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Steve Jobs' Aggressive Legacy and Microsoft Boosters Continue to Haunt Linux Phones

Summary: Android is still under patent artillery and those who are responsible for this are named

MR. Jobs died last week, but the mess he left behind him remains for us to tackle.

Google is under a patent assault from Oracle, Apple, and Microsoft, and well as some of the patent trolls Microsoft uses as proxies. Google's main product to target is the Linux-powered Android platform. One new article bears a negative but clever headline ("Google's Troubled Search for Valuable Patents") and it says that "IPVision, which makes patent-analyzing software, says that the 1,029 patents that Google bought from IBM in July contain little that the company could use to either attack its competitors or defend its own products." IBM and Google are both in the OIN and they have a shared interest in Linux. The transmission of patents from one to another was quite secretive and little is known about it. It's actually a two-stage transmission that got noticed twice this year.

According to the following new reports, Jobs' good friend Larry Ellison carries on suing Android, harassing yet more Android backers. Google will stand up against Apple, so we shall see how it ends.

Apple has perhaps innovated "embargo as competition" (although there is plenty of prior art). What a shameful, despicable strategy. If this is what makes Apple "successful", then we should hope that Apple fails.

In other 'news' (fake news), Microsoft booster Matt Rosoff parrots the Microsoft Florian propaganda which characterises Google as an "investor" in the Microsoft patent troll which is attacking itself. Slow 'news' day for them, eh? They need to recycle some old FUD because of the Motorola lawsuit. This is just more of the disgusting Microsoft propaganda from Matt Rosoff and Microsoft Florian, whom he quotes for more of those same old lies. We saw that routine before. These people are not even worthy of a tabloid. Well, they could do a lot worse than a tabloid. They could run a pro-Apple Web site (where facts are a fantasy).


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