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schestowitzOgg should be universally implementedMar 11 16:50
Balrog_see 'patent licensing'Mar 11 16:50
Balrog_what about those h.264 decoder chips?Mar 11 16:50
_Hicham_Roy : that is the real solutionMar 11 16:50
schestowitzLike WWWMar 11 16:50
PetoKrausit isn'tMar 11 16:50
PetoKrausthe real solution is not find other wayMar 11 16:50
schestowitzYou don't have "protected" HTMLMar 11 16:50
PetoKrausthe real solution is shut the patent systemMar 11 16:51
EruaranOh this is niceMar 11 16:51
schestowitzSo your HTML-rendering mythical widgets don't pay anyoneMar 11 16:51
schestowitzGIF is a separate issueMar 11 16:51
EruaranKPackageKIt is integrated with KDE System SettingsMar 11 16:51
Eruaranvery niceMar 11 16:51
schestowitzPetoKraus: the patent system is already under sigeMar 11 16:51
schestowitzMicrosoft, Philips and other parasites try to retain and expand itMar 11 16:51
EruaranI'm getting some really neato updates hereMar 11 16:52
*zer0c00l has quit ("Leaving")Mar 11 16:53
Balrog_see 11 16:53
Balrog_about h.264Mar 11 16:53
EruaranKubuntu finally has gorgeous package managementMar 11 16:54
Eruaran:DMar 11 16:54
PetoKraus:)Mar 11 16:54
PetoKrausi managed to get VNC workingMar 11 16:54
PetoKrausi meanMar 11 16:54
PetoKrausfrom outside to my computerMar 11 16:54
_Hicham_Eruaran : what is it ?Mar 11 16:54
Eruaran_Hicham_: KPackageKit is now working on the Kubuntu 9.04 alpha, and its seamlessly integrated with System SettingsMar 11 16:55
EruaranA big step up for KubuntuMar 11 16:56
_Hicham_greatMar 11 16:56
_Hicham_i tried Kubuntu for onceMar 11 16:56
PetoKrausi'm thinking of getting be to my flatMar 11 16:56
_Hicham_Kubuntu 7.10, which uses AdeptMar 11 16:56
Eruaranyes, Adept is gone nowMar 11 16:57
_Hicham_Adept was just  crap compared to SynapticMar 11 16:57
EruaranI think Adept only ever had one guy working on itMar 11 16:57
Eruaranunder resourcedMar 11 16:58
EruaranAnd he only kept working on it cause he's friends with JRiddleMar 11 16:58
Eruaranthis is schweetMar 11 16:59
_Hicham_I didnt try KDE 4 yetMar 11 16:59
balzacI want package management which grabs source tar-balls, handles dependencies, and offers a chance to view and modify the code before compiling and installing.Mar 11 17:00
_Hicham_I should give a look at itMar 11 17:00
EruaranI'm using 4.2.1Mar 11 17:00
balzacMaybe the package manager should be an emacs extensionMar 11 17:00
_Hicham_Balzac : an anjuta pluginMar 11 17:00
balzacusers should be encouraged to mess with the source codeMar 11 17:00
balzac_Hicham_: I haven't tried thatMar 11 17:01
balzac_Hicham_: users should also be able to suggest patches based on edits they've made which work for them.Mar 11 17:02
balzacpackage management, version control, IDE, all in one systemMar 11 17:02
balzacthere shouldn't be such well-defined boundaries between users and developersMar 11 17:03
_Hicham_that won't be easy for regular usersMar 11 17:03
balzacwell, it should not present all those features to newbiesMar 11 17:03
_Hicham_balzac : not all people are computers proMar 11 17:03
balzacbut if they're so inclined, it should be open to their interest and participationMar 11 17:04
EruaranI see what youre getting atMar 11 17:04
balzacthen user ratings for submitted patchesMar 11 17:04
balzacmake it game-like and inviting to help development effortsMar 11 17:04
PetoKrausBT is bloody retardedMar 11 17:04
PetoKrausthis is second flat i'm going to live inMar 11 17:05
EruaranBT ? Bluetooth ?Mar 11 17:05
PetoKrausBritish TelecomMar 11 17:05
EruaranoohMar 11 17:05
PetoKrausand they want the €£130 connection chargeMar 11 17:05
PetoKrausfor goodness sakeMar 11 17:05
EruaranouchMar 11 17:05
PetoKrausthat means i'll have to move virgin media thereMar 11 17:05
PetoKrauswhich is not really good eitherMar 11 17:05
PetoKraussince they SUCKMar 11 17:05
EruaranTelstra sucks hereMar 11 17:06
PetoKrausit's retarded, honestlyMar 11 17:09
Eruarangtg sleep callsMar 11 17:12
*Eruaran has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 11 17:12
_Hicham_I can't remove Evolution from gnome completelyMar 11 17:19
_Hicham_i think that i should repackage some basic packagesMar 11 17:19
balzacI'm getting tempted to remove gnome lately and get some fresh airMar 11 17:20
balzacI don't want novell's junkMar 11 17:20
balzacMaybe I can get by on a very light window manager.Mar 11 17:20
schestowitz_Hicham_: try KDE4 when it comes with your next distroMar 11 17:20
balzacKDE and Gnome are both rather hefty and over-builtMar 11 17:21
PetoKrausthen there's the most stable pre-alpha software you can getMar 11 17:21
PetoKraus(E17)Mar 11 17:21
PetoKrausand openbox can be VERY nice as wellMar 11 17:21
schestowitzPetoKraus: BT is laying offMar 11 17:22
schestowitzIt was in The Register todayMar 11 17:22
schestowitzVirgin sucks tooMar 11 17:22
schestowitzTry modem :-)Mar 11 17:22
schestowitz28kbitMar 11 17:22
PetoKrausyeahMar 11 17:23
PetoKrausi was thinking 3 mobileMar 11 17:23
*Casperin has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Mar 11 17:23
PetoKrausbut i do > 15GB a monthMar 11 17:24
_Hicham_Gnome and KDE are both greatMar 11 17:24
_Hicham_but compiz is more designed for gnomeMar 11 17:24
balzacI would install gnome with compiz on a gnu/linux newbie's computer to keep them entertainedMar 11 17:25
balzacbut I don't need compiz and I may not even be benefitting from gnome, all things consideredMar 11 17:25
balzacI'm looking at the lighter window managersMar 11 17:25
Balrog_xfceMar 11 17:25
Balrog_or ldxeMar 11 17:25
Balrog_lxde *Mar 11 17:26
balzacBalrog_: once you're looking at the lighter ones, there are so many more choicesMar 11 17:26
Balrog_those are the two most popularMar 11 17:26
_Hicham_xfce and lxde?Mar 11 17:26
Balrog_yeahMar 11 17:26
Balrog_I use xfceMar 11 17:26
balzacI just found out how to make emacs much faster for editing files on my serverMar 11 17:26
balzacsshfsMar 11 17:26
Balrog_hehMar 11 17:26
Balrog_just ssh into the server and use vim/emacs thereMar 11 17:27
balzaci was using tramp with serious latency issuesMar 11 17:27
Balrog_I use vim hereMar 11 17:27
Balrog_:/Mar 11 17:27
_Hicham_Balrog : xfce and lxde are for old computers, no?Mar 11 17:27
balzacBalrog_: I do but I still like my local emacs runningMar 11 17:27
_Hicham_they both rely on GTKMar 11 17:27
balzacI'm not sure if I'm interested in GTKMar 11 17:28
Balrog_hm :/Mar 11 17:28
Balrog_they work well thoughMar 11 17:28
balzacI don't like gnome terminal because of the anti-aliasing of textMar 11 17:28
_Hicham_Balzac : have u ever done some programming in GTK?Mar 11 17:28
balzacI use xterm insteadMar 11 17:28
Balrog_and they don't use monoMar 11 17:28
Balrog_I use heavy mac-style font rendering :)Mar 11 17:29
balzac_Hicham_: I haven't done any C programming, only web developmentMar 11 17:29
Balrog_easier on my eyes, I thinkMar 11 17:29
balzacI think the handling of rich media would suffer if I abandoned gnomeMar 11 17:29
Balrog_kde does fine thoughMar 11 17:30
Balrog_with QtMar 11 17:30
PetoKrausgnome-terminal is actually quite niceMar 11 17:30
PetoKrausi was long-time user of xfce-terminalMar 11 17:30
balzacI like xterm betterMar 11 17:30
PetoKrausno tabs kill it for meMar 11 17:30
Balrog_xfce-terminal is good, except for the backspace key messMar 11 17:30
_Hicham_Balzac : there is phpGTKMar 11 17:30
balzac_Hicham_: interestingMar 11 17:31
balzacI'm committed to learning PHP and Python over the long termMar 11 17:31
balzacI use php every day, but the php mode nxhtml emacs extension is a little buggyMar 11 17:32
Balrog_php, not ASP.NET =)Mar 11 17:32
balzacactually, it's better than ever since I went to the latest versionMar 11 17:32
balzacMy installation of Jaunty came without gnome-wm running by defaultMar 11 17:34
schestowitzbalzac: get Mandriva 2008.1Mar 11 17:37
schestowitzCompiz with KDE out of the boxMar 11 17:37
schestowitzGet Spring+KDEMar 11 17:37
balzacschestowitz: I'll have to try it on another computerMar 11 17:37
balzacI was hoping to buy some Asus eees or dell minis and start to sell themMar 11 17:38
schestowitzbalzac: Microsoft to build an 'Emacs.Net' text editor < >Mar 11 17:38
balzacickMar 11 17:39
balzacIf Bill Gates is ready to offer an olive branch to RMS and admit, RMS is the man, I'll start looking at MS-sponsored open source stuff.Mar 11 17:39
balzacI've never even looked at .net, C#, silverlight, mono, Microsoft Public License, etc, just because of who makes it.Mar 11 17:40
balzacMicrosoft is getting more and more touchy-feely with FOSS lately as their business suffersMar 11 17:42
balzacIt's a slow cultural change happening at M$, but I see it happening.Mar 11 17:43
balzacI read speculation about M$ using webkit for the next IE, but I dismissed itMar 11 17:49
balzacthe same article suggested they'd use something of their own called Gazelle and they were just putting on a show of considering webkitMar 11 17:49
balzacwebkit is lgpl-licensed and MS hates all gnu-branded things, so I don't think they'll use webkitMar 11 17:50
_Hicham_balzac : ms won't abandon tridentMar 11 17:50
balzacI hope they stick with their junky technology. I have a business plan based partly on their decline.Mar 11 17:51
balzacIf Gates were smart, he'd do a mea culpa and admit he was horribly wrong about the GNU GPL and Free SoftwareMar 11 17:51
balzacbut he's got too much ego invested in his dumb ideology and craptastic softwareMar 11 17:52
balzacwhat happened?Mar 11 17:58
balzacdid I kill the discussion by flooding it?Mar 11 17:58
_Hicham_noMar 11 17:58
_Hicham_you are not floodingMar 11 17:58
balzacI'm sipping a 5-hour caffeine drink so I'm overly chattyMar 11 17:58
_Hicham_I like chatty peopleMar 11 17:59
_Hicham_Billy can't change everything like thatMar 11 17:59
_Hicham_Windows Development is very heavyMar 11 17:59
_Hicham_with all the legacy appsMar 11 17:59
_Hicham_they must stay compatibleMar 11 18:00
_Hicham_to not lose the marketMar 11 18:00
_Hicham_Vista have had a bad name for thatMar 11 18:00
_Hicham_Microsoft can't keep compatibility for their dllsMar 11 18:01
_Hicham_especially the MFC oneMar 11 18:01
_Hicham_that is why they invite programmers to port their apps to .NETMar 11 18:01
_Hicham_but all programmers that not all apps can be ported to .NETMar 11 18:01
_Hicham_and MS itself still have MFC as a reason for buying MSVC, one of their best sellersMar 11 18:02
_Hicham_not balzac is not chatty anymoreMar 11 18:03
_Hicham_balzac : can u talk to us about ur plan?Mar 11 18:03
balzacsureMar 11 18:04
balzacfirst I have to make my web dev/consulting business successfulMar 11 18:04
balzacthan do like Roy with the frontal attack on microsoftMar 11 18:05
balzacwhile I'm shamelessly promoting my company's consulting services, brokering software deals to replace proprietary software with Redhat and UbuntuMar 11 18:06
balzacand make some serious coinMar 11 18:06
balzacWith NY financial services companies being the primary arena for business developmentMar 11 18:06
_Hicham_how is ur business going right now?Mar 11 18:09
balzacnot greatMar 11 18:09
balzacbut I'm optimisticMar 11 18:10
balzacI have yet to incorporateMar 11 18:10
balzacafter I incorporate, i'm also going to register as a government contractorMar 11 18:10
schestowitzThis one took a while to do: 11 18:11
schestowitzbalzac: you'll have more business when MSFT heralds Ch11. Mar 11 18:12
schestowitzbrbMar 11 18:13
balzacduggMar 11 18:18
_Hicham_Roy : who has created this blog : http://linuxidiots.blogspot...?Mar 11 18:22
*easy ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 11 18:22
_Hicham_it must a novell workerMar 11 18:22
_Hicham_no?Mar 11 18:22
tessier_So we have a custom CentOS distro here which we boot on our servers. The boot menu has a timeout of 60 seconds after which it takes a default config and installs onto sda. A developer burned a new version of this distro on his Windows desktop and left it in the CD ROM burner overnight. Microsoft decides they are going to force a patch upon him and reboot the computer overnight. His computer is set to boot the CD ROM by default.Mar 11 18:23
tessier_Hilarity ensues.Mar 11 18:23
balzachehehMar 11 18:24
tessier_So I guess yesterday was patch Tuesday. I'm normally not aware of such things.Mar 11 18:24
_Hicham_Roy : there is a lot of talk about uMar 11 18:24
balzacthat's hilarious tessier_Mar 11 18:24
trmancobackMar 11 18:24
trmancolong day today, social dayMar 11 18:24
_Hicham_wb trmancoMar 11 18:25
trmancothanksMar 11 18:25
schestowitz_Hicham_: Microsoft MunckinsMar 11 18:25
schestowitzThe whole 'blog' is just an attack on Linux advocatesMar 11 18:25
_Hicham_it is funny though how they react to uMar 11 18:26
tessier_"Roy Schestowitz is a career college student at some liberal artsy university."Mar 11 18:26
tessier_We don't go for no book learnin' 'round here.Mar 11 18:26
Balrog_heh ... though the head of the OSI commented...Mar 11 18:26
trmancoI had a discussion with some of my friends about the Gcompris fiascoMar 11 18:33
trmancothey were not well informed, the stuff that the TV spread are lies, lies and damn liesMar 11 18:33
schestowitzWhat did the TC say?Mar 11 18:34
schestowitz*TVMar 11 18:34
schestowitztrmanco: did you see my post about Portugal?Mar 11 18:34
trmancoyesMar 11 18:34
schestowitzMicrosoft paid some shills to manufacture liesMar 11 18:34
schestowitzI linked to it at the end.Mar 11 18:34
trmancocheck identi.caMar 11 18:34
trmancothe PR stuff is sicMar 11 18:35
trmancoidiots, polluting twitter with lies and disinformationMar 11 18:35
trmanco"they "should be arrestedMar 11 18:35
trmancoshe also reacted like that because of the vortalgate thingMar 11 18:35
trmancoit's like "payback time"Mar 11 18:36
trmancopayback time my assMar 11 18:36
*easy has quit ("Leaving")Mar 11 18:36
schestowitzThey have AstroTurfsMar 11 18:36
schestowitzThat's not newMar 11 18:36
schestowitzIn the EU I think it's illegalMar 11 18:36
trmancoI need to confirm thatMar 11 18:37
schestowitzIf they pretend to be recommending something but are actually agentsMar 11 18:37
trmancoI think it is, but people are afraid to go against a monster like MsoftMar 11 18:37
trmanconot much of a monster nowMar 11 18:37
trmancobut it was back in 200 or something, but people are not well informed... lots a people think that Msoft is still to big, and are the good guysMar 11 18:38
trmanco2000*Mar 11 18:38
schestowitzSo no action against them?Mar 11 18:42
schestowitzIs Barrasso (spelling) from Portugal?Mar 11 18:42
trmancoagainst them no, remember Portugal is a Msoft fanboy, they even say that this company is the best to work inMar 11 18:44
trmancoIMO, companies like Sonae are way better to invest inMar 11 18:45
trmanconot microsoft, they are giving money away to the states like this, damnMar 11 18:45
schestowitzHeh. Another Novell: "Holbrook golf coach Del Novell has a large group of golfers on the team this year," There's also a jeweler called Novell and a British company called MicrovellMar 11 18:46
trmancothe portuguese gonvernment should invest in national companies, not foreign companies, c'monMar 11 18:46
schestowitzYesMar 11 18:46
trmancothis is why portugal can't stand out of an economical crysisMar 11 18:46
schestowitzBut it also invests in criminalsMar 11 18:46
schestowitzBut it shows only the PRMar 11 18:46
schestowitzit accentuates the good, not the restMar 11 18:46
trmancosince I'm hear, it has always been in economical crisisMar 11 18:46
schestowitzIt indicates that they may 'bought'Mar 11 18:47
trmancoI think I misspelled something...Mar 11 18:47
schestowitzcrysisMar 11 18:47
schestowitzThe game..Mar 11 18:47
trmancothey show only the good PRMar 11 18:47
schestowitzOf courseMar 11 18:47
trmancoyeah, I played itMar 11 18:47
schestowitzIt shows agendaMar 11 18:47
trmancoon my crappy computerMar 11 18:47
schestowitzPeople who love Microsoft will only shows the "saving puppy" bitMar 11 18:48
trmancoyeahMar 11 18:48
schestowitzMicrosoft do the BS for the cameras.. PEMar 11 18:48
schestowitzTo fuel the propaganda to favour themMar 11 18:48
schestowitzA crime is a crimeMar 11 18:48
trmancothey control the portuguese mediaMar 11 18:48
schestowitzOf courseMar 11 18:48
schestowitzNot just PortugueseMar 11 18:48
schestowitzSame in Brazil I hearMar 11 18:48
trmancoit goes from television, to internet newspapers and magazinesMar 11 18:48
schestowitzThey literally own itMar 11 18:48
schestowitzput money in itMar 11 18:48
schestowitzAnd media controls mindsMar 11 18:48
schestowitzIt seeds (dis)informationMar 11 18:49
trmancoI stopped watching TV because it's a waste of timeMar 11 18:49
trmancoms, ms, ms windblow vispaMar 11 18:49
trmancoif it crashes it your fault not microsoft's fault because their software is perfect, you knowMar 11 18:49
trmancoeven today, my colleges has to "present" some programming work at school, and they couldn't even compile the stupid program because visual studio had some linking problems, good thing my presentation was based on the good'old chalk boardMar 11 18:51
trmancohad*Mar 11 18:51
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 11 18:51
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellMar 11 18:51
balzacwow, that's a real smear siteMar 11 18:53
trmancoI would probably win if I placed a bet ,that GCC could compile their code without any hiccups... but had no time, nor GNU/Linux based computerMar 11 18:53
*trmanco brbMar 11 18:54
balzachttp://linuxidiots.blogsp... <-- check out the front page to see an anti-gay smearMar 11 18:54
balzac  <-- for the sake of the channel log, a permanent urlMar 11 18:56
balzacthe sites author gets very preachy about Roy, but then he goes gay-bashing this other guyMar 11 18:57
balzacThat is some serious sleazy gay-bashing about marti-what's-his-name. If this is what Microsoft defenders resort to, that's seriously bad.Mar 11 18:58
trmancothat guy is on colaMar 11 19:02
trmancoa good linux advocateMar 11 19:02
balzacI might be annoyed if someone wants to talk details about their sex-life in a technical forum (if that is true), but I'm not going to discriminate on their sexual orientation.Mar 11 19:06
schestowitzYou don't know the MS Munckins, do you? :-)Mar 11 19:07
schestowitzThis is how they drive away peopleMar 11 19:07
schestowitzThey libel people -- me included -- so as to scare potential contributorsMar 11 19:07
schestowitzThey also spout out racist and homophobic remarks to repel peopleMar 11 19:07
schestowitzThe goal is to totally trash the forumsMar 11 19:07
balzacthat's brown-shirt styleMar 11 19:07
balzacAnd I bet they do it all from the cover of anonymityMar 11 19:08
*balzac is now known as paulgaskinMar 11 19:08
*paulgaskin is now known as balzacMar 11 19:08
schestowitzYes, zombiesMar 11 19:09
schestowitzand honeypotsMar 11 19:09
balzacI'd say they can kiss my balls, but it's actually not on the menuMar 11 19:09
schestowitzThat's Microsoft corporation, where business is crime and crime is business. And PR is the public presence.Mar 11 19:09
schestowitzMicrosoft 'helps' disabled people and Elevate[s] America[tm]Mar 11 19:10
balzacany company with enough authoritarianism and money attracts all manner of sleaze-bags who will try to intimidate others to gain favorMar 11 19:12
balzacMicrosoft is not unique in that regard, it's just mega-corporate cultureMar 11 19:12
balzacBut I bet Google's corporate culture is not as nastyMar 11 19:13
balzacGoogle doesn't have anyone like Ballmer who runs around screaming and sweating for an hourMar 11 19:14
balzacI think Microsoft should hire Jim Cramer - he could hang with Steve BallmerMar 11 19:14
balzacactually, they're already affiliated via MSNBCMar 11 19:14
balzacI mean Cramer and Ballmer, not GoogleMar 11 19:15
schestowitzGoogle AstroTurfs alsoMar 11 19:21
*_Hicham_ has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 11 19:22
schestowitzLast month: 11 19:23
balzaconce a company is big enough to be publicly traded, they engage in astro-turfingMar 11 19:28
*mib_i465oj (i=525fec63@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 11 19:34
*mib_i465oj has quit (Client Quit)Mar 11 19:37
schestowitzThey should have people arrestedMar 11 19:38
schestowitzBut the system is run by large companies, not regulators (whom *they* appoint anyway)Mar 11 19:39
schestowitzIt's funny seeing watchdogs dethroned or 'redone' by the corporations. Kind of like ISO....Mar 11 19:39
balzactolerance for this is going to be diminishingMar 11 19:44
balzacthe corporapists (as I call them) have acted with such a profoundly anti-social agenda, they're begging to have their asses handed to themMar 11 19:45
balzacI think Eric Holder from the DOJ is going to be quite serious as Attorney GeneralMar 11 19:46
balzacAnd John Conyers from the Judiciary Committee is quite pissed as well. He took a lot of verbal abuse from bloggers who demanded enforcement of subpoenasMar 11 19:47
balzacif these two guys don't start enforcing federal law on the corporations, Obama will be considered a jokerMar 11 19:47
balzacKucinich wasn't kidding about restoring the rule of lawMar 11 19:48
balzacif Obama does not restore and enforce the rule of law and the constitution, lots of people will say "too bad we didn't get kucinich".Mar 11 19:49
schestowitzOBAMAAMar 11 19:50
schestowitzBiden is the worrying partMar 11 19:50
balzacIf Obama doesn't deliver the goods, he can be compared unfavorably to another leader who has proven himself: Hugo Chavez.Mar 11 19:50
schestowitzFriend and ally of MAFIAA (MPAA/RIAA)Mar 11 19:51
balzacBiden with his hair plugs can just mind his own business.Mar 11 19:51
schestowitzbalzac:  Hugo Chavez breaks US lawMar 11 19:51
balzacgoodMar 11 19:51
schestowitzHe doesn't permit colonialism :-)Mar 11 19:51
schestowitzHe must be overthrow with a coopMar 11 19:52
schestowitzHush-hush, just don't show the US is driving itMar 11 19:52
schestowitzWasn't it Biden who called him "a dictator"?Mar 11 19:52
schestowitzI reckon the Democrats too want him outMar 11 19:52
schestowitzHe serves his people, not making it a 'client state'Mar 11 19:52
schestowitzBIAADENMar 11 19:53
balzacBiden is full of crapMar 11 19:54
balzacHe still needs to do a mea culpa and flog himself with a cat-o-nine-tails in the public square for his vote on Iraq.Mar 11 19:54
balzacThen maybe he can grow out his hair and wear a tie-dye every friday as penanceMar 11 19:56
schestowitzWould Kucinich have put Erik, George and Dick in prison for increasing risk of terrorism (seven-fold)?Mar 11 19:58
balzacyesMar 11 19:58
balzacHe was the only guy serious about impeachmentMar 11 19:58
schestowitzHere's a report who uses the word "cracker", as he should: Chinese crackers create counterfeit iTunes racket < >Mar 11 20:01
schestowitzbalzac: so I guess the media of Murdoch didn't like him enoughMar 11 20:01
schestowitzIf the media does not like you (interests don't align), then you can't runMar 11 20:01
schestowitzHave IT vendors been hit harder than IT departments? < >Mar 11 20:01
schestowitzMan ruins nature quicker than estimated: Coral Reefs May Start Dissolving When Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Doubles < >Mar 11 20:04
schestowitzUK filters in the Wikpedia amendments  < >Mar 11 20:05
schestowitzWhy do they call me "Roya Schestowitza" here? 11 20:07
PetoKrausbecause it's genitivMar 11 20:07
balzacthat's odMar 11 20:07
balzacoddMar 11 20:07
balzacyou're getting some blog-coveraegMar 11 20:08
PetoKrausnominativ - Roy, genitiv - Roya, dativ - Royovi, akusativ - Roya, lokal - Royovi, instrumental - RoyomMar 11 20:10
PetoKrausit took me a while to remember my own grammarMar 11 20:10
PetoKrausthough it may be different in polishMar 11 20:10
PetoKrausbut yes, we use all of those.Mar 11 20:10
schestowitzUSA: Hillary Clinton and Michel Obama to present the award of courage to Mutabar Tajibaeva < >Mar 11 20:13
schestowitzHow much do the Obamas charge for 'breakfast' with Michelle these days?Mar 11 20:14
schestowitzAny more than $20k like they charged Microsoft's legalised crooks?Mar 11 20:14
schestowitzPetoKraus: thanks.,Mar 11 20:14
*tacone1 ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 11 20:17
tacone1Slightly OT, anyone wants to laugh ?Mar 11 20:17
PetoKraussureMar 11 20:17
*mib_og39pg has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 11 20:17
PetoKrausi've got a nice story as welMar 11 20:18
PetoKraus*wellMar 11 20:18
PetoKrausmildly offending, but heyMar 11 20:18
tacone1 11 20:18
tacone1attempt to copyright chess moves.Mar 11 20:18
tacone1sequences of chess moves.Mar 11 20:18
PetoKrausyou have to be jokingMar 11 20:18
tacone1i never jokeMar 11 20:18
tacone1read ;-)Mar 11 20:18
tacone1I warned it was something ridiculous.Mar 11 20:19
PetoKrausoh god oh godMar 11 20:19
PetoKrauswhere's the sawn-offMar 11 20:19
schestowitztacone1: got it yesterdayMar 11 20:19
schestowitzPosted it to BN this morningMar 11 20:19
tacone1schestowitz: i got it from digg, probably from one BN readerMar 11 20:20
tacone1already posted ? wowMar 11 20:20
schestowitzI found it in TechDirtMar 11 20:20
schestowitzReciting old myths: "The new version of the BlueStripe software adds support for Linux environments, which given the nature of open source tend to be a little more chaotic than Windows environments."Mar 11 20:24
*ushimitsudoki ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 11 20:24
schestowitzFrom That's funny, I never need support. A lot of "support" is needed for platforms with worms and viruses and blobsMar 11 20:24
tacone1another ridicolous thing, an italian politician (which is also showgirl) proposed a law anti-pedophily (which is already forbidden here). but the law wasn't anti-pedophily, was anti-anonymity. turned out that the author of the word document (clicking on properties) is the head of an italian society who works for the content industry.Mar 11 20:24
*tacone1 is now known as taconeMar 11 20:26
schestowitzHehe.Mar 11 20:27
schestowitzAny link to that?Mar 11 20:27
schestowitzACTA is said to be similarMar 11 20:27
schestowitzThe MAFIAA passing on a 'wishlist' for corruptible politicians who are in their pockets to secretly approvedMar 11 20:28
taconei'll write a post, everything else is ItalianMar 11 20:28
trmanco 11 20:28
*Neon|out has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 11 20:30
*ushimitsudoki1 has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Mar 11 20:32
schestowitztacone: thanks.Mar 11 20:33
schestowitzSounds like a wonderful smoking gun showing that "war on pedophelia" is fake, just like "War on terrorism"Mar 11 20:33
schestowitzThey sit down and think how to control content or world's oil resources and then create some fake clashMar 11 20:34
taconewell, in Italy nobody cares so much about that. They try to do stuff like that almost every day. Just usually on non-tech mattersMar 11 20:34
schestowitzWhat stuff? I don't quite follow.Mar 11 20:34
taconepresenting an anti-this law which hides some trick to allow/forbid other thing.Mar 11 20:35
schestowitzThe lackey journalist are  a _major_ issue. They pass the propaganda as news ("piracy", BSA stuff, fake numbers, WoMD, 'experts')Mar 11 20:35
taconebtw I am in france right now, and every day  TV's News talks about the new anti piracy law.Mar 11 20:35
schestowitzThey show picture of real pirates  in boats?Mar 11 20:36
taconeno. they show fancy graphs of three lcd's connected with a giant 'IP' wrote on themMar 11 20:36
schestowitzControlled media and ban on decentralisation is all they have leftMar 11 20:36
schestowitzOtherwise society might become a democracyMar 11 20:36
schestowitzDemocracy is bad in the eyes of politiciansMar 11 20:37
schestowitzThey must be in control, along with their funding sources (e.g. copyrights cartel)Mar 11 20:37
taconepoliticians are the waiters of bankersMar 11 20:37
taconelolMar 11 20:37
taconebut since democracy is legalized, they have to fight it back costantlyMar 11 20:38
taconethe price of dictature is costant vigilancy :-)Mar 11 20:38
schestowitzHehe.Mar 11 20:40
*PeterFA (n=Peter@unaffiliated/peterfa) has joined #boycottnovellMar 11 20:41
PeterFAI this affiliated with the Boycott Novell website/blog?Mar 11 20:41
balzacyesMar 11 20:42
PeterFAThe authors hang out in this channel?Mar 11 20:43
balzacPeterFA: this is the official chatroom of the famous blogMar 11 20:43
balzacRoy is hereMar 11 20:43
balzacwelcomeMar 11 20:43
PeterFAI like the blog.Mar 11 20:43
balzacplease share opinions favorable or unfavorable without hesitationMar 11 20:44
PeterFAMicrosoft is one sketchy company, and any moron can see through Novell's stupid tactics :)Mar 11 20:44
balzacthey are weaselsMar 11 20:44
balzacand they can't stand freedomMar 11 20:44
balzacFreedom hatin' weasels, I'd call me.Mar 11 20:45
balzaccall em.Mar 11 20:45
balzacFYI, I call them "Bush's un-dead talking points" when I use his rhetorical style.Mar 11 20:46
schestowitzHey, PeterFA Mar 11 20:47
PeterFAschestowitz, hi.Mar 11 20:47
PeterFAI don't know why the judge awarded Novell the ownership of the property that SCO insisted they had.Mar 11 20:47
schestowitzDidn't they own itMar 11 20:48
schestowitz?Mar 11 20:48
schestowitzIt's not over either wayMar 11 20:48
schestowitzI'll do a post about SCO in the weekendMar 11 20:48
schestowitzThere's also one about Hovo Sapian coming.Mar 11 20:48
balzacthat's a pretty funny take on his nameMar 11 20:49
PeterFAschestowitz, so, SCO claimed Novell's property was their own and started to sue everyone who used Linux?Mar 11 20:49
PeterFAschestowitz, are you one of the authors of 11 20:49
taconePeterFA: look to the authors in the site's sidebarMar 11 20:50
PeterFAschestowitz, ah, so you are.Mar 11 20:51
PeterFANice to meet you, schestowitz.Mar 11 20:51
PeterFAAnd to comment on the picture on that blog post that appears when you visit the current version of the website today, yeah, the Mono project is bad.Mar 11 20:52
schestowitzIt's a Novell projectMar 11 20:53
PeterFAI know.Mar 11 20:53
schestowitzThey pretend it's communityMar 11 20:53
schestowitzSome of the prople on the project work for MicrosoftMar 11 20:54
schestowitzIt figures.Mar 11 20:54
PeterFAschestowitz, how can I affirm the authenticity of leaked emails?Mar 11 20:54
schestowitzWhich ones?Mar 11 20:54
PeterFAI read a few blogs about leaked emails that pretty much condemn Microsoft.Mar 11 20:54
PeterFAschestowitz, I don't remember.Mar 11 20:54
schestowitzYou can go to the source with wget logsMar 11 20:54
PeterFAschestowitz, I remember a blog that was interesting, but I wondered how to authenticate emails.Mar 11 20:54
PeterFAschestowitz, how?Mar 11 20:55
schestowitzI can look it up at the original.Mar 11 20:55
PeterFAschestowitz, oh, and what operating system do you use?Mar 11 20:55
schestowitzedge-opMar 11 20:55
schestowitzMandriva]Mar 11 20:55
PeterFAschestowitz, ah.Mar 11 20:55
PeterFAHow do emails leak?Mar 11 20:55
schestowitzThey don't leakMar 11 20:56
schestowitzThere is a subpoenaMar 11 20:56
schestowitzLawyers collect evidenceMar 11 20:56
schestowitzAfter crimesMar 11 20:56
schestowitzThis time around the guy who sued or his lawyers put copies onlineMar 11 20:57
schestowitzSo some people grabbed copies before Microsoft paid many millions (hundreds maybe) to make it vanishMar 11 20:57
PeterFAOh.Mar 11 20:57
schestowitzI have another 8000 or so exhibits to look atMar 11 20:57
schestowitzHundreds to coverMar 11 20:57
PeterFASo, sue Microsoft, get emails, make copies freely available, accept bribe.Mar 11 20:58
schestowitzushimitsudoki has a sample here: http://meandubuntu.wordpress.c...Mar 11 20:58
PeterFA:)Mar 11 20:58
schestowitzHe read through themMar 11 20:58
schestowitzPeterFA: yes, pretty muchMar 11 20:58
schestowitzThey need to be sued againMar 11 20:58
schestowitzThey bribe their way out of justiceMar 11 20:58
schestowitzTime. After. Time.Mar 11 20:59
schestowitzThe bribe is euphemistically called "settlement"Mar 11 20:59
schestowitzThey pretend it's the punishment for the crime, which it isn't Mar 11 20:59
schestowitzThey also bribed an employee of theirs for blowing the weasel on financial fraud at MicrosoftMar 11 21:00
PeterFAAre their official public logs of these trials?Mar 11 21:00
schestowitzYesMar 11 21:00
schestowitzSome of themMar 11 21:00
schestowitzBut they ended the trial fastMar 11 21:00
schestowitzPaid lots of moneyMar 11 21:00
schestowitzIOW, they obstruct justice using moneyMar 11 21:00
PeterFAI have heard of that. The Lindows project changed its name because Microsoft was losing since Windows is a tad general.Mar 11 21:00
PeterFAIf Lindows one, that would severely hurt Microsoft's hold on the names.Mar 11 21:01
PeterFABecause then I'd be able to make my own Windows 2000 :)Mar 11 21:01
PeterFAOr Windows Vista.Mar 11 21:01
*PeterFA hurredly repackages Kubuntu.Mar 11 21:02
schestowitz:-)Mar 11 21:02
PeterFAI'm making a website called which is aimed toward users who have interest in using Linux but are not nerds.Mar 11 21:03
PeterFAIt teaches them how to get going with Linux.Mar 11 21:03
PeterFAI chose Linux Mint.Mar 11 21:03
taconeplenty of those.Mar 11 21:03
taconemake a website to teach corporations to play fairMar 11 21:03
PeterFAI'm trying not to trash talk Microsoft at all.Mar 11 21:04
PeterFAOh yeah, I heard Microsoft owns a lot of Apple stock :)Mar 11 21:08
schestowitztacone: +1Mar 11 21:08
schestowitzPeterFA: yes, Apple helps Microsoft, tooMar 11 21:08
PeterFAHow?Mar 11 21:09
schestowitzThey are 'frienemies' (I hate this word)Mar 11 21:09
schestowitzPeterFA: OOXML, fonts, etc.Mar 11 21:09
PeterFAI thought OOXML was entirely Microsoft. What does Apple have to do with it?Mar 11 21:10
taconebuffMar 11 21:12
taconeduopoly is worst than monopolyMar 11 21:12
schestowitzHehe. 11 21:12
taconecreates the illuson of choiceMar 11 21:12
schestowitzHe used the picture that I foundMar 11 21:12
taconelike republicans and democratsMar 11 21:12
taconeand so on.Mar 11 21:12
schestowitzYes, exactly.Mar 11 21:13
schestowitzApple and Microsoft... competitng for the same partyMar 11 21:13
schestowitzApple, Microsoft= factionMar 11 21:13
schestowitzparty=MPAA/RIAA/etcMar 11 21:13
taconein italy, when fascism fell, a secret society was created. called p2Mar 11 21:13
schestowitzParty owns the factionsMar 11 21:13
schestowitzIt's like US electionsMar 11 21:13
taconetheir manifesto had many points (like media control etc)Mar 11 21:13
taconeone of the points was to kill all parties and form only 2 big ones.Mar 11 21:13
schestowitzSelect either one, but you'll get DRM and blobs and kill switches anywayMar 11 21:13
schestowitzMac or PC... gimme a break :-)Mar 11 21:14
PeterFAHow does Google play into the drama?Mar 11 21:14
tacone(and they finally did. italy has only 2 parties. and the premier is an ex-adept of the society)  lolMar 11 21:14
schestowitzNot sureMar 11 21:14
schestowitzGoogle is in another areaMar 11 21:14
schestowitzWeb and SaaSMar 11 21:14
PeterFASo far they're looking good.Mar 11 21:14
PeterFATo me, at lest.Mar 11 21:14
PeterFAleast*Mar 11 21:14
schestowitzOh, cool. We made front page: 11 21:15
PeterFAGoogle is not entirely untouchy with the desktop worl.Mar 11 21:16
PeterFAworld*Mar 11 21:16
PeterFAOnly company to make any recognizable effort to embrace Open Source that did not start out that way.Mar 11 21:16
PeterFARH has done a good job, but they were Open Source from the get-go.Mar 11 21:17
PeterFAThey don't count :)Mar 11 21:17
taconegoogle for now just seems to ignore things they don't want to spread (like AGPL) but i didn't see anything really evil from them since nowMar 11 21:17
MinceRthey do a lot of evilMar 11 21:19
tessier_What is AGPL? How is it different from GPL?Mar 11 21:19
tessier_Does FSF support AGPL?Mar 11 21:19
MinceRyes, they doMar 11 21:19
tessier_I'm not convinced that google does a lot of evilMar 11 21:19
tessier_But let's talk about AGPL first. :)Mar 11 21:19
tessier_What's the difference between AGPL and GPL?Mar 11 21:20
tessier_Why would google be ok with GPL but not AGPL?Mar 11 21:20
taconei've learned that it's always preferable someone that does evil in secret than someone how does evil and make everyone know.Mar 11 21:20
PeterFAtacone, hmm, got a good point.Mar 11 21:20
taconetessier_: first read some wikipedia or something about agplMar 11 21:20
MinceRAGPL requires any derivative of a webapp to offer the option to download the source codeMar 11 21:21
MinceR(or any other program where it's applicable)Mar 11 21:21
MinceRit targets SaaSMar 11 21:21
PeterFAThat's interesting.Mar 11 21:21
PeterFAThat's why Google wouldn't like it.Mar 11 21:21
schestowitzPeterFA: Red Hat predates 'open source[Mar 11 21:21
PeterFAThey do webapps.Mar 11 21:21
PeterFAschestowitz, yeah, but FSF does not, and Linux was always GPL2.Mar 11 21:22
taconelike launchpad. it will be made agpl. so you can use it for whatever you want, but you'll have to release the source code of any modifications just for the fact of putting your version online.Mar 11 21:22
tessier_Ah.Mar 11 21:22
PeterFAschestowitz, er...Mar 11 21:22
PeterFAschestowitz, but it does not predate FSF.Mar 11 21:22
taconenot only they don't like it. they don't allow the licence on google code !..Mar 11 21:22
taconethat's the thing.Mar 11 21:22
taconethey don't want it to spread because that will force them to do all the work for their proprietary webservices, one day.Mar 11 21:23
schestowitztessier: think about Google's Apache derivMar 11 21:23
taconeAGPL is a cancer (?)Mar 11 21:23
schestowitzAs if it were *gplMar 11 21:23
PeterFAThe GPL doesn't really have any restrictions until you distribute :)Mar 11 21:24
PeterFAYou can make all the changes you want and keep them all a secret so long as you don't distribute anything.Mar 11 21:24
PeterFAHowever, the Tivo case is a failure.Mar 11 21:24
PeterFAWell, as much as I'd like to talk and learn, I gotta get going.Mar 11 21:25
schestowitzcya later thenMar 11 21:25
*PeterFA has quit ("Gone")Mar 11 21:26
schestowitzWhy Bloggers (All People) Need To Count As Journalists < >Mar 11 21:28
balzacTo the extent that we understand journalism and practice it, we are journalists. To the extent that we understand and practice law, we are laywers.Mar 11 21:36
schestowitz"you'd be surprised how many ppl i know are switching to ubuntu, i even got my self a copy: with the LiveCD/Persistence you can try and test it with out having to install anything of ur hard drive." 11 21:36
schestowitzThe Iceland story is everywhere :-) Because of /. and some BN people who spread the wordMar 11 21:37
schestowitzHehe. 11 21:37
schestowitzWatch the image on the rightMar 11 21:37
schestowitzAustralian police may get hacking powers < >Mar 11 21:46
schestowitzInteresting that Michael has just used this as a reference: 11 21:46
schestowitzNever knew about the incident: many decades later it's still bad publicity for them: 11 21:46
schestowitzNot what it sounds like:  Microsoft to kill off Internet Explorer < >Mar 11 21:49
schestowitzHere is a pair that can snatch the industry from the west: (Foxconn to join VIA-led alliance for white-box netbooks)Mar 11 21:53
schestowitzLessig is @ it again: "WHETHER OR NOT "money bought" this result, you have committed this wrong." 11 21:55
trmanco 11 21:55
trmancostupid no modular Windows needs a new php build to fixe the cURL bugsMar 11 21:56
trmanconon*Mar 11 21:56
trmancoNote: Only the Windows packages are affected.Mar 11 21:56
trmanco 11 21:58
schestowitzHehe. Small patch otherwise. Tiny.Mar 11 22:02
trmancowe can wait 7 yearsMar 11 22:04
trmanconot we, Windows usersMar 11 22:04
*Balrog ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 11 22:06
schestowitzWhy did Microsoft wait 7 years to fix SMBRelay attack flaw? < >Mar 11 22:07
trmancoBSMar 11 22:09
schestowitzBSNetMar 11 22:10
schestowitzZDNetMar 11 22:10
schestowitz "“A verbal memo [no email allowed] was passed around the MS campus encouraging MS employee’s to post to ZDNet articles like this one,” the email said."Mar 11 22:11
schestowitzRemember Cuil? 11 22:12
*tacone has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 11 22:26
balzacI think the php dev-team is being a little too focused on the bottom line thereMar 11 22:31
balzacwhen there's a bug on windows, someone says "jump", they ask "how high"?Mar 11 22:31
balzacThere's no big hurry for GNU/Linux usersMar 11 22:32
balzacI was also a bit bent when I heard that the ubiquity plugin for Firefox wasn't working for any GNU/Linux yet but it worked right away for Windows and OSXMar 11 22:32
balzacIt seems pretty obvious that GNU/Linux should come before OSX or WindowsMar 11 22:33
*jcook66 (n=jason@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 11 22:35
jcook66are my concerns about mono warranted?Mar 11 22:36
tessier_jcook66: Are you kissing strangers again?Mar 11 22:37
jcook66no, I'm just looking for a non-mono way to convert openxml files to odfMar 11 22:38
schestowitzHi, jcook66 Mar 11 22:39
jcook66helloMar 11 22:39
schestowitzHeh. tessier spoke about mononucleosisMar 11 22:39
schestowitzOOXML is a Microsoft crimeMar 11 22:40
schestowitz(and a format)Mar 11 22:40
jcook66yeah, I caught that.Mar 11 22:40
schestowitzNovell helps Microsoft poison everything with .NETMar 11 22:40
schestowitzHow did you get OOXML?Mar 11 22:40
jcook66My company doesn't understand that it's bad.Mar 11 22:41
schestowitzThey are not standardMar 11 22:41
schestowitzConvince them by explainingMar 11 22:42
jcook66I was trying to find a command-line tool for parsing it and re-formatting it into odfMar 11 22:42
schestowitzI think there's an ODF plugin for Office that's pretty decentMar 11 22:42
jcook66I think that's the way to go. The odf-converter command-line tool uses mono.Mar 11 22:42
jcook66not only a bad thing for the obvious reasons, but like 50+ megs of dependencies.Mar 11 22:43
jcook66I can't understand the decision to use mono when there are so many other xml tools out there.Mar 11 22:44
jcook66apparently accessing Exchange 2007 from Evolution will require mono as well?Mar 11 22:45
schestowitzThat's NovellMar 11 22:46
schestowitzCan OOo not import MOOXMar 11 22:46
schestowitzOOo 3?Mar 11 22:46
schestowitzjcook66: wait. Do you have a link to that last bit?Mar 11 22:47
schestowitz   >>> "apparently accessing Exchange 2007 from Evolution will require mono as well?" Mar 11 22:47
schestowitzwhere can I find info on that?Mar 11 22:47
jcook66looking for it, just a secMar 11 22:49
Balrog_system.building.openoffice == takes.foreverMar 11 22:49
schestowitzThanks.Mar 11 22:51
schestowitzBTW, is Evolution already part of the 'core' of GNOME?Mar 11 22:52
schestowitzI mean, like TomTom more or less?Mar 11 22:52
jcook66Thankfully, I was wrong. I misunderstood the packaginig of my linux distro which only requires mono because of beagle.Mar 11 22:52
jcook66My appologiesMar 11 22:52
schestowitzjcook66: ah, OKMar 11 22:53
Balrog_looks like it isMar 11 22:53
schestowitzBecause Evolution has some Mono-requiring pluginsMar 11 22:53
jcook66exactlyMar 11 22:53
schestowitzIn opensuse, you can't really remove it well..Mar 11 22:53
schestowitzMono messMar 11 22:53
jcook66But it looks like openchange uses samba4Mar 11 22:53
jcook66a much better choiceMar 11 22:53
schestowitzBalrog: I see more denials of Apple sub-notebooksMar 11 22:56
schestowitz[coming from the Wintel press]Mar 11 22:56
Balrogit's so mixedMar 11 22:57
Balrogwe have no idea what's going on with apple and sub-notebooks right nowMar 11 22:57
schestowitzThat's what Apple would preferMar 11 22:58
schestowitzFalse stuff? Lies, Damned Lies, and Apple Netbook Rumors < >Mar 11 22:59
Balrog_yes, and that helps prevent stock-market speculationMar 11 22:59
jcook66thanks for all the fish...Mar 11 23:00
*jcook66 has quit ("WeeChat 0.2.6")Mar 11 23:00
schestowitzBalrog: (Get over it! There's no Apple netbook)Mar 11 23:18
schestowitzUSB fingers. Hehe. 11 23:18
MinceRgnMar 11 23:23
MinceR"usb fingers" sounds like an illnessMar 11 23:23
schestowitzonly if it runs autorun.inf by defaultMar 11 23:31
schestowitzDon't bite those fingers. You might catch a cold.. or a virusMar 11 23:31
PetoKrausit looks ulgyMar 11 23:33
schestowitzfulgy?Mar 11 23:34
PetoKrausalmostMar 11 23:34
schestowitzGoogle and the Linux desktop < >Mar 11 23:37
trmanco 11 23:39
Balrogoffice depot is engaging in deceptive practicesMar 11 23:42
Balrog 11 23:43
schestowitznew upload: 11 23:43
Balrog 11 23:43
schestowitzSounds like normal routine in US of AdvertisingMar 11 23:45
schestowitzLike $99.99Mar 11 23:45
Balrogthe lying about stock is badMar 11 23:45
trmancoVodafone Music goes DRM-free, throws in free upgrades: 11 23:46
Balrogfollowing in the footsteps of amazon and more importantly, itunesMar 11 23:46
Balrogexcept that they're not charging for upgradesMar 11 23:46
trmanco || Por Windows Vista 7, it's not even fully baked and it is already hammered with critical security flawsMar 11 23:55
trmancowait... does any Microsoft product get completely baked?Mar 11 23:56
schestowitzNo, just RTMedMar 11 23:59

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[Meme] SPI and 'FSFE': Sponsored by Microsoft to...
women's instincts do not matter to these strongmen
One More (Failed) Attempt to Deplatform the Sites by Harassing and Threatening Webhosts
What we're seeing here is a person who abuses the system in Canada at Canadian taxpayers' expense trying to do the same in the UK, at British taxpayers' expense
[Meme] Shitburger of an LLM
IBM and the Hololens
Links 17/06/2024: Chatbot Nonsense Thrown Under the Bus (Severe Failure, Pure Hype), How to Finance Free Software 'Hackers'
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Debian's Personal Attacks Are Upsetting Women, Too
Female Debian Developer: "I Believe Daniel [Pocock] is On the Right Track."
Microsoft's Bing is So Irrelevant in Moldova (1%) That Russia's Yandex is About 5 Times Bigger
How much longer before Microsoft throws in the towel?
12 Days Have Passed Since the Edward Brocklesby Revelations and Debian Project Has Said Absolutely Nothing About That
One must therefore assume they have nothing to say in their defence (covering up severe security failings)
Yes, You Can
Unless you live somewhere like Russia...
[Meme] Listen to the Experts
Bill Gates didn't even finish university]
Roy and Rianne's Righteously Royalty-free RSS Reader (R.R.R.R.R.R.) and the Front-End Interfaces
As the Web deteriorates the availability, quality and prevalence of RSS feeds is not improving, to put it mildly
Algeria Shows High GNU/Linux and Android Adoption, All-Time High and Almost Three-Quarters of Web Requests
GNU/Linux was below 3%, now it is above 3%
Mass Layoffs at Microsoft-owned GitHub (About 80 Percent of the Staff in India Laid Off)
It's not just in India
Over at Tux Machines...
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IRC Proceedings: Sunday, June 16, 2024
IRC logs for Sunday, June 16, 2024
Gemini Links 16/06/2024: Scarecrows, Moles, Ham Radio, and No IPs
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