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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 3rd, 2009 - Part 1


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schestowitzSort of like the term propaganda without the WW2 connotationJan 03 00:00
twitter 03 00:00
schestowitzI might as well not spend much time outside a site I control, but the Brits here want to start filtering sites like in Thailand (2700 sites blacklisted)Jan 03 00:00
Roy_BCoincides with my observation too.  Example: CNN used to be a good news channel, but it became just like the others after it was bought out by Time Warner.Jan 03 00:00
schestowitzSo if not by omission or centralisation, they try to control information by blacklisting, which is a shame.Jan 03 00:00
schestowitzAOL.Jan 03 00:01
schestowitzHeh.Jan 03 00:01
schestowitzDigg too was ruinedJan 03 00:01
schestowitzSlashdot. Blech.Jan 03 00:01
schestowitzIt's easier to keep readers naive than to have them in charge.Jan 03 00:02
twitterCorporate control of US news is blatant.  CFR looks too large and unwieldy for consensus, but the overall story is credible and seems to be factual.Jan 03 00:02
twitter 03 00:03
Roy_BJoke I heard several years ago: CNN == Corrupt News NetworkJan 03 00:03
schestowitztwitter: it only seems factual if everyone is doing it.Jan 03 00:04
schestowitzAs long as CFR can prevent conflict in reporting, you could believe the world is a dicJan 03 00:04
schestowitz*discJan 03 00:04
schestowitzThey always chant along with the Novell/MS party line. That's why BN is importantJan 03 00:04
twitter 03 00:05
Roy_BAt least with the Internet, there's a wider variety of sources to chose from (for as long as that may last ...)Jan 03 00:05
schestowitzTo change this, one needs: 1) Different sources; 2) journalists with guts; 3) editors that are not corrupt because they serve as gatekeepers. So you must break through 3 layers just to get truth told. And then, try to convince an audience that it forcefed lies in Slashdot through marketing people.Jan 03 00:06
schestowitzI'd love to know how Novell or its fans re-scraped that anti OOo smear and put it in Digg and /.Jan 03 00:06
schestowitzI doubt this was just a 'natural' thingJan 03 00:06
twitterVery interesting, " Callaway came to national attention in 1916 with his opposition to the naval appropriation bill. He believed that a civilian army could repel any invasion, that battleships had been made obsolete by submarines, and that the military expenditures called for by the Preparedness Movement unduly favored munition makers."Jan 03 00:06
twitter" In 1917 he charged that leading business interests were purchasing newspapers to advance the preparedness campaign, which led his colleague J. Hampton Moore to call for an investigation."Jan 03 00:07
schestowitz.Well, duh :-)Jan 03 00:08
schestowitzPress is corruptJan 03 00:08
schestowitzRMS says people should read blogs they trustJan 03 00:08
schestowitzHe know the autocracy and role of moneyJan 03 00:08
schestowitzWikipedia can still be trusted more than the press. It does no advertising.Jan 03 00:08
twitter 03 00:08
schestowitzBut it'll be accused of stuff for "Not Being the Same(C)" as the 'bought' coverageJan 03 00:08
twitterobnoxious pdf link, sorry.Jan 03 00:09
schestowitzHeh. Full PDFJan 03 00:09
schestowitzDid Adobe exist back then? :-)Jan 03 00:09
schestowitzThe quality if poor.Jan 03 00:10
Roy_BIt's not so bad considering that it's from 1917 ...Jan 03 00:12
twittervery bad, considering they have OCRJan 03 00:13
twitterThat's the NYT, throwing away a chance to advertise and inconveniencing their readers to prevent sharing.Jan 03 00:13
schestowitzGoogle intends to scan more papersJan 03 00:14
schestowitzI saw this in Grolaw about 3 months agoJan 03 00:14
Roy_BI wouldn't complain too much.  Most papers I know charge for access to articles older than 7, 14 or 30 days.Jan 03 00:14
schestowitzThat ought to help research, BUT... I never know how much papers can be trusted anywayJan 03 00:14
twitterMost papers are going out of business for those kinds of policies.Jan 03 00:15
schestowitzThere were no personal blogs back then, either. There were paper journals that are personal.Jan 03 00:15
schestowitztwitter: preciselyJan 03 00:15
Roy_BI think less lately, since thy're under so much financial pressure.Jan 03 00:15
schestowitzHad they made ALL the stuff they have available, that would be an ocean of good information.Jan 03 00:15
twitterThe more they keep their product to themselves, the less money they earn.Jan 03 00:15
schestowitzThere are those that try selling archives, but it's very unhelpful.Jan 03 00:15
schestowitzRoy_B: they fire lotsJan 03 00:16
schestowitzLet me find an articdle.Jan 03 00:16
Roy_BYup, I know it.Jan 03 00:16
twitterGoogle, the last time I looked, pointed to even when there were free book copies available online.Jan 03 00:16
twitterI have not looked in a couple of years, but thought that was wrong at the time.Jan 03 00:17
schestowitzGot it: 03 00:17
twitterIt is also wrong that copyright lasts as long as it does.  Stuff from 1917 is still copyright but has lost much of it's values.Jan 03 00:18
schestowitz"The Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy Monday. The company publishes the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and other daily newspapers. The New York Times Co. intends to pawn its shiny new Manhattan building to borrow a quarter of a billion dollars just to stop the bleeding. Other major dailies are either for sale, or rumored to be so, including the Rocky Mountain News, the Miami Herald and others. The Cox newspaper group isJan 03 00:18
schestowitz closing its Washington bureau. Most newspapers have announced layoffs, or will do so soon."Jan 03 00:18
schestowitzMore here: 03 00:18
schestowitz (Required Reading: News) -> Lessig war on corruptionJan 03 00:19
twitterI'll be back later, it's time to try a fancy 2.6.26 kernel.  24 works better on my laptop but I'd like to see what it does for this newer AMD.  It's the only version with all the extra modules compiled.Jan 03 00:20
twitterfor Lenny.Jan 03 00:20
*twitter ( has left #boycottnovellJan 03 00:20
Roy_BInteresting news.  They say that it's necessary to be cynical to be a lawyer and Lessig will have the chance to develop that in abundance.Jan 03 00:24
schestowitz I think James' concern is that his former employer tries canning his 'reputation', portraying him as a lone wolf or a rotten apple. I wonder if his buddy, Marshall Goldberg, is still delivering these training sessions to new 'TE' recruits.Jan 03 00:24
schestowitzHis blog is worth reading. He's truthworthy and he says the truth about the Bad Guys.Jan 03 00:25
schestowitzHe too is being smeared (of course), mostly by the media industryJan 03 00:25
*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 03 00:27
twitterso good so farJan 03 00:27
Roy_BHe's bold: 03 00:27
twitterquick bootJan 03 00:27
Roy_B"Lawrence Lessig Calls for the Demolition of the FCC"Jan 03 00:28
twitterReed and Bose called for similar action years ago.  Good for Lessig to get in on it.Jan 03 00:28
Roy_BOr from the Washington Post: 03 00:29
schestowitzRoy_B: yes, that's his latest big blastJan 03 00:29
Roy_B"Lawrence Lessig Proposes "Innovation Environment Protection Agency"Jan 03 00:29
Roy_BThe FCC no longer serves the needs of the public ..."Jan 03 00:29
schestowitzHe put it in NewsWeek with about half a mil readers.Jan 03 00:29
schestowitzThe FCC ensures duopoly and lack of modernisation.Jan 03 00:29
Roy_BThat's called makin' a splash.Jan 03 00:29
schestowitzDana Blakenhorn too writes about this a lot.Jan 03 00:30
schestowitzThey changed his headline in NewsWeekJan 03 00:30
schestowitzHe used harder language.Jan 03 00:30
Roy_BI remember an interview with Danish media some months ago where he talks about his new focus.Jan 03 00:30
schestowitzWhich just shows you how editorship sets the tone.Jan 03 00:30
Roy_BI'm glad to see he's following through on it.Jan 03 00:30
schestowitzRoy_B: yes, I posted this in many places.Jan 03 00:30
schestowitzThe Danish TV interviewJan 03 00:30
schestowitz[H]omer found it first and put it in COLA.Jan 03 00:31
schestowitzHe pushed for Obama to be elected too... he knows him in person.Jan 03 00:31
Roy_B'twill be interesting to see what he does in office.  Bush was a hard lesson in "don't listen to what we say -- watch what we do."Jan 03 00:32
schestowitzStartup Founders Turn Android into Desktop OS < >Jan 03 00:33
schestowitzI found several worrisome signs in Obama re: technology: 03 00:33
schestowitzHe also has a bad advisor (among several) on 'IPR' issues.Jan 03 00:33
schestowitzSo he's surrounded by corporations that supposedly represent individuals.Jan 03 00:34
Roy_BI'm not expecting too much but I hope to be surprised anyway.Jan 03 00:35
Roy_BHe does seem pretty intelligent and hopefully he has more curiosity than his predecessor.Jan 03 00:35
schestowitzHeh. We're cited here: 03 00:36
schestowitzBN is actually quite high status in the Free software circles these daysJan 03 00:36
schestowitzAbout 300,000 hits today..Jan 03 00:36
schestowitzObama is a brandJan 03 00:37
schestowitzHe has some puppets and dictators in his cabinetJan 03 00:37
schestowitzBiden and Emanuel for starters.Jan 03 00:37
Roy_BInteresting: "La AdministraciC3n de Obama migrarC! a"Jan 03 00:38
Roy_BI don't speak Spanish, but if that means what I think it means ...Jan 03 00:38
schestowitzIn related stories.Jan 03 00:38
schestowitz 03 00:39
schestowitz La Administración de Obama migrará a Obama Administration migrate to OpenOffice.orgJan 03 00:39
schestowitz Según se dice en PCWorld, una de las primeras medidas que acometerá Barack Obama, en caso de resultar elegido, será la estandarización de toda la Administración Federal de EEUU a . Para Obama, Openoffice es una suite ofimática libre, robusta, fiable y adecuada en el 99% de los casos a las necesidades del gobierno americano.€» As stated in PCWorld, one of the first steps to launch Barack Obama, if elected, willJan 03 00:39
schestowitz be standardized across the U.S. Federal For Obama, an office suite OpenOffice is free, robust, reliable and adequate in 99% of the cases to the needs of the American government. "Jan 03 00:39
tessier_The whole federal administrration would standardize on 03 00:43
tessier_Does Obama really know anything about 03 00:43
*tessier_ speaks spanishJan 03 00:43
tessier_Google's translation is decentJan 03 00:43
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schestowitzHe uses Apple stuff, doesn't he?Jan 03 00:54
MinceRi guess he uses whatever the rich bastards throw at him as a marketing stuntJan 03 00:55
MinceRafter all, exploiting people who don't know better for profit is the American DreamJan 03 00:55
Roy_BObama?  Yes, plus he uses a CrackberryJan 03 00:55
MinceRat least i've heard they've given him a zuneJan 03 00:56
Roy_BI wonder if it would mean anything to him that they were sued by a patent troll and had to waste a lot of money to settle it.Jan 03 00:56
MinceRi don't remember his official stance on sw patents, if he had anyJan 03 00:57
schestowitzMinceR: I doubt he understands these issues.Jan 03 01:04
schestowitzHe'll find some advisors... mental aidesJan 03 01:04
MinceRsome of his advisors might thoughJan 03 01:04
MinceRthen again, those advisors might very well answer to someone else... with money.Jan 03 01:04
schestowitzJudging by the inauguration, I already lose trust in himJan 03 01:04
MinceRi've lost trust him long ago, but i can't remember why :>Jan 03 01:05
MinceRs/hi/in hi/Jan 03 01:05
MinceRi vaguely remember that there was a concrete reason besides that he's a fundamentalist politicianJan 03 01:05
schestowitzObama inauguration, sponsored and brought to you by Brad Smith, Clyde Ballmer, Steve Ballmer, Melinda Gates, Bill Gates, etc.Jan 03 01:05
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*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 03 02:08
twittereh, back to 24.Jan 03 02:10
MinceR24?Jan 03 02:10
twitter2.6.26 gave me problems with setting a bt878 capture card.Jan 03 02:10
MinceRoh.Jan 03 02:10
MinceRmy bt878 card fried and i couldn't get a replacement :/Jan 03 02:10
twitteryou should be able to find them for $5 at any computer shop.Jan 03 02:11
twitterused parts, that isJan 03 02:11
schestowitzgnJan 03 02:11
twittergood nightJan 03 02:11
twittervlc records very will nowJan 03 02:11
MinceRi have a saa7134 card nowJan 03 02:12
MinceRwhich means no radio and no teletextJan 03 02:12
MinceRalso, damned slow channel switchingJan 03 02:12
twitterhmmm.Jan 03 02:12
MinceRi used to have a Hauppauge WinTV PCI/FM, and when i tried to get another, i've found that they've silently replaced the bt878 with a cx88Jan 03 02:12
twitterall I do is record with chron jobs.Jan 03 02:12
twittercron jobsJan 03 02:13
MinceRnot even the vendor was aware of this, they still advertised it as a bt878 cardJan 03 02:13
twitteruhg.Jan 03 02:13
MinceRhopefully we'll soon switch to DVB and i can get some decent solution to this problemJan 03 02:13
MinceRi'm afraid i'll have to get both a DVB-T and DVB-C dongle though :/Jan 03 02:14
twitterI got a converter box.  Reception is surprisingly better than analog.Jan 03 02:15
MinceRwhat sort of converter?Jan 03 02:15
twitterDTV to analog.Jan 03 02:16
twitterInsignia and Apex from Best Buy.Jan 03 02:16
MinceRisn't kind of pointless to convert from DTV to analog and then back to digital again?Jan 03 02:16
MinceRs/ki/it ki/Jan 03 02:16
twitternot if all I have is an analog capture cardJan 03 02:16
twitterIf my ATI all in wonder card does DTV, I don't know how it works.Jan 03 02:17
MinceRwell, you could get a digital tv card :>Jan 03 02:17
twitterI got one with my last computer but could not make it work.Jan 03 02:17
twitterThe old card works AOK and I don't want more than 640x480 anyway.Jan 03 02:18
twitterafter capture, I trim them down to ogg theoraJan 03 02:19
twitterThe biggest problem I have with the converter box is that I can't change frequencies in software anymore, but that's not too big a deal because I rarely want to record anything but PBS anyway.Jan 03 02:21
twitterThe nicest thing about the older cards are that they don't "respect" broadcast flags.Jan 03 02:22
twitterI don't think the converter boxes do anything about that either.Jan 03 02:22
twittergood nightJan 03 02:23
MinceRgn twitterJan 03 02:24
MinceRif i had DTV, i'd just save the stream directly :>Jan 03 02:24
MinceRno information loss, no problem :>Jan 03 02:25
MinceRgnJan 03 02:57
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mib_la0tyohiJan 03 07:35
mib_la0tyoallJan 03 07:35
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schestowitz "Ramifications abound: What does it mean for the stock price of Microsoft? Microsoft currently owns the vast majority of the desktop operating system market share? In recent weeks, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer repeatedly dismissed Android as competition to Windows Mobile." FUD means MS is concerned.Jan 03 09:25
schestowitz"Only two companies will have office suites with ODF 1.1 read/write support, Microsoft Office and StarOffice. Sun jerked the ODF 1.1 write support out of OOo 3.0, which can only write to what is called "ODF 1.2," which is dramatically different from ODF 1.1. StarOffice users can choose whether to write to ODF 1.1 or ODF 1.2."Jan 03 09:26
schestowitz"So StarOffice/MS Office interop should be dramatically  better than OOo/MS Office interop, driving enterprise OOo users to proprietary StarOffice."Jan 03 09:27
schestowitz"But I don't think there will be much of that in this piece. This is more about the latest round in the Microsoft-Sun Microsystems plot to knock OOo out of the market. Their plan to do it with Microsoft's patents didn't work. See < >section IV."Jan 03 09:27
schestowitz"Software patents went down in flames in India and the E.U. and the U.S. Supreme Court began making noises about doing away with software patents."Jan 03 09:28
schestowitz"Rumaor has it for many years, Microsoft uses large numbers of subcontractors for low wage programmers in Redmond?" 03 10:14
schestowitz"Microsoft uses sweat shop programmers ? 5000 Vietnamese ?"Jan 03 10:14
schestowitz D"avid Gerard said..    Microsoft Corporation is headed for swingeing layoffs in mid-January and has called for a government bailout in the face of the credit crunch."Jan 03 10:21
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 03 10:36
Omar87Hi AllJan 03 10:36
schestowitzHey there!Jan 03 10:37
schestowitz 03 10:37
Omar87How's it goin'?Jan 03 10:37
schestowitzQuite OK. Some trolls aboundJan 03 10:38
Omar87Did you read about the bootable FSF membership cards?Jan 03 10:38
Omar87They seem cool!Jan 03 10:38
Omar87They contain Gnewsense Live along with a collection of videos for RMS, and more.Jan 03 10:39
schestowitzVideos? *LOL*Jan 03 10:39
schestowitzSo if they were stranded on an island, they could watch RMS talks.Jan 03 10:40
Omar87 03 10:40
Omar87LOL! :DJan 03 10:40
schestowitzMember #0Jan 03 10:40
Omar87Of course, they can do that as long the battery of their laptop is still alive. ;)Jan 03 10:41
Omar87as long *as*..Jan 03 10:42
schestowitz "Pentium 120, 32 MB ram, 4 GB Hard"!!Jan 03 10:44
schestowitzWill it run Vista?Jan 03 10:44
Omar87I don't think?Jan 03 10:45
AxzKnoppix would be perfect for those poor machinesJan 03 10:45
Omar87I don't think so..Jan 03 10:45
Omar87I think DSL will be good too.Jan 03 10:45
Axzlol ironic i did't notice it was a macJan 03 10:46
Axzbut yeah Knoppix can polish that slow poor thing upJan 03 10:47
Omar87[NOTE: By "I don't think so", I meant I don't think they can run Vista]Jan 03 10:47
schestowitzWould knoppix ever run?Jan 03 10:47
Axzlol like charmedJan 03 10:47
Axzwe installed knoppix on ols atari onceJan 03 10:47
Axzold*Jan 03 10:47
schestowitzThe 7-pound sub-notebooks :-)Jan 03 10:48
Omar87WOW!!Jan 03 10:48
Axzperfect distro for old abused machines by windows :pJan 03 10:48
Omar87What about Damn Small?Jan 03 10:48
schestowitzThis is ridiculous: 03 10:48
Axzalso great one inddJan 03 10:48
Omar87LOLJan 03 10:48
Omar87A couple of days ago, my friend told about someone he knows, he's a MS extremists, and hated each and every Linux distro.Jan 03 10:49
AxzHehe, poor guyJan 03 10:50
schestowitzBecause they harms MonopolyJan 03 10:50
schestowitz*harmJan 03 10:50
schestowitzSome people want to be 'Part of the Club' (the MS kickbacks)Jan 03 10:50
*oiaohm ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 03 10:50
Omar87One day he came to my friend and started asking him a lot about BackTrack Linux, and when my friend asked why he's doing that, he said: "Although I hate all sorts of Linux, Backtrack Linux is the only Linux distro. I liked!!"Jan 03 10:51
Omar87Can you believe that..?Jan 03 10:51
AxzThat's great example for everyone using perfect GUI designed OS but security is zeroJan 03 10:51
Omar87Isn't that hilarious?? :DJan 03 10:51
schestowitzThe Clean Coal Bait and Switch < >Jan 03 10:51
schestowitzIt's all PR.Jan 03 10:51
schestowitz 03 10:51
Axzsecurity isnt even i 'm worried about, more lazynessJan 03 10:51
schestowitzOmar87: people who discredit Linux try to have people try bad sdistrosJan 03 10:52
schestowitzLike suggesting newbies that they try GentooJan 03 10:52
Omar87schestowitz: He hated all other Linux distros. but Backtrack Linux. :)Jan 03 10:52
schestowitzThis way they recoil in disgust and never want to try it again.Jan 03 10:52
oiaohmThere is no such thing as a Perfect GUI someone will hate it.  Some people like ratpoison wm of all things.Jan 03 10:52
Omar87schestowitz: No, my friend is a big fan of Linux.Jan 03 10:52
schestowitzOh, oops.Jan 03 10:52
AxzOmar87, Sorry BackTrack is not really distro is more utilities like QpartedJan 03 10:53
schestowitzEither way, many distros are acceptable these daysJan 03 10:53
Omar87schestowitz: Actually, my friend is the current leader of Open Source Group at my university.Jan 03 10:53
schestowitzSome people only require a Web browser, not even an office suite, which SaaS can often substitute.Jan 03 10:53
schestowitzbrbJan 03 10:54
Omar87schestowitz: Yeah, but what freaks you is that how did he even hear about BackTrack when he never even liked it's parent Slackware! :DJan 03 10:55
oiaohm  << Yes I have one person I work with who loves thing.Jan 03 10:55
Omar87schestowitz: tyt.Jan 03 10:55
oiaohmHmm that clean coal one.   Pumping CO2 into the ground you better be dam sure its not going to rupture someone popultated and release the CO2.   People forget one lake killed many villages in afria due to a mass CO2 release.Jan 03 11:01
schestowitzNice logo:: 03 11:08
schestowitzI can imagine what the boxed version would be like.Jan 03 11:08
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trmancoLOLJan 03 11:10
trmancorat poison?Jan 03 11:11
*oiaohm ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 03 11:12
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oiaohmHmm netsplitJan 03 11:13
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schestowitzNew site: 03 11:24
*mib_o21sxr (i=7dad5341@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 03 11:25
schestowitzUS harnesses blog for its propaganda ('PR'): 03 11:29
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oiaohmUS Airforce answer guide is fairly good.Jan 03 11:34
oiaohmI find tolls hate nothing more than pure logical answers.   And after a while doing that in there blog there blog dies.Jan 03 11:34
schestowitzIt's best to ignore them.Jan 03 11:35
schestowitzIn BN, I can't totally not read them (no killfiles), but it's better if no-one gives them attention.Jan 03 11:35
oiaohmDepends.Jan 03 11:36
oiaohmLinux Hater and the like breeding  a culture of trolling kinda needs to be taken out.Jan 03 11:36
schestowitzWhose trolling? Posters or comments?Jan 03 11:37
schestowitzBeranger has been silent for a week.Jan 03 11:37
oiaohmMe picking on him with logic at moment.Jan 03 11:37
schestowitzIt's probably a good thing. He thought about shutting it down tooJan 03 11:37
oiaohmLinux Hater opening prometed insulting and the like.Jan 03 11:45
oiaohmYes it got funny I had trolls there begging for me to leave because I was undermining there fun.Jan 03 11:46
mib_o21sxrholaJan 03 11:46
schestowitzHey there.Jan 03 11:47
mib_o21sxrgood articles of lateJan 03 11:48
schestowitzoiaohm: in which blof? Redux?Jan 03 11:48
schestowitz*Hehe. Blog, not bloffJan 03 11:48
oiaohmDid in redux as well.Jan 03 11:48
schestowitzmib_o21sxr: thanks, I have some more about Microsoft, but errands to run... which get in the wayJan 03 11:48
oiaohmHe was too simple really did not have the IT skill of the first Linux hater.Jan 03 11:48
schestowitzWhich was the first one? Miguel de Novell knows her/himJan 03 11:49
mib_o21sxrKeep up the solid facts and tight arguments...don't let the detractors distract you!Jan 03 11:49
schestowitzThanks. When they nitpick and don't comment on important posts or issues, then it means all is correctJan 03 11:49
mib_o21sxrYou see the OLPC stuff in the Comes vs Microsoft files?Jan 03 11:50
schestowitz???Jan 03 11:50
schestowitzReally?Jan 03 11:50
mib_o21sxr 03 11:50
mib_o21sxrmaybe something thereJan 03 11:50
schestowitzLet's seeJan 03 11:50
schestowitzMartin taylor...Jan 03 11:50
mib_o21sxrtake a look ...not sure if it's enough to blog on , but i like the proposal and him giving away the back-up startegy if XP is rejectedJan 03 11:51
schestowitzGrrrrrrr.......Jan 03 11:51
schestowitzThe anti-Linux guy...Ballmer's buddyJan 03 11:51
schestowitzBad English...Jan 03 11:51
schestowitzIs there an OCRed version?Jan 03 11:52
oiaohmThere are a lot of anti-Linux guys.  Best fun I ever had was going head to head with the 1 lead developer of reactos who really loves Windows.   He had the idea that he would beat me.Jan 03 11:52
oiaohmYes he did know both sides quite well.Jan 03 11:52
mib_o21sxrI haven't see one yet ... I'm still working my way through the archives. About halfway doneJan 03 11:52
mib_o21sxrit's tiring workJan 03 11:52
schestowitzOrlandao Ayala!Jan 03 11:53
schestowitzHe's now their main man..Jan 03 11:53
oiaohmTo be correct loves NT design hates how windows is built.Jan 03 11:53
schestowitzAnd Mundie's there tooJan 03 11:53
schestowitzWindows is badly builtJan 03 11:53
schestowitzMicrosoft has regrretsJan 03 11:53
schestowitzBut it has libailities related to backward compat.Jan 03 11:54
schestowitz*liabilitiesJan 03 11:54
oiaohmThat is wrong for some sections.Jan 03 11:54
mib_o21sxrOh I have IDC actually sending the draft of thier TCO report to MS for review and comment as wellJan 03 11:54
mib_o21sxrif you haven't seen that oneJan 03 11:54
schestowitzWhich Rashid is this? I can recall Mary Jo Foley talking about one. VP or something..Jan 03 11:54
schestowitz 03 11:55
oiaohmBad spinlock system in windows NT fixing does not break backward compad and would free up 14 percent more cpu time.Jan 03 11:55
schestowitzWill Poole is there.Jan 03 11:55
schestowitzHe was made head of "Unlimited" "Potential"Jan 03 11:55
mib_o21sxrrashid is VP of Microsoft Research i thinkJan 03 11:55
mib_o21sxrthat's "MSR" in the emails ... pretty sureJan 03 11:56
schestowitzThen he left to 'occupy' NCOmputer, which he's likely doing his service to MicrosoftJan 03 11:56
schestowitzoiaohm: see their research on Singularity. Win is a PigJan 03 11:56
schestowitzRichard (Rick) F. RashidJan 03 11:56
schestowitzMSR = Richard (Rick) F. Rashid?Jan 03 11:57
mib_o21sxrno MSR = Microsoft ResearchJan 03 11:57
mib_o21sxrthey are funding Media Lab and MIT and discussing that in the emailJan 03 11:57
schestowitzI haven't read that throughJan 03 11:57
schestowitzBut this reminds me of the Kenya incidentJan 03 11:57
oiaohmSingularity research is because Microsoft could is the writing on the wall.  Single CPU type OS was doomed in time.Jan 03 11:57
schestowitzThreatening to decrease or affect funds if some demands are not metJan 03 11:58
schestowitzIn one case it was OOXMLJan 03 11:58
mib_o21sxr"This could be a very significant investment, with the discussion indicating that it would be somewhere between $10MM and $30MM"Jan 03 11:58
schestowitzHere they talk about finding to something and the selling of WindowsJan 03 11:58
schestowitzThey try to muck about with charitable means using money... like bribes or blackmailJan 03 11:58
mib_o21sxryuoJan 03 11:58
mib_o21sxryupJan 03 11:58
schestowitzEducation Open SourceJan 03 11:59
mib_o21sxrthe whole EDGI program is basically a bribery slush fundJan 03 11:59
schestowitzAgain with the posturing.Jan 03 11:59
schestowitzDoes anyone have OCR software??Jan 03 12:00
schestowitzWe need to publish this. It's important. Thanks, mib_o21sxr Jan 03 12:01
oiaohmFun thing about these tight times sluch funds will have to be justified.(Sorry no OCR here)Jan 03 12:01
schestowitzbrbJan 03 12:01
mib_o21sxrnp i have quite a bit more as well on other topicsJan 03 12:01
oiaohmThat document is so microsoft.Jan 03 12:05
mib_o21sxryes ... reading through all the archive is tedious as all get out, but there are a few gems thereJan 03 12:23
oiaohmEmbrace, extend and extinguish tatics have not changed that much over the years.,_ex...Jan 03 12:28
*amarsh04 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 03 12:38
schestowitzWatch the Mundie E-mail in page 2Jan 03 12:40
*amarsh04 ( has left #boycottnovell ("Konversation terminated!")Jan 03 12:43
schestowitzMinceR will love this: My biggest tech disappointment of 2008: MacBook Air < >Jan 03 12:50
MinceRr4wrJan 03 12:53
oiaohmI still remember see the guy on youtube cutting bread with a MacBook AirJan 03 12:53
oiaohmThere is such thing as making a device too small.Jan 03 12:53
schestowitzThat comes from a Mac fan even.Jan 03 12:55
schestowitzSmall can be impracticalJan 03 12:56
schestowitzThis is a work device, not a fashion accessoryJan 03 12:56
oiaohmNetbooks + me are impractical.   I am 6 foot 4.Jan 03 12:56
oiaohmThing I wonder are all reviews of Netbooks shortter than me.  I cannot type effectively on a netbook keyboard.Jan 03 12:58

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