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Don't Kick the Puppy That is Suing Linux Using Patents While Bribing Officials, Threatening Critics and Hijacking the Linux Foundation

Jim Zemlin is kicking common sense to the curb

Jim Zemlin is kicking common sense

Summary: Jim Zemlin is protecting the "puppy" (to use his own analogy), Microsoft, while getting paid about/almost a million dollars per year (about the same amount of money Microsoft pays his PAC)

IN our full archive of Linux Foundation stories one can see we already criticised the Foundation a very long time ago (even more than a decade back). Here's one among many reports with headlined like "Bashing Microsoft 'like kicking a puppy,' says Linux Foundation chief" (one can find lots more to that effect).

"Microsoft sceptics and critics are being compared to criminals..."This is the kind of thing a Microsoft apologist would say. Zemlin is a German name, so how about this for an analogy: Bashing the German army amid winter retreat on the eastern front because Stalin is winning the war is 'like kicking a puppy'.

His argument was that Microsoft was already losing. So why, dear Jim, is Microsoft still suing Linux/Android/Chrome OS OEMs with patents in 2019? It's doing Kamikaze flights. You, Jim, are among their targets.

Microsoft sceptics and critics are being compared to criminals by the Linux Foundation; they're presented as the moral equivalent of people who not only abuse animals but engage in acts of violence against adorable, defenseless baby animals. How can anyone still take the Linux Foundation seriously?

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