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Suspicious OOXML Fanboyism, Clues About IE8's New Engine

Speculation: shill tactics and OOXML Web 'extension'

Doug Mahugh is said to be getting a "new horse". Microsoft continues to use various individuals to push forward its OOXML agenda.

You see how humilation works at Microsoft: You get the guys that preserve an independent mind in charge of propaganda for broken specs and let them keep a big smile about standardization torture. Smile, not laughter.

An anonymous reader sends us a pointer to an interesting comment that Miguel de Icaza has just left. He participates in a discussion in Brian Jones' own blog. From de Icaza's comment:

The work that was done by Jody Goldberg while at ECMA had a much higher quality as he was actually trying to implement the specification.


So I applaud Brian's work (driven for whatever business reason) that allows third parties (and in this case, free software users) to interop better with their software.

Yes, well done Microsoft. Congratulations on luring in GNOME developers (and until recently -- a former GNOME Foundation President) who praise or at the very least re-implement your proprietary formats, which are slightly more XML-structured now. XML does not mean open. Interoperability is not open standards but a case against them.

Watch the last comment about proprietary IE capabilities getting integrated with Microsoft Office [PDF] and get a load of this new Internet Explorer 8 shocker. It has just landed in a few Web site with contextual remarks suggesting that Microsoft might already have intentions to 'extend' the World Wide Web (once again).


Don't ask what it's going to fix. Ask what it's going to break... And I'm not even kidding :
" I do realize that there is a new engine, there is some other information, and this information is not being made public — we are being asked not to talk about it " -- Molly Holzschlag

Remember that Outlook 2007 had its rendering engine replaced at the last minute. This surprised (and annoyed) quite a lot of people. The Office rendering engine is not the same as that which you find in Internet Explorer. .NET, XAML and other issues return to one's mind. Here are some previous posts that we wrote on this topic:

Related and external references:


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