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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 5th, 2009


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schestowitzAnother anti-Linux talking point (the Vista7 BS/pitch): 05 00:00
balzacI like that guy, SchwarzFeb 05 00:00
balzacI think it was him who bandied the idea of releasing Solaris under GPLv3Feb 05 00:00
balzacbut it didn't happenFeb 05 00:00
schestowitzIt's one of those articles that predicts Linux dyingFeb 05 00:01
balzacI guess you've got to answer to your share-holdersFeb 05 00:01
schestowitzThese authors should be ashamed of themselves for being mini-ballmersFeb 05 00:01
balzachilariousFeb 05 00:01
balzacthe first sentence was laughableFeb 05 00:01
balzacWith Microsoft readying itself for the release of a fast, streamlined operating system in Windows 7, the Linux community needs to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat if the free and open-source operating system is to stay relevant on desktop computers.Feb 05 00:02
balzacI didn't know Mark Shuttleworth was a billionaire.Feb 05 00:02
balzacLucky dog.Feb 05 00:02
balzacUbuntu, the most popular version of Linux — its development is funded by SA-born billionaire Mark Shuttleworth — is looking increasingly dated.Feb 05 00:03
balzacNext to Windows 7 and Apple’s Mac OS X, Ubuntu and other Linuxes are looking old fashioned.Feb 05 00:03
balzacyeah, whatever.Feb 05 00:03
balzacI'm looking forward to the final humiliation of the proprietary software vendors. I'm sick of their crap.Feb 05 00:04
balzacThe lesson they refuse to learn is this: don't be chickenshit.Feb 05 00:04
balzacchickenshit software licensing, chickenshit DRM, chickenshit interfaces, chickenshit support - proprietary software has it in spades.Feb 05 00:05
balzacFor instance - Apple's iphone - the things they put customers through for wanting to "jail-break" their phones.Feb 05 00:06
balzacI remember when Apple had this commercial of this woman in small red shorts throwing a hammer through a giant TV screen - sticking it to the man, breaking totalitarianism.Feb 05 00:07
balzacThen there was a recent story about young customers of Apple iPhones who were arrested for "jail-breaking" their iphones. DMCA chickenshit, served by Apple.Feb 05 00:07
balzacOrwellian, DMCA bullshit.Feb 05 00:07
schestowitzSigh: 05 00:08
schestowitzbalzac: yes, many people think Mark S is a millionaireFeb 05 00:09
schestowitzNo idea as to whyFeb 05 00:09
schestowitzbalzac: judging Ubuntu based on a theme? :-)Feb 05 00:09
balzacThe last thing I read about Shuttleworth's money was about him making a killing with his Thawte company.Feb 05 00:09
balzacAfter that, I heard about him spending his money, Canonical operating at a loss while gaining market share.Feb 05 00:10
schestowitzbalzac: yes, I know that advertFeb 05 00:10
schestowitzThere's one of it in YouTube where the woman is labeled PJFeb 05 00:10
balzacPJ - in reference to what?Feb 05 00:11
schestowitzLet me find itFeb 05 00:11
schestowitzI can't find itFeb 05 00:12
*NotZed (i=966564ee@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 00:14
schestowitzI think BN will crash tomorrow morning.Feb 05 00:15
schestowitzI'll need to set up redirections before I go to sleepFeb 05 00:15
balzacyou ought to put it on slicehostFeb 05 00:15
schestowitzWe're movingFeb 05 00:16
balzacand put it on Drupal instead of WordpressFeb 05 00:16
schestowitzMaybe to a bigger server on the same hostFeb 05 00:16
schestowitzBut not just yetFeb 05 00:16
schestowitzNo, no DrupalFeb 05 00:16
balzacwhy not?Feb 05 00:16
schestowitzI've been hardcore with WP since 2004Feb 05 00:16
NotZedmorningFeb 05 00:16
balzacwordpress is for blogs more than for community sites.Feb 05 00:16
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balzacSuppose Novell goes under in the near future, would you rebrand the site and make a community site for free software enthusiasts?Feb 05 00:17
Omar87schestowitz: HiFeb 05 00:17
balzacmorning NotZedFeb 05 00:17
schestowitzThis is the type of post people don't just skip after reading the headline, so if it makes FP, it'll be trouble (host suspension): 05 00:17
schestowitzbalzac: sure.Feb 05 00:18
schestowitzThat's sort of what happens to GLFeb 05 00:18
schestowitzShills Galore todayFeb 05 00:18
balzacwell, Drupal is more suitable for community sites than wordpress. Wordpress is more of a blogging tool.Feb 05 00:18
schestowitzNow I'm seeing the Gralla shill provoking Linux some more.. caling for IExpoloder.exe for LinuxFeb 05 00:19
schestowitzbalzac: I can install things alongside WPFeb 05 00:19
Omar87schestowitz: I just love it when people keep saying stuff like "I use Apple because they make the best software, and I go to where the best software is" ! :DFeb 05 00:19
schestowitzIn I have heaps of software of many kinds.. but it's a patching nightmareFeb 05 00:19
schestowitzOmar87: it's marketingFeb 05 00:20
balzacRoy, you want one general-purpose application which can do everything. That is Drupal.Feb 05 00:20
Omar87schestowitz: .. and stand-up comedy too, lol! :)Feb 05 00:20
balzacso you only have one user table for all purposesFeb 05 00:20
NotZedpeople stick to decisions they've made too, even in the face of large amounts of evifdence.  like roy and wp ;-)Feb 05 00:20
schestowitzSome people have iguanas as petsFeb 05 00:20
schestowitzSome people treat their ipod like part of their bodyFeb 05 00:21
balzacDrupal actually has a command-line tool for updating modules like aptitudeFeb 05 00:21
balzacRoy, if I had as much traffic as you and shane have at BN, you can bet that I'd be building a community site out of it.Feb 05 00:22
schestowitzbalzac: I already have what I need in WP. I also have some code holding things togetherFeb 05 00:22
balzacI'd want people to sign up with accountsFeb 05 00:22
balzacbuild up your user baseFeb 05 00:22
balzacgive them avatarsFeb 05 00:22
schestowitzbalzac: in the Wiki maybe... then there's IRCFeb 05 00:22
balzaclet them rate each others commentaryFeb 05 00:22
balzacup or down voting on all commentaryFeb 05 00:23
schestowitzBut the Wiki wasn't annonced yet. It's too messy. maybe next month.Feb 05 00:23
balzacI'd turn that sucker into the most gnarly free software community online.Feb 05 00:23
NotZedfor all the hits, you get very few commentsFeb 05 00:23
balzacRoy, who else as principled as you has as much traffic?Feb 05 00:23
schestowitzNotZed: lots of people read archivesFeb 05 00:23
schestowitzArchives have comments closedFeb 05 00:23
schestowitzbalzac: FSF does 80k pages/dayFeb 05 00:24
schestowitzWe do about 30k+ this monthFeb 05 00:24
balzacthere big "open source" and "linux" websites, but as far as those who are ideologically-aligned with Free Software, your site is pretty high profile, so why not treat your guests to a whole lot more features?Feb 05 00:24
NotZedahh.  fwiw i usually comment as 'mike/michael' or 'mpz'Feb 05 00:24
balzacYeah, but they're using Plone for the FSF websiteFeb 05 00:25
balzacnot that interactiveFeb 05 00:25
balzacRoy, the holy grail of online communities is to maximize traffic and interactivity at the same timeFeb 05 00:26
balzacthe maximum number of concurrent users plus the maximum level of interactivityFeb 05 00:26
balzacthat's the recipe for Slashdot, Reddit, Digg, etc.Feb 05 00:26
schestowitzNotZed: oh, I wonder who michael wasFeb 05 00:26
schestowitzbalzac: there's already the daily linksFeb 05 00:27
NotZedi kinda forget what name i use, depending on one of 3 machines i'm on at the timeFeb 05 00:27
balzacRoy, the most important thing for users is to be able to lash out at each other.Feb 05 00:27
schestowitzbalzac: you want comment modding? It adds very little.Feb 05 00:27
schestowitzIt's just numbersFeb 05 00:27
schestowitzI thought about closing commentsFeb 05 00:27
NotZedreally?  that turned me off slashdotFeb 05 00:27
schestowitzBut the trolling levels declines recently.Feb 05 00:28
balzacSlashdot's modding is medievilFeb 05 00:28
NotZedflamewars about nothingFeb 05 00:28
balzacDigg sucks tooFeb 05 00:28
schestowitzYesFeb 05 00:28
schestowitzI don't like /.Feb 05 00:28
schestowitzI feel like I'm polices by PR peopleFeb 05 00:28
balzacthe way you need to implement it is so that people can read the names of those who've down-rated themFeb 05 00:28
balzacor up-ratedFeb 05 00:28
schestowitzI'd rather have my comments blocked from referencing in reply or moddingFeb 05 00:28
schestowitzIt leave you vulnerable to peopleFeb 05 00:28
schestowitzSame with post modding a la ZeeDeeGates.comFeb 05 00:29
balzacwell, not everyone is prepared to deal with the inevitable up-risings against the moderatorFeb 05 00:29
schestowitz:-S 05 00:29 let us rate comments, but it didn't let us see how others were rating usFeb 05 00:29
balzacit's a powerful thing, but I don't know why most sites don't implement it correctly.Feb 05 00:30
balzacDigg doesn't get it, but it still manages to excite people.Feb 05 00:30
NotZedratings can be manipulated too easilyFeb 05 00:31
NotZedits like non-verified votingFeb 05 00:31
balzacNotZed: who cares? you can find the patterns of ratings-abuse and ban the lusers.Feb 05 00:32
NotZedsounds like a really fun job ..Feb 05 00:32
schestowitzbalzac: "Sibyl Systems, a Central New York based IT solutions provider and subcontracting firm today announced that it will exclusively distribute Ubuntu for all future linux deployments." 05 00:34
schestowitzbaFeb 05 00:35
schestowitzbalzac: I'd rather have discussion that Pigeon-rank-like moddingFeb 05 00:35
balzacNotZed: it's easy to do, especially for someone as paranoid as Roy. Once you've been the target of an astroturf smear-campaign, it's not hard to see when it happens.Feb 05 00:35
schestowitzModding is subjective thing given context/audience  as wellFeb 05 00:35
schestowitzMe? Paranoid?Feb 05 00:35
balzacschestowitz: sure it's subjective, and it creates numerical rank, but it also provides an internal social currency which is vital to an online community.Feb 05 00:36
schestowitz : -)Feb 05 00:36
schestowitz"It's not paranoia if they're really after you"Feb 05 00:36
balzacRoy, not really paranoid, but wary of getting "astroturfed" in an organized character attack.Feb 05 00:37
NotZedi dunno, when i used /. i used to expand all comments.  i can't say it added much having only high rated comments visible - the thread is more important than  individual messagesFeb 05 00:37
NotZed(s/important/entertaining/)Feb 05 00:38
balzacNotZed: /. is too M$-friendlyFeb 05 00:38
NotZedbalzac: it didn't used to be and i haven't used it for about a year., i just don't think moderation added muchFeb 05 00:39
schestowitzbalzac: Slashdot is filled with MS PR peopleFeb 05 00:39
schestowitzSomeone senior from /, told me this privatelyFeb 05 00:39
balzacNotZed: that's because Slashdot has a VERY clumsy implementation of user moderationFeb 05 00:40
schestowitz"Why are you not NICE to Microsoft!!?"Feb 05 00:40
balzacRoy, it doesn't surprise me at all.Feb 05 00:40
NotZedit also attracted fanboys who liked to stir the pot, early onFeb 05 00:41
balzacfanboys and flame-wars are good for an online communityFeb 05 00:41
NotZedbalzac: is there an example of a system which works better?Feb 05 00:41
balzacyesFeb 05 00:41
balzacDailyKos has it down almost perfectly.Feb 05 00:41
balzacyou want up or down rating and you want to show the names of who rated you up or down, implemented with AJAX and DHTMLFeb 05 00:42
balzacthe closest you can get to that is Drupal with a module called DriggFeb 05 00:42
balzacAdd some AJAX and DHTML to Drigg's presentation layer and you've got the best system available.Feb 05 00:43
schestowitzbalzac: not at this strageFeb 05 00:43
schestowitzIf we get more comments, then it becomes necessaryFeb 05 00:44
balzacThat makes it so when you get modded down into oblivion, you can see who did it. Then you can confront them and say "e tu brutus"?Feb 05 00:44
benJImanschestowitz: FYI The "Novell Pretends Employees..." headline is incorrect since it was not a comment made by a Novell employee.Feb 05 00:44
NotZedi dunno, isn't it better reading a reply that adds to the discussion rather than just a 'yay/nay'?Feb 05 00:44
balzacNotZed: the ratings allow users to "act against" other users, not merely to write a response.Feb 05 00:44
balzacHey, you dragged my social credibility down a notch! That's not fair. Now I'm going to retaliate! Here's a down-rating for you~Feb 05 00:45
balzacThen you get little factions forming of people who support each otherFeb 05 00:45
balzacthat's the life-blood of online communityFeb 05 00:46
NotZedsounds a bit like bullying to me.  by gangs :)Feb 05 00:46
balzacexactlyFeb 05 00:46
schestowitzbalzac: who made the comment?Feb 05 00:47
balzacyou've got to have bullies, cry-babies, it takes all kindsFeb 05 00:47
schestowitz"“I removed the statement about my departure having nothing to do with the deal. It was a false statement made without consulting me."Feb 05 00:47
NotZedi'd find that personally distasteful, but each to their own i guessFeb 05 00:47
balzacschestowitz: in my hypothetical conversation?Feb 05 00:47
balzacNotZed: you don't have to be a bully or a victim, you can have dignity while others do not. But you want all kinds of people in an online community.Feb 05 00:48
schestowitzbalzac: flamewars don't helpsFeb 05 00:48
schestowitzOr mod wars for that matterFeb 05 00:48
schestowitzIt's a distractionFeb 05 00:48
balzacRoy, they do help. It's not a distraction, it's a draw.Feb 05 00:48
NotZedi guess i'd rather evaluate comments on their merit, rather than wanting to   conform to a particular group-think or popularityFeb 05 00:48
schestowitzLike two kids spitting at each others... using their mouths not for coversationFeb 05 00:48
schestowitz*otherFeb 05 00:48
balzacWhen I was campaigning for impeachment, it was useful to have these assholes from the opposing side argue against my ideas, because it created heat, controversy, and drew more people into the flame war.Feb 05 00:49
schestowitzbenJIman: who made the comment?Feb 05 00:49
schestowitzbalzac: I did the autocomplete wrongly there.Feb 05 00:49
balzacRoy, sometimes you're not going to convince the guy who is spitting at you, but you might convince someone else who is observing the debate if you slam your opponent hard enough.Feb 05 00:49
benJImanschestowitz: Did you not get the quote from the wiki? If only wikis had some sort of history.Feb 05 00:49
*benJIman sleeps.Feb 05 00:49
schestowitzSee how "Dan O'Brian" vanished right after my comment about him posting from near NovellFeb 05 00:50
balzacThere is value in theatrical conflicts.Feb 05 00:50
schestowitzIt could be a Turf, but I don't think soFeb 05 00:50
schestowitzThe comments that are posted from inside the domain indicate that Novell /does/ stoop this low... since last year at leastFeb 05 00:50
balzacRoy, you of all people must know there's value in being confrontational.Feb 05 00:51
balzacIt only made it juicier when the visting Novell astro-turfers were down-rating you at FSDaily.comFeb 05 00:51
balzacbut they don't show names on ratings of comments, only of blog postings.Feb 05 00:51
schestowitzThery leftFeb 05 00:52
schestowitzIn shame maybe.Feb 05 00:52
NotZedor got told off by their bosses ...Feb 05 00:54
balzacThe most traffic I ever got for an opinion piece about software was when I called out Linus Torvalds for ankle-biting RMS.Feb 05 00:55
schestowitzThey were opensuse peopleFeb 05 00:55
schestowitzProbably not Novell employees, except for at least 2 whose name I knewFeb 05 00:55
schestowitzPeople like benJIman who peddle opensuse even in a site like boycottnovellFeb 05 00:55
schestowitzI proobably got the most traffic for my articles in Datamation that made Digg and Slashdot FPFeb 05 00:56
balzac 05 00:56
schestowitzThe server at Jupitermedia doesn't crashFeb 05 00:56
balzacOn its way towards 10,000 readsFeb 05 00:56
schestowitzLinus reads Linux news sitesFeb 05 00:56
balzacThankfully picked it upFeb 05 00:56
schestowitzIt's likely he read this stuff tooFeb 05 00:57
schestowitzHe surfs quietly... Groklaw, 05 00:57
balzacyeah, I'm hoping he didFeb 05 00:57
NotZedyes controversy == hits.  but thats why you get so much crap in zdnet, but does it really add any value?Feb 05 00:57
balzacNotZed: controversy is productiveFeb 05 00:57
balzacit's the lack of controversy which killsFeb 05 00:57
schestowitzFacts are more usefulFeb 05 00:57
schestowitzWhen you read a study you want the factsFeb 05 00:58
balzaccontroversy is not necessarily devoid of factsFeb 05 00:58
schestowitzI posted this some hours ago:Feb 05 00:58
schestowitz 05 00:58
balzacI never want to be on the losing side of controversy, so I make sure to be accurate.Feb 05 00:58
NotZedbalzac: /. used to piss me of when the self-important little kid writing the headline would add something just to rankle the readershipFeb 05 00:59
schestowitzUsed to?Feb 05 01:00
balzacNotZed: for me, it depends on whether or not there is any value to be had in the confrontationFeb 05 01:00
schestowitzThey still do itFeb 05 01:00
NotZedlike i said i haven't read it in about a year ... ;-)Feb 05 01:00
schestowitzThe editors I worked for do itFeb 05 01:00
schestowitzObnoxious trollsFeb 05 01:00
balzacThere is little value when you're trolled within an authoritarian structure which will just squash any populist uprising.Feb 05 01:00
schestowitz 05 01:00
schestowitzI wanted to write pro-Linux headlineFeb 05 01:01
NotZedobviously - but you'd just get flamewars about how biased they were.  where's the poroductivity in that?Feb 05 01:01
balzacSlashdot never drew me in because the game is too complicated and not rewarding enough.Feb 05 01:01
schestowitzThen they asked to change it to something that provoke fear and emotionFeb 05 01:01
schestowitzBoo!!! **Will** Linux succeed this year??Feb 05 01:01
balzacNotZed: it's about forming identity groups so you can get traction.Feb 05 01:01
balzacIt's about personalitiesFeb 05 01:01
balzacI read slashdot's headlines, but I don't participate because it's not a well designed interface.Feb 05 01:02
balzacRoy, you should think about Drupal 6 with DriggFeb 05 01:03
balzacAnd think about how you want to rebrand if Novell goes down like SCO di.Feb 05 01:03
balzacbtw, fear and emotion are ok. It's being oppressed and deceived which is not ok.Feb 05 01:04
NotZedthat confontational stuff turns off people.  /. news reporting failed a long time ago too - late/old stories, lots of press releases, just rubbish and multiple reports of the same thingFeb 05 01:05
NotZed(turns off some people)Feb 05 01:05
balzacNotZed: then why do all these guys flock to World of WarCraft?Feb 05 01:06
balzacconfrontation is entertainingFeb 05 01:06
balzacverbal confrontation is fine tooFeb 05 01:06
NotZedthere's more people in the world who don't ;-)Feb 05 01:06
schestowitzbalzac: how to migrate content?Feb 05 01:07
balzacMy only point is this - I struggled for traffic over a long period of time. If you've got some decent traffic, don't squander it. Roll out the red carpet for your site visitors and make your site sticky.Feb 05 01:08
balzacRoy, don't migrate content, just leave your old site intact and available under the archives.Feb 05 01:08
balzacmigrate users onlyFeb 05 01:08
schestowitzbalzac: that's possibleFeb 05 01:09
NotZedyeah, i see your point.  after working in free software the last thing i wanted was more luserss!Feb 05 01:09
schestowitzBut a better option is this:Feb 05 01:09
schestowitzMaintain two sections, merge RSSFeb 05 01:09
schestowitzWiki is decent for participation by manuFeb 05 01:09
schestowitz*by manyFeb 05 01:09
schestowitzBut a news feed like Wikinews is still neededFeb 05 01:09
balzacthe wiki should be migrated into Drupal which has modules to support wiki-style editing and nodesFeb 05 01:09
schestowitzNo, no..Feb 05 01:10
schestowitzI like it as it isFeb 05 01:10
balzacyou want users to only have to have one user account to make use of everything your site offersFeb 05 01:10
schestowitzNo DrupalFeb 05 01:10
balzacDrupal can be a wiki, forum, blog, shop, role player game, etc.Feb 05 01:10
balzacRoy, what's so great about the wiki software you're using?Feb 05 01:11
balzacwould I need to make an account for your wiki in order to use it?Feb 05 01:12
balzacThe best case is to have openID so I don't even have to make an account for your site, but supposing I do make an account for your site, I should get the forum access and wiki access from the same user account.Feb 05 01:12
balzacmake it easyFeb 05 01:12
balzacIt's good that there's only a captcha in the way, as it is. I don't like being forced to make an account.Feb 05 01:13
NotZedagree on that one.  sick of creating so many accountsFeb 05 01:14
balzacOh well, the developer of my favorite Drupal module says he's quit DrupalFeb 05 01:16
balzacbecause of internal politicsFeb 05 01:16
balzacThat's a shame if it's true because his module was the one I like the most out of all of them.Feb 05 01:16
schestowitzbalzac: for now, there's no Wiki vandalismFeb 05 01:16
schestowitzSo anyone can editFeb 05 01:16
schestowitzIt's easy to view and manage editsFeb 05 01:16
schestowitzbalzac: people come and goFeb 05 01:17
balzacWell, I've got to try and talk him out of quitting.Feb 05 01:17
balzacIt's a very important module to me.Feb 05 01:17
schestowitzIn 5 years of WP-hackers I've seen different faces each year. It's like devs have a 'shelt life'Feb 05 01:17
schestowitz*shelfFeb 05 01:18
NotZedits easy to get burnt out on free software projectsFeb 05 01:18
balzacWell, the secret is that people need to shield their egos because community politics will find a way to rub your ego raw and then squeeze a lemon on it.Feb 05 01:18
NotZed... while users are pulling on your hairFeb 05 01:19
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has left #boycottnovellFeb 05 01:20
schestowitzNotZed: so FOSS developers go out of FOSS or go bald?Feb 05 01:21
balzacI'm bald alreadyFeb 05 01:21
NotZedif you just want to work on something fun, dealing with poltics and community is a real dragFeb 05 01:21
balzacAnd i'm only getting startedFeb 05 01:21
balzacalright guys, I'm outFeb 05 01:21
balzacttylFeb 05 01:21
NotZedhahaFeb 05 01:21
*balzac has quit ("Ex-Chat")Feb 05 01:21
NotZedi've just got a high forehead :)Feb 05 01:22
NotZedis there any particular reason you dont like drupal?Feb 05 01:24
schestowitzIt's another CMS.Feb 05 01:27
schestowitzI don't want too much to maintainFeb 05 01:27
NotZedok, fair enough.Feb 05 01:33
schestowitzIt might changeFeb 05 01:34
schestowitzI want to finish some COmes laundry firstFeb 05 01:34
NotZedit's been pretty interestingFeb 05 01:35
schestowitzWe've already done 3.5 GB today and the day is not over (9pm)Feb 05 01:36
schestowitzThe growing pains have recently been just technical (server loads)Feb 05 01:37
NotZedi guess it isn't really designed for that sort of loadFeb 05 01:47
schestowitzHere''s the strange thingFeb 05 01:50
schestowitzSay they give you a hosted accountFeb 05 01:50
schestowitz500GB bandwidth/monthFeb 05 01:50
schestowitzIf you don't even go near it, how can it be named "abuse" or "far too much"?Feb 05 01:50
schestowitzIt's like they give a high quote and it can't even be reached becuase they then start complainingFeb 05 01:51
schestowitzgnFeb 05 01:58
*Ziggyfish ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 02:03
Ziggyfishgod afternoon (just by 15 minsFeb 05 02:10
*NeonFloss ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 02:13
NotZedhmm, that sucks.  are they measuring something else?  they probably have some clause which specifies 'unreasable load' or somessuchFeb 05 02:25
ZiggyfishNotZed, more informationFeb 05 02:36
NotZedoh something roy was talking about before, the provider not deliveringFeb 05 02:41
*flex_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 05 02:45
NotZedor complaining about bandwidth well before it was reachedFeb 05 02:45
Ziggyfishhehe, Aussies OK pirated software for personal use <,aussies-ok...>Feb 05 02:48
Ziggyfishhave a look who published the report?Feb 05 02:48
ZiggyfishAlmost half of Australians believe it is okay to use pirated software for personal use, and many can’t tell the difference between genuine and illegal software, new research commissioned by Microsoft Australia shows.Feb 05 02:48
NotZedwhat a weird way to introduce office 'genuine' advantageFeb 05 02:50
NotZed"With security top-of-mind for Australians, it is a worrying statistic that almost half of those surveyed wouldn't know how to check if their computer software was a genuine copy, thereby exposing themselves to the risk of security threats," said Johns.Feb 05 02:57
NotZedhahahahaFeb 05 02:57
twittersecurity threat:  closed source software compiled by criminals in Redmond.Feb 05 03:08
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*DCC RECV connect attempt to zer0c00l failed (err=Connection refused).Feb 05 08:09
schestowitzMorning.Feb 05 08:39
amarsh04hi schestowitzFeb 05 08:44
amarsh04I was surprised that my federal mp actually replied to my reply to his bulk email of constituents last nightFeb 05 08:45
schestowitzYes, they sometimes doFeb 05 08:45
schestowitzGlyn Moody claims that they are more receptive than people realiseFeb 05 08:46
amarsh04they had a late night sitting until 5 amFeb 05 08:46
amarsh04probably trueFeb 05 08:46
schestowitzIt also makes a differenceFeb 05 08:46
schestowitzGovernment=people.Feb 05 08:46
amarsh04yesFeb 05 08:46
amarsh04I'll see if my state mp replies to my last email to him... it gets a bit wearying when issues are divided amongst portfoliosFeb 05 08:47
amarsh04federal parliament was using both ms-exchange and postfix to get their email outFeb 05 08:50
amarsh04with the Telstra issues, they have a machine that takes input from each of the carriers (themselves, singtel optus, nztel-owned aapt, primus...) and spits out 3 files, one for emergency services, one for directories and one for law enforcement. I'm still trying to get the details of my entries in that systemFeb 05 08:52
amarsh04btw, I still use noscript heavily, government sites often have stuff on them by google-analyticsFeb 05 08:55
MinceRhayFeb 05 08:55
schestowitzThat's bizarre.Feb 05 08:55
schestowitzGovernment sites then not only spy on usersFeb 05 08:56
schestowitzThey also share their citizens' more intimate details with an American companyFeb 05 08:56
schestowitzGoogle Analytics can do too muchFeb 05 08:56
amarsh04that's why I block google-analyticsFeb 05 08:59
schestowitzIt's spyware on the Web.Feb 05 09:03
schestowitzMicrosoft's ripoff of this (Urchin) seems nowhere in sightFeb 05 09:03
amarsh04funny, when I rang telstra to ask about their carrier licence, I reached someone who used to work at their emergency call centre... learned a few things that wayFeb 05 09:12
amarsh04my federal mp will also follow up about telstra's carrier licenceFeb 05 09:12
amarsh04all sorts needed stuff doesn't happen because of federal-state demarcations and government-private-enterprise demarcationsFeb 05 09:13
schestowitzTestra is a friend of SteveBFeb 05 09:14
schestowitz*TelFeb 05 09:14
amarsh04yes it isFeb 05 09:14
amarsh04my isp is run by someone who knows vax/vms inside out and isn't beholden to microsoftFeb 05 09:15
amarsh04nor is he beholden to big telcosFeb 05 09:17
amarsh04interesting, pre-2002-SIM equipped gsm handsets can call 112 if they are out of range of their own carrier but in range of another carrierFeb 05 09:20
schestowitzI stopped using cellphones around 2002 (probably 2003)Feb 05 09:25
*[H]omer__ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 05 10:02
*[H]omer__ (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 10:02
schestowitz 05 10:41
*amarsh04 can't see the point of making more enemies by attacking .pkFeb 05 10:47
schestowitzYesFeb 05 10:51
schestowitzI was actually curious by the idea of trying knock China against RussiaFeb 05 10:51
schestowitzThis reminded me of the wars and confrontations created in South America or even Iraq/Iran, with the US proving all the weapons for them to devastate one another. I can't help but cynically think of "Microsoft evangelist" (Comes vs Microsoft) which advocates the same tactics of turning rivals against one another.Feb 05 10:52
schestowitzYou create a new perception of an enemy ("Them") to keep the competitors distracted... evil Apple, evil Google, the Soviets, communism,  Arabs, those "evil" Chinese, those "annoying" people who protest in the streets... keeping people hostile and divided take the heat off that who deflects it.Feb 05 10:54
amarsh04from #groklaw on  "As someone has pointed out, Orwell's 1984 was a cautionary tale; it wasn't meant to be a how-to manual for dictatorial goons in Washington."Feb 05 10:55
schestowitzIs Groklaw IRC still up? Was empty when I last checked..Feb 05 10:58
schestowitz 05 11:03
schestowitz Stealth Campaign for Stealth Fighter JetsFeb 05 11:14
schestowitzMichael J. Homer, Netscape Executive, Dies at 50 ,<<<< >>Feb 05 11:18
*Eruaran has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 05 11:24
-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all, I'm going to need to take down services (Nick,Chan,MemoServ etc) for a few moments to apply a tiny little fix. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes and I'll let you know when they're back up again. Apologies for the inconvenience and have a good day!Feb 05 11:40
*ChanServ has quit (shutting down)Feb 05 11:41
*ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 11:43
* gives channel operator status to ChanServFeb 05 11:43
-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all, as promised I return services to you, I'm all done and they're nearly as new! Have a good day and thank you for using freenode.Feb 05 11:45
schestowitzWow! This is dynamite.  Steve Ballmer: “We cannot let intel do chip design on Linux ever”Feb 05 12:17
schestowitz 05 12:17
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 12:35
schestowitzoiaohm: I found dynamite: 05 12:38
schestowitzWhat what SteveB and BillG say about LinuxFeb 05 12:38
schestowitzHhhehe.. 05 12:41
schestowitzSubject: Watch out! GNOME Do is a Mono application. < >Feb 05 12:53
oiaohmI have fun at moment IDing old 1999 Imacs for recycling for the elderly.Feb 05 12:53
MinceRfish tanks for the elderly?Feb 05 12:54
oiaohmThey still work MinceRFeb 05 12:55
oiaohmHopefully some of them are newer.Feb 05 12:55
MinceRoh, toys for the elderly. :>Feb 05 12:56
schestowitzoiaohm: what wares on em?Feb 05 12:56
oiaohmThat is the fun bit they are clean.Feb 05 12:56
schestowitzBackpack-sized ipods with xmms :-DFeb 05 12:56
oiaohmAnd I do mean cleanFeb 05 12:56
MinceRlolFeb 05 12:56
MinceRand another backpack for the battery? :>Feb 05 12:57
oiaohmYou can run a IMAC G3 for a long time off a car battry.Feb 05 12:57
oiaohmYes MS did basically give the server world to Linux.Feb 05 12:58
MinceRgive? they never had it in the first placeFeb 05 12:58
schestowitzUNIXFeb 05 12:58
schestowitzThey count revenueFeb 05 12:58
oiaohmThey did have a chance in 1999 to take Unix on head on MinceRFeb 05 12:59
schestowitzHere's a plan: price up the server, trash Linux, charge $3000 for sh*ty win32 server..Feb 05 12:59
schestowitzThen bribe IDC to count revenueFeb 05 12:59
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 12:59
schestowitzclaim Microsoft has 'market share' that's 'high'Feb 05 12:59
schestowitzwb, zer0c00l Feb 05 12:59
MinceRoiaohm: well, they've failedFeb 05 12:59
zer0c00lschestowitz: did you see my mail?Feb 05 13:00
zer0c00lyeahFeb 05 13:00
oiaohmMinceR: they decided not to.Feb 05 13:02
oiaohmIntel had worked out exactly what need to be altered in NT so they could.Feb 05 13:02
schestowitzzer0c00l: yes, I replied (about 4 messages)Feb 05 13:02
MinceRoiaohm: i doubt they'd decide such a thingFeb 05 13:02
zer0c00lokFeb 05 13:02
schestowitzWe have some very powerful stuff that shows Microsoft's attack on Linux through pressure on other companiesFeb 05 13:02
zer0c00loh okFeb 05 13:03
oiaohmYep nothing new but the documents are loss to prove it.Feb 05 13:03
MinceRthe typical MICROS~1 approach isn't that likely to work on servers anywayFeb 05 13:03
MinceRsince what OEMs want to preinstall by default matters lessFeb 05 13:03
MinceRand the admins are trainedFeb 05 13:03
MinceRthey tend to know what sort of choice they're making (and that they're making a choice at all)Feb 05 13:03
zer0c00lschestowitz: I will fetch text from 05 13:12
schestowitzWait..Feb 05 13:12
zer0c00lyou will get it tomorrowFeb 05 13:12
schestowitzI think we have more in anotherFeb 05 13:12
schestowitz3 of them overalpFeb 05 13:12
schestowitz*overlapFeb 05 13:12
zer0c00lokFeb 05 13:12
schestowitzThis one is almost the same, but has more replies: 05 13:13
schestowitzThis one is shorter: One of them is 7-page long.Feb 05 13:13
schestowitzI think that contains everythingFeb 05 13:13
schestowitzLet me checkFeb 05 13:13
zer0c00lok i will waitFeb 05 13:13
schestowitzpx06601.pdf : 7 pagesFeb 05 13:14
schestowitzpx06600.pdf : 6 pagesFeb 05 13:14
schestowitzpx06604.pdf : 5 pagesFeb 05 13:14
schestowitzI'll check how they overlapFeb 05 13:15
schestowitzThese were scanned separatelyFeb 05 13:16
zer0c00lokFeb 05 13:18
schestowitzOK, the report from Porter is always the sameFeb 05 13:18
schestowitzThe last 4 pages are virtually the same in all 3Feb 05 13:19
schestowitzShannon Perdue's response is in al 3 as well.Feb 05 13:19
zer0c00lokFeb 05 13:19
schestowitzOh I see.......Feb 05 13:22
schestowitzSo in px06604.pdf we need just one portion.Feb 05 13:22
schestowitzWe need just the first E-mail.Feb 05 13:22
schestowitzThe rest appears in other exhibitsFeb 05 13:22
zer0c00llet me download both of themFeb 05 13:24
zer0c00lwaitFeb 05 13:24
schestowitzIn px06600.pdf we need just the first half of page 1.Feb 05 13:24
schestowitzUntil the message from Stephanie, inclusiveFeb 05 13:24
zer0c00lokFeb 05 13:25
schestowitzThen we need the whole of px06601.pdfFeb 05 13:25
schestowitzThat means that we pick up the whole thing without repetitionFeb 05 13:25
zer0c00lokFeb 05 13:26
schestowitzpx06604.pdf: first message onlyFeb 05 13:26
schestowitzpx06600.pdf : first 4 messagesFeb 05 13:26
schestowitz px06601.pdf :  all messagesFeb 05 13:26
zer0c00lokFeb 05 13:27
zer0c00ldo you want me to put all of them in a single pdf file?Feb 05 13:27
zer0c00land what should be the order?Feb 05 13:27
schestowitz:-) Pearly Gates: "I asked our people many times if there is any backsliding on their not using Linux for this."Feb 05 13:27
schestowitzzer0c00l: in roughly that oder, yes.Feb 05 13:28
schestowitzThanks! :-)Feb 05 13:28
zer0c00lokFeb 05 13:28
zer0c00li will send it once i finish itFeb 05 13:29
zer0c00lbtw they going open college on mondayFeb 05 13:29
*[H]omer__ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Feb 05 13:29
schestowitzThank you.Feb 05 13:30
schestowitzIt'll probably make some front pagesFeb 05 13:31
zer0c00loh okFeb 05 13:31
MinceR"backsliding"?Feb 05 13:33
MinceRapparently m$ has its own language like co$ doesFeb 05 13:33
schestowitzLike "tilt into death spiral"Feb 05 13:33
schestowitzSpeaking of which: AOL's Q4 Revenue Plummets, Drags Down Time Warner < >Feb 05 13:33
schestowitzGood!Feb 05 13:33
schestowitzMedia companies in the pockets of centres of powerFeb 05 13:33
schestowitzNext thing you know they'll ask for bailout "because we need to keep the masses brainwashed and distracted"Feb 05 13:34
*oiaohm_ ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 13:35
*oiaohm has quit (Nick collision from services.)Feb 05 13:35
oiaohm_HMMFeb 05 13:36
oiaohm_appears I have found the IP number change time at my end.Feb 05 13:36
*[H]omer__ (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 13:37
schestowitzYay.!Feb 05 13:47
schestowitzLenovo CEO resigns < >. Maybe they'll become less Linux hostile and stop favouring Ballnux, too.Feb 05 13:47
schestowitz"Consumer mediator Bjoern Erik Thon told AFP that the organisation had no reason to hassle Jobs' Mob any more." 05 13:51
schestowitzThe UK puts money $$$$ before the environment and health, even culture.. 05 13:53
*oiaohm_ has quit ("by all")Feb 05 14:04
*oiaohm_ (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 14:04
schestowitzWTF? 05 14:21
*mib_m1e53r (i=c3942b09@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 14:21
mib_m1e53r@twitter: how complete is your VistaFailureLog bibliography?Feb 05 14:22
mib_m1e53rI need to print out and annotate articles to make an in-house case for fraud, conflict of interest and / or maliceFeb 05 14:23
schestowitzFor Vista?Feb 05 14:26
schestowitzI reckon he's asleep or somethingFeb 05 14:26
schestowitzOuch!! MySQL daddy 'Monty' quits Sun < >Feb 05 14:27
schestowitz"Few, then, will be surprised to learn of his departure. Monty is the latest in a series of big name MySQL bosses to walk away from Sun. Co-founder David Axmark quit in October grumbling that he "hated" all the rules he had to follow at the firm."Feb 05 14:27
mib_m1e53rfor Windows VistaFeb 05 14:28
mib_m1e53rnot regular vista: 05 14:28
mib_m1e53rgotta go for now, but will check the logsFeb 05 14:28
mib_m1e53rciaoFeb 05 14:28
*mib_m1e53r has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Feb 05 14:29
schestowitz "UK primary school sites are being targeted by sleazy hackers in an attack that has reportedly resulted in hardcore porn appearing on web pages bearing school logos."Feb 05 14:39
schestowitzMoodleFeb 05 14:39
*[H]omer__ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 05 14:42
*[H]omer_ (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 14:42
schestowitzWhat's the name of waves that come as precursors to eruption or tidal waves or earthquake?Feb 05 14:45
schestowitzIt seems like Novell has massive layoffs coming, but I lack the word..Feb 05 14:46
tandersonstrong ripcurrent isn't it?Feb 05 14:52
tandersonor you might mean seismic wavesFeb 05 14:52
tandersonripcurrent is more for tsunamisFeb 05 14:53
tandersonschestowitz: ^Feb 05 14:53
oiaohm_seismic waves and there is also a electromagnic wave patterns that can be hours before the seismic wave happens.Feb 05 14:58
oiaohm_The electromagnic monitoring is used along some fault lines.Feb 05 14:58
oiaohm_Since its stress created where seismic is break created.Feb 05 14:59
schestowitztanderson: thanks.Feb 05 15:02
schestowitzYes, that would worFeb 05 15:02
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 15:02
schestowitzLet me do the post, you'll then see..Feb 05 15:02
schestowitzOK, done: If you see typos, holler.Feb 05 15:13
schestowitzAsay's report about Novell layoffs may have been correctFeb 05 15:19
twittermib_m1e53r, sorry I missed you.  No listing of fraud is ever complete by the nature of fraud itself.  I do what I can and I'm glad when people like you find it useful.  Good luck.Feb 05 15:20
schestowitzI can't read the Gates BS today...Feb 05 15:21
schestowitzThey ignore his crime and then refer to other crimes concealed as "philanthropy". Are they bribed or just ignorant these reporters?Feb 05 15:21
schestowitzIt is a very sick world we live in if the biggest criminals are viewed as "very charitable' people.Feb 05 15:22
twitterMosquitoes into the crowd.  What a dick.  From you description, I charitably thought he was trying an infertile male release program.  According to the tweets he really let a box of mosquitoes lose in a room full of people - fully intending to make them misserable.Feb 05 15:24
twitterSome people are allergic to those things and get life threatening infections from bites.Feb 05 15:25
schestowitzThe poor guy.. growing up in a 6-bedroom penthouse must be a nightmare.Feb 05 15:25
twitterEveryone is at risk from bird flue, west nile and other nasty things mosquitoes are known to carry.Feb 05 15:26
schestowitzAP Demands Money For Iconic Obama Poster Image < >Feb 05 15:26
twitterIt seems Mr. Gates never did grow up.  He's got the morals of a 2 year old.Feb 05 15:27
schestowitzThis tactless act was approved by his PR people. I can' help thinking about the Ballmer incident (shouting and bouncing on stage)Feb 05 15:27
schestowitzThere was a South Park episode where the guy offers everyone in the crowd AIDS (aides)Feb 05 15:28
*oiaohm_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 05 15:31
*Casperin ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 15:33
schestowitzHere is the photo of BillG releasing insects, unleashing them onto people: 05 15:34
schestowitz“that’s the dumbest fucking idea I’ve heard since I’ve been at Microsoft.” --BillG 05 15:35
schestowitz "In my BillG review meeting, the whole reporting hierarchy was there, along with their cousins, sisters, and aunts, and a person who came along from my team whose whole job during the meeting was to keep an accurate count of how many times Bill said the F word. The lower the f***-count, the better."Feb 05 15:36
schestowitzHere's a bunch of baloney: "Other personal health record (PHR) services will also be able to use the IBM software, which was built partially on open-source standards." 05 15:37
schestowitzWhat is 'open-source standard'. This is lockin, it's proprietary, but Caroline McCarthy labels the post "open source"Feb 05 15:38
schestowitz*LOL* MinceR would love this: Next for iPhone: Multitasking? < >Feb 05 15:40
schestowitzWell, maybe they should first implement "copy and paste", rather than shooting down a company that make  FOSS that implements "copy and paste" for UseLessiPhoneFeb 05 15:41
schestowitzMy 7 year-old Palm could do copy and paste but iPhone won'tFeb 05 15:42
schestowitz Wrong characterization of the OOXML corruptions... "Typically, when it comes to lobbying around government contracts and procurement on a grand scale like this, IT vendors push their own product agendas. "Feb 05 15:45
schestowitzTime for France to move to Linux more quickly........ its weapons are now disabled by a Windows viruses.... 05 15:57
amarsh04was annoyed to find a pdf with encryption that wouldn't let kpdf copy text from: 05 16:10
amarsh04it's a public discussion paper on a site... should not be encrypted at allFeb 05 16:11
schestowitzamarsh04: check out the post I made 10 secs agoFeb 05 16:11
schestowitzIt's about SCO. Very funnyFeb 05 16:11
schestowitzamarsh04: Go-OOXML (Novell) removed DRM code from OOoFeb 05 16:12
schestowitzSun refused to strip the DRM antifeature because of the PDF (ISO) specsFeb 05 16:12
twitterThanks for the Windows vs Ubuntu bench mark link today! 05 16:25
amarsh04link please schestowitz (I'm overdue to get some sleep)Feb 05 16:27
schestowitzamarsh04: 05 16:30
schestowitztwitter: here is Gates admitting Windows is a security mess: 05 16:30
amarsh04oh that one, I checked the link when I saw it referenced from the yahoo boardFeb 05 16:31
*mib_btcrzc (i=44e62112@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 16:34
*mib_btcrzc has quit (Client Quit)Feb 05 16:35
*dennda (n=dennda@ubuntu/member/dennda) has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 17:38
*dennda (n=dennda@ubuntu/member/dennda) has left #boycottnovellFeb 05 17:39
*Casperin has quit ("Leaving")Feb 05 18:28
schestowitzbblFeb 05 18:52
*zer0c00l has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Feb 05 18:55
schestowitz ""Novell SLETC Add-On RPM package" Microsoft's Maritz and Tucci  (Ballmer's friend) seem to be already using VMware to promote patents-encumbered distros while ignoring market leaders like Red Hat.."Feb 05 19:02
*r0ver is now known as r0ver|mtgFeb 05 20:11
twitterA little misconception in today's story about nuclear weapons control.  While it's impossible to say for sure what the new IBM computer will really be used for, the stated "management" purpose is arsenal stewardship of the type done by Sandia National Labs.Feb 05 20:23
twitterThat's not operational control.  They want to make sure that material decay does not incapacitate the weapons.Feb 05 20:24
twitterAlpha decay makes various crystal dislocations and the byproducts can be neutron poisons.Feb 05 20:25
twitterThe people at Sandia have been doing various simulations and inspections to make sure weapons will work and I think that's what is being talked about when considering "management"Feb 05 20:27
twitterI'm not sure what is used for day to day inventory and control, though I have seen a lot of articles about GNU/Linux interest and deployment by the US military.Feb 05 20:30
*amd-linux (i=58418c22@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 20:41
PetoKrausi'm gonna try TexFeb 05 20:43
PetoKrausNOWFeb 05 20:43
*flex__ (n=flex@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 20:43
*flex_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Feb 05 20:45
*Casperin ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 20:59
*r0ver|mtg is now known as r0verFeb 05 21:01
*amd-linux has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Feb 05 21:02
*GoblinRFD ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 21:14
GoblinRFDBonjour all!Feb 05 21:14
trmancoI just saw this: 05 21:51
trmanconice one schestowitzFeb 05 21:51
GoblinRFDYeah that was good.Feb 05 21:57
schestowitzThanks.Feb 05 21:57
schestowitzWatch that last comment. One of their vice presidents has Microsoft history, too.Feb 05 22:11
schestowitz 05 22:26
*r0ver has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 05 22:33
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 22:33
*r0ver has quit (Remote closed the connection)Feb 05 22:34
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 22:35
*yuhong ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 05 22:57
yuhongI wonder when will MS sue Mono users to get them to switch to SUSE?Feb 05 22:57
*yuhong has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.6/2009011913]")Feb 05 23:02
GoblinRFD" I wonder when will MS sue Mono users to get them to switch to SUSE?" - I think the two mono users already use SUSE.Feb 05 23:10
schestowitzIt's a troll.Feb 05 23:11
schestowitzThis dude it a troll..  Looking forward to Mono spanking...Feb 05 23:12
GoblinRFDwho yuhong?Feb 05 23:12
GoblinRFDRoy, I have got a little addition I would like if you could add to the Andre article....its not big news or anything, and I could add it in the comments if you wish....Feb 05 23:14
*Casperin has quit ("Leaving")Feb 05 23:15
schestowitzGoblinRFD: if you collect a bunch of evidence, then it can be accumulated for another post linking back to the old one.Feb 05 23:17
MinceRgnFeb 05 23:17
schestowitz 05 23:19
MinceR 05 23:19
schestowitzCongrats, twitter. I see the Microsoft agents are tight in a tizzy there.Feb 05 23:19
*MinceR tags it 'patenttrap'Feb 05 23:20
schestowitzAdvocacy of poison.Feb 05 23:20
MinceR 05 23:22
schestowitz 05 23:23
schestowitzEwwwFeb 05 23:24
schestowitzThe Microsoft shills is nymshifting now. 05 23:25
GoblinRFDSorry roy got distracted....its just a comment Andre is alleged to have made, which I believe highlights the lengths that people stretch the truth about Linux...imo its too small for a new article.Feb 05 23:28
schestowitzThe story that twitter put in /. FP seems likely to make Digg's FP too (I submitted it): 05 23:29
schestowitzGoblinRFD: collect evidence, then organise it for posting. That's what I usually do...Feb 05 23:29
schestowitzThe longer you wait, the more evidence you have and the more nicely you can lay it out to make a caseFeb 05 23:29
GoblinRFDIve added it already to my article.  Im done with Andre now since I believe what has been collected is more than enough to balance his PR posting.Feb 05 23:33
schestowitzI've just thrown Dana Blankenhorn to my TrashFeb 05 23:34
schestowitzThat long overdue given his infinite 'provocation' (trolling). "Last straw" as they say.....Feb 05 23:34
schestowitzLT editor has just thrown the Microsoft shill out (ban): 05 23:35
schestowitzHe's trolling BN as wellFeb 05 23:35
schestowitzEarlier he compared Linux users to terrorists....... in BN... but we don't censor.Feb 05 23:36

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