Bonum Certa Men Certa

Revelations From Arrest of Bill Gates' Engineer: Everything You Do on Google May Immediately Become Available to Law Enforcement (Under Gag Order; They'll Never Tell You)

See this first part and second part for more detailed context and background, as well as an important disclaimer

Google file snooping 1
How hashing is done and when (above)

Google file snooping 2
Microsoft stuff is mentioned here (PhotoDNA)

Google file snooping 3
NCMEC and hashing

Google file snooping 4
NCMEC background

Google file snooping 5
Agencies involved

Google file snooping 6
Now we come to Google

Google file snooping 7
Chrome is also mentioned. Ryan: "It's logging all of your data in the "cloud". This can be put on another DVD and FedEx'd to Officer Friendly."

Google file snooping 8
Some of the Comcast angle was covered last month; today we focus on Google

Google file snooping 9

Google file snooping 10
Items (8) and (9) speak of GMail and Google Drive, with (10) alluding to Picasa, which no longer exists. Ryan: "They kill their products so fast you don't even know what's going on. Talk too."

Google file snooping 11
Ryan: "Then they gag Google so they can't tell you about the warrant even if they wanted to." Google challenged this in court when Wikileaks staff was targeted.

Google file snooping 12

Google file snooping 13

Google file snooping 14
This is the full letter from Google (3 pages)

Google file snooping 15
Notice there's also a Microsoft (MSN) account. He works directly for Bill Gates (in Bill's home), so it's unlikely he uses that other account for child porn.

Summary: Chrome, Picasa, Talk, Drive, and Gmail among the Google "products" (or "services") that police gets or got access to, as revealed in documents prepared by the police for the courts. These pertinent bits are optimised or leveraged for snooping, often with little oversight and always the presumption of guilt (everything is logged and preserved indefinitely, even after account deletion). As Ryan puts it: "All his GMail email, the entire contents of his Google Drive, and all of the photos and videos (which Android phones automatically back up to Google Drive now)."

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