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Rumour: Patent Troll Erich Spangenberg Said to Have Died

Erich Spangenberg

Summary: Erich Spangenberg, today's most notorious patent troll, is said to have died

"Sad to hear that Erich Spangenberg has died," Gatlin McArthur‏ wrote yesterday. "He certainly had an impact on the patent world..."

In the same sense Stalin had an impact on the 20th century. Spangenberg literally destroyed many people's lives, never mind businesses he destroyed (businesses don't have feelings).

"Death does't merit praise or silence."Tweets are usually like hearsay, but Erich Spangenberg is possibly dead because Gatlin McArthur‏ is from within his 'network' (voices in support of patent trolls). Also, a day later this tweet has not been removed. We don't want to guess what killed Spangenberg, but he was not very old, so it could be suicide, accident, or drug overdose. Or the tweet may be wrong.

Ray Niro is also dead (since 2016), just like his business. He created a culture of blackmail, especially in the US, costing the economy untold billions. Niro is considered to be the father of patent trolling. That's his sole 'innovation'.

Spangenberg helped the European Patent Office (EPO) illegally promote software patents in Europe. We wrote about it months ago. This disgusting patent troll had sent me death wishes. Months later guess who's said to be dead. If true, now he can decorate his grave with money he extorted from people who actually needed it. Maybe the family deserves condolences, but Spangenberg deserves no sympathy, only condemnation. Death does't merit praise or silence. Everyone dies eventually and bad people deserve to be remembered for their bad legacy.

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