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Bill Gates Deposition: Reminding Ourselves of Microsoft's Overt Monopoly Abuse and Antitrust Violations When Politicians and Media Distract From Both

The Nation on Bill GatesSummary: Contrary to the narrative spewed out by Microsoft-lobbied (funded) politicians and Gates Foundation-sponsored media, Microsoft remains an abusive monopolist and old abuses of the company carry on today; we now turn to part 9 of the Bill Gates deposition tapes

THE BILL GATES deposition tapes are very much relevant because they help explain what happens at present, just as the Halloween Documents still do. In the first part, second part, third part, fourth part, fifth part, sixth part, seventh part, and eighth part (with selected annotated transcripts preceded by our publication of some very long transcripts... with lots more to come later this month) we saw Gates lying and lying and lying and lying and lying...

"We could probably do an article with plenty of perfectly concrete examples about how Jeff Bezos and Amazon corrupted journalism on the Web."To think that the media urges us to listen to this man regarding COVID-19 is almost unfathomable and moreover unthinkable considering the fact that he has long been a vaccine profiteer, not a vaccine expert (he lacks qualifications and also lacks experience in that domain, but he's trained to echo some soundbites which make him seem knowledgeable and caring). The reality distortion is truly obscene. Microsoft is, at this very moment, trying to frame/reinvent itself as “anti-monopoly”... just like Donald Trump is trying to label himself “law and order”. We're supposed to think that GitHub is a service when in fact it's a proprietary software monopolist; we're supposed to ignore the longstanding domination of Windows in desktops and laptops, usually owing to secret OEM deals and patent extortion. So Microsoft has some nerve, using the bogus antitrust rhetoric it has long lobbied for (“GAFA”, not "GAFAM") to promote its own “store” (“10 app store principles to promote choice, fairness and innovation,” says Microsoft). No kidding! "Microsoft Store and those of its competitors with a new list of principles to 'promote choice, fairness and innovation,'" says this new article (hours old). Sometimes it feels like "professional journalism" has been reduced to the purchasing of puff pieces, with ample evidence to support such an allegation that's rather broad. The same is true for "tweets" and "posts" in social control media. "Tweet" means a thought posted by someone on a topic barely understood... likely to be disproved later, but never corrected. "Article" is a rigorous piece of work that takes time to prepare and fact-check, but "tl;dr" so few will bother reading it. Social control media has nearly eliminated legitimate and independent news sites. They still exist, but it takes some work to find them. They typically hide or fail to advertise RSS feeds if they have any. They outsource following to other parties. It gives those parties great power over what people say, see, and think.

We could probably do an article with plenty of perfectly concrete examples about how Jeff Bezos and Amazon corrupted journalism on the Web. Bill Gates bribes publishers for propaganda (hagiographies, lobbying for companies that he invests in etc.) and self-censorship regarding himself and Microsoft, whereas Bezos turns sites into catalogues disguised as 'reports' and 'reviews'/'comparisons'.

"The judges literally laughed at Gates' deposition (seeing how poorly he evades questions and tells lies)."Media manipulation of this kind is an insult to facts, not just to history. Gates has long sought to muzzle his critics as per the August 2020 article "Bill Gates advocates for stopping end-to-end encryption (to tackle “misinformation”)" because when one actually examines what he says privately one finds words like "Jihad" quite often. We wonder where he picked up this word ("Jihad"), which he repeatedly used -- for many years in fact -- to describe his attitude towards competition (or partners whom he wants to convert into the Microsoft/Gates 'religion'). These are not nice or even reasonable people. They're borderline insane with megalomania. The judges literally laughed at Gates' deposition (seeing how poorly he evades questions and tells lies). Bill's very own "Taqiya"? Gates was described by Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson as follows (in this case): “I think he has a Napoleonic concept of himself and his company, an arrogance that derives from power and unalloyed success, with no leavening hard experience, no reverses [...] They don’t act like grown-ups!”

Without further ado, here's the Bill Gates deposition, part 9:

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We expect that part 10 will be ready some time tomorrow morning. Many transcripts will be published next week.

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