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schestowitzIt's quite majorMar 24 15:12
_Hicham_providing binary compatibility for existing programs eases the transitionMar 24 15:12
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 15:13
Omar87HiMar 24 15:13
_Hicham_hi Omar87Mar 24 15:13
schestowitzRead the CNET article. Maybe if you give opinions...Mar 24 15:15
schestowitzIt's coming right out of MicrosoftMar 24 15:16
schestowitzThey passed it to the puppet Ina Fried to publish and promoteMar 24 15:16
Omar87_Hicham_: HeyMar 24 15:18
schestowitzWhat's up, Omar87?Mar 24 15:19
schestowitzSomeone mailed me a cartoon I want to show you. I don't know the sourceMar 24 15:20
Omar87schestowitz: nothin' :)Mar 24 15:20
Omar87schestowitz: 24 15:20
Omar87schestowitz: Too bad this thing is sponsored by Novell though.. -_-Mar 24 15:21
schestowitzIt's IDCMar 24 15:21
schestowitzMicrosoft puppet mostlyMar 24 15:21
schestowitzpaid-to-say lackeysMar 24 15:22
schestowitzMostly anti-Linux comes from themMar 24 15:22
schestowitzAnd Novell feeds themMar 24 15:22
schestowitzOmar87: read and 24 15:22
schestowitzWhat will it be with Dell's Linux phones (rumours)? 24 15:25
Omar87schestowitz: But, did you read what the link I gave you says?Mar 24 15:26
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 15:26
Omar87It's full of optimism about Linux taking over the server and desktop industries this year after this economic downturn.Mar 24 15:28
EruaranhelloMar 24 15:28
Omar87Eruaran: HeyMar 24 15:28
EruaranI see TomTom joined the OINMar 24 15:29
EruaranThis is potentially where things get really interestingMar 24 15:29
_Hicham_Linux will take over the marketMar 24 15:31
MinceRunless m$ can make it illegal or somethingMar 24 15:33
MinceRit depends on how they use their money before they dieMar 24 15:33
_Hicham_no they can'tMar 24 15:33
EruaranOne commenter on Computerworld's reporting of it said, "Microsoft: The biggest corporate train wreck in history. It's fun to watch."Mar 24 15:33
_Hicham_Linux is strong with the GPLMar 24 15:34
MinceR(how much of it is used to bribe people and whom they choose to bribe, stuff like that)Mar 24 15:34
EruaranCant bribe everybody. Time's up for that sort of thing I think.Mar 24 15:38
schestowitz important start... for articles indexingMar 24 15:40
schestowitzOmar87: yes, I saw thatMar 24 15:40
schestowitzIt's paid for (the 'study')Mar 24 15:40
schestowitzThey state the obviousMar 24 15:41
schestowitzAnd when Microsoft pays then, they deny the obviousMar 24 15:41
schestowitzHi, Eruaran Mar 24 15:41
schestowitzI mentioned Mono and KDEMar 24 15:41
_Hicham_Roy : u r doing a good job on the websiteMar 24 15:41
schestowitzThanks, _Hicham_ Mar 24 15:42
EruaranHi RoyMar 24 15:42
schestowitzA journalist has just linked to the WikiMar 24 15:42
schestowitzbecause we sort of 'unveiled' this last nightMar 24 15:42
schestowitzIt was only mentioned in comments/IRC beforeMar 24 15:42
Omar87lol, okay guys listen to this joke.Mar 24 15:48
*Eruaran listensMar 24 15:49
Omar87A friend of mine at college gave an Ubuntu CD to one of his mates, who bare know what Linux is.Mar 24 15:49
Eruarango onMar 24 15:50
Omar87Today, this guy, supposedly a CS student.. Started complaining that Ubuntu nearly trashed his Vista installation.Mar 24 15:50
Eruaran?Mar 24 15:51
Omar87His story was that, after he successfully installed and started Ubuntu, he then wanted to get back to Vista.Mar 24 15:51
*tacone ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 15:52
tacone 24 15:52
Omar87After he the reboot, the grub showed three things: Vista, His laptop's Recovery system and Ubuntu.Mar 24 15:52
EruaranSo what was his problem ?Mar 24 15:53
Omar87By mistake, chose to start the Recovery System instead of Vista, so after realizing that, he quickly stopped it and then rebooted the machine..Mar 24 15:53
MinceRand ubuntu did it.Mar 24 15:54
Omar87Which trashed grub but didn't harm Vista..Mar 24 15:54
taconealso WIMP became WIMPSMar 24 15:54
Omar87This is where the joke it.Mar 24 15:54
tacone(as in Silverlight)Mar 24 15:54
Omar87is*Mar 24 15:54
MinceRisn't WIMP Window, Icon, Menu, Pointer or something like that?Mar 24 15:55
taconedepends :)Mar 24 15:55
taconeWindows Iis Mysql Php SilverlightMar 24 15:55
Omar87This guy, who's a CS student, shamelessly blurts out a stupid pointless excuse for not giving Ubuntu a try.. :)Mar 24 15:55
Omar87Three words: "Fear..of..change"Mar 24 15:56
EruaranThats it ?Mar 24 15:56
Omar87That's it.Mar 24 15:56
EruaranAnd he's a CS student ?Mar 24 15:56
Omar87Eruaran: somehow.. yes! :)Mar 24 15:56
Omar87Eruaran: Just to tell you how pathetic thing are.. here in Jordan.. -_-Mar 24 15:57
Omar87things*Mar 24 15:57
EruaranHe would do well to realise Linux will be around long after Vista is long gone.Mar 24 15:58
EruaranAnd he'd never get a job where I work.Mar 24 15:58
Omar87Eruaran: Yeah, he would, but, what can you say..Mar 24 15:58
Omar87brbMar 24 15:59
EruaranIf he wants a job when he leaves uni, he'd better pull his head out of his proverbial.Mar 24 15:59
EruaranAnd get a clue as well :)Mar 24 15:59
_Hicham_all of my mates don't use LinuxMar 24 16:00
_Hicham_I am the only one to use Linux in classMar 24 16:00
_Hicham_I look strange to themMar 24 16:00
_Hicham_a professor who was teaching us during OS Lab, comes to me and asked to install Linux for herMar 24 16:01
_Hicham_because she never installed LinuxMar 24 16:01
_Hicham_and she told me : so I need samba to access my existing Windows partitions?Mar 24 16:01
_Hicham_and really, I couldn't answer her, because she's my professor and I respect her a lotMar 24 16:02
_Hicham_all of my mates who want to try Linux comes to me and say : " In Linux, everything is done via CLI?"Mar 24 16:03
_Hicham_and I don't really know how to answerMar 24 16:03
_Hicham_and those CS studentsMar 24 16:03
_Hicham_and those are CS studentsMar 24 16:04
EruaranCall them idiots and walk awayMar 24 16:04
schestowitzA journalist has just mailed us for comment :-)Mar 24 16:05
_Hicham_about what Roy?Mar 24 16:05
taconeschestowitz: ?Mar 24 16:06
taconeabout ms web ?Mar 24 16:06
taconeif so you can't tell them is a nice move from microsoft. as for the intent, is multiple. Spreading silverlight, appeal ms-lazysysadmins, make good pr, get revenue from future payfor apps, etc.Mar 24 16:07
taconeerr *can*Mar 24 16:07
schestowitzHeyMar 24 16:10
*schestowitz catches upMar 24 16:10
taconelolMar 24 16:10
_Hicham_Roy : where r u ?Mar 24 16:11
schestowitz_Hicham_: about SUSE Enterprise Desktop 11Mar 24 16:12
schestowitzSL[GNU/inux]ED 11Mar 24 16:12
taconeohMar 24 16:12
_Hicham_what about it?Mar 24 16:13
Omar87_Hicham_: So, where are you from?Mar 24 16:14
_Hicham_I am from MoroccoMar 24 16:14
Omar87_Hicham_: Cool! ;)Mar 24 16:15
Omar87Ya know guys:Mar 24 16:17
Omar87?Mar 24 16:17
Omar87I believe that the FOSS community should consider adding more incentives for programmers and developers.Mar 24 16:19
taconeFOSS community right now only cares about Moms and nerds.Mar 24 16:19
Omar87And by that, I mean stuff like world-wide programming contests and stuff..Mar 24 16:19
Omar87Moms and nerds?Mar 24 16:20
MinceRprogrammers are developers and developers are nerdsMar 24 16:20
taconeyes. mom and nerds.Mar 24 16:20
Omar87What do you mean?Mar 24 16:20
taconethere are many types of developersMar 24 16:20
taconethere are good developers who could really care less about how to package a .debMar 24 16:20
taconeor how to use vim.Mar 24 16:20
taconeif you get what I mean.Mar 24 16:20
MinceRwhat makes them good?Mar 24 16:21
taconeLinux lacks IDES and easy to use dev-toolsMar 24 16:21
MinceRIDEs are overratedMar 24 16:21
taconelolMar 24 16:22
taconeright.Mar 24 16:22
Omar87overrated?Mar 24 16:22
MinceRand Logo is an easy to use "dev-tool", they should give that a try if they're afraid of doing actual work.Mar 24 16:22
schestowitzWhat's wrong with Eclipse?Mar 24 16:22
schestowitzIn the news today: 24 16:23
Omar87By the way, speaking of div tool. Our Database instructor told us about at a program that we might be using in the project..Mar 24 16:23
schestowitzThere is no GNU IDEMar 24 16:23
schestowitzNot one that's richMar 24 16:23
schestowitzBut there's no lack of IDEs for GNU/LinuxMar 24 16:23
schestowitzQt Lab....Mar 24 16:23
MinceRa couple of things are wrong with eclipseMar 24 16:23
MinceRstarting with the GUI design tool that just can't be made to workMar 24 16:24
Omar87The program transforms ER diagrams into code. However, I don't think this thing has any sort of support for Linux.Mar 24 16:24
_Hicham_Eclipse is Great for JavaMar 24 16:24
MinceRand continuing with the soul-killing process of installing components to eclipseMar 24 16:24
_Hicham_Qt/Kdevelop great for KDE and lot more stuffMar 24 16:24
Omar87_Hicham_: CodeBlocks is good for C++.Mar 24 16:24
_Hicham_Anjuta is super great for creating Gnome projectsMar 24 16:25
_Hicham_CodeBlocks is good alsoMar 24 16:25
MinceRgvim is better than all others for all of those tasksMar 24 16:25
_Hicham_so there is a lot of choiceMar 24 16:25
_Hicham_gvim is a master alsoMar 24 16:25
_Hicham_with all the plugins and syntax highlightingMar 24 16:25
_Hicham_geditMar 24 16:25
Omar87I also heard, Dia is good for ER-Diagraming.Mar 24 16:26
_Hicham_plus developing in Linux is a lot easy than windowsMar 24 16:26
_Hicham_Dia, UmbrelloMar 24 16:26
schestowitzRed Hat shares up on speculation of Oracle deal < >Mar 24 16:26
_Hicham_Diagramming and code generation alsoMar 24 16:26
taconethe only entity developing a polished IDE these days seems novell itself, with MonoDevelop.Mar 24 16:26
Omar87_Hicham_: Yeah, but.. tell that to my mates over here.. :)Mar 24 16:26
_Hicham_Quanta for Web DevelopmentMar 24 16:27
_Hicham_MonoDevelop is good but only for .NETMar 24 16:27
_Hicham_but I don't like .NETMar 24 16:27
schestowitz"Investors have long speculated that software giant Oracle would one day buy Red Hat, which sells subscriptions to maintain services for its version of the open-source Linux operating system."Mar 24 16:27
_Hicham_they can't buy Red HatMar 24 16:28
_Hicham_RedHat have a stable place in the MarketMar 24 16:28
schestowitzThat won't happenMar 24 16:31
schestowitzBut then again, Red Hat is only obliged to shareholders, not to "community"Mar 24 16:31
schestowitzAnd with Sun at risk of being devoured, who the heck the knows.....Mar 24 16:32
taconestill, RH is a big linux contributor.Mar 24 16:33
_Hicham_Sun is not like RedHatMar 24 16:37
_Hicham_RedHat have a strong communityMar 24 16:37
_Hicham_Sun failed to open source JavaMar 24 16:37
taconeuhMar 24 16:38
taconeis wordpress gpl 2 and not 3 ? shame !Mar 24 16:38
_Hicham_I don't know about WordPressMar 24 16:41
schestowitztacone: I lobbies WPMar 24 16:41
schestowitz*lobbiedMar 24 16:41
schestowitzA year ago, to move to GPLv3Mar 24 16:41
taconeschestowitz:  and ... ?Mar 24 16:42
schestowitz 24 16:42
schestowitzThread here: 24 16:42
taconenothing doneMar 24 16:45
taconethere's not information on licenses accepted on that storeMar 24 16:47
schestowitzPush them some moreMar 24 16:50
schestowitzI've done what I could. RMS knows about it also..Mar 24 16:50
schestowitzPetoKraus: ( Virgin eyes 150Mb broadband speed )Mar 24 16:51
taconefor what is worth: 24 16:59
_Hicham_some thing that MSVC is excellent at is code completionMar 24 17:01
_Hicham_Eclipse is also good on JavaMar 24 17:01
_Hicham_but for C and C++, MSVC is superiorMar 24 17:01
schestowitzSo Dell *is* still at it: Michael Dell Hints at Smartphones, Mobile Internet Devices < > Mar 24 17:06
trmancotry emacs or netbeansMar 24 17:06
trmancoor vimMar 24 17:07
schestowitz:-S Not enough to check... do:  (US Trade Rep Promises To Review Transparency Policies)Mar 24 17:07
schestowitzI developed mostly with nedit, kate, glade, other tools. I rejected IDEsMar 24 17:08
schestowitzEven the MATLAB IDE is not worth it.Mar 24 17:08
trmancoI like IDE's because of it's code completionMar 24 17:09
schestowitzSo Much For That Plan: Google CIO Doesn't Even Last A Year At EMI < >Mar 24 17:09
schestowitzCan you help me find more PI-MS connections? 24 17:09
schestowitzI found Google's accusations from 2007, but nothing else.Mar 24 17:09
schestowitztrmanco: true. Kate does that too (KDevelop)Mar 24 17:10
trmancosnippets are useful tooMar 24 17:10
trmancobrbMar 24 17:10
schestowitzYou don't need an IDE for Kate parts.... also, it has a CLI with translucency integrated at the bottom... file browser, rabbing...Mar 24 17:10
ushimitsudokiWingWare make a nice Python IDE. It is a commercial product, but if you are using it for an open-source project, it is available no-charge.Mar 24 17:10
schestowitz*tabbingMar 24 17:10
schestowitzushimitsudoki: many editors go FreeMar 24 17:11
schestowitzI last noticed one last week.Mar 24 17:11
taconeno charge ? I didn't know that.Mar 24 17:11
schestowitzKate addresses most needsMar 24 17:11
schestowitzKWrite is good when you need multiple sessions of text editing.Mar 24 17:12
taconei am just using Eric this days. not perfect, but at least workableMar 24 17:12
schestowitzBut.... KATE has no inline spellchecker! Very big loss.Mar 24 17:12
schestowitzEven KNode has inline spellcheckerMar 24 17:12
ushimitsudokitacone: yes, you have to send them you project information. it is very simple and takes about a day to get back a code. I looked a long time for a very good python IDE, and WingIDE was the best I found. The best open-source python IDE was Komodo Edit.Mar 24 17:12
taconewow.Mar 24 17:12
ushimitsudokifor my needs anyway. if you need a python-specific IDE for an open source project, I highly recommend giving it a lookMar 24 17:13
taconeI even have a project to submit. I'll try maybe. WW always looked good to me.Mar 24 17:13
Omar87ushimitsudoki: Regarding Wingware, if I tell them I'll be working on a Python-based open source web app, they might give it to me for free?Mar 24 17:15
taconeOmar87: 24 17:15
taconeread the bottom of the page.Mar 24 17:15
ushimitsudokiOmar87: 24 17:15
ushimitsudokiah yeahMar 24 17:15
*mib_kc6qkt (i=4f74cef9@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 17:16
ushimitsudokiI had a small GPLv3 project up with a couple of source releases, and they hooked me right up.Mar 24 17:16
*mib_kc6qkt has quit (Client Quit)Mar 24 17:16
*schestowitz just realise what "RT" stands for (other than Ray Tracing)Mar 24 17:23
schestowitzHas anybody tried Zenwalk?Mar 24 17:26
schestowitzIt has just received a negative review from a KDE user: Zenwalk 6.0: Not Quite Ready < >. He doesn't like GNOME BTWMar 24 17:26
trmancoschestowitz, I recommended it to a friend of mineMar 24 17:27
*vlt (i=d594bcf3@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 17:28
vlthi all. in which way do you guys boycott novell?Mar 24 17:29
kentmait's in the subjunctive, like "long live the king".Mar 24 17:29
kentmaie., it's an expression of desire - the subtitling is probably of more direct interestMar 24 17:30
vltdo you reject to use any software that contains parts of code by novell inside?Mar 24 17:31
kentmayou're not really asking the right questions here...Mar 24 17:31
kentmait's more about software patent risk, that kind of thing.Mar 24 17:31
vlt'm just asking what's interesting to meMar 24 17:31
vltwhich are the right questions to you?Mar 24 17:32
kentmaas I just said, it's about patent risk and such like reallyMar 24 17:34
schestowitzOracle is not buying Red Hat < >. Please pass on to stop the rumours.Mar 24 17:34
schestowitzHi, vlt Mar 24 17:34
vlthiMar 24 17:34
schestowitzvlt: what is your relationship with SUSE is any?Mar 24 17:35
vlti tried opensuse at onceMar 24 17:35
schestowitzI see.Mar 24 17:35
vltthis summerMar 24 17:35
schestowitzWhat do you use now?Mar 24 17:35
vltand removed it right awayMar 24 17:35
vltwindows at home, mandriva at workMar 24 17:35
schestowitzI heard the party line at first, so I was curiousMar 24 17:36
schestowitzI'm on Mandriva on my main box tooMar 24 17:36
schestowitzNovell loves to say that you can't boycott NovellMar 24 17:36
schestowitzThey have a lot of marketing, PR muscle that's hard to counter due to scale.Mar 24 17:36
vlt:)) i actually signed that petition in the internetMar 24 17:36
_Hicham_Roy : Novell is a big contributor to KernelMar 24 17:37
kentmaI'm more debian & ubuntu, although I've got a couple of maemo devices (debian really), and a linups acer aa1Mar 24 17:37
vltand to openofficeMar 24 17:37
_Hicham_Greg Kroah-Hartman is working for NovellMar 24 17:37
vlti think that novell is just a starting platform for m$ to start screwing linuxMar 24 17:38
vltand they actually don't screw it directly through novellMar 24 17:38
_Hicham_Novell has contributed a lot to the kernel?Mar 24 17:42
schestowitzvlt: yes, that's the planMar 24 17:42
schestowitzMake another 'Linux;Mar 24 17:42
schestowitzThen move users to itMar 24 17:42
schestowitzOr pollute other distrosMar 24 17:42
schestowitzThey already pollute Ubuntu with MonoMar 24 17:42
vltnoo, not like that at allMar 24 17:42
vltit's enough to steal leading developers and architectsMar 24 17:43
schestowitzLike who?Mar 24 17:43
schestowitzNovell lost some key devsMar 24 17:44
schestowitzit also sacked many recently.Mar 24 17:44
schestowitz20% of the SUSE devs, more to come.Mar 24 17:44
schestowitzIt also release SLE11 prematurelyMar 24 17:44
schestowitzIt shows... they just aren't too seriousMar 24 17:44
vlttheir first opensuse release with kde4 wasn't serious at allMar 24 17:45
kentmaI think they're just running out of money, to be honest.Mar 24 17:45
kentmathere was a piece up recently somewhere indicating that almost no major businesses had agreed to buy  "licences" or whatever they were for Linux.Mar 24 17:45
kentmaPersonally, I  know of one where it was stopped, but I can't say who or what happened.Mar 24 17:45
vltwhy should they, they can always avoid to buy but rather use smth that's free of charge concerning linuxMar 24 17:46
kentmaah, the deal offered amounted to a discount, so it was compelling.Mar 24 17:47
schestowitzShort-term gainMar 24 17:47
schestowitzIf Novell is bought this year, which is possible, many of these customers will move to Red hatMar 24 17:48
schestowitzIt's already happeningMar 24 17:48
schestowitzI've read somewhere that some of those contracts with MS/Novell were dropped (not renewed), so Centos/RHT seems possible.Mar 24 17:48
schestowitzCompanies are actually SHY to announce Novell contractsMar 24 17:48
schestowitzSame with OracleMar 24 17:48
schestowitzThey got SLAMMED if their customers found out that they ditched Red Hat for Oracle's ropoffMar 24 17:49
schestowitz*ripoffMar 24 17:49
schestowitzThe only ones really announcing the move to SUSE and Waltham MA and Redmond WAMar 24 17:49
schestowitzLooks at this rubbish.. hilarious: 24 17:51
schestowitz "Thousands of videos disappeared," Fred von Lohmann, an attorney for the Internet civil liberties group Electronic Frontier Foundation, told the Times. "Either they turned off the audio, or they pulled the video." Their loss.Mar 24 17:53
schestowitz"Major media companies are increasingly lobbying Google to elevate their expensive professional content within the search engine's undifferentiated slush of results." 24 17:55
schestowitzbblMar 24 17:59
vlthey, we didn't yet watch the first video to the endMar 24 17:59
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 24 18:09
vltsteve ballmer likes to exclamate and tell plenty of words i see. nothing exact about the end result thoughMar 24 18:14
*vlt has quit (Killed by njan ())Mar 24 18:15
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 24 18:16
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 18:16
*kentma has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 24 18:27
balzachelloMar 24 18:32
balzacI just wrote a nicely-worded scare letter (sincere, not deceptive or manipulative) to my contact inside a financial services company.Mar 24 18:32
balzachehehMar 24 18:32
balzacIt was fun to write and I'm hoping it will get me in the door for some consulting.Mar 24 18:33
balzacWatch out, turbulence ahead for customers of certain lame software vendors.Mar 24 18:33
*_Hicham_ has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 24 18:35
Omar87So, can we say that MS's "EEE" tactics are still going on until now?Mar 24 18:42
Omar87"EEE" = "Embrace, Extend and Extinguish"Mar 24 18:44
taconeMicrosoft explicitly stated its renewed interest for standards compliance won't affect they're extending strategy.Mar 24 18:45
taconezomg. bad grammar. :(Mar 24 18:46
Omar87"their extending strategy"?Mar 24 18:47
taconeyes.Mar 24 18:47
*wtfyan ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 18:49
*tacone ( has left #boycottnovellMar 24 19:02
*Omar871 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 19:10
*Omar87 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Mar 24 19:11
benJImanWow there's some epicly misleading posts on boy today.Mar 24 19:17
PetoKrausgo share :)Mar 24 19:18
benJIman "lolwhut"Mar 24 19:18
benJImanApparently there's some problem with it being under GPL compatible licences, some of which are less restrictive than the GPL.Mar 24 19:18
benJIman "someone told us that someone is doing something that someone thinks might be something todo with microsoft .net"Mar 24 19:19
PetoKrausoh wellMar 24 19:21
schestowitzI asked a senior at Red Hat about Oracle (takeover rumours). He said: "I cannot comment on these sorts of rumors."Mar 24 19:55
trmancohehe who wan't tuz on Ubuntu?Mar 24 19:56
trmancowants*Mar 24 19:56
*mib_9jkgnv (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 20:37
*mib_9jkgnv has quit (Client Quit)Mar 24 20:38
schestowitzBN is keeping exceptionally high # of visitors this week and I really don't know where they come from.Mar 24 20:42
trmancoso, anyone here like cars?Mar 24 20:46
schestowitzVista7: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly < >Mar 24 20:47
schestowitzWhat's w/ with word "zealot"? "Look, I have put my faith in OS X since 2003, but I'm not one of those Mac zealots who think that Macs are infallible."Mar 24 20:50
schestowitzSun does not support Solaris??? ...Nor GNU/Linux "But that number could have been higher if JavaFX had shipped with support for Linux or Sun's own Solaris operating systems. JavaFX currently supports only Windows and Mac. Sun says Linux and Solaris support will surface this year."Mar 24 20:55
schestowitz"The Boycott Novell people maintain that she "always gets it wrong on Red Hat." We'll see if she hit the jackpot this time." She's not. Red Hat denies it.Mar 24 20:55
schestowitzBiden poisoned the US DOJ with his buddy from MAFIAA: (Say it ain't so: Justice Department Run by Former Content Industry Lawyers Sides with Content Industry)Mar 24 21:06
schestowitzUK Police is trying to divide people, suppressing organisation and turning all to strangers: "A new ad campaign by the Metropolitan Police warns the public to be on the alert for strangers who look at them in a funny way, and to check the contents of their neighbours’ bins."Mar 24 21:14
schestowitzUK ambassador says: Terrorist Scare No. 372 Bollocks < >Mar 24 21:15
trmanco 24 21:18
trmanco 24 21:21
schestowitzOGL FTW!Mar 24 21:26
MinceROpen Gaming License ftw, indeedMar 24 21:26
MinceRbut 3d graphics don't belong on the webMar 24 21:27
schestowitzIn that former link the guys is feeding an IDG TROLLMar 24 21:27
MinceRi want a web that doesn't make a render farm necessary for browsingMar 24 21:28
trmancoMinceR, soon we weill have a "render farm" at homeMar 24 21:29
trmancowill*Mar 24 21:29
MinceRand in our pockets?Mar 24 21:29
MinceRone for each tab?Mar 24 21:29
trmancohaha, maybeMar 24 21:29
MinceRwhat if i'd like to use that computing power for something other than reading a few paragraphs of text?Mar 24 21:29
MinceRi really hate the way the web is bloated nowMar 24 21:30
trmancojust block itMar 24 21:30
MinceRi think i'm going to move to ff3 and use noscript extensivelyMar 24 21:30
trmancostill on FF2?Mar 24 21:30
MinceRi still wonder what i can do about the 23947928374 layers of PNGs with alpha channelsMar 24 21:30
MinceRon operaMar 24 21:30
trmancoah okMar 24 21:30
MinceRand i have to realize that opera still does quite a few things a lot better than ffMar 24 21:31
schestowitzMore open source bullS*. nicely tagged openyourbankaccountMar 24 21:31
trmancolike what?Mar 24 21:31
schestowitz^ It's not open sourceMar 24 21:31
MinceRfor example i can save all bookmarks, one bookmark folder or selected bookmarks to files in 2 formatsMar 24 21:31
schestowitzMinceR:  NoScriptMar 24 21:31
schestowitzToo much XSSMar 24 21:32
trmancoschestowitz, but it does comply with the standardsMar 24 21:32
schestowitzPeople assume powerful PCsMar 24 21:32
MinceRthough neither opera nor ff will save to XBELMar 24 21:32
schestowitzSo they run loads of stuff on pagesMar 24 21:32
MinceRi've found a nice extension i can save XBEL with under ff3, thoughMar 24 21:32
schestowitzEven comments now require JSMar 24 21:32
trmancoMinceR, html and what more?Mar 24 21:32
MinceR(i can do so under ff2 with another extension and ridiculous hackage)Mar 24 21:32
MinceRtrmanco: opera hotlistMar 24 21:32
MinceRSiteBar seems to handle opera hotlist better than netscape (html)Mar 24 21:32
trmancothat proprietary isn't it?Mar 24 21:33
schestowitzYesMar 24 21:33
schestowitzBut nice peopleMar 24 21:33
schestowitzLinux usersMar 24 21:33
schestowitzMany people in Opera use GNU/LinuxMar 24 21:33
schestowitzIn Mozilla it's MacsMar 24 21:33
MinceRyes, that's why i was reluctant to go back to operaMar 24 21:34
MinceRbut in the end i caved inMar 24 21:34
MinceRcurrently i'm fed up with operaMar 24 21:34
MinceRi've heard ff3 is a lot betterMar 24 21:34
trmancoMinceR, FF 3 is getting oldMar 24 21:35
MinceRwho knows, maybe someone will eventually code a browser that doesn't suckMar 24 21:35
trmancoit's to much to fit everthing into a single browserMar 24 21:35
MinceRfor the time being, i'm moving some functionality out of the browser into webapps i'm hostingMar 24 21:35
MinceRi've moved my opera searches into a Web Command Line i wrote in javascriptMar 24 21:35
trmancospeed, extensibility, accessibility,standards compliance,etcMar 24 21:35
MinceRi've moved my bookmarks into SiteBarMar 24 21:35
trmancooh greatMar 24 21:36
trmancomsn i is crapping out againMar 24 21:36
trmancoim*Mar 24 21:36
trmancoUnable to retrieve MSN Address BookMar 24 21:36
trmancopffMar 24 21:36
MinceRwow, what a surprise :>Mar 24 21:36
trmancoback onlineMar 24 21:37
trmancomaybe a reboot caused by confickerMar 24 21:37
MinceRpeople using closed IM systems should move to jabberMar 24 21:37
trmancoI use XMPPMar 24 21:37
trmancobut a lot of my friend and family use that bloated proprietary shitMar 24 21:37
trmancofriends*Mar 24 21:38
MinceRthey are the ones who should moveMar 24 21:38
MinceRwhat's that "e editor" guy talking about? his company doesn't even produce FLOSSMar 24 21:40
MinceRand he confuses free software with open source softwareMar 24 21:40
schestowitzGood fit: 24 21:42
schestowitztrmanco: maybe a reboot due to infectionMar 24 21:43
schestowitzIt did happen beforeMar 24 21:43
schestowitz[MS datacentres becoming botnets]Mar 24 21:43
schestowitzWait another 22 hours, like with AzureMar 24 21:44
trmancomaybe a BSoD and my connection just jumped to a different semi infected serverMar 24 21:44
schestowitzIt takes a while to reinstall Winders with all the drivers and stuff.... heaps of patchesMar 24 21:44
*schestowitz pictures an army of box-booters being called in to bring Azure back. "clean up ze registries! Schnell schnell!!"Mar 24 21:45
trmancoit will take a hole afternoon and a couple of reboots to completely install windows with updatesMar 24 21:45
MinceRlolMar 24 21:47
MinceRthey don't have system images backed up? :)Mar 24 21:51
schestowitz /Clean/ backup?Mar 24 21:53
schestowitzNo MS news recently. The company seemingly hibernated, except in the court room and such... (TomTom)Mar 24 21:54
schestowitzOffice is the next OpenServer?Mar 24 21:58
schestowitzIDG misspelled my name: 24 21:59
trmancoschestowitz, nothing misspelled, I thinkMar 24 22:05
schestowitzThe second timeMar 24 22:05
MinceRthe "e editor" guy has really strange views... "The whole point is to reach the balance where both the freedoms of the users and of the developers are equally respected."Mar 24 22:05
trmancoah crapMar 24 22:05
schestowitzsjvn quotes doug by kistakeMar 24 22:05
trmancoschestowitz, I see it nowMar 24 22:05
trmancohe switched the i with the tMar 24 22:06
schestowitzi sent him a copy of the msg to sjvn. he mistakenly quoted doug as though it was me: :-o I wouldn't say "infect" :-|Mar 24 22:06
trmancoTwitter is over capacity.Mar 24 22:08
trmanco:|Mar 24 22:08
trmancoI ca't even search for no one on Twitter, mehMar 24 22:08
trmancobetter use Google insteadMar 24 22:08
trmancofound him alreadyMar 24 22:08
schestowitztrmanco: yes, spotted that tooMar 24 22:10
schestowitzBig whale took over the serverMar 24 22:10
schestowitzLeviathanMar 24 22:10
schestowitzCan't recall the reference to a SUN server, IIRCMar 24 22:10
MinceRFail WhaleMar 24 22:11
schestowitzSperm whale. Seeding torrents...Mar 24 22:11
schestowitzWe should really mesh/torrify more of the Web using strong encryption. It would increase capacity for high-res Web video.Mar 24 22:12
trmanco 24 22:15
trmancojust tweetedMar 24 22:15
schestowitzFake 'open source'? 24 22:15
schestowitzDo you post to both simultaneously?Mar 24 22:15
schestowitztwitter+identica?Mar 24 22:15
trmancosometimesMar 24 22:16
schestowitzWorth it?Mar 24 22:19
*d-snp ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 22:21
d-snplol it actually exists :PMar 24 22:21
trmancoyes, from time to timeMar 24 22:21
*d-snp ( has left #boycottnovellMar 24 22:21
schestowitzI watch Novell closely and heard nothing about Moon Lie 2.0 alpha. Anybody knows...?Mar 24 22:26
schestowitzSome guy asked meMar 24 22:26
schestowitz2.0 will have .NET infection that runs deepMar 24 22:26
schestowitzHehe. That’s when I reach for my revolver… (nice wriitng style there)Mar 24 22:28
trmancoI've heard of previewsMar 24 22:47
trmancoah crap, that's mono, not moon lieMar 24 22:48
schestowitzSame lie, different word lengthMar 24 22:50
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 23:05
schestowitzSatyam Hopes to Finalize Bidder by April 30 24 23:07
*[H]omer (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellMar 24 23:15
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omerMar 24 23:15
*_Hicham_ has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 24 23:21
wtfyanschestowitz, "Sun does not support Solaris??? ...Nor GNU/Linux" what was that about?Mar 24 23:39
schestowitzJavaFXMar 24 23:40
schestowitzDid you see the article?Mar 24 23:40
wtfyannope :)Mar 24 23:40
schestowitzBut it's not really new to, except the Solaris partMar 24 23:40
schestowitz 24 23:40
schestowitzSee bottomMar 24 23:40
wtfyani can't imagine how solaris can stop supporting solarisMar 24 23:40
wtfyanit's just insaneMar 24 23:40
schestowitzThere's another odd one...Mar 24 23:41
schestowitz 24 23:41
schestowitzFound some minutes agoMar 24 23:41
schestowitzSeems like Sun deploys 64-bit GNU/LinuxMar 24 23:41
wtfyan"JavaFX currently supports only Windows and Mac. Sun says Linux and Solaris support will surface this year"Mar 24 23:43
wtfyanhm... it's actually not strange at allMar 24 23:44
MinceRwell, if ibm buys them, they might beat some sense into what's left of sunMar 24 23:44
wtfyanthey want plenty of devs to learn javafx firstlyMar 24 23:44
wtfyanoh come on, is ibm going to buy sun?Mar 24 23:45
MinceRafaik yesMar 24 23:45
balzacwhat is the URL on Sun not supporting Solaris?Mar 24 23:46
wtfyanthey left 20% of employees behind but i can't imagine that they are selling themselves towards ibmMar 24 23:46
wtfyanbalzac, 24 23:46
MinceRbalzac: 24 23:46
wtfyanread the endMar 24 23:46
balzac~thanksMar 24 23:46
wtfyani'm not too familiar with what solaris is, live booted it once long long ago, is it gnu/linux based?Mar 24 23:48
MinceRnopeMar 24 23:49
MinceRit's proprietary unixMar 24 23:49
MinceRalso known as Slowlaris or Slowaris :)Mar 24 23:49
wtfyanthat's where the problem of sun liesMar 24 23:49
schestowitzbalzac: there are many such URLsMar 24 23:50
schestowitzOther examples alsoMar 24 23:50
wtfyanhow the f they thought there will be plenty of devs for it if they just don't want it to be popularMar 24 23:50
wtfyani don't get this "sun"... :)Mar 24 23:50
MinceRthey should realize they've lost and give up on that dinosaurMar 24 23:51
wtfyanfor sureMar 24 23:51
*[H]omer has quit ( 24 23:52
wtfyani saw it 2 times and it wasn't awesome at all. kinda minimalistic and nothing elseMar 24 23:54
schestowitzit used to be goodMar 24 23:54
schestowitzIt's like OS9 now.Mar 24 23:54
schestowitzLooking Glass seems passeMar 24 23:54
MinceRos9 was never goodMar 24 23:54
MinceRthey couldn't even get multitasking right on their ownMar 24 23:55
*wtfyan never used mac neither hackintosh Mar 24 23:55
MinceRi've tried it in some emulatorMar 24 23:55
wtfyanuserMar 24 23:56
wtfyanwtf... i tried to searchMar 24 23:56

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