsoft Promotion
    Mostly Red Hat's official site
  34. Games: Vampire Survivors, Level Zero, ZERO Sievert, and More
    5 articles from Liam Dawe
  35. Shotcut 24.02 Video Editor Unveils Ambisonic Audio Support
    Shotcut's latest update brings Ambisonic audio support
  36. 8 Linux Apps That Surprised Me!
    I think you should take a look at these Linux apps
  37. Phew, the ‘New’ App Center Icon in Ubuntu is a Bug
    About a week ago I noticed that the default icon for App Center (the Flutter-based software store-front that replaced Ubuntu Software in 23.10) had changed
  38. It’s Game Over for GNOME Games in Ubuntu 24.04
    Ubuntu developers have decided to stop shipping games in future installs
  39. CTL Chromebook NL73 Series to support 5G RedCap with a Snapdragon X35 modem
    The ML73 Series runs Chrome OS with automatic updates guaranteed until June 2033
  40. FOSS tool Gparted 1.6 here to save the data
    Gparted 1.6 is the latest release of this graphical partition-manager to
  41. 14 Best Free and Open Source Linux Issue Tracking Systems
    Only free and open source software is eligible for inclusion here
  42. Graphite – 2D vector and raster editor
    This is free and open source software written in Rust
  43. Punctuality Matters: Using Linux to Manage Time-Critical Situations
    Incorporating time-critical capabilities into Linux systems is a balancing act of innovation and practicality
  44. On-disk format change beckons for brave early adopters of Bcachefs
    New versions of the two leading next-generations filesystems are coming: both OpenZFS 2.2.3, and some time afterwards, an improved bcachefs
  45. New TNS Series on GNU/Linux
    3 new howtos of sorts


  46. 10 Linux Distros for Developers and Coders in 2024
    In this article, we will introduce 10 Linux distros for developers and coders in 2024, based on their features, functionality, and popularity
  47. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles
  48. Applications: SPSS Alternatives, ERP Solutions, and WordPress
    and WordPress concerns
  49. Server Leftovers
    and Canonical fluff
  50. MakuluLinux, Top 14 GNU/Linux Distros, New Steam Games with Native GNU/Linux Clients, and Openwashing by Microsoft's OSI
    today's leftovers
  51. Programming Leftovers
    Programming links, many languages
  52. Arduino: New Board and New Portenta Machine Control Library
    2 new stories
  53. Events: LF, FSF, and SUSE Gatherings
    3 events coming
  54. Security Leftovers
    focus on Linux, but lots more
  55. NetBSD 10.0 RC5 available!
    release candidate of the upcoming 10.0 release, please help testing

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Friday contains all the text.

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