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MinceRgnOct 18 00:15
schestowitzgnOct 18 00:16
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tessier 18 01:43
tessierThis hedge fund manager got really rich off of the latest economic problems. He mentions Linux favorably in his letter. Check it out.Oct 18 01:43
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AlbertoPhelloOct 18 03:04
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schestowitzTurns out that not NVidia was the cause of issues two days ago.Oct 18 07:51
schestowitzIt seems like it was to do with my crontab, which included 'fun' ImageMagick stuff. When I installed IM two days ago it kicked in and interfered until I stopped the cron jobs.Oct 18 07:52
PetoKrausu hav bn haxxdOct 18 07:56
schestowitzI 'hacked' myself, hogging the CPU to the point where the UI became unresponsive.Oct 18 07:57
PetoKrausyes, that's buggy IMOct 18 07:57
schestowitzAnyway, I found this out last night when I re-enabled the cron job... tried to restore one thing at a time to identify the issue.Oct 18 07:57
schestowitzNo, it's not buggy (IM).Oct 18 07:57
PetoKrausit's. It doesn't check syntaxOct 18 07:58
schestowitzAt first I thought it was to do with Recoll, which was indexing my HDD.Oct 18 07:58
PetoKrausif you pass insane arguments to IM, it takes them without warning, and then just craps outOct 18 07:58
schestowitzIt was grabbing shots out of range.Oct 18 07:59
schestowitzThe script runs on my PC at work, where the display is 3920 pixels wide.Oct 18 07:59
schestowitzThis one is 3200 pivel.Oct 18 07:59
schestowitz*pixelsOct 18 07:59
PetoKrauswell, i managed to crash 4-core Xeon with 8GB ram with IMOct 18 07:59
PetoKrausby resizing 1000+ 1600x1200 imagesOct 18 07:59
schestowitzWhat did it do?Oct 18 08:00
PetoKraususing convert instead of mogrifyOct 18 08:00
schestowitzOh.Oct 18 08:00
schestowitzWhat was the server doing this for?Oct 18 08:00
PetoKrausfor my galleryOct 18 08:00
PetoKraus( 18 08:00
schestowitzNiiiice!Oct 18 08:01
PetoKrausi realised it's too painful, and IM was uninstalled by the sysadmins, since it was second time that program crashed the serverOct 18 08:01
PetoKrausand they implemented memlimitsOct 18 08:01
schestowitz"Cowcaddens Subway. Or, WTF?"Oct 18 08:01
schestowitzWorld Trade F*?Oct 18 08:01
PetoKrausi didn't understand what the hell are the paintings meant to beOct 18 08:02
PetoKrauswtf- what the fuck :POct 18 08:02
schestowitzI hate memlimits.Oct 18 08:02
schestowitzThey imposed it on BN as well.Oct 18 08:02
schestowitzWe used to serve huge pages... I mean, HUGE. Now it just gives the finger and serves nothing, so some things 'broke.Oct 18 08:03
*schestowitz was joking about WOrld Trade.Oct 18 08:03
PetoKraushhOct 18 08:03
PetoKrausanywayOct 18 08:03
PetoKrausneed to go to work, see you later/tomorrowOct 18 08:03
schestowitzHm.... superkaramba is not Compiz-aware when it comes to multiple desktops. :-(Oct 18 08:17
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schestowitzThis is good news: Mass Production of Electric Cars to Start Soon in China < >Oct 18 08:27
schestowitzThis one is still kicking around: gotta love it... "US judge rejects lawsuit against God" < >Oct 18 08:44
schestowitzDas überdatabase: Inside Wacky Jacqui's motherbrain < >Oct 18 08:45
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schestowitzHall of shame for Microsoft's partners at Infosys: 18 09:58
schestowitzHusseinisation of society? 18 10:10
schestowitzMicrosoft uses patents to threaten again: 18 10:45
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MinceRhayOct 18 16:01
schestowitzI can't find an ugly photo of Horacio Gutierrez of Microsoft. Can anyone help?Oct 18 16:01
schestowitz 18 16:02
twitterHussein?  Who's Sane? I don't know.Oct 18 16:09
twitterThat picture of Horry from cnet was not ugly enough?Oct 18 16:10
twitterHow about a nice bubble with, "have you paid your $699 license fees?"Oct 18 16:10
twitter"we have a responsibility to customers that have licenses and to our shareholders to ensure our intellectual property is respected" and M$ goes down the porcelain litigation hole.Oct 18 16:12
twitteryou could argue they've been there all along but by proxy.Oct 18 16:12
twitterWhat a freaking mirror troll, "While some are high-profile cases such as the disputes with Alcatel-Lucent, most are with companies that don't actually make goods related to the patents they hold. "  M$ has patents on MP3?  They make Zune?  I thought they just stamped their name and smell on the thing.Oct 18 16:14
twitterOh, it's that Fried guy.  So deep in the soft he can't see the light of day.Oct 18 16:15
schestowitztwitter: that picture from CNET is the only thing one can find.Oct 18 16:17
schestowitzIt's like some 'stock' photography.Oct 18 16:17
schestowitzI also need one that's copyrights-free (copyleft), but none in Wiki Media...Oct 18 16:17
twittergood idea.  litigious bastard springs to mindOct 18 16:19
twitteryou have to love the guysOct 18 16:20
twitterbig military bling watchOct 18 16:20
schestowitzSomeone out to paparazzi him... ;-)Oct 18 16:20
schestowitzKind of like Madonna.... taking out the trash... or recorded speaking trash.Oct 18 16:20
twitterIf I make a cartoon out of his face and hands, that's fair use right?Oct 18 16:21
schestowitzModern-day oppressors need to be shown for the greedy (wo)men that they are.Oct 18 16:21
schestowitzI guess, assuming the photo can be distributed,.Oct 18 16:22
schestowitzI don't want to go as far as Daniel Eran Dilger at  Roughly Drafted. He edits people's faces.Oct 18 16:22
schestowitzIt harms credibility.Oct 18 16:22
twitterThe face is great just the way it is.Oct 18 16:23
twittera perfect slave - servile and offensive at the same time.  He's bleary, arrogant and angry.  His expression is somewhere between Nazi propaganda berserker and roman ceaserOct 18 16:25
twitter"Master says you must pay up!"Oct 18 16:26
schestowitzIt would have been esier with Marshall PhelpsOct 18 16:27
schestowitzHe's like Steve Ballmer $eniorOct 18 16:27
schestowitzI was going to hold off in case you make an image. If not, then I'll just go ahead with an ugly Nathan Myhrvold in the post. He has a natural 'talent'. ;-)Oct 18 16:30
twitterOK, I've cut him from his background.Oct 18 16:31
twitterHow about some flames?Oct 18 16:31
schestowitzSounds suitableOct 18 16:32
schestowitzIf he spits themOct 18 16:32
twitterI was thinking of them as a background.Oct 18 16:33
schestowitzMay seem like you fry im, though.Oct 18 16:33
twitterHe could have horns.Oct 18 16:34
schestowitzNoOct 18 16:34
schestowitzIt's too close to the whole Swastika-type propagandaOct 18 16:34
twitterOK, he looks enough like he's from hell already.Oct 18 16:35
schestowitzOr... you could just put a "Microsoft" cap on him. :-)Oct 18 16:36
twitterha haOct 18 16:36
schestowitzIt makes a good hallowwen cosume.Oct 18 16:36
twitterDoes it look like a dunce cap?Oct 18 16:36
schestowitzI've just changed my Digg avatar: 18 16:38
schestowitz'Tis time uv' teh seasonOct 18 16:39
schestowitzI'm back in 2 hours.Oct 18 16:42
twittersee youOct 18 16:43
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_DougHacker Admits To Scientology DDoS Attack ..Oct 18 17:50
_Doug 18 17:50
_DougAn open source government ..Oct 18 17:59
_Doug 18 17:59
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_Dougping ...Oct 18 18:10
twittercha ching, 18 18:24
_Doughaaa ...Oct 18 18:31
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twittermust be a hit.Oct 18 18:46
trmancoLinux kernel releasedOct 18 18:48
trmanco 18 18:50
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schestowitzCha-ching indeed.Oct 18 18:56
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_Dougbrb ..Oct 18 18:57
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schestowitzWHy do they compared "open source" to just a kernel?Oct 18 18:58
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trmanco2.6.27.3 is coming soonOct 18 19:03
trmancoThis is the start of the stable review cycle for the release.Oct 18 19:03
trmancoThere are 17 patches in this series, all will be posted as a responseOct 18 19:03
trmancoto this one.  If anyone has any issues with these being applied, pleaseOct 18 19:03
trmancolet us know.  If anyone is a maintainer of the proper subsystem, andOct 18 19:03
trmancowants to add a Signed-off-by: line to the patch, please respond with it.Oct 18 19:03
schestowitzThey found the Intel card buster.Oct 18 19:04
trmancoyesOct 18 19:04
trmancoon 18 19:04
trmancofound itOct 18 19:04
trmanco 18 19:04
schestowitzThey not only resolved it but 1-2 days ago they finally found the cause. I didn't read the specifics, but I say: let those Intel components burn.Oct 18 19:05
schestowitzIntel may brag about paying for Linux development, but it only does this for PR and HW sales.Oct 18 19:05
schestowitzWhile at the same time practically attacking humanitarian efforts and bribing sellers.Oct 18 19:05
trmancofound the other oneOct 18 19:06
trmanco 18 19:06
schestowitzI wish he had left Novell.Oct 18 19:09
trmancoGreg?Oct 18 19:10
trmancohe is submitting a lot of patches at the momentOct 18 19:13
schestowitzYes.Oct 18 19:13
schestowitzBut he's also influential.Oct 18 19:14
schestowitzThe Novell mOct 18 19:14
schestowitzThe Novell boosters use him as ammunition against claims that are critical towards Novell.Oct 18 19:14
trmanco:|Oct 18 19:14
schestowitzI'm sure Red Hat would love to employ Greg.Oct 18 19:14
schestowitzHe should wake up and realise that he's working for a Microsoft ally.Oct 18 19:14
twitterI'm working on a submission about M$'s last threat.  What's a good link to how empty the M$ Novell deal is?Oct 18 19:14
MinceRalso he's spouting idiocyOct 18 19:14
MinceRperhaps he is a microsoft ally himself nowOct 18 19:15
schestowitzPeople think of Novell as a Linux ally.Oct 18 19:15
MinceRperhaps he cares more about money more than everything elseOct 18 19:15
schestowitzIn reality, also based on $$ (revenue), Novell is closer to Microsoft than to Linux.Oct 18 19:15
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schestowitzHe could get money from Red Hat.Oct 18 19:15
schestowitzHe should.Oct 18 19:15
schestowitzIt's time for him to move on like many of the rest.Oct 18 19:15
schestowitzit has been said that many SUSE developers self as a result of the deal with Microsoft.Oct 18 19:16
schestowitzAnd Greg /does/ care about Freedom. he should move on.Oct 18 19:16
MinceRself?Oct 18 19:17
schestowitzThat too.Oct 18 19:17
schestowitzIt's Linus who cares a lot about himself and less about Freedom. Cox is the opposite.Oct 18 19:18
schestowitz 18 19:18
_Dougit's not about personalities but policies ...Oct 18 19:19
schestowitzWhose policies though. The Marketing Group, AKA "Linux Foundation"?Oct 18 19:20
_DougLinus is happy to naintain the kernel ..Oct 18 19:20
_Dougmaintain (german keyboard :)Oct 18 19:20
-_Doug-DCC Chat ()Oct 18 19:21
*Received a DCC CHAT offer from _DougOct 18 19:21
*DCC CHAT to _Doug aborted.Oct 18 19:21
_DougI do believe if certain groups/individuals are acting to promote Open Source, then they deserve our support, if not then let us remain silent ...Oct 18 19:23
_Dougattack the policies, not the individual ...Oct 18 19:23
schestowitzYes.Oct 18 19:24
schestowitzBut the point made here is that Greg K-H can move to an open source company that will be him equally well.Oct 18 19:24
_DougThat's for him to decide ...Oct 18 19:24
_Dougmaybe he's getting better money where he is at the moment .. nothing wrong with that :)Oct 18 19:25
schestowitzTrue, but nobody addressed him personally.Oct 18 19:25
schestowitzI think it's to do with the drivers project.Oct 18 19:25
MinceRthere's a lot of wrong with some of the things he does for that moneyOct 18 19:26
MinceRfor example, attacking canonical with lies on behalf of novellOct 18 19:26
schestowitzThat was hurtfulOct 18 19:26
schestowitzNot useful to anyone.Oct 18 19:26
_DougI prefer not to address any one individuals percieved failings, as such I shall remain silent ...Oct 18 19:27
_Dougexactly: critic~1 Canonical wasn't wise - yea ?Oct 18 19:27
schestowitzWhat about criticising those who intimidate Linux users, e.g. with patents?Oct 18 19:28
_Douglets not get with the negative campaigining ..Oct 18 19:28
_DougIt's what the innovative oppos~1 wants us to do, beat up on one another ..Oct 18 19:29
_Dougeg: Get Novell to beat up on RedHat :]Oct 18 19:29
schestowitzOr SCOOct 18 19:30
_Dougit's a win-win situation .. for you.know.who~1Oct 18 19:30
schestowitzYes, but not doing anything to clarify isn't helpful either.Oct 18 19:30
schestowitzWe've been through this debate back in 2006.Oct 18 19:30
schestowitzYou can find it in 2006 archives.Oct 18 19:30
_Dougclarify, but don't attack .. take a leafe from Obamas book, don't respond to the negative campaiginingOct 18 19:32
_Dougpoint out the errors in the other fellas argument, and leave it at that ..Oct 18 19:33
twittergreed and crime deserve condemnationOct 18 19:33
_DougI wonder where Greg got his facts~1 in relation to Canonical ?Oct 18 19:33
twitter 18 19:33
MinceRfrom his assOct 18 19:34
twittercrime that distorts law is especially evilOct 18 19:34
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schestowitzOr a criminal that deforms it to crushing new competition.Oct 18 19:37
schestowitzSee what Eben says here: 18 19:38
_DougMS rattles patent saber again: well yea, extort~1 by any other name, and we have simular utterances from Novell executives regarding compliance and peace of mind ..Oct 18 19:38
_Doug"Windows does not recognize this file type."Oct 18 19:39
_Doug"You may purchase or download software related to this file type from the following Web site: "Oct 18 19:39
_Dougot: I heard Peter Day say on the BBC last night that it was IBM that hindered the developement of software as a commercial enterprise, before they were made seperate the hardware from the software.Oct 18 19:42
_DougAnd it was only visionary Bill Gates and Microsoft that saw the potential ..Oct 18 19:43
_DougNo mention of Apple AT ALL ..Oct 18 19:43
_Dougthis from a 'business' corrospondent ..Oct 18 19:43
_Douglike, is history as we lived throught it being erased ???Oct 18 19:43
_DougVint Cerf backs Obama for U.S. president ..Oct 18 19:47
_Doug 18 19:47
schestowitz_Doug: BBC is a friend of Microsoft.Oct 18 19:51
schestowitzThey practically collaborate with them.Oct 18 19:51
schestowitzInviting them over and having chats letting Gates public columns and rewrite history. I'm glad I gave away my TV; I don't need to pay the BBC anymore.Oct 18 19:52
benJImanYes they always get such microsoft cronies as to write columns for them.Oct 18 19:54
_Doug"To ensure that the BBC is able to embrace the creative challenges of the digital future, we need to forge strategic partnerships with technology companies and distributors for the benefit of licence payers." "Oct 18 19:54
_Doug 18 19:54
_DougbenJIman: I thought you was dead :)Oct 18 19:55
benJImanBeen busy at work.Oct 18 19:55
schestowitzProgrammer?Oct 18 19:57
_Dougno, agile innovator .. :)Oct 18 19:57
benJImanNo I'm paid to idle in #boycottnovell by novell remember.Oct 18 19:57
_Douganother saturday night and still can't get a dateOct 18 19:57
schestowitzbn: why u here?Oct 18 19:57
trmanco 18 19:58
schestowitzOpensuse fan: cuz it's funny.Oct 18 19:58
MinceRbenJIman: is that the only thing they pay you to do? is that enough to earn a living?Oct 18 19:58
benJImanLol at $29,000 per year. You make more than that working in mcdonalds.Oct 18 20:00
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_DougbenJIman: it's best to record the whole conversation and then regex on keywords ..Oct 18 20:00
benJImanpart time.Oct 18 20:00
_Dougot: a notification popped up telling me I had hidden notifications, is the current notification a hidden or unhidden one ?Oct 18 20:01
MinceRif it popped up, chances are it isn't hiddenOct 18 20:02
MinceR;)Oct 18 20:02
_Dougbut it was hidden until it did pop up ?Oct 18 20:02
_Dougso it changed state or is boolean now tristate ?Oct 18 20:03
_Dougeg: 'this is a hidden notification' .. true or false ?Oct 18 20:03
ld50hiOct 18 20:04
_Dougwouldn't it make more sense to a) do nothing or b) just pop up the hidden notifications ?Oct 18 20:05
schestowitzhi, ld50 Oct 18 20:05
ld50dont know if this is new or not butOct 18 20:05
_Dougld50: hi there ..  'this is a hidden notification' .. true or false ?Oct 18 20:05
ld50microsoft's portuguese marketing vice president said mac users pay an "Apple Tax" because they pay more for less choice.Oct 18 20:05
ld50 18 20:05
Tallkenhi benJImanOct 18 20:06
schestowitzI'll have some funny quot from ben for the coming post about OpenSUSEOct 18 20:06
ld50_Doug, falseOct 18 20:07
_Dougwhat he means is that by not paying the Microsoft tax, they are stealing from Bill and SteveO ...Oct 18 20:07
ld50_Doug, s/a hidden/an hidden/Oct 18 20:07
ld50:POct 18 20:07
_Dougdid he actually use the phrase 'Apple Tax' ?Oct 18 20:07
ld50yesOct 18 20:08
ld50more like a feeOct 18 20:08
_DougCause the phrase 'Microsoft tax' is well known .. is this a case of trying to claw back mindshare ?Oct 18 20:09
schestowitzBlue screen of Apple.Oct 18 20:09
schestowitzCTRL+ALT+Apple key.Oct 18 20:09
_DougMicrosoft tax  Results 1 - 10 of about 33,800Oct 18 20:10
schestowitzKeep the reactionary propganda going...Oct 18 20:10
_DougBSOA .. funny schwstovitzOct 18 20:10
_Doug:)Oct 18 20:10
schestowitzApple  tax... when someone axes your arm for stealing an Apple.Oct 18 20:10
_Douglike the iPOD stealing from the Music compamies :]Oct 18 20:11
schestowitzLike in AladdinOct 18 20:11
schestowitzRacist film BTW.Oct 18 20:11
_Douglike in Aladdin .. racist .. how so ?Oct 18 20:12
_Doug"How big is Apple's tax on iPhone users?", Jack Schofield July 2007Oct 18 20:13
_DougIf Jack says it, it must be true LMHOAROTFOct 18 20:13
schestowitzSee this film, Doug: documentary)Oct 18 20:14
schestowitzDarn. They took them off YouTube.Oct 18 20:15
_DougI'm familiar with brainwashing by weird cults, I went to Catholic School ..Oct 18 20:15
schestowitzGod bless you.Oct 18 20:16
_DougPossibly oversells its case, Disney as a methaphor for modern adveertising ..Oct 18 20:16
schestowitzLive a fantasy. Buy today, depress tomorrow.Oct 18 20:17
schestowitzIt's also chauvinistic, but that's another story.Oct 18 20:17
_DougIf you want to see real media manipulation see 18 20:17
schestowitzWitches..Oct 18 20:18
schestowitzPeople in cape...Oct 18 20:18
schestowitzMonsters.... why are kids shown that cr*p anyway?Oct 18 20:18
_Doug 18 20:18
_Douglets get back on topic ..Oct 18 20:19
_DougbenJIman .. wassup ?Oct 18 20:20
schestowitzThe Disney Monopoly is still up there somewhere BTW: (in case anyone is interested)Oct 18 20:22
twitterdreams and media.  We are all victims of broadcast 18 20:25
_Dougwell, yea .. Disney as a codeword for mass/manipulation/marketing in the interests of generating revenue ..Oct 18 20:25
_DougPropaganda 101, Schestowitz .. :(Oct 18 20:26
twitteradvertisements everywhere but never in our dreams, right?Oct 18 20:26
*Tallken has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 18 20:27
twitterugh, 18 20:29
_DougI dream in 3-D color, of being chased down long tunnels by space aliens .. too much HalfLife ..Oct 18 20:30
_Doug:)Oct 18 20:30
twitterSometime, 10 or 15 years after you quit watching TV your dreams start to look like real life.Oct 18 20:30
_DougI used paint, my dreams seen to invilve more color afterwardsOct 18 20:32
schestowitz_Doug: thank goodness for the InternetOct 18 20:32
schestowitzConducers... consumer-producers combined.Oct 18 20:33
schestowitzOr prosumers.Oct 18 20:33
twitterthe liberation of cognitive surplus has just begunOct 18 20:33
_DougDo the media owners yet realize thet no-one under the age of 18 is watching 'television' ?Oct 18 20:33
twitteryes, that's why they attack the internetOct 18 20:33
schestowitzPeers are more trustworthy than one-way communication from top to bottom (with payments only from bottom to top... of pyramid)Oct 18 20:33
_DougThe Internet as we know it is a passing phase,Oct 18 20:33
twitteryes, it will become more freeOct 18 20:34
twittersee Open SectrumOct 18 20:34
schestowitztwitter: I had game addictions messing with my dreams at one stage.Oct 18 20:34
_DougWeb 111, highly restrictive nedia fead to us by a few through the InterTUBES ..Oct 18 20:34
schestowitzTV ain't too helpful either, I think, in particular horror films and such.Oct 18 20:34
schestowitz_Doug: they have the lower hand.Oct 18 20:35
schestowitzThey can try and try, but watch their sales sinking.Oct 18 20:35
_Dougfreedon of expression is alright in theory but not in practice ..Oct 18 20:35
schestowitzIt's important that we defend sites like YouTube. PJ does this all the time.Oct 18 20:35
twitterit is the power of passive entertainment, centralized it is terrible.Oct 18 20:35
twitterWe should all have our own YouTubeOct 18 20:35
schestowitzA couple of hours ago I watched X Factor... at the gym.Oct 18 20:36
_DougNo, it'll go like US television, 24 hour a day of highly structured pap ..Oct 18 20:36
schestowitzStill the same stupid "you'll be a celebrity" fantasyTV.Oct 18 20:36
_DougI feel sorry for those kids .. 'I want to be famous' ..Oct 18 20:36
twitterThere are no more super starsOct 18 20:36
schestowitztwitter: it's possible. BN could deploy 'YouTube' of its own. The tools are free.Oct 18 20:37
_Dougfamious for what exactly, can you sing, play a musical instrument, act, what ?Oct 18 20:37
schestowitz_Doug: let me find a video that comes to mind.Oct 18 20:37
twitterwe should have networks like Japan.  Open Spectrum will provide moreOct 18 20:37
_DougI've seen some outtakes from the Anerican version, rib-crackingly awfull ..Oct 18 20:37
schestowitz"Famous" obsession: 18 20:38
twitterfreedom to participate on an equal footing is critical for democracyOct 18 20:38
twitterif we get that, we may one day have democracy again.Oct 18 20:38
schestowitzWhat is democracy?Oct 18 20:38
schestowitzI hear things about it.Oct 18 20:38
twittergovernment by consent of the peopleOct 18 20:38
_Dougdemocracy: we get to vote in the same people, year after year ..Oct 18 20:39
schestowitzIt's like reduction of emissions. Many people love it, but nobody deploys it.Oct 18 20:39
twitteran informed public will demand itOct 18 20:39
schestowitzNaaa..Oct 18 20:39
schestowitzThey'll just get corpo-funded McCain and Obama dose..Oct 18 20:39
twitterbig publishers are already screaming about their loss of power.Oct 18 20:40
_Dougexactly, watch FAUX $news and get 'informend' ??? haaaa sacarism ...Oct 18 20:40
schestowitzThen some Novell and Microsoft press releases.Oct 18 20:40
schestowitz"Intellectual property peace of mind..."Oct 18 20:40
schestowitz"IDC (in Microsoft-funded ;study' says .NET is growing," writes Novell.Oct 18 20:40
twitterThese lies are already failing.Oct 18 20:40
schestowitzMicrosoft pays Novell.Oct 18 20:40
_DougPON: Power of Nightmares: we will protect your intellectual property from the end users ...Oct 18 20:41
schestowitzNovell publishes Microsoft-funded studyOct 18 20:41
twitterBigger lies will also fall.Oct 18 20:41
schestowitz"Rub me[sic] back, rub me back, SweatyB"Oct 18 20:41
schestowitzNo gimme my dough.Oct 18 20:41
twitterUniversal connectivity makes it harder to demonize whole populations.  This has already made if more difficult to wage war.Oct 18 20:42
_Dougtwitter: they are doing a good job in the US ..Oct 18 20:43
schestowitzWho?Oct 18 20:43
schestowitzThe citizens?Oct 18 20:43
twitterYou think?  Look at GWB popularity ratings.Oct 18 20:43
schestowitzI can imagine that 10-15 years ago SCO and Novell would have gotten away with collusion and engagement in abuse without getting flak.Oct 18 20:44
_DougThe neocons are doing a good job of manipulating the population ..Oct 18 20:44
twittertrueOct 18 20:44
twitterno, the neocons are failingOct 18 20:44
twitterthey have a core of older, disconnected people that's rapidly evaporating.Oct 18 20:44
_Dougsome of that BS even shows up on the Beebe ..Oct 18 20:44
twittersenile resonance.Oct 18 20:45
_Doug"senile resonance" I love that phrase .. what does it mean ?Oct 18 20:45
schestowitzYeah, good sound bite.Oct 18 20:45
twitterold people, preconditioned with the same lies, reach the same conclusions.Oct 18 20:46
twitterthis is the central sin of broadcastOct 18 20:46
twittermanufactured consentOct 18 20:46
twitterthey can pick the message out of white noise, it's scary to watchOct 18 20:47
twitterthe end of broadcast makes it hard to control opinion, people can get their opinions from facts rather than sound bites.Oct 18 20:48
twitterinformation is so much easier to getOct 18 20:49
_DougThe solution being to monitor what *everyone* is doing online ..Oct 18 20:49
_DougPHORM, RIP etc ..Oct 18 20:49
twitterthere is only so far they can take thatOct 18 20:49
twitterthey can identify, harass and neutralize but the world is too large to controlOct 18 20:50
_Dougweell you may be right .. but a scared population is a compliant one ..Oct 18 20:50
_Dougexample:Oct 18 20:50
twittera scared population can start to do it's own researchingOct 18 20:51
_DougI showed a college a webpage here .. and he litterally ran out of the place .. he was so scared .. of what ?Oct 18 20:51
twitter:) frighten meOct 18 20:51
_Dougwell . I dson't want another visit from the 'anti-terrorist' police do I ..Oct 18 20:52
_Dougpoint is: he was scared ..Oct 18 20:53
twitterwhy?  then I'll understand your pointOct 18 20:54
schestowitzbenJIman: fame for you: 18 20:54
_DougI don't know either, perhaps he was scared reading about 20 year felony charges for hacking in the media ..Oct 18 20:55
_DougBut we were only reading ...Oct 18 20:55
twitterha ha haOct 18 20:55
_Dougno law against reading a web page, is there ?Oct 18 20:56
twitterthat's better than being famous, it's infamous.Oct 18 20:56
twitterthere are laws against literature in the UK, shame.Oct 18 20:56
twitterThere are laws against images in the USOct 18 20:57
twittermore shameOct 18 20:57
schestowitzWell, at least he has no party hat on like the guy beneath that post. ;-)Oct 18 20:57
schestowitzWhat images?Oct 18 20:57
schestowitzTorturing of Iraqi prisoners?Oct 18 20:58
twitterSome of those might qualify as extreme porn.  Possession of kiddie porn and bestiality is against the law.Oct 18 20:59
twitterI like parties, where's the guy in the party hat?Oct 18 20:59
schestowitzElderly woman prohibited from photographing empty swimming pool "to prevent paedophilia" : 18 21:00
schestowitztwitter: here  < >, having lunch with Ina Shillfried of Microsoft.Oct 18 21:01
twitterI was stopped while taking pictures in Boston.  The guard told me it was for "copyright".Oct 18 21:01
schestowitz /Whose/ copyright?Oct 18 21:01
schestowitzThe native Indians?Oct 18 21:01
benJIman/o\Oct 18 21:01
twitterLike your pictureOct 18 21:02
twitterthe building owner's "copyright" ha!Oct 18 21:02
schestowitzCan't shot trees these days.Oct 18 21:02
schestowitzCould find the article..Oct 18 21:03
schestowitzActually,  I should post some good Moglen videos. Hold on.Oct 18 21:03
twitterDoctorow wrote a boingboing piece about being run out of a mall for taking pictures.Oct 18 21:03
schestowitzHe has just explained this in Iceland.Oct 18 21:03
schestowitzThe land of owning everything...Oct 18 21:03
twitterIt's all about controlOct 18 21:03
schestowitzWas Cory planning a terrorist attack?Oct 18 21:04
schestowitzSchneier wrote about the ban on liquids in some trains now.Oct 18 21:05
schestowitzHe also once wrote about terrorist never using photographs anyway... maps maybe... but I don't know.Oct 18 21:05
schestowitzI think that shooting police abuse is now some kind of an offence. I can't recall the details , but I read about it the other day.Oct 18 21:06
_DougI took pics of the security cameras around our block, the next day there was a police cordon all round and everyone was stopped ..Oct 18 21:06
twitterA friend of Doctorow wanted to take a picture of new construction to share with his friends ... who might have gone to the mall.Oct 18 21:06
_Douga violation of something or other ?Oct 18 21:06
schestowitzYesOct 18 21:06
schestowitzViolation of police state regulation.Oct 18 21:06
_Dougwouldn't mind but the crack dealer hod no bother getting through to do his deliveries :)Oct 18 21:07
twitterWith knowledge comes regime change.Oct 18 21:07
*neighborlee (i=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovellOct 18 21:08
_Dougthey yellow taped the place and blocked all the entrances ..Oct 18 21:08
schestowitztwitter: for you: Oct 18 21:09
schestowitz 18 21:09
twitterthanksOct 18 21:09
twitterback laterOct 18 21:10
_DougI wonder if hoseing down the homeless at 2.00am is a violation of their human rights ?Oct 18 21:10
_DougI'd take some pics only don't want to do 90 days for acts lickly to aid 'terrorists' ..Oct 18 21:11
schestowitzHeh.Oct 18 21:12
_DougWhen did it go wrong, why did no-one notice ..Oct 18 21:12
schestowitzI know this happened where I go sometimes. Hose routines.Oct 18 21:12
_Dougfrogs + water + slowly bring to boil .. etc ...Oct 18 21:12
schestowitzIn winter, I think.Oct 18 21:12
_Dougexsplain spock ?Oct 18 21:12
schestowitzPolice Motto: Better wet than tazered Oct 18 21:13
schestowitzThe combination of the two is lethal.Oct 18 21:13
MinceRdon't taze me bro!Oct 18 21:13
schestowitzAnother on: Better  water than waterboarding.Oct 18 21:13
MinceR:)Oct 18 21:13
schestowitzBetter the streets than Guatanamo BayOct 18 21:14
*ld50 has quit ("Lost terminal")Oct 18 21:14
_DougHedge Funds manager recommends hemp ..Oct 18 21:18
_Doug 18 21:18
_Douggtg: going home to sleep, dream and clear out some space aliens off the Northern Line ... ;)Oct 18 21:19
*_Doug has quit ()Oct 18 21:20
trmanco 18 21:30
trmancoI like the recycle bin partOct 18 21:30
schestowitzMetaphors... let's see... :-)Oct 18 21:33
schestowitzWeather.. waste of real estate.Oct 18 21:34
schestowitzI had weatherfox on Fireofx for ages... never once paid attention to it.Oct 18 21:34
trmancognome already has a weather appletOct 18 21:36
*macabe (i=43f0d869@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 18 21:37
schestowitztrmanco: yes.Oct 18 21:37
schestowitzIt's presented nicely, but a lot of this is already out there.Oct 18 21:37
schestowitzKDE shuffles wallpapers for me every 2 minutes.Oct 18 21:37
trmancothat's niceOct 18 21:38
schestowitzI used to have it set up such that each desktop had a different wallpaper... and I got some wuad-head wallpapers too.Oct 18 21:38
schestowitzKDE needs something for selecting directories of wallpapers, not just files... also recursively.Oct 18 21:39
schestowitzI submitted a KDE bug last week:Oct 18 21:39
schestowitzKNode crashes when exporting twiceOct 18 21:39
schestowitzHi,Oct 18 21:39
schestowitzThis bug has been there since KDE 3.1 at the earlier (in SuSE, Ubuntu, now Mandriva). Reproduce as follows:Oct 18 21:39
schestowitz1* Go to the sent folder, which in my case contains several hundreds of posts. Oct 18 21:39
schestowitz2* Go to "Folder" -> "Export as MBox folder" and let it do its thing.Oct 18 21:39
schestowitz3* Now try step (2*) again, with different folder contents in my case, though it might not make a difference.Oct 18 21:39
schestowitzThis process has crashed KNode for years for me, no matter the distribution.Oct 18 21:39
schestowitz 18 21:39
schestowitzThis is a special case, which is probably rare but easy to repreoduce.Oct 18 21:39
MinceRit shuffles every 60 minutes for meOct 18 21:40
trmancono reply yetOct 18 21:41
schestowitzNo. not status change either.Oct 18 21:41
schestowitz*not->noOct 18 21:41
trmancowell, got to goOct 18 21:42
trmancocyaOct 18 21:42
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Oct 18 21:42
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellOct 18 21:51
*Spyhawk (n=Spyhawk@opensuse/member/Spyhawk) has joined #boycottnovellOct 18 22:03
schestowitzit seems possible that Ian Bruce (the PR guy) is brushing up their postings because they appear to be coming from user ibruceOct 18 22:07
schestowitz 18 22:07
schestowitzAmong other Novell blogs.Oct 18 22:07
schestowitzMaybe it's just a little PR placeholder for the PR people and some material from execs.Oct 18 22:07
schestowitzOr maybe it's just that the PR people set up the blogs and the usernames remained.Oct 18 22:07
schestowitzIt's unlikely because Ian Bruce replaced Bruce Lowry not so long ago.Oct 18 22:08
schestowitzI'll do a quick post about it.Oct 18 22:08
macabeEben Moglen videos are very good. Glad you've posted the OGG filesOct 18 22:21
schestowitzThanks. Glad you liked them.Oct 18 22:26
macabeAlso forwarded them to dad in Brasil. I know he'll like them.Oct 18 22:27
schestowitzCool! I've just found some markup error there (double quotes). Corrected now that you brought it up.Oct 18 22:31
macabeDo not understand (double quotes)Oct 18 22:34
*lucian_ ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 18 22:35
*lucian_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 18 22:35
*lucian ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 18 22:37
schestowitzI had potentially bad links to the Ogg files. It's fixed now. I didn't test the page for XHML validity, which typically highlights my syntactic typos.Oct 18 22:37
lucianhey roOct 18 22:37
lucianhey royOct 18 22:37
lucianis dirac free?Oct 18 22:38
lucianbbc "ownsOct 18 22:38
schestowitzI think it's free.Oct 18 22:38
schestowitzIsnt there a Web page for it too?Oct 18 22:38
lucianyesOct 18 22:38
schestowitzBut the BBC is not controlled by Microsofters.Oct 18 22:38
lucianbut I do not know if bbc have some patentsOct 18 22:38
lucianI knowOct 18 22:38
schestowitzThe media person is a media person from Microsoft.Oct 18 22:38
schestowitzBad guy.. Erik Huggers.Oct 18 22:39
schestowitz 18 22:39
schestowitz 18 22:39
lucianCan I recommend dirac?Oct 18 22:39
lucianof course , I recommend theora first,Oct 18 22:40
lucianbecause theora is a good ethical decisionOct 18 22:40
schestowitzIt's supported widely. FF 3.1 will have it built in.Oct 18 22:41
schestowitzThat's hundreds of millions of machines with Ogg support. Well, maybe a couple of hundreds. Opera and Google should follow suit.Oct 18 22:41
schestowitz 18 22:41
lucianhey about Justin JamesOct 18 22:44
lucianJames uses the cursed .net because the moneyOct 18 22:45
schestowitzYesOct 18 22:45
lucianmoney over ethics is wrongOct 18 22:45
lucianit's causes social corrosionOct 18 22:45
schestowitzMicrosoft pays the bill, eh? Daniel from Gentoo knows... but he quit.Oct 18 22:45
lucianand after ,justin will suffer because the social corrosion can destroy the justin familyOct 18 22:46
schestowitzHow so?Oct 18 22:46
schestowitzNot targeted, right?Oct 18 22:46
lucianwhat?Oct 18 22:46
schestowitzWell, a lot of the workd's problem are caused by greed.Oct 18 22:47
lucianyes, but put the money over society is more problemativOct 18 22:47
schestowitzUnder the code word "making a living", "being successful" or "it's just capitalism."Oct 18 22:47
schestowitzIt boils down to educationOct 18 22:48
lucianproprietary software is the most stupid model what i have seenOct 18 22:48
lucianall people on the world gains for quantity of work doneOct 18 22:48
schestowitzIt takes times to wash oneself off the brainwash that's targeted at children in schools.Oct 18 22:48
lucianproprietary software notOct 18 22:48
schestowitzWell, that's separate.Oct 18 22:49
schestowitzProprietary is like telemarketing.Oct 18 22:49
schestowitzLet the other suffer so that you can make a buck.Oct 18 22:49
luciansoftware does 1 time ,but the m$ does not understand thisOct 18 22:49
schestowitzTake away the confort from others for some gain.Oct 18 22:49
lucianyes, money over ethicsOct 18 22:49
schestowitzThis can be seen in lock-in (financial squeeze or ransom/hostage situation)Oct 18 22:50
schestowitzForget about ethics. In the case of healthcare s/w, this is dangerous. It's a life or death situation.Oct 18 22:50
schestowitzEqually unethical are patents that kill, notably drug and surgery patents.Oct 18 22:51
*Spyhawk has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 18 22:51
lucianethics is life tooOct 18 22:51
luciando you have some news?Oct 18 22:52
*lucian has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 18 22:53
*lucian ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 18 22:56
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 18 23:16
*lucian has quit (Client Quit)Oct 18 23:22
MinceRgnOct 18 23:31
schestowitzI wish. Too much to catch up with.. still.Oct 18 23:32
*macabe has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Oct 18 23:56
*macabe (i=43f0d869@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 18 23:56

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