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Novell Welcomes a Friend (Microsoft) to Linux Conference


In some Linux 'parties', Novell is less than welcome at this stage. At the same time, Microsoft makes every imaginable attempt to invade Linux parties. Microsoft is not a wanted guest. In fact, attendants complain, but the company sometimes sponsors these events, thus becoming the "Sugar Daddy" for the organisers who cannot turn Microsoft away.

This year's FOSI was no exception. Both Novell and Microsoft attended. Unsurprisingly enough, it's Novell which defends Microsoft presence. It is almost as though Microsoft is Novell's 'special guest' there. Was it also invited?

Today, though the two approaches hold on to their principles, they see a need to co-exist. That was the strong message that emerged from this year’s Open Source Week India — one of the largest open source event held at Bangalore, started by Forum for Open Source Initiative in India (FOSI).


Surely, the presence of Microsoft, viewed as the chief proponent of proprietary model, in the event is the sign that times are changing. Sandeep Menon, Country Manager, Novell India, points to the collaboration his company has got with Microsoft that allows Windows and Suse Linux to become interoperable with Windows platform, particularly in enterprise segment. “A few years ago, any suggestion to this effect would have been laughed off,” said Sandeep.

YaST bootMind the fact that it's Novell which speaks in favour of Microsoft. In case you forgot how Microsoft views Linux, watch this diagram from several weeks ago. In short, Microsoft wants to give GNU/Linux the boot (and that boot is shown on the left). Microsoft wants to replace Linux with Windows and 'steal' Free software projects so that they serve Microsoft's proprietary cash cows atop a Microsoft stack.

Microsoft's intentions are not good, but it bends backwards only to make you think so. Novell contributes to this illusion a lot. Remember what a Microsoft expert once said about Microsoft deceiving everyone, including its own partners and employees.


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