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PetoKrausmaybe conficker was a bad exampleMar 19 18:13
PetoKrausbut pifts.exe is a primeMar 19 18:13
PetoKrausyeah, norton is taking some flakMar 19 18:13
PetoKrausbut... who knows about it, from the people who actually buy norton?Mar 19 18:13
MinceRsymantec deserves all the flak they can get.Mar 19 18:13
PetoKrausno one in my shop knew until i told themMar 19 18:13
balzacMicrosoft acts as if they're the clean and corporate company but they're actually the enablers of the security racketeers, spammers, enterprise-scale fraud operations, and DOS bot-nets which are used to extort enterprises which guarantee 99.9999% uptime.Mar 19 18:14
MinceRbtw, it isn't nortonMar 19 18:15
MinceR"In 1990, Norton sold his company to Symantec."Mar 19 18:15
MinceR 19 18:15
PetoKrauswellMar 19 18:15
PetoKrausthe product is still called norton antivirusMar 19 18:15
balzacback in the day, these AV companies started out as honest operationsMar 19 18:15
balzacnow they're protection racketeers working in tandem with Microsoft who refuses to secure their operating systemMar 19 18:15
balzacpoor peter norton probably doesn't deserve the misfortune of having his name attached to that dubious "product/service" anymore.Mar 19 18:16
PetoKrauswell, probably notMar 19 18:16
PetoKraustough luck thenMar 19 18:16
balzacMaybe he gets royalties for the use of the name, but it's a very shady kind of business nowadays.Mar 19 18:17
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 18:19
balzacIf GNU/Linux suffers any significant viral or worm/trojan issues in the future, it will be the work of companies like Novell building design flaws into their desktop environment.Mar 19 18:19
PetoKrausthat's too bold a statementMar 19 18:19
balzacBetter to go with a light window-manager and avoid the fancy indexing and meta-data services.Mar 19 18:20
balzacPetoKraus: Gnome and KDE are getting pretty fancy and bloated. I'm sure these kinds of desktop environments have more vulnerabilities than light window managers.Mar 19 18:20
balzacalso, its the rich-media supportMar 19 18:21
PetoKrauswell i don't care that much about these twoMar 19 18:21
balzacwatch out for the codec-support for proprietary codecs, things like flash, mono, and other junk.Mar 19 18:21
balzacthose bring vulnerabilitiesMar 19 18:21
PetoKrausi tend to use quite alternative appsMar 19 18:22
balzacuneccessary and commercially-oriented daemons should be removedMar 19 18:23
balzacIt would suck if when GNU/Linux finally gets a huge amount of market-share, if it is badly implemented in such a way as to create vulnerabilities so Microsofties can say "I told you so" after some outbreak.Mar 19 18:24
PetoKrausthere is quite a lot of watchdogsMar 19 18:24
PetoKrauswhile i disagree with the Xorg management on the factual direction they are takingMar 19 18:25
MinceRthat's part of why the community should distance itself from novell/suse and stuff like thatMar 19 18:25
*schestowitz thinks he got server load under control now. very, very stripped down thoughMar 19 18:26
PetoKrausgah manMar 19 18:26
balzacThe evolution packages and JRE would also concern me.Mar 19 18:26
PetoKrausi have to admit there's 472 unread posts in my BN feedMar 19 18:26
PetoKrausbut i feel you should change your webhost. honestlyMar 19 18:27
schestowitzWe have like 6500 in total, iircMar 19 18:27
schestowitzPetoKraus: that's the planMar 19 18:27
schestowitzbut it's expensiveMar 19 18:27
PetoKrausi knowMar 19 18:27
PetoKraushow much traffic do you get/Mar 19 18:27
balzacNot to mention the "web 2.0" integration schemes like Adobe Air and assorted, networked run time environments.Mar 19 18:27
schestowitzI want to at leave serve *seomthing* for the time beingMar 19 18:27
PetoKraus?Mar 19 18:27
schestowitzWithout getting 'thrown out' (politely contacted) for high loadsMar 19 18:27
schestowitzALmost 300 queries/secMar 19 18:28
schestowitzWe had very cpu-heavy pagesMar 19 18:28
balzacdriver blobs are also another area of potential vulnerabilityMar 19 18:28
PetoKrauswellMar 19 18:29
PetoKrausthere we stand on a slippy groundMar 19 18:29
PetoKrausati drivers being developed mainly at novellMar 19 18:29
balzacfluendo and other assorted garbage doesn't belong on a secure computerMar 19 18:29
PetoKrauswhat's fluendoMar 19 18:29
balzacwell, screw ATI and NovellMar 19 18:29
PetoKrauswell, screw ati, screw nvidia, you're left with intelMar 19 18:30
balzacit's an "open source" implementation of support for some proprietary codec(s)Mar 19 18:30
balzacand screw intel tooMar 19 18:30
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balzacAMD, Via, Arm, Longsoon existMar 19 18:30
balzacThe biggest and oldest manufacturers are the most contemptuous of their customersMar 19 18:31
*mib_h6vhz5 has quit (Client Quit)Mar 19 18:31
PetoKrausati = amdMar 19 18:31
balzacGamer-types from will be the ones who have relatively insecure variants of GNU/LinuxMar 19 18:32
PetoKrausvia has pish supportMar 19 18:32
PetoKrausin terms of almost anythingMar 19 18:32
PetoKrausand arm and longsoon, well, good luck on thatMar 19 18:32
balzacgamers who've got to have all their fancy rich media support, who are indiscriminant in both choices of software licenses and hardware manufacturersMar 19 18:32
PetoKrausthat's not trueMar 19 18:32
PetoKrausi'm prime example of the opposite, though not a heavy gamerMar 19 18:32
balzacI'm just saying, when GNU/Linux goes big, it will probably become somewhat vulnerable due to all of this proprietary stuff from uncooperative companies - the big ones.Mar 19 18:33
balzacbut your basic GNU/Linux will remain quite secure.Mar 19 18:34
PetoKrauswell i don't care muchMar 19 18:34
PetoKrausi don't care about the big ones that muchMar 19 18:34
PetoKrausthat is Canonical and NovellMar 19 18:34
PetoKrausRed Hat, well, i guess they won't get under pressureMar 19 18:34
PetoKrausas i'm using community developed distro, it's us who are making itMar 19 18:34
PetoKrausi am not worried. At all.Mar 19 18:35
balzacNovell and Redhat like to have some DRM so they can limit the number of processors you can run their cripplenux on.Mar 19 18:35
PetoKrauswell the truth is, if novell and redhat just disappeared, it wouldn't be good for the development of many thingsMar 19 18:35
balzacThat's probably why Linus won't upgrade to GPLv3, because it would be a deal-breaker for deals like the HP/Redhat/NYSE deal.Mar 19 18:35
balzacRedhat should stop using DRM to limit the number of processors for their Enterprise OSMar 19 18:36
balzacthey should find a better way to collect their revenueMar 19 18:36
balzaclike support and innovation, for example.Mar 19 18:37
*Carl_Rover2k12 ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 18:40
zer0c00lcommunity powered Gnu/linux books 19 18:41
Carl_Rover2k12zer0c00l: its about dam timeMar 19 18:42
balzaczer0c00l: you had some drupal related questions? Feel free to /msg or join ##bawd to discussMar 19 18:42
Carl_Rover2k12zer0c00l: its not likely they could have released one based on the XO-1 OLPC software in a tablet factor that could have beat the Kindle to the punchMar 19 18:43
MinceRAIR bothers me less than flash does.Mar 19 18:43
MinceRat least AIR stays out of the browser.Mar 19 18:43
Carl_Rover2k12but then again its not really top priority for many within the community to have something like thatMar 19 18:43
Carl_Rover2k12and I am off on a wrong tangentMar 19 18:44
Carl_Rover2k12:PMar 19 18:44
Carl_Rover2k12whoa is me, anyway its nice to see a new manual coming out, maybe it can now make its run across campuss and other education coursesMar 19 18:44
*Carl_Rover2k12 ( has left #boycottnovellMar 19 18:45
balzaczer0c00l: You mentioned the Garland theme for Drupal. I recommend Acquia Marina instead.Mar 19 18:45
balzacbut that's offtopic, so if you want any tips or questions answered, feel free to ask.Mar 19 18:47
*schestowitz tries to consolidate servers...thinks about moving a site to catalyst2 and suspects we may needVPS. Requirement: currently 2 mysql dbs (at least), standard php/mysql server (probably LAMP/Red Hat). The site is quite db0intensive.. :-(Mar 19 18:53
*Carl_Rover2k12 ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 18:53
*schestowitz blocks googlebotsMar 19 18:54
zer0c00lbalzac: okMar 19 18:55
zer0c00l:-)Mar 19 18:55
zer0c00lwill try Acquia MarinaMar 19 18:55
zer0c00lbalzac:thanksMar 19 18:55
zer0c00l:-)Mar 19 18:55
zer0c00lgnMar 19 18:55
balzacIt has nice support for drop-down menus built inMar 19 18:56
balzacalso, check out the panels moduleMar 19 18:56
zer0c00lpannel module?Mar 19 18:56
balzacto escape from the default theme layoutMar 19 18:56
balzacpanels 2, drupal 6Mar 19 18:56
balzacviews 2, cckMar 19 18:56
balzacthose are important contrib modules to add to any Drupal siteMar 19 18:57
zer0c00lgot it 19 18:57
balzacok </offtopic>Mar 19 18:57
zer0c00lyeah i have added cck and views,conference,email registrationMar 19 18:57
zer0c00lyes off topicMar 19 18:57
zer0c00l:pMar 19 18:57
schestowitzmaybe "social"Mar 19 18:57
schestowitz:-)Mar 19 18:57
zer0c00lschestowitz will kick usMar 19 18:57
zer0c00l:PMar 19 18:57
balzacit's nice that boycottnovell has a social side-channelMar 19 18:58
balzacbecause this is where it's at on freenodeMar 19 18:58
schestowitzIs there a way to tell crawlers just to temporariily stop?Mar 19 18:59
schestowitzI don't want to denyallMar 19 18:59
balzacwell, apart from venerable channels like #gnu #fsf #emacs etc.Mar 19 18:59
schestowitz:-)Mar 19 18:59
trmancoanother project moves to GIT -> this time GNOMEMar 19 18:59
zer0c00lok balzac,schestowitz,bn gnMar 19 18:59
balzacschestowitz: you're editing robots.txt or .htaccess ?Mar 19 18:59
schestowitzBalrog: eitherMar 19 19:00
schestowitzThe search engines invoke many pagesMar 19 19:00
schestowitzLike a quarter of a million so far this monthMar 19 19:00
schestowitzeven with 15k a day, that's a lot of DB queriesMar 19 19:00
schestowitzMaybe 100 eachMar 19 19:00
balzac.htaccess will give you more controll than robots.txtMar 19 19:00
schestowitzFor just search enginesMar 19 19:01
schestowitzbalzac: I want to instruct and not blockMar 19 19:01
schestowitzAnd blocking can get me off the SEsMar 19 19:01
trmancowhy do some people call this channel and "ICQ" channel?Mar 19 19:02
balzacif you want to control when crawlers can crawl, you could make a shell script to swap .htaccess files at various times by changing file names in the manner of a simple log-rotating shell script.Mar 19 19:02
trmancodoes the troll wan't to get bashed or what?Mar 19 19:02
balzacif you want to control which robots, I guess you'll need to add some regex code for user-agent discrimination and use rewrite rules to redirectMar 19 19:02
schestowitztrmanco: who does? Trolls?Mar 19 19:03
trmancoyeah, flattyMar 19 19:03
schestowitzStupid trolls, ignore themMar 19 19:03
schestowitzbalzac: is there no <meta> to tell them pages won't change?Mar 19 19:04
balzac 19 19:04
schestowitzCause they don't need to revisit pagesMar 19 19:04
trmancoschestowitz, I doMar 19 19:04
trmancoI was justing sayingMar 19 19:04
trmancojust*Mar 19 19:05
balzacschestowitz: they're taxing your server by crawling static content?Mar 19 19:05
balzacIt might be worth allowing it to continue, because what if their indexed data expires if the crawlers can't touch-base with your content?Mar 19 19:05
schestowitzbalzac: yesMar 19 19:07
schestowitzUnless I can reduce it, we might be pulled againMar 19 19:08
schestowitzWhat a nuisance.Mar 19 19:08
balzacget a slicehost or mosso accountMar 19 19:08
schestowitzIt's actually more like 40k pages/day, inc. SEsMar 19 19:08
schestowitzor 3-40Mar 19 19:08
schestowitz*30Mar 19 19:08
schestowitzIt was a lot more in January when we had lots more trouble, despite CORALMar 19 19:09
balzaci just figured you didn't mind your server going down once in a whileMar 19 19:09
balzacwhen there's some URL that's so interesting that people have to put up mirrors on Digg, it makes more excitementMar 19 19:09
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*tessier ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 19:10
*pocek_ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 19:10
balzacI'm partial to slicehost, but Mosso accounts scale according to demandMar 19 19:11
*pocek has quit ( 19 19:13
*pocek_ is now known as pocekMar 19 19:13
balzacRoy, you've got so much traffic. When are you going to start collecting users into a forum? You could be like Kevin Rose, but much cooler.Mar 19 19:15
schestowitzbalzac: this is like a bit of a form, but much cooler (real time)Mar 19 19:16
balzacSet up Drupal and let us have accounts.Mar 19 19:16
schestowitzI don't know if I regain control of the server nowMar 19 19:16
balzacwell... if I had your traffic, I would build the ultimate free software community.Mar 19 19:16
schestowitzIt's annoying when you have lots to write (news), but instead you babysit the serverMar 19 19:16
balzacI own gnucrew.comMar 19 19:16
schestowitzI got server load down, but mysql load keeps going upMar 19 19:16
balzacget a scalable hosting accountMar 19 19:17
schestowitzbalzac: nice domainMar 19 19:17
schestowitzbalzac: I tryMar 19 19:17
schestowitzBut in the mean time I want BN to stay onloneMar 19 19:17
schestowitz(lineMar 19 19:17
schestowitzI see people get vital info on things like MS-Abramoff, EDGI, etc.Mar 19 19:17
schestowitzThe archives are where it's at.Mar 19 19:17
balzacyeah, maybe we could partner up - I develop, you bring traffic, we share the domain name with some kind of contract with a trustee arrangement.Mar 19 19:18
schestowitzJust what is the big problem with Linux? < >Mar 19 19:18
schestowitzbalzac: maybe.Mar 19 19:18
balzacI wouldn't ask anyone to be a partner if I controlled the domain alone because that would be a sucker's deal.Mar 19 19:19
schestowitzPJ has mathfox (Peter) helping her out with the server, not just comments, but usually BN just runs OKMar 19 19:19
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 19 19:20
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: most of those aside from the Games part seems to be a bit off, there are a ton of drivers and apps out there, its just alient to Windows user when it comes to the methods of installing them. Then most which have tar packages or self installers are either out of date or have to subscribe to their service to download and pay forMar 19 19:21
balzacAlso, my friend Tony Mobily who runs is the guy who developed the Drigg module. Maybe continued development on Drigg for Drupal 6 could be subsidized a bit and it would be the ultimate website for GNU geeks.Mar 19 19:21
balzacThe Drigg module makes Drupal work like, except that it's based on Drupal so it has all those incredible contributed modules.Mar 19 19:22
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: agreed.Mar 19 19:22
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: for example I am a bit dissapointed that one has to get the newest ISO and do a full re-install and probably reformat to install the latest YDL 6.1 because the easier way is to download the nessisary updates through the "Enhanced" repositoryMar 19 19:22
schestowitzbalzac: I don't know what's up with mysqMar 19 19:22
schestowitzIt did Ok in previous months when bot requested about half a million pages/monthMar 19 19:22
balzacSometimes a CMS has some big ugly queries that need to be optimized.Mar 19 19:22
schestowitzSo maybe it's something elseMar 19 19:23
schestowitzLike something malicious hammering on themMar 19 19:23
balzacYou should edit my.cnf to log all your queries to syslogMar 19 19:23
balzacbut you'd have to have your own server to edit my.cnfMar 19 19:23
schestowitzOr I could disable logging, I thinkMar 19 19:23
balzacmaybe you just need to raise the memory limitsMar 19 19:23
schestowitzthe host won't allow it thoughMar 19 19:23
schestowitzGroklaw disabled all logging for performance.Mar 19 19:23
balzacwell, make it log first just for diagnostic purposes, then disableMar 19 19:23
schestowitzbalzac: I think that's itMar 19 19:24
schestowitzMemery limitsMar 19 19:24
schestowitzWhen it went bad I got the impression they removed thoseMar 19 19:24
schestowitzAfter putting them in years agoMar 19 19:24
balzacyeah, well you're using wordpress for a pretty big site. I'd be using Drupal with memcache and optimized apache and mysql configurations if I had that much traffic.Mar 19 19:24
balzacon a virtual private server, definitely not shared hosting.Mar 19 19:25
balzacmaybe a mosso account since it can scale automaticallyMar 19 19:25
schestowitzDe Icaza celebrates port to Windows: 19 19:26
*quickbrownfox (i=5d610014@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 19:28
*quickbrownfox has quit (Client Quit)Mar 19 19:29
schestowitzBritish International Motor Show cancelled < >Mar 19 19:29
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: nice cross platforming may do for desktop OSs as it has done for the console marketMar 19 19:29
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: the concern is that he spreads Mono and .NETMar 19 19:30
schestowitzHe helps Microsoft establish a 'standard' it controlsMar 19 19:30
schestowitz[not the mention patents]Mar 19 19:30
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: thats stupid (British Motorcar), at least in the US car shows and things of the sort become more popular during recessions as people want a more affordable way to go out and be amongst luxuries they cannot afford to ownMar 19 19:30
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: but thats a trojan horse to always watch out for when crossing between commercial and GNUMar 19 19:31
schestowitzIndeed.Mar 19 19:31
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: re: cars article, that's just to do with another concern (not technology) that I fear would be far more importantMar 19 19:32
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: and that would be?Mar 19 19:34
schestowitzMore of a symptom, not quite the outcome just yet. That's why doing things like migrating to VPS is something to be weary of.Mar 19 19:35
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: I just use proxies, or tor at timesMar 19 19:39
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: do you have a VPN setup between a client and router?Mar 19 19:40
schestowitzNo, I don't use VPNMar 19 19:40
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: I guess that would mostly address privacy from local packet sniffing and filtering out malware, but not complete privacy while surfing the web. Are you insinuating as more clients use VPSs it will be harder for journalists to get the scoop on anything?Mar 19 19:47
schestowitzI don't quite followMar 19 19:48
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: me neither, I am wondering what do you mean about an article concerning the cancelation of a venue effect being the symptom of somethingMar 19 19:49
schestowitzOh, *that*Mar 19 19:49
schestowitzSymptom of a problem, not the problem itself.Mar 19 19:49
schestowitzPeople don't really care if 'some event' gets called off, but what few realise that it's a very bad sign that's a prelude to moreMar 19 19:50
schestowitzPeople with hands closer to treasury know the picture better. Only recently did a local paper expose that national debt in the UK, for example, is over $50k per personMar 19 19:50
Carl_Rover2k12@schestowitz: we will see if more events are called off across the globe and if banks lower their interest rates graduallyMar 19 19:52
trmanco 19 19:52
schestowitzCarl_Rover2k12: Novell's SLE 11 might be out within daysMar 19 19:59
schestowitz[after heavy layoffs, before more]Mar 19 19:59
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*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))Mar 19 20:10
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 20:10
schestowitzMicrosoft ghets away with Intel collusion: Judge: 'Vista Capable' PC buyers haven't proven Microsoft deceived < >. hard to fight MS lawyers, eh?Mar 19 20:13
schestowitzAndy, like PJ, seems to be having some CMS pains with the now-aging Geeklog: Geeklog and the Joys (Sigh) of Software Upgrading < >Mar 19 20:18
schestowitzJustice Secretary Jack Straw to be Accused on Torture in Parliamentary Inquiry < >Mar 19 20:26
schestowitzWhat is Google doing?!?! March Madness! YouTube Gets Live Video Via Silverlight < >Mar 19 20:27
schestowitzSirius Founder Says The Company Is Screwed < >Mar 19 20:32
trmancoschestowitz, "CBS has embedded its Silverlight March Madness bracket and live game coverage directly onto a YouTube channel."Mar 19 20:34
schestowitzStill.....Mar 19 20:34
schestowitzMight as well treat is like malicious .exe files on YouTube.Mar 19 20:34
trmancothey are, so don't go thereMar 19 20:35
trmanco:-pMar 19 20:35
schestowitzWatch this photo: 19 20:35
schestowitzI have some rogue bots hammering on *sigh*Mar 19 20:37
schestowitzI spend too much time on maintenance. :-(Mar 19 20:37
schestowitzI also need to upgrade two WP blogs this weekend... because I don't run LTS-ish versionMar 19 20:38
schestowitz"The New York Times recently reported that some economists now think 2009 might be “like 1929, but worse.” 19 20:43
schestowitzDo you guys think that if I move the server I should look at the possibility of rewriting URLs and mapping these onto another site name?Mar 19 20:49
balzacNew server or new domain?Mar 19 21:03
schestowitzBig play coming: Google Android to dominate netbooks--Ovum  < >Mar 19 21:03
schestowitzbalzac: maybe both.Mar 19 21:03
schestowitzIt ought to be possible to write a script that rewrites ant request and passed it on to another domainMar 19 21:04
balzacwell, aim for no broken urls and no service interruptionMar 19 21:04
schestowitzI was never fond of the boycottnovell name (shane's choice). it's far too absrasive.Mar 19 21:04
schestowitz*abrasiveMar 19 21:05
balzackeep that domainMar 19 21:05
schestowitzOKMar 19 21:05
balzacand have another as wellMar 19 21:05
schestowitzWhat for?Mar 19 21:05
balzacBN is a great domain. it was a perfect choiceMar 19 21:05
schestowitzOKMar 19 21:05
schestowitzI don't like it muchMar 19 21:05
schestowitzMakes me look asinine as a matter of preconditionMar 19 21:05
balzacBN shouldn't go anywhere, even if Novell changed everything about their business and renounced MicrosoftMar 19 21:05
balzacit should always remain for historical reasonsMar 19 21:06
schestowitzThen it's Boycott Novel [L]Mar 19 21:06
balzacno way man, it was and is a great domainMar 19 21:06
schestowitzBoycott Patent (Novel)Mar 19 21:06
balzacno, it was perfect and there were no more appropriate domainsMar 19 21:07
balzacit's directness had to have contributed to the success of the siteMar 19 21:07
balzacdirect and simpleMar 19 21:07
balzacbut, for a new home for wider-ranging topics, It's something to think aboutMar 19 21:08
schestowitzThanks, I'll keep it as is then.Mar 19 21:08
schestowitzMy day was practically ruined by the server issuesMar 19 21:09
schestowitzWasted ratherMar 19 21:09
balzacMaybe you and Shane and I can discuss a domain holding arrangement for in which some entity like a frozen escrow holds it under the terms of a contract we all sign.Mar 19 21:09
balzacwe can all publish whatever we want under that domain, none of us can dissolve the arrangement, so nobody has clout over anyone elseMar 19 21:10
balzaca trustee-style arrangement could make a nice domain available for your use if you're into itMar 19 21:10
balzacno one or two of us could dissolve it, we'd all three have to agree to terminate the contractMar 19 21:11
balzacso it would be a stable arrangement for building a community website/group-blogMar 19 21:12
*Carl_Rover2k12 has quit ()Mar 19 21:12
balzacno agreements on editorial standards or contentMar 19 21:12
balzacbut I would have relatively conservative editorial judgement for myself, but the point being, neither of the three principles could censor each other, and our opinions would belong to ourselves, not reflecting the attitudes of the othersMar 19 21:14
schestowitzYour stance is similar to mine on most things.Mar 19 21:14
balzacbut I'm not sure how much you or shane are into gnu-branding. The offer stands to you alone or to both you and shane.Mar 19 21:14
schestowitzI think this was all discussed before.Mar 19 21:14
schestowitzbalzac: I mention GNU in most postsMar 19 21:15
schestowitzBut the site's theme is differentMar 19 21:15
schestowitzI started covering more Microsoft because of demandMar 19 21:15
schestowitzPetoKraus suggested it at one stageMar 19 21:15
schestowitzI started with "eye on MS" postsMar 19 21:15
schestowitzThen someone else said I should break it down into separate chunks, so I doMar 19 21:16
schestowitz*didMar 19 21:16
balzacIs Shane in here under a pseudonym? Have he and I chatted before?Mar 19 21:18
balzacI don't know Shane's style because he doesn't post as frequently, but I'm definitely interested in a partnership with you guys if you're interested.Mar 19 21:19
balzacAlso, I'm going to take the GNU-Father image and make t-shirts available with all of the mark-up going to the GNU project, but I want someone else to share the account credentials for verification purposes.Mar 19 21:21
schestowitzbalzac: it's his real nameMar 19 21:22
schestowitzbalzac: FSDaily people saw the gnufather image :-DMar 19 21:22
balzacI don't know who took that photo of Stallman, but the God-Father art is used in a fair use context and if all profits go to GNU, there shouldn't be any trouble.Mar 19 21:22
schestowitzTo pay for first-class RMS plane ticket?Mar 19 21:23
balzacWell, to fund GNU devs, hopefully for more progress on HURD.Mar 19 21:23
balzacalso, it might earn me some cred so I can have a email addressMar 19 21:23
schestowitzIf people donate to the FSF, I very much doubt they want it spent on extravagant and overpriced flights, i.e. pockets of dying companies with billionaires on topMar 19 21:24
balzacso it would be the GNU-Crew T-shirt, available on all kinds of apparelMar 19 21:24
schestowitzNo good PRMar 19 21:24
schestowitz"CrewMar 19 21:24
schestowitzToo 'ghetto'Mar 19 21:24
balzacIt's not extravagant for a middle-aged guy to have a comfortable flight.Mar 19 21:24
schestowitzHe should streamMar 19 21:24
schestowitzThis isn't the 50s.Mar 19 21:24
schestowitzWe have commsMar 19 21:24
schestowitzGood commsMar 19 21:24
balzacWhat is extravagant is Google's own airstrip, or Microsoft's Highway.Mar 19 21:24
*DavidGerard (n=Diva_@wikimedia/DavidGerard) has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 21:25
DavidGerardgood evening allMar 19 21:25
DavidGerardwhat was up with the web page outage earlier?Mar 19 21:25
balzacRoy, i disagree, GNU Crew is good branding because it reaches out to the under-served demographic, ie "ghetto" or inner city demographics.Mar 19 21:25
balzacIt's future-ready branding for a younger demographicMar 19 21:26
schestowitzHey, DavidGerard Mar 19 21:26
balzacRoy, I'll be developing on this anyway. You can wait and see how it develops.Mar 19 21:26
schestowitzDavidGerard: host ain't happy with over 300 db/queries/secondMar 19 21:27
DavidGerardschestowitz: wp-cacheMar 19 21:27
schestowitzDavidGerard: maybe Wikipedia's angels can sort us out? ;--)Mar 19 21:27
schestowitzDavidGerard: I know..Mar 19 21:27
DavidGerard(although it recently broke on my blogs that had it ...)Mar 19 21:27
DavidGerardwp-cache is just the thing for minimising mysql queriesMar 19 21:28
schestowitzBut I'm not sure it's compatible with 2.0.x branch (with security fixes until 2010)Mar 19 21:28
DavidGerardahhhhhhhhhMar 19 21:28
DavidGerardhmmMar 19 21:28
DavidGerardthere is thatMar 19 21:28
schestowitz"Stable" is good tooMar 19 21:28
schestowitzBut we might change hostMar 19 21:28
DavidGerardyeah, wikipedia's angels will answer "yes" and "no" and "what" and "delete, not notable" and ...Mar 19 21:28
schestowitzI contacted my host since 2004Mar 19 21:28
schestowitzDavidGerard: I was joking Mar 19 21:29
DavidGerardif you've outgrown mates' rates hosting, then you've outgrown itMar 19 21:29
DavidGerardi know :-)Mar 19 21:29
schestowitzDavidGerard: are you like Wikipedia's #1 man in the UK?Mar 19 21:29
DavidGerardserious thought: ibiblio?Mar 19 21:29
schestowitzThat's why I joked about itMar 19 21:29
DavidGerardhey they host groklaw and esrMar 19 21:29
schestowitzDavidGerard: yes, I thought about itMar 19 21:29
schestowitzwho to contact though?Mar 19 21:29
DavidGerardi used to be #2 or #3 :-DMar 19 21:29
schestowitzAnd the theme may be questionableMar 19 21:30
DavidGerard(behind james forrester and alison wheeler)Mar 19 21:30
DavidGerardnow there's wikimedia UK version 2, the version that worksMar 19 21:30
schestowitzDavidGerard: so you're chief now?Mar 19 21:30
DavidGerardi just answer the phone ;-)Mar 19 21:30
schestowitzHeh.Mar 19 21:30
schestowitzIWFMar 19 21:30
DavidGerardsrsly, once your number is in media ophone lists it's in there foreverMar 19 21:30
schestowitzWIF??Mar 19 21:30
DavidGerardmy phone number is publicMar 19 21:30
DavidGerardit's surprising how little trouble i get having a public phone number. it appears pissing people off on the internet only makes them try to make trouble on the internet.Mar 19 21:31
schestowitzI don't put my #s on the NetMar 19 21:31
schestowitzJust addressesMar 19 21:31
schestowitzToo late to remove them, due to caching;Mar 19 21:31
DavidGerardthe australian IWF-equivalent ban list just got publicisedMar 19 21:31
DavidGerardeyahMar 19 21:31
DavidGerardyeah#Mar 19 21:31
schestowitzYesMar 19 21:31
DavidGerardi don't have a public postal address any moreMar 19 21:31
schestowitzWill post this later in LinksMar 19 21:31
DavidGerardemail and phone will doMar 19 21:31
DavidGerardmostly that's to keep the scientologists off my backMar 19 21:32
schestowitzDavidGerard: and Gordon keeps a copy of your callsMar 19 21:32
schestowitzThe UK govt. will have more extensive archives then people themselvesMar 19 21:32
DavidGerardi dunno, annoy the shit out of them for several years and they get narkyMar 19 21:32
schestowitzNow they'll harvest social networks tooMar 19 21:32
schestowitzIt was in the news last nightMar 19 21:32
DavidGerardyeahMar 19 21:32
DavidGerardsee recent column on the idiocy of this methodMar 19 21:32
schestowitzDavidGerard: I visited your varous domains last weekMar 19 21:33
DavidGerardehold on, daughte rwatnts attention!Mar 19 21:33
schestowitz "Partners of include AMD and IBM who supply the hardware on which services are running. runs using open source software where ever applicable and attempts to promote open source ideals within contexts other than software. "Mar 19 21:35
DavidGerardmy method of dealing with the internet panopticon is to talk lots and lots about stuff but not draw attention to what i'm not talking aboutMar 19 21:36
schestowitzThe issue is, Groklaw also had a server donated by AMD. While BN isn't a big fan of Intel, I doubt that in these times of depression and AMD going into the can they'll be able to offer much. Thoughts?Mar 19 21:36
schestowitzDavidGerard: I write lots too, not rewriting much.Mar 19 21:36
DavidGerarddid groklaw have a server donated that wasn't actually a donation to ibiblio, you mean?Mar 19 21:36
DavidGerardyeah. how the heck do you write so much on bn?Mar 19 21:37
schestowitzIn days of books and press machines, quality was super importantMar 19 21:37
DavidGerardi have trouble coming up with a good article a day on my blogsMar 19 21:37
schestowitzYou get just a few chances at publishing a paperMar 19 21:37
DavidGerardwhereas on the internet, it's merely important, otherwise you're lost in noiseMar 19 21:37
schestowitzDavidGerard: I just do. I enjoy it, so I do it in good rhythm, in a busrsty fashionMar 19 21:37
DavidGerardtoo much time on your hands ;-pMar 19 21:38
schestowitzIt's like workouts or anything else that gets easier once you get 'into it'Mar 19 21:38
schestowitzDavidGerard: I have lots more I want to postMar 19 21:38
schestowitzThis is like the 5th day this year that's ruined by server woesMar 19 21:38
schestowitzIt feels almost like being a Windows desktop user...Mar 19 21:39
tessier_What happened to your server?Mar 19 21:39
schestowitzBut this isn't a Red Hat issue, but a load issue.Mar 19 21:39
schestowitztessier: I watch it closely now. It's like 2-y-o in the garden with a bulldogMar 19 21:39
tessier_Proxy it and put a lightweight httpd in frontMar 19 21:40
schestowitzCan't leave it alone now and I blacklisted some IPs, trimmed pages, contacting hosts, etcMar 19 21:40
tessier_And maybe cache it tooMar 19 21:40
schestowitztessier: can't. The host does ApacheMar 19 21:40
tessier_It's on a shared host?Mar 19 21:40
schestowitzYesMar 19 21:40
tessier_Oops.Mar 19 21:40
tessier_Let me know if you need better hosting for free. I can help out as long as bandwidth etc isn't too crazy.Mar 19 21:41
tessier_I'm about to put a couple machines into a very nice datacenter which will have plenty of capacity.Mar 19 21:41
schestowitzCool!Mar 19 21:41
schestowitzWhat are these for?Mar 19 21:41
tessier_My consulting company website, email server, an asterisk phone system.Mar 19 21:42
DavidGerardyeahMar 19 21:42
DavidGerardi actually camp out on a friend's server for freeMar 19 21:42
DavidGerardi was shocked to find out it's the same machine that hosts a string of shock sites, e.g. (do not click)Mar 19 21:43
tessier_It will all be running in xen backed by an IP SAN. So I could give you your own vm.Mar 19 21:43
tessier_I've heard of that site...Mar 19 21:43
DavidGerardi was surprised to find my stuff in such illustrious companyMar 19 21:43
schestowitz(do not click)= StreisandMar 19 21:43
tessier_Yeah, that's some charming stuff right there...Mar 19 21:43
schestowitzSh*t manMar 19 21:43
DavidGerardit's heartwarming to see people in the twilight of life enjoying themselves and good companyMar 19 21:44
DavidGerardBUT ANYWAYMar 19 21:44
DavidGerardyeah, mates' rates hosting comes with the downside that it's as reliable as windowsMar 19 21:44
schestowitzI'll need to check this carefully.Mar 19 21:45
schestowitzDon't want to be someone else's nuisance, either.Mar 19 21:45
DavidGerardi'm sorta glad i don't have anything that's actually really popularMar 19 21:45
DavidGerardthere's something to be said for paying your wayMar 19 21:45
DavidGerardif the ads'll cover hosting costsMar 19 21:45
schestowitzI'm stuck here.Mar 19 21:46
DavidGerardmy current project to annoy microsoft is to port wine to windowsMar 19 21:46
schestowitzWell, I thought I could cope with CORAL for Digg effectMar 19 21:46
schestowitzBut here we had no 'effect'Mar 19 21:46
schestowitzJust normal load, I thinkMar 19 21:46
DavidGerardthere's something fundamentally twisted about the concept. it's like a klein bottle of stupid.Mar 19 21:47
schestowitzSo it's becoming a problem that's not going away and VPS -- if that helps at all -- is like 20 times more expensiveMar 19 21:47
DavidGerardthe hardest part is actually ELF vs COFF issues (interix is the last unix in the world that uses COFF)Mar 19 21:47
DavidGerardyeah. time to price proper hosting.Mar 19 21:48
DavidGerardthe us is the land of cheap mediocre hosting that'll do okayishMar 19 21:48
DavidGerardnever host anything in the uk.Mar 19 21:48
schestowitzShane would have done it, but can't afford the moveMar 19 21:48
schestowitzSo I might take it to my hostMar 19 21:48
schestowitzI don't know yetMar 19 21:48
schestowitzI wouldn't ask for donationMar 19 21:48
schestowitzNo pointMar 19 21:48
DavidGerardnote that US$5/mo hosting is worth approx US$0Mar 19 21:49
schestowitzPeople don't donate these days anywayMar 19 21:49
DavidGerardit's like mates' rates but you pay for itMar 19 21:49
DavidGerardyeahMar 19 21:49
DavidGerardyou don't have a day job?Mar 19 21:49
DavidGerardoh, you're a student aren't youMar 19 21:49
schestowitzI finished my practical work long agoMar 19 21:49
schestowitz2006Mar 19 21:49
*Eruaran has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 19 21:49
schestowitzDeadlines are made flexible, so...Mar 19 21:50
DavidGerardheh so now you're a bum ;-pMar 19 21:50
*DavidGerard spent his entire twenties alternating between student and bumMar 19 21:50
schestowitz 19 21:50
DavidGerardthe university of life offers as many opportunities for slacking off as more formal academic institutionsMar 19 21:51
schestowitzUniversity of life?Mar 19 21:51
DavidGerard"The University of Life" is a phrase meaning "learning from practical real-world experience"Mar 19 21:51
schestowitzyes, I thought soMar 19 21:52
schestowitzFirst time I come across the phrase thoughMar 19 21:53
DavidGerardyou're not actually a native english speaker, are you?Mar 19 21:53
schestowitzNoMar 19 21:54
DavidGerardthought so - mostly perfect, with odd blips here and thereMar 19 21:54
schestowitzYes, I bleep out the f word and all.Mar 19 21:54
DavidGerardlolMar 19 21:54
tessier_schestowitz: I never would have guessed. What is your first language?Mar 19 21:54
schestowitzMy nationality is GermanMar 19 21:56
DavidGerardreally? i guessed eastern europeanMar 19 21:57
schestowitzSchestauMar 19 21:57
schestowitzLet me find itMar 19 21:57
DavidGerardi have a romanian coworker whose english is mostly perfect (in fact he learnt it in the US so has an american accent) but with odd imperfectionsMar 19 21:58
schestowitz 19 21:58
DavidGerardah!Mar 19 21:58
schestowitzDavidGerard: that sounds like BerangerMar 19 21:58
schestowitzI suppose you know him.Mar 19 21:59
schestowitzHe's trilugualMar 19 21:59
schestowitzHis French is perfect alsoMar 19 21:59
schestowitzAnd he's a native Romanian speakerMar 19 21:59
DavidGerardberanger?Mar 19 21:59
tessier_My wife's english is very good also. But sometimes she says something just totally weird.Mar 19 21:59
schestowitzDavidGerard: yes, the man who writes about Linux... worst rantsMar 19 22:00
DavidGerardi'm australian. i say things to english people that they think are totally weird.Mar 19 22:01
schestowitztessier: I think Chinese is the most spoken langMar 19 22:01
DavidGerardusually because i'm doing it deliberately of course.Mar 19 22:01
schestowitzAnd Spanish spoken in the largest # of countriesMar 19 22:01
DavidGerardi'm looking at planete beranger and trying to make sense of itMar 19 22:02
DavidGerardi should stop tryingMar 19 22:02
schestowitzHe 'left' LinuxMar 19 22:03
schestowitzHe'll be backMar 19 22:03
schestowitzHis political rants are great... and ones about patents as werllMar 19 22:03
trmanco 19 22:11
schestowitz"Eastern District of Virginia on Thursday. "Mar 19 22:14
schestowitzI thought it would say Texas before the linesplitMar 19 22:14
schestowitzEastern District of Texas... you know why..Mar 19 22:14
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Mar 19 22:23
*MinceR ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 22:23
*tessier_ speaks Spanish as well as englishMar 19 22:31
tessier_And my wife speaks Vietnamese, one of the least spoken languages.Mar 19 22:31
tessier_I'm learning Vietnamese anyway though. Very slowly as she is a very impatient teacher.Mar 19 22:31
tessier_Wish I could easily take Vietnamese classes again like when I lived in Saigon.Mar 19 22:32
*MinceR_ (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 22:33
schestowitzAre there no self-learning kits like tapes (cassettes) and books?Mar 19 22:36
DavidGerardback, slightlyMar 19 22:37
DavidGerardmy daughter gets attention by coming up and slamming the laptop lid down with a big grinMar 19 22:37
DavidGerardshe's twoMar 19 22:37
DavidGerarda friend sent her a baby-sized defcon t-shirtMar 19 22:38
DavidGerardwhich is very appropriateMar 19 22:38
*schestowitz tries to find seinfeld episode where Vietnamese ladies mock George's dad (on youtube)Mar 19 22:38
schestowitzFEDCON. LOLMar 19 22:38
DavidGerardi have a photo of her asleep on the floor, defcon shirt and jeans, holding a linux nutshell bookMar 19 22:38
DavidGerard"if you didn't want me to haxx0r your b0x0r you should have been running openbsd daddy"Mar 19 22:39
schestowitzGot the picture online?Mar 19 22:41
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Mar 19 22:45
*MinceR_ is now known as MinceRMar 19 22:48
DavidGerardnahMar 19 22:50
DavidGerardi'm happy for there not to be pics of her onlineMar 19 22:51
DavidGerardor widely publicMar 19 22:51
DavidGerardwine on windows: 19 22:51
MinceR:DMar 19 22:51
DavidGerardand now for a shower and bedMar 19 22:52
DavidGerardnite allMar 19 22:52
*DavidGerard has quit ("Leaving")Mar 19 22:52
schestowitzWord up!Mar 19 22:52
schestowitzWord crashes :-( Awwwwwww.......Mar 19 22:53
*MinceR_ (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 23:32
*MinceR has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Mar 19 23:46
*NeonF|oss ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 23:53
*NeonFloss has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Mar 19 23:58

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