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twitterOh shit. 31 00:05
schestowitzThis is good news: 31 00:05
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schestowitzOh. I think I remember where you live.Aug 31 00:06
ZiggyFishhere's more information about the hurricaneAug 31 00:08
ZiggyFish 31 00:08
twitterIt's not so frightening here.  I've got a few big treas that scare me but my house has dealt with these things before.Aug 31 00:09
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twitterWhat's so special about Outlook and Exchange? 31 00:11
schestowitztwitter: I'm sure it'll be a breeze for you.Aug 31 00:11
schestowitztwitter: they say "the suits love them". Zimbra might work equaly well.Aug 31 00:11
twitterI've been using Kontact for years and it is way better than Outlook.  "They" are out of their minds.Aug 31 00:12
twitterThe only thing that's been a problem is palm devices and that is recent for me.  I had six years of flawless performance before my device was obsoleted.Aug 31 00:15
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twitterBill Parish's update is fantastic.Aug 31 00:16
twitter"Bill, why don’t you write about Microsoft anymore? The reason is that it seems rather sad, how an organization with so much promise fell so far, blinded by short term greed. ...Aug 31 00:17
twitterRegarding technology and innovation, Microsoft is simply no longer relevant. Sadly, Microsoft’s legacy may indeed be its crushing of so many promising young companies here in the US, only to force such growth to instead occur in other nations."Aug 31 00:17
twitterYou can't say anything worse than that.Aug 31 00:17
twitteror more accurate.Aug 31 00:18
schestowitzWel...Aug 31 00:19
twitterI wonder how large a roll M$ played in the giant sell out to Communist China.Aug 31 00:19
schestowitzChina and Microsoft are very close.Aug 31 00:19
twitterAll that "Information Economy" BS used to justify most favorable nation status and improved trade has M$'s DNA all over it.Aug 31 00:20
schestowitzBallmer was almost made (might still be) ambassador. Details in 31 00:20
twitterI remember something like that 31 00:24
schestowitzThere's lots moreAug 31 00:25
schestowitzIf you want to find followups, use the links at the bottom of the posts (back-links)Aug 31 00:25
schestowitz"Infuriating love for Microsoft"Aug 31 00:26
twitterlike that?Aug 31 00:26
schestowitzYeah... McCain.... like the Bush administration that dumped the actions against Microsoft and became an accomplice of their frauds.Aug 31 00:26
twitterThe bigger problem is that an IP Empire is repugnant and won't really happenAug 31 00:27
twitterUS manufacturing has been decimated.  The knowledge is going with it and it won't be back.Aug 31 00:28
twitterChina only respects US copyrights and patents as long as they think there's something to gain from trade.  Sooner or later the US won't have anything left to offer.Aug 31 00:30
schestowitz"Knolwedge worker" economy. [melaughs /]Aug 31 00:31
schestowitzChina may be the next US. The US used to fear it would be Russia, I think.Aug 31 00:31
twitterWhat they mean is "Knowledge Owner" and it's not going to happen because ideas are not property.Aug 31 00:32
twitterRussia, China and the US are all threats to freedom now.Aug 31 00:32
twitterIP propaganda is one of the biggest threats.Aug 31 00:33
twitterand US publishers are behind it.Aug 31 00:33
schestowitzYes, that too.Aug 31 00:34
twitterM$ is just another publisherAug 31 00:34
schestowitzI spoke to a friend about this earlier. He used to be a musician. Basically, all that clinging onto knowledge as ownership is escaping the means of dissemination that led to it  in the first place.Aug 31 00:34
schestowitzMicrosoft is a purchaser.Aug 31 00:35
twitterso are publishers, in their way.Aug 31 00:35
ZiggyFishhow can you own knowledgeAug 31 00:35
schestowitzTheir executive recently said that Microsoft usually buys products, not develops any. It's good at relabellings/rebradning them, though.Aug 31 00:35
schestowitzZiggyFish: you are getting very sleepy. I own the moon!!Aug 31 00:35
schestowitzIt's all brainwash and hypnosisAug 31 00:36
schestowitzMicrosoft says so in its SEC filing in the sense that it claims plans to brainwash kids with IPRAug 31 00:36
ZiggyFishit's like saying I own the air I'm breathingAug 31 00:36
twitterThey buy software and try to own it with patents, copyright and all that nonsense.Aug 31 00:36
schestowitzZiggyFish: you do. Can I borrow some?Aug 31 00:36
ZiggyFishnope, I patented itAug 31 00:37
ZiggyFish;)Aug 31 00:37
schestowitzPlease. Need some, Quick.Aug 31 00:37
schestowitzI'll pay you later, I promise.Aug 31 00:37
*ZiggyFish gives some air to schestowitz under RANDAug 31 00:37
schestowitzHow much for a 5-year license? Can I redistribute too?Aug 31 00:38
twitterWell, someone with the power to set US policy thinks that you can do all of that rebranding of things you had nothing to do with all from a nice office in Redmond, so the code might as well come from China.Aug 31 00:38
ZiggyFishlolAug 31 00:38
twitterSame with whatever Product you want to talk about.Aug 31 00:38
schestowitzI found some patent news from China an hour ago. Will post it tomorrow...Aug 31 00:39
ZiggyFishnice, good news I hopeAug 31 00:39
ZiggyFishbrb. need coffeeAug 31 00:40
schestowitzIt's Sunday morning for ZiggyFish.Aug 31 00:41
twitterThey have this odd notion that everything can work like Apple does.Aug 31 00:41
twitterThey have marketing and some QC and a brand people trust.Aug 31 00:41
ZiggyFishyeah, it's 9:46 AM sundayAug 31 00:41
twitterMost people don't realize that Chinese companies can bang together iphone clones in a couple of weeks.Aug 31 00:42
twitterThose that do know that think they can control the entire trade anyway.Aug 31 00:43
twitterand that Apple can pick and chose it's suppliers and land the Lion's share of profits.Aug 31 00:43
twitterThey also think that other Brands can do essentially what the Soviet Union used to do with US aid shipment - paint over the markings and pretend all good things come from BrandXAug 31 00:44
schestowitztwitter: they already have knockoffs. Linux-based.Aug 31 00:45
schestowitzThey are slightly inferiors and raise issues with the US 'capo', but still...Aug 31 00:46
twitterSure.  The thing is that China can quit cooperating anytime they think it's no longer in their advantage.Aug 31 00:46
ZiggyFishschestowitz: isn't the the Iphone a knockoff of the Linux-based phonesAug 31 00:46
ZiggyFish;)Aug 31 00:46
twitterThey have killed of US manufacturing and will be able to kill off the Brands at will.Aug 31 00:47
schestowitztwitter: yes, same with Japan. Learn from history. Automobiles industry, toys, manufacturing of electronics, etc.Aug 31 00:50
schestowitzZiggyFish: I can't think of a similar Linux phone that predates it, but OpenMoko predates iPhone.Aug 31 00:50
schestowitzDesign-wise, publicly...Aug 31 00:50
ZiggyFishyeah, I know of a few ones in a australia, that predates itAug 31 00:51
schestowitztwitter: first they ignore the Chinese/Japanese; then laugh at your lousy knockoff; then they fight them; eventually, mass production wins.Aug 31 00:51
MinceRcould you list a few of those? it would be useful to rub in the face of the next crapple fanboy i meet. :>Aug 31 00:52
twitterIt's not just mass production, it's a lack of freedom that matters in China.Aug 31 00:52
twitterThis provides an insurmountable barrier to free manufacturing.Aug 31 00:53
twitterIt will eat Japan too.Aug 31 00:53
ZiggyFishMinceR: give me a sec (memory is dieing on me :()Aug 31 00:53
ZiggyFishVodafone 1210Aug 31 00:55
twitterMinceR:  The difference between any GNU/Linux PDA and iPhone is ownership of spectrum.Aug 31 00:55
schestowitzZiggyFish: need oxygen?Aug 31 00:55
ZiggyFishlolAug 31 00:55
schestowitzYou seem like a nice guy, so I'll do you  a discount. AUD5 a gallonAug 31 00:55
twitterask Vanu Bose or David Reed about Open Spectrum.Aug 31 00:56
MinceRthxAug 31 00:56
ZiggyFishnice (selling me what I sold you half an hour ago, are you from microsoft?)Aug 31 00:56
twitter 31 00:57
twitterMotorola has been using GNU/Linux for a while too.Aug 31 00:57
ZiggyFishwhen was the Iphone released in the us?Aug 31 00:57
MinceRtoo bad motorola released only a java sdk for those phonesAug 31 00:57
twitterThe problem is not the software, it's obsolete spectrum ownership.Aug 31 00:58
twitterThat's a political and legal problem.  It should be apparent that there's no need free software is unable to fill.Aug 31 00:58
schestowitzWho owns spectrum?Aug 31 00:59
schestowitzAad why?Aug 31 00:59
twitterThe public owns the spectrumAug 31 00:59
ZiggyFishschestowitz: mm, know the answerAug 31 00:59
schestowitz"Hello, I would like yo buy some spectrum. Two, please."Aug 31 00:59
twitter:)Aug 31 00:59
twitterUS Spectrum auctions have got to be one of the biggest rip offs in the world.  Is there any other place that does a worse job?Aug 31 01:00
schestowitz"Aura SALE! 50% discount. Buy one get one free, only today"Aug 31 01:01
ZiggyFishI think it;s the IEEE who own govns the spectrum allocation (again memory dieing on me)Aug 31 01:02
schestowitzFCC just manages it?Aug 31 01:03
ZiggyFishthat's the oneAug 31 01:04
*MinceR owns a ZX SpectrumAug 31 01:05
twitterYes, the FCC manages spectrum on behalf of the US public.Aug 31 01:05
ZiggyFishthey only just recently auctioned of some spectrum (Google was part of it)Aug 31 01:06
schestowitz'on behalf' in scare quotesAug 31 01:06
twittermust be the %50 discountAug 31 01:06
schestowitzIt's really those for the polynopoly, if that's a word at all. It's price-fixing.Aug 31 01:06
twitterThe effect on democracy has been very bad - for more than a century enormous power has been held by three or four broadcasters.Aug 31 01:08
twitterThe rules effectively eliminated real public participation.Aug 31 01:09
schestowitzAnd the FFC also refuses to police them for bias.Aug 31 01:09
twitterThere should be no need for policing.  With Open Spectrum, according to Reed and Bose, we could all run our own TV stations.Aug 31 01:10
schestowitzWhy not?Aug 31 01:12
schestowitzSupplier/consumer law? Anti-peer law? That's just anti-social and unethical.Aug 31 01:12
ZiggyFishtwitter: the problem is, because everything must be on a uniq frequency. there needs to be control so that for example one station cannot interfere  with anotherAug 31 01:13
twitterYou said bias, not libel.  There should be no opinion police.Aug 31 01:13
twitterZiggyFish:  that's wrong.  Go read Reed.Aug 31 01:13
schestowitzZiggyFish: that's code for controlAug 31 01:15
schestowitzGreed and search for power gravitate towards this 'upper crust' and 'peons'. That's also the reason for PATRIOT... nation Gods and Spooks versus nobodies. It's a risky thng because it resembles totality.Aug 31 01:16
twitterIncreased public participation will undo the a lot of the damage broadcast has done.Aug 31 01:16
twitterIt took a couple hundred years for the printing press to produce the Enlightenment.Aug 31 01:16
schestowitztwitter: I was going to write a post about it tomorrow.Aug 31 01:17
schestowitzMagazines are censoring writers and I got into a discussion with some prof about it.Aug 31 01:17
twitterBroadcast snuffed that out in less than a century by creating an exclusive franchise for three or four publishers.  Everyone else was left out in the cold.Aug 31 01:18
schestowitzBah! I think "Zonler" is taking the p*ss.Aug 31 01:19
twitterEven newspapers were consolidated and controlled.  Censorship is the net result.Aug 31 01:19
schestowitz "I think there are some folks that are very active online trying to complain about this particular issue, and they’re welcome to that viewpoint. I would suggest that maybe if you are deeply committed to open source, perhaps your time would be better spent in doing something positive."Aug 31 01:19
schestowitzHe's a Microsoft apologist o sorts, representing OpenSUSE.Aug 31 01:20
twitterCensorship in the US is so blatant since 911 that people have written about it.Aug 31 01:20
twitterlookingAug 31 01:20
twitterBenjie quoted that earlier today without pointing back.Aug 31 01:22
twitterFor laughs or 31 01:22
schestowitzDid he? I didn't notice.Aug 31 01:23
schestowitzWell, they can defend Microsoft, I guess. Both Microsoft and Novell engage in fraud. They'll go down as a pair maybe.Aug 31 01:23
schestowitzBe careful what you say, tessier. benJIman will snitch in the OpenSUSE channel.Aug 31 01:25
benJImanYou publish logs publically, you can hardly complain about people repeating what you say.Aug 31 01:25
twitterSelective quoting can be evil, even if you point back.Aug 31 01:27
schestowitzI know, I was joking.Aug 31 01:27
benJImanNobody asked for the source.Aug 31 01:27
benJImanThe URL was almost as long as the quotation.Aug 31 01:28
twitterThe trolls love to misrepresent things in their endless smears.Aug 31 01:28
twitterThey are lying to begin with, so lying about people is no big deal to them.Aug 31 01:28
twitterwhat is a community manager?Aug 31 01:29
schestowitzPaid shillAug 31 01:30
schestowitzWith disclosure.Aug 31 01:30
schestowitz 31 01:30
schestowitz 31 01:30
twitterIt's funny how they still pretend to be independent.Aug 31 01:32
schestowitzYes, I wrote about this some hours ago.Aug 31 01:33
twitterEvil people always tell you that your opposition is a waste of your time and suggest you do something more productive.Aug 31 01:33
schestowitzThe following is quite important: Novell and/or the community has appointed a new committee.... We shall return to this in the future. It shows Novell’s influence in (if not control of) the project. It’s not just about funding. 31 01:33
schestowitzOpenSUSE is independent from Novell like MS-OOXML is independent from MicrosoftAug 31 01:34
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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications (publicly logged)Aug 31 08:10
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schestowitzInteresting timing: ( Ubuntu Preinstalled in Poland )Aug 31 09:59
mib_g7349cOn his trip to Brazil, my dad saw a few "preinstalls" with Kurumin & Famelix on T61p. When he looked under the laptops they still had the win coa.Aug 31 10:21
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 31 10:22
schestowitzFamelix has been downloaded tens of millions of time, IIRC, but people are not even familiar with it.Aug 31 10:23
mib_g7349cDebian based distro. Has the "Fisher Price" windows-like gui and now it has the "vista-look" desktop.  Even fooled the MS dudes that came to the university to talk about pirated software.Aug 31 10:27
schestowitzThere's piracy in Brazil? Scary stuff. 31 10:30
mib_g7349cThe Famelix project may be shot down. Another university became the parent and they're MS based. They receive "donations" from MS.Aug 31 10:41
schestowitzWhat is the name of this university?Aug 31 10:53
schestowitzIs there any article about it (even in Portuguese)?Aug 31 10:53
mib_g7349cHad to call dad to get the name-Faculdade Metropolitana de Guaramirim.  Haven't heard of any articles though. But I will ask him if they're any.Aug 31 10:58
schestowitzThanks. This needs covering just in case. See . Like I predicted some months ago (well, it's obvious), Microsoft will fight Brazil's move to GNU/Linux in education, but it will do this in 'sophisticated' ways (not directly)Aug 31 11:01
mib_g7349cYou're welcome. Well, back to flashing usb-keys with linux for dad. Have a good day.Aug 31 11:06
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TallkenhelloAug 31 11:54
schestowitzHowdy.Aug 31 11:56
schestowitzI'm making some progress this morning finding out about Microsoft's frauds. :--)Aug 31 11:56
TallkenehehAug 31 12:10
Tallkenand i'm looking for that article about vistas-downgraded-to-xp-counting-as-vista-sales articleAug 31 12:10
Tallkencan' find it :(Aug 31 12:31
Tallken*can'tAug 31 12:31
schestowitzHold on .Aug 31 12:32
schestowitzSee the last one here: 31 12:33
TallkenTHANKS :DAug 31 12:34
trmanco 31 12:40
schestowitzShould say "walls and Gates/gates"Aug 31 12:44
trmanco;)Aug 31 12:44
TallkenHum schestowitz I thought you knew this... "Okay, so you seem to be suggesting that if Microsoft buys Novell, then it can change Mono’s licence and close it regardless. " Anyway it does depend on who the codes belong to and how it works; I mean, for example, I _believe_ (I may be wrong) whoever contributes to Mono has the ownership of their code. As such even if MS bought Novell they'd to buy the ownership of all the portions ofAug 31 12:44
Tallken code which to not belong to Novell. Unless someway they force contributors to give the ownership of the code to NovellAug 31 12:44
Tallkenof their code==the code they contribute withAug 31 12:45
Tallkens/bought Novell they'd to buy the ownership/bought Novell they'd have to buy the ownershipAug 31 12:45
Tallkenit may not be this easy, for example, look at Xfree86, whoever was backing that up decided to change the license of the whole programAug 31 12:46
Tallkenbut also notice in 31 12:46
Tallken(Synpatics is GPL and not included in Xorg per se)Aug 31 12:47
TallkenWhen will the driver be included in the XOrg distribution?Aug 31 12:47
schestowitzYes, Tallken, I made a mistake there.Aug 31 12:47
TallkenThis is unlikely to happen because of copyright issues. Although the GPL license is compatible with the license used by the XOrg X server, the XOrg project doesn't want to include GPL code in their source code, because it would effectively make the whole XOrg project GPL. The synaptics license can't be changed unless all copyright holders agree to change the license, but previous attempts to find all copyright holders for the synaAug 31 12:47
Tallkenptics source code have failed.Aug 31 12:47
Tallkenok :)Aug 31 12:47
Tallkenand also I was unable to understand how could Linus change the kernel's licenseAug 31 12:47
Tallkenunless there is some clause about atributing ownership to himAug 31 12:48
Tallkenor he sought permission from every contributorAug 31 12:48
Tallkenhe wouldn't be able toAug 31 12:48
TallkenAFAIKAug 31 12:48
schestowitzThe trolls in USENET started picking on it yesterday: 31 12:48
trmancowhy doesn't someone ban themAug 31 12:50
schestowitzIt's USENET. There is no moderation.Aug 31 12:50
schestowitzIt's libel that you read there by the way. Some of them are Microsoft Munchkins posting from proxies, AFAIK.Aug 31 12:51
trmancooh okAug 31 12:51
trmancois 7 e good guy are a bad guy?Aug 31 12:51
trmanco"There is some evidence to suggest that Roy Schestowitz is indeed aAug 31 12:52
trmancoMicrosoft astroturfer working as a reverse troll. "Aug 31 12:52
trmancowhat??Aug 31 12:52
TallkenROFLAug 31 12:54
trmancoits like a zoo in thereAug 31 12:55
Tallkenschestowitz, how can you be a reverse troll :D shame on you :PAug 31 12:55
Tallkentrmanco, I'll have to go there and ask for evidenceAug 31 12:55
trmancowell yesAug 31 12:55
trmancoforgot to mention thatAug 31 12:56
schestowitz7 is OK. A little crazy though.Aug 31 13:02
schestowitzGoing into the zoo, eh? Wait until they leak out your personal details and threaten via your employer. :-)Aug 31 13:03
trmanco:|Aug 31 13:04
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_DougYoo. ma homies ...Aug 31 14:52
_Doug|######################## ################### ######################### ####################|Aug 31 14:58
schestowitzWazzup?Aug 31 15:00
_DougNot much .. just chatting with my crazy 'girlfren' .. :)Aug 31 15:00
schestowitzI'm working on a long post about Microsoft's fraud ATM.Aug 31 15:00
_DougMS fraud, which one ?Aug 31 15:01
schestowitzOne which became public knowledge before Microsoft threw some money for the accuser to bugger off and the evidence burned at the stake.Aug 31 15:02
_Dougback later ...Aug 31 15:13
*_Doug has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Aug 31 15:13
twitterThe trolls like to play on licensing confusion but that is irrelevant to the Novell M$ story.  The Novel M$ story is much like the SCO story.  M$ is destroying an old competitor and using it as a weapon against the free software community.Aug 31 15:38
twitterThey directly disrupt the free software community via misinformation and malicious code contributions, which also further damage the credibility of their former competitor, Novell.Aug 31 15:39
twitterBesides real code damage, they also gain a larger FUD angle.Aug 31 15:40
twitterAll of it is bullshit, of course, because free software is so redundant that M$ can never contaminate it all, even if any of their patents held water.  So far, all of their patent threats have been a reflection troll based on Steve Ballmer's intentional misinterpretation of a single paper.Aug 31 15:44
twitterThe paper, while pointing out the injustice and danger of software patents, actually concluded that M$ and other non free software companies have much more to worry about than free software.Aug 31 15:45
twitterThe number of bogus patents the Linux kernel supposedly violates is tiny compared to its size and number of functions performed.Aug 31 15:46
twitterBecause the main function of M$'s business with Novell is FUD, it is unlikely M$ will buy Novell.  It will be cheaper for them to continue giving them SCO sized cash infusions, preferably through proxies.Aug 31 15:48
twitterThey can do all of the damage that way and eventually get ownership for a song when Novell is bankrupt like SCO.Aug 31 15:49
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schestowitzNovell is effective ammo for Microsoft's arsenalAug 31 18:10
schestowitzIt carries a message ("Do you use Linux? If so, have you bought some 'intellectual property peace of mind?"), it owns UNIX (think SCO) and it keeps Neelie Kroes away.Aug 31 18:11
schestowitzI got some messages regarding this topic in the morning, but promise to keep them private. It's about Novell inheriting an SCO-like greed and serving Microsoft needs is similar ways.Aug 31 18:14
schestowitz*s/in/is/Aug 31 18:14
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westbakehello, i'm a twitter sockpuppetAug 31 20:20
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schestowitzI've just found another Microsoft puppet: CAGWAug 31 20:23
trmancowhere?Aug 31 20:28
schestowitzThere's more to it. 31 20:29
schestowitzThis one shows infamous 'letters from dead people'... CAGW is mentioned... Aug 31 20:29
trmancowowAug 31 20:32
schestowitzI'm trying to put together cases of Microsoft pressure groups. At the end we can present an index with evidence for each, just as we did for OOXML around the world.Aug 31 20:32
schestowitzGoogle News is helpful here because I can search articles as old as 1980.Aug 31 20:33
trmancothat goodAug 31 20:34
trmancothats*Aug 31 20:34
kentmathe avacado incident is interesting about cagwAug 31 20:39
schestowitzWhat is that, kentma?Aug 31 20:39
schestowitzI'm also finding out some other stuff while digging into the past, mainly Novell's corruption.Aug 31 20:39
kentmalinked from the wiki page, Mexican avacado growers paid US$100,000 for cagw to advocate avacado buying in the US government.Aug 31 20:40
schestowitzSome of the trouble predates the Microsoft deal _by just week_! It's almost like they signed the deal with survival money.Aug 31 20:40
schestowitzIt seems like LawMedia.Aug 31 20:40
*kentma has quit ("Leaving.")Aug 31 20:41
schestowitzIt's just a shills for hire group of people. ACT are the same, but they pretend to represent 'small' business (all their clients are titans)Aug 31 20:41
trmanco 31 20:42
trmancogoogle news is usefullAug 31 20:42
trmancouseful*Aug 31 20:43
schestowitzThanks.Aug 31 20:43
schestowitzI think I linked to this the other dayAug 31 20:43
trmanco 31 20:51
trmancogood old daysAug 31 20:51
trmancowhen I was still a little kid using Windows on an IBM PC :|Aug 31 20:51
schestowitzFrom the same days: 31 20:51
schestowitz'Raymond sees an upside to the Mindcraft debacle. "Microsoft's underhanded tactics seem (as with its clumsy 'astroturf' campaign against the DOJ lawsuit) likely to come back to haunt it," he writes. "And it's hard to see how Microsoft will be able to credibly quote anti-Linux benchmarks in the future."'Aug 31 20:51
trmancowhatAug 31 20:54
trmancooh forget itAug 31 20:54
schestowitz 31 20:56
schestowitz" When Microsoft and Novell announced their Linux agreement last November, it knocked the open source community for a loop, and some hit back hard. "The Microsoft message here is clear. 'I can pick and choose among the players and bribe whomever I want,'" says Francois Banchilhon, CEO of Mandriva, a Linux marketer."Aug 31 20:56
trmanconice article btwAug 31 20:56
schestowitzI am accumulating more examples of Novell crimes at the moment.Aug 31 20:56
trmancocoolAug 31 20:57
trmanco 31 20:57
schestowitzI'm finding many examples of crime /against/ Novell, but that's not relevant. Also going back to the 90sAug 31 20:59
schestowitz"A former Novell Inc. software engineer Friday sued the company in U.S. District Court, alleging he was sexually harassed by a female manager and forced to quit after he complained. Jeff V. Merkey, 37, of Lindon, is one of three former employees accused by Novell of stealing technology. Merkey, acting as his own attorney, alleges Novell accused him of misappropriating trade secrets to cover its discrimination against him."Aug 31 21:02
schestowitz 31 21:03
*trmanco_ ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 31 21:07
schestowitzA week before the Microsoft deal: ( Novell Board Gets Hit With Third Derivative Suit About Backdating )Aug 31 21:09
trmanco_the font kills my eyesAug 31 21:11
trmanco_ 31 21:12
*trmanco has quit (Nick collision from services.)Aug 31 21:12
*trmanco_ is now known as trmancoAug 31 21:12
trmancoit is a good file to save btwAug 31 21:13
schestowitzWhat is it related to?Aug 31 21:17
trmancowrong linkAug 31 21:20
trmanco:|Aug 31 21:21
trmanco 31 21:21
schestowitzGood one! I had just the pointer: Aug 31 21:26
schestowitz "They receive money from Microsoft."Aug 31 21:39
schestowitzThey also fought OpenDocument: 31 21:43
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 31 22:03
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Aug 31 22:30
schestowitzHahaha. 31 22:37
schestowitzIt's his second attack on us this month.Aug 31 22:38
*maxstirner ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 31 22:56
maxstirner 31 22:56
maxstirnerryanair requires silverlight!! :(Aug 31 22:56
schestowitzTahnksAug 31 22:56
*maxstirner has quit (Client Quit)Aug 31 22:56
*ReverseGTR ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 31 23:17
ReverseGTRso what juicy news on monopolizing and underhanded tactics are in today?Aug 31 23:17
schestowitzLotsAug 31 23:17
schestowitzIt's in my text editor. Needs lots of luv and work...Aug 31 23:17
ReverseGTRschestowitz: when do these shanigans ever stop?Aug 31 23:18
schestowitzNever. Novell has its shady past and I did some research on two more Microsoft shills (lobbying arm)Aug 31 23:18
schestowitzThe latter started when I studies Novell because one of these shills was used to 'sell' the Novell deal to US regulators and the public. Microsoft exploits Novell to get the government off its back.Aug 31 23:19

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