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Reminder: Bill Gates Has Long Hated Linux and Schemed to Use C# to Undermine GNU/Linux (Same Tactics Prevail to This Day)

Hours ago: It's 2020 and Some GNU/Linux Sites Still Celebrate Mono, Even When Microsoft Owns and Controls It Directly

Bill Gates Puppet: The strength of this platform [C#] and the innovation around it is the key element in preventing commodization by Linux, our installed base and Network Appliance vendors. -Bill Gates, Microsoft
Quote's source (he also can't spell "commoditization")

Summary: It's important to remember that Microsoft's isn't "in it" for the community; Microsoft is always looking to devour communities, having them devoured by the corporation and the cult of Bill Gates (GitHub is a recent example)

IT seems increasingly important to remind readers why C# must be rejected, along with .NET and pretty much every Microsoft fake 'standard' (vendor lock-in), including OOXML, NTFS, *FAT, and DirectX.

"C# is about monopolisation."The few who are foolish enough to actually believe that "Microsoft loves Linux" (even while Microsoft still blackmails Linux using patents) need a frequent 'shake-up'. We've included and even 'meme-ified' the above quote from Gates himself. This isn't a technical person but a ruthless businessman like Edison. He doesn't value good engineering but monopoly and money. C# is about monopolisation. The same is true for GitHub.

Incidentally, one reader wrote to us regarding the latest Microsoft attack (from the inside) on Linux independence. To quote:

Dear Roy,
I have recently come across a very concerning article; I'm
writing you this email to notify you about it.
This is a blatant push by Microsoft shackle Linux kernel
development to its GitHub platform.
I believe an article from you about how email is the
"freeest" and most flexible platform for submitting Git
patches for any open source project would do the Linux
community much good.

So it's rather clear that a lot of people out there see it the same way we do. We wrote almost half a dozen articles about this topic alone (just yesterday alone). Microsoft knows no other way than monopoly and destruction of competition. Co-existence is always a false promise.

"I once preached peaceful coexistence with Windows. You may laugh at my expense -- I deserve it."

--Be's CEO Jean-Louis Gassée

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