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PetoKrausi'd say, old newsJan 29 00:00
schestowitzPresident to Muslim World: "Americans are not your enemy" < > Well done to him......Jan 29 00:01
PetoKrausit was /.ted like half a day agoJan 29 00:01
PetoKrausbut it's good newsJan 29 00:01
schestowitzI saw it before too (about a day ago)Jan 29 00:02
neighborleeschestowitz, dont know..Jan 29 00:02
neighborleeschestowitz, he went offline b4 I could askJan 29 00:02
schestowitzWindows Mobile Bluetooth vulnerability allows access to any files < >Jan 29 00:03
schestowitzHehe.Jan 29 00:03
schestowitzGood publicity for Ogg: Ogg and Friends Challenge Flash < >Jan 29 00:04
schestowitzHey, neighborlee ever seen Miguel using Ogg anywhere? It's like he hates it or ssomething... always .NET, WMV and XAML for him..........Jan 29 00:05
schestowitzDoug says: ""Could you point me to anything on COLA that is going to advance anyone's knowledge on anything. Oh, did you notice that comes article that specifically mentions DLL hell, something fuddie always said didn't exist...""Jan 29 00:08
neighborleeschestowitz, hmm I honestly dont know much about miguel really..other than few things I know from boycottnovellJan 29 00:09
neighborleeschestowitz, well,,that he 'resisted' mono and now is fully behind it..thats the oddest thing imho about himJan 29 00:09
neighborleeso,,him not doing ogg, is not much of a surprise ;)Jan 29 00:09
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schestowitzWeird.. why is an MS MVP ordering Linux....? Waiting for the HP Mini Mi Edition with Linux < >Jan 29 01:16
schestowitzMicrosoft employee committed suicide. 29 02:06
schestowitznnJan 29 02:06
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schestowitzThe second picture is funny: 29 09:26
MinceRgeekingsJan 29 09:36
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schestowitzEverything is good so far this week and we've made it into many front pages, which means that the message gets across. Soon enough we ought to do more Comes exhibits..Jan 29 10:25
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schestowitz 29 11:06
schestowitzSounds like Microsoft.. :-)Jan 29 11:06
amarsh04schestowitz - good succinct point putting the link in the ostatic commentsJan 29 11:09
schestowitzThanks, glad you noticedJan 29 11:10
amarsh04I found out today that if our state ambulance service gets incorrect address information from the 000 service, that instead of sending a discrepancy report to the people responsible for maintaining the location database of fixed telephones for when people call the 000 emergency number, they do nothingJan 29 11:13
schestowitzThis is interesting stuff: 29 11:14
amarsh04needless to say, I've emailed our state emergency services minister about itJan 29 11:14
schestowitzAbout EDGI?Jan 29 11:15
amarsh04about our ambulance service not even bothering to get incorrect address information associated with a telephone number corrected as they are supposed to doJan 29 11:17
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schestowitzOh, I missed that last message (didn't notice it)Jan 29 11:18
amarsh04EDGI is a tougher nut to crack. Our state education minister and most education department bureaucrats are in some kind of "cost effectiveness" mantra rather than the gnu education stance. I should just send them a printed copy of the gnu statementJan 29 11:19
amarsh04must get some sleep in a minuteJan 29 11:19
schestowitzStill fever(ish)?Jan 29 11:20
amarsh04today we had our record highest daily minimum temperature 33.9 C (over 93 F)Jan 29 11:21
zer0c00ltemperature is bit high in kerala?Jan 29 11:22
amarsh04over 100 F maximums forecast for the next weekJan 29 11:22
amarsh04I'm sure that it gets hot over there zer0c00l, but I'm in "temperate" Adelaide, South AustraliaJan 29 11:22
zer0c00lohJan 29 11:23
zer0c00li thought you are from keralaJan 29 11:23
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schestowitzI'd like to visit Kerala one day.Jan 29 11:24
zer0c00lyeah its a great holiday spot in indiaJan 29 11:26
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zer0c00lwill they remove existing gnu/linux installations there  if they go with EDGI of M$?Jan 29 11:26
schestowitzI don't know.Jan 29 11:26
schestowitzWhat's the situation there re: dumping?Jan 29 11:27
zer0c00lschestowitz : same dumping here...Even universities dump students with M$ productsJan 29 11:28
zer0c00li have created a blog against this mess 29 11:28
zer0c00litJan 29 11:29
schestowitzIt turns out to start here... 29 11:31
schestowitzzer0c00l: have you protested against those who get corrupted by the money (lackeys/foreigners)?Jan 29 11:32
schestowitzDon't blame just the umbrella (it's the shadow just sheltering those responsible). Find your way to individual cronies because individuals can be persuaded, not an evasive image or name.Jan 29 11:32
zer0c00lschestowitz : no i dont know any information about those corruptsJan 29 11:34
zer0c00li am a ordinary student of that universityJan 29 11:34
zer0c00li am thinking of gathering informationJan 29 11:34
zer0c00ldefinitely there's some thing wrong with the universityJan 29 11:34
zer0c00lsure schestowitzJan 29 11:34
schestowitzTry it.Jan 29 11:37
schestowitzAsk people question. Who is Microsoft negotiating with?Jan 29 11:37
schestowitzIs it the leftist government they flirt with?Jan 29 11:37
schestowitzWhat's the gain (personal) to those involved?Jan 29 11:37
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schestowitzNokia chooses wage slavery over the status quo: (Nokia Outsources Desktop Management to India's HCL)Jan 29 11:57
zer0c00li found  a guy , his name is kenneth and is a member of NRC foss, which is responsible for making the curriculum more open and vendor neutral ..but he does nothing..i have to gather evidence  against him before i start protestingJan 29 11:59
zer0c00lthey evade public criticism  by introducing foss as an elective 29 11:59
zer0c00lwhen some one asks there is no foss related things in the syllabus, they will show this elective subjectJan 29 12:00
zer0c00lelectives are mostly chosen by faculties than studentsJan 29 12:00
zer0c00lvery unfortunate situation hereJan 29 12:00
schestowitzzer0c00l: he could be influenced by someoneJan 29 12:00
schestowitzIf they changed the curriculum, ask him why.Jan 29 12:00
schestowitzThese autocrats are often out for personal gain, unless they are watched (that's where transparency comes into playJan 29 12:01
schestowitzDodo-isation of proprietary software: With Global Revenue Dropping, Symantec Posts Big Loss < >Jan 29 12:03
schestowitzThis further enforcers the belief that methods alone should be taught, never products. Products come and go, much like knowledge. It's skills that stay.Jan 29 12:03
schestowitz"Blaming the recession, Capgemini asks contractors to work with their agencies to cut rates. Aspire is CapGemini's outsourcing deal with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs - it cut 600 jobs on the contract back in late 2007." 29 12:07
schestowitzGood quote here: 29 12:18
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*schestowitz goes back to some Comes exhibits...Jan 29 12:21
schestowitzReader says: "How they must hate having these emails come to light in such public ways.  It seems like there's no point too low for them to stoop when it comes to protecting their (ahem) assets.  They sometimes seem bumbling and clueless, but they also seem a little scary at times.  I'm finding the 'turfers and trolls on Digg to be especially creepy."Jan 29 12:21
schestowitz"Haven't had much time to visit Digg lately, but I try to check in at least once a day and spread a few diggs around, but anymore it seems like I spend more time burying ugly troll-turfers.  I try to comment when I can, but I'm not really very good at it... "Jan 29 12:21
schestowitz*LOL* "The Russian prime minister tells the Dell CEO: 'We don't need help. We are not invalids.'"Jan 29 12:27
schestowitz"Putin's withering reply to Dell: "We don't need help. We are not invalids. We don't have limited mental capacity." The slapdown took many of the people in the audience by surprise. Putin then went on to outline some of the steps the Russian government has taken to wire up the country, including remote villages in Siberia."Jan 29 12:28
schestowitz" One last chance to save mankind [...] Your work on atmospheric chlorofluorocarbons led eventually to a global CFC ban that saved us from ozone-layer depletion. Do we have time to do a similar thing with carbon emissions to save ourselves from climate change?" 29 12:42
schestowitz"Khaled El Masri has sued the government of Macedonia for handing him over to the CIA for torture." 29 12:45
schestowitzWe made it into the Linux Today front page again.....Jan 29 12:47
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EruaranhulloJan 29 14:27
schestowitzHey, what's up?Jan 29 14:27
EruaranI just finished posting a rant on Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols blog at computerworldJan 29 14:29
EruaranI got fed upJan 29 14:29
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EruaranI dont think it has come up yet... maybe its too longJan 29 14:31
schestowitzOh, don't feed his KDE rantsJan 29 14:31
schestowitzFocus on the positives.Jan 29 14:31
Eruarancomparing free software to windows 7... I mean geezJan 29 14:32
Eruaranthe idiot actually complained kde4 needed a more pluggable interface... seriously, what the hell is he talking about... is there another shell on the planet that gives you more of that kind of power ?Jan 29 14:33
schestowitzThis could be an AstroTurf/guerrilla marketing: 29 14:34
schestowitzEruaran: re: comparisons, SJVN hardly cares about FreedomJan 29 14:34
schestowitzI'm sort of friends with him, but he never seemed to care so much about the patent deals.Jan 29 14:35
schestowitzHe's what you might call a "pragmatist" (i.e. all rights be damned as long as it Works(R)). He comes from UNIX, so...Jan 29 14:35 from the same people who brought you MojaveJan 29 14:36
schestowitzwhat does whois say?Jan 29 14:37
schestowitzIt sends messages like "Windows 7 is polished"; "people love Windows 7"... it drips like the "letters from dead people" tactic.Jan 29 14:38
EruaranexactlyJan 29 14:38
schestowitz"...Paul Thurrott..."Jan 29 14:39
EruaranIts DNA has "Microsoft Marketting" stamped on itJan 29 14:39
schestowitzRegistrant:Jan 29 14:40
schestowitz   volum LLCJan 29 14:40
schestowitz   Registered through:, Inc. ( 29 14:40
schestowitz   Domain Name: RELEASEWINDOWS7.COMJan 29 14:40
schestowitz   Domain servers in listed order:Jan 29 14:40
schestowitz      DNS1.MIDPHASE.COMJan 29 14:40
schestowitz      DNS2.MIDPHASE.COMJan 29 14:40
wasabiIt's also possible people like Windows 7.Jan 29 14:40
wasabiJust sayin.Jan 29 14:40
schestowitzYes, but...Jan 29 14:40
schestowitzWhy run a campaign for it?Jan 29 14:40
schestowitzSelf gain?Jan 29 14:40
wasabiSame reason people run campaigns for all sorts of stupid stuff.Jan 29 14:41
schestowitz 29 14:41
schestowitzwasabi: for a private tyranny?Jan 29 14:41
wasabischestowitz: Not everybody agrees that that is what it is.Jan 29 14:41
wasabiYou know, the vast majoirty of people 'don't care'.Jan 29 14:42
schestowitzPeople campaign for right and stuff, with the exception of Apple fansJan 29 14:42
wasabiANd a smaller minority of them 'like it.'Jan 29 14:42
schestowitzwasabi: liking it is passiveJan 29 14:42
schestowitzBut i'm just checkingJan 29 14:42
schestowitzMicrosoft has many such campaignsJan 29 14:42
wasabiThey use google-analytics on their page.Jan 29 14:42
schestowitzLike anti-VMware sites (it hired an agency t attack them)Jan 29 14:42
schestowitzIn Europe it created lobbying platforms like ... for software patents.. created quietly.. by mcirosoft.Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzRegistrant:Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzvolum LLCJan 29 14:43
schestowitz215 Oxford Dr.Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzFranklin, Tennessee 37064Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzUnited StatesJan 29 14:43
schestowitzRegistered through:, Inc. ( 29 14:43
schestowitzDomain Name: RELEASEWINDOWS7.COMJan 29 14:43
schestowitzCreated on: 18-Jan-09Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzExpires on: 18-Jan-10Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzLast Updated on: 18-Jan-09Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzAdministrative Contact:Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzPoe, Kelly kelly@volummonster.comJan 29 14:43
schestowitzvolum LLCJan 29 14:43
schestowitz215 Oxford Dr.Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzFranklin, Tennessee 37064Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzUnited StatesJan 29 14:43
schestowitz(937) 409-4040Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzTechnical Contact:Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzPoe, Kelly kelly@volummonster.comJan 29 14:43
schestowitzvolum LLCJan 29 14:43
schestowitz215 Oxford Dr.Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzFranklin, Tennessee 37064Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzUnited StatesJan 29 14:43
schestowitz(937) 409-4040Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzDomain servers in listed order:Jan 29 14:43
schestowitzDNS1.MIDPHASE.COMJan 29 14:43
schestowitzDNS2.MIDPHASE.COMJan 29 14:43
schestowitzWhat is Volum doing?Jan 29 14:44
wasabiSure, but that stuffs not surprising.Jan 29 14:44
wasabiHappens for pork.Jan 29 14:44
wasabiIf it's nefarious, then you have to consider many players other than MS nefarious.Jan 29 14:45
schestowitzI do.Jan 29 14:46
schestowitzIt's the year of Ox. Don't buy any bullshit < >Jan 29 14:47
wasabiOh, well, ok.Jan 29 14:47
schestowitzI'm doing some lookups just to be sureJan 29 14:48
schestowitzYou must always assume they have some interests. Even those who we are supposed to respect... like centralised 'authorities'Jan 29 14:48
wasabiSure. That's a safe assumption.Jan 29 14:48
wasabiBut it's not a suprising assumption.Jan 29 14:48
schestowitzTake BSI for example. I have it well documented that the BSI is likely corrupt like many similar institutions that are controlled and run by private interests. BSI ought to be dismantled, if not merely reformed. It's really a private company. They also outsource the spying on people’s calls and E-mail in the UK.  It's a sin to delegate such tasks to private tyrannies.Jan 29 14:49
wasabiBSI?Jan 29 14:49
schestowitz'British' 'Standards' 'Institute'Jan 29 14:49
schestowitzCronies for sale, AFAICTJan 29 14:49 appears and instantly Todd Bishop is dutifully reporting it on his Microsoft BlogJan 29 14:50
schestowitz 29 14:50
schestowitzRegistrant:Jan 29 14:50
schestowitz   Volum, LLCJan 29 14:50
schestowitz   Registered through:, Inc. ( 29 14:50
schestowitz   Domain Name: VOLUMMONSTER.COMJan 29 14:50
wasabiGot me. I'm not British.Jan 29 14:50
wasabime->work!Jan 29 14:50
schestowitzEruaran: Almost each time I check these things I find the links I suspectJan 29 14:50
schestowitzLast week it was T3 and Microsoft (vs IBM)Jan 29 14:51
schestowitzLater on the press chimed in too, spotting the very same relationshipJan 29 14:51
EruaranIts basically an advertisement for encouraging the reader to go sign itJan 29 14:51
schestowitzWell, Bishop *is* an advertiser for Microsoft, in essence.Jan 29 14:51
schestowitzAll the MS bloggers have been 'rabidly' pro-Microsoft recently. They act as fans more like reporters, which is fair but worth noting.Jan 29 14:52
EruaranI did a quote for someone at work todayJan 29 14:54
EruaranThey wanted to know how much the same computer would be with Windows and MS Office, with no software, and with UbuntuJan 29 14:54
schestowitzWeir wrote about this days agoJan 29 14:55
schestowitz"    * Dell Inspiron 530 with Microsoft Vista/Microsoft Office = $818.00Jan 29 14:55
schestowitz    * Dell Inspiron 530N with Ubuntu/OpenOffice = $428.00"Jan 29 14:55
schestowitz 29 14:55
EruaranYes, on the system I quoted today the customer will save around $300 if they go with UbuntuJan 29 14:55
EruaranPeople suddenly care about that $300 more than they did six months agoJan 29 14:56
schestowitzInfinite (imaginary) wealth is no moreJan 29 14:57
schestowitzI work on some quotes of my own :-)Jan 29 14:57
schestowitzIt's not announced yet < >, but it's the third one that I set up in a third domain of mine. Wikemedia works better than anything I've tried in the past because it's very simple yet feature rich. A form of microblogging or notetaking is handy too. Think of it as a journal where we can collect and find links and thoughts and in this case lots of antitrust smoking guns..Jan 29 14:59
schestowitzWe started this Wiki some weeks ago and it's pretty valuable. But a Wiki is useful so long as it actually has a clear goal and outside contributors, so your help is required if you can spare some time.Jan 29 14:59
EruaranI'm not sure where I'd startJan 29 15:01
schestowitzWe need texts from the PDFs mostlyJan 29 15:13
schestowitzIntel's anti-Linux needs lots of work: 29 15:14
trmanco 29 15:16
schestowitzTuxmachines' IP/DNS binding is still badJan 29 15:19
schestowitzNo word about it that I could find in there... not many people read it in the interimJan 29 15:20
schestowitzWatch the graph (top): 29 15:20
schestowitz24 183515 3.73% 150437 3.78% 111759 3.81% 15939 3.66% 8591 5.93% 1868441 3.80% 0 0.00% 0 0.00%Jan 29 15:21
schestowitz25 182584 3.71% 148811 3.74% 113004 3.85% 15418 3.54% 8452 5.84% 1853738 3.77% 0 0.00% 0 0.00%Jan 29 15:21
schestowitz26 352 0.01% 337 0.01% 246 0.01% 36 0.01% 9 0.01% 3655 0.01% 0 0.00% 0 0.00%Jan 29 15:21
schestowitz27 4186 0.09% 3686 0.09% 1509 0.05% 376 0.09% 263 0.18% 46046 0.09% 0 0.00% 0 0.00%Jan 29 15:21
schestowitz28 8232 0.17% 6811 0.17% 3135 0.11% 751 0.17% 430 0.30% 84765 0.17% 0 0.00% 0 0.00%Jan 29 15:21
schestowitz29 2586 0.05% 2171 0.05% 974 0.03% 246 0.06% 182 0.13% 29767 0.06% 0 0.00% 0 0.00%Jan 29 15:21
schestowitzhttp:// 29 15:23
schestowitzKDE 4.2: I'm tired of Pundits, Here's MY Take < >Jan 29 15:27
schestowitzEruaran: "So as of today I say: Viva la KDE! I think 4.2 is a major milestone, and I'm already looking forward to screwing around with the 4.3 betas in a few months. The real innovators in FOSS software are not making stupid rants like this one, but are making SVN and git commits even as I type this. To them I say thank you, and only listen to the critics if they file properly documented bug reports!"Jan 29 15:27
schestowitzStill downplaying the OOXML crimes: 29 15:32
schestowitzPart of the Microsoft cronies brigade...Jan 29 15:32
schestowitz Their engineers will hopefully do something useless to society by adding code to the GPL pool.Jan 29 15:48
schestowitz 29 15:52
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schestowitzwb, seller_liar Jan 29 16:10
seller_liarschestowitz: hello royJan 29 16:11
schestowitzThanks for the help on the Wiki BTWJan 29 16:11
schestowitzI'm gonna have to do lots more studying into Intel's dirty tricks/crimesJan 29 16:11
seller_liarschestowitz: Oh, but I have not finishedJan 29 16:12
schestowitzI've organised your/our work @ What's needed now is some analysis of the PDFs there.Jan 29 16:12
schestowitzseller_liar: true.Jan 29 16:12
seller_liarschestowitz: Have you completed all days?Jan 29 16:12
schestowitzI finished 16 March, 2007 in 29 16:12
schestowitzI also uploaded all the PDFs (locally) one the ones you passedJan 29 16:13
schestowitzMarch 17th onwards needed doing tooJan 29 16:13
schestowitzI'm also organising them as I go along, e.g. 29 16:13
seller_liarschestowitz: Put the link of Iowa page here ,I 'll do some days.Jan 29 16:15
schestowitz Polizei entfernt Tibet-Flagge aus Davoser Geschäft - Police removed Tibetan flag from Davos business  < >Jan 29 16:16
schestowitzseller_liar: thanks a lot!Jan 29 16:16
schestowitz -- I've done all until March 16 including that date. So 17th onwards needs passing to pages in the WikiJan 29 16:17
schestowitzLater we can organise them in sequence and I'll upload the PDFs.Jan 29 16:17
seller_liarschestowitz: okJan 29 16:17
schestowitz " The researchers found that farmers who named their cows Betsy or Gertrude or Daisy improved their overall milk yield by almost 500 pints (284 liters) annually." Silly headline.Jan 29 16:21
schestowitzAlaska volcano expected to erupt soon < >Jan 29 16:23
schestowitz and about dangerous blogging.Jan 29 16:28
schestowitz "Michael Dell might think twice about dishing out a sales pitch to a world leader in the future after Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin very publicly dissed his patronising offer of help."Jan 29 16:31
schestowitzMicrosoft uses its partners to FUD main competitor: 29 16:36
seller_liarschestowitz: 17,18,19 doneJan 29 16:49
schestowitzExcellent!Jan 29 16:49
schestowitzThank youJan 29 16:50
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wasabiI think the Dream is a great phone. I have one. But it certainly is missing a lot of things that make it usable for business-types.Jan 29 17:18
wasabiI'm a bit surprised they haven't been filled in yet, too.Jan 29 17:18
schestowitzI saw one too.Jan 29 17:23
schestowitzWhat is "business types"?Jan 29 17:24
wasabipeople who want corporate calendars and email.Jan 29 17:29
wasabiand integrating with existing CRM systems, etc.Jan 29 17:30
wasabiI mean. I have one. It's my main phone.Jan 29 17:30
wasabiI have the android dev device.Jan 29 17:30
wasabiNo remote kill switch either.Jan 29 17:32
schestowitzAre there no Web-based solutions to these?Jan 29 17:46
schestowitzFennec by the way is allegedly slated for realse next week. Finally something to replace proprietary OperaJan 29 17:46
amarsh04off to work...Jan 29 18:00
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flybackCANUCKSJan 29 18:00
flybackCANUCKSJan 29 18:00
flybackCANUCKSJan 29 18:01
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schestowitzHeyJan 29 18:07
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 29 18:17
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wasabischestowitz: Web based solutions to corporate email? No. You can't much have notifications with a browser.Jan 29 18:31
wasabiAnd a web based remote-kill makes no sense. :0Jan 29 18:31
schestowitzYou could install it locally on your server and customise it.Jan 29 18:35
wasabiDo what?Jan 29 18:50
flyback <--- YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE MORONSJan 29 19:12
schestowitzwasabi: install groupware on a serverJan 29 19:14
schestowitzI'm not sure about CRM.Jan 29 19:14
wasabii don't think this conversation is going anywhere. you're missing my point.Jan 29 19:14
schestowitzI suppose you can't replace a full-blown PC with a phoneJan 29 19:15
schestowitzBut the phone can be a substitute for some task while awayJan 29 19:15
wasabiI'm doing nothing more than saying that Android is not ready for the corporation, like WiMo and the iPhone are.Jan 29 19:16
wasabiThat's all we're talking about.Jan 29 19:16
wasabiOr all we were talking about.Jan 29 19:16
schestowitzYes, I see the pointJan 29 19:17
schestowitzBut Microsoft's AU partner said it was "not robuest"Jan 29 19:17
schestowitz*robustJan 29 19:18
wasabiDepends what he means by robust.Jan 29 19:18
wasabiAlso, he spends most of this time praising the iPhone. I don't really know hwo that is supposed to tie him to MS.Jan 29 19:21
schestowitzYes, I noticed thatJan 29 19:24
schestowitzbblJan 29 19:54
schestowitzmade loads of progress on the wikiJan 29 19:54
schestowitzIt's funny to see how Microsoft competes... mafia mentality like AbramoffJan 29 19:56
schestowitzThey used to assign what they called "Attack Groups" to attack potential rivalsJan 29 19:56
schestowitzNow they seem to call it "taskforces". Why compete or develop when you can set up teams whose aim is merely to attack (vandalise) smaller rivals?Jan 29 19:57
wasabiSeems reasonable to me.Jan 29 19:58
twitter"I'm doing nothing more than saying that Android is not ready for the corporation, like WiMo and the iPhone are."  Windows Mobil is ready for what?Jan 29 20:07
wasabiHmm?Jan 29 20:12
twitterWhat does Windows Mobil do for you that Android does not?Jan 29 20:16
MinceRit supports native appsJan 29 20:16
wasabi<wasabi> people who want corporate calendars and email.Jan 29 20:16
wasabi and integrating with existing CRM systems, etc.Jan 29 20:16
wasabi I mean. I have one. It's my main phone.Jan 29 20:16
wasabi I have the android dev device.Jan 29 20:16
wasabi No remote kill switch either.Jan 29 20:16
MinceRthe android kill switch applies only to apps bought from the android market or whatever it's calledJan 29 20:17
wasabiNot the same type of kill switch.Jan 29 20:17
wasabiWiMo lets me formate devices remotely when I fire somebody.Jan 29 20:17
wasabiOr when the device is reported stolen.Jan 29 20:17
twitterYou are telling me that Google can't do calendars and email?  That Windows Mobil does not have a kill switch?Jan 29 20:17
MinceRlolJan 29 20:17
MinceRi didn't know about that kill switchJan 29 20:17
wasabiStuff like that has been on Blackberry for ages... and in the last two years WiMo has adopted it all.Jan 29 20:18
wasabiIt's why it's valuable. It's why people buy them.Jan 29 20:18
twitterAll non free software comes with explicit EULAs about "we can turn you off anytime for any reason"  What company would disobey if told they could no longer use an ap?Jan 29 20:18
wasabiPush policies too. Forced email on phone encryption.Jan 29 20:19
wasabiI can push a policy to all my phones that if somebody enters the wrong password 4 times, it formats itself.Jan 29 20:19
twitterSomehow, I don't trust the "security" of a Windoze device that uses IE6.Jan 29 20:20
wasabiI can require applications that are installed on the phones to be signed by my CA.Jan 29 20:20
twittera device that can't be hooked up to the net is not ready for anything.Jan 29 20:21
MinceRtwitter: that's why you install opera on itJan 29 20:21
MinceR:>Jan 29 20:21
twitterwhy not Familiar?Jan 29 20:22
twitterAngstrom, or any other OS?Jan 29 20:23
wasabiBecause of all the stuff I justl isted? hehJan 29 20:24
MinceRi'd like familiar but i need a device to run it on :>Jan 29 20:30
PetoKrausI think i'm gonna make a factory letterJan 29 20:30
PetoKraussomething on the lines ofJan 29 20:30
PetoKraus"dear webmaster. Your page is absolutely brilliant, but stop fucking using flash for navigation, you COCK!"Jan 29 20:31
PetoKrausand no, i'm not pissed off even at slightestJan 29 20:31
PetoKrausthese people should be forced to use Windows 95 without any sort of antivirusJan 29 20:31
PetoKrausencapsulated in their own internets.Jan 29 20:32
PetoKraushaha!Jan 29 20:32
PetoKraus 29 20:32
*seller_liar (i=c95c8491@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 20:47
*amd-linux (i=58418dc8@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 20:48
*amd-linux (i=58418dc8@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #boycottnovellJan 29 20:50
twitter 29 21:02
twitter->  They can't be "digging a bigger hole even as (taxpapers are) being asked to fill it up!" <- Oh yes they did.Jan 29 21:05
twitter"Deadlines are Looming" ha ha. 29 21:12
*zer0c00l has quit ("Leaving")Jan 29 21:17
twitterha ha, 29 21:39
twitterVista 7 rejected by Georgetown.Jan 29 21:39
seller_liartwitter: Georgetown is a english or french country?Jan 29 21:48
*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jan 29 21:55
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 21:55
wasabiGeorgetown UIS says it will support the final version of Windows 7 after it's released and been thoroughly tested.Jan 29 21:55
wasabi... why is that news? It's saying "don't install beta software"Jan 29 21:56
seller_liartwitter: Sorry city!Jan 29 21:56
wasabiWhat a silly article. They haven't banned it, either.Jan 29 21:58
seller_liartwitter: Guyana is a ex english colonyJan 29 21:58
wasabiThey've published a warning telling people to watch out because things might break.Jan 29 21:58
wasabiAmazing.Jan 29 21:58
*DarkUranium has quit ("Leaving")Jan 29 22:09
schestowitzwasabi: your risk is not format/no formatJan 29 22:18
schestowitzYour risk are people, regardless of whether they got fired or notJan 29 22:19
schestowitztwitter: DC is too corrupt to regulate. The DoJ is more of a legal brothel. RMS too mocks them.Jan 29 22:21
wasabiI have no idea what that means.Jan 29 22:22
schestowitzJust seen the article about FraudStreet. Nothing will change until people stand up for change.Jan 29 22:23
schestowitzwasabi: DoJ?Jan 29 22:23
wasabiWhat?Jan 29 22:23
schestowitzDepartment of 'Justice'Jan 29 22:25
schestowitz /s/Justice/Cronies/Jan 29 22:25
wasabimust build thatJan 29 22:26
wasabiOops wrong windowJan 29 22:26
wasabischestowitz: I never said anything about the DoJ. I really have no idea what you're talking about.Jan 29 22:26
schestowitzMaybe someone will invade to liberate the country from abusive selfish elites ;-)Jan 29 22:27
schestowitzwasabi: I was referring to the articles (links) posted here earlierJan 29 22:27
wasabiI never commented on them.Jan 29 22:27
schestowitzI have. :-)Jan 29 22:27
PetoKraus:)Jan 29 22:28
PetoKrausanywayJan 29 22:28
PetoKrausi was thinking today (surprise surpriseJan 29 22:28
PetoKrausand i wrote about it in my blog, but since no one reads it...Jan 29 22:28
PetoKrausi was trying to figure out how could the system work without patentsJan 29 22:28
PetoKrausi mean, the idea of a patent is fairly goodJan 29 22:29
seller_liarPetoKraus: No it's notJan 29 22:29
wasabiI personally like patents.Jan 29 22:29
PetoKrausthat is, the person who invents something would be able to cover the costs under the researchJan 29 22:29
seller_liarPetoKraus: NoJan 29 22:29
PetoKrausseller_liar: whatJan 29 22:29
seller_liarPetoKraus: If the person does not like to share,then do not publish the researchJan 29 22:30
PetoKrausit is kind of hard to do soJan 29 22:30
PetoKrausif you invent new medicationJan 29 22:30
PetoKrausor something like thatJan 29 22:30
wasabiThat's hwo the world was before patents. Now we have patents, and people can publish the research, to benefit people.Jan 29 22:30
seller_liarseller_liar: "Researchers" like IBM , research only for close the knowledgeJan 29 22:31
PetoKrausfrankly, the pesticide industry is for example so cluttered, because of patentsJan 29 22:31
seller_liarPetoKraus: : "Researchers" like IBM , research only for close the knowledgeJan 29 22:31
PetoKrauson the other hand, the research is quite costly and requiredJan 29 22:31
PetoKrausso i have been thinking this wayJan 29 22:31
seller_liarPetoKraus: Don t researchJan 29 22:31
PetoKrauscancel patents as they work todayJan 29 22:31
PetoKrauscreate government and industry subsidized research centresJan 29 22:31
wasabiI happen to be pretty much okay with how they work today.Jan 29 22:32
seller_liarPetoKraus: Yes, for researching do like W3CJan 29 22:32
PetoKraussimilar way how for example bookmakers and lotteries fund back sports clubsJan 29 22:32
seller_liarPetoKraus: There's no need for patentsJan 29 22:32
PetoKrausif you are not interested in what i have to sayJan 29 22:32
PetoKrausthen say so franklyJan 29 22:32
PetoKrausif yesJan 29 22:32
schestowitzPeople who leverage patents to block others are happy with patentsJan 29 22:32
seller_liarPetoKraus: no sorry ,please continueJan 29 22:32
PetoKrausthen at least read what i writeJan 29 22:32
PetoKrausofcourse patents as they work now are stupidJan 29 22:33
schestowitzThat's like saying (but overstrecthing) that slavery is good because it makes efficient work.Jan 29 22:33
PetoKrausin everything, not in softwareJan 29 22:33
schestowitzPetoKraus: can I patent this message?Jan 29 22:33
PetoKrausif there's medication available and someone is able to make it cheapJan 29 22:33
schestowitzIf not, why not?Jan 29 22:33
PetoKrausthen it's his duty to do so, i'd sayJan 29 22:34
wasabischestowitz: Your position is like saying we should not respect property rights.Jan 29 22:34
schestowitzschestowitz: there is no intellectual property. There are trademarks, copyrights, and patentsJan 29 22:34
PetoKraustherefore... if you split research and industry thoughJan 29 22:34
schestowitzThese are separate thingsJan 29 22:34
wasabiAll of which we call Intellectual Property. :0Jan 29 22:34
schestowitzEach works different and has a different purposeJan 29 22:34
PetoKrauswasabi: no we dontJan 29 22:34
PetoKrausyou mayJan 29 22:34
PetoKrauswe dontJan 29 22:35
schestowitzwasabi: no, that's a sound biteJan 29 22:35
wasabiI do. My lawyers do.Jan 29 22:35
wasabiEvery lawyer I've ever met with does.Jan 29 22:35
wasabiSo....Jan 29 22:35
PetoKrausso?Jan 29 22:35
schestowitzLike calling counterfeiters pirates (people who rape and murder)Jan 29 22:35
schestowitzProperty means something else.Jan 29 22:35
wasabiWords are not exclusively the property of Webster.Jan 29 22:35
wasabiThey are the property of the common usage.Jan 29 22:35
schestowitzFor example, when I say a word, I don't own it.Jan 29 22:35
schestowitzIt's the movement of air that makes itJan 29 22:36
wasabiWhat?Jan 29 22:36
PetoKrausthe only thing i'd accept rights on are works of art and trademarksJan 29 22:36
schestowitzTrademarks are recognitionJan 29 22:36
PetoKrausi'm not going to comment on copyrights, because that's a different storyJan 29 22:36
wasabiIP means something. It means something to me. It means something to industry. It means somethign to people. It is a word used to refer to many different things.Jan 29 22:36
wasabiBut that doesn't mean it's improper to use it.Jan 29 22:36
schestowitzCopyrights are exact implementations or renditionsJan 29 22:37
schestowitzPatents are thoughtsJan 29 22:37
PetoKrauswasabi: it's usage is improper thoughJan 29 22:37
wasabiCopyrights are thoughts too.Jan 29 22:37
wasabiAs soon as I read your exact implementation, it's protected by copyright, and I cannot express it as it exists in my head.Jan 29 22:37
schestowitzcopyrights are too preciseJan 29 22:37
schestowitzThey can't be replicated by accidentJan 29 22:37
wasabiIt is a thought.Jan 29 22:37
wasabiSure they can.Jan 29 22:37
wasabiThat's why we have NDAs and clean rooms.Jan 29 22:37
schestowitzMoreover, re copyrights, there's a snagJan 29 22:37
schestowitzEverything we right is output based on input we typically get for freeJan 29 22:38
wasabiI have no idea what that means.Jan 29 22:38
schestowitzShould my teachers bill me per idea that they teach me and I use?Jan 29 22:38
schestowitzWhat is 'commodity' knowledge?Jan 29 22:38
schestowitzThe lamp was not 'invented overnightJan 29 22:38
PetoKrausschestowitz: the 70 years old oneJan 29 22:38
PetoKrausbut it depends on the country :PJan 29 22:38
wasabiThat's too far of an analogy.Jan 29 22:38
schestowitzIt took the work on many people to lay the foundationsJan 29 22:38
wasabiIt does not apply to the situation at hand.Jan 29 22:38
schestowitzWhy not?Jan 29 22:39
schestowitzHave you paid for each thing you learned?Jan 29 22:39
schestowitzIf a mate at the bar tells me about an idea, should I pay him for it?Jan 29 22:39
wasabiBut peopel don't patent those.Jan 29 22:40
wasabiAnd I'm not advocating they do.Jan 29 22:40
wasabiHence it's irrelevent.Jan 29 22:40
schestowitzWhat do you think about DNA/genome patents?Jan 29 22:40
schestowitzCan I own human forms?Jan 29 22:40
schestowitzIf it, say... 'discover' them?Jan 29 22:40
wasabiI don't think you should be able to.Jan 29 22:40
wasabiTo an extent.Jan 29 22:40
wasabiI think there is grey area here that needs to be worked out.Jan 29 22:41
wasabiNot just washed away.Jan 29 22:41
PetoKrauswellJan 29 22:41
schestowitzIn pharmaceuticals, work that many women did for hundreds of years were stolen and then labeled property of some company. It's very conventional to call it a sin if not a crime.Jan 29 22:41
PetoKrausin terms of patentsJan 29 22:41
PetoKrausi'd say they are ineffectiveJan 29 22:41
PetoKrausand we should address the issueJan 29 22:41
PetoKrausfrom scratchJan 29 22:41
seller_liarPetoKraus: the final solution ,end of patents!Jan 29 22:41
schestowitzGood luck with thatJan 29 22:41
PetoKraussureJan 29 22:41
schestowitzThey's like overthrowing a rotten governmentJan 29 22:41
seller_liarschestowitz: The second solutionJan 29 22:42
schestowitzPeople don't give away the power they were grantedJan 29 22:42
PetoKrausbut you need something insteadJan 29 22:42
PetoKrausthat's the only problemJan 29 22:42
schestowitzPeople don't just quit the government because they are corruptJan 29 22:42
*ushimitsudoki1 has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Jan 29 22:42
schestowitzThey need to be tosseJan 29 22:42
seller_liarschestowitz: Protect countries which already does not permit patents ,Jan 29 22:42
schestowitz*dJan 29 22:42
schestowitzseller_liar: that's why we keep sw patents out of the EUJan 29 22:42
PetoKrauswellJan 29 22:43
schestowitzBut American companies plant their 'cronies' in here to loot EuropeJan 29 22:43
schestowitzit's a typical routine of subversion from the insideJan 29 22:43
PetoKrausas long as there is patents to any extent in europeJan 29 22:43
PetoKrausit's not correct solutionJan 29 22:43
seller_liarschestowitz: And my worst fear is EUA trties to spread patents in other counrttriesJan 29 22:43
PetoKrausfor anything, not only SWJan 29 22:43
schestowitzseller_liar: it doesJan 29 22:43
schestowitzHeard of ThilandJan 29 22:43
seller_liarUsing lobby , power and other thingsJan 29 22:43
schestowitzSome a-hole from the UK tried to shove pharama patents into ThailandJan 29 22:43
schestowitzThey want to loot other countries and blackmail with people's lives in stakeJan 29 22:44
PetoKrausyou know, the main problem isJan 29 22:44
schestowitzThailand was so angry 2 years ago they it gave no samples for other countries to 'study' and patent (to extort Thailand)Jan 29 22:44
PetoKrauscommon people don't know about these lawsJan 29 22:44
PetoKrausthey are dumbed down by the term IPJan 29 22:44
schestowitzWe live in a sick society (equivocal)Jan 29 22:44
schestowitzMany people are illJan 29 22:45
PetoKrausfor example, patents don't apply outside of the country.Jan 29 22:45
schestowitzAnd they are forced to pay people on armchairs to liveJan 29 22:45
seller_liarPetoKraus:A society where ethics and laws is not importantJan 29 22:45
schestowitzIt's worse than slavertyJan 29 22:45
schestowitzSome call it murderJan 29 22:45
PetoKrausi bet I might be successful to sue someone plagiating my book even if he lives in usJan 29 22:45
schestowitzseller_liar: of course not, consumerism countsJan 29 22:45
schestowitzYou work 8-6, then watch the adverts on the tube and are told what to thinkJan 29 22:46
seller_liarschestowitz: But people must learn about ethics!Jan 29 22:46
wasabiI think things are fine.Jan 29 22:46
schestowitzThe goal of maximisation of wealth at all  means. And making money is being a good person. In such countries, the biggest heroes are those with most wealthJan 29 22:46
PetoKrauswasabi: in which areaJan 29 22:46
wasabiin any area.Jan 29 22:46
PetoKrausrightJan 29 22:46
seller_liarschestowitz: People should have toi spend 10% free time to learn ethicsJan 29 22:46
wasabitake any area, and look at it 50 years ago.Jan 29 22:46
schestowitz*by all meansJan 29 22:46
PetoKrausyes?Jan 29 22:46
*kapipi has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 29 22:47
wasabior 100, or 150.Jan 29 22:47
wasabiThe world has never been better.Jan 29 22:47
schestowitzseller_liar: you can't teach ethicsJan 29 22:47
seller_liarschestowitz: No?Jan 29 22:47
schestowitzNot as long as agenda and curricula are set by corporations.Jan 29 22:47
PetoKrausimagine nowJan 29 22:47
PetoKraussomeone would have patented friedel-crafts acylationJan 29 22:47
schestowitzThe solution is regulations -- a state where the country tames the industry, not vice versaJan 29 22:47
PetoKraus30 years agoJan 29 22:47
schestowitzPeople these days patent s maths toooJan 29 22:48
PetoKrausthe patent would be slowly wearing off by now i guess (depends on the country)Jan 29 22:48
PetoKrausbut it being such an important processJan 29 22:48
schestowitzIt's at stake because of Bilski, thankfully.Jan 29 22:48
PetoKrausyou wouldn't have half of the stuff around you, literallyJan 29 22:48
*ushimitsudoki ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 29 22:48
seller_liarschestowitz: And the most worst thing is the destruction of public domainJan 29 22:48
schestowitzYesJan 29 22:49
seller_liarschestowitz: Sonny bono et al  are pure lobby tacticsJan 29 22:49
schestowitzBooks are written about itJan 29 22:49
PetoKrausit's the same with medications. We are just lucky patents weren't here back thenJan 29 22:49
schestowitzI think I posted a link in BN last nightJan 29 22:49
PetoKrausi mean, paracetamol had been discovered in 1886Jan 29 22:49
schestowitzPublic domain equates to an infinite resource that renders the rest a commodityJan 29 22:49
schestowitzThings like Flickr kills not only 'professional' photographers but also COrbis, Gerry, jupitermedia, and so on.Jan 29 22:50
schestowitzWikipedia does much of the same to knowledgeJan 29 22:50
PetoKrausyou know locking knowledge is stupid. Maybe except of works of art.Jan 29 22:50
schestowitzKnowledge of certain kinds can't be ownedJan 29 22:51
PetoKrausi tell you 5+5 is 10. but i tell you, that since I told you, you can't tell anyone else for 10 yearsJan 29 22:51
schestowitzThings like an Atlas for exampleJan 29 22:51
seller_liarPetoKraus:No , mickey  must be freeJan 29 22:51
schestowitzPeople map the place, but they don't own EarthJan 29 22:51
PetoKrausseller_liar: in terms of artJan 29 22:51
PetoKrausi'd sayJan 29 22:51
schestowitzTheir rendition is theirs, not the objectJan 29 22:51
PetoKrausnon-commercial use? fuck offJan 29 22:51
PetoKrauscommercial use? carry on and request royalties.Jan 29 22:51
PetoKrausbut what's commercial use, then.Jan 29 22:51
schestowitzThere was a lawsuit against that new Tom Cruise film because of Hitler's globe (some guys who owns it uses copyrights)Jan 29 22:51
PetoKraus:)Jan 29 22:51
PetoKrausvalkyrie?Jan 29 22:52
schestowitz[opensuse-announce] KDE 4.2 in openSUSEJan 29 22:52
schestowitzPetoKraus: yesJan 29 22:52
seller_liarI was thinking ......Jan 29 22:52
schestowitzGlorification of war is backJan 29 22:52
PetoKrauswho'd watch tom cruise anywayJan 29 22:52
seller_liarFor protect the work against patents , there's no need to patent the workJan 29 22:52
schestowitzI reckon there might be a war in the next decade. Too many stupid fascistic countires...Jan 29 22:53
PetoKrausKatie Cruise, that's different matterJan 29 22:53
schestowitzI likes her in Dawson's Creek.Jan 29 22:53
schestowitz*likedJan 29 22:53
seller_liarFor protect a work, it's only need to register in some officeJan 29 22:53
PetoKrauswell i liked her untill i had to listen to herJan 29 22:53
PetoKrausthat was just total failJan 29 22:53
PetoKrausshe has such an annoying voice...Jan 29 22:53
seller_liarschestowitz: Cruise is only a pawn , a very rich pawnJan 29 22:53
schestowitzI watched the show so many times, but I don't know her real characterJan 29 22:54
seller_liarI don like stupid actors , they are very selfishJan 29 22:54
schestowitzCruise supports ScientologyJan 29 22:54
PetoKrausi'd go even further to sayJan 29 22:54
PetoKrauscruise IS scientologyJan 29 22:54
schestowitzAt least he protested ahead of the invasion of IraqJan 29 22:54
seller_liarschestowitz: Actors does not do nothing agains bollywoodJan 29 22:54
seller_liarschestowitz: At cost of $$$$$Jan 29 22:54
schestowitzSame with singersJan 29 22:55
seller_liarschestowitz: Obama show uses taxes to pay stupid actorsJan 29 22:55
schestowitzIf they speak out, they get the boot and the conglomerate goes out to some modeling agency to pick up a new girl who *might* be able to lip-synchJan 29 22:55
schestowitzObama is an actorJan 29 22:56
seller_liarschestowitz: a MarionetteJan 29 22:56
PetoKrausi dunno what to think about himJan 29 22:56
schestowitzHe is a front man for the same government that has ruled for half a centuryJan 29 22:56
PetoKrausi hope i won't have to think anything about himJan 29 22:56
PetoKrausit'd be just good for himJan 29 22:56
schestowitzBush too was an actorJan 29 22:56
seller_liarschestowitz: But it's better than cruel  bushJan 29 22:57
PetoKrausyeah, and a good oneJan 29 22:57
seller_liarschestowitz: But bush if far moire crazy ,and cruelJan 29 22:57
schestowitzWith the fake Texan accent, possible deliberate mispronunciations, the talks about rhe ranch in Texas and so onJan 29 22:57
seller_liarschestowitz: Bush helped exxon and other oil companies killing peopleJan 29 22:57
schestowitz['poor' Bush attacked by all those filthy rich people who drink wine and eat frogs]Jan 29 22:58
seller_liarschestowitz: And whar angers me is the american people does not do nothing/Jan 29 22:58
schestowitzseller_liar: but not killing American peopleJan 29 22:58
schestowitzThe selfish thinker is OK for those who vote for himJan 29 22:58
schestowitzMerely being a reflection of another's personal intrestsJan 29 22:58
schestowitzseller_liar: television makes a barrierJan 29 22:59
schestowitzAsk twitter Jan 29 22:59
schestowitzHe saw how his relatives get brainwashed. It's too easy to get carried away when the peer get mentally recruited by the television setsJan 29 22:59
schestowitz*peersJan 29 22:59
*neighborlee has quit ("Leaving")Jan 29 22:59
seller_liarschestowitz: But internet can change thisJan 29 23:00
seller_liarschestowitz: We need a boycottt planet!!!!Jan 29 23:00
schestowitzIndependent media is suppressed and in some cases shut down by the danger introduced by stronger libel law (esp. in the UK)Jan 29 23:00
schestowitzseller_liar: create oneJan 29 23:00
schestowitzThere is a limit to one's capacityJan 29 23:00
schestowitzOr you can help me out in BNJan 29 23:00
schestowitzWe reach millions, so the more information we can deliver, the betterJan 29 23:01
seller_liarschestowitz:About wiki, have done some day?Jan 29 23:02
schestowitzGeorge Soros: I made money from the Crisis < >Jan 29 23:02
schestowitzWoohoo! So the looter rejoicesJan 29 23:02
schestowitzseller_liar: yes, thank youJan 29 23:02
schestowitzSee how I improved the front pageJan 29 23:02
schestowitzWe can jointly compose things there. Eventually all to be publishedJan 29 23:02
schestowitzAs property crimes increase, more neighbors are on patrol < >Jan 29 23:04
schestowitzMilitias rise in the USJan 29 23:04
schestowitz Development of Arabic localized help neededJan 29 23:05
schestowitzLMAO: Six-year-olds fingerprinted by Britain < >Jan 29 23:06
schestowitzSend them to Guatamala Bay and call it a day.:-DJan 29 23:06
schestowitz*Guantanamo Jan 29 23:06
PetoKrausguatamala bayJan 29 23:08
PetoKraus:DJan 29 23:08
schestowitzI type fastJan 29 23:09
PetoKrausDon't give a shit about the temperature in GuatemalaJan 29 23:09
PetoKrausDon't really see what all the fuss is aboutJan 29 23:09
PetoKrausAin't gonna worry about no future generationsJan 29 23:09
PetoKrausAnd I'm sure somebody's gonna figure it outJan 29 23:09
schestowitzDoes Guatamala have a bay/beach?Jan 29 23:09
PetoKraus ---- Nine Inch Nails - Capital GJan 29 23:09
schestowitzIs that on the playlist in GB?Jan 29 23:09
schestowitzSound torture?Jan 29 23:09
PetoKrausnot reallyJan 29 23:09
PetoKrausbut yesJan 29 23:09
PetoKraus^^ it was different oneJan 29 23:10
PetoKrausi thought playlist in GB you meant someJan 29 23:10
PetoKrauschart in UKJan 29 23:10
schestowitz 29 23:10
schestowitzYes, they have a shorelineJan 29 23:10
schestowitzTwo even...Jan 29 23:10
PetoKrausthat doesn't mean they'd have a beach :PJan 29 23:10
schestowitzGuatamala 'bays'... Jan 29 23:10
schestowitz 29 23:11
schestowitz 29 23:11
schestowitzIs that a prison facility on the mole? ;-)Jan 29 23:11
schestowitzThis one came up as well:Jan 29 23:12
schestowitzGuatamala Bay Gestapo: 29 23:12
schestowitz (Python slithers into Wesnoth)Jan 29 23:13
twitter"All of which we call Intellectual Property. :0"  ha ha.  We is wrong.  Imaginary property is a government created thing for a specific purpose.  Talking about copyright, patents and trade marks together is senseless, but you like Windows too...Jan 29 23:17
twitter"He saw how his relatives get brainwashed [by TV]." badly!Jan 29 23:19
schestowitzThe TERROR~1 are wondering out in Washington DC's streets, scheming the assassinate the president, eh?Jan 29 23:24
schestowitzAnd Vietnam is an immediate threat to the American public, much like those nuclear weapons that Saddam can use to nuke England within 40 minutes. *rolls eyes*Jan 29 23:25
schestowitzWe've just made a front pager in LT. Second in two days. :-D Give me some days to organise my notes and I'll do them by the truckload... 29 23:29
schestowitzSee there is a new scam which is related to the paid-for "recommends Vista" scam. Microsoft will try the same with Vista7. It hasn't any shame.Jan 29 23:34
schestowitzThe denialists' propaganda is paying off: (Public Cooling on Global Warming)Jan 29 23:36

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Data From Monaco Should Alarm Microsoft
Just how many people are deleting Windows and installing something else this year?
Linux in Central Sahel (Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger)
Vast area, vast number of "Linux users" (if one counts Android as such)
[Meme] Gagging One's Own Staff as a Signal of Corporate Distress
Censorship at Microsoft
Staying the Course
censorship isn't easy against sites that understand ways to resist it
The 'All-Seeing' Microsoft Eye
Microsofters are observing us closely
Links 24/06/2024: Long COVID and "How I Write Blogs"
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Allegations That Microsoft is Covering Up Employee Dissatisfaction and Using a Survey to Catch 'Risk' to the Cult Mentality
This favours or gradually socially-engineers a company for sociopathy
'Linux Hint' Inactive for Nearly a Month (It Used to be Very Active)
Their Twitter account hasn't been active for a long time and it's not too clear what's going on
An Unexpected GNU/Linux Trend
Burkina Faso is changing and not just politically
Android (Linux) at New Highs in Burkina Faso, Now Measured at 72% (Windows Was Measured at 98% 15 Years Ago)
based on this month's estimates
With 0.76% for ChromeOS and 3.7% for GNU/Linux (4.5% Total) Burkina Faso Approaches 5% for 'Linux'
More if one counts Android as "Linux"
Gemini Links 24/06/2024: Being Dull and OpenSSH Autoban
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EPO Issues in The Hague
a report dated 4 days ago about a meeting that took place 12 days ago
[Meme] Garbage in, Garbage Out (EPO Patent Quality)
"Get back to work"
When the Employer Makes You Too Sick to Go to Work (New EPO Document)
"registering when you are sick"
[Meme] Putin's Red Flags
Firefox ESR or Firefox USSR
The Corporate/Mainstream Media and Even Social Control Media is Distorting the Record About What Mozilla Actually Did (It Originally Surrendered to Vladimir Putin)
Mozilla being avoided for purely technical reasons (sites not being compatible with it) is one thing. Foolishly, Mozilla is giving people more political reasons to also shun Mozilla. This is suicide.
GNU/Linux Up Some More This Morning, Windows Down Sharply Even in Rich Countries
Microsoft is in trouble in the Muslim world
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Rising... Towards 5% for ChromeOS and GNU/Linux
the latest numbers show it growing from about 0.1% to around 2.4% for GNU/Linux, plus 2.01% for Chromebooks (ChromeOS), i.e. about 5% in total.
Links 24/06/2024: New Research, New Attacks on Justices Sceptical of Patent Maximalists, European Commission for Copyright Maximalists
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[Meme] 12 Years a Fedora Volunteer
IBM gives me a 'free' Fedora badge as recognition
IBM Slavery: Not a New Problem
When IBM got rid of Ben Cotton it showed the world how much it valued Fedora
Why They Want to Abolish Master/Slave Terminology (Because This is What They're Turned Free Software Into)
It used to be about community; GAFAM turned that into exploitation and worse
Roy and Rianne's Righteously Royalty-free RSS Reader (R.R.R.R.R.R.) Version 0.2 is Released
They say summer "officially" started some days ago
Torvalds' Number Two Quit Linux a Decade Ago and Has Since Then Earned an Honorary Doctorate
Revisiting Fuzix and Alan Cox
GNU/Linux Reaches All-Time High in Tunisia
Based on statCounter
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Sunday, June 23, 2024
IRC logs for Sunday, June 23, 2024
Edward Brocklesby (ejb) & Debian: Hacking expulsion cover-up in proximity to Oxford and GCHQ
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
You Know the Microsoft Products Really Suck When...
"Qualcomm and Microsoft go 'beyond the call of duty' to stop independent Copilot+ PC reviews"
IBM and "Regime Change"
Change of regime is not the same as freedom
Microsoft Windows in Nicaragua: From 98% to Less Than 25%
Operating System Market Share Nicaragua
Techrights in the Coming Decade: The Community Angle
Somebody needs to call them out on their BS
Techrights in the Coming Decade: The Software Angle
Gemini Protocol has just turned 5 - i.e. roughly the same age as our Git repositories
Techrights in the Coming Decade: The Patent Angle
Next month marks 10 years since we began covering EPO leaks
Wookey, Intrigeri, Cryptie & Debian pseudonyms beyond Edward Brocklesby
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
[Meme] Choice Versus Freedom
So When Do I Start Having Freedom? Freedom is choice between the GAFAMs
Digital Liberation of Society at Times of Armed Conflicts and Uncertainty
We have technical contributions, not just written output
Links 23/06/2024: More Microsoft Cancellations, Growing Repression Worldwide
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Gemini Links 23/06/2024: The Magician and the Hacker, tmux Tips
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Links 23/06/2024: Twitter/X Wants Your Money, Google Reports a Billion DMCA Takedowns in Four Months
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Digital Restrictions (Like DRM) Don't Have Brands, We Need to Teach People to Hate the Underlying Restrictions, Not Companies That Typically Come and Go
Conceptually, the hens should fear humans, not the farmer who cages them
Going Above 4% Again
Maybe 4% (or above) by month's end?
[Meme] Debian's 'Cannon Fodder' Economics
Conflicts of interest don't matter
Conviction, jail for Hinduja family, Debian exploitation comparison
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
According to Microsoft, It's Not a Code of Conduct Violation to Troll Your Victims Whose Files You Are Purging
The group of vandals from Microsoft think it's "funny" (and for a "nominal fee") to troll Microsoft critics
Microsoft Inside Debian is Sabotaging Debian and Its Many Hundreds of Derivatives With SystemD (Microsoft/GitHub Slopware With Catastrophic Bugs is Hardly a New Problem)
What is the moral of the story about The Scorpion and the Frog?
Links 23/06/2024: Hey Hi (AI) Scrapers Gone Very Rogue, Software Patents Squashed at EPO
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Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Saturday, June 22, 2024
IRC logs for Saturday, June 22, 2024
Gemini Links 23/06/2024: LoRaWAN and Gemini Plugin for KOReade
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