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schestowitzSmall embedded circuits is where Linux (or variants) makes it 'small' in very large numbers (maybe billions). HPC is where it makes it big in 'small' numbers. The middle ground is inevitable and as the cost of Windows (XP) drops to $0, esp. on sub-notebooks, the tipping point is just about there.Nov 27 00:08
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PetoKraushmm i am keeping a small statistics of daily visits nowNov 27 00:30
PetoKrausof my wee pageNov 27 00:30
PetoKrauswhen I am gonna get okay (ie not sick), i'll start publishing some actual contentNov 27 00:31
PetoKrausthough I am trying to correlate the numbers with style of post i posted and I miserably failNov 27 00:31
schestowitzI saw your comment in LinuxLoopsNov 27 00:31
schestowitzI left one tooNov 27 00:31
PetoKrauslinux loops is deterioratingNov 27 00:32
PetoKraus(sp?)Nov 27 00:32
schestowitzIt's a new site though.Nov 27 00:32
schestowitzHow can it deteriorate?Nov 27 00:32
PetoKraus:DNov 27 00:32
schestowitzI often feel as though the site is merely commentary on some distant post.Nov 27 00:32
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PetoKrausit is commentaryNov 27 00:33
schestowitzIt's like getting an RSS feed of someone's profile in Digg... which my 4 stalkers there do to mod me down systematically.Nov 27 00:33
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PetoKrausit used to be straight down to the point a while agoNov 27 00:33
schestowitzDigg is SikkNov 27 00:33
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PetoKrausi'm getting the feeds since augustNov 27 00:33
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PetoKrausthough nowadays his commentaries just lackNov 27 00:34
PetoKrausANY technical senseNov 27 00:34
schestowitz[H]omer bounces between nodes around the world. WeeeeeeeeeeeNov 27 00:34
PetoKrauswhat I don't like is when someone without ANY technical background, or knowledge, tries to push technical newsNov 27 00:35
PetoKrausBeranger is okay - he at least understands what's he bitching aboutNov 27 00:35
schestowitzLike IDGNov 27 00:35
PetoKrausbut Linux Loop and these guys yesterday, the podcast... that's just terribleNov 27 00:35
schestowitz[sequence might be deceiving here]Nov 27 00:35
schestowitzMy remark about IDG related to LACK of technical sense]Nov 27 00:35
schestowitzBBC is one of the WORSTNov 27 00:36
schestowitzWhich podcast?Nov 27 00:36
PetoKraushmm let's seeNov 27 00:36
schestowitzCowboys..?Nov 27 00:36
schestowitzOutlaws?Nov 27 00:36
PetoKrauslinux outlawsNov 27 00:36
schestowitzOh, thatNov 27 00:36
schestowitzLynch and Fab, IIRCNov 27 00:36
PetoKrausyeahNov 27 00:36
schestowitzI just gor their latest URL for posting in the morning.Nov 27 00:37
PetoKrausif they done it more professionally it'd be betterNov 27 00:37
schestowitzMarcel Cagne is excellent.Nov 27 00:37
PetoKrausbut this is like "Umm, fab, so, what are we gonna talk about today?!"Nov 27 00:37
PetoKraus"Umm, i dunno dan, but you should know...."Nov 27 00:37
PetoKraus[silence]Nov 27 00:37
PetoKraus[laughter]Nov 27 00:37
PetoKrausit's very dangerous to get into stuff like movie compositionNov 27 00:38
schestowitzHaha. Well, no preparation.Nov 27 00:38
PetoKrausi was lucky enough to do it once with professionalsNov 27 00:38
schestowitzLike me and the OOXML podcast... no agenda... nothing.Nov 27 00:38
PetoKrausand obviously, when trying to create something myself, I suckNov 27 00:39
PetoKrausbut now when I see something obviously irritating about eg movieNov 27 00:39
PetoKrausi know it's wrong and where's the error, just no how to fix it :DNov 27 00:40
schestowitzI don't get the thing about 'pod'( Apple) casts in sites.Nov 27 00:41
schestowitzTo make something decent you need to script a showNov 27 00:42
PetoKrausyes, exactlyNov 27 00:42
schestowitzIf you write down a script, then just publish the thing as text ferchrstsakeNov 27 00:42
schestowitzAnother option is to just publish it as voice.Nov 27 00:42
schestowitzThough that can be automatedNov 27 00:43
schestowitzWhen you watch the news and there's always some good-looking woman talking... well, she just reads.Nov 27 00:43
PetoKrausthe problem with recorded voice isNov 27 00:43
PetoKrausreading is not readingNov 27 00:43
schestowitzI can imagine that it was more primitive in the past so they didn't always just read.Nov 27 00:43
schestowitzStallman's talk are like he's reading.Nov 27 00:44
schestowitzBecause in essence, he isNov 27 00:44
PetoKrausi mean, if I wanted, i could record separate voice tracks for commentaries for my two small projectsNov 27 00:44
schestowitzHe 'reads' off memoryNov 27 00:44
PetoKrausit just doesn't sound rightNov 27 00:44
PetoKrausunless you are trained, obviouslyNov 27 00:44
schestowitzIn academia you'll see the word "sing" used... for people whose work they explained so many times that they can talk about while thinking about something else...Nov 27 00:44
PetoKraus:) yesNov 27 00:45
PetoKrauswe've got a guy in our labNov 27 00:45
PetoKraushe's way over 60, i'd sayNov 27 00:45
schestowitzBroken radio?Nov 27 00:45
PetoKrausnot reallyNov 27 00:45
PetoKraushe's working there for 40 yearsNov 27 00:45
PetoKrausdoing the same two experiments with students last couple of years (two dozens or so)Nov 27 00:45
schestowitzThere are people like this in USENET too.Nov 27 00:45
schestowitzThey latch onto topics they master and then repeat the same spielNov 27 00:46
PetoKrausright. Talk to you later today, now i need to regen myselfNov 27 00:48
PetoKrausfew difficult days in front of me, my mom's coming here on saturday early early morningNov 27 00:48
PetoKrauscleanup, shopping, etc.... i guess you can imagine :DNov 27 00:48
schestowitzregen muself?Nov 27 00:51
schestowitzBe sure to seed the randomiser properly.Nov 27 00:51
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Omar87schestowitz: Gentoo User and G. Michael just never stop polluting your site with their off-topic spam. :)Nov 27 01:15
schestowitzYes, I try not to feed themNov 27 01:15
schestowitzThey try to associate editorship with twitter, whom they abuse in Slashdot for saying the truth about Microsoft.Nov 27 01:16
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Omar87schestowitz: I don't see what how this is a crime..Nov 27 01:17
schestowitzWhose? Microsoft?Nov 27 01:17
schestowitzI used to get abuse from the Munchkins at Digg, for expressing similar views.Nov 27 01:17
Omar87schestowitz: I mean, if he was saying the truth about Microsoft, then what's wrong with that?Nov 27 01:17
schestowitzI caused Microsoft a lot of trouble there.Nov 27 01:17
Omar87:DNov 27 01:17
schestowitzI made like 300 front pages stoeies.Nov 27 01:17
schestowitzSome of them were leaks of Microsoft crimes-ishNov 27 01:17
schestowitzSo they started a smear campaign (the Microsoft 'fans')Nov 27 01:18
schestowitz ( Xavier School Deploys 600 Ubuntu Linux Desktops  )Nov 27 01:18
Omar87schestowitz: I even bit that some of them are disguised Microsoft people.Nov 27 01:19
schestowitzThey can be partnersNov 27 01:20
schestowitzSome are former Microsoft employeesNov 27 01:20
Omar87schestowitz: If course.Nov 27 01:20
schestowitzSome are on the payroll.Nov 27 01:20
schestowitzFor a fact.Nov 27 01:20
schestowitzI'm not making this up. That's based on facts and admissions I've come across.Nov 27 01:20
schestowitzMicrosoft tried selling the impression that none of its people (cronies) ever surfs the Web and leaves a comment or two... or a blog post.. or article without disclosure..Nov 27 01:21
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah, I know. Bribing trolls and spreading disguised Microsoft men and goons all around the worldwide web is a well-known Microsoft technique.Nov 27 01:22
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schestowitzMicrosoft admits it here:"Nov 27 01:23
schestowitzThis memo (oops, spare quote symbol there.. ) is becoming known to many.... it's super confidential and it does them huge harm now. It shows how Microsoft people are trained... for guerrilla marketing.Nov 27 01:24
schestowitzThe damage is does can be equated to photos of prisoner torturing by American soldiers... they show who they are (Microsoft in this case)Nov 27 01:24
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah, I know.Nov 27 01:25
schestowitzMicrosoft trains its employees for "Jihad". It uses the term sparingly.Nov 27 01:26
schestowitzWatch the document sometime... Nov 27 01:27
Omar87schestowitz: This technique is nothing new, ya know. That's exactly what Microsoft is using now, to promote the campaign for their upcoming Vista 7. :)Nov 27 01:27
schestowitzNot just Vista 7. It's universalNov 27 01:27
schestowitzThey call ti SlogNov 27 01:27
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schestowitzThey do it against GNU/Linux, VMWare, Yahoo!, everything..Nov 27 01:28
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah, that's right. But ya know, Vista 7 is only a link in a very long chain. :)Nov 27 01:29
Omar87schestowitz: lol, ya know what? Even Nelson Mandela himself should protest of Ubuntu coming with Mono pre-installed and well-incorporated.Nov 27 01:31
Omar87schestowitz: Because this just goes completely against the Ubuntu philosophy.Nov 27 01:31
seller_liarJava descentralised websearchNov 27 01:33
seller_liar 27 01:33
schestowitzHeh.Nov 27 01:33
seller_liaranti google and no monoNov 27 01:33
schestowitzWhat's Nelson E-mail addy?Nov 27 01:33
schestowitz*Nelson'sNov 27 01:33
schestowitzGroklaw took a shot at Mono earlier, suggesting that people stay out of Ubuntu because of it.Nov 27 01:34
Omar87schestowitz: You're gonna tell him about Mono thing? :DNov 27 01:34
schestowitzWell, it says "Humanity for others"Nov 27 01:35
schestowitzNot "humanity for The Beast"Nov 27 01:35
seller_liarHow many distros are mono -free by default?Nov 27 01:42
schestowitzI don't know. The KDE-based one should be on the safe side.Nov 27 01:44
schestowitz*onesNov 27 01:44
seller_liarI wll the progress of kyotoNov 27 01:46
seller_liarsorry qyotoNov 27 01:47
schestowitzAre toy in contact with Sabayon?Nov 27 01:47
seller_liarWhat?Nov 27 01:48
schestowitzI thought you had participated there.Nov 27 01:50
seller_liarSabayon uses monoNov 27 01:51
seller_liarIt's good if someone explain the dangers about mono in sabayon forumNov 27 01:51
seller_liarI have tried with paldo but without much sucessNov 27 01:52
seller_liarsomeone appears and "defend mono"Nov 27 01:52
schestowitzYes, I remember you and Paldo..Nov 27 01:52
seller_liarI' m using LazarusNov 27 01:53
seller_liarA delphi free IDENov 27 01:54
seller_liaris very but but is functionalNov 27 01:54
seller_liarThere's no need for monononononNov 27 01:54
schestowitzMononono. It does exist.Nov 27 01:56
seller_liarSomeday I will create a distro based in my concepts and without monoNov 27 01:56
schestowitz 27 01:56
seller_liarI knowNov 27 01:56
seller_liarBut the development has been stopNov 27 01:56
schestowitzThis is new: 27 01:56
seller_liarstoppedNov 27 01:57
schestowitzOMG. 27 01:57
schestowitzThere's a real place called that.Nov 27 01:57
seller_liarRequestsNov 27 01:57
seller_liar-more portabilityNov 27 01:57
seller_liar-agressive mode : for cancel mono based installNov 27 01:57
seller_liar-info mode : for citing mono alternativesNov 27 01:58
seller_liarI was thinkingNov 27 02:00
seller_liarmaybe m$-novell pays canonical and fedora to mantain mono by defaultNov 27 02:00
schestowitzFedora? No.Nov 27 02:01
schestowitzRed Hat...Nov 27 02:01
seller_liarYesNov 27 02:01
schestowitzMark S does talk to Microsoft... but about codecs, not Mono.Nov 27 02:01
seller_liarMay this can be trueNov 27 02:01
seller_liarMaybeNov 27 02:02
schestowitzWhen Ubuntu gets infected with Mono, it passes on this infection to many others.Nov 27 02:02
schestowitzMint ('downstream'), but also upstream (they pressure Debian)Nov 27 02:03
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seller_liarSome has explained the danger of mono to Mint devs?Nov 27 02:03
seller_liarHey , Roy hehehNov 27 02:04
seller_liaropen a campaignNov 27 02:04
seller_liarNo MonoNov 27 02:04
seller_liarTell for all linux people to explain about mono in distro  forumsNov 27 02:05
schestowitzseller_liar: see the front page of BoycottNovellNov 27 02:05
taconeif there's a problem then it's not mint, but gnome.Nov 27 02:05
schestowitzYesNov 27 02:05
taconeschestowitz: did you see the EU copyright to 95 years thing ?Nov 27 02:05
schestowitzGNOME almost encourages the Mono-infected stack because of tomboy.Nov 27 02:06
schestowitztacone: yes, corruption.Nov 27 02:06
schestowitzThe BBC plays along.Nov 27 02:06
taconeand gnome do and banshee and ..Nov 27 02:06
schestowitzI'll write about Italy tomorrow, I hopeNov 27 02:06
taconedisney will send them some food for christmans.Nov 27 02:06
schestowitzBanshee is a Novell projectNov 27 02:06
taconeschestowitz: no hurry for italy.Nov 27 02:06
schestowitzMono is Novell.Nov 27 02:06
schestowitzThat's where that disease comes from.Nov 27 02:06
schestowitzMicrosoft/NovellNov 27 02:07
schestowitzPoison mill :-)Nov 27 02:07
taconei don't know if mono will be really bad. but for sure, i choose python for my app.Nov 27 02:07
seller_liarVery StrangeNov 27 02:08
seller_liarWhy M$ pays for Banshee developmentNov 27 02:08
seller_liarMoonlight codecs?Nov 27 02:08
seller_liarPlayer - Banshee?Nov 27 02:08
seller_liarMoonlight -Banshee?Nov 27 02:08
taconei wouldn't recondut all novell initiatives to microsoft.Nov 27 02:09
taconethe problem is they use mono for everything.Nov 27 02:09
seller_liarAh , sorryNov 27 02:09
schestowitzI reckon Banshee could become the advocated video player too.Nov 27 02:09
seller_liarNovell ,I was tryign to sayNov 27 02:09
schestowitzThen get some Windows DRM and whatever...Nov 27 02:10
seller_liarBut players and movies gives money and patentsNov 27 02:10
schestowitztacone: yes, they favour Mono.Nov 27 02:10
seller_liarBanshe é MIT licensedNov 27 02:10
seller_liarNot GplNov 27 02:10
schestowitzYesNov 27 02:10
schestowitzI know.Nov 27 02:10
schestowitzI wrote about it.Nov 27 02:10
taconefavour ? they only do mono in my knowledge, don't they ?Nov 27 02:10
schestowitzNot onlyNov 27 02:10
taconethe issue i see is in a soon future a nice percentage of libs will be made in mono.Nov 27 02:10
schestowitzThey sometimes (rarely AFAIK) use JavaNov 27 02:11
taconeso you rewrite from scratch or suck they core (sorry)Nov 27 02:11
schestowitztacone: that would give Novell leverage over all distrosNov 27 02:11
schestowitzAnd if Microsoft buys Novell, then...Nov 27 02:11
seller_liarGOTCHANov 27 02:13
seller_liarLinux is second class , linux pays patents for meNov 27 02:13
seller_liareverything running linuxNov 27 02:13
seller_liarruns in windowsNov 27 02:13
taconeapple is a whole another can of wormsNov 27 02:14
seller_liarM$ pays apache people for improve hadoopNov 27 02:15
seller_liarthis is a problemNov 27 02:15
seller_liarApple is very stupid and people more stupidNov 27 02:15
seller_liarpeople buy crApple IphoneNov 27 02:16
taconeapple is everything but stupidNov 27 02:16
taconebtw, i have the phone of death.Nov 27 02:16
schestowitzZune?Nov 27 02:16
seller_liarWhy ?Nov 27 02:16
seller_liarBuy openmokoNov 27 02:16
seller_liarand be happyNov 27 02:16
taconeyes a nice error.Nov 27 02:17
taconeapple is much smarter than microsoft, and almost as scaring.Nov 27 02:17
seller_liarDo not help crApple in lock-in warNov 27 02:17
seller_liarApple and M$ are the type of peopleNov 27 02:18
taconepft, it froze 5 minutes after buying it. even before the jailbrake.Nov 27 02:18
seller_liarthe only difference is Steve Jobs hates bill because he have more moneyNov 27 02:18
seller_liarand steve notNov 27 02:19
seller_liarI was thinkingNov 27 02:19
seller_liarIt can be good if Blender Devs do a animation about rms storyNov 27 02:19
seller_liarPeople know about $teve and gaytes because of pirates of silicon valleyNov 27 02:20
taconeoh btw, acer now sells desktop along with a paper form to get the windows license money backNov 27 02:21
taconei mean, that paper is in the packaging of the computer, if i didn't get it wrong.Nov 27 02:21
schestowitzI agree with seller_liar Nov 27 02:23
schestowitzDon't feed Apple if you have a choice.Nov 27 02:23
taconeput it this way. i did a mistake.Nov 27 02:24
schestowitzIt's OKNov 27 02:24
schestowitzThe issue is giftingNov 27 02:24
schestowitzI know people who are given gifts that are DRM-ladenNov 27 02:24
seller_liarHey royNov 27 02:31
seller_liarPut direct <video> links for ff 3.1 usersNov 27 02:31
seller_liarpromove ff even moreNov 27 02:31
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seller_liarOf course , put a simple link for non ff users tooNov 27 02:32
schestowitzYou mean Ogg?Nov 27 02:33
seller_liaryesNov 27 02:34
schestowitzI'll do that.Nov 27 02:34
seller_liarthanksNov 27 02:34
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schestowitz 27 02:34
seller_liar 27 02:34
seller_liargood article about crAppleNov 27 02:34
schestowitzWhy doesn't Opera support it yet?Nov 27 02:35
schestowitzThey pushed for it the most, IIRCNov 27 02:35
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schestowitzseller_liar: yes, see BN front page. I gave Apple over the head.Nov 27 02:36
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seller_liarDMCA is attacking google tooNov 27 02:58
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Omar87schestowitz: I'd like to subscribe to your website for RSS feeds, can you give me the feed URL?Nov 27 07:12
Omar87Please?Nov 27 07:13
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yuhongBTW, just because I defend MS don't mean that I hate Linux.Nov 27 07:51
yuhongOn the courtesy, I donNov 27 07:51
yuhongOn the courtesy, I don't think it is a bad OS.Nov 27 07:51
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schestowitzwb, zoobab. Apple is getting flak today. The Mac turn out to have a manufacturing defect(ive by design). People should ask Apple why they attack Free software now: Maybe a job for Digital Majority?Nov 27 08:58
zoobabwe don't care that much about DRM shitNov 27 08:59
schestowitzOkayNov 27 08:59
schestowitzDon't or gave up?Nov 27 09:00
schestowitz*Don't careNov 27 09:00
MinceRj0Nov 27 09:11
MinceRwow, another manufacturing defect?Nov 27 09:11
MinceRi wonder how many will it take for the fanboys to realize it isn't as high-quality as they keep sayingNov 27 09:11
schestowitzThey need to do a recallNov 27 09:11
MinceRthey need to die in a fireNov 27 09:12
schestowitzReimage the HDDsNov 27 09:12
schestowitzRIAApleNov 27 09:12
Omar87schestowitz: I'd like to subscribe to your website for RSS feeds, can you give me the feed URL, please?Nov 27 09:17
schestowitz 27 09:17
schestowitzThere's atom tooNov 27 09:17
Omar87atom>Nov 27 09:21
Omar87?Nov 27 09:21
schestowitzJust more simplistic.Nov 27 09:22
Omar87Oh okay, because I use Thunderbird.Nov 27 09:23
schestowitzGive the RSS URL. Made RSS account if one does not exist, then "subscribe" -> "Add"Nov 27 09:24
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah I did that, thanks. :)Nov 27 09:25
Omar87schestowitz: I personally think that, the last resort left for us of Ubuntu does not remain "ubuntu" will be Gnewsense and it's other siblings, right?Nov 27 09:27
schestowitzOmar87: gnewsense contains Mono too, but it's not a problem if the user removes it.Nov 27 09:28
Omar87if* UbuntuNov 27 09:28
Omar87schestowitz: Oh..Nov 27 09:28
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah, with "sudo apt-get remove --purge common libmono0" and it's equivalents, Mono won't bother anymore. :)Nov 27 09:29
Omar87Even if you were using SLES itself.Nov 27 09:29
MinceRsles has apt?Nov 27 09:30
schestowitzOmar87: it's important to have maintainers of Ubuntu branches do thisNov 27 09:31
schestowitzMint, Kiwi, Crunchbang, Parsix, Ubuntu ME...Nov 27 09:32
schestowitzMinceR: sles has YaST and other tools (is Smart still around at all?)Nov 27 09:32
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schestowitzThe Eisenstadt Hoax:A Real-life Example of a "Fake Fake" < >Nov 27 10:11
schestowitzTaxing the rich... 27 10:13
schestowitzRMS: "Nov 27 10:15
schestowitzI have never had a cell phone, but since OpenMoko cell phones became available I have been considering whether to get one. Now I am leaning towards refusing, because I do not want to carry a cell phone that Big Brother will be able to identify as mine. Instead I will use pay phones or ask people around me to make calls for me on their cell phones."Nov 27 10:15
MinceRlolNov 27 10:17
schestowitzI'm the same.. but independently from the same causes (I dropped cellphones long before getting involved in advocacy).Nov 27 10:18
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*mkultras has quit (SendQ exceeded)Nov 27 11:05
Omar87schestowitz: How can you survive without a cellphone? :)Nov 27 11:34
schestowitzYes, easily. :-) Nov 27 11:35
schestowitz[H]omer disconnects his land line too. I thought about this option myself, but there may be emergencies.Nov 27 11:36
Omar87schestowitz: So, you're not thinking of getting yourself a Neo Freerunner? :DNov 27 11:36
schestowitzOmar87: no, I already have a PDA. It does all that I need.Nov 27 11:36
Omar87schestowitz: cool! :)Nov 27 11:36
Eruaranhi guysNov 27 11:39
schestowitzHey.Nov 27 11:39
schestowitzAussie turns to a dictatorship now.Nov 27 11:40
EruaranAnyone watching whats going on in India ?Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNo, why?Nov 27 11:40
EruaranStrange terrorist attack.Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzHuh?Nov 27 11:40
EruaranHostages and shootouts in two hotels in Mumbai.Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzAh sh*. Nov 26 00:01:17 <schestowitz> "GreyGeek - Subject: Murphy? ( Nov 25, 2008, 19:33:18 ) The same guy who told us that SCO had a case? "Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:01:21 <schestowitz>Hey, tacone Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:01:36 <tacone>? you remember me ? :)Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:02:11 <tacone>i have been very little in this channel ;-)Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:02:48 <PetoKraus>right, i'm gonna make me a short dinner, and then GNNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:02:52 <PetoKraus>*smallNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:03:05 <tacone>schestowitz: i see you wrote about italyNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:03:16 <tacone>do you know about the universities microsoft deal ?Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:03:19 <schestowitz>YesNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:03:25 <schestowitz>There are some things going on there.Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:03:41 <schestowitz>tacone: yes, I remember you. Where have you been for months?Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:04:05 <schestowitz>PetoKraus: I'll be here. I'll be done soon too... short days :-( :-(Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:04:10 <PetoKraus>:DNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:04:18 <tacone>i am not a regular reader or channel hang-outerNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:04:20 <schestowitz>Slovakia has longer datysNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:04:43 <schestowitz>tacone: what about the universities?Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:04:50 <tacone>microsoft helped with x millions, to help italian government to open 2-3 MS research centers in some universitiesNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:04:55 <schestowitz>I wrote abou the government todayNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:05:09 <tacone>the most part will be paid by the governement, by the wayNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:05:10 <schestowitz>Roberto G also writes about the Italian universities.Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:05:19 <tacone>guess what, the code won't be open.Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:05:38 <schestowitz>Are there articles about it?Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:05:51 <schestowitz>Or something that can be translated?Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:06:03 <tacone>apparently, in Piemonte they promised to make code public (i wouldn't bet my ass though). in trento we're are still waiting for an answer, that won't come.Nov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:06:07 <schestowitz>It's the same in France, but there have serious disaster there: SarkonismNov 27 11:40
schestowitzNov 26 00:06:14 <tacone>i can search somethingNov 27 11:40
schestowitzOops.Nov 27 11:40
schestowitz 27 11:41
schestowitz[pasted the wrong thing there]Nov 27 11:41
anivar 27 11:43
schestowitzThis may give reason for Bush to carry out more violence before he leaves office.Nov 27 11:45
EruaranHits closer to home for me since two people I work with are Indian.Nov 27 11:47
schestowitzIt's also bad for Aussie censorshipNov 27 11:48
schestowitzThey'll use it as an excuseNov 27 11:48
EruaranI think one of the guys has family in Mumbai.Nov 27 11:49
schestowitzIt's a large area though, isn't it?Nov 27 11:49
EruaranyesNov 27 11:49
schestowitzIndia already has keyloggers in Internet cafesNov 27 11:49
EruaranThe hostage situation is ongoingNov 27 11:50
EruaranMumbai is has a population of around 13 millionNov 27 11:51
EruaranWitnesses say they heard the terrorists shouting they wanted british and americansNov 27 11:52
schestowitzWell, thank GWB for that...Nov 27 11:52
EruaranMumbai is at a standstill, the transportation system has been shut down, stock market suspendedNov 27 11:53
EruaranSecurity forces have stormed the Taj Mahal hotelNov 27 11:54
schestowitzThere were warning about Thanksgiving attacks.Nov 27 12:01
schestowitz*warningsNov 27 12:01
*MinceR_ (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 12:34
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 27 12:45
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 12:49
PetoKraushmm, this was nice nap xDNov 27 12:50
PetoKrausconsidering i wanted to get up at 8.00....Nov 27 12:50
*MinceR_ is now known as MinceRNov 27 12:51
PetoKraushmm, is "damn" really that harsh swearword?Nov 27 12:56
MinceRi don't think it isNov 27 12:56
PetoKrausrightNov 27 12:56
schestowitzDamn. I have DB errors in BNNov 27 12:57
schestowitzI spent 2 hours debugging..Nov 27 12:57
schestowitzThat explains the bizarre behaviourNov 27 12:57
PetoKrausI spent 2 hours sleeping xDNov 27 12:57
PetoKrausand moreNov 27 12:57
schestowitzLet's hope I don't break the site now.Nov 27 12:58
*anivar has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Nov 27 13:02
schestowitzI could use helpNov 27 13:13
schestowitzIt's like I have some rogue data file of something.Nov 27 13:13
schestowitzIf I select some sequence of text, the database rejects it.Nov 27 13:13
schestowitzBut I can't find any portion that's problematic, just a sequence or  pattern of them. This is driving me insane. The patterns are mysterious.Nov 27 13:14
*MinceR_ (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 13:17
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 27 13:28
trmancowhat DB?Nov 27 13:38
schestowitzVery weirdNov 27 13:39
schestowitzI'm starting to find that it's a sequence of chars that cause this.Nov 27 13:39
schestowitzIt seems to go like this...Nov 27 13:41
schestowitzIf I have IP addresses then it goes crazy, but not always.Nov 27 13:42
schestowitzThe IP needed to be preceded by a smiley face, apparently.Nov 27 13:48
schestowitzLatest WP version doesn't have this issue.Nov 27 13:48
schestowitzThis you would not believe..Nov 27 13:53
schestowitzI found the issue.Nov 27 13:53
schestowitzIn WordPress..Nov 27 13:53
schestowitzIf you have the string "to :" or "to:" somewhere in the text, then it looks for the @ symbol and tried to match that.Nov 27 13:54
schestowitzNot mailtoNov 27 13:54
schestowitzNot gotoNov 27 13:54
schestowitzJust "to:"Nov 27 13:54
schestowitzOr "to :"Nov 27 13:54
schestowitzIt poisoned the whole thing.Nov 27 13:54
schestowitzAnd wasted almost 4 hours of my week :-(Nov 27 13:54
schestowitzApparently resolved in later versions of WordPressNov 27 13:54
trmancowowNov 27 14:03
*MinceR_ is now known as MinceRNov 27 14:05
schestowitzSuch nuisance is rare, luckily. I made a mental note. I'll just fix it manually in the futureNov 27 14:07
schestowitzI blame PetoKraus ;-) for writing the forbidden string.Nov 27 14:07
schestowitzIt also happened yesterday because of a name of a university in ItalyNov 27 14:07
trmancoWindows XP pr is faster than UbuntuNov 27 14:08
trmancobig quote:Nov 27 14:08
trmanco"XP Pro is faster at making the machine unstable.Nov 27 14:09
trmancoXP Pro is much faster at making the machine run like a sloth.Nov 27 14:09
trmancoXP Pro is much faster at raising your blood-pressure to dangerously highNov 27 14:09
trmancolevels when dealing with it and it's shortcomings.Nov 27 14:09
trmancoXP Pro is much faster and more efficient at fragmenting your file system.Nov 27 14:09
trmancoXP Pro is extremely fast at going down the drain if/when you ever want toNov 27 14:09
trmancoupgrade it to a new operating system version in-place.Nov 27 14:09
trmancoXP Pro is very fast and efficient at accumulating Viruses, malware,Nov 27 14:09
trmancospyware, and otherwise compromising the security of your machine.Nov 27 14:09
trmanco"Nov 27 14:09
trmanco:pNov 27 14:09
schestowitzIt's super hard to find pictures of Carla SchroderNov 27 14:17
schestowitzBut I think this is one: 27 14:17
schestowitzFrom 27 14:17
schestowitzGood timing for expenditures??? IT cutbacks for 2012 Olympics < >Nov 27 14:38
schestowitzThird ever webserver retired...  < >Nov 27 14:39
trmanco"It had an uptime of 327 days at its last shutdown." not badNov 27 14:43
schestowitzBut what did it do. How complex a task and how much load?Nov 27 14:43
trmancolittle maybeNov 27 14:44
schestowitzI had too of my machines up for half a year, but there was little maintenance work on these desktopsNov 27 14:44
trmancothe website was text basedNov 27 14:44
schestowitzAll Web sites are :-)Nov 27 14:46
schestowitz<body><div id="headmenu"><a title="About the Editors" href="">Editors</a> &#8226; <a title="About the Site" href="h ...Nov 27 14:47
trmancololNov 27 14:49
MinceRit's all cleartext or cryptotext :>Nov 27 14:49
trmancowasn't really thinking when I said thatNov 27 14:49
trmancowell, it probably was serving static pagesNov 27 14:50
schestowitzYes, probably.Nov 27 14:52
schestowitzThere's lot in BN today for a US holiday.. I think it's because of Jose's post on Mono..Nov 27 14:53
schestowitzWow! ZDNet is incompetent. (you already knew that, no?) 27 14:55
schestowitzThey put a 1000x1000 (roughly) image there and rescale it to about 200x200. How stupid a design.Nov 27 14:56
schestowitzPaula Rooney  posted it.Nov 27 14:56
schestowitzIt comes up as 1000x1000 in the RSS feed! Grrrrrr........Nov 27 14:56
schestowitz "Nov 27 15:02
schestowitzThis is the real danger, Glyn: not idiots like Gene Quinn, but thoughtful people like IW-B who nevertheless seem to believe that inventions naturally 'deserve' patents, that the patent system is in trouble but is fundamentally beneficial (irrespective of field or 'industry') and can be made to work by 'rewarding' only 'good' inventions etc."Nov 27 15:02
schestowitz*LOL* "Today this site was down twice, for about half an hour each time. In both cases, the filesystem was R/O. In the morning, it needed a reboot. In the evening, it needed a fsck." < >Nov 27 15:08
schestowitz*LOL* 27 15:09
schestowitzMicrosoft power drainers: 27 15:12
trmancoyou mean 1233px × 1176pxNov 27 15:20
schestowitzThe mafia guy in Yahoo! makes a move < >. He also speaks to Microsoft. If Yahoo caves to Microsoft, Carl and Sweaty will probably go out for Haggis.Nov 27 15:22
schestowitz "Zookeeper Masako Inoue explained: "We thought he was a male, so we never had any doubts as we took care of him. But one day we realized that the two bears urinate in the same way, and we thought, is that how males do it? And once we started to look at things that way, we weren't quite so sure.""Nov 27 15:24
*_doug ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 15:30
twitterHeh, I had a few RO drive problems yesterday and last week too.  Mine were fixed by resoldering the power connector to the drive.Nov 27 15:35
schestowitzStupid media uses a tragedy to set dangerous precedence for Web harassment: 27 15:36
schestowitzBy that logic, if someone really really annoys me on the Web, then I can commit suicide to put that person in prison: :-DNov 27 15:37
twitterMedia is not stupid, they want to be able to harass.Nov 27 15:37
_dougwell .. it's still a tragedy, teenagers suicide all the time, the only difference is the use of the Internet for the harassment ..Nov 27 15:38
schestowitzExactly.Nov 27 15:38
twitterIt left a record, for all to see.Nov 27 15:38
twitterWe now know exactly what that woman did.Nov 27 15:39
_dougWhat gets me is, didn't the parents notice what their kid was doing online ?Nov 27 15:39
twitterBlame the criminals not the victims please.Nov 27 15:39
twitterParents should not play big brother.Nov 27 15:40
_dougWould you let your 13 year old online, without an escort ?Nov 27 15:40
schestowitzit's similar to the idea of Web censorship, where it's assumed that people will stop talking about ideas of sharing files if there's some loose filter or surveillance. it just inconveniences nice people (those who don't encrypt) and wastes money.Nov 27 15:40
twitterI let my seven year old online without an escort.  I also take her to public librariesNov 27 15:41
_dougWhat about this one ?Nov 27 15:41
_doug 27 15:41
_dougimho, the great unwashed shouldn't be let near the Internet ..Nov 27 15:42
twitterWhat are you doing here, _doug?Nov 27 15:42
_dougI recall working in a repair center, we sell some 'dude' a PC and it comes back in six weeks later, cause 'it don't work', and there's 60 MB of porn on the disk ..Nov 27 15:43
schestowitz*LOL*Nov 27 15:43
twitterNice of you to notice.Nov 27 15:43
_dougI guess his RSI was getting out of hand .. :)Nov 27 15:43
schestowitz*LOL*Nov 27 15:43
_dougwhat are we doing here? we are the elite, the few, the Linux taliban ...Nov 27 15:44
schestowitz*LOL*Nov 27 15:44
schestowitzI heard this beforeNov 27 15:44
schestowitzThere's the "Linux cabal" (old)Nov 27 15:44
schestowitz 27 15:44
twitterI'm more used to the American Taliban.Nov 27 15:45
schestowitzPeople tried to daemonise GNU/FSF using these slurNov 27 15:45
_dougBlockbuster has introduced a video-on-demand (VOD) service accompanied by a 'free' set-top box ..Nov 27 15:45
_doug 27 15:45
schestowitz*slurs. I think it was Sam Varghese who compared Microsoft's 'pattern terrorism' to that too.Nov 27 15:45
twitterThe one damning porn, "piracy" and that kind of thing.  pushing filters to protect children, etcNov 27 15:45
schestowitzSun accused Microsoft of patent terrorismNov 27 15:45
schestowitz_doug: also in the news about Bloccbuster:Nov 27 15:45
schestowitz 27 15:46
schestowitzBlockbuster: powered by the PenguinNov 27 15:46
schestowitztwitter: protect children, eh?Nov 27 15:46
schestowitzThen why can't /ANYONE/ opt out?Nov 27 15:46
schestowitzIt's a matter of phasing them in first..Nov 27 15:46
twitterYes, the American Taliban is always interested in protecting children.Nov 27 15:46
twitterIt's second only to raping them.Nov 27 15:47
schestowitzLater they'll change scope of 'acceptable' contentNov 27 15:47
schestowitz'Healthy' contentNov 27 15:47
_dougbreaking news: White House alters past ..Nov 27 15:47
_doug 27 15:47
schestowitzDisagreement with govt' = not healthyNov 27 15:47
twitterRMS has logged several plausible industry plots to kill the internet.  One of them is already being deployed in the US.Nov 27 15:48
twitterIt's bandwith caps combined with a limited number of "free" sites for your monthly fee, just like cable TV.Nov 27 15:48
schestowitzAt least some people are watching this revisionism.Nov 27 15:48
schestowitzMicrosoft does loads of that too.Nov 27 15:48
twitterM$ does the damage it can with what it has left.Nov 27 15:49
schestowitztwitter: so you'd be encouraged to go for the free (and 'healthy') sites..Nov 27 15:49
schestowitzI see the logic...Nov 27 15:49
twitterright, and add supported independent sites fail.Nov 27 15:49
schestowitzAlex Jones is furious abut this..Nov 27 15:49
schestowitzThey try to block his sites (I don't agree with many things that he says)Nov 27 15:50
schestowitzFrom the anti-patents Nobel Laurette: ( Joseph Stiglitz on the Fall of Lehman Brothers )Nov 27 15:50
schestowitzSimple explanation, but he hardly points fingers. He used to work with the Whitehouse, soon he'll teach here in Manchester.Nov 27 15:51
schestowitzHere's a photo of that teacher who was almost sentences to prison because of Windows... 27 15:53
schestowitzThis one if like an IBM commercial as an 'article': 27 15:54
schestowitzPartner Sellouts: second-hand PCs needed... for GNU/Linux? No, Partner Group can't say the L word... 27 15:56
_dougre: airbrushing history ..Nov 27 16:03
_doug 27 16:03
_doug-----------Nov 27 16:03
_dougDec 15 2001 <meta name="date"                 content="2001-01-01"/>Nov 27 16:03
_doug-----------Nov 27 16:03
_dougThe EOP entities subject to the FOIA are:Nov 27 16:03
_doug    * Council on Environmental QualityNov 27 16:03
_doug    * Office of AdministrationNov 27 16:03
_doug-----------Nov 27 16:03
_doug 27 16:03
_doug-----------Nov 27 16:03
_dougDec 07 2007 <meta name="date"                 content="2001-01-01"/>Nov 27 16:03
_doug-----------Nov 27 16:03
_dougThe EOP entities exempt from the provisions of the FOIA are:Nov 27 16:03
_doug    * White House OfficeNov 27 16:03
_doug    * Office of Administration *Nov 27 16:03
_dougnow you see it .. now you don't .... :]Nov 27 16:22
trmancololNov 27 16:22
trmancofound a nice quoteNov 27 16:22
trmancolinux - you must break, VS , windows - breaks itselfNov 27 16:22
schestowitzYouTube - broadcast yourselfNov 27 16:23
trmancotoday one computer running Windows at schools was stuck in a BSOD loopNov 27 16:24
trmancoschool*Nov 27 16:25
schestowitzBishop is catching up... Microsoft makes excuses.. 27 16:25
trmancoSolution: Format the hole thingNov 27 16:25
trmanco...Nov 27 16:25
schestowitzTypicalNov 27 16:25
trmancowellNov 27 16:25
trmancolast week a different computer in my classroom had to be formated tooNov 27 16:26
Omar87trmanco: What was the cause?Nov 27 16:26
trmancocouldn't iinstall .NetNov 27 16:26
trmancostupid errorsNov 27 16:26
Omar87hehehe :)Nov 27 16:26
trmancoDLL hell problemsNov 27 16:27
trmancoall computers are formated each school yearNov 27 16:27
schestowitzRPM hell is what they like to FUDNov 27 16:27
schestowitzFailing the acknowledge parallels in Win32Nov 27 16:28
schestowitztrmanco: it's called refreshNov 27 16:28
trmancoso they were all formated before 1 October and some of them won't last even 2 monthsNov 27 16:28
Omar87But guys, I must admit. Almost I love OpenOffice.Org, I still can't deny the fact that it stills so much more that this in order to catch up with MS Office.. -_-Nov 27 16:28
schestowitzWindows slows down as it ages. Linux, like wine, improves with age (more software, customisation)Nov 27 16:28
trmancoschestowitz, I'll call it Spring cleanNov 27 16:28
trmancoit is already slow when you install itNov 27 16:28
*Omar87 says he'll be right backNov 27 16:28
trmancoand its ages hourlyNov 27 16:29
schestowitzI had SUSE 8.1 running for about 3.5 yearsNov 27 16:29
_dougNoone used msOffice for real work ..Nov 27 16:29
schestowitzMicrosoft office = whispering and romance with ClippyNov 27 16:29
trmancoyou install a simple program and it is what th OS needs to get your hard-drive  fragmented and your registry fragmented tooNov 27 16:29
schestowitzW00t. Mandriva FTW. 27 16:33
twitterI'm off to Tanksgiving.  I'll pop in here and there over the next few day.Nov 27 16:33
MinceRfree tanks for everyone? :>Nov 27 16:33
*twitter has quit ("Leaving.")Nov 27 16:34
*Omar87 is backNov 27 16:34
_dougAre you still allowed to celebrate Christmas in America ?Nov 27 16:36
Omar87I just miss the old days when I resort to banging my head against the wall when viruses invade my machine and I have no other solution but to reformat the whole system... NOT! :)Nov 27 16:37
_doug'Oxford city council confirmed the events in the city would be renamed 'Winter Light Festival''Nov 27 16:37
_doug 27 16:37
schestowitzIs that the racial thing again?Nov 27 16:39
schestowitzAt schools... "Winter holiday..." *LOL*Nov 27 16:39
_dougexcuse me, I'm off to the racial sensitivity class :]Nov 27 16:40
schestowitzOh, wait... this article is different.Nov 27 16:40
_dougIf I don't go then I risk being accused of racism .. :)Nov 27 16:40
schestowitzAre there classes for excessive sensitivity?Nov 27 16:41
_dougIf I do go then I get accused of racism .. :)Nov 27 16:41
schestowitzLike, you know... if someone in the UK is offended by Xmas..?Nov 27 16:41
_dougexcessive sensitivity .. haaaNov 27 16:41
_doughow dare they celebrate Xmas, eating too much turkey, gettig drunk and falling asleep in front of the Queens speech ..Nov 27 16:42
schestowitz ( Shell-Iraq gas company would be Basra natural gas monopoly )Nov 27 16:42
trmancobrbNov 27 16:43
_dougSee Aussia comic deal with 'racial' sensitivity ..Nov 27 16:43
schestowitzBush Administration Quietly Working to Weaken Clean Air Act < >Nov 27 16:43
_doug 27 16:44
schestowitzGood video..?Nov 27 16:45
schestowitzA case study..Nov 27 16:45
_dougI thought stand up comics were supposed to be offensive ?Nov 27 16:46
schestowitzSome of them are.Nov 27 16:46
schestowitzThat's not illegalNov 27 16:46
schestowitzBig Three CEOs Flew Private Jets to Plead for Public Funds < >Nov 27 16:47
trmancobackNov 27 16:48
schestowitzdoorNov 27 16:48
trmancowinNov 27 16:50
trmancodowsNov 27 16:50
*kevin__ has quit ("leaving")Nov 27 17:24
*kentma1 ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 17:28
*kentma has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Nov 27 17:30
schestowitzChinese Developer Gets Three Years In Jail For Making IM Software Better < >Nov 27 17:41
*davi18 (i=4f500c79@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 17:53
davi18 27 17:53
PetoKrausummNov 27 17:54
PetoKrausi still don't get why should government protect childrenNov 27 17:54
PetoKraushow it should work is - children have parents, parents are responsible for education of children, not stateNov 27 17:54
PetoKrausif the parents are rubbish, state can use some measures (take the child away etc)Nov 27 17:55
PetoKrausi am waiting till girls in britain will sue someone, because state didn't tell them how to feed their babiesNov 27 17:55
schestowitzThey could offer desktop-side filters for families, subsidised by govt.Nov 27 17:56
PetoKrauswell they couldNov 27 17:56
schestowitzdavi18: thanks.Nov 27 17:56
schestowitzThey appealedNov 27 17:56
schestowitzI'll post about it soon.Nov 27 17:56
PetoKrausi like the formulation "the company is still not out of trouble"Nov 27 17:58
schestowitzTables turnNov 27 17:58
*davi18 has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 27 18:02
schestowitzInteresting discussion about Sun: 27 18:04
schestowitzGood observation: "The US is not interested because Zimbabwe has no oil." 27 18:07
*kevin__ ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 18:14
schestowitzSatire: Labour increases taxes for everyone except you personally, honest < >Nov 27 18:19
schestowitz Judge Excludes 3 "John Does" From RIAA Subpoena < >Nov 27 18:30
*kentma1 has quit ( 27 19:40
*ChanServ has quit ( 27 19:40
*ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 19:42
*kentma1 ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 19:42
* gives channel operator status to ChanServNov 27 19:42
*ReverseGTR ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 19:50
ReverseGTRdid I scare everyone the last time?Nov 27 19:51
_doughi there .. what's up ?Nov 27 19:58
ReverseGTR_doug: not much, just getting ready to see the folks for this "national holiday" here in the USNov 27 19:59
_dougAh .. yea 'tanks' giving day ..Nov 27 20:00
_douglike pancake tuesday only with tanks ?Nov 27 20:01
ReverseGTR_doug: lol yezzr, can't wait to have that harmone stuffed turkey.Nov 27 20:01
_dougharmone ?Nov 27 20:02
ReverseGTR_doug: I saw a little so called xmas holiday TV show, with mini  episodes and one was about this lady who was sick of having lasagna for a xmas dinner. If I only had that for tanksgiving instead of turkey for onceNov 27 20:03
ReverseGTR_doug: ok I guess its spelled hormone, but I seem to always say it with a "har" like how GW says "nukular"Nov 27 20:04
_dougChristmas is banned here .. we have a 'Winter Light Festival' instead ..Nov 27 20:05
_doug 27 20:05
ReverseGTR_doug: I honestly think that doesn't matter since there will be "winter light" trees and wreathes everywhere. And someone is going to be dressing as father winterNov 27 20:06
_doughaaaa ... sexist ...Nov 27 20:07
_doug 27 20:08
ReverseGTR_doug: true.. but here in Uhmerica we are supposed to look forward to xmas as soon as possible and it has turned into a holiday of being "merry (which nobody know what that really means or how much merry one should be)" and buying crap starting tomorrowNov 27 20:08
ReverseGTR_doug: and that is all that xmas is so therfore everyone no matter what religion should celebrate itNov 27 20:09
_dougIt used to be to celebrate the birthday of SantaClaus .. :)Nov 27 20:10
ReverseGTR_doug: Political Correctness is an example of Moral Entrapeneurship faught on the same level as those who fought for Prohibition or the 18th Ammendment in the United States that banned alcohol, but on the flip side made it something organized crime can sellNov 27 20:11
kevin__hehe... you mewan like how EVERY movie has to have a happy ending? it makes me sickNov 27 20:12
kevin__mean*Nov 27 20:12
ReverseGTR_doug: Santa Who? That person may offend people who can't grow beards or are intimidated by them. You know in this day and age you got to shave every part of your body, except the headNov 27 20:12
_dougSanta Clause, he climes down the chimney and leaves presents ..Nov 27 20:12
ReverseGTR_doug: thats breaking and entering!Nov 27 20:13
ReverseGTR_doug: also not many people in the US own or let alone ever use their chimniesNov 27 20:13
_dougOK, is mild humer .. lets change the subject ...Nov 27 20:13
kevin__i think in some places they forbid burning firewoodNov 27 20:14
ReverseGTR_doug: however, I saw enough Marry Poppins and James Bond to know about the British ;)Nov 27 20:14
kevin__"bond... james bond"Nov 27 20:14
ReverseGTR_doug: so any good news lately?Nov 27 20:15
_douggood news .. not a lot ...Nov 27 20:16
ReverseGTR_doug: by the way, what is your OS of choice?Nov 27 20:22
trmancocrapNov 27 20:22
ReverseGTRkevin__: same goes for you tooNov 27 20:22
trmancoschestowitz, is awayNov 27 20:23
trmanco 27 20:23
ReverseGTRtrmanco: yea, another user onlineNov 27 20:23
_dougI use Ubuntu,Nov 27 20:23
kevin__i use ubuntu tooNov 27 20:23
trmancome tooNov 27 20:23
PetoKrausArch lunex ;)Nov 27 20:24
_dougA choice of two, a good distro and a big support community ..Nov 27 20:24
_dougat work it's BSDunix on the servers and WinXPee on the clients, not from choice ...Nov 27 20:25
ReverseGTRkevin__: I still cling onto XP like nobody's business even though I ran other OSs such as Debian and AROS through Qemu and have fiddled around with OSX. I would love to take the nix route over Vista but I am waiting to see when WINE can transcode DX10Nov 27 20:25
PetoKrauswhat I like on arch is the ease to build unsupported software. There is HUGE chance the software will be located in AUR, and therefore you can create your package yourself and install it as a part of your system.Nov 27 20:25
ReverseGTRkevin__: I admit I don't play nearly as many games as I use to but I still want to see how Fedora 10 turns out before I leap into LinuxNov 27 20:26
PetoKrausthere are nice games in linux as wellNov 27 20:26
PetoKrausyou'll be surprisedNov 27 20:26
PetoKrausand i am throttled :/Nov 27 20:26
_dougReverseGTR: keep it simple ..Nov 27 20:27
PetoKrausLOL, debian includes epiphany-webkit!Nov 27 20:27
PetoKraushow cool is THATNov 27 20:27
ReverseGTR_doug: I know, I barely know what commands to issue in the terminal to compileNov 27 20:28
*kevin__ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Nov 27 20:28
_dougReverseGTR: DX10 on WINE under Debian, you must like mentally torturing yourself .. :)Nov 27 20:28
ReverseGTR_doug: well, I actually preffer Fedora over Debian but the latter was easier to boot up for me in qemuNov 27 20:29
_dougqemu, what do you need that for ?Nov 27 20:29
ReverseGTR_doug: so I can try out different OSs before I actually partition the hardrive to install themNov 27 20:30
_dougPersonally, I don't have an OS of choice, depends on its use, a desktop or server, multimedia player, games or whatever, what ever works i nthe lest number of steps ..Nov 27 20:31
PetoKraus"and they're making an effort to shift the focus onto the parents to keep their kids' gaming habits under control"Nov 27 20:33
PetoKrausFUCKING DOH!Nov 27 20:33
_dougTo save on partitioning, why not have two harddrives, one for the real OS and one for testing on ..Nov 27 20:34
_dougRunning an OS on a virtualizer, whatever for, to save electricity ..Nov 27 20:34
ReverseGTR_doug: I just want an OS that is easy to navigate as a GUI but doesn't hide any features, terminal and ect from me. Has the software I want and can work with most if not all codecs or file typesNov 27 20:34
ReverseGTR_doug: I had 2 hardrives, but one of them diedNov 27 20:34
ReverseGTR_doug: luckily it was the one that didn't contain the main OS partitionNov 27 20:35
_dougYou have a choice of GUIs, KDE, Gnome, Xfce or the mimimalist Fluxbox. Personally I want the least amount of widgets on screen ..Nov 27 20:35
*PetoKraus np: Yes - The Revealing Science of God / Dance of the Dawn (Tales From Topographic Oceans)Nov 27 20:37
_dougReverseGTR: which os did you prefer ?Nov 27 20:37
ReverseGTR_doug: I actually liked how YDL with E17 looked, even though it is a tad bit sluggishNov 27 20:39
_dougwho said this: "do you really think that just because you have an idea, it belongs to you"Nov 27 20:39
_douganyone ...Nov 27 20:41
_doug20 seconds ..Nov 27 20:41
ReverseGTR_doug: not meNov 27 20:41
ReverseGTR_doug: Steve Jobs?Nov 27 20:41
_dougNo, Tony Starks evil sidekick ..Nov 27 20:42
ReverseGTR_doug: I also like the way BeOS handled itself from the reviews and clips I saw of it in action. Never used it myselfNov 27 20:42
_dougbillg surly was your first guess ?Nov 27 20:42
ReverseGTR_doug: ahNov 27 20:42
ReverseGTR_doug: no, don't get me wrong I am a fan of comics like Ex Machina and The Boys but I have not much Iron ManNov 27 20:43
_dougReverseGTR: Which OS do you think is the easiest to navigate ?Nov 27 20:43
ReverseGTR_doug: that a hard one, it depends on which files I want to get toNov 27 20:48
_dougdescribe a senario ..Nov 27 20:49
ReverseGTR_doug: OSX is great until you want to find anything beyond just opening the application, I am use to configuring the root of shortcuts on XP and know where the temporary files are located but I guess that comes with the knowedge just my long time use of Windows. I have an easy time finding system files and libraries for Linux but I have a hard time determining where the application folders are locatedNov 27 20:51
ReverseGTRroot= route I meantNov 27 20:52
_dougReverseGTR: 'application folders' .. er directories .. why do you need to know that .. and can't you make shortcut to them just like on XP ?Nov 27 20:53
ReverseGTR_doug: I would like to if I knew how or which folders I should configure to route toNov 27 20:54
_dougReverseGTR: which is better for finding things XP or Mac OS X Leopard .. ?Nov 27 20:55
ReverseGTR_doug: I know how to use XP, OSX is alien to meNov 27 20:55
ReverseGTR_doug: I don't want to be stuck relying on finders or internal search enginesNov 27 20:56
ReverseGTR_doug: anyway I got to go stuff my face with starch and animal fat now, thanks for trying to figure out which OS may fit my needs best. We need to pick up on this again some time :)Nov 27 20:57
_dougyea .. sure .. anytime ...Nov 27 20:58
*ReverseGTR has quit ("Trillian (")Nov 27 20:58
_douggtg .. ;)Nov 27 20:58
*_doug has quit ()Nov 27 21:06
trmanco 27 21:12
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 21:18
schestowitztrmanco: search BN for "Jeff Jones" (regarding those PowerPunkt 'graphs')Nov 27 21:25
trmancook thanksNov 27 21:25
trmancoTallken, you are portuguese right?Nov 27 21:26
Tallkenola trmanco :pNov 27 21:26
trmancoolaNov 27 21:26
Tallkenso that's a yes, I'm portugueseNov 27 21:27
Tallken:pNov 27 21:27
trmanco:PNov 27 21:27
schestowitzwm, Tallken Nov 27 21:28
Tallken"wm"?Nov 27 21:28
schestowitztypo, wbNov 27 21:28
Tallkenah :)Nov 27 21:28
MinceRwindow manager ;)Nov 27 21:28
Tallkenthanks :)Nov 27 21:28
schestowitzJust finished catching upNov 27 21:28
schestowitzCame back a moment ago.Nov 27 21:29
schestowitzSunday is the big day of the competition. I'm in 1st place at the moment.Nov 27 21:29
trmancocompetition of what?Nov 27 21:30
schestowitzMr Fitness 2008Nov 27 21:31
schestowitzI've just realise that BN now exceeds the average of 100k hits/perNov 27 21:40
schestowitz*per dayNov 27 21:41
trmancocoolNov 27 21:50
trmanco1st place a :-PNov 27 21:50
schestowitzI've gotten back into shape... almost 100KG now... and I think I'll win the last one by just a mere 10 points. The best contestant got injured (broken arm). (needs updating, I won the rowing last year and also got second in another one)Nov 27 22:05
schestowitzHm...Tim Anderson again (Windows 7 laptops charade).. 27 22:07
schestowitz"We discussed...." a little chummy there...Nov 27 22:09
schestowitzMicrosoft 'insiders' as reporters... how incestuous.Nov 27 22:10
Tallkencya later :)Nov 27 22:15
*Tallken has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 27 22:16
schestowitzOh noes. 27 22:16
*kapipi (n=chatzill@ has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 22:19
schestowitzCyber bully mum found not guilty < > Stupid subheading: "Judge shrugs shoulders over dead child"Nov 27 22:21
*GoblinRFD ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 22:31
schestowitz (3 Readings on the Financial Crisis)Nov 27 22:38
GoblinRFDHi Roy.  so have we decided whats the correct way to type GNU?!?!?! - That AlexH was a cracker!Nov 27 22:39
schestowitzHe doesn't get the point.Nov 27 22:39
schestowitzI made a short post.Nov 27 22:39
schestowitzSo he had to find some pet peeve to rotate 'roundNov 27 22:40
GoblinRFDHe was great.Nov 27 22:40
GoblinRFDGave me a chuckle.Nov 27 22:40
schestowitzIt's an ego thing. "I choose my cases rightNov 27 22:40
schestowitz"Nov 27 22:40
schestowitzBut here's the thing.Nov 27 22:41
schestowitzThe reason I pointed this out might escape casual lurkers. Other readers too have complained, saying that Alex picks small fragments large messeages in order to change questions/subjects and avoid the big issues. Example: "Mono is a parent risk" AlexH: "you misspelled patent".Nov 27 22:42
GoblinRFDlolNov 27 22:42
GoblinRFDhow pettyNov 27 22:42
GoblinRFDIm guilty of calling them patient's in the pastNov 27 22:43
schestowitzI write quickly, so I ahev many typosNov 27 22:43
schestowitzThe issue is not semantic though.Nov 27 22:43
GoblinRFDyeah me too.  A common one for me is shit instead of shirt - brain works faster than fingers!Nov 27 22:44
schestowitzAlex consistently avoids talking about Microsoft's evils... kind of like Novell and the Linux Foundation... even de Icaza, GNOME and several others.Nov 27 22:44
schestowitzI type as I think and I dislike proofreading with passion because it's like repeating thoughts, but either way, cosmetic things can have you lose readership or respect.Nov 27 22:45
GoblinRFDI think typos show a level of integrity.  If people produce a perfect post then IMO it shows a premeditation.  Typos show that it is a typed in good faith, without (IMO) a deception.Nov 27 22:46
schestowitzGood point too.Nov 27 22:47
GoblinRFDand that its an honest held belief "from the heart"Nov 27 22:47
schestowitzI wish to believe that people have a sense of duration it takes to write something.Nov 27 22:47
MinceRpremeditation is deception? :)Nov 27 22:47
GoblinRFDmmmNov 27 22:47
MinceRalso, what if someone proofreads his post?Nov 27 22:47
schestowitzOn the Internet, everyone can think you're human and not a dog ... until you bark.Nov 27 22:47
schestowitzBut some people produce masterful posts that take them _hours_Nov 27 22:48
MinceR(that's what the preview function is for)Nov 27 22:48
schestowitzOthers just piece together other people's posts and weave them to make something seemingly unique.Nov 27 22:48
MinceRthose people obviously have too much time on their hands :>Nov 27 22:48
schestowitzI have proofreading BN posts.Nov 27 22:48
schestowitzI started doing this about a month ago because readership is high, so I want to avoid silly typos.Nov 27 22:48
GoblinRFDsorta.  In some cases (magazines etc) I think its needed.  However with a personal thing like a blog or a private webpage, I believe the typos reveal the a persons personality and ergo are more open.  Of course there are times when a proof is needed, and we are not talking about leaving massive errors, but little ones here and there are quite acceptable and make the poster more "human"Nov 27 22:49
GoblinRFDIMONov 27 22:50
schestowitzLack of typos if a function of repetition (and time consumption). It can elucidate but rarely does it actually ADD ideas... just makes them smoother to digest or more graceful to the observer/reader.Nov 27 22:50
schestowitzMagazines have editors, i.e. more than one pair of eyesNov 27 22:50
GoblinRFDOne of my pet hates is the excessive use of long words, an attempt to complicate a post and imply to the reader that the poster is "more correct" than they actually are.Nov 27 22:51
schestowitzStalkers I have in Digg curse me for refusing to proofread... I call them the typo police.Nov 27 22:51
schestowitzI just write my mind down like I do here and then proofread a couple of time if it's a blog.Nov 27 22:52
schestowitzI remember my prof. at the time telling me that a good abstract (one/two paras) should take hours to write (!!)Nov 27 22:52
GoblinRFDI am guilty of not,  on my blog I was called Ubuntu 8.10 Jaunty Jackalope for about a week until I recieved a load of abuse via email.  But then again, I dont have a lot of time.Nov 27 22:53
schestowitz*LOL*Nov 27 22:54
GoblinRFDand there you go a typo! should have read "I was calling Ubuntu..."Nov 27 22:54
schestowitzTake a couple of days to reread it.Nov 27 22:54
schestowitzBlech. I'd rather learn how to milk cows.Nov 27 22:54
schestowitzBruce Byfield bragged about managing to write about 200 articles in one year.Nov 27 22:54
schestowitzI was like, "what???" 4-5 article a week is good pace?Nov 27 22:54
schestowitz*clesNov 27 22:55
GoblinRFDI shudder to think how much text I have typed in the last year (on forums and blogs etc) I think I would have a book.Nov 27 22:55
schestowitzIn USENET alone I make about 60-70 posts a day and it used to be more. Read/write, read/write... that's where all the fun is... like eating versus doing the dishesNov 27 22:56
schestowitzBooks are passeNov 27 22:56
schestowitzThey are an old measure of outputNov 27 22:56
schestowitzPeople who beag about the size of their book shelf/cabinet are living in the pastNov 27 22:56
GoblinRFDI love books!  I like the feel of a real item, I cant get on with ebooks etc.Nov 27 22:57
schestowitzReal researchers have their knowledge indexed somehow on the PC so that they can exploit search facilities and 'find'  (fetch) old thoughts that disintegrated.Nov 27 22:57
schestowitzGroklaw is like that, BN is growing too and have almost 100,00 citations in USENET, so I can search using Google.Nov 27 22:57
GoblinRFDyeah I think for factual reading, you cant beat the electronic media.  But novels (or for a typo, novells) I prefer a good hardback a coal fire and a glass of wine!Nov 27 22:58
schestowitzebook is DRM.. most typically being total trash that's 'burned' in the digital sense when your device is dead and its maker bankruptNov 27 22:58
schestowitzThese days are ending.Nov 27 22:59
GoblinRFDhowever I always thought the DRM argument was a strange one.......Nov 27 22:59
schestowitzSame with physical newspapers and magazines... their days are numbered.Nov 27 22:59
GoblinRFDTo me DRM argument is an anti-piracy one....Nov 27 22:59
schestowitzPiracy? Where?Nov 27 22:59
schestowitzSomalia?Nov 27 23:00
GoblinRFDif people "could be trusted" not to distribute copyrighted material, then DRM would not exist.Nov 27 23:00
GoblinRFDits like speed camerasNov 27 23:00
schestowitzPeople would share either way.Nov 27 23:00
GoblinRFDtrue.Nov 27 23:00
schestowitzEben Moglen: "Everybody is connected to everybody else, all data that can be shared will be shared will be shared: get used to it."Nov 27 23:00
GoblinRFDI agree, however......Nov 27 23:01
schestowitzBeating the sharing of digital good is like policing consumption of oxygenNov 27 23:01
schestowitzRichard Stallman: "Once GNU is written, everyone will be able to obtain good system software free, just like air."Nov 27 23:01
schestowitzSo they invented software patents.Nov 27 23:01
schestowitzYou can get sued for breathing.Nov 27 23:01
GoblinRFDyeah, we've got the congestion charge in London.Nov 27 23:02
GoblinRFDit hasnt solved the congestion problemNov 27 23:02
GoblinRFDbut its given a few MPs a nice holiday with the revenueNov 27 23:02
GoblinRFDsort of the DRM of the highwaysNov 27 23:03
GoblinRFDif you want to use it, you have to pay a fee.Nov 27 23:03
schestowitzTax ideas.Nov 27 23:03
schestowitzBrainstorming for $$Nov 27 23:03
schestowitzMight be handy for bailout.Nov 27 23:03
schestowitzBonuses go to managers, who fly their private plane to request public money for more bonuses, having engaged in corruption.Nov 27 23:04
GoblinRFDto be honest, I dont use proprietary nor do I watch films much.  DRM is really not at the top of my list of "issues"Nov 27 23:04
GoblinRFDmy taste in music is small Metal groups from Germany etc, so I buy their CD's and directly support them.Nov 27 23:05
schestowitzSame here.Nov 27 23:05
macabeIMHO DRM is an excuse to get money without laborNov 27 23:05
schestowitzI was never affected by it. Me and Mr DRM never crossed paths... no encounters ever.Nov 27 23:05
GoblinRFDOn the note of free music, have you heard of Severed Fifth?Nov 27 23:06
schestowitzmacabe: like wellfare for Nancy SinatraNov 27 23:06
GoblinRFDan excellent Metal band, who a affiliated with Ubuntu - Satanic EditionNov 27 23:06
schestowitzToday in the news: ( Once More, With Feeling: Copyright Is Not A Welfare System For Musicians )Nov 27 23:06
GoblinRFDrelease their work for free (and its good)Nov 27 23:06
schestowitzNancy wants to just live in 5-star hotels all her life because daddy Frankie made some songs before she was even born... and he's deceased.Nov 27 23:06
macabeDisney uses it to keep generating $$ for their offspring.Nov 27 23:07
schestowitzBut here's what I don't getNov 27 23:07
schestowitzWith more in the public domain, would it really encourage new works?Nov 27 23:07
schestowitzI personally gravitate towards the music that's in the public domain.Nov 27 23:08
GoblinRFDyeahNov 27 23:08
GoblinRFDdemoscene works is an excellent collectionNov 27 23:08
schestowitzThey want to change that... BTW, it's not about offsprings... it's rarely the case... rather it's the LABELS... they own the copyrights.Nov 27 23:08
MinceRif only the demoscene cared about portability.Nov 27 23:08
MinceRmost sceners i know are windows fanboys.Nov 27 23:09
schestowitzThere's a good interview I watched recently where Victor something explained how abusive the media industry is. He worked there.Nov 27 23:09
GoblinRFDyepNov 27 23:09
GoblinRFDc#Nov 27 23:09
schestowitzThey are a bunch of gangsters indeed based ont he stories.Nov 27 23:09
schestowitzThey leave artists in debt for life and toss them out to the street while STILL owning their music, which artists produce at their own expense Nov 27 23:09
macabeI was also thinking of the leeches that hang on the idea.Nov 27 23:09
GoblinRFDThe only true free music / demoscene was the A500.Nov 27 23:10
MinceRamiga fanboys are annoying tooNov 27 23:10
schestowitzVictoria Secret competition gets hacked < >Nov 27 23:10
GoblinRFDlolNov 27 23:10
GoblinRFDthat would be me.  old timer 68k coder here!Nov 27 23:10
schestowitz"Except a majority of the votes from Drexel, and many of the other top 25 schools in the poll, were generated by computer programs."Nov 27 23:10
MinceRwhen they keep raving about a system that has no memory protection, no multi-user capability and no file access control as if it was perfection itself.Nov 27 23:11
macabeRelease one piece of DRM code, hours later they'll be a crack to it.Nov 27 23:11
GoblinRFDMinceR, did you ever own an Amiga?Nov 27 23:11
MinceRnopeNov 27 23:11
GoblinRFDST?Nov 27 23:11
MinceRnoNov 27 23:11
MinceRi have a Sinclair ZX SpectrumNov 27 23:12
MinceR(48k)Nov 27 23:12
GoblinRFDyeahNov 27 23:12
GoblinRFDbest 8bitNov 27 23:12
MinceRmy next computer was a 386 PCNov 27 23:12
GoblinRFDmy first PC was an Amstrad 286 that was shaped like the Battlestar Galactica.Nov 27 23:12
GoblinRFDMincer going back to the A500 for a second, I think the best thing about it (and why it has fanatical support) is because of the tallent that was showcased and developed on it.  Who can forget "Rise Up" by Romeo Knight?Nov 27 23:14
MinceRi don't know, i haven't seen itNov 27 23:14
GoblinRFDwhat???????Nov 27 23:14
GoblinRFDoh no!Nov 27 23:14
MinceRas i've said, i've never had an amigaNov 27 23:15
MinceRonce i could emulate it, i didn't know what to do with itNov 27 23:15
MinceRso i took a few looks at the Workbench and then moved on to something else :)Nov 27 23:15
GoblinRFDyeah UAE, great package.Nov 27 23:15
GoblinRFDRomeo Knight probably made the greatest music track on the Amiga ever.  Check out the RSI megademo vid, Rise up is at 0:51secs into the demo.Nov 27 23:17
GoblinRFD 27 23:17
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 27 23:22
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 23:23
GoblinRFDwhat a way to kill a about the A500 demoscene.Nov 27 23:44
schestowitzHehe. Well, that all predates my days with PCsNov 27 23:46
schestowitzI had a 286 when I was 7Nov 27 23:46
schestowitzOr 8Nov 27 23:46
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 27 23:54
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 23:54
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 27 23:55
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 27 23:56

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