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The EPO's Connections to or Facilitation of Bayer and Monsanto Explored in New Article

Privatisation or monopolisation -- by means of patents and so-called 'contamination' through reproduction -- of the world's seeds (nature's yield/foods)

Bill Gates in Poland - Monsanto added in
Bill Gates not just a high-profile Monsanto investor but also pro-GMO lobbyist (who has paid a lot of the world's media for fake news about it)

Summary: The issues associated with GMO patents (which the EPO had granted until recently, as complaints grew too loud) are explored in the European media, albeit a reliable English translation is not yet available

LAST year we wrote about the Carlsberg patents scandal, which potentially implicates Danish elements at the EPO (wink wink). We also wrote dozens of articles about Monsanto (see search results related to this), especially half a decade ago, more so after we had identified connections to our core topics (not just patents but also monopolisation disguised as 'charity').

This is why we are very eager and still hoping for an accurate (not automated like this) translation of the Austrian article, which was incidentally mentioned last night in this comment:

An interesting article about the EPO has just appeared in the Austrian press. It starts off with biotech patents granted to Carlsberg and Heineken for varieties of barley and moves on to a more general critique.

Prost auf das Monopol

Based on the automated translation, there is not much in the article that we have not covered already; basically, Monsanto, Bayer and the likes of them continue to pursue patents on nature, in the face of growing opposition not just from the public but also public officials (not those corrupted by Big GMO money).

"When Monsanto itself becomes patent abuser, more so facilitated or emboldened by the EPO (now that it's owned by a European company), perhaps it's time to revisit and occasionally refocus on Monsanto."Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, is one of the most abusive patent aggressors out there. Bayer, incidentally, enjoyed this borderline puff piece from IAM a few days ago.

When Monsanto itself becomes patent abuser, more so facilitated or emboldened by the EPO (now that it's owned by a European company), perhaps it's time to revisit and occasionally refocus on Monsanto. A lot of the public, or ordinary people out there, can't understand what's wrong with the EPO, but the public certainly knows what's wrong with Monsanto. Its new parent, or the recent acquisition, acts as a sort of rebrand, helping Monsanto dodge the bad publicity. Bayer is already known for a bunch of serious corporate crimes, even more recent than the heinous crimes (crimes against humanity) associated with Zyklon B (mirrors Monsanto's role in the Vietnam war).

For those who are not yet familiar with the plot to 'own' nature using patents, watch this talk of the eminent Vandana Shiva (we also published transcripts). We have reproduced a related video below (not limited to the GMO issues). It's made for a more general audience, in order to raise awareness.


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