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Bill Gates Deposition: A Highly Privileged Thug in 'Charity' Clothing

Summary: Antitrust violations and illegal behaviour by Bill Gates and Microsoft never truly stopped; today we examine the eleventh part of the Gates deposition tapes, which will be explained at a later point (in relation to current events)

THE BILL GATES deposition tapes are highly relevant at these times of renewed Microsoft abuses (and during the pandemic which Gates personally exploits for profit and unwarranted fame). The first part, second part, third part, fourth part, fifth part, sixth part, seventh part, eighth part, ninth part, and tenth part all reveal the hallmark of sociopathy. One need only watch a minute or two at random to get a sense of Gates' attitude behind closed doors. He's temperamental, angry, sometimes he's cursing as well. Lying is the norm. He did that every minute! Denial of what he had done or pointless dispute over what's legal. He was born very rich, so he's unaccustomed to being treated like this (some say that during his two or three arrests he also yelled at the cops, but we cannot corroborate this claim with a strong enough source and the police 'lost' these files).

"It's rather sad that we live in a world where privilege -- not hard work -- get one "success" and illegal tactics aren't being punished for."In a couple of days we'll start releasing transcripts, which can make interpretation and commentary a lot easier. We've already published a few annotated transcripts and long transcripts, but they're incomplete and selective.

It's important to remember that Gates' monopoly was built on top of privilege, not skills or merit. Prior to the Gates Foundation PR stunt Gates was widely loathed by the technical media, which rightly perceived him as a saboteur (harming advancement in or betterment of technology). The precursor to Microsoft was a Seattle-based surveillance company (for transport):


Obviously that failed.

It helps when your billionaire family/parent gets you a deal with IBM, just because of connections and prowess rather than any technical merit. This is perhaps a subject for another day. It's rather sad that we live in a world where privilege -- not hard work -- get one "success" and illegal tactics aren't being punished for. Sociopaths whose parents have been extremely affluent for generations take the jackpot, whereas hard-working geeks (real ones, not Harvard drop-outs) are defamed/slandered as crackpots. This necessarily means worsening of technology and rewards for those who incorporate their malice into the software and hardware, rendering them inherently malicious (an instrument of control over people). We end up with sociopathic software "masters" and helpless users, enslaved all the way down to hardware, where DRM gets deployed, treating computer users like presumed criminals (on their very own machines that they bought and paid for).

Without further ado, here's the Bill Gates deposition, part 11:

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We expect that part 12 will be ready some time tomorrow morning or on Monday. Many transcripts will be published afterwards.

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